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How major minerals differentiate from trace minerals

The bioavailability of a mineral is referred to a step of the proportion of the sum in a diet that is absorbed and utilized for normal organic structure map. The concentration of the minerals in and out of the cells drives the H2O in and out of the cells.

Industrial waste water treatment

Industrial Waste water Treatment Industrial Waste water Treatment Industrial water is different from the sewage waste water and the sea water and thus requires special processes to be treated for the use in the environment or for the drinking purposes. The industrial waste water treatment process include the oil skimming process, treatment of [>]

Host resistance and immunity

Comparison and contrast of the roles of E-coli and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in their ecological niche Both Escherichia- coli and Mycobacterium tuberculosis can survive in hostile environments due to their adaptations to their environment. The high levels of cAMP generate it's own series of troubles, for instance, with the purpose of the key bacterial [>]

Ponds aquatic ecosystem

Ideally, the presence of standing water characterizes ponds as well as the wetlands around the pond. The wetlands provide the site for the growth of algae which in turn acts as food for the insects and minnows that live in this ecosystem.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals essay

For instance, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is involved with voluntary movement of the muscles; and dopamine is released for voluntary movement and emotional arousal. The importance of knowledge when dealing with the biology of neurotransmitters is substantial.


Since the invention of the 2-Dimentional Gel Electrophoresis in the 1970s, which is considered to be the stepping stone of modern day protein studies, scientists have been constantly striving to develop new and potent methods to study proteomics. The first 2-D separation which was carried out by using the electrophoresis buffer and starch [>]

Epidemiology or pathogenecity of mybacterium tubrtculosis

In his opinion, severity of disease and duration of exposure to the infected person are also the variables that determine the chances of infection. Epidemiology of mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Wiper evolution

Wiper's move intotechnologybegan in 1989 when General Electric entered into a Joint venture with Wiper, Wiper GE Medical Systems, to make and sell GE ultrasound scanners under license in India. Today, Wiper executives -credit much of their success in the international market to the hard lessons it learned about efficiency as a GE [>]

Analysis of soot formation during asphaltene gasification biology essay

The flow of fuel and the gasification agent in fixed bed is usually counter current. 5-5mm are suspended in a bed of coal ash, sand and other material and the bed is fluidized by gas flow.

Zoology. mitosis and biglight phases of embryological development

Metaphase takes place when the chromosomes are situated in the center of the cell prior to splitting into the two daughter cell sets. The last phase, telophase, is when the stages and effects of prophase and prometaphase are reversed within the eukaryotic cell.

Stem cell biology and its complications by gina kolata

An article by Gina Kolata in New York Times in 2010 demonstrates that the debates around stem cell research have taken a new turn with the possibility of using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells instead of extracting stem cells from human embryos. The major ethical debate in the use of stem cells is that [>]

The use of drugs for nontherapeutic effect biology essay

Physical abstinence syndrome: This is when a drug has been administered repeatedly and stopping the drug leads to unpleasant effect such that the individual taking the drug tries to stop this effect by self-administration of the drug. ETHANOLOccurs in the liverAcetic acid is not formed and this leads to accumulation of acetaldehyde.

Bacteria morphology essay sample

With the specimen being directly stained, I was able to make out borders of the bacteria and the shapes were more easily identifiable. What were the differences?

Glutathione function, pathology, and supplementation

In fact, the ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione within cells is often used as a measure of cellular toxicity. The preferred treatment for an overdose of this painkiller is the administration of N-acetyl-L-cysteine participates in leukotriene synthesis and is a cofactor for the enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

Sources of heavy metal and the effects of heavy metal pollution on microorganisms

Metals are the important constituents of the earth's crust and constitute about 75% of the known elements. Heavy metals are naturally present in the environment but various natural activities such as weathering and volcanic eruptions, metal corrosion and atmospheric deposition, soil erosion of metal ions and leaching of heavy metals, metal evaporation from [>]

Eugenics: the artificial selection

Eugenics was seen as a means to resolve the combined problems because it located the cause in the flawed germ cells within the embryo of individuals of certain ethnic groups instead of focusing on the structure of society. Other predispositions that were deemed inherited were alcoholism and sexual immorality, which was a notion [>]

Assignment example

It also talks about the pathophysiology of these alterations. The chapter then tells means of controlling and treating these alterations.

Representation of lamb waves in the time frequency biology essay

A Hanning sine pulse was used as the excitation signal expressed via the equation:where A= 1 MPa is the amplitude of the excitation, f0 is the central angular frequency and n0 is the number of the sinusoidal cycles in the pulse. In the first case, the original material properties and the nonhomogeneous geometries [>]

Definition of marine biology

While working in the field some Marine Biologists travel to coral reefs in tropical seas and ocean waters in cooler climates having to work a The earnings of a Marine Biologist are complicated. These are only a few of the advantages and disadvantages in the field of Marine Biology.

Red blood cells cytoskeleton

The membrane of a red blood cell is a lipid bilayer with transmembrane proteins and a myriad of filamentous proteins along the whole membrane. Stokes, David." Architecture of the Cytoskeleton in Red Blood Cells".

Henipaviruses at the interface between bats, livestock and human population in africa

Generally, they roost in urban settlements and feed in close proximity to human and livestock populations thereby increasing the possibility of disease agents such as henipaviruses to cross species barriers and infect new hosts, resulting in putatively harmful or even fatal disease outbreaks. It is therefore important to continue the screening for such [>]

Area under sugarcane plantation in mauritius biology essay

Part of the trash is separated from the cane and left in the field and the rest of the trash is transported with the cane to the mill where the trash separation is executed by a Dry Cleaning Station. 1: Process consideration of the different alternatives Alternative 1Trash necessary for agronomic purposes is [>]

Gastric cancer cells with stemness properties biology essay

The responses of CD44+ gastric cancer stem-like cells to chemoradiation and the role it played in cancer invasion are not well understood. Harvested the cells when they were sub-confluent and adjust the concentration of the cell suspension to be inoculated to 5 104/ml and 5 106/ml in PBS.

Apple vinegar reduces blood glucose biology essay

The results indicate a prolonged action in reduction of blood glucose by apple vinegar and the mode of action of the active compounds of apple vinegar is probably mediated through enhance secretion of insulin from the -cells of Langerhans or through extrapancreatic mechanism. The present study clearly indicated a significant antidiabetic activity with [>]

Biology phylum notes

98, 558 Inside the familiar is the capsules followed by the cell wall distinguish eukaryote from prokaryote. Chemo towards light Know structure and basic functions of the prokaryote.A.

Biology in everyday life

By increasing the stiffness of the hydrogel microwells in the assays, satellite cells can be maintained in culture for up to one week and successfully engraft back into mouse muscle. Stem cells hold the potential to become part of powerful medical treatments and therapies, but only if we understand how we are changing [>]

The effectiveness of speech therapy in aphasia treatment

The other test assessed the aphasia by measuring comprehension, fluency, repetition and naming The outcome of this test is the aphasia coefficient. The results of this trial displayed that early speech and language therapy in the form of a LET program does not affect the degree to which aphasia affects a person after [>]

Free essay on genetic technology

Genetic Technology has a strong background from biology; use of a biological system in manipulation genes and using the resultant product to problems involve basic principles of biology. Study of genetics and molecular biology in biology helps one to understand the concepts of genetic technology.

The protein tyrosine phosphorylation biology essay

The Protein Tyrosine Kinases and Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases play opposite roles in tightregulation of protein phosphorylation in the cells. Therefore, the expression of PTPBR7 S2 and S3 constructs was performed in 293Scells.

Correcting sickle cell disease using stem cells

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disease caused by the expression of hemoglobin S gene rather than that of hemoglobin A, producing crescent red blood cells instead of the normal concave RBCs. The abnormal shape prevents the proper transport of oxygen from the lungs to the other tissues of the body, and causes [>]


Jaws Case Study Question The relationship between sarcomere and the tension generated by a muscle is that the sarcomere the amount of tensions a fibre produces is dependent on the length of the fibre. Question 5 Both the new literature cited and the course work books agree that C.pygmaea and C.jacchus are able [>]

Cloning the css1 gene

The shape formation and maintenance of the cell during continuous remodeling that occurs in response to extracellular cues triggering shape changes is checked by the cell membrane. The hypothetical protein of S.cerevisiae which is coded in YER019w; now referred to as ISC1A and which is 37% identical to Css1p is exposed by the [>]

Dna fingerprinting essay sample

Measure the distance from the bottom of the well to the center of each DNA band and record your numbers in the table below. The data in the table will be used to construct a standard curve and to estimate the sizes of the crime scene and suspect restriction fragments.

Molecular genetics: dna translation

When the process of translation is completed, the slender RNA strand carries generic information through the nucleopore complex, the gatekeeper of traffic in and out of the cell nucleus. Once the chain is formed, it moves out of the ribosome to a barrel-shaped machine that helps in folding the chain to the precised [>]

Enzymes are biological catalysts biology essay

The enzymes have been used for the last 50 years but their use in animal feeds has received more attention in the last 20 year, s Enzymes, even in small quantities, can initiate or accelerate the rate of chemical reactions that transform dietary substrates into products of biological significance for broiler growth and [>]


Once a pathogen, in this case the virus attacks the human, the body reacts through adaptive immunity whereby it is able to identify the virus in case of re-infection and immediately produces antibodies that starts to attack the virus to destroy or kill it. As a conclusion, we are not doing enough to [>]


The problem is managed through inhibitory control, which prevents the processing and creation of irrelevant information in the brain that could affect achievement of behavioral activities. The assumptionis that, if a person has a severe disease like PKU, there would have to be some alteration in some of the chemicals handled in the [>]

Pharmacology course work

Parkinson's disease is characterized by profound and selective loss of nigrostriatal dopaminergic neuronal pathway 2 marks 16.a) Name two of the five main types of anxiety disorder. The glutamate NMDA receptor is the target of memantine, a drug used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Report on psychological adolescence

Some of the physical changes are development of breast and growth of pubic hair, while in boys pubic hair develops first, then enlargement of penis, under arm hair starts to grow and change in voice. The virginal, ovary, and the uterus develop in size while there is an increment in production of sex [>]

The internet: today’s evolution or tomorrow’s menace

The dilemma at our hand is that people do not acknowledge the fact that even though the Internet might help with our coffee in the morning to flying across the Atlantic, the Internet is also the main contributor to social and personal chaos and society's demise. The Internet is not a safe place [>]

Drug addiction and behavioural sensitization biology essay

Thus, a better understanding of the mechanisms that predispose individuals to the environmental factors associated with drug-taking behaviour and the systems that translate the response to environmental stimuli into long-lasting cellular memories in the brain are fundamental to unlocking the neurobiological changes that are implicated in drug addiction. It has been found that [>]

The skeletal system of a human

Bones are not the only important part of the skeletal system; the other important feature is the joints. Joints connect two bones and allow the body to rotate or flex around those joints.

Directions: answer the following questions in one sentence, unless otherwise noted movie review example

Its means that race is just a name given to identify people of a specific ethnic background, and it defines how people from a specific ethnic background are viewed by other groups or people in the society.- What does it mean to say that race is an essence? Race is an essence for [>]

The problems of bioethics

Because technology has provide humans so many benefits in every aspect of life but along with these benefits it carries bundle of problems like social, economical, environmental, and most striking among them all is moral problems raised in the field of medical science especially and hence succeed to drag the attention of the [>]


Review The presentation provided a clear understanding of the topic, as the topic is covered in a concisely manner using adequate illustrated images with each step involved in the process discussed. The best part of the presentation is the overall sequential flow of information that provides the details of step-wise progression of the [>]

Informative essay on lupain ng taglamig

VILLAMAYOR GR & SEC: VI-MALINIS TEACHER: MR: PENIDA A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants with " cleaning properties in dilute solutions."[1] These substances are usually alkylbenzenesulfonates, afamilyof compounds that are similar to soap but are more soluble in hard water, because the polar sulfonate is less likely than the [>]

Mind muscle connection

Now, if we put this back into context, a bodybuilder would aim to develop/enhance their mind-muscle connection to further the efficiency of their muscle growth, as it has proven to be beneficial through the simple analytical awareness of the target muscle group and the overall objective, thus creating a synergistic harmonious benefit. In [>]

Dna methylation in lung cancer biology essay

Objective We aim to explore the DNA methylation difference between lung cancer samples and non-cancer lung samples, and to investigate the role of DNA methylation in the mechanism of lung cancer development. Park et al.investigate the significance of DNA methylation in SLC5A8 expression in lung cancer cell lines and tissues and conclude that [>]

Combined formulation of grape seed extract biology essay

1Department of Pharmacology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Manipal-576104, Karnataka The present study was carried out to evaluate the influence of combination of Grape seed extract and Zincovit tablets at the dose of 40 mg/kg, 80 mg/kg and 160 mg/kg on blood glucose level in normal and streptozocin induced diabetic rats. Hence a [>]

The generation of neuronal cell diversity biology essay

The role of specific miRNAs in the regulation of embryonic and adult neurogenesis, in particular in the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells is emerging. Number of studies in vertebrates reveals the role for miRNAs in the regulation of adult neurogenesis that is largely restricted to two major brain regions: subventricular zone [>]

Leopards and humans conflict in india

In a move to save their domestic animals, humans normally fight back the wild animals and in most cases; some of the leopards die, which is normally an inconvenience to the government because boosting tourism heavily depends upon these wild animals. Most of them normally keep domestic animals due to the abundance of [>]

Combined effect of fineness modulus biology essay

Results indicated that the combined effect of fineness modulus and grading zone were clear on the passing ability and little effect of grading zone on flow ability and viscosity of fresh SCC properties. The guiding principle behind self compacting concrete is that the sedimentation velocity of a particle is inversely proportional to the [>]

Methods and material report sample

The DNA sequence was blasted in the NCBI website using the following parameter; nucleotides blast to get similar genome data and identify the identity of the sequence and to download FASTA files for the sequences. In the diagram described above, the GO terms describe the function and biological process of the genome and [>]

The work of bacillus thuringiensis biology essay

The toxin will be activated inside the gut cell of the insect because it will bind the Bt into the pest's receptors and the insects will suffer to hunger and die. As the insects or pests progress to the Bt resistance, it hovers the achievement of GMO and Transgenic crops with the Bt [>]

The causes of the current aberrant weather patterns

Cutting down of trees reduces the capability of planet earth to process the surplus quantity of carbon dioxide in the environment. This excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere creates imbalance, which results to a change in the standard temperature of the atmosphere.

Connection journal about productivity

The chain of production is long and this journal explores all the steps involved in the production. In secondary production, the main source of energy is the heterotrophs.

Lemurs in madagascar: surviving on an island of change transcript

And they would found they are uniquely in Madagascar and on a couple of the adjacent islands of the Comoros group. That's what we are trying to understand is where are you when you get to the limits of even a ring-tailed lemur in terms of being able to adapt.

A solubility of sulfacetamide using surfactants biology essay

The aim of this product is to investigate the use of different types of surfactants on solubility of sulfacetamide. Anionic surfactants were found to be the most effective surfactants in improving solubility of sulfacetamide.

Comparison between performance of conventional and sloped solar chimney power plants

Therefore, building a solar chimney power plant with a floating chimney that attaching on the mountainside is a proposal to solve the issue of bad weather [23], some of experts proposed a floating solar chimney to avoid disadvantages in the conventional solar chimney power plant as an expensive construction cost, technological restrictions and [>]

Effects of six selected antibiotics on plant growth and soil microbial and enzymatic activities

What this study was trying to find out are the specific effects of sulfonamides, tetracyclines, tylosin, and trimthoprim on the soil and the plants that depend on it, especially when available data regarding it are scarce and inconsistent. This is because sorption coefficients of sulfonamides are very low in soil as compared to [>]

Freeze-induced cold injury in plants

Plants differ in their tolerance to chilling and freezing mutant with more saturated membranes showed a decreased quantum efficiency of photosystem II, chlorophyll content and the amount of chloroplast glycerolipids after prolonged exposure to low temperature. The freeze-induced production of reactive oxygen species contributes to membrane damage and intercellular ice produced during extreme [>]

Henrietta’s immortal cells

Henrietta's Immortal Cells If medical researchers were to list thetop 5 important events in biology in the last 100 years, He-La cells would feature in the list. Sadly, this same rate of cell proliferation killed Henrietta but the cells have lived on to become support pillars of biological researches." He-La are the first [>]

Human evolution and main features

The definition of evolution according to " Merriam-Webster", is " descent with modification from preexisting species: cumulative inherited change in a population of organisms through time leading to the appearance of new forms: the process by which new species or populations of living things develop from preexisting forms through successive generations". These qualities [>]

Caveolin protein

Since the caveolin serve as the caveolae coat protein, the caveolin is considered as a major element of the caveolae which represents as the foundation of the lipid rafts. Caveolin has a total of three variants known as the caveloin-1, caveolin-2, and caveolin-3.

Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of terrestrial plant and aquatic plant

Photosynthesis in Aquatic Plants and Land Plants Process of producingfoodwith light energy remains the same for both aquatic and terrestrial plants. Abundance of water: One of the three requirements of photosynthesis water is in a sufficient amount for aquatic plants as they are submerge in water.

Factors influencing physical human evolution

OCA2 is a mutation that melanin production in the iris of the eye and caused the eye color to become blue and not brown. A lot of people have different face and body structures which helps them adapt to their environment, for example the Eskimos have a small height and squat bodies with [>]

Perception and evaluation of risk and uncertainty

Agriculture has evolved since the early 1940s in order to provide enough food for various countries, but the need of taking great care of the environment has increased and rules and regulations have been made to protect the environment. This model is used for the evaluation of the effects of non target chemicals [>]

Taxonomy as part of science

But the one problem with this kind of classification is that each group needs to have a suffix that would denote its position in the hierarchy, which means that any re-classification of names or discovery of new species leads to a cascade-effect of renaming entire taxonomic groups. A solution to this dilemma lies [>]

The role of microbes in the our life

However, the nontoxic SN-38-G could be converted to SN-38 by the -glucuronidase of gut bacteria leading to the severe intestinal side effect of diarrhea. The underlying phenomenon behind this success is the augmentation of dendritic cell function leading to enhanced CD8+T cell priming and accumulation of the same in the tumour microenvironment.

Microbiology and experiments

They may also cause other body immune systems to react against the specific antigens and damage it. Finally, antibodies may cover pathogens and cause these pathogens to be gotten rid of by the macrophages and other body cells.

Clinical features associated with familial hypercholesterolemia biology essay

The high levels of cholesterol within the blood is caused by a lack of an Low density Lipoprotein receptor which ultimately remove lipoproteins from the blood and the lack of the Low density Lipoprotein receptor means cholesterol is not sufficiently removed from the blood. LDL receptors are mainly found in the liver on [>]


The observed photoreceptive properties of the explanted tissues indicate the role of unidentified photoreceptors in photic signal transduction of the clock. The purpose of the study is to investigate the expression of genes instrumental to the functioning of the biological clock.


The CO2 expands producing gaseous bubbles, which will make the yeast to rise and the same time causing the temperatures to increase. The effect that NaF had on CO2 production is that in tube 2, the glucose molecule disassembled completely in order to yield CO2 and H2O whereas in tube 4, NaF precipitates [>]

An index of manufacturing cr exposure biology essay

The finished Cr content in tannery air ) is rather elevated in analogy to ambient air ) but the number of Cr in inhalable particles, who were even extra obese, but not in the finished tannery populace in analogy to controls. G-banding of the sophistications, micronucleus assay and comet assay were utilized to [>]

Lean mass gainer

The word itself defines the type of physique the person is dreaming of: a lean yet a muscular one which is very easy to imagine but difficult to transform. Nutrifyt Products are 100% guaranteed for high quality and you can read the labels which includes a complete list of ingredients.

Biology unit 4 ip

Several of the constituents of the gaseous phase of smoking cause severe damage to the respiratory tract. Smoking causes emphysema, which damages the alveoli to the extent that the surface area for the aforementioned exchange of oxygen from the inhaled air and the carbon dioxide in the blood that has circulated through the [>]

The efficiency of chromium resistant bacteria in reduction of cr (vi) and cod in tannery wastewater

This study was conducted to investigate the efficiency of chromium resistant bacteria in reduction of Cr and COD in tannery wastewater. Previous study showed that a wide variety of chromium resistant bacteria resistant bacteria from tannery effluents and their application in the removal of hexavalent chromium and COD from wastewater.

Example of history and course number research paper

The most profound and famous work by Thomas Robert Malthus - " Essay on the Principle of Population" was published back in 1798, in which the author attempts to explain the question of social development not with the help of social conditions, but by using the " eternal" laws of nature instead. The [>]


The DNA structures that are connected to the development of metastasis are usually foreordained in the progenitor cells much earlier in several steps of tumorigenesis. Melanoma can be described as a cancer of cells that produce pigments and are found on the mucous membranes.

Non biodegradable wastes

At the office or at home, buy reams of paper packaged in paper and cardboard, not plastic. Buy in Bulk CalRecycle recommends buying items like cereals and grains in the largest available packages to reduce packaging waste.

Salivary amylase essay sample

The research only included the use of starch-agar as the medium to observe enzyme activity during the experiment. The study proved that the temperature is one of the factors that can affect the Enzymatic activity of human saliva, however when exposed to much higher than optimum temperature, will be denatured and the enzymatic [>]

Power point on the goblin shark , the retractable jaw, shape and colour of body as well as the electro-sensitive organs for finding prey

Slide This presentation is about the physiology and adaptations of the goblin shark, Mitsukurina owstoni, as well as its feeding habits, prey, and distribution patterns in the world's oceans. Slide 5 As seen from the distribution pattern, in yellow, these are the areas where sightings of the goblin shark are recorded from mostly [>]

Zoology article from nyt

During the mating process, the pedipalp that transfers the sperm from the male is broken off while in the female to form a plug. Later on in the day, the male spider seeks to mate with a second spider.

The environmental effects and limitations of drought on photosynthesis

Stomatal limitation of photosynthesis is a primary effect of drought and is followed by the adequate change of photosynthetic reactions. In tobacco, under drought stress decrease in Rubisco activity is due to presence of tight-binding inhibitors rather than the change in activation by CO2 and Mg2+.

Predictor filter used in analyzer of lpc systems biology essay

The main assumption of the LPC is we can predict nth sample in a sequence of speech samples and represent it by the weighted sum of the k previous samples of the target signal.where p indicates the order of the LPC. LPC digitally encodes the analog signals using a single or multi level [>]

Example of essay on persuasive draft: the need for siestas in the american workplace

Given the problems of workplace stress, lower productivity and the need to facilitate more beneficial sleep, invoking a mandatory Spanish-style siesta is the suggested solution to the problem of workplace stress and productivity. The aforementioned presence of sleep bulimia leads to greater amount of stress; Knudsen, Ducharme and Roman performed a study in [>]

Study of drosophila microrna functions using a collection of targeted knockout mutations

Although the overexpression of a majority of known Drosophila miRNAs under Act5c are known to be lethal, the inclusion of a ubiquitous promoter in this experimental design is nonetheless important: as their effects on CTPsyn in general is relatively unknown, small-scale activation of miRNA-expression as afforded by cell-specific drivers such as T155 and [>]

Wall function approaches using two equation model biology essay

The aim of the literature survey of this project is to study the wall function to an oscillating turbulent flow imposed on top of a steady through flow and analyse earlier works on wall function near the wall. In closing to this paper, UMIST " N is based on a local one-dimensional numerical [>]

The oldest manufactured products soap biology essay

To analyze the pH, the foaming capacity and the degree of cleanliness of the soap. The nature and the properties of the oils and fats used in the manufacture of soap will determine the properties of the soap and also the cost of production.

The approaches for synthesis nanomaterials biology essay

The prominence of nanotechnology is depended on the fact that properties of substances vividly change in physical, chemical and optical properties when their size is reduced to the nanometer range. The Top-down method is a process in which the bulk materials are reduces to the smaller particles while the Bottom-up method is a [>]

Mathematical modelling of random clustering particles biology essay

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the regulations for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biomedical Science DPPProject supervisor: Dr.W. In order to test Roachs theoretical model it will be necessary to generate a statistically significant number of randomly distributed laminae within this frame.[6] The number, N, of [>]

Characterization of the final conjugate materials biology essay

The strain of Corynebacteriumdiphtheriaethat is used to manufacture purified diphtheria toxoid. The production of purified diphtheria toxoid is performed following the WHO and general GMP requirements.

Investigation process of crime scenes biology essay

The analysis of the -keratin in hair using HATR FTIR provides robust method of identifying species of the origin of the hair samples among all the three species studied in current research. A Bruker Tansor 27 FTIR with a Miracle HATR Accessory was used for the present study and in developing a population [>]