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This poem had a lot of alliteration the roots ere and re were repeated very often, and the only roots used in the poem. This is cleverly placed to bring the attention of the reader o the conclusion.

“gabu” by carlos angeles essay sample

The Philippines is known to the world as one of the most dangerous places to live in due to the fact that the country plays host to multiple typhoons every year. Now that the general background information about the poem and its author has been established, it is perhaps best to move on [>]

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A valediction: forbidding mourning and the sun rising

This is what makes the poem because Donne has said the love cannot be explained but then he goes on to explain what the two people are feeling and it is done in a way that can never be reproduced or attempted by other poets. A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning is also talking about [>]

What is an educated filipino? essay sample

Dramatic Action In simple terms, action is the process of doing something or the performance itself. The series of events that constitute the plot in any literary work is referred to as action it includes what the characters say, do, think and in some cases, fail to do.

“fire and ice”

Summary The speaker considers the age-old question of whether the world will end in fire or in ice. The real triumph of " Fire and Ice, however, is in its form.

Kumbla khan by samuel coleridge

The use of imagery in Kubla Khan is effective, powerful and central to the purpose and delivery of the poem. Through imagery and linguistic features Coleridge's portrays the hallucinations of his mind in a way that is comprehendible.

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Pawn shop

The pawnshop metaphor embraces the reader to interpret their views within the reading of the poem." The Pawnshop" is only four lines long, yet speaks not only of a timeless subject but with volumes of feeling. With the opening line " Beauty runs a pawnshop," and the last line of the writing " [>]

War poems ”dulce et decorum est”, ”disabled” and ”suicide in the trenches” essay sample

The two writers Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon have had enough of war, and so these two men want to show the rest of the Untied Kingdom, war is not as it is set out to be. I realise it is bad to die in the war, however it is also horrible for [>]

‘digging’ and ‘follower’ by seamus heaney essay sample

The poem ' Follower' shows more in the relationship, between Heaney and his family.' Follower' can interpret that Heaney was brought up in the farm land with his family and also express this with other poems which suggests that he enjoyed farming.' Digging and rising to his plod' this shows that his father [>]

How effectively do tatamkhulu afrika and chinua achebe

He also talks about the minor differences between the black and the white community in the road and the cafe. For example he uses colons to suggest that there is more to follow, " No sign says it is: but we know where we belong." This gives the reader a space to take [>]

‘dawn shoot’ by seamus heaney and ‘lake scene’ by david wright essay sample

The theme of ' Dawn Shoot' is Man versus Nature, and this is shown throughout the poem in various ways. The first example of this is shown in stanza one, line seven where it says that the cows were " cudding, watching, and knowing" This suggests that the cows were very aware of [>]

Beneath hill 60 and dulce et decorum est essay

By doing this, he is challenging the motives and practices of the war authorities by showing the contrast between the reality of war and the representation to people who had never been to war. The ttone of the poem is very harsh due to the choice of words and how they are used.

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comparative commentary on “salome” and “medusa” essay sample

With the help of the religious story of Salome and John the Baptist, the audience can easily understand that she had killed the man however she acts reckless and does not care about the fact that she is a murderer, which indicates the power of women. In the first stanza of the poem [>]

An analysis of william shakespeare’s sonnet 130

Its message is simple and direct which is the dark lady's beauty cannot be compared to the beauty of a goddess or to that found in nature, for she is but a mortal human being This is what made the poem memorable and famous which is for its blunt but charming sincerity." I [>]

How rossetti narrates the story of cousin kate

Personally I believe this poem presents Rossetti with a stage where she can speak of her resentment at the power men have and the weaknesses and few liberties that women have in the Victorian period; as in the end she takes sympathy for Cousin Kate who appears to have everything, because she must [>]

James k. baxter

In the poem wild bees, Baxter talks about a situation when he and his friends go out to smoke a beehive one evening to get the honey from it. The language features such as similes and metaphors put him on the same level as the reader so that it becomes easier for him [>]

Dramatic effect in we real cool by gwendolyn brooks

The title of the poem " We Real Cool" definitely works well with the meaning of the work as a whole. The last phrase of the poem, " We Die soon", reveals the fate of these teenagers.

The portrayal of the personal identity in selective american poems

The word " Hell" suggests the distress and anguish in the speaker's mind and it is an implication of the poet's journey that filled with hardships in order to cling to the White culture that is unknown for her, " I hold my honey and I store my bread/ In little jars and [>]

Shakespeare sonnet 18

For me this is almost hieroglyphics seeing as it is in old English text but I will attempt to extract some of the true meaning and thoughts of this poem. He than speaks of " rough winds that shake the darling buds of May" this line is in contrast to the first two.

Words: the poet’s tools to life

The final line of the first stanza continues to play with the dramatic irony of the poem: " So your chimneys I sweep, and in soot I sleep, implies that the speaker simply accepts his duty as a chimney sweeper in a matter-of-fact tone, by the use of the word " so at [>]

Edward taylor’s huswifery essay sample

As a New England Puritan and preacher, Taylor relates in Huswifery his longing and his plea to the Lord to become a vessel for the almighty to further his will and plans. In the case of human beings, it is always the mind, the body, and the soul which needs to be directed [>]

Poems: i, too, sing america by langston hughes & i hear america singing by walt whitman essay sample

In general, in both poems there is a link of similarities and difference between I, too, sing America by Langston Hughes and I hear America singing by Walt Whitman. Many of the differences have to do with a positive and negative view and also both poems deliver a different message.

Havisham by carol ann duffy and the laboratory

Conversely in The Laboratory there is an ambiguity of the bitterness within the plot. Nevertheless also the bitterness existing as extended metaphor of the revolutionists of the French revolution towards the French monarchy.

Santiago, mia isabelle s.

1Bio5 Absolutely Nothing Osoanon Nimuss In Osoanon Nimuss's poem, " Absolutely Nothing", the speaker illustrates the constant progression of a child's youthful optimism from a beaming blaze to a faded ember Most people who have read the book the Perks of Being a Wallflower may recall the poem within it entitled Absolutely Nothing [>]

Leper’s poetry

Given that he could not see anything because of the sun in his eyes he describes the situation through the shapes he could see of their bodies. By using this simile to describe how the image of the silhouettes of two boys appeared in contrast of the sun, he is trying to convey [>]

Blake’s poetry is multivocal, allusive and intertextual rather than directly expressive

The two poems are clearly inter-related as they both seem to offer contrasting opinions of the nature of beings and their creators, and because of the direct reference made to the lamb in the poem 'The Tyger'. Referring to the creator as ameek and mild' continues the serene feeling within the poem that [>]

Tragedy and proper structure of the plot

In part 7, the aim is to arrange and length of the play. Reversal of the situations is a change by which the actions just turned to opposite.

Learn traditional poetry essay sample

Meter the rhythm or " pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in the lines of a poem. Lines 1, 2, and 5 of a Limerick have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another.

The views of war presented by four pre 1914 war poets

He wrote " The Drum" during the Napoleon War in 1782." I hate that drum's discordant sound" shows how Scott was opposed to war. Throughout the poem, on the last line of each stanza, Tennyson emphasises on the 600 to show this is the amount of people that died as a result of [>]

Inner journey essay essay sample

Margaret Atwood's poem " Journey to the Interior" explores the dangers of an inner journey/ the individual becomes enlightened as to her own psyche/ compares the obstacles that face the traveller by relating the inner psyche with a physical map. The listing of the debris of daily existences such as shoes and " [>]

The dead poets society summary essay sample

Keating and the Dead Poets Society, Mr. Then the rest of the a few other students did the same thing, and Mr.

‘drummer hodge’ by thomas hardy

In the first verse of the poem ' Drummer Hodge' it describes how the dead young soldier is thrown into a pit without having a ceremony and was buried the way that he was found dead. In the last verse it tell us that Drummer Hodge would remain at the " portion of [>]

A close reading of ‘daffodils’ by william wordsworth

In my essay I am going to explore and analyse the variety of figurative devices Wordsworth uses to communicate this idea, and the poetic motives behind his writing.' Daffodils' is essentially a lyric poem which is expressive of the feelings of joy the poet encounters when seeing the multitude of daffodils. In the [>]

Poetry influence argumentative paper

It transports me to a place full of imagination and allows me to vision the kind of world that the poet wanted me to see. Just like the quality of the poem that is easier to understand rather than fiction and drama.

Receipt to make soup poem analysis essay sample

Will it fill Dean and Chapter Name of recipient so more Use of imperative makes it seem more like a recipe personal happiness soup brings FORM AND STRUCTURE There are no stanzas used throughout the poem to make it flow more easily and make it more humorous Does not use a specific rhyme [>]

‘dedication’ and ‘epilogue ii’ from requiem by anna akhmatova essay sample

' Dedication' and ' Epilogue II' are poems reflective of the suffering and changes the Russian people have known under Yezhov terror.' Dedication' focuses on the emotional and psychological impact of the Yezhov terror on human beings, which Akhmatova also feels from a mother's view.' Epilogue II' is Akhmatova's response towards all the [>]

Compare and contrast the treatment of love and loss

The opening stanza focuses on Damon's rejection by " Phyllis the fair", the language is elaborate and melodramatic, and his " anguish" and " unrequited love" is a reflection of Damon's state of mind. Both Walsh and Auden begin with the idea that loosing a love is the end of life.

Poetry analysis for “dulce et decorum est” essay sample

Meanwhile the " fumbling fitting of the clumsy helmets" adds a sense of frustrated hysteria to the tone of the poem. It is the innocence of those who participate in war that makes the message so powerful.

Coleridge and wordsworth’s poetry

Wordsworth and I were neighbours, our conversations turned frequently on the two cardinal points of poetry, the power of exciting the sympathy of the reader by a faithful adherence to the truth of nature, and the power of giving the interest of novelty by the modifying colours of imagination. Wordsworth, on the other [>]

Poetical epistle by him in wales

This essay will analyse the poem, concentrating on the poetic form, the language used and the way that they contribute to the meaning and effects of the poem. As the second stanza describes to the reader the beauty of the place Williams is located at the time of writing the poem.

Analysis of shakespeare’ sonnet

In the third stanza, Shakespeare provides a glimpse into the future, for the man to see and hear the feelings of regret that he will experience if he does not have a child. In Shakespeare's sonnet 3, Shakespeare is telling W.H.that he needs to first look at himself in the mirror, and tell [>]

Judith wright poetry essay sample

Wright has a unique vision of the Australian landscape in which she encapsulates the beauty and tragedy in the landscape through the use of various techniques to help portray her outlook of the landscape. She is able to portray her concept of the landscape through the various use of techniques and themes.

“drowning” versus “the trap”: perspectives on similar events in poetry and prose

The poem, by Sid Marty, titled " Drowning", and the third chapter, titled " The Trap", in his novel Men for the Mountains, both deal with the same event of a man drowning; however, they each come at it in different ways borne of necessity from the differing structures and restrictions of the [>]


John Donne, a poet of the Renaissance and a contemporary of Shakespeare's ponders this dilemma in the poem " Song" or " Go and Catcha Falling Star". In the second stanza, Donne challenges the reader to gallop on horse back all around the world and only return when a true woman is found.

Farewell to false love analysis

The reason behind Sir Walter Raleigh's " A Farewell to False Love is evident in the title, the first few lines, and throughout the entire poem. The poet also says that love is a quenchless fire, and a nurse of trembling fear.

Matthew arnold and perfectionism

Because of the hue of an idealistic culture and a mission for perfection Arnold fails to recognize the superstructure of an evolving democracy. The Arnoldian view here holds; Trump can be seen as the Elitist in his endeavors to eradicate the masses by sprawling bigotry and partiality of the White in conflict with [>]

Poetry commentary- ‘hawk roosting’ by ted hughes essay sample

The second stanza of Hughes' poem describes the beauty of the earth, and how it is of advantage to the speaker. The rest of this stanza conveys a powerful image of a creature who is both arrogant and violent.

The horse whisperer

My little horse must think it queer The idea of the horse thinking about the rider's intentions and the fact that rider pays attention to what his little horse must think, shows the relationship between the rider and his only alive companion he has in this journey. Although we can consider the whole [>]

Raphael’s poetic instruction in paradise lost

Raphael instruct Adam of Satan's delineate to seduce them into sin, and also state the floor of the fallen angels, as well as the drop of Satan. In specific, the researcher item out that at the foundation of the epilogue Milton demonstrates bold features of Satan, uncovering the resolution's ground, because Milton does [>]

Twisted cookbook

At the start of the poem, the poet surprises us by providing a list of ingredients needed to kill a man using a cross." You can make him carry a plank of wood to the top of a hill and nail him to it. The first of the two stanzas, written about World [>]

Imagery by edwin arlington robinson essay sample

Robinson became the first major American poet of the twentieth century, " unique in that he devoted his life to poetry and willingly paid the price in poverty and obscurity". In the poems, " Miniver Cheevy", " Charles Carville's Eyes", and " Richard Cory" Robinson lets the reader be able to picture the [>]

How do the poets you have studied use form

This is the natural voice of humans and shows the feelings of the poet also giving the sonnet a steady and natural beat. All of the above features work together to create a strong and effective argument.

Comparing two poets: philip levine and robert frost literature review examples

The courage he had led him to a better social class as he recognizes at the end of the poem when he says, " And that made all the differences". Philip had a sense of dedication and selflessness to both men and women working as laborers and the great Spanish revolutionaries in whose [>]

Odyssey and the most important conclusion from the work

The Trojan War is a war between the Greeks and the city of Troy. Both Penelope and Telemachus resist the suitors attempting to take Odysseus' place while he is gone off to war.

Comparison between the two poems ‘ogun’ and ‘nothings changed

Also the poem portrays the struggle of the poets uncle and the way his uncle is neglected by the world. On the other hand 'Nothings changed' is the anger of the poet Tatamkhulu Afrika returning to the wasteland that was once his home, and reliving the anger he felt when the area was [>]

Not my business by niyi osundare

He was always a follower of the right to free speech and was a strong believer in the power of words, saying, " To utter is to alter". This creates a slower rhythm, possibly because of the theme of the poem and the need of each stanza having to sink in.

Comparative analysis essay sample

The theme in the poem That Day by David Kherdian is the author now has a strong bond with his father that he has never been able to experience before. In both The Rope and That Day, both themes are family oriented.

Wilfred owen

Wilfred Owens use of words " boys" and " girls" in the stanza 2 emphasise the idea of loss of youth at war. Death is a big part of war and is also a big part of Wilfred Owens poetry, as he wants to show the audience that this is what war is [>]

Quotes from the miller’s tale essay sample

Or I wol caste a ston" p49 Can be strong and aggressive " Derk was the night as pitch, or as the cole And at the windoe out she putte hir hole" p50 Goes from an everyday simile to shocking to emphasises her shocking action Nicholas " hende Nicholas" p33 Has lots of [>]

Andrew lang

The tone is didactic, " Money moves the merchants all" and " Money maketh Evil show" saying money is the start is a parallel construction. This line is saying that money will convince merchants to explore the sea because there is more money out there." Money maketh Evil show Like the good, and [>]

Use of imagery in “hunting snake” by judith wright

A very striking image of the snake is created as it goes for the kill. This had a very striking effect as it shows the up and down of emotions.

Critical analysis of daddy by sylvia plath essay sample

The first twelve stanzas of the poem reveal the extent of the speaker's possession by what, in psychoanalytic terms, is the imago of the father a childhood version of the father which persists into adulthood. As the language of the poem begins to exclude baby talk and to develop more exclusively the vocabulary [>]

Linton kwesi johnson

One of the most obvious details to the poem is the use of accent. Johnson's use of accent is a very powerful aspect of the poem.

Edward taylor essay sample

In contrast to the fly, the wasp is a symbol of a sinner that is a chosen elect from God to be saved. Taylor is telling God that he wants to be chosen to join God and be one of the elect.

The author of facing it

As I break down Yusef's poem and try to find the deeper meaning, I will not only be talking about his internal struggle between his experience with war, but also the internal battle that Yusef faces between him and himself, and how he work to overcome it. When relating the two together, he [>]

Analysis of my last farewell by jose rizal

Albert Pike once said that " what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us, what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal," and I think Jose Rizal is one of the most important figures who actually devoted himself, particularly his intellectual endowments to the services and [>]

Strawberries: poetry and essay christopher callaghan

Morgan uses some extremely effective metaphors in this poem to describe his relationship with his partner: " We dipped them in sugar, looking at each other." The sugar signifies that there is something artificial about the relationship, that it needs sweetened. The writer also uses very clever word choice to enhance the reader's [>]

”chicago” by carl sandburg essay sample

" Chicago," written Carl Sandburg is a rousing piece of writing about the lives of people in Chicago and about the city as a whole. The enormous vitality of the city, as well as its economic injustices, left a deep impression on the young man that would emerge later in his groundbreaking poem [>]

Douglas malloch

If you cannot be a pine on the top of the hill, Be a scrub in the valley but be The best little scrub by the side of the rill; Be a bush if you cannot be a tree. If you cannot be a bush be a bit of the grass, And some [>]

Thomas gray’s “sonnet on the death of mr richard west” essay sample

Throughout the poem, the speaker appears to be quite sad, depressed and unable to appreciate anything joy- or beautiful surrounding him.b) Theme The general theme of the poem is the speaker's grievance, sadness and loneliness. In the first section the speaker describes his surroundings, the rising sun, the singing birds and the green [>]

Romantic elements in gray’s “elegy written in country churchyard” essay sample

His work shows the relation between the poetry of the new age and that of the 18th century. Several aspects of his poetry show the trends in the direction of romanticism, but he could never really escape form the spirit of the age in which he lived.

Commentary – staring at the sun by the offspring

The first line sets the mood of the song and suggests that the persona is in deep thoughts about life. This idea is also confirmed by the last two lines of the stanza that you should live in the way you want and not to conform to somebody else's style of living just [>]

With close reference to three poems, show how wilfred owen

Although they write the truth about the horrors of war and have very similar sentiments, Owen concentrates on his compassion and the message of the futility of war. The sounds linger on through the onomatopoeic effect of constant rhyme structure in the first stanza, and are presented as dominant through the repetition of [>]

The tuft of flowers by robert frost: the nature of isolation

This quote relates to the poem " The Tuft of Flowers" written by Robert Frost as it basically deliberately tells the story of Frost's poem in one sentence. In the " The Tuft of Flowers" Frost portrays poetic devices such as imagery, symbolism, and personification to create and sustain the readers mind to [>]

Elements of poetry

You mark rhyme in a poem with the letters of the alphabet. The most familiar to us is made of three quatrains and ends with a couplet.

Poetry analysis: joseph von eichendorff

Due to the similarity of the structure of these stanzas, the second stanza seemed to be framed and the poem appears as a circle. The poem " Moonlight Night" gives a typical example of the romanticism showing the speaker's love of nature and his religiousness.

“seduction” by eileen mcauley essay sample

In another stanza the poet again implies that the girl is not as innocent as she seems as she went to " day trips to Blackpool, jumping all the rides". The reader gets this perception from the very beginning, starting with how the boy is shown- his purpose in the story is simply [>]

Theme for english b

The fact that he only hears Harlem implies that he has lost touch with the feeling and visual context of the African Americanculturedue to the integration of schools. This point is emphasized by the speaker's epiphany that his paper will be a part of the instructor as he explains, " You are white [>]


In 'The Eagle', in stanza one the " c" sound is repeated and the " l" sound. In 'The Darkling Thrush' rhetoric takes the form of both simile and metaphor.

White man’s burden and shooting an elephant

In the poem " White Man's Burden" and essay " Shooting an Elephant" is talk about the two white men has a different point of views about imperialism and how the white treat the natives." White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling is talk about how does white man sacrifice for the native during [>]

Poets rethink everything anew essay sample

The poem " The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form team" is written in the first person and is therefore is a more personal poem; the persona is a man yearning to capture the glories of his lost youth. He is stuck in the past, and this is something that can [>]

Review of the poem “inventory of year” by conchitina cruz

It is interesting to see the author take this creative liberty as there is an irony to it since footnotes are often glossed over or play second fiddle to the main body of the text, but because most of the page is blank the poem now takes center stage. This poem showcases the [>]

Analysis of “the theme for english b” by langston hughes

The following four line onset the rest of the poem, the italic font indicates that it is indeed a direct quote of his in structure with a poetic twitch. The poem, which turned out to be his original assignment, is not one of those formal poems with meters and structure, rather seems like [>]

Analysis of the different interpretations of edgar allan poe’s poem a dream

In the case of " A Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe the literal meaning is in the title of the piece of work." A Dream" is about a dream that the speaker is having. The tone of a poem is quite simply the writer's attitude towards the subject of the poem." A Dream" [>]

Harlem in vogue essays examples

While the work of all of these writers was admirable and memorable, the work of one artist in particular cut to the bone Langston Hughes. The poem goes on to touch on and question the sadness and oppression of the African American community in Harlem, but is marked by the fact that it [>]

The secretary chant

Even though there is a moment where she mentions that her navel is a reject button, which emphasizes that her identity and essence to develop and grow as a human are being denied; she is conforming to the objects around her there is a feeling that she is unwilling to completely lose all [>]

Changing characteristics of poetry from modern to romantics essay sample

The Romantic Movement at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century was a deliberate revolt against the literary principles of the age of Reason. The Romanticism was nothing but an extension to the field of literature of man's unquenchable thirst for beauty that lies in the strange, [>]

Psychological criticism of “the seafarer” 

The Anglo-Saxon Poetry " The Seafarer" by unknown author reflects the inner conflict of a sailor between his fear of the ocean and the restless urge to travel which reveals the meaning of adversity and self-realization. In the voyage, what tortures the narrator the most is not the hard condition, but the loneliness [>]

Interesting view from the bridge – nature of self

The reason that Eddie is considered a tragic hero is that he allowed Catherine to move in with him followed by Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolfo. Another reason we know that Eddie has incestuous feelings towards her is that Beatrice even told Eddie " You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never [>]

Chaucer’s humor

His major contribution towards the content of poetry is in his advocacy of and strict adherence to realism. His Canterbury Tales embodies a new effort in the history of literature, as it strictly deals with real men, manners, and life.

Suicide in the trenches analysis

Through this bitter and sad poem, the poet tries to bring out the theme of the poem - nobody can understand what war is like withoutpersonal experience. The language the poet uses is clever in conveying the theme - a balance ofsymbolism, diction and alliteration is put to effective use in this poem.

”the planners” by boey kim cheng essay sample

In the following line the phrase " permutation of possibilities" suggests that there are various different methods to make the cities perfect and the alliteration of the letter ' P' also show the endlessness of the permutation of possibilities. In the second stanza the poet uses several phrases of sarcasm to show what [>]