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What does rossetti’s poetry convey about the position of women in victorian society essay sample

Where the lord of the manor had had an affair, with the narrator, who is anonymous to the reader, he then married the narrator's cousin. But in Maude Clare Thomas had to marry Nell, because she was pregnant with Thomas' baby, and also the Nell is same status as Thomas.

Poetic techniques vocabulary

He had known that his superior was not going to be happy but this was starting to look like he was going to be seriously displeased. He had known that his superior was not going to be happy but this was starting to look like he was going to be seriously displeased.

World war one poets jessie pope and wilfred owen

Owen managed to expose the war through poetry but was unfortunately killed in the last week of the war; nevertheless he managed to expose the harsh reality of World War One. Owen has used a tone of sorrow and to persuade the reader to not join the war".

A poison tree: poetry prescription essay sample

A Comparison Essay on ' A Poison Tree' and ' Envy' In this essay, i will be comparing the two poems; ' A Poison Tree' and ' Envy'. First, I will find the similarities and differences of the language in the poems, and then the structure.

Production and function of poetry in “darius”

Through a comparison of these moments in the historical poem " Darius" with the critical essays of the author, we may explore how Cavafy the critic stands in relation to the speaker-poet in the poem, and how Cavafy the poet inhabits various positions in relation to his critical identity by way of analyzing [>]

An examination of the poetry of anne bradstreet

Prologue Summary-Anne is humble, believing that she is not good as men, but believes women still deserve a chanceHow does Bradstreet view herself in comparison to other poets or writers of the time?-She does not believe she is as talented as other people of her timeWhat is Bradstreet's concept of Art?-Art is inspiring [>]


Bruce Flohr ENG 104 March 30th War as a Theme in Two Poems from World War I War is as old as mankind, and so is poetry, so it should come as no surprise that war is often used as a theme in poetry. Thomas chooses to focus on the uplifting hope of [>]

Poet end one day. it is necessary

It is necessary to think about it at young age to be able to enjoy every phase of life". So it is better to enjoy this life in young age.

Epic poetry and beowulf

In the poem Beowulf tells of his previous courageous actions in destroying a tribe of giants, defeating sea monsters in the night and returning from battle covered in his enemies blood. Beowulf is warning the dragon that he is about to face a fierce battle to the death.

Aesthetic differences between chinese and western poetry

The reader of the poem sees the similarity in the natural description and the human condition, and comes to a new awareness of each by this contrast. Secondly, from a lingual perspective, the languages of poem is quite succinct and the information in one unit structure.

Poetry analysis

In " Batter my heart, three-personed God, for You", John Donne uses the poetic devices of tone and rhythm to emphasize the desire and passion the speaker has for growing closer to God. The use of internal rhyme is being used in " The Flea"- making it easier to understand the theme and [>]

The blues of langston hughes and his importance in modern poetry

In addition to race and racism playing a key role as to why he is not read as often as he should, powerful critics and scholars often show little interest in black America, and as a result his work is not celebrated in the way it should be. It often follows the form [>]


The imagery used in Those Winter Sundays leaves little doubt, for the reader, that the father is of the working class and used to performing difficult labor. Those Winter Sundays manages to clearly define the love of a father in relation to his child.

Coleridge’s use of precise observations of the natural world to convey wider thematic ideas in his poetry

Equally the repetition of the word " Lewti" five times in the opening two stanza's as well as the repetition of natural imagery such as the " rock" and the " stream" adds a sense of a natural monotonous charm to the poem suggesting an air of peacefulness and restfulness. This double meaning [>]

Romanticism poet

This is what he wants to show to the world: a music unparalleled, in which joy flows like a river of happiness from a " spirit" of nature, the skylark. Shelley argues that imagination is the source of sympathy, compassion and love, and it is with these weapons he was set about to [>]

Poetry of wilfred owen

c)In continuous prose, write an account of this poem, showing how the techniques used created the effects that lead to your interpretation of the meaning of the poem. The effect the poem has on the reader gives rise to feelings about the content.

Literature: poetry and verse drama flashcard

Philippine literature is the literature associated with the Philippines and includes the legends of prehistory, and the colonial legacy of the Philippines. Most of the notable literature of the Philippines was written during the Spanish period and the first half of the 20th century in Spanish language.

Evaluate the ways in which poets manage to create profound significance between an apparently simple form of poetry essay

Weaved into a simple rhyming couplet at the very start of " The Wife's" prologue it is a striking start to the poem which immediately lets the reader know how risky the narrator is going to be, and creates the significant image of somebody rating anything more important than the bible. The simple [>]

Criticisms of poetry in plato’s republic

In Plato's Republic, Socrates' ability to maintain control of the ideal city is upheld by the banishment of poetry and is essential to the protection and survival of the city. In summary, Socrates equates the soul and the city, stating that the destruction of the soul will be followed by the demise of [>]

“in mrs tilscher’s class”: self-discovery and versatile poetic technique

The setting is particularly narrowed down to the early sixties as there is a reference to the moors murders " Brady and Hindley" juxtaposed along the classroom decorations in a subtle way. The metaphor of the ' heavy sexy sky' actually is a reference to discovering a new world of sexual behaviour in [>]

Birdsong and the penguin book of first world war poetry

Furthermore, the homefront and the soldiers contrast as they both show a lack of understanding during the war period with specific mention to the battle of the Somme. The poems that were written during the war era explain the change in attitude between the soldiers at the war to those at home, as [>]

Poetry terms ( eye rhyme)

The repetition in this type of rhyme is not in the spelling like it is usually in other types of rhyme schemes but in the pronunciation. This type of rhyming according to poets and other poetry experts is usually highly conventional that is represented in a highly symbolic form yet it is simplified [>]

Finalizing kgositsile keorapetse william south african poet english literature essay

In 1961, under considerable pressure both for himself and as part of a government effort to shut down New Age, Kgositile was urged by the African National Congress, of which he was a vocal member, to leave the country, thus becoming one of the first young ANC members instructed to do so by [>]

English poetry

1st Assignment for Grade 11/12 English POETRY Please read over all three poems below several times." Hope" is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson " Hope" is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all And sweetest in the [>]

Icarus poetry analysis flashcard

The setting of " Icarus" by Fields transmits the ultimate irony in this poem the fact that such a mundane modern world is mixed with the glorious splendor and adventure of the past. He wants a sense of power and a sense of supremacy as shown by the fact that he tries to [>]

Free critical thinking on wiesel

Once one has belonged to the world of the dead, they will always do, that is why when one survives death the chance he/she has is only to speak to and for them. When people of every kind are murdered, they belong to the dead and lose their position amongst mortals.

Gothic poetry draft essay sample

In the initial line of Edgar Allan Poe's poem " The Raven," suspense is created more than once, because the fact that the reader does not know what's making the person in the poem weak. The narrator thinks it can help him but the raven only answers with the enigmatic word ' nevermore.' [>]

How to express poetic in architecture philosophy essay

It's explained that architecture it has to express the poetic of its building, where means express the way of thinking to let us as a human to experience the important value in the space. And what are the elements in architecture that we can use to express the simple message of poetic in [>]

Poetry review essay

The first stanza describes how Graves expects the war to be remembered twenty years after the event: the wounds have healed and the blind and handicapped men forget the injuries the war caused, as their memories are blurred by the distance of time; " The one-legged man forgets his leg of wood". The [>]

Poetry college essay

A metaphor of her life as it has been in the past when her husband lived; alive and colorful. As she continues to look at the beautiful life around her, the colors in the trees and bushes it gives her a brief but sought after break from her emotional state.

Pre 19th century poetry essay essay sample

The poet of First Love feels very strongly about his love stealing his heart and this is comparable to A Birthday. The poet of A Birthday feels that her love is superior to all others and this is represented with words that illustrate status.

Gothic themes in brontë’s wuthering heights, stoker’s dracula, and poe’s poetry

This can also be seen even today in the writings of novelists such as Angela Carter in her novel, The Bloody Chamber, and this can aid us in exploring the importance and profundity of the Gothic genre today. Stoker uses the visual imagery ' red eyes' like ' burning flames' to emphasise this [>]

The importance of the prologue: poetry and politics in “confessio amantis”

The conflict between the old and the new, and between tradition and ambition is evident throughout the Prologue, emphasized by the poet's constant nostalgic comparisons between the utopian situation of " tho" and the failure of " now". The poet is society's " rememberer" who seeks to charm people out of their melancholy [>]

Animating the teaching of poetry

When I got one of my first-year English classes this year, I decided to go back in time and think about how I thought Poetry in my year one PME and honestly, I think I murdered it. The students watching the experiment seemed to enjoy it more than the students tasting the lemon [>]

Sama’ in rumi’s poetry

According to Rumi, music is in the heart of the universe, or as he says, " melodies are derived from the turning of the spheres". Sama' is a literal expression of the same yearning for God that Rumi expresses in his poems.

In ‘sick equation’ the poet explores his experience love essay sample

In this poem he rejects the concept of love and implies that it is better it be free, without the burden of love.' Mirror' is about how a woman is looking for her identity after betrayal from her lover. In complete contrast the meaning of ' Mirror' is that a woman got betrayed [>]

World war 1 poetry

At the beginning of the 20th century the world was at the brink of destruction, greed had overcome many of the nations as the earth plummeted in turmoil and anarchy. Who wants a turn to himself in the show...who wants a seat in the stand? ' it almost gives the reader a sense [>]

Poetry is seizing life by the throat: analysis of “london”

They took advantage of the freedom of words and used poetry to express their views and opinions on social and personal issues, which was most effectively done through the usage of vibrant language." London" by William Blake is one such example of a poet using aggressive language to express his dissatisfaction with the [>]

The valiant past vs. the banal present in modernist poetry

It is a reaction to the events of the time and a new way for artists to express without confining to the conventional. He stresses that the capitalistic, modern ways of society have led this heroic past and the romanticism of Ireland to the grave.

Chinese classical poetry

However, despite Zhangs callous abandoning of her, and the excuses he gives for his behavior, Ying-ying finally gets her revenge and manages to retake control over her own life. The other two items she sends also represent her own feelings and seem to insult him for his lack of care for others.

The nature poet: william wordsworth

He makes us conscious of it through our senses, and feeling as we do, we ask " What is it? " In all things, in all Nature, in the stars Of azure heaven, the unenduring clouds, In flower and tree, in every pebbly stone That paves the brooks; the stationary rocks, The moving [>]

What natural influences did blake and wordsworth respond to in their poetry?

The enlightenment of France had drastically changed the views of the middle and lower classes of French society to the point where they had demanded intervention from the government, taking full advantage of the crisis France was enduring to get it. It is important to note that the estates general was composed of [>]

One of the main characteristics of metaphysical poetry

With " by hymns, all will approve/ Us unionized for love" The hyperbole of all will approve emphasizes the scale of what is happening and us cannonaded for love recognizes the prominence of the love between the two Individuals." Let me love" Is a line that has been repeated throughout the entire poem, [>]

Referring to first world war poetry, explain who was the real enemy

These are the people worrying about their husbands, brothers and fathers, the people who are waiting to know whether they have lost a family member, the people who are proud of their men or otherwise ashamed, the people who use the word " coward" as a weapon to force their men to fight. [>]

Wilfred owen war poetry

Owen uses personification and emphasis in his poetry to allow his emotions and thoughts to be branded into the minds of the readers and to allow them to grasp the sense of pithiness of war. In conclusion, Owens poetic insights in Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth allow readers to [>]

Ekphrastic poetry

But it is the poet in each of these ten poems who attempts to capture the magic of each respective painting, that make the intersection of art and writing so interesting. The most interesting part was in the third stanza when it seemed as though the author was alluding to the fact that [>]

Discussing greek epic poetry english literature essay

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, biographical criticism, while no longer used by scholars, still remains relevant, as it holds strong ties to the claim wherein it states that in order to evaluate a fictional text, the reader should focus on the biography of the author, as the life and experiences of the author will [>]

An medieval poet

A piece of medieval literature that consisted of pilgrims telling two tales on the way to Canterbury and two more on the way back. The Pardoner from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, tells a story in the form of a sermon, an exemplum, to be exact.

Warming the world with the stroke of a pen: how donne’s powerful poetry can alleviate mankind’s existential woes

In many of the metaphysical poems in John Donne's literary canon, the poet assumes a voice that, as John Carey describes "...communicates itself through the dictatorial attitudes [he] adopts, through the unrelenting argumentativeness of his manner, and through the manipulation and violent combination of the objects of a sensed world in his imagery". [>]

Is poetry dangerous for human society philosophy essay

In Homer's Odyssesy, the gods, such as Zeus and Athena, are depicted as tricky and full of deceit; Socrates claims all of Homer's references about the nature of the gods as false because the gods are not capable of evil doings and do not want to alter themselves because " each of them [>]

William and poet who lived during the

Shakespeare was a leading member of the group from 1594 forthe rest of his career. Shakespeare's plays and poems have become a required part ofeducation in the United States.

Introduction artists, pilgrims, romantic poets and mercenaries

Its neighbors include France Switzerland and Austria to the north, Slovenia along the Alps, and the Italian Peninsula, the islands Sicily, and Sardinia to the south in the Mediterranean ocean. Most of the Alps in Italy are composed of the rock dolomite.

Comparison of great poets english literature essay

McKay's accomplishments in the early part of the twentieth century paved the way for the Harlem Renaissance becoming respected by the younger African American poets.Mr. Both Langston Hughes and Claude Mckay write poems where they talk about the life of African Americans and their struggles while living in Harlem, take for instance Mr.

The tension displayed in w.b yeats’ poetry

I can identify, as many others can, with his longing to escape the pressures of civilisation and with his desire to possess the courage his heroes did. Perhaps the clearest example of Yeats' ideal world is shown in one of his most well-known...

Poetry interpretation

Therefore, the man is trapped and must succumb to the ongoing torment of his existence in its present state. Not happy with his life, and not happy with the alternatives, he is stuck in limbo as a slave to his relationship with his lover.

Ambiguity in emily dickinon’s poetry

In the poem " I heard a Fly buzz when I died-", Dickinson proposes answers to the question of the existence of divinity in the world. In the negative reading, the poem tells the tale of the anti-climax in the belief of divinity.

Exploring and analyzing the relationships in a series of ‘best word’s’ poems essay sample

In ' I Shall Return', it seems that he is trying to convince himself that he will return, ' to loiter by the streams' and ' to hear the fiddle and fife', he's trying to give himself hope that he will return to the place he loves, where there is no judgment just [>]

How the poets of happy is england now in the anthology up the line to death present world war i

This fact is very important to Gardner; in the introduction to the anthology, he describes the war as a ' tragedy'. In the poems " Happy." and " England..".the ' bad bits' of the war are skated over to an extent, and euphemisms are used instead to portray the war; an interesting fact [>]

What you have found of interest in the poetry of robert browning

This shows that the council is denying the piper his money and it also shows the affect of the rhyme that has been used and how it helps to keep the poem flowing well and in Porphria's Lover murder is committed for love. The poem is also written using enjambment which, as well [>]

Ovid and horace: poetry for augustus

Augustus's main objective in his rule as Princeps of Rome was to create an image of himself as the bringer of peace, prosperity, and fertility to Rome. 1 and Ovid in his Tristia explain necessary qualities of poetry under Augustus's rule Horace enumerating virtues of the poet and his art, and Ovid using [>]

Ozymandias poetry analysis essay sample

Found in the multitude of Romantic themes and made with a great combination of literary devices, the subject is is the eternal human desire to leave something behind, to overcome the mortality, and to leave an evidence of existence. The fact that nobody is there to fear the power of the unexistent kingdom, [>]

Discussion of rossetti’s poetry: ‘remember’, ‘a birthday’, and ‘amor mundi’

A strong sense of voice is established in the first line, " Remember me when I am gone away", as if the narrator of the poem, presumably a representation of Rossetti herself, is speaking directly to the reader and addressing herself in first person. This is immediately followed and reinforced by the next [>]

Poetry evaluation: significance in “bearded barley”

To begin, in the first two couplets the poet uses visual imagery to describe the appearance of barley as it grows. Braden blew up the details of the barley in order to convince the audience that it is significant and extraordinary.

At a potato digging and blackberry picking, poetry analysis

The title of this poem is short and to the point " Poem for Marie" in this Heaney uses the noun Poem to represent him and the poetry that he writes and " Marie" is representing his wife. In the first stanza Heaney says " Love, I will perfect for you the child", [>]

About was an english poet who lived

Speaker: A child In the form of question and answerLamb is a symbol of Jesus; gentle and peacefulLine 14: symbol of Jesus Line 1: uses an alliteration, " little" Lamb, it is treated like a pet The speaker approaches God and the image of natureRepetition in both stanzas gives the poem a song [>]

A comparative analysis of black poetry in america: maya angelou and solange

Both Maya Angelou's poem " Still I Rise" and Solange's song " Do not Touch my Hair" illustrate different stages in the African-American struggle with otherization of their identity." Still I Rise" iterates many examples of how African-Americans have been oppressed by the dominant white culture, punctuating each example with their ability to [>]

Emily dickinson’s poetry

Nevertheless, Dickenson emphasizes the circle of life, the decadence, and hope in rebirth of the social consciousness: " After Great Pain a Formal Feeling comes", " As freezing person recollect the Snow First Chill then Stupor then the letting go". Emily Dickinson " After Great Pain a Formal Feeling comes"," I Felt a [>]

The many poetic legs of nikki giovanni’s “allowables”

Audiences reading the poem's first line can make the assumption that the speaker has important information to share surrounding the death of this spider. The speaker's role in this poem is very significant to the evolution of the poem's plot.

Enlargement of vision: the power of dialectical opposites in william blake’s poetry

Two such examples of dialectically opposite poems are " The Lamb," featured in " Songs of Innocence," and " The Tyger," featured in " Songs of Experience"." The Lamb" speaks to a child-like faith, whereas " The Tyger" features the questionings of a more experienced person. Blake commonly uses voices of children to [>]

Dead poets society: the powerful thought of individuality

The movie Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir captures the incredible role romanticism and embracement of truth on an individual's life, separating the ability to enjoy life from the mechanical ability to live. Truth in the Dead Poet's Society is not a matter of what the environment surrounding an individual expects, but rather [>]

There’s travel for pleasure and pleasure alone. poets

The more you travel and experience new places, the more open your mind will be. Travel can be used as a temporary escape from the stressors of your life, and can rejuvenate your mind.

Retrenching morality vs. poetic imagination

Yet, in ' The Lords of Limit', Geoffrey Hill seems to create a lucid dichotomy between Swift as the ' moralist' and Swift as the ' artist', and although Hill admits Swift in his poetry ' to be at once resistant and reciprocal' to human corruption, he seems to be reluctant to acknowledge [>]

Identity and isolation from society: evaluating emily dickinson’s poetry and ‘spirited away’

Chihiro replies to this: ' I would like to leave, sir; there's some place I need to go to right away, please.' By challenging the norms of her society and rejecting the gold, Chihiro rejects the idea of using material objects to construct the worth of herself, instead focusing on her own values [>]

Poetic analysis of to a sad daughter written by michael ondaatje essay sample essay

In order to do the connexion between the author's motivation in the verse form.and its effectivity through analysis- 1 must first understand the context of the verse form. Ondaatje.with his usage of the more abstract poetic devices.has created a fantastic verse form that is highly effectual.

Allama iqbal was not a mere poet

In this book she discussed the true purpose and nature of poets in the light of Iqbal and Eliot's work. One of the quotations explaining the importance of poets in a society is as follows, The nature of a poet is entirely searching He is the creator and cherisher of wishes The poet [>]

An intellectual insight to discovery in gray’s poetry anthology ‘coast road’ and kate chopin’s short narrative

Gray's poem ' The Meatworks' unveils the affronting and unsettling nature of humans treatment of animals of the abbatoir. The powerful epiphany in the ' Meatworks' uses zoomorphism and detail to intensify the horror of the confronting scenes on the abattoir.

Theorizing awareness of performance poetry: a close listening of “the blue roofs of japan”

The rhyme, alliteration or the poet's delivery is associated to the understanding of the message, however, the evaluation of sound as its own is regularly falls between the cracks. In the interest of hypothesizing the aforementioned supplemental effects of the performance in contrast with the text, a critical listening of the poem is [>]

Literary devices and their use in poetry

The study guide suggests that selective deviation occurs in a work where the majority of the language used is conventional, but the poet will select a word, phrase or sentence and rearrange the syntax so that the particular word, phrase or sentence is accentuated. The lines of the poem are spaced in such [>]

Compare and contrast the sentiments of the two poets in villegiature and a woman to her lover essay

The room is a metaphor for the woman's mind and the ghost is a metaphor for her memory of the man. A Woman to Her Lover" is a poem concentrating on how a woman has decided that she does not want to be like all the other women of her time and be [>]

Romantic poets & the poetic problem of representing london

As Michael Ferber comments, ' The Romantics looked everywhere to the guilds of the Middle Ages, to the cities of Ancient Greece, to the tribes of ' noble savages' in America of Tahiti, to the clans of Scotland, even to the mysterious Gypsies for models uncorrupted by capitalism and cash.' Yet for poets [>]

Hughes, plath, and the poetry of “bleak and disturbing” relationships

The time period of ' morning' could perhaps be metaphorically alluding to the idea of beginnings- the start of a whole life for the child, and the commencement of a different life for the new parents. The speaker's comparison of herself to a ' cloud' which ' distills a mirror' could be read [>]

John clare was a poet, born and raised in the age of romanticism

I am" is a very deep poem which is an exploration of the inner soul, the turmoil which is raging inside his mind, body and spirit. The poet itself has rhythm and is precise, it has feeling and a beat to it.

The signification of emotion, drama and unhurried poetic writing style in the lyrical stories of alistair macleod

The discursively unhurried nature of MacLeod's stories traverses the intensity and poignance of moments of existential revelation and reflection on the past. The poetic and emotive nature of MacLeod's work hence reveals the indomitable intensity of familial and romantic love.

Romeo and juliet, and war poetry comparison paper

Baz Lurhmann shows at the start of the film two sky high building with ' Montague' and ' Capulet' in bold lettering at the top, this shows how the two families have a lot of rivalry, such as in the business world of today's society which a lot of people can relate to [>]

Georgian poetry was characterized by hazy idealism

Walter De La Mare's description of the soldiers as " warriors" and Sassoon's use of " happy legion" are clearly far from the truth but are nonetheless effective in softening the mood and hiding the grim reality of the British army. The personification of the " earth" in Sassoon's, Owen's and De La [>]

Discovery and reassessment in the poetry of robert gray

The repetition of ' and' and a conjunctive line opening as " the train that booms and cracks" reinforce the transitive nature and immediacy of the persona's physical discovery of the landscape, whilst stop consonants draw attention to the urgency and suddenness of the situation. However Gray also likens those who fail to [>]

Anne bradstreet: wife, mother and poet

In her anthology The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America, Anne Bradstreet focuses on her most dominant concerns, the family and the woman's roles as wife and mother. These tenets, which are biblically supported, are reflected in Bradstreet's poems, " Before the Birth of One of Her Children," " To My Dear [>]

Compare how poets present the effects of conflict in belfast confetti

" Belfast Confetti" and " Yellow Palm" " Belfast Confetti" and " Yellow Palm" are both majorly set around the imagery language used, and the effects of the devastation happening to the communities. Seen in the quote:" As I made my way down Palestine Street, I heard the call to prayer, and I [>]

Reading response: poetry and performance

In some ways, it restricts the individual possibilities of alternate ways of reading it, but it also liberates the reader to a new experience where the original essence of the poem is retained in the passionate rendition of it by its creator. I had formed an auditory impression of the poem by even [>]

Claude mckay:the power and duality in his poetry

By probing ' America' and ' If We Must Die', one discovers how McKay builds upon Du Bois' concept of " Double consciousness" which is shown through his adoration and frustration for America in the former poem and repulsion in the latter, ergo giving a voice to Black Americans to discuss the subtle [>]

How far does wilfred owen’s poetry convey the realities of war essay sample

This is to create the image of the soldiers gaunt and starving and in need of help. The pace of the first stanza is slow and Wilfred Owen uses a caesura, which is a pause to reflect the slowness of the soldiers walking.

Adrienne rich’s evolution as a poet

The final couplet, " The tigers in the panel she has made/will go on prancing, proud and unafraid" gives the poem a cyclical nature, thus drawing the attention of the reader back to the tigers' fearlessness, further accenting Aunt Jennifer's fearful confined life. Even though the cop is supposed to be the gallant [>]