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Php vs perl – a comparison between the two programming languages

It is known to be the best when it comes to tasks related to administration scripts. The thing to keep in mind is that since Perl is an open source language, it may also have security related vulnerabilities.

Advanced cyber security and its methodologies

The fundamental reasons is that with the commencement of internet, the web applications were likewise getting prevalence for information putting away and information sharing, regardless of the client. At some point the web application may not posture danger but rather the innovation utilized as a part of these Applications turn into the underlying [>]

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A review of the san diego(20000) symposium on design and implementation of operating system

The paper discusses how to improve the performance of out-of-core applications that consume a great deal of resources running on the same machine as an interactive application without harming the performance of the interactive application. The run-time layer has to be created to monitor the memory usage by application processes in the system [>]

Soft computing practical file

Program: /*PERCEPTRON*/ #include #include main { signed int x[4][2], tar[4]; float w[2], wc[2], out= 0; int i, j, k= 0, h= 0; float s= 0, b= 0, bc= 0, alpha= 0; float theta; clrscr; printf; scanf; for; printf; mew: printf; printf; for out= 1; else if; } if {printf; for { signed int [>]

How eon will deliver a new generation of distributed applications and decentralized platforms

This has led to the need to create better and eloquent systems, using new know-hows and incentives elevating the need for an open network to deliver a new generation of distributed applications and decentralized platform called ENZO. Serves as Currency: EON can serve as a medium of exchange for all digital and physical [>]

Statement of purpose: overview

I have developed a keen desire to pursue my graduate studies and research in Computer Engineering in a university of excellence, which will provide me an opportunity to work with most modern and sophisticated equipment and intellectualenvironmentby which I would be able to realize mydreamsof exploring and contributing new vistas in the chosen [>]

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Career opportunities in digital marketing

It can express your perspectives and thoughts in different frame, for example, content marketing, Search engine optimization and so on and In coming a long time it turn into the primary decision of the business for ad and there is merciless rivalry end up clear among the advertisers for providing best administration and [>]

Analysis of “taming the big data tidal wave” by bill franks

Web logs are good example of semi-structured data. In the end, however, it is important to understand that semi-structured data does have an underlying logic.

Dq2: professional responsibility

In accessing the capabilities and risks of a computer system the computer professional must be truthful and honest in his opinion research and findings honestly and accurately, when designing a new solution the professional must consider both the specification of the client and how the solution might affect the quality of life [>]

Indoor navigation and monitoring system for smart devices

In this project, we present system in which we develop an application for android mobile phones where the user can get location information inside the large infrastructure and also allow selecting the desired place inside building on any floor and with voice-based directed route navigation feature. The system, as it exists now, consists [>]

The issue of social media sabotage

Politics run through social media can be a fantastic way to spread information and awareness quickly, but it also provides an environment for the transmission of incorrect facts and may encourage confirmation bias. Due to the nature of media sights like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook anyone can post what they are thinking, bringing [>]

Cyber security: the common application threats and attack types

Most of the time he/she uses an application which is linked to the web to send the malicious code which is usually in the form of a browser side script, to an end user. In a brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses as to [>]

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Audit of the inscoin project

Blockchain is the latest progressive unmistakable advantage to go into the area, and a lot of are expecting that flowed certainties ought to effectsly affect the way in which that scope organizations can work. This shifts from select contracts, which can be typically in light of the dependable guideline of ' let the [>]

Redefining archival cloud storage for personal injury law firm

Faster Archiving With Digital Archiver application the need for old school storage devices is eliminated, because everything related to your closed cases is archived in the cloud with the click of a button for seven years. That means your files are subject to industry leading security and around-the-clock monitoring of potential risks.

Study on the image encryption algorithm using aes and visual cryptography

The image is encrypted using AES and an encoding schema has been proposed to convert the key into shares based on Visual Secret Sharing. The cryptanalysis of the algorithm is then performed and is proved to be secure.

Pros and cons of open source erp

Akhilesh Nair Deepesh Chatterjee Mithun Vishnu Nikhil Kumar OPEN SOURCE ERP PROS and CONS Contents Introduction3 Commercial and Open Source ERP Software6 Open Source ERP Solution Pros8 Open Source ERP Solution Cons10 Open Source ERP Success Story11 Company Overview11 Issue At Hand11 The Solution11 Results12 The Bottom Line12 Top Open Source ERP Applications [>]

Defining efficiency as a software requirement

The software also develops the database of the organisation by the data management system. With the help of the ERP software, company can expand and develop business successfully.

A report on hacking on computers in the united states

Wanting to get the information I needed for my story, I walked over to the kid and asked him what he was up to and to my surprise he asked me in a deep voice if I was affiliated with any law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I.or the C.I.A. It was not [>]

Data compression and decompression algorithms

Compression: A static method is one in which the mapping from the set of messages to the set of codewords is fixed before transmission begins so that a given message is represented by the same codeword every time it appears in the message ensemble. AB is in the Dictionary.

A review of elizabeth rose’s the oracle of delphi

Greek antiquity is the vector used by Rose to convey these ideas to readers because it allows her to have characters that are more extreme and alluring, there is a sense of familiarity with the content of the novel and the romance is portrayed in a way that coincides with views of sexuality [>]

Capstone project guidelines

The main body of the paper will start at the page after the Table of Contents. A list of reference should be given at the end of the text in alphabetical order of first author's last names and then further sorted chronologically if necessary.

Digital marketing as a key to progress for development of business

In the digital field where business and trade are making a beeline for, Digital marketing tools and strategies furnish entrepreneurs with the best shots for rivalry, survival and even business development. Digital marketing enables your business to prevail by enabling you to focus on the customers who are destined to purchase your items [>]

Program evaluation: a case study

The design is everything and it helps the program to become alive and understand. Researchers must understand the ins and outs of a program to get the benefits and comprehend what is about to take place.

Final persuasive essay

Disaster Recovery Plan Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP. Provide a description of each type of firewall system and how it is used to protect the network.

Beginners guide for zend framework 2.0

The Beginners Guide for Zend Framework a series which will help you in getting started with Zend Framework 2.0. 0 is to create the.htaccess file for handling and redirecting all the requests to bootstrap.

Avon in global market

In order to deal with this kind of diversity Avon's Human Resource Management should focus on hiring and training local workforce to deal with local markets. By doing so, the labor force already knows thecultureand social situation on each specific market, and training should be focused on developing/improving an organizational culture on the [>]

Computer science assignment

Vermaat from the Discovering Computer computer security risk is defined as any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information or processing capability. The scenario which involves Ahmad'computer, is related to the types of computer security risk which are Internet and network attack and [>]

The implementation phase

In this chapter the construction of execution is described along with the assorted files which are involved in the execution of the undertaking. 1 Summarization of Work The figure shows the that the anticipation will execute on the user petition so that the prefetched petition will direct as the answer.

Trust issues in modern cloud platforms

As certifiable occurrences have appeared, disappointment by the cloud suppliers to deal with clients' data6, e.g, by spilling or losing intimation, could be cataclysmic for clients and profoundly influence the notoriety of cloud suppliers. Generally because of security and business concerns, cloud suppliers have a tendency to be shrouded about the internals of [>]

Types of privilege escalation attack

Basically is the act of exploiting a vulnerability like programming hole, network flaw, and design flaw or configuration oversight in a network and its services to gain access to resources normally that are protected from an application or user. It is a term which is used to describe the penetration of a network, [>]

My spreadsheet software assesment

The spreadsheet should contain the following data: Price of the chocolate bars Shelf location in the shop Sales of each chocolate bar for January Sales of each chocolate bar for February Use the information below to create the spreadsheet. Reopen SS2_chocolate_complete, and create a column chart to compare the prices of the chocolate [>]

Harrah’s las vegas success: the place of customer relation strategy, technology quality, data collection methods and competitive advantage

Bill Harrah, the founder of Harrah's came up with the vision that led, and continues to lead the company to achieve greatness in the casino entertainment industry. Ultimately, Harrah's success can be attributed to their customer relationship strategy, the quality of their technology and data collection system and their competitive advantage.

This tech can ‘see’ and think as well as humans do

The, made by the semiconductor company Movidius, powers " deep learning" - the ability to see and analyze images, and learn from what it observes, much like a human. Movidius' stick will be out by the end of the year.

The rise of technology and the fall of wisdom

He addresses the issue by stressing that the internet is such a prominent presence that generations are losing the skill of being able to read and comprehend long text and are replacing it with efficient, short term reading. After noting the advantages, Carr completes his article by stating " as we come to [>]

Why kyber network is uniting the tokenized world

As the tokenized world is booming, many projects failed to pay heed to the concept behind the block chain. The idea is to allow interoperability of assets across its on-chain.

How active and passive cyber reconnaissance are used to perform a cyber attack

The actor or Nation and State will find the information they need to access the network and systems connected. The user opens the email and attachment, and the bot or worm is activated and start infiltrating the facility network.

Cyber security policies and solutions in the united states

Today, the USA and the world rely on the Internet for an exhaustive range of services. The factors which make Cyber Security one of the most challenging endeavors are: Geographical distances and logistical difficulties cease to exist in case of cyber-attacks.

Events management sytem with mobile app for cpur

The CPU Board of Trustees will hold a meeting regarding the U-Day where the head of the overall event will present the schedules or tentative dates of the individual events which will later on be given to the schedule coordinator. Then, the Minister of Sports of the council will give the schedules to [>]

Images and data collection

The detailed methodology that has been utilized for the de-speckling of ultrasound gallbladder images of the patients suffering from Cholelithiasis along with the mathematical operations and parameter calculation is discussed. As per the design of the proposed approach, the data collection is the prime step to be taken.

Impacts of ar/vr in healthcare augmented reality

Nurses can easily find the veins with the help of Augmented Reality by using handheld scanner that will project over the skin and showing the doctors and patient where the veins are present in the patient's body. Virtual reality: The person admitted in a hospital or visited to someone, he can able to [>]

Pros & cons of using a computer in our daily life

Computers are everywhere nowadays, ever since the information age because, computers have become a vital source of information, in fact, it is true that the rise of computers brought with it the age of information. Although loneliness and isolation are related, they refer to distinct aspects of the social world of older people.

Why data mining is key in our day to day lives

The decision tree analysis can be used to detail cost-efficient alternatives to particular expensive procedures and treatments. A major disadvantage to decision trees is that it needs experts and extremely knowledgeable people to be involved in the process in order to come up with decision possibility outcomes.

A reaction essay to the paper by an american cybersecurity firm mandiant’s on cyber espionage activities

Therefore, based on the totality of numerous pieces of evidence, Mandiant has come to the almost certain conclusion that APT 1 is operating as a cyber-espionage group under the control of the Chinese Government. Assuming that Mandiant's findings are completely accurate, the APT 1 group undoubtedly poses a significant threat to the United [>]

Epekto ng

Modern mainframes and older mainframes were not much different in their function which is to provide a centralized point for all data to be processed and sometimes stored but older mainframes did not have the benefit of the newer technologies available today. As components keep getting smaller and smaller allowing for more features [>]

An evaluation of the false consensus effect and its application to health behaviors

Although, there has been some evidence for this effect with adult populations, due to the limited research, it is difficult to determine reliability of these results and thus, overall generalizability of the False Consensus Effect, to the general population is weak. Per the False Consensus theory, individuals are inclined to believe, whether it [>]

What is grid computing

Hence it is proposed " Novel Strategies for Resource Allocation and Scheduling in Grid Computing Environment" to increase the performance of a Grid system with an objective of maximizing of utilization of resources and minimizing of waiting time of a job in job pool and makep. In this context, it is proposed an [>]

Comparative analysis of relational and non-relational databases

With the explosion in volume and variety of data due to increased mobile and web applications, the popularity of using an efficient database system to cater the needs of business has become an essential part. This Research is done to determine the best suitable technology, which caters the need to handle this large [>]

Cgi as the main contributor to the quality of horror movies

As the viewer experiences the different emotions during the film, they know that what they are witnessing is not real based on the music, sound, and the " monsters". For a film in this genre to be successful, there needs to be somewhat of a connection between the film and the viewer.


Explain all the phases of Compiler.c)Consider the following grammar. 1 Compliers, analysis of the source program, the phases of a complier, cousins of the compiler, the grouping of phases, complier-construction tools Unit No.

User manual critique

The terminology that is used throughout the manual suggests that the user knows what the overall operation of the machine is for. This Is also a problem because If someone is not familiar with the machine and attempts to use It the manual could confuse them, and they may to assemble the machine [>]

Smart devices and system in our homes

The problems that we can discus in this part is about the introduction of smart devices and system in our homes, the risk and threats linked to them, and respectively to the smart home inhabitants will grow. In future smart homes, in addition to the threats related to the household appliance, there can [>]

Discussion of three of the competitors in the frameworks and libraries domain

This paper will discuss three of the competitors in the frameworks and libraries domain.Vue.js React.js and Angular.js, all frameworks are optimized and efficient in their own way. Vue is relatively new in the industry as compared to React and Angular.

Reviewing two different methods of data mining

The goal of a business is to reduce costs and maximize sales and revenue, which is where data mining can be beneficial. Big data is a term used to describe any voluminous amount of data that mat be anywhere from structured to unstructured and arrives from many sources and various different formats but [>]

Directory viruses

Every time a file needs to be accessed, it searches for the directory entry and the starting cluster, an index to the File Allocation Table or FAT. The location or paths to the computer's files will then be changed by the Directory Virus so that it can infect other files.

The advancement of software development

Programming advancement forms assume a critical part in the general programming improvement process; the product improvement technique likewise decides a product that is created by a set time and has a decent quality. The achievement and disappointment of the venture is likewise relies on the determination of certain kind of programming advancement demonstrate.

What the open source software is

Open source undertakings, items, or activities grasp and celebrate principles of open exchange, rapid prototyping, collaborative participation, transparency, meritocracy, and community oriented development Open source software is a software with source code that anybody can examine, change, and improve". Since open source code is publically accessible, students can without much of a stretch [>]

Mini case

The second alternative will have the C++ program running on the server, the client will use his or her browser to interact with the server.a. The first alternative will use the client-server application architecture.

A novel approach of reading analog multimeter based on computer vision

The reason behind this is the huge expenses required to upgrade the existing technology and to a certain extent the urge to protect legacy. Therefore, this paper intends to aid in automating the monitoring of these data values by reducing the human resource required to constantly monitor the change in the readings of [>]

Windows 7 vs. windows 8

Topic: Contrasting differences, resemblance and evaluation of two computer operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 8. As stated by Walton, Windows 8 continues to expand on the effectiveness of Windows 7, which has proven to be a fast and productive operating system, by showing a number of improvements compared to its precursor.

Comparative analysis of systems development life cycle approach against rapid application development

SDLC, also known as Systems Development Life Cycle is a detailed process used to build a high quality software based on client specification and includes a series of steps starting from planning of the project to the operation and maintenance of the software once it has been built. SDLC is appropriate to use [>]

Essay on payroll system

For the sake of all, we will display the detail to the company, and the employee also can check their information through the system According this payroll system, users can edit own profile, check their salary and working hour. The system provides the Payroll Administrator with the new employee id.1.2.1.

Benchmark testing of an it system

Benchmark is a set of standards, metrics or a point of reference, against which, the performance or the level of quality of a product or a service are assessed or evaluated.E.g. The performance of the application is as per the defined SLA's.

My motivation to pursue a ms program in computer science

With an urge to share my expertise in computer linguistics, I took up the position of Teaching Assistant in the course of Formal Language and Automata Theory. For this reason, I would like to delve deeper and further my studies in my area of interest by pursuing a Master's degree with a focus [>]

The materials that create immersive virtual reality experience

For instance, the outer part of the VR is the casing where serve as a housing for all the components. Furthermore, the material used to make the inner part of the VR must be soft to ensure the comfortability for the user for a longer session of usage.

The idea of virtual reality

The primary hints of the inspiration of virtual reality in the sense we hear today go back to the mid-1930s, with Stanley G. The last has distributed a story in which he talks expressly of a couple of glasses enabling the wearer to have the impression of being transported into a virtual world [>]

Theories/theorists in virtual reality

VPL Research was the first company to manufacture commercially available VR devices in the form of a DataGlove and Eyephone HMD. This was a new type of VR experience where, instead of using an HMD, a series of stereoscopic images were projected on the walls of a room to create the VR environment.

Scavenger hunt

What is the charge for Drop/Add? Where is the main campus of GMC located?

The role and benefits of good cyber security in a company’s marketing

Internet has become the point of contact and interaction between the clients and the company and creates the need to have good cyber security for clients. According to a marketing article published in the Harvard Business Review on good cyber security and good marketing, 89% of the clients expect the stores they shop [>]

How our big data can save lives with health data 

The expert embodied by Bale, one day, is dedicated to look in detail and compare the behavior of mortgages in the years before the real estate crisis in the United States. Another reason to think that big data with AI will be key in the medicine of the future.

The hand-in assignments

Program the linear programming formulation for the problem below and solve it with the use of POM. Individual Project problem A firm uses three machines in the manufacturing of three products: Each unit of product 1 requires three hours on machine 1, two hours on machine 2, and one hour on machine 3.

The dangers of various cyber attack methods and how to protect from them

Brute-force and dictionary attacks are cyberattacks where attackers attempt all possible passwords or use tools to crack a password to gain access to one's user account until the correct one is found. The amount of time needed for a brute-force attack to be successful depends on the length and combination used in a [>]

The impact of digital technology on young people

This is the final and most significant impact of digital technology among young aged people. This is the impact of digital technology on young people.

Cardano (ada) demand growing amid charles hoskinson next millionaire club vision

The dream of the founder is to see the ADA platform become the first trillion digital coins. He goes on to assert that: The Cardano teams is concentrating on improving the infrastructure with the aim of growing the coin's market capitalization and give Bitcoin and Ethereum a run for their money.

Innovative learning: implementation of mobile learning at school

There is a need to re-conceptualize learning for the mobile age, to recognize the essential role of mobility and communication in the process of learning. The school will save half the money of the current budget and use it to the needy children.

London jets

Please provide a brief interpretation for the RFM analysis assume you are the consultant to London Jets; how would you explain what the numbers in the pivot table mean.II. You are done assigning codes at the end of step 3, and are ready to create the RFM table.

Benefits of using geographic information systems

The gadgets of the data portrayal have been basic in democratizing data, logical, and in making the data open to the worker all through an affiliation. These geographic information works with the data that are used to address the various parts of land reality that are of various types and their territory on [>]

Breaking des (data encryption systems)

The mass of the DES obstruct is 64 bits which is also the same for the input dimension even though the 8 bits of the key are for the recognition of faults making the efficient DES input amount 56 bits. The result of repeated blocks of identical plaintext is the repeated blocks of [>]

Room thermostat and system controller

You are to design a circuit for a combined room thermostat and system controller for the domestic central heating system shown in figure 1, to be implemented in a Spartan 3E FPGA. The device will have buttons for the user to increase or decrease the temperature setting for the room.

Design of a quantum one way trapdoor function

A qubit can exist as the superposition of the quantum 0> and 1> states, which depict the ground and excited states of a single electron. The proposed algorithm presents a quantum one way trapdoor function for the generation of the pair of keys by rotationof qubits.

Windows server chapter 4

Cyclic Redundancy Check Disks that are formatted using the GUID Partitioning Table can hold larger volume sizes, and benefit from increased reliability provided by which feature? backplane A connection system that uses a printed circuit board instead of traditional cables to carry signals.basic disk A traditional Windows or DOS disk arrangement in which [>]

Researching information factors as the key drivers of enterprise development

These points of view include the implementation of the information systems, the critical contributing factors of the change of the information systems, the impacts of the information systems in organizations, and the comparisons between the various brands of the information systems besides their evolution over time since their inception. The introduction of the [>]

Net neutrality: a protection of the internet

The decision on the case sparked debate between those fighting for net neutrality and the companies who want to take advantage of the internet's popularity. For those fighting for the re-establishment of net neutrality, this is " the harbinger of dark times for our connected world" Since the internet plays a vital role [>]

Introduction to matlab critical analysis

It includes the MATLAB desktop and Command Window, a bid history, and browsers for sing aid, the workspace, files, and the hunt way. You can besides utilize MATLAB maps to execute most of the characteristics found in the desktop tools.

Android application for pet care

The admin module decides the cost of the consultation and the care, timing of the appointment and the quantity of the pet food. This android application is useful to the pet's owner to provides the basic care for their pets.

Embedded system

The benefit of loosen uping the premises is that more systems are schedulable and, more significantly, systems with a higher burden is schedulable.* Implementing Stochastic WCET and the least slack foremost scheduling algorithm in a real-time system simulator.* Experiments should be performed in order to look into by experimentation the benefits in footings [>]

The use of strategic information system for the assignment and management of the business organizations

Although a person who has taken a course in any specific field cannot be treated equally to a complete newcomer to that particular field it should still be highlighted that Carole in the presented case the experience of Carole in the field of bookkeeping has not been specified, in fact, the position for [>]

Prg 420 week 2 ind. assign

00, 0. 00, 0.

Programmable logic controller

8'9 dc21 96-49350 CIP Due to the nature of this publication and because of the different applications of programmable controllers, the readers or users and those responsible for applying the information herein contained must satisfy themselves to the acceptability of each application and the use of equipment therein mentioned. These early controllers met [>]

Photoshop cs5

Pantone, the copyright owner of color data and/or software which are licensed to Adobe Systems Incorporated to distribute for use only in combination with Adobe Photoshop. 1 2 " " 2010/5/5 PHOTOSHOP CS5 21 3 4 " ">" " " " " " " " " "? " " " " " [>]

What sorts of computer generated imagery can currently be done: case study 2d computer graphics

The image is often on the computer screen and the material used for drawing that is used in place of a pencil is the mouse or a tablet stylus. In ideal sense, the three dimensional graphics of the computer use what the artists call virtual graphics that help create reality installations of the [>]

Top-9 best browsers for android

Thus, the review of the best browsers for the Android platform included the most worthy representatives of software for web surfing, which are among the fastest and most functional, and also the most practical and versatile. 3 Not as widely known as the leaders of the rating, this browser for Android still deserves [>]

Security challenges for software defined network deployment

The main question at the time was that how would applications interact with the network in a world where owners could add new functionality to the control plane. 2017: In an article which was published yester-year, the author elaborates that SDN is a logically centralized technology and the scalability, especially of the control [>]