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Most college and university curricula expect students to write an essay on philosophy and religion that can be challenging for science students. Still, learning basic concepts of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism and preparing an essay about religion for a social science class can help widen your worldview.

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Essay Topics for Undergraduate Students

You can find sample essays on general and specific themes on this page. We do extended research about any question before writing a sample paper. Indeed, we understand how critical it is to have a good idea about an issue to write a high-quality essay. Here is a list of subjects that you can find on this page to learn how to write different types of papers:

  • Justifications for committing acts of violence in the name of God
  • Issues of religious education at all-boys and all-girls schools
  • The morality and ethics of changing the religion
  • Reflection paper on religion and politics
  • Religious conflict in America
  • Salvation in the context of religious practices
  • Religion and leadership: Ancient wisdom for a modern world
  • Public health and health education in faith communities
  • Criticism of the free will defense
  • How Muslim world was affected by Al-Qaeda?

You can use these free samples as an inspiration to write an outstanding academic paper for your school or college courses. We know that these topics demand tremendous effort, critical thinking, and background knowledge in these fields. Therefore, we prepared these samples for you using credible sources. Furthermore, students receive a free template with essay writing prompts for each academic referencing style when downloading a sample essay from our platform.

Essay Format and Structure

One might wonder about some additional good strategies to feel inspired and choose a decent religion essay topic or question for the school assignment; however, comprehension of an essay format is equally important. The paper structure depends on the type of essay you are working on.

Various kinds of papers could be assigned for you while writing coursework or a personal statement for a summer scholarship position. These types include narrative, persuasive, analytical, evaluation, argumentative, reflective, opinion, criticism, and expository essays. For example, unlike an opinion essay, a persuasive paper should convince that the writer’s point of view is correct. Although there are specific structural details in each format, the overall writing structures are similar.

The general structure of every essay consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The first part is an introduction, where you need to get the reader’s attention and provide a thesis statement that describes the purpose and nature of the paper. Main body paragraphs need to support the thesis statement provided in the first part. The conclusion summarizes the arguments, general information, restates the thesis, and explains its significance.

Writing essays about philosophy and religion is challenging because no common app or a short video is teaching an easy way to succeed in this craft. We hope you found our recommendations practical to achieve your personal goals, such as winning a contest or applying for scholarships. If you are stuck for ideas, look at the philosophy and religion essay examples on our platform to gain some insight. Thank you very much for choosing our website, and we wish you the best of luck with your task.

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3 ways to manage your time and boost productivity

Many people believe that all they need to do to remain productive is schedule blocks of time to work on given tasks. For a maker, a meeting in the middle of the day is a nuisance.

War and witchcraft

The Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Discovery and the Age of Information brought about many changes for women. The women writers of early periods wrote aboutpoetryand the beauty of women as opposed to the period of the War of Religion in which women began writing their political views and their rights as [>]

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World religion

Confucianism and Daoism are two of the most influential schools of thought in ancient China. Daoism has a core of self-reflection and oneness with the cosmos.

Apocalyptic literature – the book life of pi and film big fish

In Christianity, content of apocalyptic texts like the book of Revelation in the New Testament paints a vivid image of symbolism in creating a vision surrounding the end of the world. In this context, it is undeniable that " Life of Pi" and " Big Fish" tries to create apocalyptic visions similar to [>]

Many peoples, many faiths: women and men in the world religions by ellwood, robert s. & mcgraw, barbara

The of the reading is Submitting to the Will of God: Building the House of Islam and this is actually the message the chapter of the book was trying to preach. The authors also explained the importance of the hajj to Muslims and the significance of the mosque as the main place of [>]

A broader passage by leila ahmed

In the case of women, this seems to be stricter as politics have embarked the role of women in Islamic states like Egypt to be fairly limited to their homes and nurture of family. The readers will be able to note that Ahmed in her book discusses Islam as a religion of two [>]

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Civilized or uncivilized

For those " uncivilized" people, in this essay, it is said that two things are the most important of their life which are " resolution in battle" and " affection for their wives". All the different cultures make up of civilization, therefore, as Mark Twain said, civilization is necessities no matter they are [>]

Plato and the dual world essay

He insisted then that the real knowledge was in the understanding of the Forms or Ideas, or what he called the " visions of truth". The first is a pure logical world that existed for itself and had equal validity to the world of the senses.

Phil 102

The contradiction in this case is the inability to harbor freedom and remains good in pursuit of ethics. Thus, we should take the sense of ethics with a pinch of salt and not to be caged in reflecting good or freedom only.

Max weber on religion

In Weber's first major work on religion, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, he claim's " that there is a close connection between religion, the rise of economic capitalism, and the birth of modern civilization in Western Europe". Weber thinks that they are " permanently endowed with charisma" which is key [>]

Essay atheism

Atheism Atheism is the belief in the absence of god or gods and that death marks the end of an individual's existence. Given that they do not believe in the existence of a god or gods, their ethicalgoalsare determined by secular, or nonreligious, aims and concerns; they are in complete control of their [>]

Theology paper

According to Freud, the society is aware of the shortcomings of religions and this is why it does not tolerate the questioning of religious doctrines. Freud continues that he does not deny the truthfulness of religion and the ability to prove the truth of religious doctrine.

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A unverse wthout a master

The path that man would choose will be illuminated not by the universal laws but by the free will of the man. If there is a master, man would live with appeal and could not make free decisions which would cause no gain in experience of the world.

Pick the most suitable and easiest to you

Under Justified True Belief, knowledge and the meaning contained in sentences can be derived using the below set of conditions, which are necessary and mutually sufficient: S knows that p P is true, S believes that P, and, S is justified in believing that P. The Gettier problem refers to a philosophical reasoning [>]

Name: churchil obiero

QUESTION 3 The freedom of expression is a right without which other rights are difficult to acquire and defend. The freedom of expression is an archetypal element of the liberty to uphold, exercise and share one's religious principles.

Strength to love by martin luther king jr

Although the religious, cultural, and racial diversity exists among the Americans, they can coexist peacefully and harmoniously in order to ensure that the society is full of love, political and social affiliations notwithstanding. Although the religious, cultural, and racial diversity exists among the Americans, they can coexist peacefully and harmoniously in order to [>]

Just war/military ethics

Just War Just War Just war in the criteria by which nations lawfully and ethically qualify war to be a correct of action for particular reasons. The theory of just war dates back to the works of early Greek and Roman philosophers, Aristotle and Cicero who brought about the discussion on justifiable reasons [>]

Philosophy of david hume in response to rene descartes

Show how the philosophy of David Hume was a response to the philosophy of Rene Descartes, and how the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant was a response to the philosophy of David Hume. Since an a priori knowledge is essential to rationalists, Descartes subjects the ' senses' to doubt and substantiates his perspective of [>]

Concepts of the dao de jing

According to the Internet encyclopedia of philosophy, the term Daodejing come be split to form the dao, Now according to the Chinese philosophers, Dao means "the way". The reason behind this is the based on the fact that the term is used as a nominative and at the same time as the verb.

Essays park

In Catholicism, you havethree aspects- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost..". Furthermore, both religionshave a holy text; Catholicism has the " Bible" and the Faith of the Seven has" The Seven-Pointed Star".

Adult education philosophy

His model of learning included five stages: first, the student had to become aware of the problem; next they had to be able to define the problem; then they needed to propose a hypothesis to try to solve the problem; next they had to evaluate the consequences of the hypothesis based on their [>]

Hinduism and buddhism

First Sur Number 10 September Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism Hinduism and Buddhism share some similarities, which include the following; Both Hinduism and Buddhism stress the role of karma and the deceptive fauna of the world in maintaining men bound to this world and the progression of childbirths and fatalities. Both of these religions [>]

The characteristic beliefs of sufism

In relation to taking Islam back to the simplest form Sufis posses few belongings, also the practice asceticism, such as rejection from physical pleasures, and the actually seek pain and discomfort. The Shaykh guides the Sufis, as it is difficult to do.

Your more than a label

The effects penetrate to the family of the children and the parents are particularly concerned and worried. As children grow up with the labels, their irritation and repulsiveness toward the labels recedes and they start to unintentionally accept the labels.

Biblical narratives

Instead of reading the entire bible narrative in order to understand the major theme, purpose, flow and plot of the narrative, majority of us just read through to catch the drama, as well as the power of the story. Finally, it costs nothing to believe that the effectiveness impact of God's word in [>]

Philosophy of education argumentative essay

To effectively guide myself in the process, I also have to take into consideration the parameters that determine the creation of this philosophy and how it can be manifested in actual practice as an educator. Furthermore, it is essential that one understand that subgroups consist of smaller groups that, in addition to sharing [>]

Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis: a miracle or a curse?

People with the inability to feel pain have the disease called Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. It is impossible to determine the number of CIPA patients, as there is quite a discrepancy in the statistics.

The use of religion in terra nostra by carlos fuentes

In Carlos Fuentes novel, religion is the tool that protects humanity from wraths of the gods and the goddesses. Consequently, religion plays an important role in instillation of the hope to humanity even after failed life in this world.

Teaching philosophy michael cohen education essay

Health, acquisition, self-respect, independency, and originative enterprises are defined as little more than the public presentation of the establishments which claim to function these terminals, and their betterment is made to depend on apportioning more resources to the direction of infirmaries, schools, and other bureaus in inquiry." Ivan Illich Deschooling Society The pupil [>]

The logic of descarte and pierce

In this case Pierce advises that one should think accordingly on how he or she is inclined to think and not be bound by a set of principles that are based on calculations. Descartes first and second meditation imply that external factors like other people's interpretation of an opinion affect a person's belief [>]

Sample essay on temple of doom

The Maya society stands strong by their beliefs and the ultimate honor to the power of the kingship. The ultimate power from the kings holds a full control of the Maya society.

Religion and marketing

Mara Einstein, in Brands of Faith, asks: " How do religion and marketing interact in the 21st Century? " She presents the ideas of the commercialization of religion and religion as a commodity, and also describes the development of secular products into quasi-religious icons. A lot of marketing focuses around illusion and perception [>]

Religion and public institutions

In clarification of the effects of the separation of religion and public institutions, it has been realized that it is two folds, this is because it restricts the congress ability to establish an official religion which ca n be followed by everybody in the country and it also restrict the government ability to [>]

Aunt jennifers tigers

Although many critics argue the point of view, the overall theme of " Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is Aunt Jennifer's oppression through marriage, and the use of embroidery as the form of self-expression. The first verse of " Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" is used to describe the tigers.

Aristotle and george boole

The mechanistic movement in the late years of the Renaissance made Aristotle create a distinct line between the physical sciences and mathematics. Aristotle considered the knowledge of geometry and arithmetic calculations to be the most important of the mathematical sciences.

Psychology, theology, and spirituality in christian counseling essay sample

We need to make sure the client is ready for this intervention if we pray aloud with the client or we could do harm to the client and the relationship. If we use the strategies in this book such as prayer, Scripture, sin, confession, forgiveness, and redemption, then we can help you become [>]

Exercise assignments

Determinism This is the philosophical thought that each occasion or state of undertakings, including each human choice and movement, is the unavoidable and important outcome of predecessor states of issues. At the end of the day, the perspectives of believers in the doctrine shows that everything is controlled by the way of presence [>]

Classical humanism in art

The most enlightened renaissance popes encouraged the humanist assimilation of ancient greek and roman philosophies into their own Christian faith Inspired by the ideas in ancient greek and roman texts, which confirmed their new intellectual and scientific interests in understanding the world The praise of the deeds of great figures from antiquity that [>]

Sacred elements characterize hindu religious traditions

Actually, the core of Hinduism is the consciousness of the Indian society, and infuses in the every day life. Similarly, the belief that the confluence of the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi is holy, is due to the Tantric belief that the meeting point of the three nerve centers in the body [>]

Philosophy final essay

The Determinism argues that everything in the world is in some kinds of causal relationships; all the movements of the world are determined by natural laws. As a result, the freedom cannot be used to describe the will, and I think this is the biggest weakness of the Libertarianism.

Cultural event report

On arrival at the event, it was crowded, colorful and the festivities mood was in the air. The mood that greeted me and other tourists made me conclude that this was one of the best events in the country.

Incident at morales

Incident at Morales Incident at the Morales outlines the challenges associated with proposing an original plant in Morales in Mexico, and the outcomes of the violation of the ethical standards of engineers. YouTube, 7 May.2014.Web.


The magnitude and essence of the gift should be essential to the receiver, nut not to the donor save that the best thing one can offer is that which is appreciated. The rationale that we hold on to that we are supposed to donate our few hours or minutes to a children hospital [>]

Religion: man’s greatest hope… and downfall

Hale begins to doubt the confessions of the accused and the rationality of the court. Luckily, he is able to throw the wool from over his eyes and see this case for what it is; a bunch of teenage girls trying to play God.

Galapagos a heavenly island in the disguise of hell

According to Vogel, it is merely the work of fate that brings the passengers on board Bah a de Darwin, the " Nature Cruise of the Century to settle on the Galapagos Islands, a place where they have successfully survived and repopulated the earth. According to Mehren, " Vonnegut's big-brain theory is at [>]


Investigative deception is the most acceptable form of deception because at this stage, the goal is to establish or prove guilt and it is very easy because the suspect is in their usual element, the place where they thrive or feel comfortable. Testimonial deception is perhaps the most difficult and least acceptable form [>]

Buddhism’s relationship with other religions

Discuss the common characteristics the assigned religion shares with the others Buddhism is a religion that share common characteristic with other religion. The main characteristics they every religion share is the belief in a higher power beyond an individual, second is the teaching or doctrine of the religion.

Improving learning team as performance assignment

One strategy a team can use ensuring the team goal becomes a reality is understanding and considering each team member's personality type, trust in others, and listening skills during the development of the team charter. The Learning Team A places high faith in the team's ability and will to make their goal a [>]

Lawrence’s use of time in sons and lovers

The use of time by the author is an important component of prose, as it provides the framework for the entire novel by manipulating the themes and characters by the use of techniques such a setting and narration. This allows the reader to observe the changes in relationships in a concise manner, such [>]

Philosophy of science

This is because the concept " real scientists" implies that there are some scientists who are not real or pseudoscientists. Since there is no clear-cut and holistic criterion of demarcating the " real scientists" and the " pseudoscientists", this practical attitude of terming some scientists " real scientists" and other scientists " pseudoscientists", [>]

2- religion does not cause wars

It is important to keep mind two things though 1) that the Christians had been in possession of the land until the Muslims seized in the 700s AD and thought they were just taking it back and 2) that it was not just Christians versus Muslims. But regardless, the point is that it [>]

Money versus religious object

Given I have a heart for religion and I trust in God, I do not understand the need to go for the religious object. In my economical perspective, money is the stronghold of my survival and this is why I have chosen to go for the $10 million.

Positivism & phenomenological research – dissertation example

It uses the deductive approach and therefore the research purpose is likely to be exploratory rather than causal or predictive. Mainly qualitative methods are used and a case study is conducted as the primary source for developing a research strategy.

Chinese religions and

Chinese Religion Most religions demand their faithfuls to be in their religion and not in the other. Secondly, Chinese used the concept of Yin and Yang to explain the way the universe works.

Not wanted on the voyage essay sample

The main character that symbolizes science is Ham, and is also the husband of Lucy who is otherwise known as Lucifer. In conclusion, the idea that science and religion can perfectly co-exist with eachother is next to impossible as long as " the voyage lasts"., in which it is also stated that the [>]

Relationship with god: beginning and growth

My Relationship with God: Beginning and Growth Spirituality is mostly concerned with the belief of the existence of a Supreme Being who gives and controls the world and everything in it, whether living or not. Getting a chance to join this school and its Christian community will be a great opportunity to [>]

Learning from the bible

For me, leadership and prayer go hand and hand as it is important to have guidance and be directed through prayer. She taught me to take the hardest things in life, discover them, and understand the difference between good and bad.

7 dimension

Example like Chinese New Year, the food is sacrifice to the god and Qing Ming the food will be sacrifice to our ancestor and Hungry ghost festival is definitely to the ghost and also our ancestor that out from the hell. Experiential and Emotional Dimension Experiential and Emotional Dimension When a Taoism prays [>]

The place you most loved to spend time as a child.

Walls that have been laquered to preserve what Ma Vio, as she was lovingly called by everyone, considered a amasterpiece that not even the most renowned of painters could have done with such perfection'. Her pound cake and whole grain bread were what my brother used to call 'the bestest in all of [>]

Testing individuals for potential health problems

One is of the opinion that all things considered, it is still best that testing must done. Whether or not there is a cure for the disease, one should be made aware of his disease so that in the future if new cures are developed, they can avail of such.

The role of education in plato’s republic

In particular, the views of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, as evidenced in The Republic, and of the pre-Romantic philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau in his Discourse on the Arts and Sciences, present a striking juxtaposition of the two extremes of the ongoing philosophical and political debate over the function and value of education. [>]

Christianity in the context of the times

Jesus in the Context of the Times Jesus in the context of the times came during the period of two Jewish factions, the Sadducees and Pharisees. The Pharisees believed in the oral tradition of the history of the Jews, which included the Ten Commandments and the first five chapters of the Bible.

Daily time record

This Automated Student Attendance Daily Time Record focuses on the need to design a system that will automatically arrange the record and calculate the average attendance of each student. Our school using ball pen or log book to record a attendance this system need a computer and the student will record his attendance [>]

Religion and blasphemy ideology

The history of the law of blasphemy in Christian society was one of severity and it became a primary focus of censorship regimes with the warning punishment for blasphemers and measures for the identification, destruction or deterrence of heterodox works. Blasphemy law in the early Christian era In the early Christian era in [>]

Values of philosophy to a commerce student assignment

Answer Philosophy is the systematic study of ideas and issues, a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths, a quest for a comprehensive understanding of the world, a study of principles of conduct, and much more. My persuasive powers Philosophy provides training in the construction of clear formulations, good arguments, and apt examples.

Believing in illusion and accepting it as reality

Illusion and the Allegory of the Cave Plato's Allegory of the Cave as told in The Republic speaks of how human beings are being deceived by illusions, or things that they would believe to be real although these are artificial. The artificial world, which is represented by the shadows in the allegory, may [>]

Kierkegaard and man’s search for meaning

For this reason, he described the stages of life as the movement at the self from one level of existence to another through an act. The largest task for any person is to find meaning of life.

Sacred arts and ritual performances in african religions

In the African traditional contemporary period, art objects were interpreted significantly in the context of both African cultural and historical experiences. In order to analyze the wider scope nature and significance of African art comprehensively, it is adversely necessary to understand how detailed and influential religious is in conventions and meaning to the [>]

Estimating the ebola epidemic by kai kupferschmidt

Because of this, society should be open to multiple points of view and cultures, that is, have the characteristics of pluralism and multiculturalism. In the case of Ebola disease, here we can say that critical and much broader view on this case could help.

Religion and aesthetics

As the author of Christianity during the 19th century his teachings and writings constituted a great foundation of religion Christianity " He maintained that the world and God are distinct, but correlative and neither can be conceived without the other can be chaos and God without the world could be empty phantasm" But [>]

Being thankful for what we have / gratitude

I am thankful to be able to go on cruises and trips to other countries with my family and be able to enjoy it and have a great time. I am thankful for all the beautiful, rich, loving and all the things that I am able to do and have in my life [>]

An analysis of symbols in langston hughes on the road literature review sample

The story was written at the time when the civil rights movement was heating up, and the doors that prevent Sargeant from entering warmth, or on a deeper level fully into the society, are represented by actual, physical doors in the story. Despite it snowing outside, and what would seem to be the [>]


Utilitarianism The core of the ethical theory of utilitarianism is the utility principle, which implies that we alwaysact in order to promote the greatest amount of satisfaction and the least amount of dissatisfaction for the greatest number of people. Mill argued that the notion of human pleasures is equated with happiness therefore; the [>]

Supreme being and created things: rene descartes, principles of philosophy

The philosopher is of the view that the entire universe, infinite in nature and scope, has been created out of one and the same substance, without any difference between the celestial and terrestrial matters, where different objects are continuously moving under the law being regulated by some Supreme Force, which reveal the perfection [>]

Ancient judaism

The theme of temples and synagogue as presented in the Maccabbees and misnah presents a clear picture of how the temple and synagogue was important to the people of Judah. In addition, it is important to observe and appreciate the achievement of other people.

Should homosexuals be allowed to marry legally philosophy essay

Most people are against gay marriage because it undermines the true meaning of marriage, in 1996 there was an amendment added to the consituan stating that marriage is now defined as a union between a man and woman. More effort is being put in to fighting it than to see what the true [>]

The idea of women problem

The conclusion of the statement has failed to follow the premise and for this reason, considered as an incomplete argument. The writer says " The Pope has not yet said much concerning the women and the church and there exists reasons based on his will.

What are rationalism and empiricism: descartes and hume

Since a priori knowledge is essential to rationalists, conceptions of philosophy ought to be formulated in the context of logical rationalization or one that is carried out via deductive cognition. Descartes is suspicious of the senses because for him, in order to fathom a significant truth, one must doubt all perceived knowledge.

Genetic experimentation and development

The essential utilization for genetic experimentation or engineering concerns the treatment or curing of genetic infection or genetic diseases. It should be used as a last resort for cure of incurable or life-threatening diseases.

Logic and informal fallacies in argument

On the other hand a successful leader may even be one who has been able to create a socially responsible image of the organization for which he is working. This Ponzi scheme made him a billionaire and was one of the main reasons that led to the crises of 2008.

Free will unit4 db

The pervasive role of genes in behavior mean that genes can play a extremely vital role in the bodys physiology and development, and the behavior manifests itself through the body as well as acting in response to and upon the environment surrounding. The effect of the set of genes we possess on our [>]

Ethical issues and tactics

One theory is that people behave as they do because of a complex interaction between different parts of themselves, of which the conscious mind is one, and the subconscious is the other. In this thinking there is a complex relationship between three things that make up the human mind in this understanding: the [>]

assess the view that religion no longer acts as a ‘shared universe of meaning’ for people today essay sample

Woodhead and Heelas identified two versions the disappearance thesis which states that modernity is bringing about the death of religion, the significance of religion is declining for both society and the individual and secondly the differentiation thesis which states religion is declining in social significance however is still significant in some people's private [>]

The historical jesus

However, Jesus explained to them that he is not sent in the world to destroy the law but to fulfill it. The message of Jesus is contained in the parables that He speaks and in His sermons.

Personal philosophy of success

The strategies I will use for my personal philosophy of success are Setting Priorities, organization of materials, and DAPPS, Dated Achievable Personal Persistent and Specific. MY first strategy I think is very useful for my college career is one of my own " Setting Priorities".

Holy eucharist

It is truly saddening because God gave us this sacrament to listen to the word of God and yet we are not listening. I should encourage people to go to mass because it is just one hour and once a week.

Scepticism versus human nature: david hume, enquiry concerning human understanding

This to Hume just goes on to show that human nature is superior to skepticism in the search of knowledge. Therefore, Hume suggests that attention should be on the power of human nature as opposed to abstract philosophical reasoning.

A comparison of the religions of india

Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of India Comparing and Contrasting the Religions of India India is believed to be the birth place of many religions. The main religions that arose and are practiced in India are the Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and the Buddhism.

Compare bacon and descartes essay sample

Both men ridiculed earlier methods of seeking knowledge, that were once used in the academic traditions of the universities founded in the Middle Ages. In the inductive method we proceed from the particular to the general, from the concrete to the abstract.

Nietzsche’s concept of overman essay sample

When Zarathustra decided to leave the mountain to preach his new-found gospel or idea to the mob of people below, he met a number of different types of people like the priests, the pitiful, the magician, the virtuous, the tarantulas, the last man, to name a few. He also claims that man is [>]

Kierkegaard and sartre’s versions of existentialism

The main difference between the two versions is that Sartre, an atheist, fronts a rationale idea that the choices man make define their existence and their will shapes their image whilst Kierkegaard, a Christian, fronts a stronger idea that the existence of men is due to their religious beliefs and the in-depth understanding [>]

Socrates, plato. and aristotle matrix

That is, for Aristotle, there is no separate world of forms where the ideas of Man For Socrates and Plato, the essence of man is the contemplation of the world of Forms. The end of the human person, according to Aristotle, is happiness, just like in Plato.

Why evolution and religion can coexist

Science and religion can coexist because; arguably the greatest mind of them all said so, religion's morals and values uses science to the benefit of all mankind, and perhaps God himself used science to create all that we see. Think about it, many lives are based on the above list due to a [>]