Parts of the World Essay Samples for Your Inspiration

Most people know that our planet has several parts of the world, separated by the waters of the oceans. Nevertheless, scientists divide Earth in different ways, saying that the world has six mainlands or seven continents. The difference between them is in the classification of mainlands, Europe and Asia are one whole territory – Eurasia.

In your essay on the parts of the world, you will most likely consider the continents, so find in our examples and tips below what exactly you can write about them. Our site will help you study samples of papers and choose the most suitable one, as well as use some arguments or facts in your essay.

How to Build Parts of the World Essay

There are some tips to make your writing easy and interesting:

  • Start with an introduction and talk about the topic of your essay.
  • In the first paragraph, briefly describe the number and names of the continents.
  • Divide the body of the essay into paragraphs by continent or question.
  • Open the map to have a visual image.
  • Find quality sources such as National Geographic.
  • Don’t forget to quote little-known facts.
  • Summarize your findings in conclusion.

What You Can Discuss

You can explore and describe parts of the world from different perspectives, and here are some of them:

Geography. The easiest topic to write about continents and compare them is their geographic features. You can talk about the location of the continents or their climate, as well as the most famous natural features. For example, you probably know that Antarctica is much colder than Africa, but did you know that you can sunbathe and even get tan in Antarctica?

Unique flora and fauna. Different climates and the history of continents’ development also led to their unique flora and fauna. In science, types of animals and plants that can be found in only one region are called “endemic”. For example, only Australia has kangaroos, and only Antarctica is home to some species of penguins. Learn more and describe these animals and plants in your essay.

History of Formation. The history of the formation of the continents is also fascinating to study. According to theories, millions of years ago, there was only one mainland in the world, which later split and formed the modern continents. You can explore this process, look at the details on a map, and explain why some scholars still believe that there are only four continents (Afro-Eurasia, America, Antarctica, and Australia).

History of Discovery and Development. The remoteness of the continents also led to the fact that they had different development processes. However, each continent has a history of civilizations and cultures that were superior in their day. The exception is Antarctica because it was not inhabited by people and remains the most unexplored continent. However, you can tell the story of its discovery, as well as the development of the Mayan civilization, the Egyptian kingdom, or the aborigines of Australia.

Now you know what you can read in your essay about parts of the world, and you will not mess up with their number. If you still have questions about how to complete a specific assignment from your teacher, look at the examples on our website. You will most likely find exactly the essay you are looking for. Be sure to rephrase the content of a sample and cite all sources to make your paper plagiarism-free.

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532 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Parts of the World to Boost Your Creativity

Good example of essay on ethnic american culture

Deductively, the political situation in the native countries of the Asian Americans, as well as America's immigration policies were the main factors for the coming to America by the Asian American immigrants. M, & Gjerde, J.

Example of essay on why is american imperialism important

The first American Imperialism was in the year 1890 when the American started to practice what they termed as imperialistic policies of the Europe. This as a resulted expanded the territory of America resulting in increased trade and revenues to the country.

Ecological and geographical conditions of central asia essay

History Certain Aspects of the Geology and Ecology of Central Asia That Led to the Rise of Pastoral Nomadism and Irrigation Agriculture Central Asia is a large and vast continent that is known for its diverse geographic features and inhabitants who have perfected the trade of agriculture and warfare. It would be safe [>]

Comparison of canada’s and china’s global business environment

The introduction highlights the background of China's economic environment and the rationale of the report. Even though China has the largest potential economic growth, there is need to consider the differences in the political and cultural environment because of the risks that they may pose to the foreign investors.

Response to the article “driverless vehicles: a vision for singapore’s transport”

In the article " Driverless Vehicles: A Vision for Singapore's Transport" the Ministry of Transport suggests the benefits of implementing Autonomous Vehicle technology into the future of Singapore's transport system. The Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative, set up by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research and Land Transport Authority, will be working together [>]

The need of of accessible tourism in india for disabled people

21% of the total population and According to the UN, 10% of the world population is disabled. To achieve the goal of Accessible tourism, persons with disabilities should recommend to their governments, and those who are responsible for tourism promotion, to introduce accessibility as criteria in validating/ accrediting the Hospitality and Travel Industry.

Book review on asian americans

Sungesh Chan gives a descriptive history of Asian- Americans in the United States of America since the Asian immigration into America until the resent past. The book Asian American, gives a chronological account of Asians in the United States of America, pointing out the struggles and accomplishments of Asians in America.

Experience and knowledge of polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) among pcos-diagnosed bangladeshi women

The lack of knowledge on PCOS among the healthcare providers has been found to result in women's dissatisfaction with their PCOS diagnosis experience [8]. Programs to raise awareness of PCOS is crucial as it is evident from the research that even the PCOS-diagnosed women and their families lack PCOS knowledge.

Review of literature on the influence of global media on pakistan

Juni in his paper " Impact of Global Media on the Culture of Pakistan" stated that Pakistan is not a developed country and it is verily facing negative effects of mass media, Pakistan is readily being influenced by the west media and entertainment channels replacing the Pakistani culture by others. Khan and Arif [>]

Importance for singapore companies to internationalise on the ‘carousel” example

Therefore, it is essential for companies in Singapore to expand overseas which allows a larger market to recognize their company and increase the chance of growth. Purpose: The purpose of the report is to show the importance for Singapore companies to internationalise which is a key engine for growth to these companies due [>]

Taxi ambulance in india

We, at Wagon Cab, love this trio just like everybody else and wish to make it simpler and affordable for you to enjoy monsoon with some Chai and Pakode. Wagon Cab intends to provide the best solutions for all the traveling needs and requirements for everybody in every season being there to help [>]

The modern illegal drug trade essay

In order to provide a clearer picture of the current state of the problem in drug trafficking, an overview of the prevailing situation will be discussed along with the analysis that will provide perspectives in drug-trafficking networks in the aforementioned regions. However, the increasing presence of the illegal drug trade in the world [>]

Republic of india

Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west;[d] China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma and Bangladesh to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the [>]

The role of confucianism, legalism, and daoism in the period of warring states in china

The way the three schools of thought, Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism, attempted to solve and respond to this problem would determine the future of China. Daoists attempted to solve the problem by proclaiming that violence and the idea of violence itself defied the Way of Nature, implying it was not allowed in Daoism.

Community and community development in china

Shaw, Mae in Community Development and the Politics of Community said that today community is thought of in 2 ways that are inherently political and contradict with one another. In community development level, the Sinicization is not good for the development of multi-culture but has benefit for the development of majority ethnic group [>]

Visual and cultural analysis on “your name”

This essay will try to analyze the movie from both the visual aspect involving the art style and visual technics like CGI used in the movie and the matical aspect involving cultural and social context. If the visual aspect is the appearance of the work, then the story is the soul of the [>]

The quality of healthcare services in singapore

Healthcare is the upkeep or change of wellbeing through the anticipation, analysis, and treatment of infection, ailment, damage, and other physical and mental weaknesses in people. Healthcare in Singapore is under the obligation of the Singapore Government's Service of Healthcare.

Religious conversion paper

This religion teaches that Jesus is the son of the Almighty God and the savior of all humanity. Another belief in the Christianity religion is the birth of Jesus, his life, his works, his death and resurrection.

Essay on asia’s new small dragons: indonesia, thailand, and malaysia

For the duration of the last forty years we find huge differences in the growth-rates in the world; particularly in Asia where you find that on one hand, the most vibrant economies and on the other, numerous less successful economies. A number of countries had changed their export base in the direction of [>]

Review the book of paul spickard “almost all aliens” book review examples

The book by Paul Spickard ' Almost All Aliens' tackles the issue of immigration in an unconventional way by integrating the study of immigrant people in relation to the native people, slavery, freeing of slaves, race and ethnicity in general. Immigrants from the Asian regions of china and Japan are viewed as to [>]

A threat of dengue fever in malaysia

The occurrence of dengue has escalated 30-fold in the time frame of 50 years. Research Since dengue has no definite cure, prevention is crucial in maintaining the health and safety of individuals.

White or “safed” musli

The powder of safed musli is mixed with milk and honey and applied on the skin in the form of a paste is known to improve the skin complexion and help in skin whitening. And lastly, safed musli has a lot of nutritive properties which is beneficial for increasing the strength of the [>]

The status of spatial data infrastructure in vietnam

Geo-information is the powerful source in providing instance entrance to huge amount of data and scopes to abuse, to misguide, and to enter the privacy of each sector in a greater scale than ever before. Lack of policies and Planning of Framework is a common barrier to the implementation of NSDI in many [>]

Tribalism and the naga society

The Naga Hoho must review and revise its mandate with an aim to concentrate more on the pan- Naga rather than local issues affecting individual Naga tribes. Issues related to inter-bloc disputes could be referred to the Naga Hoho and the same could also be discussed in forums like the FNR and the [>]

Ilongots – an indigenous society of the philippines

Ilongots are living within the east mountains of Luzon called the Sierra Madre and the Caraballo Mountains. The families of offenders are partly accountable for the offenses thus, they are involved in the settlement of both civil and criminal cases.

A mirror of filipino lives: indie films review

The rise of these films in the market is due to the growing demand of Filipino moviegoers to indie films. The start of Independent films is unsure of, but according to Sarmiento, " the indies started proliferating in the ' 90s in the advent of digital technology." Independent films, although known as a [>]

Inflation rate and its reasons in hong kong

In 1998, the export in Hong Kong is -5. In 2010, the export of Hong Kong increased from -9.

The challenges to democracy in india

Epistemology of democracy is the power of the people, for the people and by the people which ensures participate on of all its citizen in the process of decision making and is one of the widely accepted form of government globally. The twentieth century witnessed a remarkable shift in many countries from authoritarian [>]

Essay on what are the security implications for australia of us-china relations

Other policymakers in U.S.seem to have taken on tougher positions on matters that involved China and U.S.-China associations pertained the effect of the People's Republic of China's strong growth of the economy and a more assertive People's Republic of China international relations in the global arena. So as to show the implications of [>]

Influence of western television programs on indian youth

Indian Housewives, working population, college students, children, shopkeepers are all attracted towards the different programmes of their choices, for example, housewives are attracted towards the Saas Bahu drama serials and daily soaps and on the other hand the working men's population is mostly cricket and action movies' fans and are attracted towards the [>]

Poverty and agriculture in malaysia

Relative poverty which is part of the social element occurs when a person or a small group of the community does not enjoy the certain minimum level of living standards compared to the rest of the population in that particular country. Although there may be a small group of individual or family is [>]

What is nexa and its swot analisys

Nexa was a mammoth errand for both the brand and Hakuhodo India group, the office endowed with the duty of making Nexa. On to the planning phase, the organization needed to return to the whole trip of client's involvement while purchasing a Nexa Nexa is a part of India's biggest car organization, maruti [>]

Telephones made in india

In our survey of the Honor 9 Lite, we said that the cell phone carries with it the most recent from the universe of Android alongside a top notch outline and Full HD+ show. OnePlus has turned out to be one of India's best premium cell phone mark in a limited ability to [>]

Reliance jio – one year’s journey from a disruptive 4g telecom network player

As the current Chairman, MD of Reliance Industries Limited, Mr Mukesh Ambani quoted that Reliance has been the creation of the vision of one individual the founder, Shri Dhirubhai Ambani, the company with a vision of " making life better for everyone" followed by motto " Growth is Life" has been truly proving [>]

Throughout important because it consists of data from

6% of the population in the 14th century 375 450 = 0. In 1900, the world population was about 1.

Green technology in malaysia

Today, many people starts to have their concern on whether the Green Tech companies able to be continued survive in the era of revolution of technology. Green Tech is the technology that essentially focus on environmentally friendly based; it is also a technology that, in which its output, involves with the connection on [>]

Asian immigrants in the american west research paper sample

The Chinese immigrants to the United States had the same drive for prosperity and success that the Americans from the east coast did; from the Port of San Francisco, many of them traveled elsewhere in California, doing a variety of different jobs and seeking their fortune in prospecting and labor. The Chinese Exclusion [>]

Jennie were prohibition, religion, and immigration. religion and

Urbanization, new technologies like the radio and the car, but that was only the surface level of the 1920's. In the 1920's these cultural conflicts had boiled over and exploded to the surface.

Gender discrimination in south asia research paper example

The issue of gender discrimination is one of the major impediments in the south Asia apart from poverty which is the chief source of all other problems in the lives of these people that stay here. The people of India at large and the entire south Asia value the boy child than the [>]

Adi burjorji godrej – an indian billionaire industrialist and businessman

The 75-year-old chairman of the Godrej Group expanded the conglomerate's size and scope in terms of new businesses and geographical reach. Under the leadership of Adi Godrej, the Godrej Group made sure that it imbibed the best practices by analyzing the competitors and the market requirements.

Origins of the modern world

Marks', The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Narrative is a useful tool for exploring the new concepts in the History of the World and make the scholars visualize the global world from the new perspective. Robert The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Narrative, pp.

The role of women in central asia

The politics of gender in the Muslim world often seem to center on a conflict between Islam and modernity, but in the case of Soviet Central Asia, the conflict was not about whether or not Islam was compatible with modernity, but was rather a conflict between the center and the edge of a [>]

How british occupation has influenced india

However, with the India Act of 1858, the British government was given power over the subcontinent; the time period of Britain's jurisdiction over India was then called the British Raj. Finally, Britain also played a role in the social sphere of India.

Mori girl – popular subculture in japan

The texture of clothing is very important to Mori Girls in this fashion with the textures that are mainly used being cotton, lace, knits and gossamer. This is because the handbag defines their personality and style as it is like a statement for them.

Professional and academic development course work

In North and Central Asia, booking for the holiday's an average of three months to the day of departure. There is much to learn from this destination there are a lot of unexploited resources and one has an opportunity to enjoy the serene of unpolluted environments in the Nile cruise.

Case 15: asian paints

Asian Paints has a goal of becoming one of the top 5 decorative paints company in the world. Asian Paints' first priority was to improve the operational efficiency of the acquired companies, and it had to do so without imposing itself on SCIB and Berger.

Brief background of the firm

From the 1993-2006 they were the market leader of the lighting industry with more than 80% of the market share. Transtec was in loop hole whether to listen to the market demand or the capabilities of their supplier.

Music among asian cultures essays examples

The purpose of this paper is to bring to light the Asian contribution to the world's music culture, and demonstrate the differences and influences found in Asian music. The East-Asian music is the outcome of efforts of both Chinese astrologers and musicologists that have tried to make the music in perfect tune with [>]

Liberalization in today’s global economy and its effects on the economy of india

The liberalization and changes helped to ease problems in the economy and created financial reform to make India the fastest growing economy around the globe. This is pivotal to the economic liberalization of India and is helping to bring the countries economic system up to par with many other national economies in the [>]

Rich history of japanese meal “umamis”

As you can see, we are we hardwired to recognize umami from an early age, but we also have umami receptors on the tongue and in our stomachs so that we can recognize protein rich foods. These chemical and physical reactions that happen sometimes go unnoticed in our bodies, but we have some [>]

Social media impact on indian army

Voicing their opinion within the organization in own cyber group is always a better option than allowing them to go viral through social networking platforms which apart from making them vulnerable also hampers the image of the organization. Soldiers surpassing the laid out hierarchy to raise concerns and instead making use of social [>]

Journal article review essay examples

The transformations provide the basis for evaluating the challenges that are most likely to face these economies in the 2010s, and for drawing essential implications for the world at large. The study's research questions are relevant as the study addresses an important topic that gives an insight into the future of the Asian [>]

Australias foreign interests critical thinkings example

In a government white paper titled ' Advancing the National Interest", the government clearly lays out its foreign policy where the place of Australia in the world is assessed and an assessment of government's strategies in promoting and protecting the security as well as the prosperity of the nation and its people is [>]

Disaster protection in pakistan

Yaari was the primary analyst who called attention to the issue of vulnerability in the disaster protection request, specifically, the vulnerability of life expectancy of a purchaser. As per the examinations interest for extra security can be estimated in a few different ways: " life coverage entrance", " disaster protection thickness", proportion of [>]

The geographical explorations of the 15th and the 16th centuries

The new life-style, latest discoveries and routes to new lands, etc.became the talk of the people. Their aim was to monopolize the trade and other economic activities.

Privatization techniques in india

Contracting out the public services to private holders or selling government owned bodies totally are the ways of doing it. Identifying these involves gathering and organizing data, setting criteria to judge each privatization opportunity for implementation, and then applying privatization techniques to the utmost possible extent of government services and facilities.

The art of writing: how does thien use historical events, themes, and literary devices?

In China, Big Mother Knife is the wife of Ba Lute, sister of Swirl, aunt of Zhuli, mother of Sparrow, Da Shan, and Flying Bear, and grandmother of Ai-ming; however, in Canada, Jiang Kai and Ma are the parents of Marie, who is on a mission to uncover the truth about the history [>]

Asia, largest of the earth’s seven continents

Asia is divided for convenience into five major realms: the areas of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; East Asia, including China, Mongolia, Korea, and Japan; Southeast Asia; South Asia, including the Indian subcontinent; and Southwest Asia, including much of the Middle East. Islam dominates in Southwest Asia and Central Asia and [>]

Summary of old penang essay sample

During the middle decades of the century, cargo-laden ships of the company had to run the gauntlet between India and Malay Peninsula, and during the war of independence in America, where the French allied themselves with the thirteen colonies against the British, this harassment continued. Hoping to force the company's hand, he enlisted [>]

Cashless payment situation in singapore

It is in the government's interest to encourage e-payments to avoid implicit costs associated with cash transactions, including misallocation of resources to accounting, transporting and maintaining the security of cash. Hence, there should be a synergised effort to reduce the cost of e-payments so as to increase the adoption rate of e-payment and [>]

Indian institute of technology delhi

Dynamic programming Dynamic programming is a method of optimization techniques used to solve nonlinear and stochastic nature of reservoir optimization problems. Dynamic programming is a method of optimization techniques used to solve nonlinear and stochastic nature of reservoir optimization problems.

International from reaching their intellectual and physical

Firstly, the future of country as a supremenation also depends on the action taken by national science and technologydevelopment and to what level its preferences are assimilated into the globalagenda of bilateral and multilateral cooperation. From this evidence it shows that the role ofinternational cooperation may help to qualify the actions of developingcountries [>]

Research paper on burma (myanmar)

In the north, the country is bordered by China and India, and in the south, the country stretches over to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Rangoon, also referred to as Yangon, is the capital of Burma and is located in the south of the country.

General graduate employment opportunities in singapore

One the other hand, the government is also emphasising on the need of lifelong learning and upgrading of one's skills, in order to have an edge in the saturated labour market. This will reduce the population of foreign labour force in Singapore while assuring a secured amount of vacancies available for the local [>]

Comparative growth in asia and africa mandeep soor

This also brings about the question of the risks of invention and the circumstances of the individuals in society who were able to do this. In Europe the belief was that nature was to be used and enjoyed, but this was not the same in the rest of the world.

Modernity & traditional seoul, korea

As a result, the city of Seoul obtain the existence of both modernity and traditional within the same scenario. This results in irresponsibility among Koreans and dependent towards the government to take care of their parents and elders.

Developments in mongol-ming china essay examples

While the Mongol empire was continuing with its advance of trying to take over the China, he was able to make adjustments in the reforms in that he was able to separate the powers of the military and the civil. He was also able to make a lot of changes for the Mongol [>]

Media in pakistan in 80’s-90’s

In order to further look at the state of the media in and before 1999 one has to see the status of the media in context and relationship with the Pakistani society at the time. This would suggest that the print media had limited power, and that the print media was able to [>]

The position of medicine and medical practices in ancient india

It also depended on the class of the victim i.e, the higher the social class, the higher the punishment. If the person died, the doctor had to pay the slightest penalty if the death was due to a mistake of the doctor and an average penalty was prescribed by the king.

Causes of the education inequality in malaysia and the possible ways to solve the issue

Not only this, if the information is got from same time for rural area and urban area, this is also fairer for all the student to fight for the scholarship and increase the opportunity for student to get the scholarship. This not only benefit to student and scholarship provider only, this also benefit [>]

All about myself essay

It's a small town and I have never even been to half of all the barangays there so I always feel a strange combination of sadness and excitement whenever I think about my inability to travel around the city. Because of this, I kind of like...developed a sense of longing and anticipation to [>]

Alexander the great 20 essay

7A Alexander The Great Journey to the end of the Earth Norman F. Money was a big thing for Alexander because he was in a lot of debt, he counted on the opulence of Persia.

Sample term paper on contextualizing the 1979 sino-vietnamese war

At the end of the 1970s, the People's Republic of China emerged from the Mao Zedong era and started the process of opening up to the foreign world. All these principles and assumptions will be illustrated in depicting the context of the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979.- Historical Background At the onset of the [>]

Indian literature and comparative perspectives

The second noteworthy theme of the amount issues the structures within which social exactly primarily based examination will empower our impression of them.artistic and social works assess is spoken in composing and significantly however they describe a resourceful read from beneath the angle of the lower solicitations of society the subalterns as sent [>]

Did china follow the east asian development model

Four are selected for discussion: the almost constant encouragement given to investment, the manufacturing sector and external competitiveness, and pursued via a variety of fairly interventionist industrial, trade and financial policies; a concomitant belief in the virtues of intense domestic and foreign competition; a set of broadly sensible and appropriate macroeconomic policies; and [>]

Strategy of telekom malaysia

The purpose of this privatization is to enhance economic standards, work efficiency and to increase the capability and frequency of a dynamic worker to face competition both within and outside the country. The main strategy driver, the implementation of the Convergence and the Going Digital is consistent with our " Information Exchange and [>]

Edakkal cave and it’s engravings

Between the cleft, on the top, rests a large boulder sheltering the cleaved rock formation, the further end of the cleft to the south is open to the sky. A steep climb opens on to a landing and to the right side of it is a passage leading into the upper shelter.

Malaysia private healthcare sector case study analysis

Doctors are exposed to high levels of stress in the course of their profession and are particularly susceptible to experiencing burnout. This will cause the shortage of employment in doctor and medical assistants that affect the recruitment in KPJ Healthcare Berhad.

Profylaxis of malaria

Compare and contrast the medicines used in the prophylaxis of malaria The bite of an infected female Anopheles mosquito can cause protozoan parasites which when passed on from human to human can generate the well known tropical disease known as malaria. The differences are in length of the prophylaxis and the medicines used [>]

Effect of migration and off-farm employment on technical efficiency

In this context, this paper studies the effect of migration and local off-farm employment on the technical efficiency of farm households in India. In this manner, this paper aims to contribute to the growing literature on the relationship between migration, off-farm employment and agricultural productivity.

Euthanasia in the catholic church

The fact that Euthanasia is basically the ending of one's life through another's hands heavily conflicts with most religions and the beliefs and opinions of many people. As mentioned above, most religions are very much opposed to Euthanasia: the idea of ending a life at all conflicts with the concept of the sanctity [>]

Desai – one of contemporary indian novelists

Adit develops attachment to the western way of life especially of England, but Dev while living in England shows his repulsion towards the ways of the European life and particularly of England. In part II, Dev starts to give way to the many attraction and allurements of the town.

Jhumpa lahiri’s interpreter of maladies: the stories of diaspora and cross-cultural identity 

Jhumpa Lahiri was one of the most significant writers of the Indian diasporic in the present time duration. Lilia used to observes her parents closely who have been used to trail their fingers and through the columns of the university directory and used to circling surnames familiar of their part of the world.

Local trains essay

The locals have become a hallmark of Mumbai and one is not surprised to know that the daily commuters call the locals as their first homes; this in not surprising considering the fact that some of them spend more than six hours travelling in these trains day in and day out. Given the [>]

Asian american culture essay samples

The notable events in the Asian American society include the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated on the first day of the first moon of the lunar calendar, which usually falls between January 29th and February 19th of every year, and is commemorated through festivities, food, traditional rituals, and family. The three main [>]

Free business plan on audience analysis

The students are usually Asian students, and the event held to bring together as many students as possible with the purpose of preserving Asian culture and granting scholarships to Asian students facing financial crisis. To the students, the Asian Midwest Games are supposed to be fun.

Goa: some typical destinations

Goa is a state in the south west of India, whose beaches have an international reputation as terrestrial paradises, and have attracted tens of thousands of tourists, from all countries and origin, since the hippies in the 60s, who arrived in a truck from Europe, and never returned home, even the lovers who [>]

Whap chapter 15

The economy of the Song Dynasty was one of the most prosperous and advanced economies in the medieval world. The Song eventually fell to the Mongols in 1279, who moved against the Southern Song years after the forces of Genghis Khan had defeated the Jin.

The development of digital payments in india

Digital Payments, one of the most growing fields in technology, is being utilized by the government of India by implementation of Bhim UPI and many more projects, Digital payments are considered to be the modern age technology saviors The Government of India has been taking several measures to promote and encourage digital payments [>]

The flood problem in ho chi minh city, vietnam

To combat floods, the city government has installed pumps in flood-prone spots in the city and constructed canals, dykes and flood-control dams. The southern Vietnamese city of HCMC, one of the most dynamic examples of rapid urban development of the past 20 years, is an example of an emerging coastal megacity with increased [>]

Factors of jaрan’s raрid recoverу from wwii

For instance, during the wartime, " the Japanese cotton industry was brought to its knees by the end of the Second World War. Nonetheless, the ability of recovery astonished the world, earning the title of " Japanese Economic Miracle".

Economic and strategic implications of xi jinping’s flagship foreign policy for the chinese economy

China has never been so aggressive in its foreign policy and the economic returns domestically and internationally of this goliath project are huge to the optimists and minimal to the pessimists of the world. Before the analysis of the economic implications of this project begins I believe it to be necessary for the [>]

Visit to dubai

First, I went to the hotel I am staying in and checked in. One of the most things I liked about shopping in Dubai is that it is completely tax-free.

Sir syed ahmad’s contribution towards education of women in india

Let us first try and put things into perspective by analyzing the background from four directions, first the situation of women in India during the time of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, second the educational framework of the country as a whole during the time, third the positive impact Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's efforts [>]