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1812 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Psychology to Boost Your Creativity

Investigating organized criminal activity: the choice theory

In addition to this statement, he also stated that a certain criminal activity is undertaken by any human being after making a rational decision or in simple terms, the benefits and drawbacks of the decision is highlighted before actually committing the criminal act by the person. The theory of choice explains that a [>]

Free essay about schizophrenia

It is important to note that a majority of people with schizophrenia have to handle this order till the end of their lives although this disorder can be treated for symptom relief. Schizophrenia: A Case Study of the Movie a Beautiful Mind.

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Psychology as a science

Debriefing will help a researcher correct the intentional deception for the interviewees to understand the aftermaths of the interview. The basic components of a structured interview include term identification, situational questions, and behavioral questions.

Educational psychology

I would also make a point of engaging in creative activates myself to show students that teachers value creativity. For example, when students are writing a creative short story, I might give them several opportunities to get my feedback, and perhaps the feedback of their peers, before they turn in a final product.

Influence of culture on personality essay sample

There are many factors that are said to have an influence on personality, but the one that is most interesting is the idea that personality is shaped by culture. In the last article that I have come across, the researchers addressed how the Big Five personality dimensions manifest themselves within the culture of [>]

Causes of stress

CURRENT CONDITION: Ordinarily, stress causes the turnover of employees to reduce which affects the productivity of the company. The issue must be addressed in the organization to prevent absents of the employees ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS: Lack of job security causes employees to have stress especially in this era of insufficient jobs The workload [>]

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Film critique

Cultural traditions and social interactions determine the behavior and expressions of people and their relations in the society." Paris is burning" is an acclaimed 1990 documentary that depicts several concepts of cultural psychology through its themes and plot. The behavior of the drag queens in the documentary contradicts the concept of masculinity and [>]

Reflection paper

According to Sigmund Freud, in this essay on " The Sexual Aberrations", he noted that the sexual object and the sexual aim are two separate components. The sexual object refers to the desired object which in this case is a person of the opposite sex.

Intimate relationship

Intimate Relationship Intimate Relationship When an intimate relationship experiences a number of changing patterns, it seems tomodify the well-being of an individual. For instance, to achieve a happy family life one is required to understand the differences and similarities of every type of a family.

Peace and harmony

A sage is considered a sage because he seems to be anchored in peace and tranquility while facing the pains and pleasures of day-to-day living in his chosen field of activity, like any other ordinary person.'Self-realisation', to the sage, simply means the realisation the absolute, total conviction that 'events happen, deeds are done, [>]

Reading responds

Response April 25, Response Response to Starlinda's post The constitution grants people rights and freedom such as freedom of association and freedom of speech but these are limited to the extent that they should not interfere with rights and freedoms of other people. Possible unstable psychological condition among some members of the LGBTQ [>]

Parenting and socialization

As Emily's teacher has noticed her socializing problems and been trying to help by talking to Samantha, there is a scope for Samantha to take up a more proactive role with the help of the teacher to positively influence Emily's socializing skills. As there is nobody present to intervene in a positive manner, [>]

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Little albert experiment

Not showing any signs of fear or rage from Albert, Watson then proceeded to discover if pairing the loud noise with the touch of the animals and sight of the other objects could condition the emotional response of fear or rage, he wanted know if this fear transferred and how long the fear [>]

Representation of men and women on tv

Another pattern of the voice-overs, in advertisements along with the TV shows, the count of that of males, is a little higher than that of females. The Portrayal of Men and Women in TV Ads.

Chapter 7, in half the human experience, by janeth hyde

Other Chapter 7 in Half the Human Experience by Janeth Hyde The book " Half the HumanExperience" by Janeth Hyde generally presents a critical analysis of a wide range of multidisciplinary issues regarding feminist psychology. Throughout chapter 7, Hyde not only presents a well researched scientific viewpoint on the relationship between age and [>]

Cognitive dissonance in psychology

Cognitive Dissonance In Psychology Ion reviewing the theory of cognitive dissonance, and the clinical work which has been completed in order to shore up the weakness of Festinger's original theories, I find that Aronson's work holds a stronger application to the theory. I believe that Aronson's approach to measure dissonance as a [>]

Disscussion:what is your perspective

The behavioral perspective of understanding human behavior is most interesting because this perspective studies psychology through the lenses of observable or overt behavior, this perspective relies on scientific research and this perspective accepts the impact of environment on human behavior. Body One of the reasons due to which the behavioral perspective of psychology [>]


This study is related to the seed article because of its investigation on how other people perceive lonely individuals and because of the role of gender in these perceptions. It is also different from the seed article because this study measures the health conditions of lonely people, unlike the seed article that measures [>]

Conformity by rebellion assignment

From the day I began school at the age of five, it was obvious that I was somehow different from the rest of them. So try as I might to bang myself into the " acceptable" state of existence, I could not, and it was apparent to all the nice, shiny cute little [>]

Substance abuse

In the pop psychology blog site known as PsychCentral, the question on myths and facts surrounding the treatment of substance abusers is asked by the visitors of the blog site who seek informal information as well as the personal opinion of the blogger combined with the input from others. Other than the journals [>]

Preventing behavioral problems

Teachers however tend to overlook important strategies that can enable the students' behavior shaped in a powerful way, and that is why I have come up with various ways in which such behaviors can be dealt with in through good academic management as discussed below. From the discussion, it is quite evident how [>]

Personal conflict resolution style

Personal Conflict Resolution Style For this assignment I conducted an interview from my best friend to identify what he thinks is the conflict resolution style I practice with him and he informed me that I was using the avoidance conflict resolution style. He told me that whenever a conflict between us occurs, [>]

“the rights of the nonhuman world” by mary anne warren

The Rights of the Nonhuman World al affiliation The Rights of the Nonhuman World Why do sentient nonhuman animals have certain basic moral rights? We should assign strong moral rights to nonparadigm human beings because they need these rights even if they do not have the mental capacity to value their own lives [>]

Multicultural counseling psychotherapy assignment

She had limited time to talk with family and friends, which made her, feel alone, have anxiety, and doubt her capabilities of making in the new environment. She stated that the people in her culture love to dress up and go out and dance, the people in Hawaii were more laid back.

Existential therapy

Another technique is Modification of Attitudes and it is done through directly sharing opinions, arguing and offering positive suggestions for the client. This is what the video showed it is about commitments and choices.

Factors affecting the poor academic performances of college educatio studetns

The research consists of an investigation of students' behavior, attitudes, and home environment as it relates to misbehavior in school and the need for discipline. So that the study may be understood within the context of the existing work in the field, this chapter of the proposal presents a review of the research [>]

Forgetting journal

I was so mad at myself because I had to walk back to the car in the heat of the sun just to get the bags. I was late to class today because I could not find my car keys, which I swore I had placed on my dresser drawer the night before.

Most transition in children

Sometimes, children who lose one parent can become very anxious about the survival of the other, and they may hide their emotions from that parent not wanting to cause them worry. Sometimes, children who lose one parent can become very anxious about the survival of the other, and they may hide their emotions [>]

Psychological testing movement/economic influences

The testing of the immigrant populations also led to the use of a lot of money in testing the IQ of all races in the well as barring Africans from carrying out top economic activities. As a result of the movement, psychologists manage to evaluate an individual through many diverse methods.

Identifying themes in a case conceptualization

An interpersonal relationship is another theme, in this grouping, the clinicians evaluate the patient's stableness in maintaining a relationship with peers, workmates and even at the family level. The clinician also explores the sexual relationship and the intimacy of the patient.

Social psychology in the news

Provide the following information about the article you choose: The full web address: The news article title and author's name: News Article title: Death penalty states scramble for lethal injection drugs Authors name: Ross Levitt and Deborah Feyerick, CNN The publication date of the article: Publication date: November 16, 2013 3. Levitt [>]

Reinforcement stragegies used to motivate employees

It is a learning through consequences model where management continues to offer some sort of reward when a desired action occurs, thus creating an operant conditioning response where the same behaviors become part of the employee norm of behavior. The weakness of positive reinforcement is that it requires managers to devote time and [>]

Research methodologies and personality

The general consensus appears to favor the identification of behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes as factors that can be observed as components of personality. This variability is due to the role of both biological and environmental factors in the manifestation of personality on a case to case basis.

A psychological perspective ,,,,study plan 4

Theories of human development Describe some of the theories that relate to psychology and human development. Causal and contextual theories Causal and contextual theories are development theories which explain behavior in terms of understanding the exact causes of the situation and understanding the context of the situation.

Challenges in identifying mental disorders

It is pertinent to note that, it is hard for people's with mental illness to take care of themselves. For instance, it is important to consider one's culture, social norms, and stigmatization of a person after being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Authoritarian parenting style

This is not to be misinterpreted as completely submissive or obedient since I can allow them to negotiate for certain things which they believe would make them good. In conclusion, parenting is a shared responsibility and parenting styles have a great impact on the development of children.

Quantitative and qualitative 2

The objectives of the project were to instigate public dialogue of the topic and the foundation for a more extensive intervention. Most of the study was carried out in the community, except for a small number of in-depth interviews and one womens Focus group discussions held at Jijenge!

Abnormal psych interview

Surprisingly or sadly the answer to all my questions was positive and I was ensured that Sara did experience depression. But the reason was quite obvious that she was undergoing through a tough phase of depression.

The appreciative inquiry

That's what the Appreciative Inquiry is all about. The Appreciative Inquiry is all about making you learn the best about someone.

Why stress may increase the number of headaches and/or magnify the pain

The type of headache mostly subjected to the impact of stress is the tension-type headache, that is, headache cause by excessive muscle tensions in the organism, which usually result in overload. Therefore, it is easy to trace interconnection between stress, tension and headache and the mechanism of levers affecting magnitude of pain.

Infidelity and divorce

The traditional model of therapy has been that if a partner disclosed an affair in individual sitting, the therapist should persuade the partner to reveal the secret in a conjoint sitting, and then s/he should aid the couple in dealing with the outcome of this episode. If a person declines to abide by [>]

Case 37

Also, it preserves Connor's self-esteem because Connor was telling the jokes to get his peers attention and the more he tells his jokes the more his peers laugh and he gets attention. Devenney realizes the reason Connor is telling jokes, he uses this strategy to help Connor build up his self- confidence when [>]

The memorable day of community service

In addition to acquiring basic recording skills and medical inputs, I learned a lot about the lives and difficulties of homeless people. Contrary to my expectations, I was not the least afraid to meet and talk to homeless people, some of who were rather coarse and rough in their attitude.

Describe the difference between ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness

It is worth noting that the state that is referred to as " ordinary consciousness" may be variable in terms of the accuracy in logical thinking or the capabilities one possesses in his or her imagination. However, the constant parameter is that an individual is within a state of consciousness that is considerable [>]


Framework of schedules of reinforcement in sports betting Schedules of reinforcement are especially important in the learning process when dealing with operant conditioning. Gambling in the context of classical conditioning Basically, classical conditioning is learning by association.

Check your privilege

As such, the school environment posed numerous challenges that included a lack of concentration and an uncomfortable feeling. Personal experiences in the American neighborhood inflicted a sad reality of the harsh treatment in the world for minority individuals.

Critically discuss the following points in the short video above

Critically discuss the following points in the short video above affiliation How men handle stress From the interview, it is evident that men and women handle stress in a different way, this is similar to the way these genders handle their emptions. Women tend to handle their stress by in a better away [>]

Obesity and psychology

Obesity and Psychology Introduction Obesity refers to the abnormal accumulation of fat in the body. Obesity is a major cause of concern as the condition can lead to many diseases and medical complications.

Social and cultural views of healthy and unhealthy human sexulity

social and cultural views of healthy and unhealthy human sexuality Human beings use sexuality as a means to express and experience themselvesas sexual beings. It has been shown in studies that relative status and sexuality roles of men and women are very much dependent on their economic roles.

Diatheses and stressors

The suicide behavior is termed as a stressor because it is based on the notion that failing examination is a common trigger of committing suicide among the affected. Therefore, the description of stress and diathesis role in suicidal behavior is grounded on social facts.

Too ugly to love

But nevertheless, it is a fact that success in the search for love is vested in an individual's self esteem, determination as well as the winning spirit. In relation to the above, it is important to note that social issues as well as physical factors are always the core factors that prolong one's [>]

Democratic leadership

Democratic Leadership Democratic leadership, also known as participative leadership refers to a leadership style where a leader allows the members of the group to participate in the decision-making process. In conclusion, the democratic leadership style is one where a leader allows the members of the group to participate in the decision-making process.

Phineas gage

Phineas Gage, a foreman on the railroad in Cavendish and is probably the most famous person to have survived damage to the brain. Gage's accident seemed to suggest that the prefrontal cortex controls decision making, especially in social situations, and has a great deal of influence on temperament and emotion.

Article assignment

What was the goal of the research were they examining?) The researchers were examining the difference that a smiley face on a customer's check would make in regards to the amount that customer would tip the server, as well as the difference between a male or female server using the smiley face. In [>]

Psychological testing and assessment

Following state and federal laws, as well as professional codes of ethics, assist assessors and test-taker in solidifying the credibility of their psychological tests and assessments. Following laws and professional codes of ethics assist assessors and test-takers ensure the mental, emotional and physical safety of all parties involved in a given psychological test [>]

Giere’s program for evaluating theoretical hypothesis

In the study, the real world focus is the scarcity of money and how it affects the fluid intelligence of a person under different circumstances. From the study conducted by Mullainathan and Shafir, there is a big effect on the fluid intelligence of an individual when faced with hard problems that are financial [>]

A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse

A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse April 24, A controlled evaluation of family behavior therapy in concurrent child neglect and drug abuse The study's objective and related work in the field The study aimed at evaluating effectiveness of a family-based behavioral therapy on treating mothers [>]

Children of lesbian and gay parents

This example seeks to exemplify that sexual orientation encompassed by parents negligibly counts. Therefore, I strongly entail the conviction that children's development lies in numerous aspects apart from sexual orientations encompassed by custodians.

Assessment: educational psychology and student assignment

Though, effective assessment should take account of different learning styles, be constant in the method the same practices should be used with all students, by taken consideration of their thoughts, help allocates to assess their own lessons and develop formats for students to be able to assess teachers with sensitivity and share information [>]

Individual task for ca2.

Give five strengths of the study and five weaknesses of the study based on the evidence Strengths of study Limitations/weaknesses of study Strong control. In this study, Milgram did not explained the details of the experiment to participants and they were not aware of the electric shock was unreal.

Origins of ethics and the apa ethics code

Origins of Ethics and the APA Ethics Affiliation: Question What was the central purpose for developing the first APA Ethics Code? The purpose was to ensure that the members practicing psychology and psychological measures like experiments under APA were informed and guided and hence acted according to the prevalent problems, their daily experiences [>]

Disobedience as a psychological and moral problem

These analogies, according to Fromm, make us believe that human history started with acts of disobedience, and that disobedience leads to freedom. Also, Fromm's argument, that human history started from disobedience and will end in obedience, is without evidence and, therefore, is a myth in itself.

Career goals and social change

As being a consultant, I would introduce and encourage the implementation of a multi-cultural environment in the organization. Another key reason behind the implementation of the idea is that, it would provide a broader coverage to the organization in the global market, and it would also minimize the cultural barriers along with better [>]

Role of heredity and environment in shaping human personality

The relative significance of the contributions the environmental and heredity in the development of personality depend on several factors. Similarly, the growth and development of personality is an outcome of both heredity and environment.

Career assessment

George will be made to appreciate the transition period he is undergoing between his last job and the career path that he will decide to take. George will be enabled to go past the exploration phase and overcome his fears in order to settle on a decision.

Analysis of helping behaviors

Several aids were given to the natives before and after the disaster. They were backed up by other government agencies and nonprofit organizations in providing aid to the victims.

Human development

Fulfillment of needs is the path of elevation whereas circumventing the grief situations is the path of challenge in human development. Experience of the Self in this trajectory is Actualization.

Journal-grief and loss

In reality, I came to understand that there is no difference between the two grievers, what makes it different, is how people view the relationships and treat it differently from the way they would a franchised relationship. Just as I came to realize that there needs to be equality in gender related issues, [>]

Gardners theory and childrens artwork

He used lines and a big rectangular for the face, little ovals for eyes, and triangles for ears. She drew a pencil sketch of trucks on road and two kids standing on the footpath.

Cognitive psychology

The linkage to memory cognition enlisted in the discussion relates to Williams' mismatch of information to bad memory. Distortion of truth, according to the discussion, can motivate false memories, which later develops into autobiographical beliefs.

Eating disorders

Binge eating disorder affiliation Binge eating disorder In recent years eating disorders have caused great concerns in the health of many individuals. In the treatment of binge eating disorder there are two separate approaches.

Abnormal psychologyassignment assignment

Stimulus control is the process where a stimulus increases the probability of a behavior by reinforcing the desired behavior in the presence of the stimulus. Throughout chapters eight and nine in " Learning and Behavior", examples of Stimulus Control, and how one learns to Generalize and Discriminate in the real world are provided.

Article review

The Incredible X-chromosome The main idea in the article is highlighting the superiority of the X chromosome in males than in females. The X gene in males is stronger than that in females due to the strong genes from their father and the Y chromosome factor.

How to issue a great apology by tim donnely

It is imperative to state that there is an efficient organization of this article as it clearly outlines the nature of an apology such as a warm salutation in order to soften the recipient and should be inclusive of terms such as sorry, apologize, and regret. It is worth concluding that one should [>]


Discouraging the trends of being the protectors of the female and the family are few of the possible options that can be undertaken in this regard. A girl being made the group leader is also one of the manner in which the conventional mindset can be discouraged.

Theoretical analysis for criminal justice

The third principle of the theory of routine activity lays down three indispensable situations for crime to be committed. Additionally, crime rates are normally relational to the number of enthused offenders, such as adolescents and unemployed persons, in the populace.

Experiment for self-reference

The first group of individuals was between the ages of 19 29 years old, which were comprised of 18 females with the mean age equaling 21. 5 yrs and 12 males with the mean age of 21.

Videogames as the thesis explicitly

Children find it amusing and entertaining, thereby they are encouraging market of the videogame, but children do not have the wisdom to check the game rating and content and therefore author wants that parents should use their wisdom to guide their wards. What tone has the author set and how did they establish [>]

Lifespan development of howard hughes essay sample

Howard Hughes, aviator, businessman, and film director, was born December 24, 1905 in Houston, Texas, to Howard Hughes Sr.and Allene Gano Hughes. Howard Hughes Sr.a successful million dollar drill manufacturer, and the owner of The Sharp-Hughes Tool Company, was an absentee father.

Reliability and validity in human services reseach

Discriminant validity and convergent validity, as well as external validity are all indicators of the value of a test, and should be considered when evaluating any research in human services or otherwise. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and the Perceived Social Competence Scale are examples of data collection instruments that may be used [>]

Active time

I am the sort of person that cannot relax by relaxing or giving something a half-effort. In the end, I am a better more relaxed person because of the effort needed to overcome the challenge.


Therefore, the purpose and objective of this paper is to highlight and contemplate the importance of motivation in the field of education as highly motivated students make up the future of a nation. Understanding student differences is cited as a highly important strategy for the teachers by Felder and Brent also who claim [>]

In-person interview tips

The scripted response often gets easily identified and nullifies the chances for success, so the response should be made on the spot and should be natural. Instead, the candidate should maintain a positive approach and be cool, calm and confident.

Categorical perception-discrimination

This is because perceptual discrimination comes from excitation of the neural system. When this part of the brain receives certain stimuli continually it is able to eventually distinguish the difference in certain closely related stimuli.

Problems of behaviorism

Thus, cognitive psychology is essentially the study of interaction of human mind with the environment and the various elements that form part of it. With more research and advancement in the field of cognitive psychology, it has become possible to control an individual's dreams.

Psychological and neuropsychological tests

Brief summary of the article you located for this assignment Kaplan and Sacuzzo in their book " Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications and Issues" discuss the different types of psychological tests like the intelligence tests, neuropsychological tests among others and how their validity and reliability can be determined on top of explaining how they [>]

Social psychology paper assignment

The Dialogue also says " we do not need none of your people in the defense line" Gerry referring to " your people" is categorizing the team players as black and labels them as the " other". Involves uniting the two black and white races so they come together and form a friendship, [>]

This high level of cognitive involvement with

When the individual has little informationabout the issue and is less interested in the issue, the level of motivation todeeply assess the receiving message is decreasing. Whileaccording to Bryant and Oliver, a central process occurs when a memorialmessage involves a very close or important issue to the recipient of themessage.

Many people have learned to dislike a food after eating it and falling ill

The case has it that such individuals depict avoidance reaction whenever exposed to such food having experienced negative reaction in their first encounter. In this case, the mind is triggered to revisit the past experience and causes the body to respond involuntarily producing the same result.

Dissociative identity disorder and social psychology

It is important to discover gender differences in perceptions of different real life dilemmas, which may help us to understand why men and women have a tendency of reporting different types of disassociated identity disorders, and real life dilemmas. It was noted that contrary to the expectation none of the relations between guilt, [>]

Personal statement example

However, it is known that even the smallest action such as a single flapping of a butterfly's wings has the ability to initiate a cyclone and in my life, this butterfly came in disguise of the young child I mentioned before". She smiled confidently during the performance and this stimulated me and made [>]