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Square kilometer array telescope

On 25th may scientists in Africa launched a new radio telescope which is connected to the world's first optical telescope, now this telescope will help in understanding and studying the formation of the galaxy. Paul Groot from the Radboud University in the Netherlands said that they are listening and observing the sky at [>]

Radiation shield for deep-space travel inspiredby fiddler crab’s shell composition

Copying the com-posite structure of calcium-carbonate in a matrix of a glu-cose derivative polymer from the fiddler crab's shell couldbe the solution to shield against radiation. A very promising solution in this radiation problem could be foundin the structure and chemical composition of fiddler crabs.

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The importance to humanity of knowing about cosmos

Thus, the only reason why this would be happening is due to the expansion of the universe. Before you begin to scratch your head, it is actually not difficult to think of the universe as a flat landscape.

Mysterious cave on mars

I think that this is a significant accomplishment for such a determined group of youngsters. They were clearly led by a strong leader with strong knowledge in the area of photography and images and managed to accomplish this all on their own.

Non-eroding orbits of the inner planets and earths moon

Newton's law of gravitation states that the attraction of two objects to one another is the product of their masses divided by the square of the distance between their centers, or F = G. They are in perpetual free fall, but at such a distance from one another and the sun that their [>]

The possibility of living on mars

If we want to know that whether there is life past Earth then the fastest method to answer that inquiry is to investigate Mars. There is no rocket in presence that can take off from the Earth's surface and getaway its gravitational draw to achieve space conveying the heaviness of a huge shuttle, [>]

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Creating atmosphere

The analysis should take into account the problems and challenges of the faculty members, the fears and doubts of the students and the different aspects of administration of the school management. The diversity of students in the class room makes it more challenging for the faculty and the administration to create an atmosphere [>]

Everything four hydrogen atoms into one helium

The birth of this star can dwell by itself as a single star, surrounded itself with hundreds to thousands of stars in star clusters, or orbit around a shared force of gravity with another star in binary stars. The three main sizes of stars include, low mass stars, medium mass stars, and massive [>]

Why mercury, venus, and the moon do not have significant erosion

Of the three, liquid water is the most common agent of erosion because there's so much of it on the surface of the Earth.' Erosion actually represents the movement of materials on the surface of the planets. Erosion is directly related to the presence of the atmosphere.

Perception and societal factors

The solar system that Serenity takes place in is made up of central planets governed by " The Alliance", essentially THE government. The Alliance is the Role of Power.

Pluto as dwarf planet

For many years, Pluto was known to be the ninth planet of our Solar System, until last August 24, 2006, when the International Astronomical Union has set up three classes of substellar objects in the Solar System: planets, dwarf planets, and smaller Solar System bodies, categorizing it as a dwarf planet. By definition, [>]

The 12 astrological kinds of confidant and famous confidant personalities

They are very intelligent, and if they are lucky enough to have received good education, they will definitely make the most of it. Although they are very loving and protective of their family, they need to feel safe and unless they know they are everything to you they will not be satisfied.

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Satellites and their potentials in different areas

Satellites commonly are defined as man-made objects or instruments mounted in orbit to aid in data gathering for various uses like communications, mapping, disasters amongst others and usually, rotate around the earth as well as on supplementary planets. In conclusion, application of satellites in various duties such as surveillance, disaster management, GPS tracking, [>]

Kennedy’s new frontier

Kennedy in his inaugural speech in 1960 that revealed Presidents Kennedy's intention to create programs to aid in economic, International and social issues with a clear focus on key points such as Increasing the economy, creating international aid programs, adding to national defense, and the creation of a more ambitious space program. Internationally, [>]

The atmosphere and its layers

What are the characteristics of the major layers of the atmosphere? The four layers of the atmosphere are the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, and the troposphere.

Whom to meet and escort into space

Researchers have conducted surveys to the thoughts of where the people stand on the topic." The findings of the survey, conducted in 24 countries by research group Glocalities, showed that 47 percent of the survey's 26, 000 respondents believe " in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe". The high standard [>]

Outer space exploration

Since issues on earth are still in effect, people's fear of what is to come in the future prevent them from becoming aware of how exploring outside this world in space can actually benefit us all, and how important it is to our planet earth. With the paranoia already build up in our [>]

The concept of artificial gravity for the spaceship

According to Newton's second law, " The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force" so the centripetal acceleration is equal to the value of artificially created gravity. To calculate the value of [>]


The regions around the celestial south pole got some of their names when the astronomer Johan Bayer made his notes about the south regions of the sky. He followed the tradition of the names of the ancient, mainly connected to the sea and its creatures.

Solar system and planets essay

After going through these solar system and planets essay, you will know about the formation of solar system, when the planets were discovered, the dwarf planets, satellites and characteristics of individual planets etc. Sun is stationary and forms the centre of our solar system.

The wonders of planet earth

These forces are fuelled by three powerful sources of energy - heat from within the Earth, heat from the Sun, and the force of gravity. Every landform in the world has been shaped by these energy sources.'the continents that drift across the surface of the globe, setting off volcanoes and earthquakes and [>]

Handling, storing and disposing of materials

This should be kept in a sealed container with labels on it to show what it is. It should be disposed of as a hazardous waste in the correct waste container.

Impact of entertainment to the atmosphere environmental sciences essay

Furthermore, the corporal energy from the life rhythm of the phases, equipments, vehicles and other stuffs used during the festival might besides add to the C footmark of the event. A more effectual manner to manage this job is by retracing the event to be more environmentally friendly and to cut down the [>]

Scientific facts about space and its study

The two ways to excite an atom are through heat and the other is through light. A dark-line or absorption spectrum is the reciprocal of a bright-line spectrum; it is formed when white light comprising all frequencies transcends through a gas not hot sufficient to be radiant.

Heliocentrism & geocentrism

On the other hand, the geocentric model provided the earlier view that the Earth is in the center while, the Sun, the stars and other planets revolve around it. The theory laid the fundamental view that Earth is rock-solid and stationary.

Importance of space exploration

Space exploration is the discovery and exploration of outer space by means of spacetechnology.[1] Physical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights and by robotic spacecraft. When weighing the pros and cons of space exploration, it is all a matter of relativity.

Sonny be full of himself at times.

Throughout the memoir, Sonny and the restof the Rocketboys design, test, and build rockets. He supported the BCMA, and gave wordsof wisdom to Sonny and the boys.

Earth-like planets

The conclusion is the science community and research scientists have found earth-like planets and we humans are closer to finding extraterrestrial life in outer space. Times, a new earth like planet that could have a climate that supports life and water adds to the excitement.

Ozone layer

Ozone in the upper layer of the atmosphere protects the ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth surface on the other hand ozone in the lower layer of the earth surface causes respiratory problems in living organisms. Second, ozone warms the upper layer of the stratosphere, which is an important part of the mechanism [>]

Space exploration: price issue

Well instead of the American tax payer paving the path to space, we need to look to privatize space exploration. There are several different ways to get to space, but with the abilities private companies bring to the table, nothing else stands a chance.