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Odysseus v telemachus

In Homer'sOdysseythe journeys of Telemachus and Odysseus have many similarities and differences such as their common goal and the lessons they learn; and only by overcoming these obstacles are they able to become emotionally stronger and find success in Ithaca. Telemachus sets out to Pylos and Sparta hoping to find his father and [>]

The crucible: troubles in the proctor household

The conflicting emotions are present when John Proctor tries to avoid confrontations with his wife, the small talk between them where John constantly tries to please Elizabeth, and the lack of mutual agreement between them. Clearly, it shows that John has conflicting emotions towards his wife because he wants to act as a [>]

”the lexus and the olive tree” by thomas l. friedman essay sample

This is one of the most important books concerning the study and the complete understanding of globalization, what it is, how it works, and in what way it affects the lives and the conditions of people all around the planet. Friedman explains that there is a responsibility each citizen of the world to [>]

Jane eyre- victorian mores

In the Victorian novel Jane Ere, Charlotte Bronze exemplifies Victorian mores In an uncustomary way throughout the life story of a young woman named Jane Ere that faces much abuse, both physical and emotional, from the people around her as she is in continual search for a richer and fuller life. After being [>]

Shame and guilt: hidden metaphors in bernard schink’s ​the reader

The fact that the novel opens with Michael's illness and feelings of shame creates a mood of disquietude and anguish in the novel, setting the stage for the complications of guilt and shame that the author will later elaborate on as the novel progresses. What's striking about Michael's description is that it aligns [>]

Basic conditions for the existence of a prosperous life in the novel beloved

Through a storm and total destruction the water helped Paul D escape from the chain gang to freedom. In conclusion the symbol of water provides readers with a deeper meaning to the word and the many opportunities it brings.

Moby-dick or the whale is an 1851 novel

Moby Dick is a story about man's abiding fascination and struggle with the sea, and his desire to unravel the mysteries of the deep. Ishmael plays no actual role in the unfolding of the story; rather, he serves as the author's narrator and the instrument by which the author expresses his profound musings [>]

The city of god and the theories of criminology

The incident of a child massacring the people at the brothel is applicable to come of the criminological theory. In the City of God, the only thing the people have in common and main goal is to find a way out of the city.

A dream deferred

The first one is the use of rhetorical questions, where we can see that the poem is structured as a questions related to deferring a dream. One example is " Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun, where he used " like a raisin in the sun" to describe the [>]

“in search of respect: selling crack in el barrio” by philippe bourgois essay sample

The book " In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio" by Philippe Bourgois is an in-depth look of the working community and family lives of inner-city Puerto Rican crack dealers in East Harlem and gives important answers to many of the difficult questions facing policy-makers, social scientist, journalists and lay people [>]

Depiction of community of medallion in morrison’s sula

Eventually, the wealthier citizens of Medallion decided that they wanted to include the land of The Bottom as part of their community, but not the people residing on the land as explained in the text, " It is called the suburbs now, but when black people lived there it was called the Bottom [>]

Why a great books education is not so practical? essay sample

In Crabtree's " Why a Great Books Education is Most Practical!" he argues that it is most practical to have a great books education over some more job specific training integrating technology and sciences. Since students mostly attend college to prepare for a specific career, this type of training is not provided with [>]

Money and its role in atlas shrugged

D'Anconia makes the speech during a party in the book while the conversation of money comes up, after one of the characters states in relation to Francisco, " You know, money is the root of all evil, and he's the typical product of money". However, if a person is not noble and virtuous, [>]

A contrast of lockean liberty and utilitarian liberty

Among these include the role of man's consent in the account for the origins of government, the inevitable conclusion that it is the idea of consent that gave rise to most states and not the very notion of conquest, and the tension that exists between historical and logical evidences in giving a descriptive [>]

Diary of a wimpy kid the getaway 

When they finally got to Isla de Corales, the Heffley's got on a shuttle bus that took them to the hotel they were staying in while they were on it it showed a video of the fun stuff to do at the resort, when they got off they went in to the hotel [>]

Briar rose essay narrative essay

The curse that she mentions in the story is actually the curse for the Jews from the Nazis, she says l curse you and your father and your mother the queen and all uncles and cousins and aunts. The rose of the title is the symbol of love, which survives through the thorny [>]

Keely antonio

Going 29 years in the future in the 15th century the invention of the printing press spread through out Europe. With the announcement of the printing press it spread out in Europe to make communication easier.

Jane eyre and helen burns comparison

Helen in some ways is a more mature version of Jane because of the way she handles situations and pushes her way through life. Jane and Helen may not like the way that there are treated, but they manage to deal with it and make their way through life's toughest battles.

Self-consciousness and liberty in the souls of black folk

Du Bois used this central idea throughout the story to carry out how marvelous African Americans are and that they are what an American is all about. To conclude, Du Bois uses rhetorical devices to develop the central idea self-consciousness and liberty.

A book worth recollecting

Antonio's sad mood, as it is depicted in the book, is due to the loss of a friend, someone to whom he swore a secret pilgrimage. The love Antonio has for his friend matters to him more than his business and money.

Good morning, midnight by jean rhys

The piece presents the readers with much to think about in regards to the way women deal with their situations in a male-dominated society, and that instead of uniting to deal with their troubling situations, they fight each other, hence making them easy victims for men dominance and oppression. It implies that even [>]

Chivalric code in beowulf

In the passage fromBeowulf, the poet's interest in the duties of a loyal retainer and the duties of a great king are evident in the specific language he uses to describe Beowulf's encounter with the dragon. Based on the duration of this poem, Beowulf is accustomed to the warrior duties and later on [>]

Comparingcask of amontillado with the rats in the walls

Compare the narrator in Poe's " Cask of Amontillado" with the narrator of " The Rats in the walls". It is worthwhile that a narrator chooses a narration style that reflects the context of the story, captivating and which gets the reader engaged and involved throughout the narration.

Starfish and spider

The most interesting part of the book to me would be the breakdown of the 8 principles of decentralization. The decentralized organization sneaks up on you: For a century, the recording industry was owned by a handful of corporations, and then a bunch of hackers altered the face of the industry.

Critical book review sample

The book thus explains the impact the gospel has had in different parts of the globe over the years and delves into the future of the gospel in different parts of the world. The book however rewrites the rules as far as evangelism and the spreading of the gospel is concerned.

Mcdonough’s purpose in writing the book

While it is beyond the scope of this research to pinpoint the all of the reasons why the Civil War still captures the imagination of historic scholars to this very day, but it is possible to take one of the many books written on the topic and provide a thorough review. Generally speaking, [>]

A question of morality according to the picture of dorian gray

Soon after Lord Henry's initial introduction to Dorian, he is thinking to himself when he notes " he would try to be to Dorian Gray what without knowing it, the lad was to the painter [...] He would seek to dominate him had already, indeed, half done so". By telling this to Dorian, [>]

Cape of storms, chaka, and waiting on the barbarians: the importance of historical fiction

The account of the bloodthirsty leader, Chaka, portrays the life of the Zulu leader and his struggle for a never ending power quest giving us insight to the destruction and terror he brought. Once the stratification of society was in further effect we see the rising need for slaves and thus again a [>]

Ghost on the throne book

The book was organized somewhat chronologically, starting from opening the tombs in which Alexander was buried and how he fell ill, to the closing of the tombs and a reflection of the fall of his empire. Romm's purpose was to inform the reader of the death of Alexander and then the fall of [>]

Example of a comparative sociology of advanced marginality essay

He then explores the question as to the extent the rioting that occurred in the cities replicated itself on the other side of Atlantic. It may well be said that Wacquant basically makes a comparison of the both the poor against the working neighborhoods in the cities of Chicago and Paris in his [>]

English macbeth essay

In the play we expected her to read the letter while she is in her bedroom however in the film she was pacing up and down as well as the background was plain black and she was wearing a black dress the colour black may represent the supernatural and the evil side of [>]

Practise essay montana 1948

It became vibrant to the reader, that in response to Wesley's actions that Montana was truly important to him and he would not accept anyone that held Montana responsible from the events the occurred within the summer of 1948. By clearly stating that Montana was not to blame, Sheriff Hayden means that it [>]


This tone takes up a good part of the beginning of the book as it sets up the trailing tone of a good majority of the beginning of the book. As you read to the end of the book and Beloved is exorcised away the tone changes from the dark and gloom of [>]

Example of essay on efficacy of thucydides the peloponnesian war in terms of history

He leaves out the mention of the gods in his work as he sees them unrelated to the events the he is writing about. Nevertheless, Thucydides' work of history cannot be considered relativism whom Carr was trying to rebuke in his book What is History but it leans of more on the realism [>]

The role of setting and landscape in “mrs. dalloway” and “on the road”

The author utilizes a stream-of-consciousness technique records ' the atoms as they fall upon the mind in the order in which they fall...tracing the pattern, however appearance, in which each incident scores upon the consciousness' to bring out the innermost thoughts of the characters in a manner which effectively weaves together the [>]

Virgil’s aeneid: a character analysis of dido

The answer to this question remains a mystery, because while those who lived by pursuing reason over passion may have appeared to have led better lives in The Aeneid than those who chose passion, the fate of Pentheus in The Bacchae teaches us that neither is better than the other, and that, instead, [>]

Cormac mccarthy’s all the pretty horses: dreams & hero’s journey

When Grady has the dream about horses on the peaceful field, he feels at peace: THAT NIGHT he dreamt of horses in a field on a high plain where the spring rains had brought up the grass and the wild-flowers out of the ground and the flowers ran all blue and yellow far [>]

Inferno canto x

Canto X of Dante Alighieri's Inferno starts with Virgil and Dante on their way to the sixth circle. Dante and Cavalcante know each because Guido, the son of Cavalcante is good friends with Dante and he married Beatrice.

Mob mentality in “year of wonders” and “the crucible”

This is seen through a quote in Miller foreword being " in unity still lay the best promise of safety", suggesting that " unity" within this context can be seen as conformity and demonstration of the dangerous mob mentality that will soon occur in Salem. This is also the same within the Year [>]

The feelings of the speaker in i felt a funeral, in my brain

The poem " I felt a Funeral, in my Brain " by the infamous Emily Dickinson suggests many topics such as entering a world of a psychotic episode, experiencing the death and/or burial of something within the mind, an explanation of the feeling of self obliteration, and the showing of feeling complete isolation [>]

Example of teaching scripture: the infancy narratives from matthew essay

Matthew is the first book that appears in modern versions of the New Testament, but it is not the gospel that was written first. The Gospel of Matthew in current study.

Macbeth openings

This indicates the witches can see into the future, developing further on the supernatural element; Shakespeare mentions this power of the witches in the first scene to shock the audience, and to develop the sinister atmosphere. Act 1 scene 1 is a short impact scene for dramatic effect, Shakespeare introduces the witches as [>]

The lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring. movie analysis

In the movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo Baggins makes countless decisions on what to do with this situation that he has found himself in. Gandalf the Grey, the wandering wizard as he is known to the hobbits in the Shire, is one of two wizards in [>]

The crucible by arthur miller

The Crucible generates an allegory for Arthur Miller's struggles with McCarthyism because of his similar experience relating to John Proctor's battle against the Salem Witch Trials, and the relation between the actions of the court in both situations. The Crucible constructs an allegory for Arthur Miller's struggles with McCarthyism because of his similar [>]

The outsiders by s. e. hinton – why the greasers were considered a disgrace and menace to society

From looking at the two gangs, the Greasers and the Socs, in the book The Outsiders, it is safe to say that the Greasers were the true disgrace and menace to society. Overall from looking at both the Greasers and the Socs, it is easy to say that the Greasers are a bigger [>]

Darkwing – by kenneth oppel

Dusk kept his flying a secret, but in a tight colony the secret is out. Dusk and Sylph escaped the cave.

Race as a providing theme in desiree’s baby

Later on, it is revealed that the reason behind the hatred of this race is due to the cultural beliefs and pride that place everyone above this " race that is cursed with the brand of slavery,". The main point being created in this work is that color is the only obstacle separating [>]

The lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring. book report

Merry and Pippin know a shortcut to Bree, and they deicide to help Frodo and Sam. The hobbits run to the top of the hill, and they begin to fight.

Analysis of the girl by jamaica kincaid

In the story, the mother gives instructions to her daughter on how to be a respectful and perfect woman in society. In the story " Girl", Kincaid who represents the preadolescent daughter listens to her mother, the main speaker in the story.

The importance of being earnest: overview

Without money in the society, it is impossible to be a part of the high-class society; which is where power is attained. Since Jack does not have any power within the city, and does not have a lot of money to his name, he is not qualified to marry a woman of upper [>]

Epitaph and dreaming black boy

a) Compare the ways in which these two poems deal with the experience of oppression andracism.b) State which of the two poems you find more disturbing, and give reasons to support your answer.c) Identify and comment on TWO poetic devices used in each poem to highlight the workings of oppression or racism." Dreaming [>]

The author to her book persuasive essay

In Anne Bradstreet's poem " The Author to Her Book" she expresses her attitude of being embarrassed because sees so many flaws and mistakes in her writing, as a parent may see in their child but loving and apologetic because it is her own and she cannot make it better. Bradstreet's embarrassment comes [>]

Summary of mending wall by robert frost

The poet makes clear that it is not hunters who break the wall. It is like just another kind of out-door game but the poet starts questioning that it comes to a point where they do not even need a wall because he has an apple orchard and his neighbour has only pine [>]

Their eyes were watching god: a novel based on real events

Hurston described the erection of Eatonville in her novel and Janie's time spent there and by doing so, connected it to her own history and experiences. It was in Janie's third marriage that she was happiest and most content, and even with Tea Cake's passing Janie continued to live on the with hope [>]

Charlotte and elizabeth: the pragmatist and the romantic 

On the contrary, Elizabeth's desire for marriage is less than practical; in fact, as the firstborn daughter during this era, she should not be searching for love, and instead should be focused on the implications of her potential marriage and impact that the failure to marry will have on her family just as [>]

Time machine

I Just wish I could make things right with my dad so he would know that I really love and cherish him always. I could not believe that my dad is gone and I could not do anything because I am in America.

Odysseus’ obstacles

If Odysseus never came in contact with Calypso or Circe he would have never had any affairs. He also would not have had an affair with Circe meaning he would have returned to Ithaca sooner.

Chronicle of a death foretold

One of the first scenes that Marquez utilizes the dogs in is the previously mentioned scene with Victoria Guzman feeding the guts of the rabbits to the dogs. He utilizes a variety of animals, in particular the pig, rabbit, and birds to carry out this variety of literary functions.

That doom abided but in time it would come

The inevitable doom associated with blood feuds, and its associated fratricide, is also present at the end of the text with the wild prediction of the war and destruction of the Geat nation at the Shylfing's hands. It is also interesting to note here that the poem is book ended by funerals, death [>]

The rise of the greek epic: the iliad

The Iliad is a greek epos written by Homer amid the sixth and the eighth centuries ancient Greece.the flaws in the gods and people drive the story of the epic. The epic hero within the epic poem is Hector as a result of the fits the rules of the Heroic code and [>]

Who is beloved and what is her role or purpose in the novel beloved?

The character of beloved in the novel by Toni Morrison in his book entitled " beloved" symbolizes a lot of important ideas which are crucial to a comprehensive understanding of the novel. On an intense, subliminal level to the characters in the story, the character of Beloved may be considered to be a [>]

The appeal of chopin’s the story of an hour

Its unexpectedness is further heightened by the quiet start of the plot and the gradual build-up towards what the reader thinks would be a predictable ending, only for the writer to take everything away from the heroine and from the reader, too. Chopin waits until the final paragraph to spring her surprise so [>]

Self destruction in dr faustus and macbeth english literature essay

After digesting monarchal turbulency and the destructive effects of the Reformation, the 1580s to the 1600s in England were characterised by warring spiritual and political cabals, economicadversityand menace of foreign invasions, apparent in events such as the executing of Mary Queen of Scots in 1587 and the subsequent launch of the Spanish Armada [>]

Studying literature kills the joy of reading

I am not going to lie, the last book I think I have ever read word to word, front to back was back in grade 10, where I am pretty sure the teacher indirectly threatened us with a detention if we did not. With books like To Kill a Mockingbird in the curriculum, [>]

Macbeth term paper

The idea that Lady Macbeth would kill King Dunkin in order to take power, essentially transforms Macbeth and his personality in a whole new way. It is clear that the witches become a main focus for Macbeth and the trust he has in remaining king.

Brave new world: a linguistic analysis

It has been worked out that a hierarchy is necessary for this society to function, and according a five-fold caste system has been applied to the make-up of this society from the alphas and betas at the top, to the deltas and epsilons at the bottom. The Director of the Hatcheries is describing [>]

Letter from birmingham jail: overview

Using a non-violent approach was the most effective way for the African American community to voice their opinions and reap the changes that they so earnestly sought. Non-violent action allows for the community to stand up and demand action through sit-ins, and other peaceful demonstrations in order to make governmental leaders and officials [>]

Class prophecy essay

I was famously known all over the world so someone called me on the phone and invited me to a talk show. I was so proud of her that she achieved her dream of being a famous journalist and a well-known author.

Sexuality in bram stokers dracula

In fact, even the most erotic scene ends with utter revulsion and the chilling recognition of demonic threats posed by the Other' shows that his interpretation indicates a great deal of sexual connation and the confusion created by the use of language between blood-letting and the sexual act.' Lucy is described as seductive, [>]

Summary of everyday use

Dee, however, does not realize the history of her culture is not just in the quilts, the items and pictures, but the people that take the knowledge and abilities they learned from their ancestors to provide for the current and next generation; that's why culture heritage can not be learned in school. Maggie [>]

A&p/araby comparison

Between the two stories, you could find a bunch of examples of how they are similar, but one of the more distinct ones is the fact that both stories are told from a first person point of view. In his point of view, we find out that Sammy is a store clerk for [>]

Pride in antigone narrative essay

To Creon's dismay, he was forced to come to the reality that he let his own selfish egotism destroy not only his life but the lives of many others. But I am young and right." In this part of the story, he is quarreling with his father about his relationship he hopes to [>]

The tempest and adam & eve

In both the story of Adam & Eve and The Tempest knowledge is the source of Godly power. However, Shakespeare states that human nature is to distance himself from God and this will in the end be its downfall.

Snow falling on cedars: contrasting characters and their meaning

The relationship between Ishmael Chambers and Hatsue Imada is central to Snow Falling on Cedars and the completely different way that the two react to their relationship enhances our ability to understand Ishmael's character. Ishmael's mother suggests measures he can take to improve his quality of life because she loves him and truly [>]

Book review – malintzin’s choices essay sample

Construction of incidents, places, and people in the book has been done by Townsend in a creative manner. In this regard, a creative and magnificent work has been done by Camilla Townsend that has played a major role in educated thousands of people around the globe.

Much ado about nothing and othello

Both Don John and Iago are determined to break up the key relationships of the two novels. Overall, the characters of Don John and Iago are very similar, although the latter is much more intelligent and complex.

Imagery in i felt a funeral in my brain by emily dickinson

The dashes play a major role in the format of the poem and give the reader guidelines of when to pause and emphasizes the flow of the poem. The use of repetition and capitalization is also used a lot throughout the poem to show importance and enhance what she is trying to tell [>]

Textbook analysis essays examples

Thus, the author presents various activities related to learning the language such as observation, listening and practice of the grammar use in different aspects. In the later chapters, the author of the book further explains the usage of such grammar components to bring out the integration of both grammar use and the cultural [>]

A good man is hard to find by flannery o`connor

The Misfit is a serial killer on the loose who the grandmother mentioned during the family vacation discussion to warn everybody of the perils of going to Florida. Her final act of calling the Misfit as her son can be a desperate attempt to save her life from death.

A story of climbing mount everest in into thin air novel

The true story of Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer, tells the tale of Krakauer and his team's journey to the top of the Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. The book really exemplifies the many hardships and variables of the summiting of Mount Everest.

Research paper on analyzing the performance

Discuss the effectiveness of at least three of the following items: The delivery The delivery was good and admirable. It started with a good introduction where there was definition of the terms and a background look at the issue at hand.

How the theme of kinship is dealt with in macbeth

Macbeth is not fit for the task: with his Scotland is " bleeding." The tyranny is reflected by the weather and bizarre supernatural events. He adopts thepersonalityof a man who is " not fit to govern and not even to live." Malcolm makes sure to not jeopardise his own life and the welfare [>]

Response to beauty and the beast

While there are many fairytales told to children around the world every year, there are none so famous as Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, a story in which a young maiden who is kind-hearted and loving to her father learns to love and appreciate a Beast, looking beyond his [>]

Sweeney among the nightingales

It would be difficult to step into this narrator's situation and give the poem the meaning and emphasis he is trying to convey. He does not appear to be important or necessary to the meaning of the poem.

Good jazz essay example

The linguistic of academic writing is the foundation of the language and structure of the academic professionalism. This also shows the use of morphology in the language, which is concerned, with the internal structure of academic concepts used in writing.

Selfishness in the pardoner’s tale

In " The Pardoner's Tale", the men's original objective is to find Death and kill him, in order to avenge their friend who dies. This shows his relentless greed that is similar to the greed in " The Pardoner's Tale".

Review of “a worn path” by eudora welty

She proves that, though she is old and seems unable, she accomplished her goal with the great mindset and determination she has. When Phoenix reaches the doctor's office, the nurse is speaking to her and she forgets what she has come to town for.

Good example of tablets in schools: an advantage argumentative essay

[Client's Name][Client's Professor][Client's Subject][Date Passed] Education has always been a main concern in any civilized society and with technology becoming faster and more advanced, it is no wonder that administrators are trying to join the two in the hope of producing more globally competitive students that will one day be the assets of [>]

Change king lear

Students, friends, I am here before you today to discuss with you the concept of change and its results, and with the help of arguably the most influential writer in English literature William Shakespeare and his play ' King Lear', as well as the movie " Life as a House' and the famous [>]

Boy staunton and abigail williams: similarities between davies’ and miller’s characters

Boy abuses his own power so to get what he wants, both in terms of business and his personal life and is also seen in The Crucible when Abigail, along with some of the other girls from her village, prepare a potion in the middle of a forest as they plan to seduce [>]

A journey that changed life in the secret life of bees

This journey changes Lily by allowing other women with a will as powerful as her own who influence her and love her into her life, while the journey relates to the work by involving the theme of maternal figures and bees. The women that were introduced to Lily's life loved her, and August [>]

12th night essay

The majority of Shakespeare's characters did not get what they deserved in the end, there definitely is a strong scent of injustice that hangs in the air around Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. As many of us know, humanity is infamous for their willingness to judge and act against a person before they fully investigate [>]

A modest proposal critical essay

Think how quietly the thing would be settled! " It is an ironic notion be-cause it should be the other way around, the white people should be the ones coming up with ways to rid the world of black people and not the black people themselves. As for " A modest proposal" people [>]

Uncertainty and insecurity in chinese history in the “wild swans”

As three generations of women are represented in the novel the audience has a rich understanding of the lives of women in a shifting period of history. The executioner displays his lack of belief in the cause as he has to be intoxicated before killing a person.