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Mao zedong – famous leader of china

From his strategic success of the Long March, to his humiliatingfailureof the Great Leap Forward, to the Cultural Revolution that shocked the country and took countless lives, Mao has significantly influenced the result of what China is today. This book is a satisfactory introduction to the enigmatic life of Mao Zedong.

My favorite leader zhou enlai

Contributions To the liberation of the Chinese people and the foundation of a new China As I have mentioned in the first part, Zhou was born at the end of the 19th century, when China was suffering from internal and external. He was also one of the leaders of Nanchang Uprising and one [>]

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Mao zedong`s dictatorship

Born and raised in the obscurity and restrictions of nineteenth-century rural China, he rose to assume theleadershipof the Chinese Revolution, rule the largest population in the world with the most pervasive and intense government known in history, and finally has clung to life long enough to become the last of the political heroes [>]

Not all people followed obediently the reign of mao zedong: a view on society’s opposition

Some of the ways that Mao dealt with this opposition were the hundred flowers campaign, speak bitterness meetings and the use of prison camps. This was a motivation for many of the churches of that time, so many of them submitted to Mao.

Mao zedong’s legacy

Under Chairman Mao, China's communism ideologically deviated from that practiced in the Soviet Union on account of the emphasis placed by the former on the role of the countryside peasantry in the communist revolution, a factor ignored in the Soviet paradigm centered on the urban classes. 6, 2006 from the U.S.