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Kipling’s attitude toward the british empire in his novella the man who would be king

The examination of the voice, word choice and sentence familiarity of Kipling's composing can offer assistance to survey the author's demeanor toward the British Realm and recognize how he passes on his message to the reader. In Kipling's composing, the right word choice makes a difference to move the pursuer to the elucidation [>]

Free essay on european empires in the new world

It became most-important in the sugar-producing areas like Brazil and the islands of the West ideas, and of course for the production of tobacco, cotton and rice in the southern areas of North America. In fact, its intense Protestantism made it quite hostile to the Catholic powers of France and Spain, and there [>]

History and all about the tongan empire

The history of Tonga is deeply rooted in traditions of their Polynesian ancestry and the 170 islands grouped together have continued to stand the test of time. The emphasis of belonging to the Tongan Empire is ideal and they are socially interdependent.

Greek empire and the renaissance: shaping the new world

Other pull factors such as ideas of political, economic, and social freedom along with trade and exploration of nations hat were an inherent part of the European Renaissance lead to the questioning the Catholic Church and its powers over the people, which ultimately led to the desire for a new place to practice [>]

American home products: a pharmaceutical empire 1589

It" s clear to see that AHP" s history is comprised of acquisitions in the desire to be the ultimate leader of the pharmaceutical industry. AHP" s large family of companies allows for the quick development and marketing of new products.

Mongol and mali empire compare and contrast

Another similarity in the rise of the Mongol Empire and the Mali Empire was their cultural development through trade. In addition to similarities the Mongol Empire and the Mali Empire differed in their rise with the use of violence as methods of conquering.

Economic factors in the decline of the byzantine empire

" Economic Factors in the Decline of the Byzantine Empire" In this article taken from The Journal of Economic History, Peter Charanis discusses the factors that economically affected the decline of the Byzantine Empire. His discussion is based on the fact that past scholars, such as English historian Edward Gibbon who wrote The [>]

Running head: lifecycle of an empire

Each of these was present in the Han downfall. In conclusion, the establishment of Chinese cultural, social, and political institution during the Han was so important and enduring an accomplishment that even today the people consider themselves as the " Han people.

Summary jane t. merritt, introduction to at the crossroads: indians and empires on a mid-atlantic frontier

Number 30 September Introduction to At the Crossroads: Indians and Empires on a Mid-Atlantic Frontier Settling of Indians, Americans and Euramericans during 18th century in Pennsylvania is one of the colorful histories depicting the development of racial relations in the region. The establishment of frontier paved the way for whites and Indians to [>]

The foundations of roman empire’s success

Once and for all, the institution permitted the fusion of the government and the military rule. In land conquests, it is the army that ensures the defeat of the empire's enemy.

L’oreal: building its empire in indonesia through its luxury brand, lancme

Objective: This strategy for marketing whitening products manufactured by L'Oreal is selected because this particular cosmetics' giant is a world leader in such products, and local manufacturing allows for easy placement of the products in the market. The bundled product is to be displayed at prominent retail chains, boutiques, beauty salons and pharmacies [>]

Discuss the following statement: the impact of the spanish empire on world history from columbus to latin american independence exceeded that of any other state

Section/# Spain The Dominant Empire of the New World Firstly, in order to understand the scope of the question, it is necessary for the reader to understand the sheer size of the Spanish Empire. Another item of noteworthy importance is that if one compares the Spanish Empire to that of the British or [>]

The the idea for the empire state

The idea for the empire State Building emerged from the culture and politics of New York in the early twentieth century, as Democratic presidential candidate Al smith spearheaded plans to erect the world's tallest skyscraper in a competition with founder of the Chrysler Corp. The Empire State Building, at 102 stories, was the [>]

A detail on the british empire between the great wars, from 1918 to 1939

The signing of the treaty was taken to mean as the first step to an era of peace and prosperity for the entire globe, and most definitely for the victor Powers of the war. Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister at the time, realized upon coming home from Versailles that " it would [>]

The decline of the mughal empire history essay

One of the major causes that led to the decline of the Mughal Empire was the weak successors that could not unite the huge empire after him. To put it briefly, the Mughal Empire was one of the greatest and largest empires in history.

The end of the british empire

A Research Essay Proposal for HIST 101: " The End of the British Empire" While there are numerous interesting topics to choose from for this essay, Ihave chosen to study the end of British Empire. To do this, I will need to first look at the history of the British Empire, the state [>]

American empire essay example

The rapid retreat of Spanish authority in the Philippines forced President McKinley to confront the question of the future governance for the archipelago pacific. According to Emilio Aguinaldo on American imperialism in the Philippines document, the 1899 war was a conflict between the Filipino revolutions and the American empire.

The major problems arose for the roman empire

After the marvelous reign of Augustus Caesar, the empire underwent political and economic downturn under the Julio Claudio emperors; especially at the time of Nero. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Fall of the roman empire

The city of Rome, which became a capital of one of the largest empires in the history of Europe if not the world, is in central Italy, along the Tiber River, about 15 miles from the Tyrrhenian sea. The Capitoline Hill is northwest of the Palatine Hill, which is roughly in the central [>]

Alexander the great’s contributions to his empire

By conquering Persia and Egypt, Alexander the Great had a positive effect on his empire through the development of Hellenistic culture. The people of Persia looked weak against his army and the strategic plans of action he had.

The soft drink empire commerce essay

2 Introduction to the Coca-Cola Company.............................................42. The Coca-Cola Company is the largest soft drink company in the world and occupies 48% of global market shares.

Nationalism and empire: john stuart mill and mahatma gandhi essay sample

The popular ideas of Mill in relation to civilization theories are the propositions of the two components of civilizations and the rule of civilized settlers. According to Peters, the idea of Mill's civilization actually characterizes the rise of the bourgeoisie, the printing press, popular education and the political ideology of democracy.

Roman empire

Fall of the Roman Empire There were various proceedings that led to the fall of the Roman Empire, a decline that took about 500 years. Hebrew faith is Judaism and is a religion of the Jewish people.

Example of women roles and how badly they were treated in the ancient roman empire research paper

This was due to the perception that their role could not allow them to participate in school, and they were expected to stay at home and support their husbands and men in taking care of the home. Ancient women public life was determined by their role in the society, and they were allowed [>]

The defeat of the aztec empire

Of course, technological superiority, but also the Aztec domination system that led to many Indians to see the Spaniards as their liberators, the spread of European diseases, the translation system that made Cortes able to establish relations with local peoples, the belief of the Aztec emperor Moctezuma that the Spanish were gods, and [>]

The rise and fall of the roman empire history essay

The decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth. To start with, the rapid expansion and the incredible success of the Roman Empire was largely due to the Roman army.

How christianity influenced the roman empire history essay

The power the Empire had was difficult to maintain and there were many challenges in the history of the Roman Empire. As a fact, the reasons for the transformation of the pagan Roman Empire to Christianity was, on the one hand, the superiority of Christian doctrine, which appeared in both their positive and [>]

The rise of achaemenid empire history essay

The mask of goat was regarded to be the symbol of the Mountain God. The combination of the Persian and the Median Empire was better known as the Medco-Persian Empire.

Cultural heavyweights dar al-islam and the byzantine empire essay sample

The Muslim World and The Byzantine Empire were two of the most powerful and most-linked-together civilizations during the Middle Ages due mostly to their cultural achievements, religious values, and economic activities. The Muslim world's cultural achievements focused more on the development and interaction of cultures while the Byzantine Empire's cultural achievements revolved more [>]

Persian empire

Drains created a book of laws called the laws of the king and was a system of royal Judges operating throughout the empire as well as encouraging the codification and publication of the laws of various subject people. Greek civilizations arose in the lands bordering the Aegean Sea: the Greek mainland, the islands [>]

Empire of cotton: making cotton global essay

The same chain can be perceived in the cotton empire cotton is grown in the USA using extensive slave labor, then it is shipped to Liverpool and used to create cotton fabrics, after which these fabrics are shipped to China and India, where labor is cheap and allows for producing cheap, durable, and [>]

Is murdoch empire will collapse

The emphasis over the Rupert Murdoch involves so much more beyond the bribing of the politician and the police, the hacking of the computers and the phones, and other such outrageous strategies for the suppression and the pursuit of the news. The control of the Murdoch over the communications significantly extends beyond to [>]

American imperialism: enemies of the empire assignment

Quote: " The anti-imperialists saw the whole problem as a matter of political morality." The author is stating that the campaign thought that the government was to blame for the imperialistic actions, and their morals were not In the right place. The campaign focused on the aspect of the opinion of their members [>]

The empire state building essay

For a very long time, the Empire State Building was the tallest skyscraper in the world - it was this building that gave New York much of its mystique in the 1930s and 1940s, and helped it grow into the international city that it is today. The Empire State Building is a building [>]

Free research paper on mathematical and scientific achievements of the roman empire

This paper will delve into the contributions of the Roman Empire to the world in the form of science and mathematics. However, the Romans contributed to the specialization and the perfection of the weaponry in order to provide ease of use and mobility of the weapons.

Empires of imperialism

Hobson, a British social critic and author of Imperialism, Rudyard Kipling, and Indian born newspaper correspondent, poet, and author of The White Man's Burden, Frederick Lugard, a British soldier, imperial administrator, and author of The Scramble for Africa, and Albert Beveridge, an American historian, representative, and author of Defense of Imperialism. These men [>]

Will iphone 7 help ressurect apple’s wanning empire

The new phone is packed with the custom designed Apple A10 Fusion chip which will provide longest battery life ever in an iPhone, the company claims. In this model, Apple has done away with the 64GB variant and introduced a monster 256GB alternative.iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus flaunt a 4.

Government and religion in the later roman empire: how government could affect change

Latin or western Christianity spread in the western part of the empire while Greek Christianity spread in the eastern part of the empire. The former was the main form of Christianity in the western region while the latter was dominant in the eastern part of the empire.

Example of empire state building essay

A perfect testimony to this is the casting of the film ' Sleepless in Seattle.' The two main characters in this romantic film Sam and Annie meet for the first time at the observation point of the historic building. W, Ward, E.

Most of an islamic empire concerned with

Most of what we see on the news today about Islam is the " externalmanifestations" of Islam, that is, the actions of Muslims in adherence to itsbasic tenets. The purification of the self or of the spiritual heart in remembrance of God isanother aspect of Sufism.

The roman republic and the creation of roman empire essay sample

The senate was the most powerful part of the government of the republic. The tribunes were powered to block decisions from the consuls and the Senate which they believed was unfair to the people.

:texas tough: the rise of americas prison empire (perkinson)

The credibility of the presentation's speaker is quiet high because he has mentioned a number of facts on the basis of researched inquiries. Texas Tough: The Rise of America's Prison Empire.

Science fiction and empire on environmentalism assignment

Through the use of empires as the powerhouses of society, SF books like War Of the Worlds and Foundation dig deep into the question Of what would happen if societies continued to allow the progression of destructive and commercial technologies. By providing a glimpse of the future as a product of current genealogical [>]

Changes to the american empire during 1790 to 1850

American imperium alteration from the 1790s to the 1850s The unusual struggle that split American life in the 1790s concentrated on conflicting position of the significance of theAmerican Revolutionand the manner its tradition could be developed into a new province. The profound misinterpretation of the 1790s inspired the growing in American political relations.

Integration of spanish empire essay sample

By 1571, when Lopez de Legaspi established the Spanish city of Manila on the site of a Moro town he had conquered the year before, the Spanish grip in the Philippines was secure which became their outpost in the East Indies, in spite of the opposition of the Portuguese, who desired to maintain [>]

Why the roman empire fell essay examples

The best approach to analyzing the fall of the Roman Empire is to conclude that all factors worked in synergy together, and it is not possible to pinpoint only one reason for its demise. Some of the most common assumptions about the fall of the Roman Empire are that political incompetence was created [>]

Roman medics: healing the ancient empire

Throughout the Pax Romana, the scientists of the Roman Empire intelligently submerged themselves into the significant field of Medicine. Although the profuse medical expansion of the Romans is notable, the foundation of their advancement is due to the discoveries of Galen, Pliny and Celsus.

Empire of the summer moon set 1

Cynthia Ann Parkerkidnapped at the age of 9 and later married a Comanche war chief5 great nations of the SouthChicasaw, Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, ChoctawComancherosMexican traders who dealt with the IndiansPenateka" Honey Eaters". One of the five major Comanche bands, their range extended from the Edwards Plateau to the headwaters of the Central Texas [>]

Subjects of the sultan: culture and daily life in the ottoman empire by faroqhi suraiya

This paper will critically analyze the role of written and oral story telling in the sultan and Ottoman culture. The great teachings from our history and this help us refresh our roots.

Introductory paragraph on contrasting the roman and han empires

From 202 BCE to 220 CE, the Han Dynasty was established in China, meanwhile in 27 BCE along the Mediterranean the Roman Empire was flourishing. In 476, the Roman Empire fell and was never rebuilt, on the other hand, the Han dynasty was rebuilt by the Qin dynasty continuing Chinese rule throughout Asia.

The turning point of the british empire’s growth: the win in the battle of plassey

The Battle of Plassey was a pivotal skirmish that decided the fate of British colonization in India and spurred the Industrial Revolution in England and the British conquest of Northern India. Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah's army lost to Robert Clive's considerably smaller one at the banks of the Baghirathi river and this decisive defeat [>]

Similarities and differences between first and second-wave empires essay sample

The emergence of second-wave empires in 500 BCE coincides with the decline of earlier river societies, also known as first-wave civilizations, which were present from approximately 3500 BCE to 500 BCE. Both first and second-wave civilizations claimed to have leaders that are spiritual connected to the gods, share a couple of innovations, have [>]

The influence of philosophy in the roman empire

They were the advisers of statesmen; the best of the Emperors, Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, the Antonines, were surrounded by philosophers. It is the reason of the world, the reason which is in each man, the common reason expressed in the moral sentiments of mankind.

The conversion of the roman empire to christianity

The Age of Constantine: The Conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity during the Roman Constantinian Era Christianity has been one of the most popular religions since the 1st century AD. In this paper, I will determine whether Constantine was the key contributor for the expansion of Christianity in the Roman Empire by [>]

Historical development of education in the british empire states research paper

The commonwealth Caribbean also known as the British Caribbean are the t the English-speaking islets, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Windward Islands Barbados, the Leeward Island, and the Northern Islands in the Caribbean and the countries such as Belize and Guyana that once comprised the Caribbean fraction of the British Empire. The churches [>]

Inca empire significance essay

A noteworthy fact about the Incan roads was that the roads never experience the roll of a wheel or the stomp of a horses' foot because the Incas did not know the existence of the wheel and there were no horse natural to the area. In brief, the roads of the Incan Empire [>]

Free essay about modernity and the ottoman empire

Many of the theorists of modernisation felt that urbanization and industrialization would transform the identities of people as they became new men and women becoming modern and urban and secular. While these can be seen to have a negative effect on modernity the positives of Islam is attributed as the accomplishment of the [>]

British empire: the union of south africa essay example

The Union of South Africa came into existence on 31st May 1910 - It was a unification of four distinct British colonies: Natal Colony, Cape Colony, Orange River Colony, and Transvaal Colony - The Union of South Africa is the present-day Republic of South Africa - Unlike the federations of Australia and Canada, [>]

A look into the aztec civilisation: customs of the empire’s citizen

On August 13, 1521, according to's webpage dedicated to the Aztecs, the downfall of the Aztecs and Tenochtitlan was by the hands of Hernan Cortes, a hero in Spain sent by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to conquer new land. Before Hernan Cortes, the Aztecs were the " king of the hill" [>]

Aztecs incas and spanish empires

They destroyed the people alongside theircultureand in the case of the Incas and the Aztecs tried to eliminate every trace of these people because they were pagans. Their god was Huitzilopochtli and he was the one who instructed the chief to lead to Aztec people to the valley of Mexico.

The british empire

The British Empire " The sun never sets on the British Empire , is a well-used phrase about the old British Empire, where Britain ruled almost one-quarter of the world's population. In this essay I will look into the rise and fall of the British Empire and discuss the positive and negative consequences [>]

The conquest of the aztec and inca empire assignment

He went to Spain and at Toledo persuaded the Queen to appoint him governor and captain-general of Peru; Almagro was named commandant of Tumbez and Luque protector of the Indians. Montano was sent to Spain in the same chains he had used on his victims, and the Council of the Indies executed him [>]

The west african sudanic empire of mali essay sample

The West African Sudanic empire Mali and Aztec had many differences in how they rose to be but had lots of similarities on how the empires were ran such as trade and slaves. Soon one of the Malinka princes, Sundiata, the " Lion King", crushed Sumanguru's forces and started the empire of Mali.

Classical empires dbq

Takes into account both the sources of the documents and the authors' points of view. However - as all human beings wish for happiness and not to suffer - the purpose of life may be said to end that suffering.

African american empires

When the tribe known as the Soninke took over an area between the Upper Niger and Senegal Rivers they found that it was rich in gold. The second key success factor was the ability of the people to govern themselves wisely.

The han dynasty and the roman empire

Both the Roman and the Han officials wanted to use technology to control water for the benefit of the citizens, but for the Han dynasty, it was more necessary to thrive. Both of these documents show that the Han dynasty saw technology as a way to improve in their society and for the [>]

Murder of uthman and the first civil war of the islamic empire essay

Murder of Uthman and the First Civil War of the Islamic EmpireIntroductionThe origin of the tradition of dissent began very early in the history of Islam. Third leader of the Muslims after the Prophet's death, Uthman came to power In 644 following the death of Umar, the great organizer of the early Islamic [>]

Christianity in the roman empire

The reason that the Christian religion spread so quickly and so successfully in the Roman Empire was because it appealed to the masses of the Roman Empire or basically the poor people in the Roman empire. The religion appealed to the poor people because they did not have to be rich to follow [>]

The growth of the british empire

It dictated the pace and direction of the flow of people and goods along those complex trading routes which were, at once, the lifeblood of empire and the sustenance of expanding metropolitan business trade and taste"[1]The Triangular Trade helped the growth of the British Empire by providing large amount of profits for the [>]

History of christianity within the roman empire

The fear of Jesus and his followers turning into a revolt against them, lead the Sadducees to turn to the Romans for help to get him out and take away the threat he may propose. He was naturally a Roman citizen and for a long time was against Christians helping in the prosecution [>]

Islam in the ottoman empire

THE ISLAMIC CHARACTER OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE " In what ways was the Ottoman Empire Islamic?" ________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: This paper seeks to make an analysis of the ways in which the Ottoman Empire was Islamic. Summary: At the core of this narration is the fact that the nature of enforcement of Islamic tenets [>]

Discussion on whether the ‘barbarian invasions’ were an attempt to destroy the roman empire

This was a result of the Attila and his army of Huns expanding their empire, pushing the Germanic groups further and further West, with the Huns also being among the tribes to threaten the Roman empire. The Western Roman Empire, however, was weaker and fragile; movements of Huns from the northeast, Goths from [>]

The legacy of empire: tayeb salih

The impact here is that education for Mustafa was not a random action, but a strategy for the colonialists to favor their interests. According to the conceptual travel of James Clifford, the journey of Mustafa to England was not a complement but a homecoming story and eventually the dwelling aspect.

Development of classical states and empires

Differences of Africa's civilizations: a. Africa Growing #s of ppl from S.

The burger king: building of an empire

This ensured that BK was on the fore-front in the provision of fast-food services despite the mass media influence that claimed BK as a bad client. BK stands to lose on the majority because of its focus on the super fan.

Separation from british empire

The British Empire of the 18th to 20th century covered all the inhabited continents of the world and it was stated that the " Sun never sets in the British Empire". However, though the British North America was a part of this Empire it was in reality a colony of the British Mainland.

Dynasties of the byzantine empire history essay

The history of the Byzantine Empire begins with the tetrarchy introduced by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 286 CE and the founding of Constantinople as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire in 330 CE by Constantine I. Justinian I the successor to the founder of the dynasty Justin I, was perhaps the [>]

How goths contributed to the breakup of the roman empire

Each of the Germanic tribes divided into several branches, the Saxons, the Vandals, the Franks and the Goths, The Goths consisted of two branches that contributed to the fall of Europe's Roman Empire, the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths. They were all attacking various pieces of the Western and Roman Empire.

History of roman empire essay

It is in the first and second centuries BC, that the Romans conquered all the lands bordering the Mediterranean thereby establishing boundaries for their empire as Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Euphrates River in the east, Sahara Desert in the South and Rhine and Danube Rivers in the north. Most people continued [>]

History of the english empire

From the foundation of the first British colony at Jamestown in 1606 to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the British American empire to which Seeley referred to had spanned one-hundred and seventy years. The beneficial economic motives which led to the granting of a royal charter for Jamestown in 1606 resulted in [>]

Free essay on history of the british empire: jamestown and plymouth colonies

Such caused the success of joint stock company-founded settlements, most notably the Jamestown Colony of the Virginia Company of London, which helped fortify the presence of the British Empire in North America. Several of the first settlers of Jamestown Colony died from diseases and wounds from Indian attacks and a leadership debacle emerged [>]

The byzantine empire

The Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, emerged following the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and would be considered " the second Rome." It originated on the site of the ancient Greek city of Byzantium, which was located on the Bosphorus, and would last for 1, 000 years, ending [>]

What was marriage and family life like in the roman empire

There were many differing forms of marriage in Rome, from the arranged marriages of the elite to the unions of slaves and soldiers. There was a special type of sacrifice that caused the closure of the relationship between the man and woman.

Free essay about great britain and empire: lessons to be learned

During the First World War, Great Britain suffered a great number of casualties in their first encounter with brutal trench warfare, and the use of chemical weapons such as mustard gas, by the Germans. By the time Great Britain entered World War II in 1939, national debt was staggeringly high, and the British [>]

Political control of the mauryan, gupta, and roman empires

Several great empires emerged during the classical period: The Roman, the Mauryan, and the Gupta. Due to the just policies and cultural benefits these empires had to offer, people willingly became citizens and respected political control in Imperial Rome and the Mauryan and Gupta Empires.

Akhism, guild system in the ottoman empire

Akhism is seen as the consequence of the service lacks of the state such as supplying security to the individuals, to their properties and to their honor; altering communication and education system, and providing equality of rights where there is not a strong juridical system. Although Futuwah tradition was more authoritarian about religion; [>]

New british empire

C 15 years of age and at the passing of his mother, he was 36 years old his mother was 56.Mr.C.never remarried he really never got over the death of his wife and children's mother.Mr.C.lost his oldest son when the son was 27 years old.Mr.C.was in a domestic partnership many years after the [>]

The rise and fall of the ottoman empire

The empire built was the most influential and the largest of the many Muslim empires. Suleyman the Magnificent the greatest ruler of the empire expanded the empire to its greatest extent; at that time it reached from the Near East west to the Balkans and south to North Africa.

The ottoman empire and lessons learnt from it history essay

The losing of the Hjiaz to the Sauds with the help of the British, and its impact of the Empire will also be closely scutrinised, and the implications it had, not only the empire but the whole muslims world, especially inIndia. In this dissertation, I will be looking at the casues of the [>]

Turmoils of the late empire case study example

Events that can be used to mark the period of transition from the roman republic to the Roman Empire may include the appointment of Julius Caesar and his dictatorship in 44BC, the Actium battle that took place in 31BC and the grant by the roman senate, the Octavian, Augustus in the year 27 [>]

The brazilian empire research paper examples

In his reign, an unfavorable treaty was signed by the Portuguese to recognize Brazil's independence and to pay indemnity to Portugal for it to regain its earlier status of being the most favored nation. Pedro I left Brazil for Portugal after the death of his father and abdicated his 5 year old son [>]

The fall of the han dynasty with the fall of the roman empire essay sample

China's increase in population contributed to the collapse of the empire as did the decrease of the Roman population. In contrast to China, the eastern part of the empire maintained the tradition of imperial Rome, the Byzantine Empire, for another thousand years.

Example of essay on the roman and the chinese empires

Of its emperors, it was Constantine who was the first to convert to Christianity and established Constantinople as the new capital of the eastern empire. The main source of the emperor's power however was the military, which was paid directly from the imperial treasury and was made to swear allegiance to the emperor [>]

An empire divided

In the book, the author gives many reasons for the inactivity of the British Caribbean; for example, their relative seclusion from the mainland America, the naval dominance of the British around the islands, their dependence on trade as well as their political dependence on the British fearing the inner possibility of slave revolts. [>]