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Answer No I think ' The Nursing Crisis; The Solution Lies Within' is the most effective essay of all three because it is written in a more thoughtful and clear manner as compared to the rest of the essays. In the end, the author has provided a plan of actions to overcome the [>]

Composing self

Outlawing of the Five-Paragraph-Theme Personal reaction When you issued a form in to outlaw the use of the five-paragraph-theme in writing, the class reacted in different ways. The idea of abolishing the five paragraph theme as a writing style caused a lot of anxiety.

Letter to the instructor

Letter to the, 12TH MARCH: ADDRESS OF INSTRUCTOR: Dear Sir, RE: MY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES AS A WRITER In relation to the subject matter above, I would like to present my strengths and weaknesses as a writer during the semester as a reflection of the informative essays that we have written. From the [>]

High school graduation student commencement speech

You are the only person you will spend most of your life with, not your spouse or guardian, prepare your joy, hate yourself and you will spend a lifetime with yourself as your own enemy. Stay true to your passion and yourself, define your path and avoid those drafted for you by others, [>]

What caused a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster

College: Causes and Effects of Natural Disasters Natural disasters are events that occur on due forces of nature. According to Langley, there are other natural causes of earthquakes, such as volcanic activities and landslides.

Gay marriage

In this country, same sex marriages have been legalized and the research concludes that despite of this, the same sex marriages only last for one half years there on an average. Another very important factor that can be seen by the proponents of gay marriages is that the stigma associated with it due [>]


It is not naturally possible for different people to be equal in many aspects and this makes the subject of equality an elusive subject. Equality can therefore be defined as a perception that plays at the psychological level and is not practical.

Salvation by langston huges

The little girls were in tears and hurried to be saved, and finally, all but the author and his friend Westley remained, still waiting for Jesus to come to them. Finally the author describes how his friend Westley, gets tired of waiting and decides to be " saved".


Some of the demerits and merits of Smartphones are with respect to capabilities, convenience, cost, used Smartphones and operation. The assessment The operation entails the looks at the degree of breakability of the Smartphones alongside performing the roles of basic cellphones.

My favorite room

My favorite room is the room in which I work on my computer, as I spend a major portion of the time that I am awake here. I feel the roar in my ears, sense the mist on my body, and my eyes feast on the soothing green of the trees.

Written business communication ( #1)

We feel it is important that you get to send for it to be checked and repaired to avoid distress or harm to the tenants. It is delightful to know that we can use the warrant you offered and avoid pay for the repair and we request for a timely inspection and repair [>]

Depression review

Other symptoms of depression are the lack of appetite and fatigue, which can result into the lack of concentration in various activities. The information in the article by Janet and her team is helpful to individuals interested in understanding depression and the methods of treatments.

Kate chopins the awakening

It all depended upon the company which he found over at Klein's and the size of " the game". Chopin says, " It all depended upon the company which he found over at Klein's and the size of " the game".

Artical analysis

The PCAOB believes in the fact that communicating these matters with the investors will help in reducing the uncertainties and doubts, as the management of the company has more important information than any of the third party. The investors and other users of the financial report will not have to take the help [>]

Pharmacy school challenges

I would like to go to pharmacy school, but I understand there are a number of challenges. I am devoted to my studies and the steps that I have to take to obtain a future in this field.

Explication of the poem insomnia by dana gioia

The poem used many metaphors that meant something else to illustrate the poet's regret and disappointment that she does not want to think about but is forced to because of her insomnia. The poem did not say but it is implied that she had her eyes on her career, a pursuit that she [>]

The absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherman alexie, 2007

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian In the book written by Alexie Sherman about the native Indians, in their attempt to adopt to the changing America, who still had negative perceptions about their lives. As Arnold grew up, he belonged to the Spokane Indians that were perceived by other people in [>]

Performance review memo

It details the role and contribution of each of the group's members and how the synergy in the group improved the quality of the work. The effectiveness of the approach used in achieving each of the course goals and in meeting the assignment deadline.

Personal statement, interview in your filed of interest

For me, this is the field of civil engineering as this is the area where I can fulfill all my creative and intellectual potential and act accordingly to the credo I have defined for myself - there are no limits for perfection and one should never stop moving and developing further. Knowing that [>]

Fiction comparative and contrast

On the other hand, a thorough introspection into the plot of the story, " The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell, focuses on the hunting game and reflects the inversion of safaris that were the trend of the time in the aristocratic societies of America. Contrarily, the characters in the story, " The [>]

Is ritalin overprescribed in the us

of the of the Outline Thesis: Nowadays Ritalin is being excessively prescribed by the doctors in the US and the level of its usage on children has reached an alarming state.1. Nowadays Ritalin is being excessively prescribed by the doctors in the US and the level of its usage on children has reached [>]

Bilingual personalities – usage-based approaches to language acquisition and language teaching

Understanding the change of personality and difficulty in new language use among the bilinguals is controversial. The non-bicultural bilinguals experience difficulty when using the two languages because of their rigid adjustment and fail to comprehend the new language effectively.

Letter of intent

Lecturer: Letter of Intent Nursing education field being significant in the current society, as a potential nursing I will always strive to be an incredible asset to the Norwich University by devoting all my time in order to become a successful nurse. This was the time I lost my aunt who was in [>]

Research paper

Nye his article Why the Gulf War Served the National Interest published in the Atlantic Journal, 1991: Why did majority of the people living in the central part of North America think it in their interest to send half a million soldiers 6000 miles away to the Persian Gulf? Print.3." The notion [>]

The lottery by shirley jackson

The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson Shirely Jackson's short story, ' The Lottery,' has achieved solemn attention from its readers as well as literary critics and captured the status of a prominent work in the field of American fiction. The author has developed the plot through the life of village people who celebrate the [>]


The love canal incident is one of the most serious environmental disasters in the history of the United States. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared the Love canal incident an emergency and instructed the federal government to relocated 239 households.

Reading journey for the the secret life of the bees page 196-255

Lily is upset that her mother left her with T. Lily is fortunate to have the Boatwrights, Zach, and the Daughters of Mary as her family.

Comment on the article

In this sentence, you did not need to include the word ' in' at the end of the sentence. You also need to correct the format of your reference, which you have included in the works cited section.

The color of water report

However, it should not be missing that The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother by James McBride is firstly a personal project. The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother.

What is developmental dyslexia english language essay

Many have asked the question as to if dyslexics have an underlying auditory problem and argued that it could lead to problems in rapid auditory discrimination, which has been proving in some studies such as Galaburda A et al.which conducted a post-mortem study of Dyslexics which showed that abnormal auditory processing is due [>]

3 visual graphic aids

Research reveals that there are direct effects that consumption of GMO has on the increase of psychological diseases. Source: USDA: NASS National Agricultural Statistics Service The figure above is a representation of the study that was conducted to examine the effect the GMO had on the children with autism.

East bengal war 1971 and famine abroad

The people from East Pakistan felt oppressed and protested against the West which started the conflicts between the two areas. The Bengal Famine Under the British colony in Bengal, the land had 30 to 40 famines and the last of the big famine happened between 1942 and 1945.

Pit bull (dogs)

Pit bull Dogs As Pets Opponents View Point According to the opponents of the debate of whetherPit bull should be kept as a pet or not, pit bull dogs descendants of bull dogs and these dogs are considered as very aggressive animals and that is why people refrain from keeping these dogs as [>]

An event that is a part of your experience

I was driven by the fact that my parents clearly instructed me not to feed the dog. I came closer and closer, I opened the bag and I saw Snowy drooling all over the place ready to eat but looking up at me as if asking for my permission.

Book one amazing thing

Possible Ending for One Amazing Thing All the nine characters will be rescued. They will completely learn the importance of struggle and its power to strengthen one's character.


Pornography This essay is intended to discuss the issue of pornography and sexuality, its adverse effects on the society and to discuss the debate of two sides; those in support of pornography and those against it. Extreme feminists see pornography as a kind of violence of men against women and believe that pornography [>]

Two different social networking websites

Social networking websites capitalize on the opportunities and benefits that come with the use of the worldwide web. Perhaps the two most popular social networking websites are Facebook and Twitter.


I was not sure how this course will be helpful in my pursuit of becoming a healthcare administrator and I thought it would be quite a waste of time to attend this course just before graduation. The course is important since with the help of novels and literature the course helped in adding [>]

Rhetorical analysis of how to mark a book

His association with books is unmatchable, and to share his passion for reading, he has written the article " How to Mark a Book". Adler emphasizes on the importance of the essence and the knowledge that is preserved in the books, and his third type of book owners have this habit of reaching [>]


Thesis statement: In the work named as The Lottery, the author tries to expose the inhuman aspects of orthodoxy which forces innocents to be its prey, and reminds to discard the same. Inhuman aspects of orthodoxy In the work, the fate of Jackson Bill's family is portrayed to point out the inhuman aspects [>]


The family structure in the traditional society had a set of expectations of the roles played by husband and wife in the family. This changes the complexity of the family lifestyle and exchange of the roles played by the different family members.

Product launch plan

It is meant to be a snack which is as good as a meal and can be eaten while on the road as it is easy to carry and the sauces also come in proper packing which makes it all the more easier for consumers to utilize it. Also, it can be packed [>]

Self evaluation

I stuck to my original topic and wrote the narrative to the end while. Therefore, by concluding my essay with an adage, I wanted the readers to understand the meaning and importance of friendship.

Causes of the problem

Causes of immigration law as a social problem Immigration law is a social problem because immigration officers take long time in processing necessary documents for the immigrant, the process is not sufficient since it is packed with corruption and it separate families in that those migrating are forced to leave their families behind [>]

Reading response of fanshen

THE ROOM AND THE WIDER CULTURE: IDENTIFY AS A KEY TO LEARNING ENGLISH COMPOSITION Fan Shen: The Classroom and the Wider Culture Writing techniques mirror the nature and unity of someone's culture. Contrarily, the Chinese culture does not conform to the use of " I" as a means of self-expression rather views it [>]

Descriptive pharagraph

Even so, the old buildings, which were stacked with hay and grain meant for the farm animals and pigs, darkened the brightness presented by the snow. The herdsman was moving up and down while heaping the hay and grain for the pigs to feed on, which were right beside one of the biggest [>]

Cause & effect

Arab Spring: Cause and Effect How the Arab Spring has failed to liberate the Arab World For many years, the Arab world has been under brutal conflicts with some degenerating into civil war. In conclusion, the Arab Spring has had many adverse effects in North African states and the Middle East States.

Women’s rights and culture

Top of Form Bottom of Form " The Space between Culture and Womens Rights". Top of Form Bottom of Form " Womens Rights and the Respect for Local Culture: The Price for Freedom?" Triple Pundit RSS.Web.

Plot structure analysis of frankenstein

Discussion Killing of Frankenstein younger brother by the monster is the inciting incident that led to a chain of hurtful actions by the monster and Frankenstein in a bid to seek vengeance against each other. This is the mid-point of this narrative, observed in that Frankenstein rejection of the monster created a feeling [>]

The cask of amontillado

From the beginning of the Cask of Amontillado story, the theme was a bit implicit. There is also the aspect of dramatic irony in which the author uses throughout the story.

The form of the verb english language essay

The stem is the main part of the verb, which contains the basic definition of the verb. The modal auxiliary verbs in English are generally followed by the bare infinitive of the main verb with the exception of ought to.

Poetry interpretation

In brief, the lyric that works, lasts long, and finds the permanent place in the heart of the reader is a good lyric. Motif: The recurring idea that continues throughout the poem is the love and affection of the senior member of the family, Aunt Lennie.

Globalization commerce

Moreover, the advancements in the field of transportation have also modified the standards of globalized trade and commerce. The idea behind globalization of commerce is to maximize the opportunities for production and sales.

Edgar allan poe’s the tell-tale heart

There are various parts in the story wherein the narrator convinces the reader that he - the story does not actually reveal whether the narrator is a he or she but I will refer to the narrator as a he for the purpose of this assignment is sane for he is capable of [>]

Describe the importance of time and age in what lips my lips have kissed and when you are old

The Importance of Time and Age in " What Lips My Lips Have Kissed" and " When You Are Old" The elements of time and age featured in What Lips My Lips Have Kissed and When You Are Old include experience, regret, bittersweet memories, good times, and wisdom. Age and time in the [>]

‘between living and dreaming there is a third thing. guess it.’

The third state of mind that a man gets caught in between these two aspects is a very poignant and refined balance which is actually the spot where a man is able to feel spiritual peace. The movie Inception did a great job with reflecting this idea, that once we are in a [>]

The subjunctive mood expresses english language essay

The subject is the doer of the action denoted by the verb and the object receives the action of the verb. When the active voice is changed to passive voice, certain changes take place: - The object becomes the subject- The subject becomes the object and is shifted as ' by + agent'- [>]

Flash fiction exercise based on the prompts in the ‘rosemetal press field guide…’

Flash fiction exercise based on the prompts in the Rosemetal Press Field Guide As I am sited in this old couch, all I can remember is a two decade ago in the same location, I t was one sunny afternoon when I came from school, I was in the seventh grade by then, [>]

Determine the best deal between two different computers

BEST DEAL BETWEEN TWO COMPUTERS DELL AND MAC Best Deal between Two Computers Dell and Mac Nowadays computers are extremely important in a person's life. Some even say and have observed that Mac is way faster than the rest of the personal computers.

Case analysis

Case analysis Case analysis What the company did to the community and the school The World Books Company received much criticism about its social responsibility program in that some people within the company thought that it was rational for the company to give more donations to nonprofit organizations as compared to other institutions. [>]

A day when everything takes a wrong turn

Actually, this is a fact that there is usually one factor that leads to a series of problems that one is left to face in a single day. The price I was bound to pay for getting late for the exam was to be in the form of a re-exam that could have [>]

Information that may influence instruction english language essay

This allows the students to be able to ask questions to the each other that they may not be comfortable asking to other students or in front of other students. This will help the student understand what she is supposed to be doing.


How the narrator responds to another person In the poem, Langston Hughes, the narrator is a black person who tells a white man that he is his father. The speaker also informs the white man that he is a " nigger" because they come from the same father and do not want to [>]

Behaving ethically can lead to higher profits for a company

Among the vital responsibilities of every business that embraces ethical operations is to ensure employees receive decent salaries and work in safe conditions. As evident in the case of Toms, it is important to embrace ethical operations through initiatives such as corporate social responsibility and donations.

Interacial marriage

The social status of an individual could be affected in an event family members are not familiar with interracial marriages. In the end, family members could be the reason as to why such marriages may fail to materialize.

My hardest choice

It is in this stage of life that one becomes a master of his own destiny and is required to choose the path he wants to take in life. The scholarship presented me with the offer of having good education and an American graduate certificate that could qualify me for a good employment [>]

The brazilian sign language english language essay

and is a language of signs, as used in different countries, presents rulesaccount for the formation of the signs and the organization of these structures and phrasalspeech. The orientation ofpalms is the direction in which the palm of the hand points to produce the signal.

Why i want to go to university of miami

As of Miami graduate I definitely have many reasons to apply the of Miami graduate school in Master of Business Analysis, because I have had a great opportunity to make sure that this university is the best for me to become a high professional in economics. First of all, while studying in the [>]

Drinking coffee elsewhere by zz packer

However, in the context of a new strange land in the lonesome expansive city of Tokyo in Japan, she is left with no choice than to bend her own rules to ensure her survival in the backdrop of an oppressive environment that no one had prepared her for. She eventually finds herself a [>]

Youve just visited the doctor, and she has given you one week to live. how will you spend your final week on earth

If I were told of imminent death within one week by a doctor, I would tabulate the people I would like to meet, the places I would like to see and the sights and sounds I would like to hear before I disappeared like a tear in the rain. I would seek their [>]

The kite runner

of the English of the Concerned 14 November The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is indeed a saga of friendship spanning across generations, replete with moments of happiness and sorrow, bliss and joy, elation and regret. As the author says " Of course, nothing is free in [>]

Reflective analysis

Paper Meta-analysis of Assignments Introduction Meta-analysis is a technique that is profoundly used in order to compare studies and works of same nature which have been done in order to cover same or similar area of intellect. Meta-analyses are traditionally applied to find, highlight and report similarities of results and methods of research [>]


Indeed, while Abbas is off cutting hair for the colonizers, Hamida becomes a prostitute servicing the needs of the British and American troops in the waning months of WWII. Eventually when Abbas discovers Hamida in the company of British troops at a local tavern, he allows all the " sorrow, disappointment and despair [>]

I need to upload the file so you can have the instructions

The higher the cost of education, the better the quality of higher education delivered to students. Since the higher education sector is run by public and private institutions, the desire to learn and the problem of cost determines how effective higher education is to the student and to the general society.


This illness was not treated as a disease when it came into notice 4000 years back, and was originally associated with demonological impacts upon women. It was understood that women were more prone to sorcery and its effects, which caused this mental illness.

Free essay about early colonial architecture

The English settlers arrived in the New World and, because unfamiliar with the environment, imitated the housing designs of the tribes they encountered. The Dutch settlers also based their styles from designs popular in Europe where they came from.

Letter to denver post magazine

I have followed your periodicals for a couple of years and I am convinced that your work is of great benefit to the American population. I have a feeling that we need to examine the rationality of this cartoon critically; hence, this letter highlights my concerns on your post.

Yellow womanand hills like white elephants

The myth of the Yellow Woman and the katsina spirit of the mountain is brought into question, as Silva calls her his Yellow Woman, luring her into going with him. When the woman returns to her home in Peublo, she finds herself meeting the reality, but she still waits for Silva to return [>]

On your name

My When the nurse brought me out of the delivery room after I was born, and placed me in my father's lap, she advised my father to me " Victor". Everything from the circumstances in which I was born to the name's beautiful meaning went in favor of having me named " Victor".

Market reaction paper

Market Reaction Paper Last week when I was in Manhatten I thought of visiting Citarella Market. It was a nice time to spend at Citarella market and I loved the way its vendors and sellers deal with buyers.

The omnivores dilemma: a natural history of four meals by michael pollan

The book appeared before its readers in the year 2006 and the book captivates a huge volley of inquisitions on the selection of the meals owing to the unselective nature of omnivores who tend to have almost anything and everything for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners. To investigate and analyze the entire food [>]

Gender disparities and gendered miseries in divakarunis one amazing thing

Gender Disparities and Gendered Miseries in Divakaruni's One Amazing Thing In One Amazing Thing, Divakaruni explores the meanings and implications of womanhood in a society divided by social class, gender, and race. In One Amazing Thing, Divakaruni argues that gender discrimination produces women who are unhappy with themselves and their lives because [>]


The document acts as technical communication in that it targets professionals in the audio communication field and undertakes to lay down the developments, challenges and future direction in the field of audio communication. This is because; the document highlights major developments and directions in the field of audio technology.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest film

A novel with the same title inspired the movie, although Forman altered the plot, making the film different in some aspect. Whereas, Chief Bromden is the main character as the well as the narrator of the novel, his role is superseded by that of McMurphy in the film.

Cultural dimension

Therefore, the research process established the prevalence of a civilised culture in the Japanese society before the documentation of the Austrian culture.2. The two students answered the questions in accordance to their societal perspectives; hence, the results influenced the study to establish that the Japanese and Austrian societies were embracing democratic practices in [>]

A meaningful object that represents my family

In our case, this tradition is so strong that every year of July 16, the whole family travels to Bolivia to celebrate the festivity of Virgin Carmen. I know it is a little unusual for you but it is actually fun keeping the tradition not to mention that it keeps our family very [>]

Corruption in the congress

Summary: Corruption in the Congress The SAVE System - Secure Architecture for Voting Electronically " Revolutionizing the Voting Process through Online Strategies" by Smith, Alan and John Clark tends to provide practitioners of information management with challenges of electronic voting and the need to adopt internet voting. The authors argue that I-Voting will [>]

Proposal for research project: identifying the key issues, positions, and stakeholders

This deprives the children, who are victims of this menace, of their " right to be free of exploitation" besides preventing them access to education and other avenues for development. Research Topic: Evaluate the measures that government and other agencies take to rehabilitate the victims of child trafficking and child labor and assess [>]


His speech starts with diction to show his presidential accomplishment and to pass a message to Americans that he believes in the freedom gained through his election. His message is rhetoric and full of imagery, which makes it appealing to the public in America and beyond and memorable.


Thesis statement: Gay marriage should be legal in the United States because it will prevent discrimination, encourage tolerance, and allow gay couples legal rights only afforded through marriage. S, 52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States".

The mix of a successful bumper sticker

Firstly, this bumper sticker is not particularly clear. This bumper sticker is in no way interesting.


I asked the faculty member about his experiences during his student life and how he managed to reach this position. Beside studies, the faculty member said that a student should try and implement his coursework in real life to give a taste of how real world professional life may be.

Pursuasive letter

Being able to learn in school and work at the same time is the best opportunity that has been given to me. Although I have been passionate about learning and understanding the things that are being taught in class, my test results do not show so.

How disasters have an effect on the world at large

Key Words: Disasters, Environment, Natural disasters, Affected, Experience, Global Warming, How disasters have an effect on the world at large Undeniably, disasters occurrences yield to untold deaths that leave irreparable emotional loss to both the relatives and friends of the victims. Consequently, this yields to some species' extinction because they do not possess [>]