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My understanding of the reading relates to my work at the organization as derived in chapter 4 of the book, " Images of organizations" by Gareth Morgan. As such, an understanding of the brain would help us to understand our organization.

Hipaa essays examples

HIPAA mandated the federal Department of Health and Human Services to build up regulations to implement the mentioned privacy requirements, known as the Privacy Rule. Elements of HIPAA most importantly stipulate that the chief responsibility of the privacy rule is to; substantially define and subsequently limit the conditions under which the PHI of [>]

Nurses are knowledge workers

Nursing experience leads to nursing knowledge and wisdom in judgment of the daily nursing practice. As clinical nurses apply more theoretical practice and stay longer in the field, they tend to develop more experience that come with knowledge and wisdom in judgment.

Nursing journals

Treatment of obesity in Treatment of obesity in is a Journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and prevention. The association between obesity and the occurrence of cardiovascular condition is the primary reason for effective management of obesity in accordance to the journal.

Hand hygiene in infection control

There are various types of disinfectants that can be used to decontaminate hands, and the choice of one depends on the task that the healthcare worker intends to perform. If nail brushes are used to clean finger nails, they should strictly be used for the nails and should not come in contact with [>]

Nursing: an annotated bibliography

I am aware that there is a shortage of nurses in the global level, mostly due to the increase in the human population all over the world. I have a soft spot for the elderly, as I am very close to my grandparents, and I would want to have them be cared for [>]

Fostering a positive work place

Leaders of organizations have a mandate in creating a healthy working relationship in a workplace, however, it's not only the work of a manager to make it happen. It is the belief that every human being has a contribution to make in the world.

Nursing related

This is a necessary skill because an APN is not like any ordinary nurse and is almost at the same level with doctors and hence policy making should be an important aspect in their career. Policy making also provides the courage and practice to be in leadership position and no APN should want [>]

The competency in communication nursing essay

Management of change, collaboration and quality are required in the job description via assessment and intervention skills to measure patient progress, symptom management, relapse prevention planning and the ability to develop effective risk management and care plans with the patient. 1Communication2Working in partnerships3Assessment and intervention planning4Delivery and evaluation of intervention5Ethical and culturally-competent practice6Health [>]

Health hazards in nursing

The importance of studying the multigenerational human impact of these contaminates is not only to help the lives of the medical employee, but would result in helping to determine the effects on the population as well. It is known to be extremely toxic to the brain and nervous system.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria nursing essay

It is also important to assess the organisation and individuals' drivers and barriers to change as it would aid the planning and facilitate the change. The objective is to critically appraise the SAMP research studies, to determine any methodological issues of the research studies and how to overcome them.

Nursing research

Importantly, I ensure that the instrument that I will use for data collection during my research is the most reliable and valid in order to ensure that the data collected answered the research questions. Thereafter, I have to establish the time to collect the data and seek permission from the relevant authority before [>]

Nursing historical timeline

Another, example of impact of nursing practice from nursing science is the creation of the nursing process. From the start of nursing practice with Florence Nightingale, to present day evidence based practice nursing as a science and profession has progressed tremendously and continues to grow.

Witting a letter

Richard Durbin, As a constituent and admirer of yours, I urge you to support the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act, which will optimize the well-being of the patients and the professional inputs of the nurses. The introduction of the Act to Congress in 2003 and the subsequent reintroductions have not yet progressed to [>]

What does nursing mean to you and why are you choosing it as your profession

I have taken my stand now to become a nurse and I strongly believe that nursing is a profession of dignity and it provides an individual with an opportunity to be of assistance to others. It is a very rewarding job and I believe that I would feel rewarded by being of assistance [>]

Personal values

However, I am bound by the professional code of conduct to explain to the patient. I endeavor to make sure that my patients get the best services from me.

Cultural competent care

Cultural competent care has been defined in a variety of ways and the present analysis defines it as the " care that respects diversity in patient population and cultural factors that can affect health and healthcare, such as language, communication styles, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors". According to this model culturally competent care [>]

Nurse practioner

There are a total of 9 core competencies all of which are gained through patient care experiences that focus on independent and interprofessional practice. The 9 core competencies that a NP graduate must possess are; the scientific foundation competencies which revolves around an integration of research, theory and practice knowledge.

Why is poverty a health risk for children

Poverty is a health risk for children due to the direct effects of low income, environmental effects in living in a poor neighborhood, and psychosocial effects of poverty. Poverty is a health risk for children because the scarcities in resources exposed children to certain health and behavioral problems such as malnutrition due to [>]

The visible empathy of infants and toddlers

The authors define empathy at the infant and toddler age as " the capacity to observe the feelings of another and to respond with care and concern for that other". This happened when one child reacted thoughtfully to the hurt of another child when none of the other children in the classroom observed [>]

Legal iss ues

Moreover the unique areas of nursing practice are advocated by the specific organizations of the ANA. Moreover the honor of nursing practice and financial obligations of health care organizations to nurses are postulated by the American Nurses association.

Personal philosophy of nursing

My personal value system is aligned with the wider visions and goals of nursing that emphasize understanding of cross-cultural values and building constructive relations with the clients/ patients through empowerment for making effective decisions about their health and well-being. My personal value system is therefore aligned with the wider visions and goals of [>]

What makes a difference in bereavement and grief

Corr identify five critical variables that influence experiences of bereavement and grief, namely: nature of the prior attachment or the perceived value, the way in which the loss occurred, coping strategies, developmental situation of the bereaved person, and the nature of the support that is available to the bereaved person after the loss. [>]

Why i want to be a nurse and my plan for the future in nursing

My Future Plan in Nursing I am a graduate of Borough Community College as an associate in nursing. I appreciate that leadership in nursing is a critical role that calls for endowment with the requisite knowledge to promptly make decisive decisions.

Why legal knowledge is important for nurses

" Nurses are expected to function within the legislation, legal policies, statutes relevant to the profession and practice setting, and professional standards. Therefore, in my nursing practice, I will be greatly careful about gaining an apt knowledge and awareness of the various legal liability factors and my dealings with the patients, families of [>]

Product design and development biography examples

As earlier stated in the discussion question, I am a scholar who is interested in furthering my education in the product design and development. I am determined to achieve this through working hard in the courses I have now and learn as much as I can to better my skills.

Professional affiliations

The American Nurses Association is a professional organization that advance and protect the interest of nursing. They also promote the rights of nurses in the workplace, forecasting a positive and realistic view of nursing, and by lobbying.

What principles does palliative care advocate nursing essay

The patient is reviewed regularly and symptoms are reassessed so that the multidisciplinary team, including the palliative care team, can modify the care plan according to the current state of the patient. When it comes to assessing the patient, the nurse should accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and also the character, [>]

A critique on a quantitative study of diabetes

For people with type 1 diabetes this is usually the case, but for those with type 2, aside from excess consumption of carbohydrates and other sources of sugar, the presence of adipose tissue adds up to the additional glucose circulating in the body, creating the need for additional insulin. Carbohydrate and fiber recommendations [>]

Nursing ethics: ethical decision making approaches

If a medical officer assists an ill person who is suffering from immense pain in taking his/her own life to help them in gaining relief from that pain, the act of assisted suicide should be considered as ethical as well as legal. If the decision of assisted suicide for a terminally ill patient [>]

Pandemic flu

The genes that brought the current H1N1 are virus that caused 1918 pandemic flu and the swine virus adapted to birds. There are, however, factors in the current society that can trigger the spread of the virus to the population.

The history of tumour lysis syndrome nursing essay

Allopurinol is used due to its mechanism of action; it blocks the formation of new uric acid by preventing hypoxanthine and xanthine metabolism, as seen in Figure 1. The parameters for using renal replacement in TLS are a little lower due to the fear of rapid potassium release and accumulation of uric acid.

Home visit

The nurse can assess the extent of awareness of the family that is the daughter of Sallie with regard to the health problem of Sallie. With regard to the extent of awareness of the health problems of Sallie, the nurse can try to find out the Thelma's level of understanding about the health [>]

Human growth and developement summary

In addition, authoritarian parents maintain a certain emotional gap from the children which is good in that the children tend to give respect to the parents this way. In addition, authoritative parents are more like friends to the children.

Breast cancer

The third major lifestyle related risk factor has been found to be the use of oral contraceptive, where premenopausal breast cancer is said to be the most likely in this situation. This means that the onset of breast cancer with the use of oral contraceptive is very high as compared to the rate [>]


According to this research, it was found that in the 799 hospitals researched, higher RN staffing was inversely proportional to the adverse patient outcome and vice versa. In addition, the probability of failure to rescue was higher in hospitals that had lower nurse staffing levels.

Family and diversity

Family and diversity Nurse 10 Mercy College Fall Family and diversity Introduction The scope of nursing involves provision of care to the society, at individual, family and community level, to ensure people's well being through prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders. Based on the course's concepts of family and its effects on [>]

The influence of philosophy on knowledge development in nursing essay sample

The Influence of Philosophy on Knowledge Development in Nursing Our philosophy of nursing influences the process of knowledge development in nursing practice. According to Polit and Beck, nursing research is a " systematic inquiry designed to develop knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profession" and clinical nursing research is " designed [>]

Assessment of environmental process

Marino & Fine are of the assumption that to change the trend parental responsibility should be improved. Parental and child safety frameworks should be developed to prevent these causes of injury.

Substance abuse

As I listened, there were exactly 5 alcoholics and 5 family members and I was accepted as someone interested to determine how the discussion progresses and what information are shared with the objective of helping someone stop or solve the drinking problem. As I was attending the meeting, there were different thoughts that [>]

Nursing research

Overall, the aim of using human subjects in research is to ascertain the safety of patients by developing interventions that were safe and promoting quality care. Importantly, nursing education institutions realize the effects of these changes in provision of care and provide opportunities for nurses to update their educational competencies.

Healthcare policy

Correspondingly, a to-the-point policy brief including the objective of the policy, the intended measures to be taken and the expected outcomes will be produces at the local level to persuade votes in passing my legislative proposal. With the aid of these influential bodies, I will be able to produce recent health reports addressing [>]


I personally was brought in a very reserved community where parental guidance is very paramount when it comes to the upbringing of the young generations. Children from other cultures are left to surf the internet on their own devoid of any form of parental guidance.


The US has sufficient health structures in place and measles vaccine are usually given to people, so there have been lower measles cases as compared to cases in the rest of the world. The cases have been reduced due to routine measles vaccine started in 1963 and MMR vaccine.

Leadership in health care organizations practicum

This is where my integrity kicked in and I sought security to escort him out of the emergency room until the time her daughter would be treated and released. In the above mentioned case involving my supervisor, if I had allowed emotions to cloud my judgment, i would not have reported him and [>]

Essay on specialization and sub-specialization

Specialization and sub specialization in medicine refers to the practice of medical scientists devoting their effort and intellect in having an in depth knowledge of narrower areas of medicine. There various advantages and disadvantages of specialization and sub specialization both to physicians and patients.

Free bulimia nervosa: causes, impacts and treatment research paper sample

At one end of the spectrum is anorexia nervosa, and at the other end, is binge eating, with bulimia nervosa located somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. In essence, the treatment is a combination of " talk therapy and medications, such as antidepressants.

Example of psychological disorders essay

As a result of a traumatic event that happened in her life, Karen, the patient described in case study 4, suffers from a dissociative disorder, namely the dissociative amnesia. Tony, the patient described in the Case Study 5 manifests the symptoms of a dissociative disorder, namely the dissociative identity disorder, which reflects the [>]

Memorial hospital

Memorial Hospital, the regional healthcare facility located in the mountains of North California has been experiencing relatively constant demand for its service despite the growing population of the region. Temporary nurses are paid $15 per hour and their proportion is limited to 15% of the total nursing staff.

Develop a clinical question in a pico format that will yield the best and most relevant evidence

Additionally, the effectiveness of the treatment forms the basis of the patients' selection and decision to continue in that treatment. The purpose of conducting clinical trials is to ascertain the efficacy of each treatment and its combination, and determine which preventive or management strategy best facilitates in reducing ventilator-acquired pneumonia.

Nursing research discusion

Code of ethics can protect the human subject in biomedical research because of the various reasons. Institutional review board is an organization that has the role of monitoring as well as approving biomedical research on human subjects.

Voluntary/assisted euthanasia

The element of voluntary assisted euthanasia elicits many ethical issues in medicine as physicians have a duty to preserve life. The practice of assisted voluntary euthanasia would be able to allow people to become psychologically prepared for death.

Professional development plan

Personal and Professional Development AFFILIATION: Personal and Professional Development Introduction I have been working with the American Nurses Association since a couple of past years now and I want to continue providing ANA with my services in the future. Goal 5 To serve with the true spirit of Nursing By nursing patients, I [>]

Personal health risk

Well water contains Arsenic compounds that pose a health risk to people who consume water from the well. To identify arsenic in drinking water as a hazard, I followed EPA risk assessment module that included establishing the magnitude of arsenic present in water where arsenic is the dominant public-health problem for drinking water [>]

Looking upsetting – and really costly. the

You have to keep your minds about you and monitor the advantages and expenses of each policy and each type of policy. In case, if you are seeking for a family policy you will need to really make the same analysis for all and consider carefully what type of coverage you want.

Estrogen and progesterone ( advanced pharmacology)

Role of Estrogen and Progesterone in Contraception Affiliation Administration of estrogen and progesterone by means of oral, transdermal or depot injection methods inhibits ovulation by the process of negative feedback inhibition. Oral Contraceptives and the Risk of Breast Cancer.

Organizational change through leadership paper

The cooperation between the top managers and the skilled staff should be at a reachable ground to facilitate easy management and delivery from all the sectors involved in the smooth running of the organization.' The Leadership culture should also be a considerable trait basically because it plays a big role in the facilitation [>]

Nursing care plan

Prevalence of septic shock In the United States, Disease Control and Prevention has assessed that septic shock is the tenth leading cause of death. He then developed unconsciousness after half and hour admitted to ICU and diagnosed to have septic shock by the case doctor.

Example of research paper on nursing

Introduction - Statement of the problem - Thesis Statement Conclusion Abstract This research proposal document embraces a comparative analysis of my personal nursing philosophies and those of the nursing distinctly as well as the nursing profession. In this research paper the writer embarked upon a brief analysis comparing personal with nursing philosophy realizing [>]

Through of research methodology-credit hours system were requested

The current study aimedto recognize perspectives of Nigerian students about the influences ofcultural variation on their learning process, and rating the students'satisfaction with the nursing scholarship experience. The majority and more than threequarters of Nigerian students state that there are cultural differencesaffecting the teaching process for foreigner students, and their learningrespectively.

Questionnaires versus interviews

While the questionnaires are considered effective when seeking to reduce the costs of undertaking a research, many nurses utilise them in saving the amount of time for undertaking research. In seeking to improve how research is undertaken within the nursing field, the principle of authenticity of the respondent remains significantly important.

Nightingale scholarship

I have a personal inspiration to become a nurse because of my caring and compassionate heart.this humanitarian heart allows me to listen to sick people, as well as feel their pain in order to assist them to them recover from their illnesses My inspiration to become a nurse started developing when in was [>]

More stringent requirements send nurses back to school

More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School - By Richard Perez Pena According to Perez Pena, as he has referred in his article " More Stringent Requirements Send Nurses Back to School" published in The New York Times on 23rd June, 2012, a more stringent rule is about to come to the [>]

Iom report essay sample

This paper will consider the impact of the IOM on nursing education, nursing practice and the nurse's role as a leader. Also outlined in their goals is to increase the education levels of nurses all across the board up to and including increasing the number of nurses who hold a doctorate degree.

Psychodynamic vs. cognitive behavior therapy essay sample

The primary focus of this approach in the treatment of patients is to reveal the subconscious and unconscious elements of the client's or patient's psych in an effort to treat the patient. According to Beutel et al.the difference in the duration taken for treatment employing CBT and Psychoanalysis is a wide margin that [>]

Quantitative and qualitative research study

Basically, in this quantitative research the criteria used included the identification of the problem, methods of carrying out the research, the findings, the barrier to the implementation process and finally the discussion. The research component of evidence based practice is the identification of keywords and combination of these terms to recognize appropriate sources [>]

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioner due: Primary and Acute Nurse Practitioner I agree with what my mate Calvin Newsome wrote about the scope of practice of primary and acute nurse practitioners. Critical care: Concepts, role, and practice for the acute care nurse practitioner.

Critique the quality of the literature review in the study below, does the literature review support the problem statement defend your answer

In Europe, post-graduate qualifications and the increased professionalization of nurses have improved implementation of research. Conclusion The literature review discussed above is a reasonable account of the barriers that have in the recent past delayed or prevented the implementation of recent research into nursing practice.

The role of defense mechanisms nursing essay

Methods: A number of 226 persons following death by cancer among family members selected by compliance sampling and they completed the Inventory of complicated Grief-Revised, The Defense Styles Questionnaire, The Character dimension of Temperament and Character Inventory, and The Demographical questionnaire. Participants completed the Inventory of complicated Grief-Revised, The Defense Styles Questionnaire, and [>]

Open system theory in nursing

Application of Open System Theory in Nursing of the The open system is a theory that seeks to explain the dynamics involved in the running of an organization. The system in the case study is the hospital and the subsystems are the various departments.

Nursing diagnosis argumentative essay

Cues NursingDiagnosis Scientific Explanation Objectives/Plan of Care Nursing Interventions Rationale Evaluation S> " Hindi pa masyado magaling ang sugat ko" as verbalized by the patientO & gt; S/P Appendectomy & gt; with surgical incision at right lower abdominal area & gt; with dry intact dressing on the surgical site Impaired Skin Integrity related [>]

Hiroshima book review examples

In other words, how had the dropping of the bomb changed the lives of the survivors? Hersey takes a look at the cruelty of the bombing of Hiroshima, the inconsideration for the suffering of the people and the indelible memories of an event that changed the lives of many innocent people.

Disaster preparedness and management

There are several measures that can be taken in order to minimize and prevent escalation of injuries, death, and destruction, including generation of medical and communication resources, provision of plans for the community's recuperation after the disaster, provision of early warning systems, and putting plans in place to aid in the post-disaster rehabilitation [>]

Issues with end-of-life care in nursing essay sample

It is the facility's responsibility to ensure that there are training programs on caring for the dying readily available for health care professionals, and to provide support for these staff members; death requires a great deal of attention to be paid to the patient and the family. There are a number of issues [>]

Professionalism in nursing essay sample

Professionalism is the act of behaving in a manner defined and expected by the chosen profession. It is important in creating and maintaining a positive perception and the image of professionalism.

Impact of hesi specialty exams – dissertation example

Impact of HESI Specialty Exams: The Ninth Exit Exam Validity Study Literature Review Purpose The purpose of this study was to re-examine the effectiveness of the HESI Specialty Exams and to determine its value in the whole of nursing curriculum. In summary, this study aimed at: Re-examining the accuracy of the E2 [>]

Clinical significance

Clinical Significance Clinical research usually applies methods of statistical significance to measure the significance of the results of any clinical research. Swenson-Britt and Reineck show that, the statistical significance from the pilot study by conducting a paired t-test, there is an increase on three out of the four subscales in research self-efficiency.

Legal and ethical concerning hipaa and the nurses role

Patients Health Information Role of Nurses in protecting client Information The nurse has the responsibility of caring for the patient while ensuring that a patient's privacy and confidentiality has been protected. Therefore a nurse is only supposed to disclose the patient's information to persons that the patient has authorized and is comfortable with [>]

The background of nursing profession nursing essay

Nursing is a profession which needs lots of personal commitment and time, due to the nature of the profession, where patients care is priority. In many cases someone becomes a nurse because they want to help people but when Nurses confronted with the reality of the job soon realize that is not what [>]

Cauda equina

Apparently, the Cauda equina syndrome is a neurological disorder which affects the Cauda equina located in the spinal cord of the human body. The ependymoma of the Cauda equina.S.l: s.n.].

Case study physical assessment

The case study offers the different forms of data and assessment procedures that a health assessment should take, which should follow the elements that " form the database of the assessment of the person's health" as provided in chapter 1 in Jarvis. According to Jarvis the musculoskeletal function is affected by the cultural [>]

Nurse informatics

In order to transform the healthcare system, it is important to have a balance of skills among all players in this field. To achieve this there should be a balance in the number of people employed and the type of roles they perform and where they perform these duties.

Nursing process recording

I asked her about her education and employment status. I also asked her how she experienced her illness, and whether or not she was hopeful for the recovery.

Evidence based practice

The authors concluded that the findings of the study conform to their previous theories about the improvement of the care for patients with AMI. The results of the research also open the door for further studies in the field to determine the relationship that exists between the features identified and hospital RSMR.

Qualitative research designs

Barriers to Qualitative Dementia Research: The Elephant in the Room. Barriers to Qualitative Dementia Research: The Elephant in the Room.

On back pain

Nursing al Affiliation) Low Back Pain Acute low back pain is a common cause for patient visits or calls to a care clinician. The obvious recommendation for prevention of severe low back pain is physical exercise.

Summary of choosen article (3-5 paragrphs)

Outbreaks of Rotavirus Gastroenteritis among Elderly Adults Background This research paper is an analysis of the article s from the field: outbreaks of rotavirus gastroenteritis among elderly adults in two retirement communities - Illinois, 2011. As the article by CDC acknowledges, the epidemiology of rotavirus especially in adults is poorly understood.

Ethical dillema

In the culture that she belongs to, it is believed that the males in the family have the right to take all the decisions regarding the family members. Moreover, the patient can succumb to the pressure from the males in the family and decide to say that her health is improving even if [>]

Search report

Population and Comparative Women are more likely to get infected by the UTIs than men since the bacteria easily reach their bladder because of the shortest distance the bacteria has to travel in the urethra. Besides, the location of the urethra near the rectum makes it easier for the bacteria from the anus [>]

Treatment be considered in clinical trials nursing essay

As patients are the subjects of the research, their point of view is important to be considered into clinical research study so as a respect of patient right and improvement of research outcome. Patients' compliance can be defined as the willingness of patient to follow doctor's advice on treatment and complete it.

Uustal 1993

The nursing community tries to appreciate these ethical issues by finding a resolution to the ethical dilemmas they face in the progress of their work. For the purpose of this paper, the Uustal model details the dilemma that I once faced concerning my civil repression after pushing a colleague off the staircases.

Neonatal paper

If one has a degree in another field, they may be eligible for an accelerated program through which a degree of a bachelor science in nursing or master of science in nursing in one to two years. In the future, a doctor of nursing practice degree will be required to work as an [>]

Why i want to become a nurse

I want to do a lot of social work in my life. I believe that having an opportunity to take care of others is a privilege as it is conducive not only for a happy and satisfied life in this world but also in the world hereafter.