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Job roles of a teaching assisstant

SUPPORT FOR THE CURRICULUM - Support pupils to understand instructions - Support pupils in respect of local and national learning strategies e.g.literacy, numeracy, KS3, early years, as directed by the teacher - Support pupils in using basic ICT as directed - Prepare and maintain equipment/resources as directed by the teacher and assist pupils [>]

Amber whitt

The question that asked if " teachers of your gender are easier to learn from resulted in the teachers agreeing, but the students disagreeing. This result could be because the majority of teachers in high school are female, where in college, that is not the case.

Personal philosophy of education

As a future educator, I will have a whole classroom full of individuals with different learning styles, different strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, lifestyles, and different motivations, and because of this, I will have to make sure that my students feel connected to what they are learning. MY VIEW OF THE GOALS OF CURRICULUM A [>]

Research papers

Based on the result of the study, there are light effects of the stated factors on the performance of the students in the LET. 2007-2012 in the different subject areas on their LET performances.* To determine the difference among the student's perception on their level of preparedness in taking the LET and the [>]

Pedagogy of the oppressed

Freire's way of explaining this course of oppression is seeing educators as a banking concept, were the objects, ideas, and actions that make up the views of the ruling elite are deposited into the student from the teacher. In his problem-posing scenario the teacher and the student interact with a free flow of [>]

School days in biñan

School Days in Bi an This is the town where his father saw the light of day, and where he sent to continue studying the rudiments of Latin, where he started to learn. Painting Lesson in Bi an Juancho - An old painter and the father-in-law of the school teacher.- Who freely gave [>]

Moni lisa smile andralogical model

The administrator made the statement, " You did not come to Wellesley to help people find their way; you came to help people find your way." To compare the behavior of the students in the film, I will start on the first day of class; the students embarrass Ms. The learner's need to [>]

Education and ready finish school

The rest of the class has gone to school to learn something that day and may not because of the consequences of the one student that was talking. It's important not to talk, because if I am talking while the teacher is speaking in class, I am disrupting others and their concentration.

Assessing teachers by the quality of results they attain

This was besides when the authorities started to supply free instruction for all kids, nevertheless, with free instruction for all came the authorities saw that there needed to be a manner to turn out to the people of England that theremoneywas being spent sagely: hence methods of proving the kids was instigated to [>]

The teacher man

McCourt, you should write a book " I will try These are the last lines of the book The Teacher Man by the ever outstanding writer, Frank McCourt. The book serves as a two-end account for that part of this life, because it is closing the stories, things he used to meddle while [>]

Culture and society

They are concerned with the efficiency of a student's education and the quality of a child's academic experience. Interactionists believe that communication between students and peers, teachers, family members, or any other person that comes in contact with the student on a daily basis is the most important part of a student's ability [>]

Teaching business english

Society has steadily expected more of teachers in the variety of tasks they have to perform, the skills they need to master and in the imagination required of their work. The objectives of these programmes are to continuously enhance the level of professionalism of teachers through training and self-development programmes, to inculcate the [>]

Rhetoric and composition 1020

Odds are, they will say that what they enjoy most about school is the social interactions it allows them to take part in, and what they dislike about school is the classes. Most of the time, nowadays, it is not the amount of work that they have developed a disliking for, it is [>]

The mid-autumn festival

We students felt ridiculous about the idea, and the announcement seemed to be a joke rather than a serious idea. No matter what reason, I knew for sure that our preparation would be futile unless we could attract them to our stall on the night of the festival.

Effective classroom: factors to ensure that children have the best quality of teaching available

My role to help maximise the learning experience for the children and to make sure that the lesson runs efficiently is to ensure that the classroom is organized before the lesson starts ready for the teacher. Health and safety would play a big part, I and the teacher would have to make sure [>]


In this sense physical education refers to the process of education that is related to the physical activities and sports with the aim of total personality development of the individuals. 3 Objectives of the Study The prime objective of this study was to assess the competency of the physical education teachers from the [>]

Waiting for superman

Nobody wants prison for their future, but not every child has a chance to go to a better school due to lack of money or not enough room at the school. Studies have shown that with lower performing teachers only about fifty percent of students learn something." Waiting for Superman I am torn [>]

Financial aid

All decisions of the Financial Aid SAP Appeal Committee are final and not subject to further appeal. Appeal Deadline SAP appeal and supporting documentation must be received by the VSU Office of Student Financial Aid by June 20 for the fall semester and January 6 for the spring semester.

Two authors, two views

Gatto claims to have taught in some of the worst conditions, and some of the best. He claims that the way students are taught and the structure they have to follow creates boredom in the classroom.

Theory task 1 roles, responsibilities and boundaries in the teaching /training cycle

Identify Needs - This focuses on finding the needs of the learners, preparing a scheme of work and lesson plans to deliver group or individual learning based upon the needs of the learners. Plan and Design It is my responsibility to plan the course, which in turn meets the needs of the learners [>]

Trend of technology in the classroom

During the 1970s and 1980s the biggest influence in the classroom, to date, came in the form of computers. As the current trend of technology in the classroom continues to be centered on the inclusion of computers and other mediums, it only awaits to incorporate the next big step in technology.

Discuss issues of equality

Above all it is important as ateacher, keeping equality and diversity in mind, to find ways to promote inclusion of all learners, yet through differentiation by using difference approaches and resources, to finds ways to meet the needs of individuals within the group. Different resources and different support can be provided for learners [>]

Movie: stand and deliver – mr. escalante should be an inspiration to everyone

Not only was he referring to the hole as an illustration, but also to the hole in the students lives as a result of lack of education, the gangs, and in many cases, a poor upbringing.Mr. Escalante believes with all of his body and soul that the students will rise to the level [>]

Akeelah and the bee

I would like to choose the movie Akeelah and the Bee and Stand in Deliver. But her natural aptitude for words spurs the school administrators, led by Principal Welch, to convince her to try out for the process of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Why i decided to return to school

All of these reasons above are why I decided to go back to school, and so I would like you to sit back as I paint you the picture of my life before I decided to go to school. My children have been one of my inspirations to go back to school because [>]

The problem of teacher retention

The purpose of the paper is to review literature on contributing factors of teacher retention and suggested solutions to the problem. The following questions will be the focus of the paper: What contributes to teachers leaving the field?

Special education major court cases

School provided speech and language services, services of a teacher of the deaf, and amplification systemParents wanted sign language interpreter; school denied Rowleys invoked due process; hearing officer ruled in favor of the school, district court and Circuit Court sided with parents; Supreme Court sided with school Ruled that schools did not have [>]

Teachers’ day messages

Happy Teacher's Day A good teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others The way you teach... HAppy Teacher Day The Award for the most wonderful teacher has been declared and it goes to You.

The lost tools of education

In the mid-20th century, the first digital computers were developed that made students see the world beyond the classroom; and in early 1980's, the world witnessed the bringing forth of the now ubiquitous Personal Computers. With the IPAD's and Tablet PC's emerging in the digital market, there's no stopping when it comes to [>]

Diversity in the music classroom

In the article it talks about an education product called Rap it Up, created by Mark Weakland, which is a cd of simply rap beats so that the students and teacher can create words to the rhythms in order to bring music into the lesson and make it more fun and interesting for [>]

How truancy affects students performance

According to a parent who does not want his name in print, to a larger extent, the child or children are not to blame, it is the duty of parents to monitor their children and know the performance of each child. Reminiscencing, Dr, Adedeji said the fear of school inspectors did not encourage [>]

Behaviour management

Behaviour management tip 2 Countdown A good technique for getting the attention of the whole class is to use a 'countdown' from 5 or 10 to allow students the time to finish their conversations and listen to the next instruction. Embellish your countdown with clear instructions so that students know what is expected [>]

The pro and cons of working

Main Purpose of the Job: To support access to learning and provide general support for the school in the management of pupils and resources, as directed by senior staff. To assist pupils in the hydrotherapy pool, lift, dress, and provide support to the pupils with the activities in the pool.9.

When students fail teachers should be blamed

Yet, when they call PTA or parent consultation meetings, it's a struggle to get even as many as 40 parents to attend and none of the parents, based on their proximity to the school, takes more than ten minutes to walk to school. Credit must be given to the few parents who ensure [>]

Scholarships essay

I have always strived to meet theses goals and to accomplish the plans that I have come up with. Since I was a little kid, I knew that I always wanted to be a nurse like my mother.


As a whole, this reform in education serves as gift for the 21st century Filipinos to materialize the 21st century skills through the effort of the education serves as gift for the 21st century Filipinos to materialize the 21st century skills through the effort of the 21st century educators. The success boils down [>]

Social disparity in india

Every morning the kids of a locality get into school buses and go to schools of their choice. The children of this world start playing in the dust and end up making a living in the dust.

Multimedia & education

As education and multimedia within the ages of two to sixteen is of great importance, the education of the older age group should also be considered vital for those willing to expand their skills and acquire the relevant knowledge. That number has grown progressively and there are courses available today to suit the [>]

The most important factor for a new education

We do not need to wait for a storm to change the school district, there is no need to use some big funds to change the principal system. In this essay I want to talk about the skills and the influence of transformational teacher for the future of our country.

Brookfield’s the skillful teacher and mckeachie’s teaching tips: takeaways

This is a tool that I plan on implementing in my classroom in the future, several times within the semester just to make sure that everyone is able to understand the information that I am trying to relay. Brookfield said that if a teacher makes part of the grade " participation" that the [>]

Evaluative introduction to roles, responsibilities, and relationships in lifelong learning for new teachers

" Provide a short evaluative introduction to roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning for new entrants to the profession As a new entrant to the teaching profession, one of the first things you will learn will be your roles, responsibilities and relationships within that profession. It is important that the teacher uses [>]

Divine heidi g. cabiguin

It is very important for a teacher to teach his/her student on how to become effective and efficient in the future by looking back from their past life and to adapt and select the prior experiences that they had. To become a successful person in the future that has moral values, dignity, ethics, [>]

The best teacher

A good example of this is my high school experience, where I had a really good teacher who found an inventive way to teach her material. And who is the best teacher?

Reflections on my learning experience a personal story

Reflections on my learning experience a personal story Inspired by the research performed by LDI on this subject, I have decided to put down what I have learned about learning in the course of my formal education as well as my experience in learning to live. I also discovered that I was too [>]

Wating for a superman stylistic review

In this lottery the opposition is hundreds of other students and failure means her daughter will be forced to go to one of the worst schools in the state. This difference is quite hefty to students and their development; this is just one of many the statistics examples presented in the documentary.

A teacher in the making

Finally, I would be a step closer to the fulfillment of my Bachelor's Degree of becoming a teacher....the profession I will always and forever be proud of. I studied hard the topic given to me and I realized that it is not difficult at all.

Patikul movie reaction essay sample

The film shows the reality of many children really wanting to go to school but never had the chance to study. This just shows how lucky I am to have been sent to school by my parents; to have studied in good schools; to have gone this far in my education; and to [>]

Miss caroline fisher

I think Miss Caroline was little unprepared for the group of her students, she was not aware of the folk that lived in Maycomb that's why she did not know about social status of her students. She was afraid of a cootie that was in his hair and she told him to get [>]

P2- describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses

Students and parents are the customers of this business because they are the ones that are getting the service given to them in the form of getting taught and being given knowledge. Teaching staff are the employees of the business and they consist of the SLT, the head teacher and the teaching assistants.

Whay is there a lack of active teacher participation in curriculum development

Aim With this is mind the aim of this research project is to investigate the reasons for the lack of active teacher participation in curriculum development and also to investigate strategies that would encourage more participation in every level of the decision making process when it comes to the development and implementation of [>]

Is education making kids less smart?

The purpose of Sizer's story is to expose what really goes on in high school and he also tries to enlighten parents of high school students with facts of what his or her child might be doing on a daily basis in school. In " Reforming American High Schools Why, What, and How [>]

Purpose of education

Putting yourself in someone's shoes, learning about past experiences of unfortunate people can help adolescences in developing his or her logic, and understanding and opening their minds to the things that go on in the world around them." A Talk to Teachers , written by James Baldwin, says that teaching is so difficult [>]

Teacher response to internal communication implementation done by school principal and its effect on teacher spirit

In order to educate the life of the nation as stated in the opening of the four-fourth 1945 Constitution, one of the efforts for apply it is through the implementation of education-teaching in schools, starting from the level of primary education, intermediate education, to tertiary education. The leadership of the principal greatly influences [>]

Duties of a student

Our duties as a student are to behave, be responsible, and be respectful. If we are able to treat our friends with respect, why not the teachers?

Week 5 final project

Students may have the will to learn but it's up to the teachers to help motivate them. In reality education will take you far, you have to be focused and on the right track, and know what you want out of life.

What americans keep ignoring

That is not how it is in the USA, because the schools there are, like they in the article, like shops. It's a fact, that if the USA wants their school system to improve they need to invest.

A rhetorical analysis of anna quindlen’s the wages of teaching

Quindlen did well to introduce an authority from The Department of Education that further supported her assertion. This causes the reader to have a personal connection with Quindlen's assertion through her anecdote.

How stressful the first year of college can be?

One thing you must know is when I receiving a acceptance into the college my life was just begun to be stressful. I think the reason why is because of the school in his country, and the way he was taught.

Enacting the action research cycles

Identifying students who need intervention and remediation in the classroom is critical to the community, the school, the classroom and the individual. As I look back at the context of this issue, I believe that we are off to a good start implementing an RTI process that will be effective for our students, [>]


As an educator I feel that it is important for the classroom teacher to know a lot about his/her students. It is extremely hard for teachers to have challenging students in the classroom.

“…an indictment of the american education system.”

These days in our education system it is less about the empowerment of the individual and more about the power of control and domination held by the educators. According to Palo Freire the student teacher relationship is not so much about learning and education, but about a process, a process which I have [>]

The personal philosophy of an aspiring teacher

While the philosophy of education is a very diverse subject involving many questions, concerns, debates, and opinions, it can be primarily summed up by defining the philosophy of education as an ongoing conversation about the important issues and concerns focusing in education, and involving teachers, students, learning, and knowledge. One of my goals [>]

Sangmin lee

And then I want to prove that Problem-posing education is better than Banking education. I think Banking education is better than Problem-posing education in the test.

High school education

The grading system is in letters that are given to students depending on the score they receive in the class. The grading system is a great way to keep students on task and know how to keep track of what they need to do in order to receive good grades.

Home school vs public school

The child does not get to shake the other persons hand or speak to them to know that they sound a little different and things like that spark their curiosity to ask questions and find out more about the differences and why. If a parent is deciding that a home school education is [>]

Michelle ingoglia

Summarise the roles and responsibilities of national and local government for education policy and practice National Government As well as developing new ways into the quality of services available to children under the five outcomes of Every Child Matters, it is responsible for drawing up education policy, setting up and administering school league [>]

Strengthening command of english

Only 25% of the SC and MT teachers proficient.- Only 53 58 % of teaching period use Eng.- 2007, Report by Trends in Mathematics Science Study, 2003 from 10th placing to 20th in MT and 20th to 21st in SC - Researches found students in rural schools have difficulty in ETeMS. Gaps widen.- [>]

Inner city school systems

The foundation for the necessary funding changes have stemmed from the recognition that school funding differences relate directly to sociological issues, including the creation of a cycle of poverty and illiteracy in under funded urban settings. The complications with this shift in funding are defined as: " A fundamental trade-off between equity and [>]

Good philosophical foundations essay example

This is because understanding of the course work is tested through tests and exams rather than an extension of the curriculum beyond what is covered in the classrooms; that is, life experiences. This, therefore, leads to memorising of what is tested in the tests and exams.

Progressive vs traditional education

The Progressive education classroom, each child is praised and celebrated and there is a strong relationship between the teacher and the student, and it is very important. If students are given the opportunity to design and construct their own learning, and build their own understanding and to integrate skills, information and concepts they [>]

Is teaching a profession? essay sample

In the end, Friedson concludes that there is no way to define a profession that is not arbitrary and that in fact the definition is less important than how people in a society " determine who is a professional and who is not, how they amake' or 'accomplish' professions by their activities, and [>]

Discovering myself behind the window.

All of a sudden, my gaze caught the largely embossed inscriptions " Head, Heart, Hand on the main gate of the Assembly Hall. During the four years of my Senior High School education, I have had to weave my way through challenges, opportunities and successes.

Characteristics of a good teacher

Every teacher wants to be a good teacher, but what is this myth about being a ' good teacher'? As there is a saying that 'a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is'.

Wider professional reading

Inclusion and establishing individual needs is important, as is being a good role model and exerting professional behaviour, thus, embedding standards which will support the personal growth of the learner. Personal development in the student is paralleled in the educator - autonomy an important vision for learner and tutor alike To learn, ourselves, [>]

Assignment # 06

But in home schooling, children could use their interest to choose which they want to learn and ways. Overall, children could get more from home schooling as compare to other type of education.

March 4, 2013

One of the main reasons that I want to be a teacher is because I want to help people. Another reason that I want to be a teacher is because I love explaining to people how to do things.

My most embarrassing moment essay sample

I put my hand in the bag and I realized that I had forgotten the books at home. Everyone in the class had brought the books and I was the only one who had not brought the books.

Negative outcomes of corporal punishment as means of child rearing

Corporal punishment is defined as " the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain to correct or control the child's behavior". The physical punishment of children is a widespread practice in Tonga and many Tongans view it as an important part of traditional society that is [>]

Features of india’s sarva shiksha abhiyan

The SSA programme is also an attempt to provide an opportunity for improving human capabilities to all children, through provision of community-owned quality education in a mission mode.1. 2 AIMS OF SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the 6 to [>]

High school’s sex education necessity

Although in the middle of 1980's somebody attempted to carry on sex education in senior middle school of some large cities, but the crisis of sex education in senior middle school is increasingly severe after twenty years. For social stability and student's lifelong happiness, strengthening the management of sex education in senior middle [>]

Why add two years?

I could say K+12 Curriculum is a good program of the department of education since it is presented that it will decongest and enhance the basic education curriculum. It was also mentioned in the AVP the benefits of this curriculum such as; The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program will be instrumental in achieving [>]

Running heading: achievement gap in schools

The Achievement Gap in Schools and What Can Be Done to Close it The gap in achievement that separates disadvantaged students and students of color from less disadvantaged students has been the focus of discussion in schools for nearly 40 years. The achievement gap will be narrowed if we as a society become [>]

What makes a good teacher?

To teach or not to teach that is the question Teacher is not only a person, who should teach, it is a person who must lead the pupil on the way to the knowledge. To be a good teacher is a talent and a miracle.

Cristina’s paper

All I thought about was when I grow up I will go to school and become one of the great teachers. Being a mother at such a young age changed my plans, I had to take a different approach to ensure that when my children are old enough I would return to school [>]

Room arrangement

Running head: CLASSROOM ARRANGEMENT Classroom Arrangement and Rationale EDU 320/Classroom Management Classroom Arrangement and Rationale Classroom arrangement is the first step to a successful learning environment and the first step to successful classroom management. A good classroom arrangement will create a stability and flow to the classroom making learning into a wonderful experience.

Standardized testing vs. education through freedom

Instead of " educating through the practice of freedom , standardized tests like the Regents in New York and the MCAS in Massachusetts, " educates [students] as the practice of domination , limiting them to a strict, inanimate curriculum. Contrary to Freire's problem-posing philosophy of teaching, the idea of the MCAS seems to [>]

Mr lazarus kayazi

A new site, will help raise the status of teachers in our society, thank the teachers who have made a difference, and encourage more of the brightest and most passionate college graduates to consider a career in teaching. The site is a partnership of, which helps teachers get the classroom supplies [>]

A lesson well taught

I feel that is a good summary of the two different methods of learning that Atticus and Miss Caroline, characters from Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird, have. That is the true meaning of bravery, according to Atticus.

How to be effective at teaching and learning

In order to be effective at teaching and learning, a teacher has to address all the phases of the teaching cycle: In my own role as a language tutor at the Dutch Flemish Institute in Cairo, I was involved in all stages of this cycle. The interview was simultaneously a tool to check [>]

Social system of the school

The structural functional approach see the school environment is essentially an array of roles and status of different, each of which is concentrated in one part of a legal power that drives the structural power of orientation in order to achieve certain goals. Meanwhile, the conflict approach emphasizes the portion of the subjective [>]

A worst teacher

I remember once my classmate Henry and I got a fight on the second floor of our school's hostel. I know the fact is Henry cut my calf, and Mr.

Effective teacher

Twelve Characteristics of an Effective Teacher A Longitudinal, Qualitative, Quasi-Research Study of In-service and Pre-service Teachers' Opini For fifteen years, the presenter has engaged college students in discussions and writing assignments that pertain to the outstanding characteristics of their most effective teachers " effective meaning that these teachers made the most significant impact [>]

Mariel dela cruz

They devise a scheme to share Ali's Converse sneakers: Zahra will wear them to school in the morning and return them to Ali at midday so he can attend afternoon classes. He found a solution, a footrace competition was held between schools and he was determined to get at least the 3rd price, [>]

Understanding bullying

Both teachers and parents need to teach the children that bullying others just, because there is a new student or another child that they do not like is not always the way to go. When children are in school they are around other children and there may be that one child that some [>]