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Poetry and theory essay

By bringing the extract of the nature and style of poems that prevailed prior to his era, Wordsworth depicts a warning for readers. The poem talks of a place of belonging where you opt to find loving care and protection.

Free essay about three poems about nature: a discussion

The poem is written in the present tense which adds to its immediacy, and the positioning of the onomatopoeic word " Plop!" is foregrounded by being on its own in the final line of the haiku: the reader's eyes have to move down from the second line to encounter " Plop!" and this [>]

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Lawrence school poems

The " ripening morning" echoes the ripening thoughts of the young boys and in the " sunlight" reflects the light of knowledge and intellect." Last Lesson", on the other hand is an exact opposite view. Both the students and the teacher are being forced to sit in the classroom, waiting for the bell [>]

The humanity and suffering of eve

Because it is more relatable, it creates a connection to Eve that, when she is tempted by Satan to act on her desires for wisdom despite her restrictions, there is an empathetic response which emphasizes the strength of temptation and exposes a vulnerability in humans to such temptation. In summation, Eve's inner torment [>]

Structural conceptions of the spiritual hierarchy in paradise lost

Milton takes great care to illustrate the basis of each character's understanding of the spiritual hierarchy, and demonstrates for the reader the implications of each character's individual interpretation. Instead of using the Son to counteract the Satan's incorrect understanding of rank and value in the spiritual hierarchy, Milton uses a lesser angel, Abdiel.

Free redaction criticism essay sample

This is portrayed by the fact that some of the antics that are in the song are done are unique to the original artist. From the moon walk dance that is showed in the song to the antigravity lean and performing in a boxing ring which is symbolic of the bar fight in [>]

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The workbox by thomas hardy

There is a couple in this poem; the husband who is a wood maker from a village life and the wife whose status is higher than her companion from the borough. As the husband holds the present, the leftover of the coffin, to the wife, the woman's facial expression is pale as the [>]

Odysseus and peeta melark: are they similar?

They are the type of men to secretly follow the girl that they like home and sends them love letters. He tells the world that it would not be any use if he was to go home and try to get the girl.

Concept of chivalry in sherman alexie’s what you pawn i will redeem

In the story " What You Pawn I will Redeem" the main character Jackson also known as Jackson-to-the-second-power whom is homeless finds his grandmothers memorabilia in a pawn store that Jackson and his friends happen to pass while walking around. I believe the chivalry in this story is that he keeps trying to [>]

Good research paper about literary analysis: use of war as a setting in the poemthe iliad

It is necessary to note that the current war in the poem is not at the action and plot in the text, but war is one of the detectable social forces in the poem. As suggested by the thesis statement of the author in the text, the Iliad presents a warrior culture that [>]

The origin of man’s fall in the garden

Aware that Satan was the physical manifestation of evil, God allowed Satan and his minions to persist in Hell uncontained; He exerted no effort to ensure that the follies of His fallen angels did not pervert the perfection of His newly created beings on Earth. While the Bible illustrates a God that is [>]

The complex concept of freedom in paradise lost

By illustrating this, Adam concludes that although Eve's desire to choose is harmless enough, because it opens up the possibility of temptation and disobedience to God, the best type of freedom is in obedience. However, Milton shows that Eve's fall is not the Fall of Man: Adam could and should reject Eve's request [>]

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True love referring to religion or faith

Poem six is not being addressed to a lover or the distant dream of love but to a spiritual or higher being or depending on your religion the concept of ' God'. The reference of " divine" and " angel glow" have religious connotations as well as the fact that in most religion's [>]

Critical review on the iliad

As Weil refers to force, she uses in the context of war and the taking of lives in the Iliad. The force that she is trying to define is one that takes away this ability to respond.

Telemachus journey from boyhood to hero: homer’s odyssey essay

As described by Arnold van Gennep in " The rites of Passage," the concept of the rites of passage is a ritual event used to signify the process of transition of a person from one social or cultural status to another. The transition phase is the intermediary period in which the individual, after [>]

“from spectator ab extra” by arthur hugh clough essay sample

And then, looking back in the poem some new characteristics appear: the constant repetition of " I" and " My" suggests he is self-centred and the repetition of words like: " money", " pleasures", " eating and drinking" says he is superficial. The phrase " pleasant is to have money" is repeated six [>]

Dulce et decorum est by wilfred owen

In the scene, the narration helped communicate because it gave us a hint of where we were in the play if we went wrong and it described the actual poem to the audience making them become a little more in depth with the play. Had we managed to lay our hands on such [>]

Lyrical analysis of psalms 23 essay samples

Although the date of the poem is unknown, the message of the poem is clear with the Lord as his protector, David will not want for any necessity he needs to live. The poem's first line read, " The Lord is my shepherd," in which David compares himself to a sheep in need [>]

Poems ”poem at thirty-nine” and ”once upon a time” essay sample

In the poems ' Poem at Thirty-Nine' and ' Once Upon a Time', the idea of the relationship between father and child is explored, but in different ways. The repetition of ' How I miss my father' adds a feeling of longing in the poem, and displays how close the poet was to [>]

Love between father and son in those winter sundays and advice to my son

At the first stanza, it recalls the father's act who rises early to make fire or warmth in the house and polish the shoes of his son. At this point of the story, the father has passed away and the speaker realizes the unconditional love his father has to him but it is [>]


The reason he makes the poem that way is because he wants people to understand it. In the second stanza the image is a bit different because the author compares him self to a stone but which is lying on the bottom of the stream.

Symbolism in robert frost’s poetry

The changes in the color of the leaves are often viewed as beautiful even though it marks the end of a season. Yet, Frost has the ability to create an awareness of the subject by using the beauty of nature as a filter.


In the first section of the poem, Longfellow introduces nature and humanity, expressing the relationship between the respective parties through the traveler's actions. Longfellow uses repetition of " the tide rises, the tide falls" to continue this cycle into the second section and all throughout the poem, symbolizing the perpetual presence of nature.


The title, " Continuum", shows us that the problem he talks about, his lack of inspiration is never ending and is continuing all the time. The first stanza shows us Curnow's unstable thoughts; " the roof falls behind", as he is unable to compose poetry he is in a sense of rolling and [>]

Jonathan swift represent women in his ‘stella’s birthday’ essay sample

In studying Jonathan Swift's poetry, I have been instantly drawn to his series of Stella's Birthday poems, one of which was written every year from 1719 until the death of their subject, and in this essay I will be examining how Swift has represented women and femininity in these poems, and several more [>]

Sparing nothing: the representation of food in the odyssey

Odysseus, the leader of the group and at this point the only man in full possession of his faculties finally takes them back " weeping, by force, to the haste, for fear someone else might taste of the lotus and forget the way home". The men feast on the finest of Helios' [>]

A supermarket in california

In some sense, Allen Ginsberg's poem, " A Supermarket in California," is reminiscent of poetry by Walt Whitman. This line, followed by a series of lines written in Whitman's style might indicate that the imitation is more than flattery on the part of the narrator.

Ñomparing several poems

In two of the other poems I have chosen Villigiature and A Woman To Her Lover the theme of love is related to powerful and equal love. I think that Remember and How Do I Love Thee? are representatives of the Romantic movement because they stimulate many aspects of the theme of love [>]

Studied first world war poems from “war poems” by c. martin essay sample

In the poem " Who's for the Game," by Jessie Pope, she refers to the First World War as a game, something to be enjoyed, " the red crashing game of a fight". In the rest of poem he describes the war in a way to make the reader believer the war is [>]

Any two love or war poems studied and compare and contrast

There is personification in this verse " Valley of death" this is a good because it suggests to us that the Light Brigade are going to lose their lives in the valley few of them will survive the battle. Alfred is saying that the Light Brigade was brave to fight in the battle [>]

The glass castle by jeannette walls: a critical review

As I critique the book based upon the terms and concepts we discussed throughout the tenure of the semester it is important to keep the concepts of culture, class, and communication in mind. In the memoir, Jeannette portrays the culture of her dysfunctional family and her difficulties growing up through the way she [>]

In his preface to paradise lost c s lewis wrote “every poem

From the one point of view it is an expression of opinions and emotions; from the other, it is an organization of words which exists to produce a particular kind of patterned experience in the readers". As Lewalski writes, " by measuring Satan against the heroic standards, we become conscious of the inadequacy [>]

Explication of a poem essay sample

Through the use of imagery, diction, and structure, Ted Kooser reveals the reality of a spiral notebook to be a canvas of possibilities and goes deeper to portray the increasing complexities in life as we age. In addition, the most crucial trait that leads to the conclusion that the spiral notebook is a [>]

The odyssey and inferno

In Inferno, Dante the character is battling among great and abhorrence, which is the topic of the story. In Dante's Inferno, the legend of the story is Dante.

Analysis of travels of people from the past on the example of ancient literature works

Through looking at ancient texts and observing the world today, it is evident that travelers of all types are rooted in a sense of betterment and their travels have the power to teach all kinds of lessons. This sense of adventure and the desire to immerse in to other cultures is a concept [>]

Odysseus of the underworld

To begin with, Odysseus is not a good hero he is dishonest because he cheats on his wife with Calypso and Circe. Another reason Odysseus is dishonest is when he is the only survivor after his journey, he did not bother to tell his man.

War in “the charge of the light brigade”, “dulce et decorum est” and “after blenheim” essay sample

Form The poem is a narrative that is told in chronological order from the beginning of the battle when the soldiers are given orders to when the soldiers return from battle. The longest two stanzas are the battle itself where the most action is described and the shorter stanzas tell us of the [>]

Carefully read the poem simon lee by william wordsworth

Even more, the repetition of the phrase ' he has no' in Line 5 of the fourth stanza reinforces the sense of loneliness and misery that is created. He seeks for a more democratic state and he attempts to pass this notion through the use of simple, unelaborated language, which is considered as [>]

The underworld in the odyssey and the aeneid

Of these changes, one of the most striking is the difference in the descriptions of the Underworld that we see when Odysseus and Aeneas each visit the dead. The soul is the essence of, and the seat of emotion in a person, not the bodily matter " born for death that obscures the [>]

She walks in beauty

The character nature of the hero and the outstanding features are better understood by looking at the features of the woman first as a matter of importance. Amazing is the fact that despite all this characteristic beauty of the woman the persona who stands to be hero appears to be very sensitive as [>]

Essay on the road not taken by robert frost

The massage given by the author in the poetry is related to various aspects of decision making in life. Nature indicates the author the path and helps him to remove the confusion in taking the decision of choosing the right path of life.

Obstacles in the odyssey essay sample

By prophecy, Odysseus knows that he and his men cannot eat the sacred cattle because they belong to Helios, the sun god. The Odyssey is a test of the abilities of Odysseus and his men.

The world-views of the iliad and the odyssey

The enticing aroma of this heroism beckons both the Greek heroes and the Trojan warriors, to such an extent that they abandon all other concerns, including the world of the feminine domesticity that stands opposed to the world of masculine war. In Ithaca he is the great king Odysseus, and he wants nothing [>]

The lake isle of innisfree – by william butler yeats essay sample

This poem was first published in the collection ' The Rose' in 1893, at the early stage of Yeats' life. The first line is a reference to the Bible Like the spirit after death, rising to heaven.

A theme of grief in the raven poem

The narrator is visited by a raven; the raven is significant to understanding the narrator's mental stability and emotions; the symbol of the raven, loneliness, death, and basically never ending hell, rather than the raven drives the narrator to madness. Second, the narrator is accepting the loss of his sanity and humanity.

Free literature review on the little black boy

" The Little Black Boy" is a popular poem that was written by William Blake and published in the year 1789 as a part of " Songs of Innocence". This paper proposes a discussion on the poem " The Little Black Boy" and analyses the message that is conveyed through the poem.

Odysseus cyclops essay

He already had everything he needed, and his greedy curiosity would prove to be the downfall of several of his men. The final reason Odysseus was in the wrong for choosing to remain in that forsaken cave, was the fact that he is supposed to be a leader.

When beowulf met the bible

The poem alludes to " the ancient beginnings of us all, recalling/The Almighty making the earth" in essence the creation of the earth. The Christian monks employed the addition of religious images to the pagan epic poem Beowulf in order to spread a religious message.

Gender roles in in the iliad by homer

In order to understand the job of women in the poem, one must first look back in time and gain knowledge of the treatment they received and how they acted. They lived separate from the men because they would get in the way of the work occurring and cause a distraction.

Poetry analysis essay examples

The author seems to be biased towards the women and this is why he has portrayed that the narrator in a poor state and the role of woman has not been made clear by presenting her version of the story in the book. This is the sheer biasness and a deliberate effort to [>]

Discuss the presentation of hell in book one of paradise lost

Milton also presents Hell through Satan and his speeches, the first reference Satan makes to Hell is when he contrasts it with Heaven, the ' happy fields' of Heaven and the ' infernal world' of Hell. Not only Hell but also Heaven are mental states to Satan: " The mind is its own [>]

Gods grandeur essays examples

The poem has been penned with subtle usage of words and is reminiscent of God's greatness and love for the inhabitants of the Earth. The poem is based on the way in which God continues to usher his love to mankind either by the rays of the Sun or the greenery of Nature.

Analysis of the poem “the cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls” by e.e.cummings essay sample

Perhaps the enclosed nature of the rhyme scheme is created in this way not so much to depart from " tradition as to fit the subject matter", that is, the closed-minded Cambridge ladies who " have comfortable minds" and who " do not care" box themselves in through their lifestyle just as the [>]

Emily dickinson’s work

It is very easy to see her as pessimistic in her poetic style, however throughout this essay, we will explore the ways she challenged the conventions of her time through the analysis of her work and poetic style. Going back to her social context, the concept of Nature is also a reflection of [>]

The human condition in the iliad by homer

The reality for people in the world of The Iliad is that they live under many gods, and that they cannot please all of them; indeed, the gods are at odds with each other and to support one means to upset another. Another form of the human condition is described in the Old [>]

Fern hill by dylan thomas. poetry analysis

He was prince of the apple towns a metaphor for The King of the castle in this case Thomas does not think about the King as an owner and master, but more as a about a person having the most blast and confidence. The connotation of golden is a stage of life, where [>]

The iliad and the odyssey essay sample

The Greeks used both the Iliad and the Odyssey as a Bible and even as a history book. Both The Iliad and The Odyssey provided the Ancient Greeks and even readers today with a door to their history.

The odyssey, an epic

Measured by these criteria, Homer's classic tale certainly qualifies as an epic: Odysseus, King of Ithaca and hero of the Trojan War, sails boldy around the Mediterranean on a difficult ten-year voyage, escapes from several perilous encounters, and reclaims his home after he acknowledges the powerful influence of the gods in the lives [>]

Charlotte as penelope

Because both Charlotte's and Werther's lives are fashioned so closely to Penelope's and the suitors, Werther's relationship with Charlotte also parallels the suitors' treatment by Penelope: he is destroyed by his love for her. Similarly, Charlotte simultaneously acts these roles: she acts as the loyal wife to Albert, as the nurturing mother to [>]

Female characters in the odyssey

The Odyssey, written by Homer at the end of the 8th century is one of the most influential pieces of literature in our society. One must understand the real life roles of women in Greece during the time to then understand the different lives the women in the Odyssey led.

Fire and ice essay examples

As it can be seen from the versions of the origin of the poem its imagery is rather rich and fundamental despite the small size of the poem. It is the beginning of the poem and it turns the poem into a narration.

Analysis of wilfred owen’s poem disabled

Owen gets a message about the reality of war and the falsehood of propaganda across through expressing thoughts and feelings expressed throughout the poem. The caesura in the form of a colon lets the reader pause and realize what he is lying about.

An absolutely ordinary rainbow essay sample

The poem starts off in a world full of greed, gossip and a life of no time, and there is a man crying in the middle of the street, yet no-one knows why. It goes on to say that he was in a space of his own, taking no notice of the prejudice [>]

Exploring allen ginsbergs poem father death blues essay examples

To further emphasize the personhood of death, the world is capitalized throughout the poem and used seventeen times in the poem of nine three-line stanzas. The title of the poem, " And death will have no dominion" is also a repeating line that appears at the beginning on end of all three of [>]

Example of perspectives on the individual in selected poems by li bai essay

It is therefore imperative to try and fuse the individuality of the self and the title of the poem with regard to how the two are related and the issue of the individual perspective in the poem There are four mountains that are seen to be of great importance by the people and [>]

An analysis of “my life had stood-“

Emily Dickinson uses the power of metaphor and symbolism in her poem " My Life had stood-" to express the way she felt about herself as a poet in a time when women were allowed far less independent thought and freedom of expression; she gives her readers a painfully honest confession of the [>]

The odyssey: thesis paper on men’s lust for power

Once sailing from Thrace and then to the island of the Lotus people, the miscreant finds himself on the island of the Cyclops, Polyphemus. After most of Odysseus' crew escapes the dreadful Cyclops, he directs his crew to the island home of the manipulate witch, Circe.

Free those winter sundays research paper example

The poem illustrates that the father only called the speaker when the room warmed up can be take as a clear indication that the room became warmed up both by fire and by the presence of the father. According to Nick, love is absolute and this seems to be the truest avowal to [>]

”blessing”, by imbilz dharker and ”night of the scorpion” by nissim ezelkiel essay sample

In ' Night Of The Scorpion' the scorpion is described as " The evil one ". This is clear form the quotation " A sudden rush or fortunes ", which suggests that the people in the village see the water as something that is very important and valuable.

Zimmer in grade school essay sample

I could say that Zimmer may not have a regular or enough time spent with his parents; a reason for him to feel slightly humiliated. My understanding of the poem by Countee Cullen led me to assume that the persona was travelling when he coincidentally met a Baltimorean stranger who was able to [>]

Good example of satire in rochester, swift and dryden research paper

Works like the Earl of Rochester's " A Satire Against Reason and Mankind," Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal or John Dryden's MacFlecknoe all make fun of some perceived failing of its audience, whether it be the " Satire's poking fun at rationalism and reason, Swift's pointing out of the problems facing Ireland as [>]

Cruelty of the world in my last duchess and musee des beaux arts poems

In My Last Duchess the guy is talking the messenger from the duchess about how he killed his wife and was happy about it, whereas in Musee des Beaux Arts the kid is dying in water but his father or not even the people in the ship care about him, they just let [>]

Criteria for heroes

Perhaps the greatest example of Achilles fighting skill is when he fights with and kills Hector, the greatest of the Trojan warriors. Diomedes is the opposite of Achilles in the area of respect and demonstrates a great respect for government authority.

The canadian authors meet essay sample

The narrator discussed the situation and the ambiance of the place as well as the topics of the authors as they communicate to one another. The narrator is also one of the authors of the gathering that is why through him, we could be able to imagine the situation and life of the [>]

Odysseus character analysis

For example, when Odysseus is yelling and tormenting the Cyclops his crew and men try to get him to stop but he resists even though the Cyclops could easily kill them if he hit the ship with a huge rock. Now that we have taken a closer look we can see Odysseus for [>]

Poetry analysis essay samples

The onion is a metaphor that is the main centerpiece of the poem. There is no irony in the poem ' White Lies" but in Monologue for an onion" It is ironical that the person peeling the onion is looking for a core that is not there.

Free poem analysis: the vacuum by howard nemerov and the leap by james dickey literature review example

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner symbolized the status of women at the time the poem was written as just housewives the fact that the speaker did not want to use it means that in doing so, he is both missing his wife and defying the conventions of society that refers to [>]

War and fights cruelty in the iliad

This is the key on the battlefield, Achilles is a warrior in the truest sense. This is consistently shown as a facet of Achilles' complex character in the Iliad, and it makes it possible for the reader to fathom his utter brutality with Lycaon.

Robert frost mending wall

The gaps relate to the chances for communication between the neighbours and the wall is representing the barrier between a possible friendship between the neighbours. Frost believes that seclusion between people is hopeless and is an attitude of the past through the statement old stone savage.

Choose 2 or 3 poems and explore how hopkins’ use of language and the structure of the poems

Hopkins compares the sound of the stream to 'flutes', which makes you think of a soft tinkling sound and you can imagine the sound of the stream. Because 'flutes' is at the beginning of the sentence it suggests the stream is echoing the sound of a waterfall.

Example of rhetorical analysis of a slam poem essay

The aim of this essay is to present you with the analysis and the reflections drawn upon the reading of a slam poem. The birth of slam poetry was the immediate result of heated debates and social issues of great concern that led people to be expressed through their verses and lyrics.

”annabel lee” by edgar allan poe and ”porphyria’s lover” by robert browning essay sample

The largest similarity is the way the poems can be interpreted and the biggest difference is the way the women in question died. The first and most prominent similarity between ' Annabel Lee' and ' Porphyria's lover' is the way both poems can be interpreted, depending entirely on the reader.

Essay on comparison of “the raven” by edgar allen poe and the movie “the raven

In the poem, the narrator is the centre of this scene where his thoughts and the flies' decision will affect his expectation about his dream to have his lost love back. In the poem, the narrator is obsessed with his lost love that according to the Raven Lenore will never be back.

Reminiscing the literary mistakes essay example

At that time, I was asking myself, " Why did I feel so confined and so programmed?" Yet, when I dream about life, my life, I dream about the adventures, the mysteries and the surprises that it can offer, not to mention the prospect of a possible love interest. It was meant to [>]

Essay on court

In this regard, the boy shows the early development of masculinity and comprehension of the nature of fight ability to endure any hardships and remain strong enough to continue the fight. Although the boy was not fully aware of the essence of war and its ruinous consequences, he was feeling the heaviness of [>]

Wordsworth poems’ analysis

In the octave of Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Wordsworth seems to be praising the city of London but the turn after the octave is a shift of feeling that develops the subject of the poem by surprise to its conclusion. The octave of The World is Too Much With Us plays with the [>]

Poetry analysis for “a study of two pears” essay sample

In the beginning of the poem, the speaker seems to be appreciative, and even inspired by these pears. In the last two lines of the poem, the tone and attitude drastically change." The pears are not seen / As the observer wills".

Good essay on robert frosts home burial and its place in literary movements

Telling the tale of a domestic dispute that occurs between a frantic woman and her taciturn husband at the death and burial of their young child, Frost showcases the nihilism and despair that occurs when characters and poets alike look at the fragility of human life and relationships. The man, instead of being [>]

Literature review on journals

If a teacher asked me if I would rather write a short paper about a news article or a poem, I would choose the news article because I understand how news articles are written but I do not know much about poetry. This poem is very straightforward about its subject, not a riddle [>]

The odyssey theme: hospitality essay sample

The idea of Xenia was highly regarded in The Odyssey, and disrespecting it was completely unacceptable. In conclusion, this evidence is a great representation of the Greeks values and lifestyle.

“mutability” by percy shelley essay sample

The thirst for power has poisoned and destroy everything he cherishes in life when he has lost his loved ones and his will to live. Victor's creation have went to go destroy him which leads into the battle of the creator and his creation".

Poems ”the seafarer”, ”the wanderer”, and ”the wife’s lament” essay sample

In all three poems, The Seafarer, The Wanderer, and The Wife's Lament the main character was exiled causing great pain and sorrow. Even though he was suffering from being exiled, he found beauty in the situation." My soul roams with the sea, the whales Home, wandering to the widest corners".