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Prime-time television program

Coca-Cola Company, the market leader in the soft drink industry is one of the companies that emulate extensive traditional as well as modern methods of advertisement. The speed with which the Coke bottle was emulating depicts the haste at which Coca-Cola Company is putting in place modern technology as a way of ensuring [>]

Prime time tv show – greys anatomy

Prime Time TV Show - Grey's Anatomy What is the name and purpose of the show? The name of the show is Grey's Anatomy.

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National football league v. primetime 24, 211 f.3d 10 wnet, thirteen v. aereo, inc., 712 f.3d 676

The appeals court upheld the earlier decision of the court to issue a permanent injunction to Primetime 24. The appeal court affirmed and upheld the district court's decision to deny the plaintiff's motion of a preliminary injunction on Aereo Inc, the defendant-appellee.