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The raise interactive scenario

This is to say that they are assumed to be the future of the generations present and subsequent ones. It is worth to note and record that the society depends on them out rightly and directly since they represent the hope of the future and subsequent generations.


Virtue ethics states that we should be good for the sake of being good which could sometimes be impractical in modern world because others would tend to take advantage if we are too good all the time. Moreover when we add deontological ethics to utilitarianism and virtue ethics we would become duty bound [>]

Do people choose whom they are attracted to

However, human beings make many different choices and not only partners but they do choose what is right and what is wrong, i.e.they make decisions. The meaning of attraction is good-looking and it is not the only appearance but what they do or how they behave.

The key agent of socialization

My experience with interaction and behavior is attributable to the surrounding environment. They shared the same parenting skills, and could command everything to be done without questioning.

Nationalism and the israeli- plastianian confilict

That though the nation state forms the very basis of international engagements, its future is much in controversy, dividing scholarly opinion right in the middle, and the analysis herein only serve to deepen a debate that has no end in sight. From economic to the military power of a nation, the ability of [>]

The reason why mark begich lost in the alaska senate race / reason why greg orman lost in the kansas senate race

Again, the accelerated growth of Obama's unpopularity in Alaska impacted negatively on Mark Begich's reputation. Reasons Why Orman Lost Greg Orman's assumed that his reputation was enough to acquire a senate seat as an independent candidate.

Leviathan, the matter, forme and power of a common wealth ecclesiasticall and civil by thomas hobbes

One of the most profoundly influential works of political thought in the history of mankind, Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil, generally known as Leviathan, deals with the structure of society and legitimate government, and the author offers credible accounts of man, commonwealth, Christian [>]

Marx, weber and durkheim

Sociology and social philosophy have undergone fundamental changes through the works of several social philosophers, and pertinent theoretical contributions to the understanding of sociology were made by the social philosophers Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. In conclusion, the theoretical contributions of Marx, Weber, and Durkheim to sociology have significant similarities and they share [>]

African slave trade

The removal of Africans made the population of the country decline also the continent face huge poverty issues. Lastly, President Thomas Jefferson also signed a bill approved by Congress to prohibit the import of slaves in the United States.

Political science

It is the charter bus that will revolutionize the world of intelligence. Response to Adrian The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis is no doubt a resourceful script.

Changing the world through the internet

I, for a fact, had once never thought that in an instant I could have build friendships with people from different parts of the globe without even spending much money and without fearing that I might be rejected. The Internet has really changed my life and me to something I never thought it [>]

Connecticut local government

Political Science The article by Shahid Abdul-Karim on after-school program aimed at helping young people in New Haven county forge positive life outcomes at Lincoln Basset school. JanaiKemp, an instructor for the program, believes that ' The Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology's' will create experiences that are essential to the participants.

Nuclear plan

However, the fact of the matter is that the emphasis for the United States to encourage banning the testing of nuclear weapons was not ultimately a desire to protect the environment. As a function of this, it is the understanding of this particular analyst that it is incumbent upon the United States to [>]

Ethics awareness

Ethics is regarded as the general education in that it allows one to have wide range of skills that help improve the quality of life. In conclusion, general studies are important in the present world as it provides one with wide range of knowledge and skills that help in improving the quality of [>]

Confronting stereotypes

One can just view the cases of the maquilos workers on the Mexico Florida border and the gender stereotypes they endured when attempting to receive fair and equitable wages and positions. Ask the students where they feel they receive these impressions of other people from and if they are valid characterizations.

Why freedom of speech should be allowed in college campuses

On the other hand, controlling and curtailing the freedom of speech on the campus tends to stifle and kill the natural creativity of the students. We should all learn from the experience of Berkeley and uphold the rights of the students to free speech and academic freedom.


With the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine causing more devastating effects to the Palestinian than to the Israeli, it would be a logical expectation that America, as well as the rest of the international community would support the Palestinian and bring about ceasefire. In as much as the conflict has a religious [>]

Concerted cultivation and natural growth

Concerted Cultivation is the term used for a parenting style where the parents decide and plan the school and the extracurricular activities of their children with the aim of honing their talent and skills so that it can help them to direct their energies in focused and planned way. Because of the busy [>]

Perceptions of performance feedback

The performance feedback system was designed as such that evaluators themselves were asked to recommend the people whom they thought know them better or have worked with them enough to evaluate their performance; once this was approved by the office of the development the performance appraisal forms were distributed to the persons evaluating [>]

A place one would like to live

This visit is meant to give me knowledge of the general way of life in Finland. I am opportunist that the Government of Finland will grant me citizenship and I will finally get to live in my dream country.

Try to apply keneth waltz’s three images to the orgins of the cold war and analyize which image considerations were more important in the development of the cold war

In the analysis of the first image, Waltz asserts that the nature of certain political leaders or statesmen influence the start of war. This implies that the third image is more refined to show how the players of the cold war envisioned the manner to influence the balance of power from their influence [>]

The time between death and the discovery of the corpse

The main hypothesis for the research was the effect of larval overcrowding on the size, rate of development and survival of C.vomitoria. This highlighted the aim of the study to show the importance of considering the effects of larval crowding that could cause PMI errors during casework.

Harold shipman – the doctor who turned a serial killer who, by injection of heroin, took the life of 215 patients who trusted him

In this essay, I will discuss the crimes he committed and the evidence that was used by the prosecution that led to his conviction. When the investigations commenced, it was discovered that upon the death of a patient, he would sign the death certificates and forge medical records to show that the patients [>]

Decisions within ca state assembly

Issue ' The California Supreme Court allowed law practicing license to an undocumented Immigrant.' The CA Supreme court granted a proposal submitted by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California to allow admission to an illegal immigrant to the State bar. The Committee of Bar Examiners investigated the entire [>]

Are we doing enough about domestic violence

Then you have people who say that domestic violence is just a way to get publicity on a state or national level and government programs for lazy individuals also it's a way to get innocent guys into a lot of trouble. The results of domestic violence has changed a lot in someway since [>]

The saints and the roughnecks

The paper " The Saints and the Roughnecks" is a great example of an article review on social science. However, the same can be referred to as a ritual in the course of a youth's life, probably due to excitement and adventure.


It can be observed that the World Trade Organization undermines the undeveloped and the developing countries of the world and makes policies in the favor of the developed countries, especially USA. Bibliography Anon, 2013.

Saudi arabia’s geography offers more opportunities than constraints

The unique geographic positioning of the nation offers potentials for economic, social, and political development and the nation's overall sustainability in the global perspectives. The paper, therefore, analyzes the positives of the location of Saudi Arabia in world geography as opposed to the perceived hindrances.

The illiad book 1

The Iliad Book The primary concern of the or poet relates to construction of the theme that forms the universal and fundamental method of communicating the writer's intent or knowledge. Agamemnon, who was the commander of the Achaean army, had attacked Troy in the tenth and final year.

Contemporary international relations

Contemporary International Relations According to the the only way to bring order and lasting peace is by embracing a new and more sustainable spruce of order built on values, shared power and trust, and it emerges from the bottom up. For Israel to have lasting peace over the nihilistic Hamas, it has to [>]

Consumer incentives

The nursing home can signal the quality of its services to customers by hiring adequate number of nurses, ensuring nurses are educationally and clinically prepared, availing sufficient resources for service provision and informing the public about the quality of services through the media. H, Sanders, J.


Another reason why the people who burned the SUVs should be considered as eco-terrorists is because they cause property damages that amount to millions of dollars. They endanger the lives of people and property and that is more than enough proof to call them TERRORISTS!

The false memory syndrome foundation

The foundation would not only seek to understand the reasons for the rise of False Memory Syndrome, which was causing a lot of agony to families but also help prevent the condition. The false memory syndrome has caused a lot of harm to both the children, parents, and society as a whole.

What is evidence in your view how can one tell truthfulness from falsehood indeed what tools are at the disposal of a critical mind to uncover evidence and draw reasonable conclusions

Additionally, in physiology, the notion of evidence is carefully tied to epistemology, this is because what is termed as evidence captures our epistemic situation or unconsciously or consciously captures the belief of our epistemic situation. WO Quine who is a great empiricist claimed that evidence comprised of the stimulation of an individual's sensory [>]


From the analysis this argument as presented by Singer, it is clear that it is based on the fact that he is of the opinion that killing an infant is less serious compared to killing a person. Therefore, it is correct inference that according to Singer, infants are less human and do not [>]

Attraction in interpersonal relationships

Eventually, we got used to each of our differences, but it also developed the way we were to adapt to each other. However, instead of swinging extremely to the opposite side, personality-wise, we developed a more balanced character between us.

Ethics in small groups

Group dynamics The group comprised of collaborative and productive members. In addition, the group members met in the library and Alexander Hall.

Stress and way-out

If I could do anything to eradicate the cause of stress to any extent, I would and then hope for the best. If things were entirely out of my control, I would leave the matter to God understanding the fact that I have made the necessary effort.

A relationship between federalism and freedom of speech, the latter’s benefit as an aid in asserting pressure to the executive to align them to the public wishes

On the other hand, the concept of freedom of speech refers to the power to freely say anything without fear of reprisal or attack by the forces of coercion or state machinery which are usually at the disposal of the powers that be. Thus, it became a good gain and benefit for the [>]

What is true poverty

Especially now during the period of recession we are facing, and even much after that, the Census Bureau is not in a position to predict the existing level of poverty in the country and in addition to this, since regional disparities persist, it is no wonder that poverty is progressing at a steady [>]

The arab-israeli peace process

The Oslo Process al Affiliation) The Oslo Process brought peace to the Palestine's through signing of peace treaty centered on the UNSCR. Signing of this peace treaty between the Israelites and Palestine brought successes to the Palestinians.

Social research methods

In her comparison of evaluation research to other research methods, Karen Streeter goes a step further to point out some of the main conditions that make evaluation researcher totally different from other forms of research methods. Particularly she pays attention to the techniques that are used in undertaking evaluation research, which is different [>]

Producing and practicing social justice in education

The engineering of new social and economic structures has created a new environment where social justice has taken backstage in the Australian education ecosystem. Indeed, social justice is a robust framework with the potential to reinforce the equal distribution of education in many aspects of education.

Cultural diversity in the workplace

Globalization has made people from different cultures be employed in the same organization and there is a need to integrate these cultures so that there is easy flow of operation.the manager should be able to set out rules that will ensure the different cultures blend in together for the common good of the [>]

Weapons proliferation and conflict

Weapons Proliferation and Conflict The rapid increase in the number and the destructive capabilities of the weapons used in the war is a source of massive rage among humans. The extent of proliferation is depicted beautifully in the movie of Barefoot Gen.

Five secrets of charismatic leader

Five Secrets of Charismatic Leader The article entitled Five Secrets of Charismatic Leader written by Nick Tasler and published in Bloomberg Businessweek proffered guidelines for contemporary leaders to assume a more charismatic stance in their leadership style. The inspiring lessons shared by famous and successful charismatic leaders range from passion to love [>]

Chinese american discussion homework

For the case of the Harvard University the enrolment rates for the Asian Americans has reduced from 20. For the case of the Whites, the numbers are still the same.

Political office

Some people vie for local political offices with a view that it will provide them with the skills needed to engage in national politics. I view politics as a means of personal gain and not in the interest of the people as it is perceived to be.

Buddhist ethics and emotivism

A look at Buddha's journey of ethical and spiritual development shows that the development of a particular ethical view point in life is a process that is mainly influenced by the events and circumstances in our lives. I was introduced to the dos and do nots of the family at a very tender [>]

Substance abuse in youth

OUTLINE Youth gangs and substance abuse have long been identified as prejudicial to both youth and to societal progress and prosperity. This is how I got intrigued by this field and realized the need to establish a strong foundation in preventing substance abuse in youth.

Comfort women – beyond litigious feminism by wakabayashi and bob tadashi

The article speaks generally of the pains, problems, and the effects of the rape that the women in any culture or race are forced to go through. As much as Nanking is not the main focus for rape as the chosen source, the article provides a different perspective of the topic of rape.

Ethics theories

Ethics Theories Introduction Virtue theory is an ethical theory individual based theory focusing on individual's moral character in carrying out actions rather than the consequences of the particular actions. Deontological ethics asserts that the wrongness or rightness of an individual's action is at least a portion of the intrinsic moral features like [>]

The eclipse of the public by dewey

In this week's reading, " The eclipse of the public," Dewey explores how ineffective communication hinders the operation and existence of the public. The media is indeed a presentation of contemporary society.

Cutback management

Some of the tasks that a public manager has to address in this mode are: i) Decision on what to cut: This is ultimately the most controversial and challenging item to address. Best Practices for Cut Back Management Cut back management should be viewed as a trend to better opportunities that will lead [>]

The word democracy means different things to different people

The distinguishing characteristics of a democracy include citizen's contribution in decision-making, decisions made reflect the beliefs of the majority, limitation of the government's power and respect of individual rights. There is also the freedom of the individual in a democratic system.

Injustice in society: racial recognition in the us

The above surveys indicate that there seems to be no significant Obama impact on racial discrimination and racial reconciliation in the US. Conclusion Based on the above discussion, I believe that racial reconciliation has not yet occurred in the US, even with the installation of Obama as president.

Government make rules to protect people from danger

It should protect the citizens from dangers that are too large and complex for individuals to deal with them in their own; protecting the air, the water and all the other natural systems that sustain the people. The government needs to take a proactive role in protecting the health and safety of its [>]

Ethical decision making and ethical leadership

Therefore, I hope you will reconsider the company's code of ethics as well as the universal ethical principles in your effort to exhibit ethical behavior in the current situation. I hope you will find time to go through it and appreciate the value of acting in accordance with stage six.

Why we are star stuff

The rocky matter on which the earth is made up of, the iron present as hemoglobin in our blood, the calcium present in our teeth and bones, the carbon that makes up our genetic matter have all come from the early emissions from the first generation stars. This is the basis of Carl [>]

Reading respond#3

It is clearly stated that the President is the commander in chief for both the Army and Navy of the U. S, and of the armed forces of the numerous states, when given the actual service of America and commission all the service personnel of the United States.

Think tanks what are they and the task of policy analyasis

Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analysis Think Tanks what are they and the task of policy analysis Think Tanks, as McGann indicates, involve public policy analysis, research and engagement associations. The think tanks can then be indicated to play the role of voicing policy related issues in debates [>]

Public affairs: the military and the media

Public Affairs: the Military and the Media " The media have always played a powerful role in politics," says Hart." Even before radio, we had the penny press. One of the most potent tool that the media utilizes in the modern society is the internet.

The dilemma of selecting a suitable recipient

Thus, it will enable the hospital to respond to the needs of a greater number of patients. However, my decision to conduct a heart transplant to Lisa denies Jerry and Ozzie of the chance of survival.

The positive, beneficial functions of ir law

Positive, Beneficial Functions of IR Laws according to Hoffmann Enter here Enter here Positive, Beneficial Functions of IR Laws according to Hoffmann The impact of international laws has been felt since thousands of years back when ancient kingdoms used treaties, the barest form of international laws, to codify their relations. The losses suffered [>]

Uses of the erotic: the erotic as power by audre lorde

The work " Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power" serves as an expression of the one's capability to be in control of oneself. Like the writings of women, erotic can empower a person in different ways preventing negative feelings and views.

The course of young women’s christian association

The initiative is also instrumental in supporting the lives of victims of violence through the provision of emergency shelter and counseling services. Through donation towards this course, I believe that it will put a smile on the face of the victims.

Political behavior

In this study, the prime aim is to highlight agents of political socialization and also identify the most vital agent of political socialization. According to the observation, it has been revealed that the agents of political socialization play a crucial role in a political system in order to change the traditional trend of [>]

Response paper for comparative politics class

In this story, the concept of political similarity and differences in countries is brought out when it is asserted that the political stability of the UK is on the line. 1 The current trend is seeing the strengths of biggest political parties in the country, the conservatives and the labor, being tested by [>]

The policy of deportation and detention in greece and the uk

THE POLICY OF DEPORTATION AND DETENTION IN GREECE AND THE UK Seeking to explore European immigration policies with respect to asylum seekers and refugees in comparative perspective, I propose to analyze the policies of deportation and detention in Greece and the United Kingdom, respectively. Research Questions Through an exploratory analysis of the [>]


The overwhelming economic growth of China will be a great threat to the US economy. The US should note that, in as much as it will be difficult for China to become a superpower without engaging in a great-power war, it will forge its way through economic dominance.

Soul of a citizen by paul loeb: living with conviction in challenging times

Being able to identify the pressing issues the country is facing today is not enough for us to give ourselves a tap on the shoulder for a job well-done or enough for us to be able to regain our political voice. Psychologists say that retreating from social involvement due to the thinking " [>]

The curse of the fashionista

The " Curse of the Fashionista" will rob you of your identity and will steal the personality that makes you uniquely appealing. The recent case of the Ramos sisters brought only a fleeting glance at the fashion industry's policies that condone and promote an unhealthy body weight.

The role of the media in shaping public opinion about the current situation of terrorism in the world

The paper " The Role of the Media in Shaping Public Opinion about the Current Situation of Terrorism in the World" is a wonderful example of a term paper on social sciences. Certain countries govern acts of terrorism against adversaries both in the international and domestic domains.

Week june 2

West expression of San Cooke's, " he [Cooke] expressed the centuries-held hope of black folks trapped in a country that considered them subhuman... Sam Cooke's ' Change' brought with it a certain hard-earned sense of possibility tempered by reality" is actually a memoir of Cornel West poignant admiration of Sam Cooke's optimism to [>]

Ethics final

However, the challenge of the project lies with its side effects to the locals and to the environment. They also need to know the risk involved and their duties for the success of the project.

Of paradise and power by robert kagan

Of Paradise and Power by Robert Kagan A book that has had a big influence on my thinking about conflict resolution and identity conflicts is Robert Kagan's book Of Paradise and Power. The success of European integration and solving the " German problem" has a lot of Europeans, Kagan says, to believe [>]

Become a model

Whether you are a professional or not, if you are confident that you have what it takes to be a model, please do not hesitate to contact us. Studios and model agencies Are you a professional photographer or are you new to the industry?

Root causes of urbanization/suburbanization, relating to one or more readings

Root Causes of Urbanization Urbanization is the process of creation of cities and settlement in them. Increased availability of the economies to consumers and producers leads to continued agglomeration of the place.

Miami dade police department questionnaire

Reading Notes -racial profiling is the reason for the interview -a well worded questionnaire -A brief section of concise terminology clarifying definition and intent attached -Clear intent to stamp out blatant racial profiling -positive response from interviewee, clarity in responses Strong Response Notes An intense subject answered well Clarification of definition is very [>]

Family structure

One of the common changes in the family structure would be the birth of a new child and this event really affects all the members of the family, from the newborn to the mother, father, siblings, and extended family of the new parents. This is because of the fact that a newborn poses [>]

Ancient and medieval political theory

The tag of war between the church and the civil society is similar to the Thebes' civil war in Antigone Sophocles setting. The concepts solve the conflict between the church and the human freedom to think.

Theft at whiteshell lake

An unfortunate incident of theft has taken place on the way to visiting the power generating station construction site beside the Mooswa river, 27 km to the north of Freehampton. The office van in which we were traveling was smashed by the thieves and the money and equipment have been stolen from inside [>]

Kpix polls for the californias 17th congressional district

In the survey the 579 likely voters were asked the candidate that they would vote for in the upcoming midterm election. From the survey, the result indicated that 37 percent of the likely voters would vote for Honda in the upcoming midterm elections whereas 35 percent indicated that they would vote for Khanna.

The importance of language in culture

Certainly, it can be said that English is the language of the American majority, but is often not the first language of many Americans. The inverse of this, however, is the importance of the preservations of other languages as well.

A report of community engagement

A Report of Community Engagement Indiana A Report of Community Engagement As part of a community engagement project of which I took part in, I volunteered to help at a Relay for Life Event to help raise funds in the fight against cancer for the American Cancer Society. This event allows for people [>]

Prison overcrowding – causes and effects, reforms to reduce the issue

In the U.S.and Canada, the situation is the same and also in many other countries. The relationship of offender classification to the problems of prison overcrowding.

Middle east economies: a response

One such state is Dubai, one of the Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The unemployment in the Middle East is way lower as compared to the rest of the world.

Public speaking and presentations

Though I have a friendly audience, my classmates, I always am focused on the tutor and get scared out of my brains. I was pretty sure of the topic with plenty of interesting information on hand, but I was a lot nervous again due to my fear of the audience.

The impact of black beauty by anne sewell

The book made great sales in the making because of its uniqueness in witting by the author, for example, the horse in the first person described the story, and all the major characters were animals. The book has changed the behavior of London Cabmen at the time of its publication since it made [>]

Cooking as an ultimate comfort zone

I may not be the jack of all trades, but surely I am the master of cooking. Part of the reason behind my success in this field is my curiosity and urge to find out more about cooking all the time.

If it is not cold war

It emerges that the involvement of Russia in the Ukrainian ignites the world's attention about the possibility of another war. Harman, however, argues that the involvement of the US in the crisis is inevitable.

Governments balance law and order with individual freedom

Means of balancing law and order with individual freedoms The Government outlines the individual rights and freedoms in the constitution, which comprise a set of guidelines to govern the people. This means that maintenance of law and order balances with individual freedom to guard and define the sphere of liberty of the individual [>]

Essentials of life span development

The two groups are the " young old" and " oldest old". The cognitive abilities are multidimensional and multidirectional for late adulthood due to the individual.