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Ada solution manual

Given that the official purpose of the U.S.patent system is the promotion of the " useful arts," do you think algorithms are patentable in this country? What is the smallest and the largest number of divisions possible in the algorithm for determining a prime number? 9.a.


23) -4x + y = 0 23) __D___ A) B) C) D) E) none of the above Graph the linear equation. 30) y = x + 1 30) __B__ A) B) C)D) E) none of the above

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Math: mathematics and nurses

Nurses must have a great knowledge of math to ensure that patients get the correct amount of medication, food, and proper care. Nurses have to be familiar with statistics when needing to know the side effects of medications and to counsel patients when giving a diagnosis.


Equation vs expression: The biggest difference between an equation and an expression is that the former is a sentence whereas the latter is a phrase. The following is an example of an equation: 8 = x 3 The following is an example of an expression: X is a number more than 4.

Project 2

Acceleration - a vector quantity that pertains to the rate of change of velocity per unit time in case the velocity of a body is not constant, either from rest or from motion; may be expressed in, Force - a vector quantity pertaining to the product of a mass of a rigid body [>]

Prominent african-american mathematicians

When he finished his 19, he was recognized by the national press as a " negro genius." Jesse Ernest Wilkins taught at the Tuskegee Institute prior returning to the University of Chicago to contribute to the Manhattan Project. Cox's portrait hangs in Howard's Mathematics Common Room as a consistent reminder of his [>]

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Math equations: cd production

It costs the company an average of $15, 000 to produce a rock CD and an average of $12, 000 to produce a rap CD. The company earns $20, 000 in profit on each rock CD it produces and $30, 000 in profit on each rap CD it produces.

Why numbers matter

The author of the article tells about the falling prices of homes in the United States which were on a steady trend in the summer of 2011. The rates concerned to these should be considered first; Mortgage loans interest rates have declined in the US as per the article so this medium of [>]

Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor of ancient

At one point of Archimedes life it was his inventions that delayed the capture of Syracuse by the Romans. When he was in his teens Archimedes traveled to Alexandria and went to one of the most famous schools of thematic that had been founded by Euclid.


Internal Control Characteristics Affiliation Internal Control Characteristics Introduction Internal control refers to the process in which the aim of an organization is to comply with the rules and regulations, achieve the objectives financial reporting reliability, and provide timely feedback on the strategies achievement. Situation Missing internal control: Supervision control or assignment of duties [>]

Math 230 quant analysis

Differences between the schedules Amortization schedule for option A had more moths than that of option B, 60 and 59 respectively meaning option A had a longer payment period than option B. Second, the amount of extra principal payments in option A was zero all the way from the start to the end [>]

Example of report on the inverted pendulum

Derivation of Equations of State and Output: Based on the parameters and the physical values of the system, the equations of state and the output equations are derived below the dimensions are omitted in the equation in order to preserve the readability. Compensator Gain: The first step in the design procedure is to [>]

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Newton’s preface to principia mathematica

The preface of Sir Isaac Newton to Principia Mathmetica is an introduction of the book its origin, its contents, a brief explanation of what is inside, and how the book got published. Newton thanks Halley for being such a major influence in the publication of Principia Mathematica and an unfinished book about celestial [>]

Solving quadratic equations

Step 1: Expand the left side by completing the square: 2 = y 2 + = y 2 - 4/3 y + 4 / 9 Step 2: Rewrite the main equation: y 2 4/3 y + 4/9 = 4/9 Step 3: Subtract 4/9 from both sides: y 2 4/3 y + = = [>]


Mathematics Reflection Use of Practices while Coding Mathematical coding requires the use of software. There are also certain pre-requisites that have to be taken into consideration when undertaking mathematical coding, they include: The overall structure of the software, the coding language as well as the overall use of the software.


Writing Assignment The statistical study was done to establish whether children see lies of omission because it hasbeen established that children manage to know when people are lying to them. The comparison of groups might have been the procedure that was used to determine the conclusion of the children because it all depended [>]

Composition and inverse

So, f h = 2x + 5 - f h = - = Then upon substitution of 4 into ' x', = = 12 Evaluate the following two compositions: A: would pertain to a composition where the function g is composed within the function f such that g serves as an expression that [>]

Probable probability; rolling dice

What is the probability of rolling a pair of dice, or a deck of cards, or a jar of marbles? What is the probability of conceiving a boy or a girl?

Using newton method of optimization

The problem is to minimize the surface area to reduce the cost of the vessel. Insert the value of x and substitute for h in the surface area equation to obtain.

Can public knowledge contribute to scientific understaning

They claim it is the first ever official definition published: " Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence - The science council The definitions of " science and " scientific knowledge as based on empirical evidence have [>]

Projectile motion

We measured the horizontal and vertical distances that the projectile traveled from the end of the ramp to when it hit the floor my using a meter stick to measure Experimental Set-Up In our experiment, we used the following: ramp, photogate, steal ball, plumb bob, meter stick, and vernier caliper. We determined the [>]

Maths construction

Let x be the length Then Solving the quadratic equation using the quadratic formula yield:= The answer is Length is 6. R0 is the resistance at temperature 0 C and is a constant.

Mathematical reasoning and discrete structures

Number Mathematical Reasoning and Discrete Structures Question a) C = A Let 2, 3, a) A Let B Let C [ - ] - = [ ] = 1 = 1 Therefore this theoretic statement is true.b) p= x A, q = x B and r = x C p q r p [>]

Math ia type 2 stellar numbers.

The simplest of these is that of the square numbers The diagram below shows the stellar triangular numbers until the 6th triangle. This form of the equation will allow for only one variable to change, which will be.

How does Boolean algebra capture the essential properties of logic operations and set operations? Discussion question

The order dual of every Boolean algebra obtained by interchanging AND and OR is also a Boolean algebra. On the other hand, given a Boolean ring A, this can be turned into a Boolean algebra by the definition x OR y = x +y + xy and x AND y = xy.

History of calculus

of the Mathematics of the Concerned 24 March History of Calculus It is indeed true that the discovery of calculus does happen to be one of the amazing and praiseworthy things facilitated by human thought and intellect. As far as Newton's discovery of calculus is concerned, it was more of an outcome of [>]


If the height is in inches and weight is in pounds, then the Body Mass Index is calculated using the below formula: Where, W is weight in pounds and H is height in inches. 9, then the individual is overweight and if BMI is equal to or greater than the 30, then the [>]

Table of contents

The results from the simulation of laminar flow in the pipe were compared with the theoretical ones. 73% Part 4 From the graph in Figure 2 the theoretical velocity at the center of the pipe is estimated to be 0.

Mathematics and trial rate

We found that the trial rate for " actual definitely would buy" for pizza will be 80% of the definitely would buy rate of the BASEL research. The demand for the pizza is the multiplication of marketing adjusted trial rate and the target households, which is 1.

When are pivot tables useful

Similarly, Pivot Tables are interactive means of summarizing the data, allowing you to add or delete fields in the contingent tables. This is really handy when the headings in the worksheets are identical as it saves both time and effort.

Linear algebra

Determine the values of a and b.{1, 2, 5, 1} {b} = {1, 2, 0, 3}{4, 1, 17, -22} {a} = {0, 0, 1, -2} B= 1 A = 0 Determine the solution of the homogeneous system of equations Rx = 0 in parametric vector form. The matrix B is called the inverse [>]

Srinivasa ramanujan

Following is an anecdote of Hardy: 2 Hardy Ramanujan number 1729 A common anecdote about Ramanujan relates to the number 1729. Ramanujan is said to have stated on the spot that it was actually a very interesting number

Mathematics and time

Profile operation - Break-even analysis: Let the optimal order size be N boards a) Using Punch Press: Total Operating Time = Setup time + Cycle Time*N = 50 + 1*N = 50 + N b) Using CNC router: Operating Time = Setup time + Cycle time*N = 150 + 0. 004*500*N = 240 [>]

Elementary analysis

Therefore, because the equation is a convergence p-series, it definitely converges by comparison test. Therefore, The equation is a convergence p-series, thereby converging by comparison test.

Real world radical formulas

From the graph, C is given by the function But for the vessel to achieve stability, a value of C less than 2 must be achieved. Hence substitute the value in order to get the maximum possible value of d for the radical equation.

Discussionthe traveling salesman problem

A critical activity, in a network, is an activity whose time of start affects completion time of the entire project. The model below is used to determine activity time In other words, while CPM considers various critical activities, PERT considers duration of all activities in a network.

Measures of central tendency

As such, the tail of the distribution is longer on the left side of the distribution than on the right side. The effects of such outliers on the distribution is that one finds most of the values including the median tend to be greater than the mean.

Donald duck mathematical magic trick

The pentagram contains the " Golden Rectangle" or a rectangle whose sides form the ratio known as the " Golden Mean". The video showed that when the pentagram is deconstructed, and the parts were arranged according to their lengths, the two short parts combined formed the longer part in the ratio of the [>]

Statistics final exam questions

The following data represent the number of days between the receipt of the complaint and the resolution of the complaint: 1 65, a. Is ordering a beef enter e independent of whether the person orders dessert?

The apportionment problem

The Apportionment Problem John Jones As the census officer of our new nation, I have extensively studied the United s and their founding fathers, especially in the way they achieved equal representation of their states in attempting to recreate it for us and have decided apportionment is the best approach. 07 0 1 [>]


Ratios Ratios are important in simplifying financial information for easy interpretation by different users of the financial information. Pending litigations about an entity are for example not reflected in financial statements and therefore do not affect financial ratios.

Visiting the learning lab math center

I would explain to the programmers in my new job that a mathematical expression is a phrase or a sentence fragment with a variable that has to be simplified and has no relation symbol. And that a mathematical equation is a sentence that you solve and has a relation symbol and is a [>]

Real world quadratic functions

When the parabola opens downward, the vertex is the point where the relative minimum of the function occurs and when the parabola opens upward, the vertex is the point where the relative maximum of the function occurs. This paper will determine the maximum possible profit for the chain store and the number of [>]

College algebra-repost-graphs of equations and inequalities

Moreover, solving linear inequalities is almost the same when solving linear equations, except from when solving linear inequalities and one is required to multiply or divide by a negative number. In addition, the properties of linear equations and linear inequality are the same, but, the properties of linear inequality will always maintain an [>]

Modern pricing models

In order to understand the effect of the Monte Carlo simulation on the determination of the value of risk, it is best to review the basics of the MCS as applied to a given price of stock. This then follows the application of the GBM equation whereby " S" reflects the price of [>]

My learning experiences in math

She taught me to understand math the way I understand my easiest subject. She taught me to understand math how complicated life is.

Consumer math

A specific example of annuities is when one deposits a certain amount at a savings plan at the end of each year for five years. Indeed, it is essential for every individual to understand the concepts covered by consumer math because it has a huge impact on one's personal finances.

Real world radical formulas

C/4b = 1/3 d Taking the reciprocal of both sides we get, 4b/C = 3 d Taking the third root of both sides we obtain 3 = d Rearranging, d = 3 c) C= 4d-1/3b b = 13. 5 = d-1/3 0.

Wavelets are mathematical functions

The ripples organizing a uninterrupted ripple transform are capable to the uncertainness rule of Fourier analysis respective trying theory: Given a signal with some event in it, one can non delegate at the same time an exact clip and frequence response graduated table to that event. Ripples can be compared with the Fourier [>]

Importance of calculators essay sample

The most important part of a math problem is to read into the question and understand what the question is asking. Calculators aid the student in the calculation part of the math problem and allow more time to understand, instead of doing tedious work that is sometimes involved in problems.

Variable and fixed costs

Herrested Company Contribution Margin Income Statement For the period ending December 31, 2011 per unit No.of units sold Total Sales 250 8, 000 2, 000, 000 Variable Cost Direct Material 100 Direct Labor 50 Variable Overhead 30 Variable Selling & Admin 10 Total Variable Cost 190 8, 000 1, 520, 000 Contribution 60 [>]

Argumentative essay about mathematics

I have never had to use any algebraic concept outside of the classroom, andI believethat this contributes to why these concepts do not stick in my mind and do not make sense. Again, I have never once had to use algebra outside of the classroom.

Team project

In application, moreover, Riemann's Sums are similar with both Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson's Rule for being a method that estimates the area under the curve in an approach that determines the sum of areas of the rectangular strips spread throughout the region, multiplied by the width x and divided by ' n' subintervals. [>]

Euclid: the father of geometry

Euclid's most well-known writing was a series of books called " The Elements. He is considered to be the father of geometry because of the theories he discussed in his books.

Math lab evaluation paper

Students appear to be unable to focus due to various distractions like the constant noise of some of the math tutors joking with one another and the lights flickering throughout the room is also very distracting. I would make the following changes in the math lab to make it a more productive and [>]

Practice math

What will be the value of the investment at the end of five years? For this value of x, find the common ratio; the sum of the infinite sequence.

Reaction of a certain article

Reaction to the article The Median Isnt the Message The median of a dataset is basically the numerical value that separates the lower half of a population, probability distribution or sample from the higher half. The median of a finite dataset can be established by arranging all the observations from the least to [>]

Stoichiometric analysis formal lab report

00 g of KCLOx into the test tube. In the first reaction you are trying to find the number or measure of an element that is present in a unknown quantity.2.d 3.


From point A, draw a line segment at an angle to the given line, and about the same length. This means that 4= , while 3 is equal to the new line.

Pythagorean quadratic

In equation, it is given by - c2 = a2 + b2 where the variables ' a' and ' b' refer to the length measures of the right triangle's legs while the variable ' c' pertains to the hypotenuse. Solution: By Pythagorean Theorem, x2 + 2 = 2 - x2 + 4x2 + [>]

Improving math and science scores in middle school

The goal of the evaluation study is to thoroughly review the problems that exist and hopefully get the school to achieve grades similar to IS 409-East New York Family Academy sometime in the near future as is reflected in the following graphs. We recommend prior to the beginning of the academic year, and [>]

Math problem

The z-score for 41= /4 =-1 Decimal For a s.d of -1 from the table=. Between the IQ and statistics scores r= 0.

Burning up

If the graph of a quadratic function opens upward, then the related quadratic equation has two solutions. If the graph of a quadratic function has its vertex in the first quadrant, then the related quadratic equation has two solutions.

1. introduction

10 My initial view of the nature of mathematics was an absolutist one in that I saw mathematics as a body of knowledge consisting of formulae and algorithms to be learned, memorised and applied. The Nature of Mathematics and Teaching.

Free article review about critical discussion and synthesis

Summary and Synthesis of the Article, " A Model of Scrolling of Touch Sensitive Displays" The article, " A Model of Scrolling of Touch Sensitive Displays" essentially discusses the significance of conducting research on users' behaviors while scrolling on touch sensitive displays. However, the " Superflick" facilitates the correction of an off-target move [>]

Logic application

However, sometimes the human beliefs embedded in the culture of a society goes against the teachings of the religion. If we take example of Christianity, the Holy book ' Bible' says that stealing is wrong, but the culture negates this statement by injecting a different belief in the minds of people.

How did the egyptians use math? essay sample

The second theory states that the ratio of one of the sides to half of the height is the approximate value of P, or that the ratio of the perimeter to the height is 2P. The second concept was that they had the ability to find two-thirds of any number.

Financial stewardship

That is, instead of my retirement benefits being subjected to a formula which takes into consideration how long I was on my job and my average income during my last years of employment, this plan will credit my account with certain set percentage of my income each year, classically 5%. The aspect of [>]

Module 2 slp

Module 2 SLP Let's start with the numbers from your everyday life you collected in module You collected the number of contacts you have in your phone and the number of those people who called you in a week. 3146 x 1040 % Change = If each person added an extra contact than [>]

Criticism of the paper devoted to the problem of personalized mathematics as an effective method of improving student performance

Nevertheless, the author stated that the major cause of the difficulties is the inability to understand the structure of the problem. This section does not correlate to the literature review that addressed the issues of the challenges that the students have in mathematics.

Assignment example

5 x -5. 50 Ceramic = 190 x 5.

Music is a kind of mathematics

In the same manner, if a face is proportionate, we will probably notice it quickly and think that it's beautiful and perfect. God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world".-To end this here's what Maulana Wahiduddin Khan believed: " The truth is that God is the greatest Mathematician, the greatest artist and the [>]

Mathematics as a source of knowledge

Although contrary to the opinion that math is not a closed intellectual system, in which everything has already been worked out, the mere existence of math compels us to have a black and white perspective of the world. The discontent that he had with the probability of human error to a large extent [>]

Gottfried wilhelm leibniz

Later in life some say Leibniz was offered the greatest opportunity of his life in 1672 when the Elector of Mainz sent him on a mission to Paris. As a German, Leibniz was able to see firsthand, the destructive outcome of the " 30 Years War" which influenced his work in philosophy.

Business maths

6*2500 + 0. 2* = 1500+100-200 =$1400 EMV of investing in fixed interest= $1200 Since investing in stocks has a higher EMV of $1400, a risk-neutral investor will choose the option of investing in stocks.c) In this case the $1200 that the investor can earn is fixed and will get it no matter [>]

Ideas of calculus iii

Task: Big Ideas of Calculus III Calculus III involves the extension of Calculus to II and III dimensions. Calculus III also teaches how to simplify the theories of derivative and integral to vector-valued equation.

Integrated education of basic mathematics and social studies essay sample

This organization as well as advance representation obviously shows the way to the flawless combination of technology plus information literacy principles by means of the skillfulness of educator make use of to educate the components. What is educated and practical in one part of the core curriculum is correlated and bring into play [>]

poor academic performance in mathematics

The study sought to determine the effects of Math Enrichment Approach and Math Trail Activity Approach as interventions to solve the respondents' pooracademicperformance inMathematicsIV as a result of the following causes: negative attitudes towards mathematics, parents' socio-economic status and difficulty of the subject. The study adapted the studies of Beaton & Dwyer, Kellaghan [>]

Bayes’ theorem: conditional probabilities essay sample

99the probability that the test will yield a positive result [B] if the disease is present [A] P = 1.99 =. 05the probability that the test will yield a positive result [B] if the disease is not present [~A] P = 1.05 =.

Compound inequality

The graph representing a compound inequality with and constitutes the intersection of the two inequalities. The graph of the compound inequalities with or represents the union of the two inequalities.

Corellation between math, logic and truth

However, I will later demonstrate the process of abstraction is subject to questioning when it claims the right to absolute truths because of the restrictions that axioms undertake. However, this question has to be severely questioned with respect to the false dichotomy which it establishes immediately - the exclusiveness of self- contained dipoles [>]

Teaching mathematics and science in elementary level education essay

Teachers must hence hold the ability to interact with pupils good and be selective in the instruction methods since this determines the apprehension of the pupils. The instructor must publish instructions to pupils in a linguisticcommunicationapprehensible to them and seting into consideration the diverse demands of the pupils.

Business statistics assignment

What are the differences among the various measures of variation, such as the range, intrauterine range, variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Range: Range of a data set is deference between the largest and the smallest data value.