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Assessment task 1

Assessment Task 1 Animal Farm Research Project You will produce an informative website based on five of the following topics: 2 from People 2 from Events and Systems 1 from Extras People Events & Systems Extras StalinLeninTrotskyKarl MarxCzar Nicholas the SecondThe BolsheviksThe Decemberists SocialismDictatorshipFascismDemocracyPropagandaThe October RevolutionThe Decemberists George Orwell George Orwell The requirements [>]

Edgar allen poes the raven english literature essay

In ' The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe, the narrator is distressed by the loss of his great love, Lenora and in order to deal with his loss, he consumes alcohol as a coping tactic which the reader sees as the raven, however, after the initial respite of security wanes away, he is [>]

George orwell. animal farm conflicts

In the book George Orwell explains to the reader how one of the main characters Old Major who is " the prize middle white boar and the most respected and knowledgeable animal on the farm has had a dream. Remove man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is [>]

The heroic values of beowulf

The three sources used in this essay consist of an excerpt from a book titled ' Heroic Identity in the World of Beowulf' by Scott Gwara, a journal article titled ' Friends and friendship in heroic epics: with a focus on Beowulf, Chanson de Roland, the Nibelungenlied, and Njal's Saga' by Albrecht Classen, [>]

A range of critical opinions english literature essay

Another way that Milton can be argued not to be ' of the devil's party' is the way that Milton describes Hell. It is possible that in ' Paradise Lost' Milton was not of ' the devil's party'.

Relationship between the analysed books and feminism english literature essay

Drabble had been writing for decades about women s problems and perspectives, gathering the evidence of fellow women that were discussing feminist issues long before the movement had any public visibility, allowing for their voices to be heard in the early British society of the 1960 s:" Those kitchen table conversations were like [>]

Jane eyre by charlotte bronte: resolving the issue of equality and women’s role in society through freud’s psychoanalytic theory, feminist theory and marxist classism

Psychoanalysis in literature deals with the unconscious instinctual tendencies of both writers and their characters, the recognition of the suppressed desires, the dreams, and the uncanny relating to them. An example of this is the love between Jane and Rochester.

Comparing propaganda used in animal farm

Comparing Propaganda Used in Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution's Propaganda " Propaganda is a narrowly selfish attempt to get people to accept ideas and beliefs, always in the interest of a particular person or group and with little or no advantage to the public. The first propaganda technique is fear and it [>]

Lady macbeth in “macbeth” by william shakespeare

At the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is presented to be abnormal and Machiavellian because she takes on a role to be more of a masculine character. The Jacobean audience would be perplexed and maybe uncomfortable since a woman would be presented to be motherly, sweet and feminine so Lady Macbeth would [>]

Analysis of heathcliff character in “wuthering heights” by emily bronte

The growing-up of both of them increased the hatred and Hindley's tyranny increased making Heathcliff a servant in the house and a laborer outside it." He drove him from their company to the servants, deprived him of the instructions of the curate, and insisted that he should labour out of doors instead". He [>]

Psychoanalysis of hamlet

With the loss of his father, and the quick remarriage of his mother, the dramatic changes in the familiarity of life become the triggers for Hamlet's change in behavior. In addition, this quote answers why Gertrude's quick remarriage to Claudius is taken so heavily by young Hamlet." Freud considered this complex the cornerstone [>]

Tale as old as time: in search for women’s sovereignty essay

The above-mentioned example can be classified as the means to turn the text into a story, which allows to refer the latter to the narrative style. It is necessary to add that the major theme of the given extract is the idea of women's freedom.

Feminism in jane eyre

The heroine of the novel Jane Eyre has successfully demonstrated the image of a woman who is intelligent, independent, kind-hearted and most importantly, brave enough to say " no" to the social conventions and live up to her principle in life. This essay is to explore and appreciate the spirits of feminism reflected [>]

Lord of the flies – take it out of the classroom

He cites the Old Testament proscription: " Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph". Schlesinger also offers the injunction of Plato: " The poet will compose nothing contrary to the ideas of the [>]

Hero and beowulf

The fact that Beowulf is still able to defeat the dragon shows the reader the extent of his great strength. Beowulf's strength is the third quality that defines him as an epic hero.

The masculinity of lady macbeth

However she over powers this stereotype as she calls the spirits to " Unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty; make thick my blood". With this she sleep walks and begins to spill her darkest secrets, leaving Macbeth to deal with the war [>]

Biographical analysis of aldous huxley’s brave new world research paper

The writers came up with books and articles that tried to warn the society about the effects of their actions, while others tried to educate the society on what it needed to do to better its future. Most of his opinions in the book reflect his views on the effects of scientific and [>]

The use of the supernatural in beowulf and sir gawain and the green knight

Defeating the supernatural adds a sense of dynamism to the main characters in both Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The setting in both Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Beowulf is enhanced by the use of the supernatural.

Tulip serbin

To put his plan of a continued revolution in action, he then sent pigeons to all the neighboring farms to spread the word of the rebellion, hoping to get other animals thinking of the same idea. Snowball in the end knew how to win the " popular vote by " being for the [>]

Huxley’s purpose psychoanalytic and feminist perspective for writing a brave new world

This story of a utopian society struggling with the nuances of existence shares significant parallels with the common issues experienced in Europe and America in the 1920s. This period of modernism in the world broke the traditional mold of the way society was for the past several hundred years.

Animal farm – movie

The movie starts out with a the highest animal, Old Major, the pig, telling all the animals they must unite and leave the humans, and that the humans should not boss them around anymore. Because Napoleon is smart, he makes it look to the other animals that Snowball is the bad pig, and [>]

Evaluation of jane eyre, a novel by charlotte bronte

When Jane first arrives in Whitcross it is a summer evening, and Jane is able to sleep comfortably on the heath remarking it was dry, and yet warm with the heat of the summer-day. Laying down on the heath Jane notices the night sky, and the contentment found in the stillness of the [>]

Bhabani bhattacharya is an outstanding novelist english literature essay

The novel focuses on the darkest chapter in the history of Bengal, " It was almost darkest in the history of Bengal. In his first novel So Many Hungers, the novelist vividly portrays the effects of the famine and the life of poor peasants in the remote village of Bengal, called Baruni.

The youthful features of mary english literature essay

After finalising the contract which stated, ".the master is to make a marble Pieta at his expense, for a price of 455 gold ducats of papal gold, to be completed within a year from the commencement of work," the Cardinal wrote to the authorities of Lucca, requesting their help to find the marble [>]

The use of paradox as related to the theme of truth in king lear

This question, posed by the Fool, is aptly descriptive of the world of King Lear, which is a world turned upside down, a cart before the horse existence, whichsets the characters spinning in a clamorous storm of chaos. The Fool says to Lear, " Why, after I have cut the egg i' th' [>]

A feminist approach to jane eyre: struggling for self realization

That's the reason which makes Jane, courageous to stand up, to defy the rules of her society and to speak out each time when she feels that she is being treated unfairly, it does not matter to her whether if it is her aunt, her bullying cousin, the cruel headmaster of the school, [>]

Animal farm as animal satire

Orwell was a political writer and according to him he was forced to be a writer by the circumstances under which he has become aware of his political loyalties. To Orwell, relations in the militia group he joined were the same and this made him feel that socialism was in action there.

The self made woman oprah winfrey english literature essay

After a difficult childhood spent in the first time on the farm of his grandmother, then from six to thirteen years old with her mother in Milwaukee, where she suffered from a lot of abuse, she was returned to the care of her father in Nashville. Michael Dell is the founder of the [>]

Characterization of hamlet, gertrude and ophelia

We can also say that in Hamlet Shakespeare presents a murderer and revenger who is both ruthless and reluctant and his death is the ultimate result of his being charged by the Ghost to carry out instructions which were offensive to his moral principles. The internal conflict is between his moral scruples and [>]

Chaucer’s knight – polarity and logical inconsistency

While Chaucer-the-Pilgrim's portrayal of the Knight is one of a man with a high moral character, Chaucer-the-Poet subtly inserts hints that the Knight is not as respectable and honorable as he appears. Through Chaucer-the-Pilgrim's continually reiterating the Knight's prowess in battle, perhaps Chaucer-the-Poet is suggesting that the Knight is not as wonderful as [>]

Example of jane eyre essay

According to Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, a Bildungsroman is " a novel about the moral and psychological growth of the main character", and romanticism also emphasizes content and encourages " freedom of treatment," " introspection," as it celebrates " nature, the common man, and freedom of the spirit".. Being a [>]

The about a hero named beowulf

When Beowulf hears of this, he feels indebted to help King Hrothgar who is the king of the Danes because of a deed King Hrothgar did for Beowulfs father years ago. In lines 333-389, Wulfgar questions Beowulf as to who he is and why him and his men have sailed to the land [>]

Spring 2013 family history english literature essay

She was in charge of the kids because she was the oldest and the most successful among her two other siblings who were in England trying to " find themselves". At a younger age than my mother, I was also living in the main city of the country and attended school.

Romeo and juliet

The continuous stanza also suggests that the relationship was presented to use as just forever them too no once in between them to get involved in their relationship and no-one to stop the love both of them shared. To conclude Porphyria's lover and Romeo & Juliet where very similar in the sense that [>]

Critical approaches of boys and girls english literature essay

Throughout the story Margaret is always trying to refuse her role and duties of a woman. Margaret wants the importance and recognition that a man has in this world not just to be a woman that cooks and cleans like her mother.


It was, according to the society and the culture of the time, in the best interest of the woman to display a passive behavior for their personal preservation, which served as Gertrude's mask. Rosencranz and Guildenstern's masks of friendship towards Hamlet resulted in no information to the King of Hamlet's insanity, and their [>]

Interpretative impacts in shakespeare’s “hamlet”

This is because Hamlet's interpretation of the events is the dominating voice of the play. The action in Samuel Delany's The Tale of Gorgik is similarly confined to the protagonist's interpretation of his world.

Foils in hamlet

Hamlet and Horatio, Hamlet and Fortinbras, Hamlet and Claudius and Hamlet and Laertes are all have more or less some qualities that are opposite. Claudius uses him to reach his goal of getting rid of Hamlet and he is being taking advantage by Claudius without noticing.

Show how shakespeare represents relationship with particular references to those between fathers and daughters in act 3 scene 5 of “romeo and juliet” and act 4 scene 1 of “much ado about nothing”.

On the other hand Much Ado About Nothing is a romantic comedy, whilst this genre does generally contain a potentially disastrous conflict which threatens harm to the characters, the conflict is resolved by the end and all ends happily so this conflict is much more minor than the conflict in Romeo and Juliet. [>]

Comparison of ophelia characters in hamlet and child of god

File's Ophelia is said to be, " naive about the world and the people in it" and Shakespeare's Ophelia is described by Hamlet as " frailty, thy name is woman". Ophelia in Child of God is used by his brother for his selfish, passionate desires while the Ophelia in Hamlet is used by [>]

Gender, power, and economics in king lear

Delany suggests that the division of Lear's kingdom is symbolic of the emergence of capitalism and the decline of feudalism, and that the tragic ending of the play shows Shakespeare's " attachment to traditional and aristocratic values, combined with a distaste of the fear of the acquisitive, unscrupulous bourgeois values.that are taking its [>]

Celeste mohan

Pleasure undoes the capacity to think just as soma and the feelies aided Lenina, Bernard and the rest of the World State. For example, the World State had to sacrifice the individuality of its citizens for everyone to be " happy and in control.

Literature essay example pdf

Compare and contrast the ways in which the writers present the theme of isolation to construct the characters of Rochester, Jane and Antoinette in " Jane Eyre" and " Wide Sargasso Sea". The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast the ways, in which Charlotte Bronte and Jean Rhys interpret the [>]

Questions and secrets of death in hamlet

Essentially, the only time Hamlet refers to his father is in saying he was " so excellent a king", ultimately focusing more on the past life of his father, as opposed to the death. Finally, Hamlet has recognized that death is ominous, yet it is inevitable, and Hamlet himself has the potential to [>]

Shakespeare’s hamlet literary analysis

It is strange that Hamlet is comfortable with playing at this point, but the main concept is that he is not acting out the role that he established in act one. Hamlet is saying this because he wants Horatio to watch the King at the play.

A book report on animal farm

The other characters of the story are as follows: Minimus, The poet pig who writes verse about Napoleon and also composes the patriotic song " Animal Farm, Animal Farm to replace the former idealistic hymn " Beasts of England, which Old Major passes on to the others.Mr. They then renamed the farm to [>]

The meaning behind the girdle

In the Pearl Poet's Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, after two failed attempts at seducing Gawain, Lady Bertilak grants the knight a gift in response to his disinterest and inability to give her a keepsake of any sort. In the final moments of the confrontation, Lord Bertilak, as his wife did, offers [>]

Hamlet questions and answers

When the ghost was first sighted in the play, Bernardo remarks that the ghost looks similar to the King Hamlet, and Marcellus reasons with Horatio that he should address the ghost. Horatio is suggesting a connection of Julius Cesar's and the fall of Rome, in that he discusses that King Hamlet's death will [>]

Use of symbols in “sir gawain and the green knight” research paper

" Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" is an ancient poem that tells the story of the exchanges between Sir Gawain and a mysterious Green Knight. In the context of the " Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", the pentangle brings together the influence of " the five virtues, the five wounds of [>]

Hamlet: truly mad or acting mad essay sample

Regarding his " played" madness for example the question arises whether Hamlet only plays this role in order to fool the others or whether the murder of his father had such an influence on the young character that he drifts into lunacy. Going further into the aspect of time it becomes obvious that [>]

Equity and fairness as presented through the villains of king lear

To this end, Edmund coldly admits that he is aware of what he is doing." This is the excellent foppery of the world," Edmund says." That when we are sick in fortune...we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon and the stars; as if we were villains by necessity". Edmund is [>]

Aldous huxley’s brave new world and george orwell’s 1984

The main character Winston fears Big Brother and is much more aware of his situation than any of the characters in A Brave New World who are constantly pacified by soma. His society is dominated by " Big Brother" which controls the thoughts and actions of all humans in it.

Places change people change life changes english literature essay

That was always a great quality of my gran's, she was always patient with me and allowed me to take my time getting used to the steps. I think that the biggest struggle for my gran was coming to terms with the fact that she had to be cared after.

Relationships in hamlet

As the play continues the twins are asked again by the king to go to Hamlet and try again to find the real reason for Hamlets behavior. As the play continues Hamlet is sent off to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern for him to pay for his crimes.

Character traits of queen gertrude

Another reason found not to condemn Gertrude is the simple fact that she is the queen of Denmark and that her actions should be respected as she is head of state. As a result of this she is condemned by Hamlet with him describing her as no better than the pts of society [>]

Parallels: the influence of lady macbeth and the three witches

However, even though his trust in Lady Macbeth led Macbeth to kill one person, his trust in the witches led him to have many people killed, which shows that his trust in the witches had a far more negative influence on him in changing him into a bad person. Therefore, by trusting the [>]

Brave new world analysis english literature

The very will to search for truth is an individual desire that the World State, based as it is on anonymity and lack of thought, cannot allow to exist. The State's focus on happiness and stability means that it uses the results of scientific research, in as much as they contribute to technologies [>]

Essay 4

Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and " Kenneth Oppel, Sunwing handle the convention of both the internal and external situations they depict upon their characters Harry and Shade.J.K. The internal quest and external adventure of a young Bat named Shade in the novel, " Kenneth Oppel, Sunwing is masterfully handled by [>]

Free hero figures and civilization essay sample

The involvement of hero figure in the society reflects social, political and cultural aspects of that time period. The hero encapsulates the values required to succeed in life and its positive reformation of the individual.

Ophelia parker`s moment with chanel

And that was when I Molly saw her: the most glamorous woman In the world, the woman to whom I looked up the most, Coco Channel, was within walking distance of me. Coco and the man told me to come with them, and before I knew It, I was whisked Into the magical [>]

Hamlet: crazy or acting insane

Horatio and Marcellus, Hamlet's friend and the officer, overhear and witness what has just happened." Swear, states his father's ghost as Hamlet makes the two swear on his sword not to reveal to anyone what they have seen, and he is going to pretend to be insane." The time is out joint: O [>]

A justice versus justice english literature essay

He uses the Death note as a means to kill criminals in order to purify the world he is living in under the name of " Kira", which is " killer" in Japanese pronunciation. L becomes a detective at an unrevealed age and soon is referred to as the world's greatest detective, as [>]

Anne bronte feminist literary criticism english literature essay

Agnes Grey is every woman whose fate is to suffer the oppression of the society. At the same time, she is not blind to the fact that women are oppressed in all societies.

A book review of the maze runner english literature essay

Chuck, the former " Greeni" in the compound, is assigned to Thomas to help adjust and later becomes his best friend; Thomas spends his first couple of days learning the ropes and various work positions, such as Baggers, runners and sloppers and that the group has been working for two years to figure [>]

Albert bierstadts storm in the rocky mountains english literature essay

The predominant body of cultural and artistic scholarship on Albert Bierstadt, including that of Laura Rigal and Laura Basini, has determined that his panoramic natural vistas assimilate a ' geography of hope' with prevalent national discourses.[1]By analysing the representation of nature in Bierstadt's Storm in the Rocky Mountains,[2]this essay will demonstrate that the [>]

Fair is foul and foul is fair in macbeth

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair in Macbeth The quote from the three witches, " Fair is foul and foul is fair," echoes throughout the story, and is the backbone of the many 'switches' that occur between and amongst the characters and their positions. To Duncan, Macbeth is the most honorable and [>]

Macbeth vs judas

In the beginning of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, the title-character was a noble general of King Duncan of Scotland's army, greatly respected by all. The displeasure in Macbeth's heart and his main objective to become king and his thirst for power drove him to take the lives of not only the king, but also [>]

Hamlet allusion essay sample

In this allusion to a Moslem god and to Herod, the Biblical King that beheaded John the Baptist. Hamlet is talking to the troupe of players and advising them not to overdo their acting, not to be more like Herod than Herod " For O, For O, the hobbyhorse is forgot"" Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, [>]

Macbeth – study notes – act ii

Macbeth's hallucination is a dagger which he wants to understand but naturally he cannot, and he realizes that he is seeing the dagger that he prepares to utilize in the murder, a dagger which beckons him toward King Duncan's door, and a dagger upon which appear thick drops of blood. Both Macbeth and [>]

Romeo and juliet

Fate can be identified throughout the play when Romeo gets the invitation to the Capulet feast, Frair Laurence's letter not getting delivered to Romeo and Juliet waking up too late. Fate had it written for Romeo and Juliet to meet and fall in love but not only did this event carry the evidence [>]

Ophelia foreshadowing

She also remarried so quickly because she wants power and she would have to marry Claudius to get it. Her loyalties lie on herself because she only wants to protect herself and has to lie to do that.

Greed and power in macbeth

From reading the novel Macbeth it is evident that Macbeth's ambition is one of the sole causes of the whole tragedy but not the only sole cause. It is her deep-seated ambition, rather than her husband's that ultimately propels the plot of the play by goading Macbeth to murder Duncan.

Wuthering heights reading log

This is important because much of the conflict up to this point has stemmed from Heathcliff's anger at Edgar taking Catherine from him, and in his struggle to win her back from him. That will be a prompt way of finishing all, when I am pushed to extremity! " Within this scene, Catherine [>]

Lord of the flies: writing an interpretive composition

The reality of the situation, is that the world outside of the island is in war. Piggy is very important in the story, he is the character that gives the story kind of a mysterious twist; he is the character that turns the story upside down.

Hamlet (unconscious mind) essay sample

Many of Freud's ideas best explain several of Prince Hamlet's actions and thoughts in Shakespeare's Hamlet Prince of Denmark. Hamlet is a product of his own mind throughout the play and his thoughts and actions are rooted in his unconscious mind.

Lord of the flies chapter 4-6

The boys roast the pig, and the hunters dance wildly around the fire, singing and reenacting the savagery of the hunt. Simon, Ralph, and Piggy represent the idea that power should be used for the good of the group and the protection of the littluns a stance representing the instinct toward civilization, order, [>]

Literary analysis of a separate peace english literature essay

The author's use of time and place is confusing at first, but once the setting goes back in time the reader is thankful an explanation of the school grounds is provided at the beginning.B. The theme of the work is jealousy and denial.A.

Comparative study of wuthering heights, translations, and i’m no scared

When I address the cultural context of a text I refer to the worlds of the texts, the circumstances which face the plots and the characters of the texts. Understanding the world in which each text is set in and thus being able to compare the aspects of their society and what is [>]

Interpretation of gertrude in hamlet

The character of Gertrude, Hamlet's mother, posted a lot of problems in the interpretation for readers, critics and artists and was often considered a symbol of the harlot, the object of Oedipus complex in Hamlet, is an example of women's subservience to man. Rebecca Smith notes that finding answers to these difficult questions [>]

The “brave new world” by aldous huxley analysis

A key reference that the play features of becoming a brave new world of a group of survivors living in a disastrous world of darkness trying to reminiscence the times of the Simpsons episode: " Caped Fear". One of the essays of the play " Once Upon a Time " How Myths Evolve" [>]

Beowulf essay

Beowulf and The Miller's Tale are great examples of two poems that share similarities, yet provide a contrast between the mores of the 14th century and our current society. Beowulf and The Miller's Tale are different in the way that they portray women.

Victorian novel analysis:jane eyre by charlotte bronte

" Charlotte Bronte wrote the victorian novel Jane Eyre with the intention to tell the story of how a seemingly mere governess, Jane Eyre, managed to challenge the notion of what a conventional woman during the victorian era was capable of accomplishing with sheer courage. Jane tells her story through a strong narrative [>]

Shakespeare’s macbeth – ambition

In scene three of act one, the three weird witches approached Macbeth and prophesied that he was going to become the Thane of Cawdor, and in time, the king of Scotland. This message proves to be one of the most integral events of Shakespeare's Macbeth, and can even be considered the turning point [>]

Complex “thought”: paralyzed prince

The real clash is a conflict of consciousness, of Hamlet's oscillations between infinite abstraction and shackled solipsism, between recognition of the heroic ideal and of his limited means, between the methodical mishmash of sanity and the total chaos of insanity. The chief definition of " thought" revolves around the basic concept of the [>]

The hamlet’s emotional feelings in the shakespearean tragedy essay

The line illustrates tat although Hamlet is in anguish following the death of his father, but he has lingering doubts about the integrity of the ghost's information. The grief that Hamlet feels at the death of his father is tempered by a Claudius' s statement to him that grief is ' unmanly.' He [>]

Reflection essay on hamlet essay

From " A Thousand Splendid Suns" Mariam and Laila are both heroes and from " Hamlet," and Hamlet is the third hero according to this definition of a hero. The role in this society that her and many others deal with day in and day out is shown in the text through the [>]

King, destiny and circumstances

Lear's actions are not the outcome of any corruption or depravity but are simply a direct result of the fact that his is consistently blind to the reality of the situation surrounding him. He protects the fool when the fool is hit and we see through the fool the attractive side of Lear's [>]

Shakespeare authorship question: thorough analysis of style, context, and violence in the plays hamlet, julius caesar, twelfth night term paper

It should be stated that even though most of the scholars point to the fact that Shakespeare was not the author of the plays, I would like to contradict this opinion and prove that Shakespeare's Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night are written by one and the same author as the problem statement, the [>]

Macbeth soliloquy analysis

36-53 of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth delivers a sullen soliloquy which expresses her ambitious yet murderous thoughts, invoking dark spirits to, first, change and destroy her feminine nature, second, to let her feel no fear or guilt upon doing wicked acts such as murder, and then, third, to cover all of her vile [>]

Animal farm tells the story of farmer jones’s

Though the novel reads like a fairy story, and Orwell subtitles it as just that, it is also a satire containing a message about world politics and especially the former Soviet Union in particular. It is a commentary on the the relevance of independent thought, truth, and justice.

Wuthering heights: plot, characters, themes

The boy is named Heathcliff and is raised with the Earnshaw children, Hindley and Catherine. Catherine Earnshaw- The love of Heathcliff's life.

Brave new world: active reading assignment

Page 55- Mustapha Mond begins to teach a class of students about the nature of progress and the contrast between the old civilization and the current. Helmholtz is very different from the others in the world state and is the closest, that we know of, to becoming an individual like John and to [>]

The illusion of sovereignty in the wife of bath’s tale

In order to " undermine the tyranny of authority the Wife of Bath feels the need to lay claim to a certain kind of authority herself, by establishing her experiential credentials at the outset of her discourse". That the Wife of Bath is an astute student of the Bible is undeniable; it is [>]