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Hiv and aids stigma health and social care essay

The laterality of the biomedical position in the construct of wellness and healing where professionals are viewed as holding the cognition has had a batch of impact on public wellness globally. Using Deems taylors, partnership of the ballad position and public wellness resources as a construct of wellness and healing, this paper will [>]

Global health issues(focus on aids)

The Factors Contributing to the Global Spread of AIDS Mondal and Shitan reported that the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS globally has become a barrier to the progress of human civilization and economic development. The Actions of Governments and Organizations in Addressing the Problem Coovadia and Hadingham and Milbank Memorial Fund point out that [>]

Epidemiology data search

The Silent Attack of Osteoporosis PubMed Health defined osteoporosis as the thinning of bone tissue and the loss of bone density over time. According to the Center for Health Data and Research of Nevada Health State Division as printed in Healthy People Nevada, osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass [>]

Physiology of fluid balance essay sample

The only obstacle to the fluid is the capillary wall and the basement membrane of the Bowman's capsule, in other words it is termed as selectively permeable. For this reason, water arrives in the blood via osmosis for the reason that the water potential of the filtrate is higher than the blood.

Molecular mechanisms of stress-induced increases in fear memory consolidation within the amygdala

Many of the brain regions that are implicated in psychiatric disorders and are vulnerable to the effects of stress are also involved in mediating emotional learning, alterations of which have been suggested to contribute to the onset and maintenance of these disorders. Based on the known role of the GluA2 subunit of the [>]

Editorial: language acquisition in diverse linguistic, social and cognitive circumstances

Editorial on the Research Topic Language Acquisition in Diverse Linguistic, Social and Cognitive Circumstances The language experience of children growing up in linguistically diverse environments is subject to considerable variation both in terms of input quantity and quality and these factors are predictive of future language abilities. The comprehension of RCs in a [>]

On trusting neighbors more than experts: an ebola case study

This initially seems to be a strictly social definition of expertise, but underpinning it are more epistemic and scientific considerations; such as Goldman's view that an expert ought to possess " a substantial body of truths in the target domain" and Longino's position that the community of mainstream science provides checks that its [>]

Testing theories of risky decision making via critical tests

The term " model" refers to a special case of a theory that also includes all of the operational definitions and simplifying assumptions needed to apply a theory to a particular paradigm. According to the TAX model, the utility of the gamble is a weighted average of the utilities of the consequences, with [>]

Making your genbank entry count

The other day I set out on what I thought would be a straightforward task: I wanted to calculate the number of coding nucleotides in each of the plastid genome sequences stored in GenBank. GenBank is a relatively new invention, and as it grows ever larger, I believe that the quality of entries [>]

Editorial: arterial aging and age-associated arterial diseases

The inflammatory regulatory cascades are the key signaling that drives the cellular changes involved in the adverse arterial wall remodeling thus facilitating the exponential increase in mortality and morbidity related to hypertension and atherosclerosis. Aging increases the deposits of the advanced glycation end-products, the long-lived molecules of advanced glycation of extracellular matrix in [>]

Intersectionality and youth identity development research in europe

The legal rationale for the removal of " race" is situated in colorblind ideology focusing on shared humanity, in direct response to the racial hierarchies created and used to justify the mass atrocities of the colonial and Fascist eras, including the Holocaust. This offers a lens through which to examine the construction of [>]

Helping them decide: a scoping review of interventions used to help minors understand the concept and process of assent

Herein is a scoping review on the concepts of assent and dissent, tools to evaluate the capacity of minors to assent, and six empirically based methods that have been used to help minors understand the process of assent. For example, researchers tend to judge a child to have decision-making capacity if the child's [>]

What is the best regimen for ovarian stimulation of poor responders in art/ivf?

The prevalence of this group of patients seems to be increasing, due to many patients postponing conceptions to the late thirties or even beyond the age of forty. However, the evidence from published clinical trials is weak and falls short from drawing robust conclusions regarding the effect of testosterone in POR, since the [>]

Genetic diversity of african trypanosomes in tsetse flies and cattle from the kafue ecosystem

Previous studies have detected a high prevalence of these Trypanosoma the eastern and southern province of Zambia, where the majority of infections were attributed to T.congolense. Extending these studies to assess the genetic diversity of trypanosomes found in tsetse flies and cattle from the same ecosystem can enable a more in-depth understanding [>]

Anorexia and the media

What is essential is a change in the attitude towards women and their representation in the media, to ensure advertising uses larger figures and different shapes and to show women that to be successful does not mean 'thin' because the fact is that today the images are unhealthy and considerably affecting adolescents eating [>]

Respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in infancy: the acute hospitalization cost

In resource-rich areas, bronchiolitis is the main cause of hospitalization in the first 12 months of life, with an estimated cost in the USA of 500 million 1. The total costs attributed to the ordinary regime were divided by the days of hospitalization, to determine the average cost per day of hospitalization.

Drvvt test – lab report example

Above Testing for the absence of anticoagulants will result in immediate clotting is a sample of blood using the method of aPTT.4. Vitamin K is an essential contributor in the synthesis of a number of proteins that participate in blood coagulation and also anticoagulation.

Grand challenges in cancer endocrinology: endocrine related cancers, an expanding concept

This pathway is named MISS and may be upregulated in cancer cells for a number of reasons, among which increased location of sex steroid receptors at the cell membrane and increased expression of adaptor proteins, which favor the formation of multiprotein complexes containing Src. Insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinemia, present in these two [>]

Editorial: marching toward 100% whole genome sequencing

Whole genome sequencing becomes a critical tool to determine the extent of restructuring and to assist in deciphering the mechanisms of genome rearrangements. In this Research Topic, a collection of eight articles touches upon various aspects of whole genome sequencing, encompassing challenges to obtain 100% genome sequence coverage or reliable reference genomes, mapping [>]

Populism is always gendered and dangerous

The " authentic" people rally under a charismatic leader who claims to be in a unique position to define and defend the interests of the people and to recover the values which support the people's prominence in the nation and restore the Nation to its glorious past. Abi-Hassan, S." Populism and gender," in [>]

The effect on the kidney in patients with anti-n-methyl d-aspartate receptor antibody encephalitis

The median unadjusted and adjusted urine SG level in anti-NMDAR antibody encephalitis patients were significantly lower than median urine SG level in HCs. In both the unadjusted and adjusted models, the median urine pH levels in anti-NMDAR antibody encephalitis patients were significantly higher than HCs.

Success of aspirin regimens and lifestyle changes

For both these conditions, the researchers will combine the available data from multiple network meta-analyses to evaluate the statistics in the existing evidence and to decide on the comparative effectiveness of lifestyle interventions and Aspirin regimens in decreasing women's risk of a heart attack. Environmental changes will be considered as it is a [>]

The role of consciousness in the phonological loop: hidden in plain sight

This is especially clear in the case of the verbal component of working memory, the " phonological loop," where the resemblance between the model and subjective phenomena seems to be more than merely metaphorical. We focus particularly on how our intuitions about the phenomenological experience of " inner speech" might constrain or otherwise [>]

A commentary on: affective coding: the emotional dimension of agency

00608 We welcome Gentsch and Synofzik's review of the role of affect in modulating a person's sense of agency. In this commentary, we describe recent findings that suggest that one way in which negative affect plays a role in the development of AH is by reducing the SoA associated with self-generated cognitions and [>]

Intelligence, cognition, and language of green plants

The more exact the fit the higher the level of information involved in the interaction. In the nematode connectome, the average degree is again about 7 and the distribution of degrees is a power law with a minority of neurons with very high degrees of connection and a long tail down to 3 [>]

Pupillometric complexity and symmetricity follow inverted-u curves against baseline diameter due to crossed locus coeruleus projections to the edinger-westphal nucleus

The reason is that the locus coeruleus, which is the norepinephrine source for both the sympathetic pathway to the pupil dilator muscle and the parasympathetic pathway to the pupil sphincter muscle, also modulates cognitive functions. In addition to the temporal pattern of pupil diameter, the asymmetricity between the right and left pupil diameters [>]

Effects of classrooms’ architecture on academic performance in view of telic versus paratelic motivation: a review

In the same study, the authors found that both students and teachers pointed out that noise in the classroom was a major source of disturbance for them. We argue that the seat arrangement is a potent means to efficiently manipulate the physical characteristics of the classroom to ensure high performance of both students [>]

Locally advanced non small cell lung cancer: the case for radiation dose de-escalation in the management of the mediastinum

The authors further cautioned that the value of 60 Gy has not been established in a phase III trial and should not be considered a standard of care. The effect of the addition of Durvalumab to definitive chemo-radiation in stage 3 NSCLC has been shown to be independent of radiation dose.

Editorial: metallic micronutrient homeostasis in plants

In this Topic, Zhang and Kramer have reanalyzed available bioinformatic data to show that there is a diurnal regulation of the translation of proteins involved in Fe-S metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana, including that of frataxin, a protein involved in iron transfer in Fe-S protein biogenesis, and also in copper control in mitochondria and [>]

Editorial: tropical climate variability and change: impacts in the amazon

In particular, the Amazon region includes about one half of the world's tropical forest, and relatively small change in Amazon forest dynamics have the potential to substantially affect the rate of climate change. Droughts are one of the main features of the Amazon climate, and most contributions to this Research Topic have focused [>]

Comparative analysis of clinical parameters and sputum biomarkers in establishing the relevance of filamentous fungi in cystic fibrosis

Whilst the association between pathogenic bacteria and airway inflammation, infection and disease progression is well established, less is known about the role of fungi in the CF airways and their impact on airway inflammation and lung disease progression. In the absence of ABPA, it is not clear whether the detection of fungi in [>]

Diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for myocardial infarction

The high incidence of MI results in financial burdens to both families and society and affects the life quality of MI patients. CK-MB is an excellent biomarker in diagnosis of AMI during the first 6 h, and at the same time, the negative predictive value during the first 6 h is 97%.

Incorporating a professional-grade all-class project into a research methods course

Such efficiencies allow the students and the instructor to focus on mastering the topic of investigation and on the necessary methods to be used. For example, when students conduct literature reviews during week two, I assign key articles for summarization so that students will be familiar with basic findings and fundamental methods when [>]

Neuroscience and human nature: review of the altruistic brain

Nevertheless, neuroscience has matured as a field of research and its practitioners are now ready and able to interpret the consequences of their research for our understanding of the individual as well as society as a whole. For step 3, the author relies on the cross-excitation of neurons to argue that representations of [>]

Spatio-temporal assessment of the european hake ( merluccius merluccius ) recruits in the northern iberian peninsula

European hake is one of the most important commercial species in the northeast Atlantic and is assessed by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea in two units: the northern and the southern stocks. Concerning the environmental variables, bathymetry was the most important predictor to defining the distribution occurrence and abundance [>]

Editorial: γδ t cells in cancer

Editorial on the Research Topic T Cells in Cancer Since the discovery of T cells, this rare and unique component of the immune system has been recognized for its potential in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. The aim of the articles collected in this Research Topic is to describe new developments and approaches to [>]

Genetics and the individualized therapy of vestibular disorders

Mutations in MICA, TLR10, and NFKB1, all of which are associated with the immune system, have been associated with differences in the occurrence and rate of progression of SNHL in sporadic MD patients. In addition to the isolated vestibulopathies, dizziness, and episodic vertigo is found in combination with moderate or severe hearing loss [>]

Note on the reliability of biological vs. artificial neural networks

Because small weights may lead to computational problems in the gradient descent, convolutional layers in the networks often provide a substantial improvement, if the nature of the relevant filters to be implemented is known. We apply a fitness function F = Q combining the unconstrained fitness function Q of the network G with [>]

The grand challenges to cellular and molecular oncology

It has been demonstrated that, in some cellular settings, microRNAs can exert bona fide oncogenic or oncosuppressive functions and that cancer cells often, if not always, exhibit an extensive metabolic rewiring; the compartment of cancer stem cells has been intensely studied; the concepts of oncogene/non-oncogene addiction and of immunogenic cell death have been [>]

A journey in capacity building: revisiting the mullins framework for meaningfully engaging patients in patient centered outcomes research

The purpose of this paper is to describe the implementation of these themes as a framework in the context of building an initial engagement group and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our application of this model. We worked consistently throughout the project to maintain the relationship of trust that we established [>]

Editorial: wayfinding and navigation: strengths and weaknesses in atypical and clinical populations

Editorial on the Research Topic Wayfinding and Navigation: Strengths and Weaknesses in Atypical and Clinical Populations Navigation is an essential activity of everyday life, related to both work, and leisure. The encoding of environmental information in forming a mental representation or cognitive map and the retrieval and use of that information rely on [>]

Iom future of nursing essay sample

The intent of this paper is to discuss the Institute of Medicine report regarding the future of nursing as it pertains to nursing practice, nursing education and nursing workforce development. Several barriers were identified preventing nurses from practicing to the full extent of their licensure and education, largely due to the overhaul of [>]

Emotional availability: theory, research, and intervention

Assessing the perspective of both the adult and the child is beneficial, both to reflect that adult child relationships are bidirectional, as well as to capture any possible differences between the adult and child. Child responsiveness to the adult and child involvement of the adult encompass the child's degree of EA with the [>]

Corrigendum: quantifying coral reef resilience to climate change and human development: an evaluation of multiple empirical frameworks

610306 In the original article, there was a mistake in Figure 2 and Figure 3 as published. FIGURE 2 Spatial interpolation of relative resilience scores along a 500-m coastal buffer from each of the four assessments, includingAssessment 1;Assessment 2;Assessment 3, andAssessment 4.

Eating disorders classification research paper sample

The most affected age is the adolescents and also the young adults or it may come later in the life development of an individual. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

Communication of diagnosis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: stratification of patients for the estimation of the individual needs

In ALS the time of the communication of the diagnosis will often coincide with the communication of prognosis and therapy. The difficulties for the medical team in making a diagnosis of ALS, and in the moment of communication of the diagnosis to patients has been reported in a recent study.

Editorial: what’s new in endocrinology?

As with any dynamic field the frontiers are ever changing and these articles exemplify some of the recent developments together with some of the new questions and challenges for the future. The greatest challenge to health provision in virtually every country across the globe is obesity; the scale of the epidemic threatens to [>]

Editorial: evolution of mitochondrial genomes

The two newly sequenced mtDNAs revealed a patchy distribution of the two evolutionarily distinct systems, and prompted the authors to revise previously proposed scenarios for the evolution of cytochrome c maturation in this group. Overall, this Research Topic aimed in elucidating the genetic, life history, and ecological factors that contribute to the evolutionary [>]

The living transcendental — an integrationist view of naturalized phenomenology

In " Merleau-Ponty's Transcendental Theory of Perception," Gardner gives expression to one of the main theoretical challenges to the idea of a naturalized phenomenology, namely, the argument that phenomenology is essentially a form of transcendental philosophy and, as such, operates in a domain strictly independent from the scientific. In Critique of Pure Reason, [>]

Editorial: interaction of nanomaterials with the immune system: role in nanosafety and nanomedicine

In this perspective, it is of major importance assessing the interaction between ENM and the immune system, since in all living organisms the immune system is deputed to defending and maintaining the integrity of the body, and its failure is cause of damage and disease. The Research Topic " Interaction of nanoparticles with [>]

The benefits of executive control training and the implications for language processing

Thus, in the hypothesis section, which details the potential implications of EF training and transfer effects on language use, we consider a theory based on evidence that left VLPFC-supported conflict resolution is the kind of cognitive-control function of principal relevance to these particular linguistic tasks. We couch our hypotheses within a process-specific account, [>]

Two coagulase-negative staphylococci emerging as potential zoonotic pathogens: wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Both S.schleiferi and S.lugdunensis have been demonstrated to carry SCC mec elements, and S.schleiferi isolates have been identified recently as multidrug resistant.S.lugdunensis and S.schleiferi are examples of CNS often overlooked by routine clinical diagnostic protocols that may be emerging as drug-resistant pathogens.S.schleiferi is divided into two subspecies, subsp.schleiferi and subsp.coagulans, which behave similarly [>]

Medically unexplained symptoms and attachment theory: the bodymind approach®

The rationale for the use of TBMA as opposed to psychological interventions is that the characteristics of insecure attachment are seen in some people with MUS so TBMA has been specifically designed in content and structure to work with these characteristics. Therefore, TBMA provides a new, different and acceptable pathway for people with [>]

Atp-gated p2x receptors in health and disease

In the nervous system, ATP-gated P2X receptors are expressed in neurons, glia and vascular cells and are characterized by a variety of distinct properties. The trafficking and targeting of P2X receptors.

Editorial: multiple stressors across ecosystem boundaries

To further this research field on the combined impact of stressors across ecosystem continuums, Bruder et al.provide a novel perspective to include food-web characteristics and biotic interactions in analyses of multiple-stressor effects on ecosystems. The observed link is likely relevant for a wide range of organisms and prone to observed local and global [>]

Addressing climate change: what can plant invasion science and weed science learn from each other?

This offers a wide range of climate features to elaborate upon, a variety of study questions and methods, and a multitude of impacts and outcomes to study, ranging from changes in functional traits, population dynamics, and distribution of the harmful plants up to their consequences for crop yield and ecosystem services. The main [>]

Oscillations trumped by behavior: a link between sensory and direct electrical stimulation of cortical activity

A commentary on Behavioral modulation of stimulus-evoked oscillations in barrel cortex of alert rats by Venkatraman, S, and Carmena, J.M. In fact, the authors show a direct, inverse correlation between the amplitude of the stimulation-induced oscillations and the strength of whisking during stimulation; they also demonstrate that this inverse relation with behavior occurs [>]

Editorial: el niño-southern oscillation on a changing planet: consequences for coastal ecosystems

The collection of articles presented in this Research Topic illustrates the interaction of ENSO dynamics with human-related stresses and its effect on biological processes of coastal species and biogeochemical processes of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in two major EBUS the Humboldt and California upwelling systems. The collection of articles in this Research Topic [>]

Practices or managerial competencies that you think all health care administrators should develop

Planning/ Strategic Planning Planning for the future of an organization may require good technical skills since some tools and methods employed in planning are technically challenging. As a result, working well with different people calls for good human/interpersonal skills Planning/strategic planning requires an administrator to understand where the organization is, where it wants [>]

Restless legs syndrome and poliomyelitis: new evidences of an old observation?

In conclusion, we can consider PPS as a possible cause of a secondary form of RLS associated with both fatigue and quality of life. The responsiveness of RLS in patients with poliomyelitis sequelae to dopaminergic treatment demonstrated by Kumru et al.should induce to test the possible effect of RLS treatments on PPS symptoms [>]

Social science sequestered

Mapping 5 of the social science across the UK GGR programme shows that whilst the methods and the conceptual lenses applied vary, and there is some room for interpretative and critical social science, the problems to address are predominantly seen through a narrow, instrumental frame: as drivers and barriers. Yet there is also [>]

Army emergency relief

What part of the essay is most memorable? What kind of grammatical errors, if any, are evident in the essay?

Commentary: effects of age and initial risk perception on balloon analog risk task: the mediating role of processing speed and need for cognitive closure

A commentary on Effects of Age and Initial Risk Perception on Balloon Analog Risk Task: The Mediating Role of Processing Speed and Need for Cognitive Closure by Koscielniak, M, Rydzewska, K, and Sedek, G. In the context of BART and aging, existing models can discern between noisiness of responding and risk preferences, and [>]

Multiple myeloma exemplifies a model of cancer based on tissue disruption as the initiator event

Nevertheless, the genetic origin of the disease remains widely accepted in spite of new data showing the presence of oncogenic mutations in normal tissues and the ability of these tissues to eliminate mutant cells to prevent tumor initiation, the development of pre-cancerous lesions without oncogenic mutations, or the presence of epigenetic, gene expression [>]

Spatial genetic structure and demographic history of the dominant forest oak quercus fabri hance in subtropical china

In addition, the rise of QTP remodeled the geomorphology of China and changed the terrain into a hypsographic ladder in three steps ranging from high in the west to low in the east, thereby causing the climatic heterogeneity between western and eastern China and the longitudinal differentiation of the flora in this region. [>]

Nitrogen use efficiency in durum wheat under different nitrogen and water regimes in the mediterranean basin

The first describes a plant's ability to take up N from the soil; the second one refers to the ability of a plant to convert in biomass the assimilated/remobilized nitrogen. The current study was focused on the responses of four modern and four ancient durum wheat genotypes to limited N and water supply, [>]

Where is pediatric rheumatology going, and why a new section of frontiers in pediatrics?

It has gathered the interest of hundreds of physicians and health professionals alike, who are involved in both the clinical part of the work and in all the other research and educational activities that are connected to the field. The interest for clinicians and clinician-scientists alike is growing at a fast pace, and [>]

A common biomarker signature for tolerated allografts and self tissues

However, to date there is no reliable means to discriminate between the absence of rejection due to the effects of conventional immunosuppression and the absence of rejection due to the successful induction of an active process of tolerance. In experimental transplantation models, the number of cells and the mechanisms involved in tolerance are [>]

Editorial: innate immunity in the context of osteoimmunology

Editorial on the Research Topic Innate Immunity in the Context of Osteoimmunology The term " osteoimmunology" identifies the research field aimed at studying the crosstalk between cells of the skeletal and immune systems. The close relationship between these two systems is apparent based on the sharing of the same microenvironment, but it also [>]

Types of waste in healthcare, and ways to eliminate this waste

Types of Healthcare Wastes affiliations Types of Healthcare Wastes The different types of wastes in healthcare are in different categories. Another type of waste is hazardous wastes which according to WHO arise from contamination of drugs.

Tgf-β/smad3 signaling regulates brown adipocyte induction in white adipose tissue

In conditions of energy excess, the white adipose tissue accumulates fat in the form of triglycerides, whilst brown adipose tissue has the potential stimulate energy expenditure by dissipation of fat to produce heat and maintain body temperature. Thus, chronic treatment with rosiglitazone promotes the expression of brown fat genes, mitochondriogenesis, and thermogenesis capacity [>]

Emotion-based learning: insights from the iowa gambling task

The most prominent of these are the extent to which we are explicitly aware of the basis of such decisions; the biasing influence of pre-existing emotional labels in complex decision making; and the extent to which EBL systems are anatomically and functionally independent of episodic memory systems. An important element in our understanding [>]

Factor structure and validation of the undergraduate teaching faculty investment questionnaire

The conference emphasized that it is important to adhere to the principle of " Taking undergraduate education as the foundation" to promote the " Four Returns," that is, a return to common sense, a return to duty, a return to original intentions, and a return to the dreams and aspirations of students, emphasizing [>]

Chemokines and hiv: the first close encounter

The original phenomenological observation on the non-cytolytic HIV-suppressive activity of CD8 + T cells was made by Chris Walker and Jay Levy in the mid-80s while they were attempting to increase the rate of HIV-1 isolation from asymptomatic seropositive individuals. The LTCB was an ideal site in this respect because a major focus [>]

Corrigendum: prestigious science journals struggle to reach even average reliability

While the number of scientists has been growing exponentially over the last decades, the number of journals with a large audience has not kept up, neither has the number of articles published per journal. Assuming that this exclusivity allows the journals to separate the wheat from the chaff, successful publication in these journals [>]

Striatal cholinergic interneurons: how to elucidate their function in health and disease

Dopamine induced switch in the subthreshold dynamics of the striatal cholinergic interneurons: a numerical study.J. Origin of the slow afterhyperpolarization and slow rhythmic bursting in striatal cholinergic interneurons.J.

Intellectual and developmental disabilities: eugenics

Opening its doors in March of 1888, the Training School in Vineland was considered to be the third institution of its kind; the first opened in Massachusetts in 1848 and the second in New York in 1852. From One Century to the Next: A History of Wrentham State School and the Institutional Model [>]

Fluid bolus therapy in pediatric sepsis: current knowledge and future direction

The worldwide burden of sepsis in pediatric intensive care in terms of morbidity and mortality remains high and is a key healthcare priority. Yet, in the face of many unanswered questions and associated harm, the imperative to investigate the role of FBT in sepsis exists.

Editorial: innate immune cell determinants of t cell immunity: from basic mechanisms to clinical implications

In their reviews, Geginat et al.and Clausen and Stoitzner dissect the instrumental role played by specialized DC subsets in instructing protective T cell immunity, emphasizing how this specialization, conserved in mice and humans, suits at best the need of dedicated and qualitative different " classes" of T cells for immune homeostasis, defense against [>]

Assignment #4

The benefits of IS to an organization are seen through customer satisfaction, and improvements in clinical as well as other units of the healthcare organization. The best way to implement Information Services is to view customers of the organization as services.

Editorial: diversity and universality in causal cognition

Editorial on the Research Topic Diversity and Universality in Causal Cognition The capacity to acquire and use causal knowledge belongs to the central cognitive competencies that allow us to orient in the world, and this knowledge shapes our cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses. 00245 Bender, A, Beller, S, and Medin, D.L." Causal cognition [>]

Faith-based coping among arabic-speaking refugees seeking mental health services in berlin, germany: an exploratory qualitative study

The sharp rise in numbers of Muslims in Germany has inevitably led to a significant shift in the sociopolitical landscape within Germany and in Europe. This included questions regarding the nature of the war and conflict they fled back home, the experience of their displacement journey, and current challenges faced or experienced following [>]

Global phylogeny and taxonomy of the wood-decaying fungal genus phlebiopsis (polyporales, basidiomycota)

Based on these specimens and sequences obtained from GenBank, the phylogenetic analyses and taxonomic study of Phlebiopsis and related taxa in the Phanerochaetaceae were undertaken. Notes Phlebiopsis brunnea is characterized by a coriaceous basidiomata with a smooth hymenophore and brown context, abundant, brown skeletocystidia in the subiculum and subhymenium, lamprocystidia, and oblong ellipsoid [>]

Using “smart stimulators” to treat parkinson’s disease: re-engineering neurostimulation devices

In Parkinson's disease, DBS is a neurosurgical treatment offered to approximately 5% of patients, and consists in the permanent implantation of stimulating electrodes in deep brain structures. Overall, compared to initial models investigating the possibility of closed-loop stimulation in Parkinson's disease, the use of neural mass and neural field models represents a significant [>]

Editorial: culture, self, and autonomy

Editorial on the Research Topic Culture, Self, and Autonomy In our special topic Culture, Self and Autonomy we have examined the complex issues relating to how self and autonomy are explored, construed, and experienced by different subjects and across cultural contexts. The notion of the self stands at the center of the discussion [>]