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Kawelka: ongkas big moka

Ongka being a big man in the tribe of Kawelka decides to arrange for a Moka and this is intended to act as a payback to the neighboring tribe who had hosted it some years back. Cultural anthropology is also represented by the importance that the people of Kawelka tribe give to pigs.

Answering questions (anthropology)

Due to the historical context of subjugating other races, it allows the concept of racism to be looked at today through the use of genetics, including research that is trying to prove that one portion of the human race is superior to another based on phenotypic traits. These are prime examples of how [>]

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Examine sociological contributions to our understanding of youth culture

They say that we are able to manage the impression that other people have of us and that we are not just a product of the Agents of Socialisation. Lastly Feminists, structuralist and conflict theorists, also believe that we are taught Youth culture through the agents of socialisation.

The archival turn to carry out research

Rather than basing his argument on the fact that there is only one model of science that is best carried out in a reflexive, he prefers an interdependence and coexistence of two models of science that is positive and reflective. In addition to that archives are essential in any study because they bring [>]

“dynamic diversity: variety and variation within countries”

Using the Hofstede's and Hofstede and Hofstede ' the model', McSweeney argued its incapability to explain the diversity within the countries. Albeit the paper overview ' the model' falls in the discipline of anthropology, it outlines the three contexts1 where the rise of the model continues to persist.

Compare nacirema and voodoo

Like the authors of " Body Ritual Among the Nacirema and " Voodoo in Haiti , they hold quite different attitudes and views to these exotic cultures. The holy-mouth-man uses a variety of tool to enlarge the client's mouth and put magical materials into the holes.

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Socio intro

The etymological meaning of " sociology" is thus the science of society. Auguste Comete, the founding father of sociology, defines sociology as the science of social phenomena " subject to natural and invariable laws, the discovery of which is the object of investigation".

Primate infanticide

This essay aims to analyze the two hypothesis above, and establish that indeed the practice is as a result of the sexual behavior of primates. Whereas some anthropology scholars attribute primate infanticide to pathological behavior, it is important to remember that comprehensive research point out to the practice being a male reproductive strategy.

It has been said: there are, at the same time, one any many spain. discuss

The different people who have experienced the various eras of Spanish history have different experiences and practices, with the current young generation in Spain being the most powerful and an impetus to the rapid changes in the country. This portrays the sharp contrast between the first and second generations of the Spaniards in [>]

Industrialism is maladaptive

Industrialism is maladaptive When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines work, when the machines replaced human labours, both the human society and the environment faced gigantic changes and entered the industrial era When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines work, when the machines replaced human labours, both [>]

The puerto rican americans

The Puerto Ricans forms quite a significant number of the Hispanic Population in the United States where they have contributed to the development, defense and prosperity of the country since 1898. Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans.

How do we know what we know quiz

The media provides insight information on activities and way of living in different communities. The invasion of the white resulted in the change of life habits of Amueshas.

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Relationships between primates and their environments

Relationships between Primates and Their Environment Relationships between Primates and Their Environment Non-humanprimates are restricted in their normal habitats mainly to the subtropical and tropical regions of both Old and New Worlds. In order to explore the primate ecology, two primates have been selected and they are Gibbons and Orangutans.

Indigenous culture

Indigenous Culture The Naga people Introduction The Naga people are a perfect example of indigenous people with an indigenous culture. The Naga people have a distinctively structured society that follows a set of values thereby proving the uniqueness of their culture.

Anthropology and the state essay sample

In the earlier years, belonging to our ancestors, there seems to be a semblance of a state but this state is not the state that we know now. It would then be seen that the state is constituted of the people belonging to it.

Medical anthropology

By narrating his personal story, just as he so often narrates the problems of Haiti, Paul Farmer, a physician, anthropologist, and the author of ' Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor', displayed a corresponding between medical anthropology with that of the stories of his personal past. [>]

Ferris state university

To introduce the discipline of sociology and its key concepts 3. Quntitative and qualitative methods of sociological research Reading: Ritzer, Chapter 3: Researching the Social World TEST 2 WILL OCCUR AT THIS POINT IN THE COURSE.VII.

The mexican americans

The relationship between the Americans in Mexico and the Mexicans remained strained. The Mexican government attempts to reverse the migration trend failed, as they could not match wages and facilities to those offered in the United States of America.

Darwins theory of evolution

Darwin's dangerous idea is quite entertaining to watch but he has forgotten to examine living objects as he has examined the natural star, the moon and so on and so forth. The solar system is quite uniquely examined but the same theories have not been applied when it comes to examining living creatures [>]

Chapter 1- introduction: the scope of medical anthropology

Chapter 1- Introduction: the scope of medical anthropology - Medical anthro: - How people in diff cultures explain the causes of ill health, types of treatment they believe in and whom they turn to when ill - Anthropology - " The study of man 1) Physical Anthropology - Human biology - Study of [>]

Anthropological analysis and conceptual synthesis

The article also explores the various difficulties the male saints had to go through in order to protect their identity, regardless of the norms of the society. The theme of male dominance is further shown by the linearity of mobility and recreation in which are based on social hierarchies.

An310 cultural anthropology 5

Technology and Family Technology has greatly contributed to our lives and one of the greatest additions that have revolutionized our living is the communication. I personally believe that technology has changed the structure of family and family life.

Study guide

He was the focal point of the blues society culture thus providing a connection between the then blues and this of the 20th century. During the period of 1920, Josh White was considered the most popular blue stars and could not even be compared to Robert Johnson.

Macaque primates

According to information from Georgia State University's Viral Immunology Center, the Macaques live in various habitats all across the globe and many of them are used in the research of the AIDS virus. While there are several species of the Macaques, the smaller species include the Javas, Longtailed and Crab-eating species.


However, if this is not enough, Mecca is also the site of the Hajj; a yearly trek that leads hundreds of thousands of Muslims to Mecca as a ritual that all Muslims are obliged to perform at least once. As the second most widely practiced religion in the world, hundreds of millions of [>]


There is immense benefit to passing on of males genes being a good hunter and a high-ranking member of male hierarchy. As a result, such a male will have access to more females frequently and hence increase chances of intimacy.

Integrating ethnographic and quantitative research

This need to study the cultural differences demonstrates how Psychology and Anthropology are important in the field of research since they provide data for the development of knowledge. Such studies are also needed to support their claims and recommendations regarding the importance of cultural differences in social studies.

Charles goodwin and john heritage (1990) essay sample

There are dimensions of context that are accomplished within a turn at talk and in sequences of talk, preference and politeness, conversation-analytic approaches to narrative and story-telling and the relevance of conversational analysis to anthropology. In conclusion, conversational analysis goes beyond the approaches that have been exposed in this study which is integrating [>]

The concepts of anthropology

Anthropology Summary In the chapter of Elegiac addict, the following are outlined; the calling of melancholy in the context of addiction. Discussion In this article the problem of culture bounding is repeatedly raised in the field's vanguard.

A comparison between the hmong shamanism and num chai, the healing dance of kung san

In shamanism, drums assist the shaman depart at the start of the trip and arrive back in the ending. Shamans must acknowledge the spirits at the start of the journey and cautiously inform them the answers they seek to find.

Answer these questions

The discovery, a 9-inch orthopedic iron pin inserted in the knee joint, connecting the mummys thigh and lower leg, is remarkable in many aspects; that though the knowledge used in the operation was somehow rudimentary, for there were no established institutions of learning, the principles employed in the limb reattachment resembled those used [>]

Aqci #5

Anthropology In the text by Moberg, culture is defined as a healing tool to all the problems people face. Woman is regarded as something that every culture this text; the author blames culture for the lower regard of women in the society.

Gede spirit

Gede The Gede Lwa are among some very funny and interesting spirits known in the tradition of Vodou. The services of Gede may be particularly required in the times of transformation e.g.from sickness to health or from being alive to dead." Papa Gede sits at the center of the thick weave of relationships [>]

How white mountain apache people think about their lives and the landscape in which they are located

Student's perspective on the subject The understanding of the native practices and the shared norms of a community enables individuals to build strong units of engagements. This explains the need for the Apache people who had strong beliefs on social and cultural to know their place of origin, prehistoric events and the significance [>]

Field notes 4

There is emphasis on the rights and preference of the person, but there is also the respect for the community and institutions. The interviewee is a member of the community with good standing.

Reading response

It is, for example, true that the lives of those living with disabilities are full of fear and are more uncomfortable than the ' normal' people. I also agree with the reading's claim that it is very hard for the ordinary man to recognize cognitive disabilities.

The formation of the islamic state

The Muslims in the of Mosul are destroying the country's artifacts in one of the museums in the name of radical Islam. The two men play a role in the formation of ISIS as Zarkawis terrorist groups led to the formation of ISIS as well as the teachings of Baghdadi the leader of [>]

Cultural practices in yanomamo culture

Topic: The Yanomamo tribe, also known as Yanomami, is one of the largest and local tribe which lives in near the tropical rain forest of Northern Brazil and Southern Venezuela. The men are given a higher position or role and the women are treated as servants and properties of other members of the [>]

Anthropology – short essay

Anthropologist look at different historical actions and the present day lives of citizens in culture to understand differences between themselves and the culture and society they are studying and may even take part in. In the past, Anthropology was studying people far away from you with different types of lives and cultures.

Archeological features, artifacts and ecofacts

The artifact analysis entails determining the sources of raw materials for the objects under study, and the manufacturing process involved, and the applications. The process studies the chemical component of the artifacts, and the likely geographical sources through x-ray fluorescence.

Social sciences: geography, anthropology, sociology, eeconomics and psychology essay sample

Geography is the study of the physical parts of the earth and its atmosphere, geography can also be the study of the human activity. Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within the past and present societies and culture,", everyone wants to know where we all came from, where all of [>]

Australopithecus sediba

Reading the scientific paper was more difficult than reading the press articles because of the tone used and overuse of specialized vocabularies. Compare and contrast the take home message of the scientific paper to the popular press articles.

Clifford geertz’s description of culture

In an alternative formulation, Geertz states, " Believing, with Max Weber, that man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun, I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not an experimental science in search of law but an interpretative in search [>]


America has the most racially and a cultural population in the World and this diversity has only increased over the years due to immigration which is another great cause of Multiculturalism. Benefits of Multiculturalism Multiculturalism refers to the principle that several cultures can coexist equitably and peacefully in one country, instead of a [>]


Additionally, this involves the crude nature of hunting down the animals, and the subsequent rudimentary handling of the meat. Shreeve depicts the various similarities that can be drawn from the behavior of primates and humans, and in most cases, the evidence of a culture is easily noticeable since both have one evolutionary background.

Durkheim’s impact on development of sociology

The aim of this paper is to critically analyze Durham's theory in influencing the sociology of work. Thus, Durkheim's systems theory is very influential in the sociology of work.

Accord to the requirement

Lecturer Accord to the requirement In regards to the movie ' Doing business in Japan' concerning the profile of Japan in tourism and international trade, it is clear that American English is the language of world tourism and commerce. In what ways are the differences reflected in the verbal behavior of the American [>]

According to the require

It is because of this that in the long term, she was able to use the language that she was able to acquire outside the critical period. The child was not able to benefit from the research since they missed out on a lot of vital and important aspects in life.

Required text book:

Course material is presented in the class meetings and in assigned readings from the course textbook and the course reader. To provide the student with an introduction to the means by which sociologists, as scientists, carry out research, test theories, and to add to the store of knowledge in the field.

Response to a classmate’s post

I really loved the way you expressed your ideas in the essay. It is also good that you mention the emerging trends in the humans, such as mutations of the human race.

Crazy bigfoot conspiracy theories

This strengthened the earlier theory that indeed, Bigfoot is a man. But there are also those people who claim that the male sasquatches sodomize male domestic cows.

Changing american colonial family

Terrified about the discontentedness among wives and the rate at which men were becoming separated from their families, the promoters of the companionate model motivated families to take courses in family education. Additionally, they stated that a fatherly role in the development was necessary, and, primarily, participation in a number of leisure activities [>]

Nation government and anthropology

In this case, they give money to voters in form of cash and gifts to win voters over to their sides. This practice is similar to a Moka ceremony that created publicity to Ongka and enhanced his stay in power.

How does dna relate to you

All the information on an individual's body cells is contained in the DNA, which is a twisted band of strings consisting of the individual genes that create cells. In addition, the wellbeing of an individual is contained in these strands of chromosomes and the caps at the end, telomeres.


The main reason why mating between different species is not encouraged is because the resulting offspring is usually not as fit as the parent species. This occurs when the interbreeding leads to offspring that are not viable.

Compare the ideas of karl marx we have encounteredwhat does marx offer in the communist manifesto which durkheim does not offe

The today's capitalists are the owners of big means of production that is characterized in exploitation of the workers. Going by the provisions and views of Marx on bourgeoisie, there a number of issues and clarities that Marx failed to offer on his works.


It involves the practice of people disguising themselves and visiting from house to house. This practice survives among the Newfoundlanders due to several factors; among them the, geographical, historical and traditional nature of the people, unlike other cultures.

What is field theory?1

It is not that the fundamental problems in social analysis have been resolved, namely the absence of a clear criterion as to what constitutes good theory; uncertainty as to the ontological status of key theoretical elements, not the least of which is society; and frequent translation of social and political disagreements into seemingly [>]

Catherine anne heywood

Catherine Anne Heywood October 12, 2012 Impact of Culture on Health STUDY GUIDE: EXAM 1 Chapter 2 The Starting Point: Defining Culture, Defining Health * What do we mean by culture? * Culture is one of those concepts that most people seem to intuitively grasp, yet cannot define clearly.* The process of categorizing [>]

Essay example

This is evident in the materialistic role that cinema, as a form of technology, plays in the society. The author explains the communicative process in the digital process from a perspective that sees the process as an unconscious way of reading the mood of the society, who is the object.

Pacification of the primitive tribes in lower niger essay sample

The purpose of the book " Pacification of the Tribes in the Lower Niger" is to prove the rightness of the British exploitation of the area. In Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart which we have read in the class, we were introduced to the British forces in the region towards the end [>]

A river sutra

The people, all from different social status and religious beliefs, from the wealthy and the poor, learned and less educated, go to pilgrimage to the river to seek healing for both physical and spiritual suffering. The archeologists who conduct a dig in the river wonder about the immortality of the river and makes [>]

The anthropological view of religion

For the Christians, the bread and wine are examples of symbolism of the body and blood of Jesus. However, religion delves in to the matters which are difficult to explain and thus, difficult to understand.

Lab report example

These occipital condyles are projections from the bottom of the skull that attach the skull to the atlas and axis of the cervical vertebrae. The more centered that the occipital condyles are along the Frankfurt plane, the higher the probability the hominid was upright.

The decline of tradition of holistic approach to culture in anthropology

The steady rise of the school of cognitive anthropologists has who have tried to limit the view of culture to patterned cognitive processes such as schemas, classifications and metaphors has facilitated the decline of traditional holistic approach to culture. However the emergence of academic disciplines such as political science has led to the [>]

The anthropology of latin america and the caribbean weekly reflection

The Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter 7: Religion and Everyday Life In the book " The Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean ", Harry tells of the religion and everyday life of the Latin Americans and the Caribbean. Week 10: Perspectives on Globalization In the words of Harry, globalization [>]

How the marriage changed in my culture due to the discovery of oil

How Oil Discovery Has Changed Marriage in Our Culture Marriage is the foundation of the establishment of families that eventually creates communities. Residence pattern of marriages in the Arabian culture has greatly changed because of the discovery of oil.

Skulls identification

The bones of the skull are very thick and formed a small central ridge, also called midline keel, along the top of the skull. Other than the mentioned, the mystery skull #2 has a rounded skull, a steeper face, and smaller teeth that justify that it matches those of Homo erectus.

How the west was won

It is further explained as the tale of conquest, as well as one of survival, and the linking of people and cultures and ways of life that led to the rise and continuing life to America. With time, the American frontier drifted into history, and the myths of the west firmly held to [>]


One-Parent Families: Why the recent Increase" The article " One-Parent Families: Why the recent Increase" describes the situation of the families which contain one parent in different societies and the reason for occurrence of one-parent families. The point is that generations have stopped living together and the elderly people often cannot take care [>]

Intercultural awareness report halls low and high context cultures

In a high context communication situation, the subject already knows most of the information and there is very little hidden in the subtext of the message. In a high context culture you are often expected to understand the meaning of words or social cue's through the context of the message.

Using examples from kosek as well as the theoretical and conceptual readings explain political ecology

Political Ecology POLITICAL ECOLOGY The term political ecology came about in the 1970s in an attempt to conceptualize relationships between ecology and the political economy, especially in light of the expanding environmental movement. Pena, in discussing the importance of place and space to New Mexicans, notes that sacred places for New Mexicans in [>]

Domestication of plants and animals in anthropology

Domestication of plants and animals in Anthropology In anthropology domestication of plants and animals is not merely the growing of plants and rearing of cattle, but rather is the shift from gathering of food to producing food for own consumption. For domestication to be successful, man further realized that it was imperative [>]

Writing an abstract

Methods Hong and Duff adopted a teamwork approach in seeking to find a solution to the dilemma of balance in participant-observation in field research in social sciences. With the two rotating in their alternate roles between observer-as-participant and participant-as-observer so as to minimize on development of a mind-set, they adopted the modulated participant-observation [>]

Is cultural impact

The study of the field began in earnest with the work of Hofstede with his landmark study of IBM, and with Peters and Waterman who started the organisation culture sensation with " In Search of Excellence. Kumar and Bjom-Andersen claim that design and management choices in IS are the result of individual values, [>]

Intro to social science

Members of the bourgeoisie own the means of production and exploit the class of laborers, called the proletariat, who do not own the means of production. A sociological approach in functionalism is the consideration of the relationship between the functions of smaller parts and the functions of the whole.

Answer this question

She was born and raised up in the city of Armana in the land of Egypt in the fourth year of her Fathers rule. It is a variation of the cold conditions the lived-in.2.

Regard plato’s view of the ideal from his allegory of the cave

Platos view of the ideal from his Allegory of the Cave Platos Allegory of the Cave describes the difficult way towards seeking ideal and explains the importance of such seeking. In " The Allegory of the Cave" Plato explains the essence of " becoming" and " being".

Applied or practicing anthropology

The background of the study given above sets the rationale for this purpose of the study, given the fact that the possibility of an era that is dominated by lifestyle supermarkets can be said to be very certain. That is to say that in a typical open market such as Shenzhen, it is [>]

Biology and the body

Biology and the body The inclusion of the body in discussing of gender has to a large extent made the understanding of the gender more elaborate, Laqueur's idea of the body in which he viewed gender as being staged, some of the reasons that his theory helped in understanding the gender better is [>]


Globalization and Culture The Helena Norberg has talked about globalization and its negative effect on people around the world in the documentary " An Economic of Happiness". Her suggestion of economic localization is ideal because it can reduce people to depend on other countries and make them more engaging and produce products which [>]

No by don kulick and language, race and white public space by jane hill

However, this focus on the identity has pointlessly restrained the scope of the inquiry, thus rendering research in the area ineffective and not in a position of addressing the wider semiotic process that produces sexuality, and disseminating it in language. Moreover, the focus of this critical study is on the fact that the [>]

Early human evolution

The answers range from the mythological theories of creationism to the scientific perspectives of evolution. One of the very important aspects of that history is the discovery of Australopithecus afarensis.

Produce a paper comparing the worldview of two societies. choose contrasting cultures

Two very ancient worldviews still have considerable influence in the modern world: the worldview of Old Testament Judaism, and that of Hindus throughout the ages, mainly residing in the large sub-continent of India. Jewish society is built around a tradition of holy scriptures containing chronicles, laws, prophecy and poetry, and a lively collection [>]

Cultural anthropology and food

The food consumed has been used in the western and African countries to identifying the cultural backgrounds of an individual. According to the cultural anthropologists, food has been used in observing prestigious festivals and rites.

Explain in the space of one page why the tradition of holistic approach to culture has declined on anthropology. make it sure to tie your answer to the study of the politics of culture (one page only)

In the recent study of human beings, the holistic approach to cultural values has declined the popularity. Additionally, Change in lifestyle has reduced holistic approach to cultural practices and the study of human beings.