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Density lab report

The method used for determining the density of a substance depends on the nature of the substance. Then found the corresponding mass of metal by subtracting the mass of the cylinder and water from the mass of the cylinder, water and metal.

Planetarium summary

The guide was categorical to mention the planetarium as among the biggest in the world. I was able to learn that the experts use the telescopes and other instruments to view and distinguish between stars and other bodies.

Automatic controls for any process

It is the basic constituent of the control system as this is the constituent whose end product is to be controlled utilizing the automatic control. PIC16f73 microcontroller is used as the nucleus of DAU and it performs the parallel to digital transition and so sends the processed end product signal to the end [>]

Alternative fuels for automobiles

So the use of hydrogen fuel, corn oil and electricity will lead to green revolution and abundant production of fuel in the world market. Alternative fuels The reason for the world to look upon alternative fuels like hydrogen, corn oil and electricity is to maintain the living standard of human beings and to [>]

Nuclear power debate

It is said that the industry has been declined because of fierce emotional resistance to this unreliable technology that has a great potential of accidental deadly radiation. So it can be said that it is the misuse of this technology which can be turned in to the global threat.

Atoms, molecules, & elements

The reactivity of an element increases the when the number of outer shell electrons is closer to one or seven. Ultimately the high reactivity of alkali metals and halogens are a result of their unstable electronic configuration in the outer shell.

How to make steak, mashed potatoes and green beans

After you have done this, you can fill the pot up with water and bring it to a boil. You then drain the water from the pot and put the potatoes in the standing mixer.

Astronomy homework assignment

He assumed that the sun was miles away, perhaps compared to the distance between the ancient city Cyrene and Alexandria in Egypt where he was the chief librarian. Question 5 During Nicholas De Cusa's time in 1401 to 1464, The Catholic Church was not the supreme authority because his views showed that he [>]

Ib physics chapter 3 notes

Internal energy of a substance is the total potential energy and random kinetic energy of the molecules of the substance. U is the increase in internal energy, W is the work done by the gas and Q is the amount of heat added to a gas.

Recruitment process

The image of the organization: If the image perceived to be low, then the likelihood of attracting a large number of applicants is reduced. The higher the position, the more specified the skills, or the shorter supply of resources in the labor force, the more widely dispersed the advertisement is likely to be.

Dallas tx weather over a 5 day period

The beginning of the five day overview was comfortable weather with high visibility and small wind gusts. The minimum temperature for the day was 43 degrees with a high of 65 degrees.

Hadron collider

This idea has driven other researchers and writers to form ground for studies on the possibility of risks from the use of the LHC. The Large Hadron Collider: a marvel of technology.

The gatekeeping process includes selecting, writing, editing, placing, scheduling and ect.

Another example of gatekeeping is the journalist in term of choosing the news that will be published in the newspaper, or whichphotowill be in the cover page of a magazine. As a result of the succeeding of gatekeeping theory, the researchers worked in improving the previously theory.

Non conventional machine

Describe the basic mechanism of material removal in USM Identify the process parameters of USM Identify the machining characteristics of USM Analyse the effect of process parameters on material removal rate v. As the tool vibrates over the workpiece, the abrasive particles act as the indenters and indent both the work material and [>]

Static equilibrium

Static equilibrium is when the sum total of the forces acting upon each individual particle is equivalent to zero An object is considered to be in equilibrium when the sum total amount of force acting upon it is balanced. The sum total amount of forces acting upon an object in equilibrium also known [>]

A question of electricity at madagascar

Nuclear fission is the splitting of a uranium atom by firing a beam of neutrons to the atom. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant, hydroelectric power plant and coal all differ.

Bani yas island

Moreover, they found out the natural beauty of the island and explored its abundant possibilities to become one of the beautiful tourist spots in the world. As far as the potentials of the island is concerned, there are a lot of prospective in the island of Bani Yas.

The effect of dilution of an acid in its energy change

Justification of Uncertainties:" The instrument uncertainty I used for the temperature of the acid was of 0. The instrument uncertainty I used for the dilution of the acid was of 0.

Intriguing phenomenons of black holes

Supermassive black holes are the largest kind of black holes and they have a mass that is at least equal to one million suns. In one sentence, a black hole is formed due to the collapse of a large star.


The Dinosaur Ridge tracks are approximately 100 million years of age, and one can see them from the top as in where the creature pushed into the silt. Large portions of these tracks, when uncovered, were first of those from the Triceratops, the mammal, and the scarab.


The objective of a refrigerator is to remove heat from a cold medium. The coefficient of performance COP for a refrigerator is given by the cooling effect divided by Work input.

Optical camouflage

The optical camouflage technology is one of the famous scientific technologies which helps in the invention of a new type of cloak called the invisible cloak. Although optical is a term that technically refers to all forms of light, most proposed forms of optical camouflage would only provide invisibility in the visible portion [>]


Use examples relating to the use of standard form in measurements using microscopes in biology measurements of concentration in chemistry distance in physics using the wavelengths of different forms of radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum. 6- In the final question paper you should write one Biology, one Physics and one Chemistry problem requiring [>]


A mineral is said to have a specific gravity, this is the ratio of the density of water to the density of the mineral. Another characteristic of the mineral is the fracture characteristic; this is the ability of the mineral to break.

Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese recipe

I will be analyzing one of my kids favorite meals which is fried chicken and macaroni and cheese When preparing this meal I like to make sure that I have all the ingredients needed for this. I look forward to hearing from you concerning the exchange.

Physics circular motion

If an object is moving in a circle it will always have a centripetal acceleration = v2/r v= velocity tangent to the circle r = radius of the circle C. 00 x 10 2 m.find the following.a) the ac b) the fc c) the minimum coefficient of static friction a) 0.

Weather, hurricanes, & solar radiation

American National Weather Service refers to the period as the annual month of the North Atlantic Hurricane. Hurricanes of the North Atlantic: Climate and society.

Process analysis essay on process writing

To tie the both in one: Process Analysis is basically a form of technical writing and expository writing." designed to convey to the reader how a change takes place through a series of stages". Technical writing is where The description of scientific and computer-related activities, whereas expository writing is a type of writing [>]

The process of changing a newborns diaper

After you choose the size and brand you need to set up the area in which you will be changing the newborn. There are tabs on the front of the diaper, lift up on the corners of them and the diaper will be unsecured.

Working principle of photovoltaic device

The short-circuit current density is the maximum photo-generated current delivered by a solar cell when the terminals of the solar cell are in contact with each other. The fill factor is the ratio between the maximum power generated by a solar cell and the product of and FF describes the ' squareness' of [>]

Energy and society

This has led to the creation of a vehicle-to-grid system in which grid operators treat the shifting network of functioning hybrid, fuel cell, and electric car batteries as a single distributed energy source. In managing the various elements of energy supply and demand, grid operators have to compensate for alternating levels of electricity [>]

Life in the slow lane: the low reynolds-number world

Consequently there exists a high viscosity for layers adjacent to the wall which looses energy depending on their proximity to the wall leading to the beautifully ordered laminar flow The ink blob does so because there is viscous flow in ink and generates a resistance, which is effectively a frictional force between the [>]

Conservation of momentum – lab report example

Conservation of momentum Conclusion Results of the first section of experiment one show an inverse relationship between mass and velo as average velocity reduces as more masses are added to the plunger cart and this indicates proportionality constant. Velocity is however higher when mass is added to the non-plunger cart than when mass [>]


Use the photogate timer to measure the period of the pendulum. Lastly for the Planet X there is a slower rate of thermal energy builds up due to lower value of gravitational acceleration compared to planet Jupiter.

Brief in support of defendant’s motion to dismiss

Under Rule 12 of the West Virginia Civil Rules of Procedure Every defense, in law or fact, to a claim for relief in any pleading, whether a claim, counterclaim, cross-claim, or third-party claim, will be asserted in the responsive pleading thereto if one is required, except that the following defenses may at the [>]

The unique style of tim burton

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses Non-Diegetic to make the scene seem to get intense or to show someone that something dramatic is going to happen. This high angle shows how small he is compared to lydia and to make the audience feel that since beetlejuice is small he is [>]

Chemistry heats of combustion.

To determine the heats of combustion of selected alkanols and to use this information to determine the heat of combustion for a longer chain alkanols. 2) Measure the weight of aluminium can 3) Use the electronic balance to calculate the mass of water as 100 g 4) Pour the water in the aluminium [>]

Lab report example

If the mass of the book is doubles, the velocity is decreased since the impulse from the car remains constant. Again the average velocity of the car is recorded.

Aircraft corrosion

The paper " Aircraft Corrosion" is an outstanding example of a literature review on physics. A clad layer is added because of its high resistance to corrosion as illustrated previously.

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1 EVOLUTION- the process of change that has transformed life on Earth BIOLOGY- scientific study of life EMERGENT PROPERTIES- result from the arrangement and interaction of parts within a system SYSTEMS BIOLOGY- constructs models for the dynamic behavior of whole biological systems EUKARYOTIC CELL- has membrane enclosed organelles, the largest of which [>]

That mysterious flow

According to him, the only reality is the present, whereas past and future represent fixed points in the passage of time, which is an illusion. Davies' argument concerning time lacking definite distinctions to the extent of using events or past and future is untrue.

Giant impact theory

Answer to question two Seasons are determined by the degree of tilt. Answer to question three The solar system is believed to have formed from cosmic dust.

Global industrial plastic processing machinery market

Covered in this Report This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Industrial Plastic Processing Machinery market for the period 2013-2018. Who are the key vendors in this market space?

Centripetal force: the center-seeking force

This allows us to relate the weight of the hanging mass directly to the force of the spring. If you double the velocity, the required centripetal force would be quadrupled.5.

The main contributions of john carl friedrich gauss – famous german mathematician and physicist

At last it turns out that the student is correct, the teacher asks the student how has he do it and it turns out the student has discovered a short cut way. This theory is a major discovery of differential geometry, the mathematics that involves curves and surfaces.

Lab report

Conclusion The impulse- momentum theorem s that the impulse effect on a body is equivalent to its change in momentum. In this case, the initial kinetic energy is always greater than final kinetic energy.

Production processes

The choice of production that a business may chose to use will be determined by the financial resources that the firm has and the extent to that it seeks to produce a differentiated product! Due to the detail required to make the product, considerable planning is required for assurance of product guarantee as [>]

Differential heating

I would assume that the leaves would heat up the fastest because i think that the leaves would be the most flammable out of all the other materials. Then we taped a thermometer to each of the beakers so the thermometer stays in the middle of the beaker.

Dark side of the universe – wilkinson microwave anisotropy probe of nasa produced findings which allowed to calculate the universes age and drew the curvature of space

The paper " Dark Side of the Universe - Dark Matter and Dark Energy" is an impressive variant of a term paper on physics. The knowledge and understanding of dark matter are greater than dark energy so far.

The main concepts of friction

The significance of this resistance is a feature of the materials, geometries and surface functions of the our bodies in contact, as well as the operating conditions and's miles regularly proper to reduce friction to order to maximise the efficiency of an aspect or method. This difference is illustrated inside the determine [>]

The impact on americanization process

Parents and tribal leaders protested the brutality of this coercive Americanization but they were no way to stop it. It is hard and some get abused on the way in crossing.

Your choice

One of the famous theories presented proposes an explanation subject to experimentation of the development of the galaxy is the big bang theory. It is worth noting that the theory is the most recognized theory in the efforts to try to explain the foundation of the space and is therefore not the only [>]

The process of hydration

Murray furthermore states that it is important that the physiological mechanisms of the human body are understood, in order for improved performance to occur. In addition, Murray states that water is a poor hydrator as opposed to a specially formulated sports drink that helps maintain the drive to drink.


Astronomy Questions al Affiliation A) B) Hubble introduced the standard ruler assumption which s that the galaxies in the universe are in the same type and they have the same size physically irrespective of their positions.2. The cosmology continuing the Shapley Curtis Debate was about the universe creating a controversy among the astronomers [>]

February 25, 2013

We then had to determine the value of the weights w1, w2, and w3 that brings the system to equilibrium. We then had to determine the value of the weights w1 and w2, and angles 2 and 3 that brings the system to equilibrium.

Dating the rocks of the grand canyon (old-earth vs. young-earth)

Before we begin analyzing the Grand Canyon rocks to explain and estimate the age of the earth, we will begin by looking at the various types of rocks forming the earth's surface and which are the major types of rocks forming the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon and the dating of the earth [>]

The physics of a truss bridge

Before I get into the physics of the bridge you need to know what a truss bridge is and how it works. An easy way to understand how a truss bridge works is to use a nutcracker and a string tied to the ends of the nutcracker.

Filmmaking process

The first step is coming up with the concept of the film, which is the idea. Then they figure out the genre of the film, the target audience, success of films that were similar, and the success of the actors, actresses, and directors in previous films.

Harmonic motion-elastic spring – lab report example

The mass used in the experiments was changed in a subsequent manner through the addition of 10 grams weight to the initial 100 grams weight of mass. Statement of conclusion The hypothesis was that there is a dependence period in the mass of the oscillator.

Physics and the ability to create spaceships

The most challenging of all is finding a technology that would enable the spaceship to travel at the speed more than that of light since it is only with this speed that the spaceship would be able to reach its destination. Since spaceships would have to travel over long distances with speeds almost [>]

Common effects of freezing water

The transition phase is the next stage in the process, and it occurs at the stage between freezing and formation of ice blocks. When the temperatures drop, the molecules separate and begin to expand in the form of ice; this explains why if the water is kept in a water bottle, after ice [>]

Atomic spectra – lab report example

As the electron return back to its lower orbit the photon of a specific wavelength is emitted, and the wavelength depends on the difference in energy between the two states. Give the wavelength of the lines present in one of the discharge tubes.

Raman effect

However, a small fraction of the scattered light is scattered by an excitation, with the scattered photons having a frequency different from, and usually lower than, the frequency of the incident photons.[4] In a gas, Raman scattering can occur with a change in vibrational or rotational energy of a molecule. He was the [>]

Project 2: moon journal

Project 2: Moon Journal Having marked the location of the moon in the sky every night for a week and my observations beingat the same time each night for the one week, I came up with a conclusion that the moon moves around the earth approximately in a circular orbit. The moon according [>]

Moving charge creates a magnetic field – lab report example

An elaboration on the derivation process of the law proceeds in a fashion to illustrate how a moving charge has the capabilities of creating a magnetic field. On the Field of a Moving Charge.

Experiment 12

1: q rxn = -qsurrounding - Heat of capacity of the calorimeter: " Cp" must be calculated at the beginning of every calorimeter experiment in Joules/ C Heat Capacity of the Calorimeter: The calorimeter constant is easily found by adding a fixed amount of hot water to a known amount of cold water [>]

Transaction processing system

What features can be o? ered by the proposed system to enhance their existing system in terms of: Record Management Application Payment Description of the Existing System The SORECO II CATV CASTILLA is currently using a manual system in all of their transactions, with regards to payment, record management and application. The admin [>]

Geology-plate tectonics

Oceanic-Oceanic: the diverging movement occurs between oceanic-plates, the structure thus formed is known as mid-oceanic ridge. As a result of greater buoyancy of continental plate, the oceanic plate gets thrust underneath the former plate.

Period 2: thermodynamics lab

I used the Styrofoam as a box to put the can in and the Styrofoam also acts as a thermal insulation. I used silicone to block off the holes from the Styrofoam to make a good box for the heat to stay in.finally I used a cork on the top of my can [>]

Process of (research) investigation of geodetic engineering for the designing of high speed (train) main railway line – thesis proposal example

Since the world has been concentrating on construction of roads in most of their economic activities, reverting to construction of railway lines would be an improvement to the transport system. This is due to the development of the networking in these countries, especially in relation to railway transport.

Journal analysis: industrial materials and process

Methodology of the Researches According to the Journal of R. Results and Findings of the Researches In accordance with R.


Formation of Peroxynitrite Peroxynitrite, an inorganic molecule of biological interest, is the product of the combination reaction between nitric oxide and superoxide )? ONOO?^-Increasing sensitivity can potentially allow the reaction to be measured, to be studied by slowing down the reaction rate through the use of lower concentration of reactants.the rate of the [>]

Review of photovoltaic technologies, a renewable energy resourse

The sun is the core of majority of the energy, preserving life on this planet and generates the essential gravitational force to maintain earth in an almost circular orbit. The degree of reduction is vastly variable due to continuous realignment of the sun and the related shifting of the path of radiation from [>]

Market equilibrating process paper

The equilibrium price and quantity are those indicated by the intersection of the supply and demand curves for any product or resource. Microeconomics looks at the smaller picture and focuses more on basic theories of supply and demand and how individual businesses decide how much of something to produce and how much to [>]

Trip to dinosaur ridge in colorado

During the duration of the trip were able to learn a lot about fossils and were also able to learn about dinosaurs and their existence about 150 million years ago. This was an amazing experience as were also able to touch the dinosaur bones.

A phenomenon of high-speed trading

While it was always done by humans in the past, the advancement of technology now allows supercomputers/robots to buy and sell thousands of shares in less than a second, and therefore get ahead of and make more than others: a concept known as high-frequency or high-speed trading. The central technical problem in this [>]

How many are major types of magnetic separator

And with the development of mining machinery industry, there are many kinds of mining machines in the market, do you know how many kinds of magnetic separator there are? With the in-depth development of the research work of the domestic and foreign high-performance permanent magnet materials, the industrialization of the magnetic separator and [>]

Essay summary of life without gravity

When I opened my eyes and started to move, I realized I was not even lying on my bed. When I grabbed my toothbrush out of the air, I turned the faucet and the water did not go out straight!

Environmental chemistry: boiling point

The strength of attraction from the nucleus to the valence electron gets weaker. The strength of attraction from the nucleus to the valence electron gets weaker.

Experiment between relative density and density. the difference

The difference is the following: ' the relative density isthe ratio of the density of the substance to the density of water' 2. 6Where is the relative density of x in salt solution, is the density of salt and is the density of x.

Boiler experiment

0 0 100 100 100 373 0.75 0. 07012 6.0 5.

Read the instruction

The third stage is the first quarter moon where 50% of the part of the moon confronting Earth is lighted on the right side. Last quarter moon is the large part of the piece of the moon confronting Earth is lighted on the left side.


When the current is step current.[pic] Where q is the heat flux density, I is the heating current, U is the voltage of two ends of plane heat source, R is the resistance of plane heat source, Q is the heating power, S is the area of plane heat source. On the top [>]

The enlightenment movement and its contribution

The intertwining of science and the Church brought new inventions and views to the world. Another idea during the Enlightenment that became an ideal in the United States was the life of the people.

Phenomenon of time travel

So the basics of special relativity walk about the relative speed between an observer and source, or the speed of the object relative to your position at a certain point in time. Their idea was to measure the speed of light from the sun to the earth, and that when the earth moved [>]

Electric sources and their common use

Nuclear Power plants are widely in practice in various parts of the world, however complete set of pros and cons come up with this form of energy generation. The advantages associated with this form of energy generation include environment friendly generation in terms of the carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases.

Considering the albedo of various surfaces, how might temperatures differ between urban and rural areas which setting tends to be warmer on a given day

At any given time temperatures at the urban areas are higher than in the rural areas and this is attributed to the urban heat islands. The tall buildings in the urban areas provide surfaces for sunlight reflection and absorption leading to an increased heating rate of the urban areas.

Boom’ s problem

0 m from the bottom of the boom, then: a) what is the compressional force in the hydraulic? b) what is the magnitude and direction of the force on the pin at the bottom of the boom? a) ' Torque = 0 F cos 30eS x 2. What is the the magnitude and [>]

Grade 11 physics

Polar Form Example After finding the components for the vectors A and B, and combining them to find the components of the resultant vector R, the result can be put in polar form bySome caution should be exercised in evaluating the angle with a calculator because of ambiguities in the arctangent on calculators. [>]

Visit to california science center

During the last week of May 2012, I got an opportunity to visit California Science Center located in downtown Los Angeles that was an extraordinary representation of human achievements in the field of science. Forward and backward movement of air in the pipe was responsible to allow the sound waves to pass from [>]

Saturn titan mission questions

The Cassini-Huygens mission Spacecraft entered the orbit of Saturn on 1st July 2004 as was supposed to, where it was supposed to stay for almost 4 years and remain in Saturn's orbit to investigate its rings, the atmosphere and saturn's moons. He was the one who discovered the rings around Saturn as well [>]

Torsion testing experiment

The handwheel was turned 90 degrees each time to take the reading for the angle of twist from the 360 protractor scale and torque from the torque meter of each specimen. By the time the specimen was fractured, this shows that the maximum torque and the maximum angle of twist of the specimen.

Newton’s second law – lab report example

2785 0 0. 1810 0 0.

Managing a more simple process

The final quarter of the 20th century was a period of transition for organisations managers and workers, bridging the gap between traditional work and the emergence of " knowledge work", in which work is no long about massive productive but is concerned about planning and organising people with a effectiveness process. In the [>]