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Tin melting experiment – lab report example

Tin Melting Experiment 3-8-11 Group 6 Summary This experiment was conducted to identify the melting point of pure Tin. This experiment was conducted to determine the melting point of pure Tin from the Tin cooling curve.

Biochemistry questions

What is the amino acid sequence of the entire polypeptide? What is the amino acid sequence of the hepatitis?

The phenoplast fraction as a marker of oil quality

One among the needs of this text is to propose the phenoplast fraction responsible for the soundness and flavor of oil and endued with " pharmacological" properties as a further, valuable marker of oil quality. In line with the authors the formation of such compounds is thanks to a reaction between hydroxytyrosol and [>]

Advance chemical industries limited essay sample

History of ACI Consumer Brand: ACI Consumer Brands was initiated in 1995 with two major brands of the company ACI Aerosol and Savlon. The Consumer Brands believe this is the best way to benefit the consumers, people and the shareholders of ACI.

Sodium carbonate (na2co3) essay sample

The percentage of carbonate and bicarbonate of the same unknown soda ash sample was also determined in the experiment, following the same procedures and using the same titrant that is the standard HCl solution; however, this time, the researchers made use of a pH meter. 0912 M of HCl and on the second [>]

Separation of a dye mixture using chromatography essay sample

ABSTRACT: The Rf values of seven known color dyes and three unknown samples were observed in order to compare results and discover the hidden identities of the three samples. The less attraction there is between the solvent and the sample, the lower the dot will travel.

Critical review of dementia service user’s experience of care

In conclusion, the government acknowledges dementia as a growing problem and has put strategies in place to care for people with dementia. In order to address Jack's needs and that of other people with dementia the professionals need to adapt a person centred approach.

Hard water in chemistry

That is the amount of Calcium hydroxide required to neutralise 20ml of 0. Lastly, Calculate the concentration of Ca2: M = n V n = 0.

The effect of substrate on the rate of respiration on yeast essay sample

The height of the area filled with gas was measured, after thirty minutes the test tube containing the cofactor MgSO4 revealed the higher amount of carbon dioxide evolved, which is one of the products of cellular respiration. In the second experiment, Smith fermentation tube method was used to test " If the nature [>]

Volumetric vinegar analysis

Experiment 9 and 10: Volumetric/Vinegar Analysis Abstract: The goal of the experiment that was conducted was to figure out both the molar concentration of NaOH and the standard mole ratio of the NaOH solution. In experiment 10, the average molarity of NaOH that was found in experiment nine was used in order to [>]

The chemistry of organic molecules

These always react in the same way, regardless of what molecule they are a part of.2. The exact arrangement of a functional group in a molecule greatly influences and determines the chemical properties of the particular molecule.4.

Experiment 2: common-ion effect and buffers

DATA, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION In the first part of the experiment the experimenters used visual indicators and pH meter to know the pH of each solution. The experimenters dropped the indicators in the solution and the color of the solution immediately changes.

Maagang pagbubuntis essay sample

Although boron has a valence of 3 and its position in the periodic table would indicate a close relationship to aluminium, it is actually much more like carbon and silicon in chemical properties. Most extraordinary in their anomalous similarity to the compounds of silicon and carbon are the boron hydrides.

Example lab report

The technique of titration is used to observe the acid content of the fluid in a car battery.3. The volume of the base should be 0.

Standardization of naoh and determination of molarity essay sample

The molarity of sulphuric acid was determined to be 0. Conclusion The molarity of the Sulphuric Acid was determined to be 0.

Chemistre hw

Can Ammonia Support Life Introduction Hydrogen bonding is a type of force that forms a unique type of dipole-dipole attraction which occurs when a hydrogen atom bonded to a strongly electronegative atom exists in the vicinity of another electronegative atom with a lone pair of electrons. The Final Verdict Ammonia has a lot [>]

Types of chemical weathering essay sample

It alters the intrinsic properties such as chemical structure, composition and density of the minerals that the rock is made up of. A rock's susceptibility to Chemical Weathering depends on the stability of the minerals in it.

Investigatory project essay sample

The objective of the first part of the study was to find the best ratio of ink using carbon from used batteries and charcoal as pigments. The carbon paper was evaluated on the basis of clarity, neatness of the print and general acceptability.

Introduction of synthesis of zinc iodide – lab report example

The chemical equation below presents the synthesis of zinc iodide from its reactants in the presence of water: Zn + I2 ZnI2Eqn 1 The technique involved in this experiment is gravimetry, which is defined as the determination of the mass of substances involved in the reaction. In the experiment, surface absorption and post-precipitation [>]


Experiment: Experimentation is when we put our own hypothesis to testing to see if whether the hypothesis is supported by facts or not e.g.the law of gravity that everything is attracted towards the center of the earth by the force of gravity was supported at first by the apple falling from the tree [>]

Thin layer chromatography

The method used to separate the components was Thin Layer Chromatography with silica adsorbent as the stationary phase and 0. The results of the lab showed that the unknown tablet had an Rf value of 0.

Catalytic converters essay sample

As catalytic converters make the cost of producing cars go up, they are not in favour of catalytic converters. They would not have wanted the catalytic converters to have been invented, or improved, and they certainly would not have wanted the law introduced that said that a new vehicle must have a catalytic [>]

Radioactive decay essay sample

Therefore, the atom will become an atom of the succeeding higher element in the periodic table as demonstrated by the following reaction: While alpha and beta decay may constitute the breaking apart of atoms, they are not the same as nuclear fission. Nuclear chemistry is also one of the key sources of free [>]

Nuclear fission and fusion essay sample

The production of small amounts of hydrogen and helium nuclei makes it possible for the star to synthesise most of the elements in the first three periods of the Periodic table. Below is an example of a fusion reaction: Excess energy is released from the fusion reaction because of the lower binding energy [>]

Photsynthesis using dcpip

We did not test the rate of respiration of the juniper needles in the absence of light because we assumed that the rate of respiration was constant for each sample of juniper needles. Two of the three trials in the red light were negative values, reflecting a decrease in the concentration of CO2.

Cellular energetics study guide

NAD+ - oxidizes glucose to 2 pyruvate in glycolysis, oxidizes pyruvate to CO2 in the Kreb's cycle 2. PGA is reduced to PGAL using the products of the light dependent reaction, NADPH and ATP 9.

Chemistry: functional group and different types

Compare and contrast different types of nuclear decay and the properties of the three types of radiation discussed in the lesson. Compare and contrast fission and fusion in terms of the type of reactants, safety, reaction conditions, and products produced.


POTASSIUM Potassium Potassium element plays a pivotal role in the body and plant systems. History of the discovery of potassium and sodium.

Tea flavonoids (phytochemistry) essay sample

The Tea Council released studies that proved the efficacy of tea in the diet. The Structure and Distribution of the Flavonoids in Plants.

Why you should switch to natural dish soap

Lots of people believe the soap they wash their dishes with is safe, when in fact they are filled with toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health and the ecosystem. It is understood to cause stomach pain if ingested, and could damage the skin as well as eyes if contact occurs.

Potential harm from halon

Inhalation of vapors of this product may also affect the cardiovascular and central nervous system and in extreme cases may even cause death. If Halon comes in contact with the liquid of this product, it will cause frostbite to the eyes.

Biology lab report of osmosis essay sample

From the graph it can be inferred that the there is a negatively linear relation between the concentration of the solution and the percentage change in length of the potato cylinders. This indicates that as the concentration of the solution increases the osmosis in the potato cells decreases.

Negative effects of chemicals in commercial powdered-pigment for paint

80% children and individuals who uses materials that is oblivious of the risks and labels is dominant that counts around 80% than the individual who is fully attentive about the materials that they are using. In fact, one of the toxics that can be found in an inorganic pigment is called white lead [>]

Spectroscopic study of cu(ii) complexes: crystal field theory essay sample

These colors are due to the absorption and subsequent emission of light in the visible part of the spectrum. The Broken line represents the spectrum of TiCl63-, with a maximum at 13, 000 cm-1 The size of E is most readily measured spectrochemically by observing the energy of the electronic transitions between the [>]


Configuration b), Sp2 hybridized, electrons in the lone pair are pi-electrons, All atoms are sp2 hybridized, molecule is planar and conjugated, number of pi-electrons is 6, so it is aromatic. 3) N possible configurations: a), b) Configuration b), Sp2 hybridized, electrons in the lone pair are pi-electrons, All atoms are sp2 hybridized, molecule [>]

Chemistry notes

Mass of the particles The lower the mass of its particles the faster a gas will diffuse. The solution is heated so that the liquid evaporates and the solid remains in the bottom of the evaporating dish.4.

Nuclear power: pros and cons

Uranium is the major nuclear fuel used to generate the energy and the reaction takes places in a nuclear reactor. Use of nuclear energy increases the possibility of developing weapons of mass destruction on one hand and it reduces the impacts of climate change on the other.

Percent mass of copper in a penny

Percent Mass of Copper in a Penny Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine the percent mass of Cu in a penny and see if the fabricator that makes the planchets for the government is using the correct amounts of Cu in the pennies. A calibration curve was formed for this [>]

User guide and definition of ph, and ise meters

The pH-responsive terminal is for the most part glass, and the reference is ordinarily a mercury mercurous chloride cathode, regardless of the way that a silver silver chloride anode is all over used. A pH meter abuses this and works like a voltmeter: it evaluates the voltage made by the plan whose causticity [>]

Resorting balance

In the forward direction, reactants interact to make products, while in the reverse direction the products revert back to reactants. A system is said to reach chemical equilibrium when the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction.

Vitamin c face lotion

It is also known as 2-PHENOXYETHANOL and its utilized in the production of care products, mostly for dermatological purposes, that is, skin care. There are a number of claims and rumors surrounding this compound ingredient, for example, according to the Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, the phenoxyethanol compound affected brain and nervous [>]

Experiment report on the oxidation reaction of benzoin to benzil through thin layer chromatography

Finally, the acidic hydrogen was taken up by the water and the chloride ion was kicked off when reforming the carbonyl group leaving the benzil product. When the reaction started there was about a 10% intensity of the benzil product showing compared to the benzoin spot and at the 15-minute plate the intensities [>]

Low carbon emission family hatchback development engineering essay

For acquiring higher driving range the size of the batteries will hold to be increased and finally the weight besides increases. Hence, proper power direction and distribution system will be adopted in order to run into the demands of our vehicle constituents.

Chemistry of cancer

If the cancer is located in one of the bronchi it can irritate the lining of the bronchus and cause a chronic cough. The idea behind surgery for treatment of cancer patients is to remove all malignant cells and tumors.

Colligative properties – freezing-point depression and molar mass essay sample

The law states that the freezing point and boiling point of a solution differ from those of the pure solvent by amounts that are directly proportional to the molar concentration of the solute. Calculate the average of the freezing point of the solution from the two trials.


With an experiment, the scientist is trying to learn something new about the world, or explanation of why something happens. The scientist conduct multiple trials of this experiment to make sure all.

Developing a model airbag

The more effective design of the model played a significant role in the large production of CA gas; because Model 1 exceeded the mass limit, we used materials with smaller masses when we developed Model 2. In order to generate a more efficient separation mechanism, we placed the sodium bicarbonate in the pocket [>]

Of purpose

I believe the University of has the resources I need, right from a dedicated faculty to a vibrant student community. I also believe that I will not only be gaining from the university but will also be a worthwhile and useful addition to the student community.

Hazards of carbon dioxide fire suppression system

For carbon dioxide to be effective as a total flooding fire suppressant, a minimum design of 34% concentration is needed. However, laboratory testing and simulation of carbon dioxide fire suppressant use indicate that concentrations greater than 17% results to loss of controlled and purposeful activity, convulsions, unconsciousness, coma and even death within 1 [>]

Development of the periodic table

Development of the periodic table z The elements in the periodic table have been arranged in the order of the number of protons The next significant stage in the development of the periodic table was discovered by came from John Newlands. He put the elements in order of the relative atomic mass however [>]

Measurement of the turbidity of raw water and study the effects of coagulation and flocculation – lab report example

Measurement of the Turbidity of Raw Water and Study the Effects of Coagulation and Flocculation Explain the difference between coagulation and flocculation processes. Introduction of the salts in waste water results, in the formation of Ions.


Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Formaldehyde has negative effects to the liver, the immune system, the respiratory system and many other organs in the body. The toxic effects of formaldehyde and formalin.

Anderson kuo

Carbon Carbon compounds cannot react with Lewis bases to form two additional covalent bonds b/c of the small atomic size of carbon and because there are no d orbitals on carbon to accommodate the extra electrons Occurs in the earth's crust mainly in two allotropic forms graphite and diamond Carbon dioxide is a [>]

Infrared spectroscopy structural determination – lab report example

Infrared spectroscopy structural determination Infrared spectroscopy is the spectroscopy that ideally, handles the infrared zone of the electromagnetic spectrum, which usually comprises of light that has lengthy wavelengths and generally has very short frequencies. The path length determines the can be used to determine the concentration of the compound under investigation.

Factors affect the rate of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide essay sample

Therefore the lower the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the lower the rate that hydrogen peroxide and manganese oxide decompose. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 8.6 9.2 8.9 7.2 7.1 7.2 4.5 4.5 4.5 2.5 2.6 2.

Introduction ((((fluoride in tea sample))

This experiment aims to demonstrate the use of fluoride ion selective electrode in the determination of fluoride concentration. Brewing time was found to also affect the concentration of fluoride in tea infusions.

Chemistry of hazardous materials

Sierra Chemical Company High Explosives Accident in January 1998 Teacher Sierra Chemical Company High Explosives Accident in January 1998 The Incident and the Materials Involved The Sierra Chemical Company High Explosives Accident occurred in Mustang, Nevada on Jan. Chemical Interactions of the Materials Involved The interaction of chemicals involved mainly the solidification of [>]

Quantitative glucose test essay sample

Finally when all of the results of the controls were recorded the test was repeated on the samples A, B and C and compared to that of the controls to obtain how much sugar was present within the samples. The time taken for the loss of colour from a standardised solution of permanganate [>]

Rateofdecompositionofhydrogenperoxide – lab report example

Lab report: Rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide was studied. This can be attributed to the fact that the rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and the removal of its by-products was efficient therefore the reaction mixture maintained a constant reaction rate Figure 2 The plot of [H2O2] [>]


The effective nuclear charge is a.equal to the suns of the charges of the protons in the nucleus b.equal to the suns of the charges of the protons in the nucleus minus the sum of the electrons in the Outer shell c.lest than tire sum of the charges of the protons in the [>]


Titration is the process of measuring the exact volume of a solution of known concentration that is required to react completely with a measured volume of a solution of unknown concentration or a known mass of unknown solid. Standardization is a laboratory process in which the exact concentration of a solution is obtained [>]

Priscilla omai

Emphysema is a lung disease, a kind of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in which a person's ability to breathe easily and deeply is steadily weakened over time by the destruction of lung tissue. When breathing occurs, the air travels from the nose and mouth through the windpipe and then into the right and [>]

Acetic acid: molecular formula and molecular weight

Also known as: ethanoic acid, Glacial acetic acid, Ethylic acid, Vinegar acid, Acetic acid, glacial, Methanecarboxylic acid, Acetasol, Essigsaeure Molecular Formula: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight: 60. 05196 Acetic acid is a weak acid which is probably most famous for being the primary acid in vinegar.

Physio ex 10

The amount of carbon dioxide in the blood is measured in You correctly answered: Hg.4. Your answer: THE NORMAL RANGE FOR pH IN THE BLOOD IS 7.

Hand sanitiser

Lab Management Assignment Hand Sanitizer 2012 xxx [Pick the date] HAND SANITISER * * A hand sanitizer or hand antiseptic is a supplement or alternative to hand washing with soap and water.* Various preparations are available, including gel, foam, and liquid solutions.* The active ingredient in hand sanitizers may be isopropanol, ethanol, n-propanol, [>]

Biochemistry of photosynthesis

The energy absorbed is used for photolysis.- Photolysis of water o The light energy absorbed split H2O molecules into H+ ions and O2 2H2O H+ ions is accepted by NADP to form NADPH2 - NADPH2 acts as a reducing agent by donating H+ ions in Calvin Cycle.- Generation of ATP o The light [>]

Introduction multi-step synthesis lab report

The production of the desired product requires the development of an elaborate and efficient syntheses scheme. The success of a multistep synthesis, first and foremost requires construction of a carbon skeleton or structure of the desired product.

Hydraulic conductivity as source of error – lab report example

The value of " k" as measured in the laboratory may be some orders of scale less than real large-scale field values. As a consequence, the field scale hydraulic conductivity is necessary to be measured in situ employing field methods like the sealed double-ring infiltrometer.

Interactions of hazardous materials

In this case, I will use the sand and soil to cover the chemical to prevent any reaction between the chemical and the air that can lead to fire outbreak. Moreover, to prevent chemical reaction in the scene, I will also ensure that, the spraying activity in the nearby large irrigation field is [>]

Chemistry subject

Answer: Dry ice 30- Classify either as chemical or physical change a- The burning of butane in a lighter Answer: Chemical b- The freezing of water Answer: Physical c- The bending of a copper rod Answer: Physical d- The fading of a brightly colored cloth upon excessive exposure to sunlight Answer: Chemical 34- [>]

Introduction chemical explosive while newer ones use a

Newton's Law and AirbagsWhen a car crash happens, The car will decelerate very quickly within the car's steering wheel and dashboard, there will be an crash sensor that will detect the change of speed within the car. If there was not something stopping the impact the driver will hit the steering wheel while [>]

Determination of the relative proportions of caffeine and aspirin in proprietary analgesics by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms)

Missing capacity control by statistics LINEARITY OF CALIBRATION GRAPH A plot of peak area/peak height vs.concentration gives a straight line graph described by the equation y = mx +c Where y is the response of the instrument X is the concentration M is the slope C is the constant From graph of peak [>]

Testing for macromolecules essay sample

By observing the table above, we could see that Benedict's test was for reducing sugars, iodine test was for the presence of starch, filter paper was for the presence of fatty acids, and the Biuret test was for amino groups present in proteins. Benedict's solution was used to test for the presence of [>]

Common household chemicals found in cells

These also act as a protective layer around the cell to prevent abnormal activities like extra water coming in and out. Nucleic acids found in the cell are responsible for the storage and transmission of genetic information and for using that information to initiate protein synthesis.

Examine the reasons why some sociologists choose not to use experiments when conducting research

Field experiments are an experiment carried out in a ' natural' setting; that is, unlike in the case of laboratory experiments, the setting is not created by the researcher. So sociologists will usually avoid experiments because of the practical, ethical and theoretical issues.

Scaling stages

For the crystallisation scaling process, it is the diffusion of ions to the outside surface and for particulate scaling, it is in actuality the diffusion of colloids or particulate matter to the surface. Removal from the surface: In between the process of the steady growth of the deposit upon the surface, there is [>]

Climate change and carbon reduction environmental sciences essay

There is an ongoing demand to analyze and measure the procedure of C direction in the higher instruction sector and to suggest a clear route map for a strategic attack to better C direction. To analyze the current province and effectivity of C direction within the higher instruction sector establishments.

Sources of arsenic in soil

A variety of As compounds, each organic and inorganic, square measure introduced into the setting through earth science and anthropogenic sources.little amounts of As conjointly enter the soil and water through numerous biological sources that square measure wealthy in As. Though the anthropogenic supply of As contamination is progressively turning into vital, it [>]

Multistep synthesis of benzilic acid

With the literature melting-point value of benzil being 95oC, the product was deemed of pure enough quality to be used in the preparation of Benzilic acid. The product was then transferred into a flask containing 3mL of water at 70oC and then stirred.

Nucleophilic substitution essay sample

Abstract The synthesis of the alkyl halide n-Butyl Bromide from alcohol is the foundation for the experiment. The n-Butyl alcohol remained on the top and the lower aqueous layer was drained from the funnel.

Introduction for lab report iron in soil and coal

Introduction for lab report " Iron in Soil and Coal" Iron in Soil and Coal For the soil to achieve good plant growth, theanalysis of the general soil condition is essential in order to treat the soils for optimum results. The iron in the soil appears in form of precipitate after the absorption [>]

The silicon rubber review

The method followed for the preparation of hybrids were given in the supporting information. 5 mm was used for the dielectric measurement.

Quantification of reducing sugar in wine – lab report example

Quantification of reducing sugar in wine A= the amount in ml of sodium thiosulfate to titrate H2O blank = 28ml B = the amount in ml of sodium thiosulfate to titrate wine sample = 21. Lactose is a non-reducing sugar and the Gold Coast test is used to measure the content of reducing [>]

Nanotechnology and organic chemistry

Physical properties such as electrical, mechanical and optical properties of the system are also known to change when the size is altered and a good example is the increase in surface area to the volume ration that does eventually alter the thermal, mechanical and the catalytic properties of the material. It is from [>]

Nuclear energy and comparative risks

This does not affect the workforce only, but the neighboring inhabitance and extending to unprotected regions where the waves may leak and inhabit the place rendering it unproductive. This is because its negative impacts are worse and long-term compared to the benefits.

The iodine clock reaction

Determining the rate constant and the rate law for the iodine-clock reaction: We know [S2O82-] and [I-], because we know initial volume and concentration of each solution and the final volume for each solution, e.g for [S2O82-] in trial 1: [S2O82-] = / = 0. 1 [ S O2 ' ] d [ [>]

Cook composites and polymer essay sample

However, after recent exposure to a programme called the " By-Product Synergy", CCP discovered that rinse styrene could be utilized to create a good quality concrete coating which can be sold in the infrastructure resurfacing product market, earning CCP a tidy profit. An appropriate solution that Gromacki can consider would be to create [>]

Yeast fermentation lab report essay sample

The independent variable is the concentration of the substrate, and the dependent variable is the one will be measured, which is the volume of gas. 9) 10 mL of sugar was added to the solution and the balloon was quickly placed over the opening of the bottle to minimize the loss of any [>]

Alternative energy or carbon sequestration

It is estimated that there is a lot of carbon in the soil compared to the environment and due to which the concept of carbon sequestration seems validated when it transfuses carbon deep in the soil. For this world to have an alternative it is better first to focus on an alternate form [>]

Chemistry of bath bombs essay sample

Every Water temperature before the experiment started was 21 degrees, the average time for the rate of reaction was 10 seconds, The hypothesis we will need 5g of bi-carb and 3 grams of citric acid to create the perfect bath bomb was correct. Overall the experiment was a success as we found the [>]

Biochemistry of nutrition

Cellular Responses to DNA Damage: The cellular responses to DNA damage involve three mechanisms, namely; reversal of DNA damage, excision of DNA damage and tolerance to DNA damage. The reversal of DNA damage through photoreactivation is a mechanism that involves the repair of photoproducts.

Extraction of trimyristin

After most of the product was filtered an additional 2 mL of TBME was added to the RB flask to wash any remaining product from the nutmeg powder, the additional product was then filtered and added to the previously obtained product. Melting point tests of the purified trimyristin was determined to be between [>]