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Example of essay on political issues and obama second term

The Iranian President, Ahmadinejad Mahmoud has criticized the military presence of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia that were deployed to counter the will of the citizens. The Iranian President feels the Sunni-led government in Bahrain is corrupt and backed by the U.S.because of its compliance and cooperation.

The significance of jerusalem in judaism essays example

Most of these rulers fought over Israel and the end result was the destruction of the city and more so the religious places that form the heart of Judaism. The destruction of the city of Jerusalem devastated the Jews and even after being driven out of Zion, they held it close and in [>]

Example of book review on political ideas of brower and wiktorowicz

The book, Islamic Activism: a social movement theory approach By Quintan Wiktoroqicz helps the readers in understanding various aspects of Islam and a number of changes that occurred in Islam and known as Islamic activism. The author has given a new dimension to the Islamic activism and Islamic social movements in this book, [>]

Muslim and christan attitiudes towards essay sample

When comparing and contrasting the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions' origins until about 1500, we notice there is a change in attitude over time in Christianity, while the attitude of Islam maintains continuity. The Christian view Changed from not accepting of wealthy merchants to advocating trade [>]

My son the fanatic

To me, it stresses that we are dealing with a critical issue, and that the author is taking a stand in the way he portrays this immigrant family. However, the big problem is Ali's lack of knowledge as he has never been taught the Koran, and that is why he becomes a fanatic.

Example of education, religious behavior & religious attendance of american muslims research proposal

A number of research questions have a valid impact on the effect of education on the religious behavior and religious attendance of Muslims in the United States. The most pertinent issues on this topic include:- What is the education level of the average Muslim in the United States?- How have education levels affected [>]

Whats under the dome on the rock research paper examples

Three of the most widespread religions in the world Judaism, Christianity and Islam claim to share one of the most controversial and coveted places in the world the spot currently occupied by the Muslim Dome of the Rock, formerly occupied by the Temple of Solomon. There are those who suggest that the reasons [>]

Human caring variations essays example

Visitation of in-patient in the Muslim community is frequently done with little control if the physicians on the frequency of visiting a patient. The number of visitors is not limited and therefore crowding of the patient's room or rather space in a hospital is not much of an issue in the Muslim community.

Quranic perspective of pluralistic society

The Quran states," O, Humankind! verily we have created you of a male and female; and we have distributed you in nations and tribes that you might know one another and recognize that, in the sight of Allah the most honorable of you is the most pious. Allah in the Quran is not [>]

Islam more than a religion

The negative image many people in the United States and Europe have of Islam and the Muslim world has a long history. Within Islam the believer use the Arabic word for God, Allah, to refer to the creator of the world and of all life within it.

Sample term paper on primary arguments by the authors

Democracy being non present in the Muslim world has led to the generation of several explanations that preceded the third wave that presented the difficulties in identification of Islamic leadership that was reputable as a democratic advocate as the question inevitably took the direction of the cultural issue. This is the respect that [>]

Example of book review on monsoon: the indian ocean and the future of american power

As I continued reading, I understand how some members of the SPDC, a Burmese junta, killed some members of the tribe along with rape cases against women within their tribe as Kaplan made an interview with a local clinic owner who treats wounded soldiers as well as the people who were uprooted from [>]

Survival guide hari raya

Totally up to you but try to follow some of the 20 tips I am going to share with you Nina bit. If you need to indulge in array food and o all out, stick to 10 out of the 30 days of the seawall.

Islamic pluralism: different views and responses to events

Due to the lack of unified defense identity of the Europeans, some movements called on the assistance of Americans and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to put a stop to Milosevic's ethnic cleansing. In the recent years, lives of those Muslim slaves were shared to a wider audience through books and films.

Example of relationship between religion in turkey and in georgia research paper

Additionally, there is a variation in the religious book used by the Georgian Christians and the Muslims in Turkey. The belief of marriage between the Christians of Georgia and the Muslims in Turkey is also different.

Example of islam in kazakhstan critical thinking

This leads to serious falsification of Islamic groups in the province, just as it did for the Uyghurs of the Xinjiang province under the Han government. The Han government due to its lack of recognition of the Islam followed by Uyghurs strongly controlled their activities including their Islamic education, which led to increased [>]

Look under description

With vast referencing to Allah in the various stories compiling The Arabian Nights, comparison of story to the teachings of the Quran are a warranted article for evaluation. Sura 24, Al-N r, of the Quran offers an excellent foundation to discover if the actions in the story coincide with the codes of conduct [>]

Sample book review on history of modern sexuality

Sexual inequality is the greatest focus of the author where he looks at the Moroccan community and the effects of modernization in the Islam order. The book contains two parts where the first part discusses the traditional Muslim view of women and the position they hold in the social order.

Religion as the framework of the human civilization critical thinking samples

1 Religion also became the basis for the existence of traditions such as the Onbashira in Japan; the Shinto believes that the kami resides in the Suwa Grand Shrine and the practice of log-riding is to ensure the prosperity of the Nagano province. The second part of the essay will discuss the similarities [>]

Analyzing racial and ethnics features of my identity research paper example

How boys and girls are raised in Somali a)Raised as per the norms of Islam religion i) Attend Quran teaching classes ii) Taught Arabic and farming b)Education was for the rich IV. I am 28 years of age and I live in the United States of America.

Essay on islamic banking

The following banks were opened up; Nasr Social Bank in 1971, Amanah Bank in 1973, the Dubai Islamic Bank in 1975, the Kuwait Finance House in 1977, the Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan in 1977, Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt in 1997, the Bahrain Islamic Bank 1979, and the Qatar Islamic Bank 1981. [>]

Example of research paper on malcolm x islamic movements

Malcolm X was stimulated by the teachings of Muhammad especially on the history of black people and their relations with the whites. The Death and Life of Malcolm X.

Allah’s miracles in quran

This book of guidance and wisdom calls man to the truth and instructs all human beings to adhere to the values which this mighty revelation contains. Since the message of the Qur'aan is believed to be for all times, it should be relevant to every age.

Example of jesus christ and prophet mohammed research paper

But certain opinions on the negative aspects of adherence to either of the Prophets and the conclusion on how to positively perceive both of them and their proposed religions depend on the author. The appearance of Jesus in front of his disciples, the recording of Bible and a series of Holy events were [>]

Hayaa or modesty in islam

The good Hay ' is to be ashamed to commit a sin or a thing which Allah and His Messenger has forbidden, and bad Hay ' is to feel ashamed to do a thing, which Allah and His Messenger ordered to do. There are many women in this society who claim that they [>]

The spread of islamic civilization

The Spread of Islamic Civilization The Islamic Civilization spread so extensively due to their excellent, organized, well paid warriors and the strength of their forces formed from their practices and belief methods. After years of hiding and gathering arms and followers Muhammad and his men made the to Mecca and demolished the polytheistic [>]

Free essay on religious pluralism and islam

Other similar religious beliefs propagated by both the Quran and Christian teachings in the bible include: the miraculous birth of Jesus, the belief that miracles do exist, the second coming of Jesus, the revelation of the gospel to Jesus among others. Such teachings show a similar orientation of religion and further led to [>]

Radical islam: it’s eeal threat to the whole world essay sample

These are strong statements because at the bottom of radical Islam is the killing or annihilation of non-Muslims which would ultimately culminate in the establishment of the hoped " just society" and will " constitute the end of history" with the Muslims as the remaining race because as believed by radical Islam, Allah [>]

Oral traditions of islam

The idea of Quran being the utmost important in authority is generally accepted in the Muslim religion. There is no other superior authority in the Sunni sect.of Islam then that of the Quran and the Hadith.

Religious studies research paper examples

Islam has regarded the Prophets as the intermediaries of God to the humanity and Muhammad, is considered as the last Prophet and the seal of Prophets. In a nutshell, Islam and Christianity are the two vital religions of the world.

Medical ethics and islam: principles and practice research paper

Although the Muslims are so strict and passionate about the issue of abortion, they do allow the termination of the pregnancy in the event where the mother's health is at risk. This is so because the sperm which fertilized the ovum is from a different man and not the husband of the woman [>]

Good essay about modern islamic thinkers respond to secularism

In the objective sense, there has been the exclusion of religious ceremonies, institutions and offices from the life of the public. Another thinker, Mawdudi, in his book Political Theory of Islam, argues that the Islamic stated is the all-embracing and universal.

Islam influence on humanitarian aid essay examples

These impacted on the lives of people through the freeing of slaves, expansion of the healthcare and educational system and support and care for the most vulnerable. Muslim religion perceives both the duty to assist and the acts of humanitarian as an obligation which binds all Muslims, the poor and the rich.


The Muslims showed a wonderful devotedness and reverential attachment to the Holy Qur'an and the person of the Holy Prophet, who passed away in 11 the 23rd year of his Prophetic mission when he was 63 years of age. Unlike the children of the neighbours he was never covetous of food, and [>]

Muslim persecution by the quraish

Muslim Persecution by the Quraish When the Holy Prophet declared Allah's message in public and called upon the people of Makkah to adopt Islam as their religion, he moved into a new stage in Islamic history. The declaration of the message changed the picture.


He is very hardworking and intelligent. He is my neighbour.

Religion essay aisha

Aisha Bint Abu Bakr was born on 615 CE and was the daughter of Abu Bakr and the wife of the prophet Muhammad. She had a large impact on the Islamic faith and contributed to the development and expression of Islam and may be considered an inspiration to Muslim women in today's society.

The middle east essay

The name Middle East is considered to be used for the first time during the period of British India by the English however the term became popular when an American novelist used this term in his novel to indicate the region between the India and Arabia. The religion which is mainly practiced in [>]

Equal opportunity laws in kuwait research paper examples

Even if article 29 of the constitution clearly stipulates that all the people are equal in public rights, human dignity, rights, freedoms and responsibilities within the law regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, age, condition and gender, lots of discriminative practices have persisted across the sectors of this diverse society. For instance, unlike [>]

Religious commonalities research paper sample

The beliefs, history and characteristics of Judaism, Christianity and Islam Judaism Judaism is said to have begun from the covenant between Abraham and God around 2000BC. All the three religions have a belief that the same God is the genesis and the foundation of all that exists on earth.

The impact of it to banking industry essay sample

Due to this, for Malaysian Muslims, leaving a wasiyyah is a crucial part of the Islamic estate planning, as the problem of estate in Malaysia is the most common problem cited in the literature as a result of not leaving a wasiyyah. 0Literature Review The significances of managing wealth are to avoid any [>]

Eid-ul-fitr essay sample

In the morning everybody gets up early in the morning to get ready to go to the mosque for the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer, which is followed by a big meal at home, and lastly, the gifts are exchanged. On the end of the twenty-ninth day of the fast, everybody gets out of the house [>]

The prophet muhammad (pbuh) and urbanization of madinah

This study aims, firstly, to help its readers identify and understand the essence, purpose and origins of the Islamic theory of general planning and development; secondly, to help its readers understand, appreciate and promote the extent of the Prophet's interest in the idea of planning and development and its objectives; and thirdly, to [>]

The role of cleanliness in islam religion

It was narrated by Abu Dawud that the Prophet Muhammad said, " The key to the prayer is cleanliness, its beginning is takbir and its ending is Salam." Hence, cleanliness is a requisite aspect of one's daily prayers and is therefore of vital importance in one's daily conduct. It is not an overstatement [>]

Islamic stud

The consensus of the ulama must be based on the Book of Allah, the instructions of the prophet, the actions and demonstrations of the prophet. But these have to occur with the framework of the Qur'an and the sunnah.


The Prophet replied: 'Your father'" In Islam, the primary role played by women is to be mothers, and mothers are considered the most important part of the family. The basic duty of women in Islam is of a housekeeper.

Good feminism and religion: exploring the role of women in the world religions research paper example

The study of women in world religions offers a big pool of arguments and opinions arguing that the stronger sex takes over the religious lead. The major branch of Christianity, the Catholic Church, teaches that " men and women are equal in the sight of God".

Example of critical thinking on the koran

Considering that Islam has the second largest following and is the fastest growing religion in the world, it is necessary to understand the concept and relevance of peace and war in the context of the Holy Quran. On the subject of global peace, Islam preaches the concept of universal brotherhood and rejects any [>]

Title : kufar (urdu version)/ blasphemy (english version)

The writer persistently tries to attain the attention of the reader to the fact that this is not the Islam that our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A. W gave us and we must struggle together to stand against the injustice done by these so-called divine figures and If we do not we will difinetly [>]

Burqas should not be banned

What the author does not seem to realise is that for the majority of muslims, wearing the Burqa is a personal choice, and most say they do not think it is a ' demand' as such, but more of a way to become more in touch with god and the rest of their [>]

Sample research paper on rites of passage

The marriage is discussed and decided between the women of the two families first and when the negotiations are done, the men of the family take charge and finalize the settlement. Another tradition is the use of the phrase" I agree to".in the tradition of the Prophet.

Historical and contemporary perspectives of scholars about hijab

The Islamic Scholar Abdul Rahman Doi, the author of " Women in Shari ah , where he claims that although the rules of modesty apply to both men and women, " on account of the difference between men and women in nature, temperament and social life, that a greater amount of veiling is [>]

Parents in islam

PARENTS IN ISLAM All the praise and glory belongs to Allah swt who is the Sustainer and Cherisher of the worlds. Although the word ' Rab' used here is in a specific sense and to show the high degree of importance of the parents to the mankind, He is actually commanding mankind to [>]

Prophet muhammad

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him By Saleh Al marshadi Who is Muhammed? peace be upon him He is the Seal of the Prophets His birth and early life He was born in Mecca, a city located in modern-day Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD, His father, Abd Allah bin Abd Al-Muttalib, died before [>]

Ethnic and religious tensions in southern philippines essay example

Until today, efforts are made by the government to resolve the issues in the aim of giving the residents especially the children a normal life a life free from war and other conflicts but the situation has not improved. Many researchers who analyzed the current situation in the region attributed colonial policies of [>]

Diversity of indonesia is the potential

DIVERSITY OF INDONESIA IS THE POTENTIAL " "..." S......" " ladies and gentlemen rahimakumullah First of all, let us give thanks to God for the blessings and His grace that we may not be able to count them. Ladies and Gentlement These steps we attempt to establish the stage of life in the [>]

Eve teasing

Eve Teasing: Law of the Land Now a day we often see the scenarios of eve teasing on the daily. It is to say, hunting of eve teasing of a girl is so general visible, just in its opposition the visible of penalty of eve teaser is rare.

Change and continuity over time essay sample

Change and Continuity Over Time: 1 Explain the details of the economic exchanges that occurred on the Silk roads and discuss the social and political impacts that occurred as a result of this trade. 2 Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in ONE of the following civilizations during the last centuries [>]

Example of reza aslan’s argumentative essay

'No God but God" and the Muslim Reform Movement In No God but God, Reza Aslan discusses the idea of creating a modern reform movement in Islam through the context of Muhammad's teachings. Rather, it would return to a notion of temperance and respect that Muhammad itself created and established through the Ummah.

That is why islam must be a religion of the world

From my studies, in Islam, the followers are encouraged to be diligent in any fields that they are in, be it in education or business. As a conclusion, to be a developed and more civilised society of the world, we should always be diligent in what we do.

How did muhammad unite the people of mecca to create one religion under islam and essay sample

According to Karen Armstrong, Muhammad was believed to have been a messenger/Prophet from God and he is credited to the teachings of patience and love even at the times of adversity to his people the Muslims. He has also been revealed to be the mainstay of the religion as a result of his [>]

Dbq: the black death

Not only did the responses of the Christians and the Muslims differentiate by the way they responded to the plague, but also the non-religious causes. The responses of the Muslim community differentiated from the Christians in which the Muslims actually believed that the plague was sent to them as a worthy gift from [>]

Whap dbq rough draft

In the Post-Classical Age, the Muslim societies had roles such as the expansion and prosperity of their empire, the standardized and organized form of government they brought, and finally, the spread of their culture through trading and invasions throughout the Post-Classical world. This shows how effective the spread of ideas and beliefs through [>]

The first election of islam

We have tried to look into the loop holes of the historical accounts, the events of the elections, the claims of Ali's support, the claims of the Abu Bakr's support and finally the lesson that we can draw from the Quran and the life of the Prophet. Abu Bakr was the closest companion [>]

A study of the implications of islamic teachings on early meccan society research paper example

Among other stronger religions, Islam advocates the concept that the entire life of an individual has to be according to the teachings of Islam as defined by the holy book; The Quran and the Prophet Muhammad's sayings- the hadith. Due to the tribal nature of society the political environment was prone to fights [>]

Religious extremism essay sample

The Jewish faith also teaches that the Jews were the only people in the world to answer Gods call and made a covenant with the Jewish people. The " Bloc of the Faithful" tried to blow up the Islamic Mosque that resides on the temple of the mount.

Islamic feminism

It seems to me that some of the Muslim women in western societies use veiling as a symbol of resistance to the objectification and commodification of women's bodies in those societies and its true. In Muslim societies, safeguarding the sexuality of women is considered to be theresponsibilityof men.

Abdullah alsadon essay examples

Prior to the coming of the religion in the Arabian Peninsula, the people of Arabia worshipped many Gods such as stones and other artistic objects. Therefore, the Arabian empire developed and promoted important cultural and artistic work of the region to reflect the ideals of Islam on one hand and to enrich world [>]

Summary of sustainable development in islamic perspectives

Human beings must seek to develop this planet in accordance with the provisions of the Holy Quern and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad " Saunas", with the stipulation that current needs must be met without Jeopardizing the rights of future generations. In Islamic dispensation the fulfillment of basic need of all member of [>]

Early islam essay sample

Although the Qur'an was only revealed to Muhammad more than five centuries after the death of Christ, Muslims trace the beginnings of Islam to the time of Abraham. According to them, the series of revelations of theQur'anmarked only the renaissance of a religion which sank into insignificance when the people of Mecca rejected [>]

Concepts of friendship

In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad said: " The example of a good companion and a bad companion is like that of the seller of musk, and the one who blows the blacksmith's bellows. Loyalty for the sake of Allah really means to love Allah and to come to the assistance of His Deen; [>]

Review of patterns of polity essay sample

Naturally it has also been an important rallying cry for Christianity in the days of the Crusades as well as the development of the story of Jesus Christ. In fact, buildings continue to be built in this manner as time progressed while the architectural style culminated in the Great Temple which was a [>]

Fertility treatment: an islamic perspective

This is the reason behind the freezing of the embryos - in order to store them for future use. It is with verses like this that women are encouraged never to despair of the mercy of Allah.

The stigmatization and prejudice around islam

The word religion in Oxford dictionary means, " The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." Today in the world it has been estimated that there are 4200 religions, in which after Christianity, Islam has the biggest followers in the world by having around 1. [>]

Mariah, by che husna ashari

The climax of this story is when Pak Imam asks permission from his wife to marry Mariah as in " He then told Cik Yam of Mariah, how he had fought his emotions and how he had lost. The falling action of this story is when Cik Yam finally agree to let Pak [>]

The prophet muhammad: a mercy for all creation

Allah's Messenger was the kindest of men in the same way as he excelled all others in courage and valour. Why did you not sharpen the knife before throwing it on the ground?" A Mercy for the Believers The Messenger's compassion towards the believers was of the utmost degree.

Surah al fatiha

It is also named Umm al-Qur'an, the Mother of the Qur'an, and Umm al-Kitab, the Mother of the Book. He should, therefore, begin the study of the Quran with a prayer to him for guidance.

General advice for all muslim who go for umrah

Learn the rituals and the Sunna in it a lot of mercy and keep away from the competition in places where others compete strongly. The same is true for the prayer in the stone of Ishmael, and the situation worsens more because here the competition between men and women.

From chingis khan to ottoman:a brief introduction

Challenges from the East From the late 12th century to the end of the Tamerlane's empire in the early 15th century the empires founded by the Turkic and Mongolic peoples of Asia constituted the center of the world history. The Mongols on the Islamic territories The task of conquering the remainder of the [>]

Essay on asian history

Arguably, in order to bring out a comparison and contrast of Qing China with Mughal in regards to governmental organization, economic development, and social structure, we should use the rule of law for their consequent histories. Socially, The Muslim rulers in China made a variety of cultural advancements whose existence is still there [>]

Good essay on where does your religion story begin parents grandparents ancestors

My religion in my life gives me a goal and the reason to live and the reason to survive. It is the religion that makes the goals of my life to be achieved, but not taking these achievements as my utmost right.

Super freakonomics essay examples

This essay explores and recognizes the differences in religion between Islam and Christianity in a multicultural context and borrows the views of Dubner and Levitt on the issue. In the United States, the differences between the two religions runs deep with many US citizens being of a firm belief that Muslims resent Christians [>]

Gender equality under saudi labour law and european labour law thesis examples

Such provides insights on the relatively marginalized state of female Saudi citizens engaged in the labour market of Saudi Arabia, which may severely affect the need of the nation to provide highly competitive candidates for new jobs arising out of the diversification process, nominally known as the Saudization policy. The compounding effects of [>]

The virtue of forgiveness

It's important for man to pardon so he can cope up with the milieu he is living; We stop here to mention some features of the Prophets forgiveness in his dealing with people. This is one of the qualities that reflect perfection of manners and nobility of character.' Aa'ishah said: " It was [>]

To achieve shariah compliance, transactions need to be free from elements not approved by the shariah law in various aspects.

Prohibition of Riba in the Qur'an and the Sunnah There are numbers of verse in the Qur'an that consist the prohibition of Riba. From Jabir: " The Prophet cursed the receiver and the payer of interest, the one who records it and the witnesses to the transaction and said: ' They are all [>]

Salman rushdie

Perhaps he is too ahead of the people in time. Even the purpose of his intellectual activity, journey and destination are unknown.

Boko haram

Founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2001[7] or 2002,[8] the organisation is a Muslim sect that seeks to abolish the secular system of government and establish sharia law in the country.[9][10] The group is also known for attacking Christian churches.[11] The movement, whose name in the Hausa language, Boko Haram, translates as " Western [>]

Compare and contrast sudanic and mongolian empires

While the West African Sudanic Empire and Mongols were similar because they both had great centers of trade, such as Timbuktu and the Silk Road, and had a flourishing economy, the Sudanic Empire was greatly influenced by Islam whereas the Mongols accepted many different faiths and the Mongol Empire rose though war and [>]

Islam in the west essay example

One of the ways in which the government can propagate the social inclusion is by organizing forums which call for the unity of the people. The result is that there is more social inclusion of Muslims in the society.

What is cleanliness?

The above few examples from the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet reveal that without cleanliness of our body and environment, one cannot receive the proximity of Allah spiritually and most importantly, faith cannot be completed in the absence of cleanliness and purity. There is a dire need to educate and [>]

the road to mecca essay sample

But this is what Muhammad Asad wants us readers to see, that the Islamic faith is so much different than anything else in the world, the spirit of God is always with you and especially whenever you call upon him to help you. Muhammad Asad wrote in The Road to Mecca that the [>]

Muhammad – a personification of islam religion

The Medina years mark the next phase in the life of Muhammad and the mission of Islam. In fact, the Islamic calendar begins not at the birth of Muhammad or the first revelation he received, but rather from the year of his migration to Medina.

Muslim women’s quest for equality essays example

BETWEEN ISLAMIC LAW AND FEMINISM First of all, in the scope of this paper it is essential to put an emphasis on the fact that the concern of female's rights from the Eastern and Southern is mainly referred to the Mediterranean, who inhabit the territory of Egypt, rather than in Morocco or Algeria. [>]

How i can help my parents

But the one that gives you the most sawabs, impresses Allah and the best one is to be obedient and have respect for them. So if you were good to them it's good for you too not only your parents.