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Oedipus/antigone response

What factors contributed to Antigone's downfall, and does the end of the play satisfy the audience's demands for justice? And lastly, she has been arrested and put into a cave for following her sense of justice has led to the downfall of Antigone.

The character of tom wingfield in the glass menagerie

Tom is the narrator of the play as well as a character in it. He is the narrator of the play and the action of the play is framed in Tom's memory.

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“oedipus the king” by sophocles literature review essay

The play " Oedipus the King" raises an eternal question about the existence of human destiny and the inevitability of fate. The main characters of the play are the members of a royal family, the rulers of the city of Thebes, King Oedipus and his wife Jocasta.

There creates a type of reward deficiency. people

There is speculation that the increase of risk taking behavior as children reach adolescence is primary due to seeking sensations, and is potentially linked the the changes in dopaminergic patterns as a child reaches puberty. There are important changes of the dopaminergic system during puberty, and given the role that dopaminergic activity plays [>]

Child observation

In terms of language, it seems like the kids understands and knows how to speak but with just little words. They were surrounded by a lot of toys but they only play with the ones that are near them and they arrange the toys to where they can reach it.

”medea” by euripides and ”a doll`s house” by henrik ibsen essay sample

Clearly, the concept of rationality, as associated with gender, and as pertaining to through the conservation of personal political and economic power, was of extreme consequence to both the ancient and modern worlds. In Ibsen's " A Doll's House" a similar representation of gender-based social and political restraint is portrayed, as is a [>]

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The death of duncan, the king of scotland

Duncan, the king of Scotland, was murdered in the castle of Macbeth the thane of Glamis and Cawdor in Castle Dunsinane at midnight on 12th November 1556. Lady Macbeth faints as Macbeth was giving the explanation of his repent of fury which had made him to kill the guards of the king.

Homosexuality in “twelfth night”

Her argument that homoerotic relations are prevalent in Twelfth Night is corroborated by the relationships of Duke Orsino and Cesario as well as Viola and Olivia. From the way Olivia describes Cesario's features, it is evident that Olivia is attracted to the physical and emotional qualities of Viola rather than Orsino's masculine qualities.

Gregor’s relationship with his father in “matamorphosis” essay

This paper seeks to explore the father and son relationships in Metamorphosis and Oedipus the King and offers a comparison for the two. In Metamorphosis, the inferiority problems that Kafka encountered in his childhood are depicted by the traits of the bug.

Psychological theories of sophocles’ oedipus the king analytical essay

One of the greatest tragedies of Sophocles, Oedipus the King touches upon a deep psychological theme of the parents-son relations which lately was called the Oedipus complex and the theme of faith as a main key of the human's life movement. Based a myth, the story begins before Oedipus' birth when the oracle [>]

The destinies of oedipus and sundiata

In the opening scene of the play Oedipus The King, the audience is introduced to Oedipus as a compassionate, concerned leader: he is a man of his word and a man of action. When Oedipus is told by Delphi Apollo, the prophet's oracle, the only way to stop the plague is to find [>]

Oedipus the king response essay

As the events unfold and Jocasta senses that Oedipus is indeed her son, she begs him to drop the matter but he decides to have none of this. This leads to the death of Jocasta and subsequent banishment of Oedipus from the kingdom.

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Much ado about nothing – character study on beatrice essay sample

Her attitude towards Benedick was cynical and unpleasant, such as when she was talking to messenger about him, Beatrice refers to him as " Signor Mountanto" which means she believes that he is " stuck up" or a social climber, and this makes her appear in this scene to be very unloving. However [>]

The antic disposition of hamlet in william shakespeare’s play

Hamlet does not show this; and that is the reason why it is doubted whether he is mad or not. Therefore, this is proof enough that it is not enough to draw inferences that Hamlet is mad when he witnesses the ghost of his late father.

The transformative power of the character of sebastian in “twelfth night”

In this lyrical passage, Shakespeare alludes to the changeable powers of the sea, manifested in Viola and Sebastian. Moreover, the dual identity of the figure that appears to be one and the same in Sebastian and Viola Cesario ignites a dynamic changeability that effects the other characters in Illyria.

Character person. he is a kind of person

Character Analysis Oskar SchindlerSchindler, the leading light of the film, is a German profiteer and the member of Nazi party. He is completely apathetic to the troubles of the jews and has little concern for the moral part.

A raisin in the sun vs. julius caesar

One of the major characters in A Raisin in the Sun is Mama; a character she can be compared to in Julius Caesar is Calpurnia. 06 Jan.2013." A Raisin in the Sun Theme of Pride".


While the play focuses on the traits which cannot be of any assistance to Everyman in death, the layer of the story continues with these characterizations: Everyman is of course representational of everyman on earth, thus the playwright wished to write a play in which it was accessible to every audience member. That [>]

The story of “macbeth” shakespeare’s play essay sample

When a prophecy was revealed to him, that he would indeed gain that power, he was faced with the choice of reason or temptation. In contrast to this, a normal soldier of low rank, Ross, says that Macbeth was " Bellona's bridegroom", meaning he was comparing Macbeth to the Roman god of war.

Ap bio chapter 7

Membrane proteins are the mosaic part of the model. What type of transport proteins are involved, and what is the role of ATP in the process?

Original writing: how grave am i

If I was able to gather my thoughts and brag to how life was golden, I would not be able to, as your life ended as soon as it started in a way, as you were not even given the opportunity to live it; now you leave me with a loneliness feeling like [>]

Comparing and contrasting macbeth and lady macbeth essay sample

Macbeth plays the role of hesitant murderer whilst Lady Macbeth is too quick to jump in as a calculated butcher and suffers the consequences after the deed is done. To do this she uses conniving, mockery and seduction which makes Macbeth, in this respect the manipulated victim whilst Lady Macbeth is portrayed as [>]

Oedipus rex

Throughout the course of ' Oedipus Rex' he expresses the power of fate and predestination that leads the characters astray. At the beginning of the play Oedipus is shown to have great strength of character and will, and is a man of understanding.

Oedipus the king

Aristotle stated " the tragic hero falls into bad fortune because of some flaw in his character of the kind found in men of high reputation and good fortune such as Oedipus." This attitude, commonly found in men of high station is not specifically identified as pride in the case of Oedipus and, [>]

Jumanji and finish the game essay sample

Alan took out the game and just as he was about to read the instructions, someone knocked at the door. They all decided to go and find Sarah and finish the game.

Hamartia with respect to oedipus in the play ”oedipus rex”

In Oedipus Rex, the character of Oedipus is a victim of hamartia, and his particular flaw is hubris". It can be argued that it is not hamartia alone that led to Oedipus' downfall, the elements of fate, and free will also are ones to be considered but the fact remains that it is [>]

Analyse and evaluate the dramatic contribution of lady macbeth to the play as a whole essay sample

Yet I do fear they nature; It is too full o'the milk of human kindness' This is very dramatic because the first line repeats the witches' prediction, and so the audience start to link Lady Macbeth with the witches. This happens earlier in the play, when Macbeth echoes the witches' line ' So [>]

Merchant of venice act 1 scene 3

As a result of this the audience already expect Shylock to be the villain of the play. Later on in the scene, Shylock says that 'Antonio is a good man', this implying that Antonio is good to gamble on.

To gender or not to gender

In his article " Fiction and Friction", Stephen Greenblatt explains the origins of much of the gender and sexual anxieties of the time. There is a sense of play and creation between the words and the actors, and between the actors and the audience.

Is faustus a tragic hero

His experiences the type of physical anguish reminiscent of the blind Oedipus, and this enactment of the spectacle of pain and death is at the heart of a true tragedy. In order for the audience to engage with the hero, and feel empathy and pathos as a result of his suffering, it is [>]

Whose life is it anyway

In the play 'Whose life is it anyway?', Ken Harrison has made the decision to die, due to a recent accident that left him a quadriplegic. I think that Ken Harrison is the right person to represent the argument between life and death, as he is fully aware of what he can do [>]

Character analysis of mrs. wright in “trifles,” by susan glaspell

Wright was the wife of the murdered John Wright. She was arrested in the end, and that was when the scene in the story started.

A review of eugene o’neill’s “the hairy ape” essay sample

He would have known that the progress of invention is for the benefit of those who exploit the workers and not for the good of society as a whole. Yank wants to find out what it is that has happened to the world which separates him from the realization that what he is [>]

Development of the family melodrama genre: a tree grows in brooklyn and a raisin in the sun

Due to the cultural differences of the times in which these films were made, it is no surprise that the ways in which the themes of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and A Raisin in the Sun are demonstrated, and the melodrama genre which they fall into, are seemingly different. The conflicts in [>]

Trifles: the little things that mean a lot

The men went to investigate the home, leaving the women in the kitchen to collect things for Mrs. Wright was worried about the jars and Mr.

Timberlake wertenbaker’s play credible witness to singapore

Adam Moore, the child actor as Henry, a student of Alexander in the community center, also gives a rather impressive performance, subtly delivering the almost neurotic state of the character at the initial stage due to the family trauma he encountered. The audience is presented with the reconciliation of the immigration official Simon [>]

Computer game addiction

Krotoski claims that this may be due to the social components of this game, as females are drawn to the communication side of the internet and in computer games. A number of questions were asked to learn more about computer game usage in both the computer addicted group and non-addicted group.

The dissonance among family, pride, and money

During the beginning of the play, the idea of Walter having pride in money is coming to life, to the effect of Walter seemingly wasting money from the family's already small budget. One of the first glimpses of Walter's inner character, more specifically his strong desire to feel pride as the man of [>]

Tragic flaws of oedipus rex essay sample

His tragic flaw was a combination of his excessive pride, his intellectual blindness and his denial to accept the realities and combination of these finally bring his downfall. In the opening scene of the play, the priest of Zeus refers to him as the greatest and noblest of men and the divinely inspired [>]

Comparing jack & creon

When comparing the roles of both Creon and Jack, there are many similarities and differences that arise ultimately coming to the conclusion that Creon is the worse leader. Creon was not willing to bend the rules for Antigone, even though she was his niece and the soon-to-be wife of his son.

An analysis of the glass menagerie

Laura's use of her glass collection may be seen as a connection to herself in the sense that she too is fragile and delicate. Amanda places a great deal of pressure on Tom to provide for the family, but Tom's idea of reality is escaping to the movies and drinking.

Oedipus and socrates on the quest for self-knowledge

Despite the fact that he concludes that he knows nothing, he is not denying the possession of the wisdom, instead he is denying value." Finally I went to the craftsmen, for I was conscious of knowing practically nothing, and I knew that I would find that they had knowledge of many fine things. [>]

The glass menagerie by tennessee williams and a raising in the sun by lorraine hansberry drama essay

The plays, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and A Raising in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, both illustrate how their main characters struggle to overcome the oppressive conditions that they experience in their lives. In the play A Raising in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, each member of the Younger family has [>]

Oedipus: celebrate the hero

He sent for a message from the oracle and learned that the murderer of King Laius was to be found in order to remove the plague. Oedipus proved repeatedly that he was a loyal, if not vigilant, servant to the people of Thebes.

Critical analysis of the norwegian play “wild duck”

Therefore the play " wild duck" specifically illuminates the severely realistic realities and the problems of the middle class characters on stage and holds a mirror to the audience that we, like the play's characters have entangled ourselves in a " poisonous marshes" of delusions and as a result have become blissfully ignorant [>]

Oedipus rex

In the play Oedipus Rex, the three main characters Oedipus, Teiresias, and Iokaste are introduced to us through direct and indirect characterization, where we learn about each character's positive as well as negative traits. Teiresias is the third character in Oedipus Rex that is portrayed to us through direct and indirect characterization.

The play “the wild duck” by henrik ibsen

Hedvig tries to motivate her father and tries to lighten up his mood as she loves him a lot and cant see Hjalmar upset where as Hjalmar forgets about the promise he has made to his daughter about the celebration as he is caught up in a lot of thoughts and announces that [>]

New perspective of the glass menagerie

In Tennessee Williams' play, The Glass Menagerie, the characters are a part of The Wingfield family in the 1930's, a time that Williams knew much about. Further examination of the play's incorporation of the ideology of the time in which it was written and impact of Williams' writing during the play's first release [>]

A theme of toxic pride in oedipus the king

In ' Oedipus the King', by Sophocles, Oedipus is an honorable king who is respected and admired by his people when the play begins, but his name is a curse by the end of the story. In doing this, he is going against his fate and the gods; he is saying that he [>]

A raisin in the sun summary

Each family member's selfish desire for the use of the deceased father's insurance money conflicted with the family common good and produced calamitous consequences for the family. Once mama trusted Walter with the money he went and blew it, which caused the family to lose all of the money.

Analyse the presentation and dramatic contribution of shylock

Shylock is the heart of the play- he being the main story to what is happening-, and he brings up many contrasts and topics in the play, such as Judaism vs. This would cause an Elizabethan audience to expect Shylock to follow all these stereotypes, they would expect Shylock to be the villain [>]

Video games: a source of benefits or addiction?

Finally, some simulation video games may present players with unfamiliar words that they need to understand in order to succeed in the game; therefore, the vocabularies of players may increase as a result of playing these types of games. The nature of video games has led researchers to discuss several psychological, social, and [>]

Sophocles’ oedipus as aristotle’s tragic hero essay sample

Per Aristotle's idea of a tragic hero, Oedipus possessed the qualities of a tragic hero while the story reflected the rubrics that the tragic hero need to undergo. The flaw of Oedipus was his conviction that he can elude the oracle, his destiny and the will of the gods.

Suzan glaspell’s trifles and the short story

The paper reviews Trifles and A jury of her peers in an attempt to find the difference between the two, and the reasons for adapting the first for the second concept. In the short story of A jury of her peers, the focus is on gender with the interest placed in the women.

Compare the portrayal of creon in oedipus the king and antigone essay sample

In Oedipus the King he is the brother in law to Oedipus and becomes king at the end of the play. In Antigone, Creon is portrayed as a main character as the plot revolves around him and his decisions as he is the King of Thebes.

Willie loman and oedipus as tragic heroes (as defined by aristotle) essay sample

He could find the answer to the riddle of Sphinx but ironically he was not able to perceive the truth about his own personality. At the end of the play Biff attempts to show Willie that he is just a commoner and he does not want to meet father's expectations, that they are [>]

An attest to a quote critic review of ‘oedipus’ of sophocles essay sample

The tragic plot of the play gives am embellish emotion to the audience by which no matter how many different people in the stage play the Oedipus, still, the story and the beauty of the play is the Oedipus itself. The way the actresses and the actors play their roles, it matters most [>]

Oedipus the king: a theme analysis

Oedipus the King is one of the group of three plays by Sophocles known as the Theban plays since they all relate to the destinies of the Thebanfamilyof the Oedipus and his children. Dodds is of the view, " If Oedipus is the innocent victim of a doom which he cannot avoid, does [>]

Raisin in the sun walter character analysis

Throughout the play, Walter shows the audience that he is a very selfish man, who will do whatever to get his way. That is exactly what Walter Lee did in the third act, he proved himself that he could be a better man.

Courage and cowardice in a doll’s house

Ibsen's play studies Nora's early courage and her confirmation of that courage at the end of the play. Nora's strength of character in forging her father's signature on a loan, and the repercussions of that act, provide much of the driving force for the drama.

Aristotelian’s concept

Oedipus was hubris so proud of his own intelligence, hamartia he thinks that he can escape a horrendous fate, catharsis he does not kill himself because he will not suffer and peripeteia Oedipus realizes that he is the son and murderer of Laius as well as the son and husband of Jocasta. However, [>]

Pride in antigone

Creon is now able to sympathize with Antigone and how she felt about the loss of her family. As we see pride lead to the destruction of both Antigone and Creon.

Racism in a raisin in the sun

Walter has a high sense of pride throughout the play A raisin in the sun. This proves that she has a high sense of pride since she is a very independent person.

The glass menagerie: figurines’ significance research paper

In this paper the focus will lead to a discussion of the significance of the glass figurines and their symbolic value to the whole play as representation of the most central symbol uniting and supporting the riding themes of impossible escape from reality and the difficulties of accepting reality as guided by the [>]

Hopelessness in susan glaspell’s trifles literature analysis essay

In spite of the fact that the play is constructed as the detective story, the main play's idea is in presenting the realities of the American society in the early part of the 20th century. Wright has to kill her husband in order to protect herself in the patriarchal society; and the female [>]

Discuss tennessee williams’ use of symbolism in

Discuss Tennessee Williams' use of symbolism in " The Glass Menagerie" Tennessee Williams' memory play " The Glass Menagerie describes three separate characters, their dreams and the realities they face in a changing world. The play " The glass menagerie" itself is a symbol Williams uses to represent the broken lives of Amanda, [>]

Meaning of life

I believe in our game of life we should be able to choose if we are going to be the " winner" in our game of life and who the " losers" will be. And in our life we play a game where we can pick the " winners" and " losers".

Chapter 3

Statistical Treatment The statistical technique used in analyzing and tabulating the data was the simple percentage and the mean to get the rate of the effect of computer games in the study habits of the Information Technology students. In this paper we examine the relevance of computer games to Higher Education, reporting on [>]

Benedick’s change in much ado about nothing essay sample

This is why at the end when Beatrice asked Benedick to prove his love, Benedick said he would. This is the point that Shakespeare was trying to make by showing the reader the complete development and change in Benedick and Beatrice's views on love.

Seafaring imagery in oedipus the king

Oedipus tells the story of a king undone by a lack of faith in prophesy, the king of a people in need of spiritual rescue. Seafaring imagery recurs throughout Sophocles' Oedipus the King, primarily in the manifestation of Thebes as a ship and Oedipus as its helmsman; this reveals important themes of spiritual [>]

18th october 2012

18th October 2012 An appreciation of a poem in Section C of the Anthology HIDE AND SEEK The poem Hide and Seek was written by Vernon Scannell, it is about a little boy and some of his friends playing a game of ' Hide and Seek'. In my opinion this poem is very [>]

Lady macbeth analysis essay sample

By referring to key scenes, assess how the character of Lady Macbeth is presented in the play. This enhances the severity of the scene and that Macbeth is serious as to what he is saying to them.

“much ado about nothing” by william shakespeare essay sample

Don John is jealous of Claudio because his brother Don Pedro likes him so much and because he is the prince's brother yet he is of the same social status as Claudio. In act 5 scene 1 he is really sorry, he finally realises what he has done and I think this is [>]

The role of lady macbeth throughout the play essay sample

This leads the audience to believe that Lady Macbeth has some sort of association with the witches, and therefore truly believe she is fiend-like. Nobody is calling Lady Macbeth " fiend-like" at this point, and some of the audience would even begin to pity her.

“much ado about nothing” by william shakespeare essay sample

The song would be in verse anyway, and as this is more of a serious part of the scene, as opposed to when the trickery begins, verse is more appropriate. Beatrice's short soliloquy at the end of the scene is also in verse this is unusual, as Beatrice, in the same way as [>]

Introduction:the gene regulation, cell proliferation and the production

Once the RAS is constantly active the cancer utilises the open pathway to manipulate cancer cell proliferation, promoting the growth of these cells and the spread of the cancer through the blood stream to other parts of the body. Structure of ICMT: The structure of ICMT in the intramembrane of the ER is [>]

The importance of being earnest by oscar wilde essay sample

Algernon finds out that Jack is living a double life when he visits Jack in the country and falls in love with Cecily, Jack's ward. When Jack said that he was found in a handbag as an infant, Lady Bracknell dismisses him, saying that the " line is immaterial".

Parallels of tennessee williams’ life and the glass menagerie

Parallels of Tennessee Williams' Life and The Glass Menagerie In the play " The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams, there are many similarities between the character's lives and the lives of the author and his family. The characters include the members of the Wingfield family Tom, his mother Amanda, his sister Laura, and [>]

The blindness of oedipus the king

In Sophocles' Oedipus the King, the primary characters were all blind and were all stuck in the darkness that kept hold of them as prisoners of fate bound to the life that they were predestined to live the exact same life that they blindly lived even when a few of them did all [>]

Oedipus: swollen foot essay sample

The downfall of Oedipus the King is the Gods cursed him and he is unable to change his destiny. It was due to the oracle that Oedipus' father sent him into the wilderness as a child in order to fend for himself or to die from the elements, so that Oedipus would not [>]

Oedipus rex

Oedipus makes the mistakes of killing his father, marrying his mother, and saying he will banish the killer Laius." Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude. However this is the point where the audience starts to pity Oedipus and his fate, one of [>]

The justice and redemption of king oedipus

The plays themselves, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone, were composed years apart which reveals the very extensive immersion that Sophocles had in the Oedipus story and remarkable themes including the redemption of sin from patricide and incest a story which he demonstrates over the arch of the 3 Theban plays. [>]

What is the setting of trifles?

The key highlight in the play that supports the major problem of patriarchal dominance in the play are the very ironic consequences when it emerged that a woman is the one who discovered what men had been looking for. At the onset of the play, men are depicted as dismissive of the possible [>]

Oedipus the everything but king

Oedipus takes on the characteristics of a hunter as well as becoming the hunted; he is a sower yet also the seed, and a sailor-helmsman of the city. Oedipus begins to mock Tiresias about the fact that he cannot " see" and in return Tiresias says the same thing to Oedipus.

“trifles” by susan glaspell and solidarity between women essay (critical writing)

At the same time, Nora is fighting her own dissatisfaction with her life, and is even ready to sacrifice it in the name of her husband's reputation, which is a paramount example of altruism. In fact, at the end of the play it occurs that revealing one's nature and being himself is the [>]

Deception, delusion and the danger of half-perceived truths

She goes on to say that she will assume the form of an eunuch, and it is revealed much later in the play that it is actually the guise of her twin brother, Sebastian, at this early point assumed dead, that she chooses. His ignorance is a result of deception and his own [>]

Oedipus rex vs. hamlet

The poison of betrayal, despair and the disease of the psyches cloud the mind in both Oedipus Rex andHamlet. These corrupt philosophies which color the pages of these plays touch on the ideals of cursed love, crumbledloyalty, a broken family and the virtue of suffering; all of which aid in the destined doom [>]

Oedipus and sophocles writing task

Lenitive You will write an essay, on one of the topics below. Analyze the scenes in which the character displays pride and identify the effects that this pride has on the character's life.

Video games in education

Teachers and parents are now learning the benefits available to students who use video games. At home kids can use the games to better learn and understand the ideas they are taught in school.

Oedipus the king/antigone essay

In the tragedies, Antigone, and Oedipus the King by Sophocles, both Oedipus and Creon are the causes for deaths in their families. Once the shepherd came, he was able to create the picture for Oedipus and he knew he was the one who killed his father.

The consequence of oedipus’ pride

Eventually, this fatal flaw of pride effectuated Oedipus' destruction by leading him to hunt down the murderer of Laius, ignore the advice of Teiresias, and disregard Jocasta' fear of the truth. The investigation for King Laius' murderer serves as the central action of the tragedy, and from the onset it was doomed to [>]

Difficulty accepting reality

Each of the unique main characters, Amanda, Laura, and Tom, in Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, have a difficulty accepting reality and have several ways of escaping from the problems. The ways she escapes from reality may be even more pathetic than her children.

Antigone tragic hero essay

This passage easily shows that Creon is the ruler of Thebes because it says that he posses the throne which is a possession of the king. This shows that Creon is of noble stature, which is one of the necessities of a tragic hero.