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The meddling mind

For my A2 project, I have decided to title my work ' The Meddling Mind.' In which I am hoping to portray how the mind works with regards to some mental health issues. I am going to experiment with this throughout my project through using the theme of mental health.

The reasons for the development and effects of eating disorders

It will cover the reasons for the development of eating disorders, effects on an individual, their loved ones and the economy and support from specialised organisations in Singapore. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that are more than what meets the eye and are able to impact the world on a large scale.

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Bipolar disorder and its treatment

Which can be a great way to cope with bipolar disorder because there are other people who may have gone through the same things as others which can help them to not feel alone in the struggle. Family therapy is another great type of therapy because it helps the person who struggles with [>]

Depression and the modern perspectives

A large part of this perspective is functionalism, which is a belief in the importance of practical application. Similarly the psychodynamic perspective also focuses on the internal and unconscious process of the brains motives and desires.

Case analysis of andrea yates

Nathan Merrill XXJUN2012 PS208 Case Analysis of Andrea Yates After close review and careful analysis of the case of Andrea Yates and the circumstances which led to the drowning death and murder of her five children, I first would like to state my personal opinion on the conclusion of the case which was [>]

Critical appraisal of human rights and mental health legislation

Numerous other factors such as the growth of individualism and downplaying of collectivism also played a part Key to the notion of SHRM is the idea that it involves an approach to managing people " that enables the organization to achieve its objectives and take into account the changing context in which the [>]

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Example of essay on aftermath: the psychological impact of 9/11

The following paper analyzes the psychological impact of the 9/11 disaster, how the local jurisdiction responded to the mental health needs of the community, and the impact the interventions had on the individuals who responded. While not a direct goal or component of terrorism, psychological trauma following a terrorist attack such as the [>]

Studying of environmental health health and social care essay

An MS grade in Environmental Health in the field of Environmental Epidemiology will supply me a alone chance to analyze the incidence of disease and diminish the impact of environmental wellness related jobs from our community. I think it will be really effectual to better my accomplishments in the field of epidemiology and [>]

Does music boost brain activity?

In recent studies, it has been shown that music has the tendency to bring back memories in patients who have Dementia and Alzheimer. In the recent study conducted, it showed that dementia and Alzheimer patients were exercising more brain power than usual, due to them singing, listening and watching the music class.

King v cogdon

Was the Killing of Pat Involuntary? Ms. Cogdon fell asleep, she began to dream of the war, and that one of the soldiers was attacking Pat in her bed.

Traumatic amputation and corrective surgery: rehabilitation and person centered care

The health needs and services that will be available to Marc and his family to access, in order for them to be supported through the ordeal will be discussed. Marc's pain should be frequently assessed by the pain consultant or nurse to determine the type of pain and the consultant will prescribe the [>]

Sleep deprivation: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep daily to function properly Sleep quality is determined by a role in sleep habits influenced by their mental well being. 1% of students in Germany reported that learning and working problems" is associated with the lack of quality sleep.

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Professional interviews

Two interviews were obtained so that a comparison can be made between a clinical psychologist and a clinical therapist and the roles both professionals play in mental health. Steibe-Pasalich's area is individual, and group counseling, also outreach, and crisis intervention.Dr.

Introduction and brief analysis of the yellow wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper Close by its investigation of mental illness, The Yellow Wallpaper offers a study of customary sexual orientation parts as they were characterized amid the late nineteenth century, the time in which the story is set and was composed. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was an unmistakable women's activist, who dismissed the trappings [>]

Mental problems

The authors noted that there are several new antidepressants available in the market, and yet, the data showing responses of patients as a result of these antidepressants are dismal. In order to determine how these drugs are relevant to treatment-resistant depression, the authors conducted a study consisting mainly of a study and review [>]

Prescribing art in mental health health and social care essay

Critics of 'art for mental wellness ' highlight the wealth of anecdotal and subjective grounds sing wellbeing and self-esteem betterments and the deficiency of quantitative, randomised controlled informations. To see my ain prepossessions of utilizing art as a direction scheme in mental wellness and to reflect on how my position has changed as [>]

Filipino mental health culture paper

The country spends about 5% of the total health budget on mental health and substantial portions of it are spent on the operation and maintenance of mental hospitals. The poor involvement of primary health care services in mental health is also a feature shared with many low and lower middle resource countries.

Free case study on bp oil spill

Therefore, other than the consequence of the oil spill on the mental health being an ethical issue, the other ethical issue is the lack of response on the same despite the fact that such consequences continue to grow. The stakeholders include the owners of the oil company, the workers, and the people that [>]

What is adolescent depression about?

I wanted to show that of course it is possible to talk about this and I wanted to draw attention to this underrated topic. Thay try to be and look like others to be accepted and that is a cause of stress in the adolescent life.

Causes and effects of injury and death at rmg sector in bangladesh.

A better understanding of the theory will enable the factory owners to identify the abject problems which the workers obtained while he was involved with handling machineries, tools, equipment in the factory set-up. Accidents can be prevented once the root-cause is identified, a much more linear and deterministic approach can curtail the rate [>]

Music have the power to reduce stress

Music choice can vary a lot between people, meaning using your personal preference for soothing music you like to listen to will be what is suitable to help you achieve the stress relief." Music can absorb our attention, it acts as a distraction at the same time it helps explore emotions." If you [>]

Life threatening situations and how to overcome them: ptsd symptoms and treatment

All people will experience traumatic events at points in their life and with the discovered likelihood of PTSD being discovered, it is now more important to design and designate treatments for counsellors and psychotherapists to utilise in treating their clients. This is when PTSD sufferers will actively try to evade reminders of their [>]

Music therapy with sexually abused children

Being stuck in silence is one of the outcomes of being sexually abused and music has a non-verbal and creative power quality that is used in a therapeutic method to improve learning, memory, emotion, behavior, self-esteem, self-awareness, communication, and self-expression that can help deal with traumatic situations. Children who are victims of such [>]

Some stratagems to sleep well

2) Prefer a light dinner Although in the summer it is pleasant to have a barbecue with friends or to go to the restaurant, it is necessary to pay attention to the food and drinks that you consume. In this regard, read also: Diet to sleep well, fight insomnia and wake up in [>]

Mayer-rokitansky-kuster-hauser syndrome

The hypothesis and or purpose of this study is to evaluate self-report measures of psychological distress in woman with MRKH syndrome compared to woman without MRKH syndrome. I belief observing woman when diagnosed with MRKH as well as following up with woman after dealing with the initial shock of this syndrome will give [>]

Management of depression and anxiety and similarities between the disorders

In most cases, it is not easy to see the distinction between the disorders, due to the fact that persons found to be having one of the conditions are also likely be found with the other one. This is a mood disorder that occurs as a result of the menstrual period in females.

To what extent do sociologists agree that religion is a force for social change?

His death sparked a huge amount of outrage and fury by the people he was trying to help, groups such as the Democratic Revolutionary front united to oppose what the government was doing, in terms of exploiting the people. As a solution to this they developed a set of values that expressedhard work, [>]

Mental health programs for women in prison essay

The Mental Health Step Down Program or MHSDP and the Resolve Program or RP are programs that focused on the mental health issues of women in prison. In addition, the program seeks to improve the level of functionality of the women inmates and to increase the effectiveness of the treatments.

Out of area treatments in mental health the leeds experience

This article will also devolve into the antecedent of the author and the source of his article which would be used to evaluate the entire article. In the subsequent paragraph, the author insisted that " the origin of outpatient treatments lie in the reduction of NHS inpatient psychiatric beds over recent years and [>]

Negative effects of stress in our world

There is no denying the fact that stress negatively impacts the different, from the human body, the mood to their behavior First of all, stress affects the human body. There is no repudiating the detail that stress effects harmfully ranging from people's body, mood to their behavior.

A glimpse into borderline personality disorder

Though there is not one specific gene that researchers can contribute to the disorder, it has been found that in some cases people who have a close or immediate relative with BPD, may have a higher risk of developing it themselves. For people that are in treatment, the main purpose of them being [>]

Comparison of eeg in meditation for various wavelets

The purpose behind the significance of brain in our body is that it oversees the greater part of beliefs, determination, behaviors and awareness. In this study wavelet transform is better than the FFT for the brain signals is examined.

Vr is now used to treat addiction and other mental illnesses

Virtual reality is therefore beneficial to the treatment process because it can reproduce triggers that people can face in a safe environment. Clients visiting the lab undergo a 45-minute virtual reality session, where they have to deal with dangerous experiences that in the real world can lead to a relapse.

Person-centered approach on xavier example

The admission to the hospital was because he went to the hospital and held a knife to his neck threatening to kill himself. The idea is that a client has the capacity to understand those aspects of his life, those that cause him pain, and can reorganize themselves in the direction of self-actualization [>]

Caring for individuals with acute mental health needs

DH Best practice in managing risk: principles and evidence for best practice in the assessment and management of risk to self and others in mental health services. The treatment and management of depression in adults.

Crisis and acute care in mental health

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding on the nature of risk and risk assessment in relation tosuicide. Beck suggests that risk assessment in the mental health care setting is an attempt to control the behaviour of patients and clinicians for the interests of the organisation rather than the best [>]

Stress inoculation therapy against sexual violence

While in a study of Richards and Marcum, they point out that the victims may have a tendency to deny the incident happened to them because they feel that they are the one who are entitled for what happened. In addition, the Women's Centre temporarily gives a shelter and medical help to the [>]

Free term paper on mental healthcare in the usa

The important pillar of the health system is funding provided to incorporate best and latest equipment to the mental health care services. A number of general awareness programs are to be implemented by the government in order to ensure better mental health care services throughout the country.

The link between childhood abuse and antisocial personality disorder

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationships between interpersonal trauma in childhood and the emergence of traits of disorders such as antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy in the population of criminal offenders. The PCL-R, created by Robert Hare, shed light on the affective and interpersonal issues linked to psychopathy and [>]

The impact of stress on the academic success of college students

In addition, for many students, there may be the added pressure of having to live up to expectations placed on them by their families and perhaps by themselves, as they would have been relatively good students in high school. Eating healthily, getting exercise, and having enough sleep are often the first to be [>]

Psychology and systems:

Psychology Today: One field of psychology that abnormal behavior and mental illness have made and effect on is forensic psychology. We need people like forensic psychologist to help the mental ill and improve the mental health of people that are struggling.

Mental health and recidivism

Due to the large number of mentally ill inmates prison psychologists and psychiatrists are burdened with a heavy caseload which restricts the effectiveness of treatment per individual c. Community treatment of severely mentally ill offenders under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system: a review.

Analyse different approaches to the study of metal health and illness.

The biological approach to mental illness is the dominant approach in the western world where mental illness is seen as a real illness that can be treated by medical professionals. Mental illness is viewed as a social construct as opposed to an illness which resulted in concerns over the power of medical professionals [>]

Good sites, bad sites: evaluating psychology websites term paper examples

According to the website, " he National Institute of Mental Health is part of the National Institutes of Health, a component of the U.S. Therefore, it is easy to realize that the sponsor of this website is a specific part of the United States government.

The most common mental disarrangements in adolescents

In this manner, notwithstanding stress identified with scholarly load, these students are necessitated to engage into grown-up like obligations without having yet aced the aptitudes and subjective development of adulthood. With the expanding acknowledgment of child mental health issues and the utilization of more psychotropic solutions, the quantity of adolescent with psychological well-being [>]

Multidimensional assessment: case study on drug and mental health issues

Client states that he acknowledges the hurt he has put his family and friends through and does not care for himself. Client states that he will attempt to repair the relationship with both his mother and his father.

Who’s crazy here anyway?

Rosenhan questioned whether the characteristics that lead to psychological diagnoses reside in the patients themselves or in the in which the people diagnosing find the patients. If these " pseudo patients" behaved in the hospital as they would on the outside, and if they were not discovered to be healthy/normal, this would be [>]

Prediction of hallucination proneness based mindfulness

Correspondingly, there are studies that confirms the finding of this investigation about the role of mindfulness in reduction of hallucination proneness that in the following referred to some of them in brief: Gomez, Leon, Escadero et al, showed that mindfulness has indirect effect on hallucination and stress. Thus, according to the findings of [>]

Schizophrenia: the signs and symptoms

This also is why people with this disorder may hurt someone because they think that this person was sent to hurt them. People that are diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia are put on medications and sent to different doctors so that they can manage having this disorder.

Free essay about psychological effects of imprisonment on prisoners with mental health needs

Craig Haney asserts that one of the issues that include in this level of the control unit is the number of prisoners suffering from mental health issues. Its aim is to break the abundance of negative feeling inside the prison that can worsen the psychological status of prisoners with mental health needs.

Cognitive and behavioural perspectives

The idea is that Jane will be able to identify her distorted beliefs and change them. The cognitive theory will help Jane to identify the negative thoughts and errors in logic that leads to her depression.

Traveling and its impact towards stress

Problems may derive due to many reasons and that itself will deteriorate the peace and harmony in the family causing more stress to other family members who are healthy and normal. Allocating a 20-minute time slot each day and get into a habit of writing down everything which is on our mind and [>]

Ambulatory care and the mental health services

With the advent of the new health program and support by these two agencies, there is hope that there will be improvement in this care. This causes a shift in the type of care that is given from coverage for illness to coverage for prevention of illness.

Techniques of suicide prevention and their effectiveness

In contrast to a psychosocial worker, a psychotherapist is more focused not on the social psychological environment, but on the deep layers of the psyche together with the subconscious and its formation in early childhood. In fact, this is rehabilitation, which, according to WHO experts, is a comprehensive targeted use of medical, psychological, [>]

Art as a form of therapy for inmates with mental illnesses in zambian correctional facilities

Over the years, most correctional facilities in the world have become overcrowded and understaffed due to a number of factors such as increase in crime, population, lack of expansion of existing prison facilities and lack of finances to pay wardens and counselors. Art therapy has a number of definitions, the Canadian Art Therapy [>]

The behavioral aspects of the learning model in adults

During the first day, one of my colleague, under the supervision of our mentor tried to put in the cannula for the newly admitted patient. After the event, the nurse told the student that it is impossible that she cannot do this procedure and she must practice through the week.

The functions of music in general life

According to the study performed in the Neurophysiology Laboratory in the Department of Physiology in the article The Effects of Tempo of Music on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate, it has found out that people who listened to the slow tempo, the range of their heartbeats are around 50-60 beats per [>]

The problems of “illness” in society

Within the novel, the author also brings up the idea of proportion and conversion in regards to how society attempts to alter people to fit the norm". Be that as it may, at the end of the novel, in reaction to Septimus's death, she regrets that she has lost herself in her quest [>]

Sample essay on substance

The main component of tobacco is nicotine which is able to give the feeling of short-termed enjoyment, when a dose of nicotine reaches the brain, causes the mood rise and betters the concentration abilities. The second negative factor of smoking in the workplace is secondhand smoking for coworkers who breathe in the toxic [>]

Sigmund freud and his systematic investigation on trauma

This throwback is important because Freud was the one who laid the ground stone to the field of trauma studies Sigmund Freud linked hysteria with sexual trauma and the trauma which had been disjoined from consciousness. In order to deal with the misfortune and the feeling it is being accompanied with, Freud noticed [>]

Good example of a research critical review research paper

These two perspectives inform the objective of this study that is to measure the role positive emotion variability plays in mental health. It, therefore, adds to the existing repository of knowledge on emotional stability versus variability studies.

Essay on recidivism

In the care of the mental health patients in a psychiatric unit recidivism is a tremendous manifestation of patient relapse. In the case of prisoners, the cause of recidivism of the mental health patients is lack of resources in the community.

Mental health issues in the workplace research paper

It is recommended to design the conditions in the company to strengthen and encourage a supportive culture in the organization: creating a transparent information and decision making policy constructed on trustworthy cooperation and open dialogue; Further qualification and training. As the stress in certain work environments can be related to an eating disorder, [>]

Research paper on providing clinical services for a diverse population: views on training of child

Review of a research made in England by Dogra and Vostanis that explored the impact of multicultural diversity to mental health service and mental health training enabled the reporter to be mindful of one's own professional skills, an element of personal interest. Examining clinical services for a diverse population is relevant in research [>]

How to treat adhd with ritalin and other stimulants

I like to believe that there are researchers out there who are willing to put in the work simply for the sake of scientific advancement and the betterment of the public. However Fumento does say no with the caveat that there is a chance of mental dependence on the drug, and in that [>]

Basically how an individual evaluates themselves

This coupled with the fact that she was still very young raised the level of stress in her life and leading to her mental disorder. Thomas problem of overdosing on non-prescribed pills in the run-up to the Olympic could have been another contributor to her state of mental health.

Cell phones vs. land lines rough draft

While you can recordmusicto your home phone's answering machine, a cell phone acts as a whole music system and can store hundreds to thousands of songs, depending on the memory on the phone. On the other hand, reception complaints with the new Phone, and sometimes every mobile phone In the world, have made [>]

Chronic sleep deprivation can affect your overall health

Providing understandings of long-term effects of CSD on neurons and brain, the article educates the audience on the significant health effects of CSD, evoking the awareness of the importance of sufficient sleep. Neurology is the main discipline of this article, most obviously, as it is published in the journal ' Frontiers in neurology' [>]

Good research paper on delays in care for veterans through the va

Among the requests are the needed resources for the increased access of the benefits and services to the veterans, to end the veteran homelessness, and to sustain the development of the pending disability claims. The study demonstrates the significant negative ways that the Veterans Administration delivers the quality benefits and health care among [>]

Empowerment and its effects on health care essay sample

The Department of Health recently published that there needs to be a shift towards the promotion of mental health to promote the health and well being of a nation. Mental health requires strong relationships between the nurse and the patient, and can lead to a patient's sense of empowerment and resilience.

Depth scales

7 Depth Scales * Explain what is meant by a " hypnotic depth scale." * Give examples and explain the issues relating to the use of depth scales When discussing the topic of hypnotic depth they are referring to how ' deep' the subject is/can go into hypnosis and what is possible at [>]

Physical and mental health effects of natural disasters on people

When the relief material and resources start to run out the survivors start to see the harsh truth about the disaster which is usually after 2-4 weeks of the honeymoon phase. With this being said, 14% of the participant population already had a pre-existing anxiety disorder and 9.

The effect of insomnia on our health

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder and can be considered a mental illness because it affects how those diagnosed sleep and their ability to stay in the resting state. Retrieved from

Greed, obsession, and psychological disorder as the main causes of committing a murder

Murder not only cause someone to lose their life but also traumatize the co-victims anyone in relation to the victim who tormented from the repercussion of the incident. According to " Meaning and Nature of Crime" poverty causes people to live in a way where even the basic physiological needs are not being [>]

The joining of two opposing ideas to get a reaction, a useful marketing tool

So, in my example above with the environmental activist driving a large, non-fuel efficient car, the guy driving the car would need to either change his attitude or his behavior in order to reduce the dissonance. In a study by Festinger and Carlsmith, they asked students to perform a dull task; the objective [>]

Children’s and adolescents’ mental health and camhs

CAMHS nursing role is very specific and adds a lot of dimension in most cases to the care that the children and also adolescents that have the mental health issues need. They provide a lot of help to the children and also adolescents that have mental health problems.

Mental effects of computer games on people

Players in these first-individual point of view undertakings accept the part of a character, stack up on weapons and quick vehicles, and set out on a trip in which they regularly accomplish their objectives by accumulating a critical body check, they come the control of the game. In particular, in the case of [>]

Bulimia: symptoms, statistics, assessment, across systems impact, practices for interventions

A client engages in recurrent binge eating episodes; a binge is when an abnormally large amount of calories are consumed in a generally short period of time and is followed by a sense of guilt and lack of control over the episode. Primary care doctors and nurses have a general understanding of the [>]

Substance dependence and sleep disorders can be explained through the world of psychology

When a person tosses and turns in their sleep, there is a bit of science behind that. A personal example of this is my grandmother, who often wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the kitchen to fix a glass of water.

Co-occurring disorders: substance abuse and serious mental illnesses essay sample

The main difference between the mental health system and the addiction treatment system is the choice of medications used in treatment. For example, in the mental health system, medication is mainly used in psychiatric treatments because a lot of medications for mental disorders are psychoactive and mild psychoactive, so they may cause adverse [>]

How each understands a traumatic event and the defense mechanism used to surpass it

Although it is clear that negative outcomes seem to be prevalent amongst those who experience trauma, investigating one's coping skills would be necessary to consider if this is a relevant factor when assessing outcomes from trauma. Through analyzing the existing literature, there is reason to believe that negative effects due to trauma are [>]

Punishment for the rapist in india

Sex also involves intercourse but it is different from the rape, as in rape there is a involvement of the outer force, violence and the most important that it is done without the other person's will or in such a vulnerable conditions where there is no other option left by the victim like [>]

Application of adlerian therapy for illness anxiety disorder

In the new DSM-5, illness anxiety is now added to what is known now as the " Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders" category, and according to DSM-5, illness anxiety disorder can be considered either in this section or as an anxiety disorder. Being insubstantially preoccupied of beliefs that one has, or is in [>]

Mindfulness and meditaion

Mindfulness and meditation involves a cognitive change in lifestyle by the client. Although future research is needed, there is some evidence to support the importance of mindfulness and meditation in conjunction with psychological therapy.

Mental health promotion review

Mental health as described by World Health Organization is a state of sound mind in which a person knows his or her capabilities, ability to handle stress in day to day basis, able to work effectively and relate to others and be involved in the community. One of many strengths of being a [>]