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Did you know that literature analyses are as valuable as the literature itself? Well, they are. Understanding literature is an essential skill for every student who wants to develop analytical thinking or provide criticism.

In fact, essays on literature do not require artistic descriptions or detailed synthesis of the story. Instead, they need you to engage in deep comparative evaluation and create an argumentative narrative.

If you want to learn more and write an essay about literature or a literature review, our writers have prepared several tips and recommendations that will ensure you prepare an excellent paper. We also provide free high-quality short essay samples for you to use as a template or inspiration when stuck with an assignment for your school, college, or university class.

Topics for Literature Essays

Every literature essay starts with a book, story, poem, letter, or novel that you are given to read and analyze. However, each piece of literature can be examined from various sides, and you must choose the context in which you will discuss the book and create a specific issue. You can follow these instructions to make a debatable question: these are questions you should answer about your book.

  1. What literature movement is it? There are various literature tendencies in different cultures, therefore, each book’s theme, mood, and message depend on its belonging to a particular movement. The most common ones for American and European literature are realism, romanticism, and modernism. Chinese, Japanese, Philippine, and other Asian literature pieces are built on symbolism.
  2. What is the theme? While creating his novel, every writer decides on the main topic of the narrative: it usually is an important social issue, like holocaust, feminism, schizophrenia, or African American discrimination. Sometimes, there can be more than one particular subject: for example, one story can tell about evil and beauty through different characters.
  3. Who are the characters? The main heroes allow you to interpret events and topics. It is essential to distinguish the purpose of each character, their beliefs, actions, morality, and fate. Everything from speech and appearance to death or betrayal is a literary device that tells you about this person.
  4. What is the moral of the story? This point requires you to be very reflective, think thoroughly about the lesson each story teaches the audience and which expository figures it uses to convey it. It may be pretty obvious in children’s or young adult books, but other pieces of gothic or puritan literature allow many different interpretations.

Building a Literature Essay

After giving answers to all of these questions, you can create a complex thesis for your assignment. For example, “How satirical (movement) optimism (theme) in ‘Candide’ is portrayed through religious figures (characters)?”

Of course, while writing your paper, keep in mind academic style rules. Maintain proper paragraph division, provide a clear introduction, main body, and conclusion. You should also comply with all the requirements, arrange your paper according to APA or MLA format (depending on your institution), and add an outline if your work is relatively extended. Remember to avoid plagiarism, include only academic sources and cite them properly.

And that’s all! With these tips and prompts, you are guaranteed to write an excellent academic essay about literature or prepare for any test: whether it is an English exam, GCSE, AP Literature, or IB world.

However, if you still do not feel confident, you can check multiple literature essay examples available in Docx and PDF on our website.

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7144 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Literature to Boost Your Creativity

To what extent can the years 1924 – 1929 be described

It was only shortly after the first world war had finished and in comparison to the previous 10 years in Germany, 1914 and 1924, then of course the years after the War were better than they had been. The war left Germany ravaged of everything it had built up, by the " Golden [>]

Spurgeon, heir of the puritans ernest w. bacon

Through the bible and the book of the puritans, Spurgeon formed his theology and that led him to become the Heir of the Puritans. He strongly believed in the Word of God, attainment of Christ, holiness, the work of the Holy Spirit, perseverance of saints and the come-back of the Lord.

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At cape kara by hitomaro and dialogue on poverty by yamanoue okura

In the poem, " at cape Kara", Hitomaro manages to write one of the most passionate works unfolding his feelings." At Cape Kara" is based on when the author had to part from his wife and settle in the capital from the Iwami land. Hitomaro is disturbed at the fact that he is [>]

Family guy and freud – jokes and their relation to the unconscious

The examples she provides evoke pathos by relating her arguments to the day-to-day reality that her readers experience. Thus the writer appeals to the outrage, sympathy, shame, horror and anger of readers in relating to certain episodes which she tries to provide as examples top prove her point.

The contrast of thomas more’s utopia with nowadays england

Reaction The approach of viewing Sir Thomas More's Utopia on the lens of practicalism may have touched some important points of the work Utopia but were not able to completely grasp the essence of the work. This was geared towards a productive society and the aversion towards golds and the trappings of [>]

Analysis of behind grandma’s house poem by gary soto

The poem ' Behind Grandmas House' has been written by Gary Soto and is about a little boy of around ten years ago, who tried to portray himself as harsh and tough until his grandmother tackles him. Although the boy has been portrayed as being a troublemaker to the whole neighborhood, it can [>]

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Lysander and romeo’s transient love

In constructing the overwhelming power of love, Shakespeare utilizes poetic language and transformative metaphors in both Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer's Night Dream, to present the treacherous pursuit of love as a blinding and transient experience. To emphasize the similarities between the pursuit of love to the act of war, Shakespeare utilizes [>]

Literature proposal

As such, the psychological approach to criticizing literature will be used in support of this theory since the romanticism is based on a real human behavior. These critical approaches to literature facilitate the argument in support of romanticism.

Treading grapes by martha bennett stiles

Itshould be noted that Martha Bennett Stiles's " Treading Grapes" examines the official and unofficial uses of public and private spaces in order to illuminate some of the problems of poverty. The author of the short story has also mentioned that Rebecca moved to several places along with her son in order to [>]

Explore the ways willy russell uses dramatic devices to present the key themes and ideas in his play

The second is set in the same time but in the county, and the third is modern day suburbia. Also the song shoes upon the table I think reflects Mrs Johnston's thoughts on superstition and the song relates how big a factor this is in the play.

Myth vs legend vs science fiction

Incidentally, Vlad Tepes was also known as Vlad Dracula or roughly translated as " Son of the dragon" whose father was a member of the Order of the Dragon which is a knightly order who defended the land from the Ottoman Turks. The standard lore of the vampires is that they feed on [>]

The allegory of the cave

The Allegory of the Cave The Allegory of the Cave is a metaphor that can be seen to describe many aspects and situations in life that one had no control or choice over. The world that many of us choose to live in is in fact very different from reality itself.

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The possible effects of loving persons renunciation

The main heroine, Miss Emily Grierson, becoming a major object of citizens' attention and gossips, is a woman with special perception of the world and strong ability to be attached. Most likely, the presence of Homer Barron's dead body in one of woman's rooms created a thought of broken loneliness and helped Emily [>]

Delhaize’s retailer

In the second part, there will be an analysis of some possible forecast of opportunities and challenges this same company in the next five years is a player in one of the renowned international markets. Franchised Franchise is when the retail formula and the idea of the franchiser from the originating country are [>]

Critique of the relevance of systems model theory essay

However, the planet should be a distance from the star that results in it achieving a suitable temperature so its surface water is liquid and not frozen. If a planet is too too close to the star, its spinning wheel synchronize with its orbital motion and it will always point the same side [>]

Health and wellness in the workplace

Annotated Bibliography The American Nurses Association conducted a survey in 2011 to explore the health and safety concerns at the workplace. An overall improvement in the health and safety of the workplace was noticed.

Shakuntala by kalidasa

One day the Shakuntala with his father and son came out of the forest to search for the king. Later a fisherman found a royal ring in the belly of a fish and took him to the king.

Black boy by richard wright

The effect that cruelty can have on the cruel person is that it makes him happy and contented. Another effect is that the success that cruelty offers to the cruel person and the results he sees in the person to whom he has inflicted pain, makes him even crueler.

Analysing book club

As you know there has been a boom in the small story side of writing as of late and the two that seem to be selling in the greatest numbers are " Seeing A Beauty Queen Home" by Bill Naughton written in 1959 and " Tony Kytes, the Arch-Deceiver" by Thomas Hardy written [>]

The human persona and numerous emotions in langston hughes, plato and john stenbecks poems

The Allegory of the Cave by Plato is the classic metaphor where he shows that education is a process and that ultimately it is a matter of freedom. It is the knowledge of the circumstances that he is in which is the start of liberty and this may be brought through a slow [>]

Independent reading reflection

For me one of my favorite books was the Dear John by Nicholas Sparks, which I had been wanting to read and finally got around to it. Right from the start of the book, you could tell it would be a summer love story, but what I did not realize was how much [>]

Speak response to literature

The foreshadowing presented several times in the story reinforces the mystery and the intrigue in the reader as it discovers and resolves the conflict and causes of it. The author does this to emphasize a sense of interest, charm and curiosity as a hook to capture the reader's attention from the beginning to [>]

Publishing: e-books, libraries, and hard cover books

Lecturer Publishing: E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books: The Debate Introduction For the longest time, we have known books to be physical pages that authors develop/ write, and then get their work published by professional publishing companies. This paper will review the issue of publishers and librarians concerning their war on the pricing [>]

Joe pendleton and jay gatsby

The story is centered on this journey as he finds a way to return back to Earth to finally fulfill his lifelong dream: to lead his team as the quarterback in the Super Bowl. His only goal is still to lead as a quarterback in the Super Bowl.

Chapter#3 majid,ehtesham,zoona 27-05-2017 sajan gali abbottabad dr jan

When specimens were dried, these were transferred totheir packets, which were labeled; the size of packet was 6cm x4cm.3. All these characters wereexamined with used of stereoscope, size were taken in centimeter and millimeter.

Symbolism in the lottery

The author has used black color in the story to symbolize death. The black box set on a stool that is missing one leg indicates the purpose of death, to destroy one of the members of the community.

Oedipus and othello: tragic figures of manipulated destinies

Oedipus and Othello: Tragic Figures of Manipulated Destinies For Othello and Oedipus, the future was written by the manipulations of others according to their desires to control the outcome of events. Because Othello is displaced and in a country that is not his own, Shakespeare makes a point of addressing his sexuality when [>]

On late 19th century american literature

Jewett further used an intimate connection between the narrator and the protagonist by using third person, omniscient narrative that adopts the attitude and the idiomatic phrases and syntax of the characters. Chopin also uses the imagery of shadows and solemnity to parallel the characters and thematic issues such as describing Armand's real identity [>]

Jasper jones by craig silvey essay sample

In the novel, Charlie is distressed to find both of his friends being insulted and abused for the nationality. Silvey has achieved his goals of convincing his readers and to portray the messages in the novel is a way that would appeal to their emotions.

Candide’s garden

While this characterization constitutes satirical elements in itself, as the novel progresses one recognizes that they are a largely one-dimensional character. This is significant as the Pope is supposed to be celibate.

Joseph andrews by henry fielding

Quite simply stated and despite the fact that the reader may be influenced towards the supposition that Joseph Andrews is the novel's primary character, due to the novel's more popularly used and known title, the fact is that the full title of this work is The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews [>]

Allusions in literature and your world

One allusion that could be made to the novel was that the sun never shines on the guilty. It is a cliche, but it was evident in the novel, when Hester was able to enjoy herself and her freedom when Dimmesdale acknowledge their relationship to the public.

How can i be a good writer

The writer should think of the material available for essay writing and also get the material from the internet and books. The second step is analyzing the relevance of the topic and the matter available.

Please refer to the message section. agrarianism in southern literature

Nevertheless, Southern agrarianism is considered an offshoot of Southern modernism, seeing that the subject of agrarian literature is alienation a feeling of being out of place. Even so, as Kreyling maintains, the agrarian movement in Southern literature did not approach a unity of thought that the Southern agrarian writers and poets had claimed [>]

Comparison of camus and dostoevsky

Meursault is also very carefree when talking to the people who are deciding the fate of his life. He tries to show through Raskolnikov that life is full of dread and anxiety.

As it is excepted of every person

So, for this need to be fulfilled, it required that certain basic rules were made, these rules become the law of the land, and in order for chaos to not ensue, it is excepted of every person to uphold that. Therefore, it was seen, early on, that there ought to be some sort [>]

War in darfur

What is the most important set of variables in dealing with the alleged genocide of the Bashir state is the horrid economic conditions of the society. Basically, the war is less over the obvious racial and religious differences between north and south as the " glaring inequalities" between the two regions.[3] Most scholars [>]

I miss my teacher

I vividly remember the first day my parents handed me over to her as a new student after my family moved to the city. However, the moment my parents waved goodbye and left, I realized I had to adjust to the new environment.

Holocaust literature essay

John Boyne's ' The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' is an example of Holocaustic literature; the story follows a young boy who is the son of a Nazi officer during the reign of Hitler. For example, in the novel ' The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', Bruno lives next to a concentration camp [>]

Almost french: love and a new life in paris by sarah turnbull

In doing this, the author uses language sparingly often infusing French in the book just so she develops an emotional appeal to her audience as the discussion below portrays. Her inclusion of the French words in the plot is a deliberate strategy she employs in her attempt to prove the extent of the [>]

How are female gender and identity constructed in the works of classical chinese literature

In traditional Chinese culture the women were considered inferior to men and were not given the power of decision making. She is represented as the traditional Chinese woman weaving on a loom, but when the occasion demands she is able to do the job of a man with the same efficiency.

Wizard of oz political allegory

Along the way, they have to travel to Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz, directed by the Good Witch of the North, especially for Dorothy to get back home. Also, the events that occurred during the Populist Movement involving farmers, their hardships, oppressed workers, and politics mirrored Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the [>]

Reflection to moby dick (quotes)

Happiness is a state of the mind that rids the body of any thoughts or concerns, and instead replaces the same with folly and the attitude of " do not care", which in the end might see people entering into trouble and regrets. It is this form of wisdom that is difficult to [>]

Shevchenko poems

In the last and ninth last lines of the poem, such rhetoric questions have been posed.' will speak of me?' Rhetoric questions help in arousing the audience to reflect on the value of liberty and his need for being recognized as a legacy. Taras used a range of symbols, images and the poetic [>]

The jungle book review: upton sinclair

I believeUpton Sinclair's purpose of the book was to expose but also to connect the argument of how immigrants were treated in such fields of labor. The plan was to go to Chicago and for Jurgis to get a job and support his few relatives that immigrated with him as well as his [>]

Coherence and interruption

However, some writers have tried and succeeded in breaking free of the set structure of short story writing in order to introduce a new approach and perspective to the story, and to develop and enhance the effect of the tale. By developing on the character and monologue of the protagonist at the expense [>]

The monk who sold the ferrari

The paper " The Monk who Sold the Ferrari" is a great example of a literature book review. The Monk who sold the Ferrari is the book that made me realize the depth behind the saying by Mr R.D.

Poetry analysis

Desolation of Winter; the Anticipation of Spring The darkness of winter has passed, but it left behind a sinister sexual repression that the speaker of the poem struggles to fight. It's a slap in the face, that spring is about to near and the winter of her heart is as dark as the [>]

“roots”, a novel by alex haley

Kunta is given the name of 'Toby" and is given the job of carriage driver for the amassa' and his amissus'. A daughter by the name of Kizzy is soon born to the couple, and as the first child born on the plantation in years, Kizzy soon becomes a favourite.

Darkness at the heart and retail temple

Emotive and colloquial language is used expansively in both of the articles, although each article uses them in a fundamentally different tone. Colloquial language is used by the authors in order for readers to relate to the article and compare it to their own lives.

A comparative analysis of absolution of the great gatsby

In the first chapter of 'The Great Gatsby' Nick, the narrator, details his origins and how he came to live in West Egg, the initial setting of the story. This relationship is most similar to that of Nick and Gatsby, which we begin to see by the end of the chapter.

Gothic literature in america : hawthorne, faulkner and o’conner

Another ideal of a direful set is in the story The Raven when the narrator says, " A distinctly dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor". The dreadful settings makes the appearance of it's leading to the event.

Man and nature in the loons

" The loons" by Margret Laurence's In the analyses of this short story, I will give details on, the general history of the author and the basic contents of the theme analysis of the story. She wrote a short story by the name " The loons" that reflected on the ethical and ecological [>]

Portrayal of the divided self in the kite runner

She says that the world thinks that the poem is not the voice of Julia, but in reality, it is the true voice of the other-self of Julia. One part of the divided self is hypocritical, and always trying to please the world, while the other part of the self is truthful and [>]

Notes toward a politics of location

In particular, view of the discussion is the violation of the rights and of women and the lack of recognition of their innumerable efforts to the current development of the world. The resolution of this is that men have been threatened by the development of women in to equal status as them.

Sailing to byzantium by w.b. yeats

The speaker wants to be in Byzantium because he does not suit the land where he is already. He feels that by being in Byzantium, he can flee from the disagreement between his desire and body.

Polonius’ speech to his son

Section/# Polonius Advice Timeless Fatherly Counsel Whereas fathers have been giving their sons and daughters advice since the dawn of time, the advice that William Shakespeare's character Polonius gave to his son Laertes upon the latter's departure to pursue higher education in France is perhaps one of the most timeless and enduring of [>]

Essay their students that do not actually

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A way of writing essay

In Stafford's essay " A Way of Writing," he claims that " receptivity" and " a willingness to fail" are key components to his writing process. Having willingness to fail as a writer means that you understand that not every piece of work will be perfected and completed.

How does jackie kay’s trumpet fit into the genre of african-american literature

Music a common feature in both black and American literature is the ultimate passion of Joss Moody. He contributes a lot to the world of music and these contributions cannot be denied, regardless of the sex he reveals himself with.


When we mention " religious experience", it does not pertain to a sect or a denominational ritual practice but rather the spiritual experience which is a universal feeling to all mankind when we are in awe of the creation of our Maker. In the case of William Wordsworth, it was his fascination with [>]

The morality of euthanasia

James Rachels has argues that under certain circumstances active euthanasia should be morally permissible and this is a very sound argument. To conclude it is very fair to say that when a person who is suffering from a terminal illness and is in agony beyond imagination active euthanasia should be morally permissible, when [>]

‘cal’ by bernard mac laverty

Written in 1983, in the midst of the " Troubles" of Northern Ireland, by the Irishman, " Cal" succeeded in giving the deep understanding of what was happening within the country at that period. Cal is subconsciously hoping that the matter of Robert's death will arise and he can clear his conscience through [>]

Informative speech on funerals

When the time was up the bones would be exhumed and moved to a charnel, but the skull would be kept. It would be tastefully decorated with the name of the deceased, a cross and plants.

Foils used in romeo and juliet

A foil character is that who contrasts the personalities of another character, and which serves to exemplify specific qualities or attributes of the individual. Mercutio is a crucial foil character to Romeo as it is through his realistic mindset that Romeo's dreamy and romantic character is demonstrated.

Speech outline: how to start an iv

Specific purpose: To demonstrate and explain the process of starting an IV Credibility: As a registered nurse for eight years I start IVs on a daily basis and I am a resource nurse for nurses whose patients are difficult to start IVs on from pediatric to geriatric patients. Apply tape Conclusion Today I [>]

Sure thing, by david ives

The play " Sure Thing" shows the different possible routes that a conversation can take, and the chances of it fining a successful end, when the answers are always in the affirmative. It is clear that both Antigone and Creon can lay claim to the title of protagonist in the play.

Close reading a poem and thesis-driven

One of them is the fact that the poem has both utterances of Prufrock and the poet. From the poem, it is evident that Prufrock is insecure due to his inability to speak and that makes him afraid of approaching women.

Comparison between comparing puritannative american & rationalist

Secondly, the concept of the value of law is another aspect of virtue that compares the Puritans, the Natives and the Rationalists, with the Rationalists holding laws as an important concept of controlling man, which is generated through the concept of reason.similarly, the Puritans hold that the Biblical doctrines are the laws that [>]

Sense and sensibility critical response

When Marianne falls in love with John Willoughby, she does away with being coy which is contrary to how single English ladies were brought up in the 18th century. Willoughby and letting him talk her into seeing the inside of a house belonging to someone Marianne was not acquainted with.

We can remember it for you wholesale

The central idea is the nature of truth and reality in relation to memory. The overarching tone is one of excitement and adventure.

The odyssey of homer book1 athena inspires the prince

The Odyssey of Homer: Book Summary Athena Inspires the Prince In this book, the plot revolved around Odyssey's captivity, his son Telemachus' temporary ascent into power and the temptation of Odyssey's wife Penelope by suitors. The power struggle is evidenced in the suitors who aspire to marry Penelope, as that would give them [>]

A short story

The purpose is to evaluate the influences that the appeal to the senses, as adopted by James Joyce influences, the overall impact of a story on a reader. By appealing to the sense of sight, the author is able to create a vivid imagination in the reader, engaging the audience in the setting [>]

Irony in the cask of amontillado by edgar allan poe

This is evident in the title, Fortunato's name, Fortunato's costume, and the author's reference to mansions. Another example of irony in the story is in Fortunato's name.

Filipino/a american literature

In of his works the design of the skull is placed on top of a bottle of liquor supposedly a spirit. Kwantro is warning the society against some of the dangers and the only way is through the sign of danger well known by the public.

Rose bush scarlet letter

The first chapter of a solid piece of literature often sets the base for the work, as well as giving the reader valuable insight into the setting, and mood of the piece. In the " The Prison Door, the first chapter of The Scarlet Letter, the author's detail, diction and point of view [>]

Daisy buchanan in the great gatsby

She is thus the driving force of the action as everything Gatsby does is an effort to get her attention and everything that happens in the novel is centered upon what she likes or what she does. There are hints that this is because of the heartbreak she experiences every time she realizes [>]

Sadat and keating

Sadat's Speech: In the light of the four year war preceding his speech which Sadat had evidently implemented, the Prime Minister of Egypt's address to the Israeli Knesset-an audience which involved not only enemy politician's but Israelis' who were personally involved in the war- was indeed one of the most challenging and influential [>]

Clarice lispector’s hour of the star

In The Hour of the Star, Lispector employs the language of abjection in various instances in line with the evolution of language as her ideology. She seems to be designed from her birth to swing in the balance of the notion of the survival for the fittest.

The use of force

Based on how the story begins, it is clear that the relationship between the doctor and the family was formal. The way the parents talked about the doctor such as when the mother said " such a nice man"., shows they liked him.

Analysis and opinion of the fault in our stars assignment

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a work of art, and is one of the best books by the author. Instead, Hazel finds out that she is the one who is left to live in the world without Augustus.

What characteristics of romanticism do you see in either rip van winkle

In Washington Irving's " Rip Van Winkle," several Romantic elements are exemplified the hatred of industrialization, the emphasis on nature's beauty, the inclination towards the supernatural, and the defiance of reason. Washington Irving's " Rip Van Winkle" is a story that exemplifies the most essential elements of American Romanticism.

Odyssey and aeneid

Varying the pace of the story can be important because it will show the reader that they are effectively in " the eye of the storm", that is they have just had an exciting scene and now there is a moment of quiet before another moment of great anticipation will be upon us. [>]

Character analysis

She also asks her to son to be humble and peaceful, and informs that this will lead her son to ' gifts of the grace of Holy Spirit". She uses authoritative sources to strengthen her position and advise her son regarding how humility can help him in his life.

An ancient gesture essay sample

The poets use the legend of Ulysses as the background of the poems. On the other hand, The Sirens was alludes to the story between Ulysses and the sirens indirectly.

Article critique

Specification of research Based on LeCrail's development of structured and directed process of evaluation, the specific questions addresses or relates the programs of the Longwood Treatment Center, of which we may cite [word-for-word] to identify the specific questions, such as is the program being implemented as planned, has the program been directed at [>]

Resarch activity

The storm is symbolically used to unravel the innermost feeling of Calixta who is the protagonist. In both sources, the plight of women is well addressed.

The problem of the color line

Throughout the century, examples can be seen of how these ideas shaped the lives of African Americans, most notably beginning with the issue of class. For the African American woman, this was a time of exploration and discovery with the virtually simultaneous movements of Civil Rights and Feminists.

Sebastian faulks

In giving us brief background information on some of the soldiers and the technique he uses to describe the war scene; through the eyes of the other soldiers, makes it an enormously emotional account. It is not surprising that they felt anger towards the futility of these actions, to the commands made by [>]

Disobedient son

The son did his best to prove that he really can do what he promised his father to do. The Prince can be called disobedient due to the fact that he refused to submit to his father and preferred to do something on his own and following his own will.

Pick one of three that i give you

Number Censorship in China The article's main claim is that the aspect of self-deception in the Chinese government's effort to regulate information stringently always invited scornful skepticism in the past. Proof of this claim in the article is the writer's reference to the removal of statistics by American organizations regarding the extreme levels [>]

The man who knew too much

This is a sense of isolation and though however beautiful that the world of mathematics the writer considers this isolation to be difficult to handle. However, the fundamental event in the book is the development of a beautiful mind however; it is spread all over the initial stages of the text.

Hucks changing view on independence

In the book the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Huck is also restless in the beginning and eager to be independent and he believes that he will be able to have the best time if he is on his own. He sneaks out in the night and gets involved in pranks [>]