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The concept of nihilism and existentialism

This is genuine both for the record of history's relationship to realness and that of movement and aloofness. To the exclusion of everything else, nothing is the thing that produces in us a sentiment of fear.

Explore the theme of kingship and ruling in sophocles’ antigone.

This puts Creon in a state of authority not only over the mores his son must live by, but the way his son is formed as a human being, which is eerily reminiscent of the divine authorities and the power of the fates to write out a person's destiny. In a sense, Creon [>]

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The main idea on love in phaedrus’ speech and how socrates’ ideas contrast with or challenge phaedrus’

Here then brought out one of the idea of love by Phaedrus, love make people a better person, holding back shameful act, lovers and the love guiding each other, pushing each other to a higher level, that's what Phaedrus want to tell us that, love can bring improvement to a mankind, by lovers [>]

Philosophy: logic and god essay

Next is the teleological argument which is based on the apparent order and design of the cosmos and the purposive nature of things in the world. For me, I believe that there is God the creator of all things.

The philosophy theory as described by bertrand rusell

In this case, we ask about what Russell thinks the value of philosophy is, and, much more importantly, why he finds it necessary to explain it to us, in the first place. What does that mean, to enlarge the self, since it seems to be the main value of philosophy that Russell is [>]

Kant vs descartes

As for Kant, the concept of the ' thing in itself' can best be understood in terms of his treatment on the distinction between the noumenal or rational world and the spatiotemporal world. Immanuel Kant, on the other hand, espouses the idea of noumenon as synonymous with the ' thing in itself', which [>]

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Types of governments essay

This process of social decline that makes us identify the cause of the fall of a just city is the same injustice created by the selfishness of the rulers which only require collaboration by citizens, that Is, a forced suppression part of them, which only defines itself injustice. An easier way to Identify [>]

What in my essay, i will take two

What is the true purpose of the religion? There is the myriad of thoughts about the true target of the religion, but the mostgeneral one is that the largest religions teach usto noble qualities such as love, peace, moral and justice.

During the conception of god, whether among philosophers

Alternatively, God is ' impossible union of the for-itself with the in-itself.' 5 On the one hand, God is whole, being-in-itself, on the other hand, as theists conceive him, God is conscious, being-for-itself. Being-for-itself is in constant change because of the desire to be not what it is7.

Plato and aristotle: a comparison

Aside from the well-known allegory of the cave, Plato used a number of other metaphors to explain his metaphysical views, such as the metaphor of the sun, and the divided line. Aristotle agreed with Plato's notion that the immaterial and the material were distinctly separate entities; however, he states that forms exist in [>]

Carl jung’s biography and works

Talking to his doctor, his mother and father feared for the worst and believed he would never succeed in the future. The childhood of Jung was not a happy one it seems, with a depressed mother and a father never really there for him.

Niccolo machiavelli’s book, the prince: the modern politics

He also believes that it is not in the public interest for a prince to be generous, because this will result in higher taxes in order to fund the prince's donations, while a more stingy prince is able to keep taxes down because he is not spending as much. Machiavelli's own justification of [>]

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Sartre’s criticisms on human essence in the light of aristotle’s philosophy

In a way, Sartre reverses the logic of human essence i.e, human actions does not flow from one's own essence; instead, human essence is molded by the actions that we as persons commit to doing. The point in contention here lies in arguing that human freedom, contrary to Sartre's arguments, cannot be taken [>]

Man as more complex than a machine as depicted in chapter five of rene descartes discourse on the method

There are a number of animals who have the organs necessary to speak the language of man, but they still lack the mind to understand how to speak with the words man uses. Instead, Descartes relates the actions of animals to the reactions of a machine to a stimulus, as the animal is [>]

Is aristotle the father of logic

Plato presumed that the " ideal" form of an person or animal is the result of a " sensory" world and that every man knew and understood his place in life. Whereas Aristotle believed that the " form" consisted of several characteristics together as a whole, which eventually was proven and known as [>]

Utilitarianism by john stuart mill’s: a study of how

By saying that justice is necessary for a functioning and harmonious society, it proves that in order for there to be utility, there must be conformity to law. And when someone does something that is morally wrong, they must be punished for it because people must always get what they deserve in adherence [>]

Aristotle the matter. however, the two disagreed

Plato feels that it is the mandate of the philosophers to examine and understand the forms. Plato supports his idea by saying that the body was only a hindrance to the success and development of the soul.

Summary of plato’s “protection of socrates”

Socrates' contention was one of a kind in that he endeavored to persuade the jury he was only a normal man and not to be dreaded, but rather, in reality, exhibited how sharp and persevering he was. The first being that he believes he is taking the necessary steps of the divine beings, [>]

Foucault – power/knowledge

The point is how power was supported by knowledge in the functioning of institutions of punishment." He places the body at the centre of the struggles between different formations of power/knowledge. That is the basis of Foucault's idea about knowledge and power as oneness and the reason for why is important to think [>]

Summary and analysis of kant’s essay “what is enlightenment”

Private reason is related to the reasoning of a large group of people that form an organization. Private reason is related to the reasoning of a large group of people that form an organization.

Nature versus nurture : a question of behavior essay

Nature refers to the innate abilities, personality, and patterns of behavior that a human being is born with. In the opposite approach, if nurture or environment is the factor that determines a person's personality and behavior then any individual placed within the right environment has the ability to be good.

Mathematical and philosophical ideas of pythagoras

There also was a theory that he was married to a woman named Theano but others believed that it was one of his students that he was the teacher for. This was one of the many things that Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans were able to figure out the official connection with music and [>]

The philosophy of education: dewey vs. counts

Counts wants students to be critical thinkers and find the purpose of why we do things. Other than that, these are the goals Dewey and Counts aim to reach through their educational philosophies.

The life and ideas of carl jung

As a result of his research, Jung included the concept of archetypes in his personality theory and the distinction of a collective unconscious. Thirdly, this researcher would challenge Jung to test his theories of archetypes and the unconscious in a lab.

Tyrannies and tyrant in “the prince” by niccolò machiavelli

This helps in the creation of a better image of the Tyrant so the Tyrant can still be in power. Machiavelli continues to explain that the prince or the ruler needs to prioritize the aspects of his agenda in order to keep power and should ignore factors simply for the ideals.

Descartes’ second meditation

He claims that whether or not he is being deceived is not important, rather the fact that he is able to be deceived or not be deceived confirms that he does indeed exist. To conclude Descartes found the certain belief that he existed and all other who think exist, therefore Skepticism being true [>]

Plato and the idea of truth

However, Aristotle's words were remembered by many and he has taken a leading role in correspondence theory formed from his words " To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what [>]

Peter abelard’s autobiography, history of my misfortunes: how abelard related with heloise

Abelard focuses on the nature of human and divine love in his writings; also, he shows us problems in relationships that were present in a society at his time in an attempt to find the resolution of the personal tragedy of both characters that are described in Historia calamitatum and personal letters. In [>]

Descartes’ dualistic conception of human nature

The cogito basically states that we are existing to the point in which we can think; however, when looking at the body we cannot be entirely certain that this is real in the sense that the physical things around us can all be imagined with the use of our minds. The thinking aspect [>]

Sophocles’ antigone

His intelligence and stateliness is worthy of that of a king, so his doom fills the readers with pity and fear, which is the essence of a tragedy. A woman can also be a tragic hero so long as she meets the criteria set for a tragic hero, and Antigone meets all the [>]

Aquinas and dante: perfecting human reason

The Pilgrim's experiences on his journey through the afterlife reflect what Aquinas called the, " two-fold truth concerning the divine being, one to which the inquiry of reason can reach, the other which surpasses the whole ability of human reason". In Virgil Dante finds a guide capable of explaining and illuminating the conceptual [>]

Plato, aristotle, and moses

The book of Genesis to the end of the book of Kings is not only revelation in the form of a narrative, but can be seen as a work of reason, and politicalphilosophy. Adam and Eve's questioning by the Father: " Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord [>]

Pythagorean theorem: the heart of mathematics

In this part of the essay you will learn the timeline of the Pythagorean theorem and its Importance in history. This is not part of the Pythagorean theorem, but it can be used to help find all the side of the triangle.

Aquinas’ and st. anselm’s proofs of the existence of god

The first way of proving God's existence, according to the philosopher, is by means of observing motion; that is, everything in movement throughout the universe should prove to us that there is a Prime Mover of all things. The third way of proving the existence of God is by observing that everything in [>]

The eye-opening views of immanuel kant on people lives

Enlightenment is the ability for humans to think for themselves and the reason why there is a lack of Enlightenment is not from a lack of intellect, but from the lack of courage to think for oneself. Kant addressed the issues of what causes a lack of enlightenment among people, and all the [>]

Reviewing hannah arendit’s book, between past and future

It would be a grave mistake to not acknowledge the crisis we are in because this crisis in education is not really just of education but that of our economy, politics, society, and hence really our whole country. The crisis is most acute in America because of two reasons, and yet it is [>]

Aristotle notes

He finally reasons that " happiness.comes as a result of virtue and some process of learning or training, to be among the most godlike things; for that which is the prize and end of virtue seems to be the best thing in the world, and something godlike and blessed". Further, Aristotle accepts one [>]

Henri rousseau and karl marx’s philosophies and how they tackle the inequality issue

Therefore, it is obvious that the will of all is more democratic due to the fact that it takes into consideration what each and every individual has to say and then the one that has more votes at the end is accepted. As a conclusion, it is important to note that Rousseau and [>]

John locke’s view on granting legitimate political power

And the way to convey this gratitude is to obey the will of the state. I believe that what really grants the state legitimate political authority is the " Power" they as a collective have and what they use it for.

Theory of substance against theory of forms

In order to understand the relation of primary ousia and secondary ousia to the other categories, we must first understand the difference between something being ' said of' and something being ' said in' For something to be ' said of' it means that that thing can be said of a subject. In [>]

Philosophy: “explain the differences between plato and aristotle’s view of reality”.

Plato further believed that our physical world and its Forms participate or imitate the real Forms in a disorderly way. So knowledge of the form or essence is in effect knowledge of the thing's causes, of what explains why it is what it is.