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Childhood obesitypsychology narrative flashcard

As well as adults obesity, childhood obesity is caused by a whole set of reasons, but the most important of them is the mismatch of enervated energy and wasted energy. Obese children have a predisposition to high load pressure and gall bladder disease, primarily to the formation of gallstones.

Child obesity research: literature review, design, sampling and identification

The purpose of this project is to analyze the literature to identify evidence-based approaches in for management and treatment of pediatric obesity in primary care, addressing the question " In school-aged children, how does implementing a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach compare to care solely provided by the primary provider influence the child's BMI within [>]

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Can food monitoring and accessible healthy food help combat child obesity?

It is said best by Sara Bleich " The research shows that in order to help prevent obesity among children, we must focus on both diet and exercise in the communities where children live and go to school since the environment is a key contributor to obesity risk. To combat this epidemic, we [>]

Causes and effects of childhood obesity

The lower social support in low social class is associated with a high food intake and higher weight of children. As for prevention of childhood obesity, it is also recommended that parents, physicians and nutritionists set together to set the proper plan.

Child obesity in canada: strategies for intervention

The objectives of this policy brief are to: Promote awareness of childhood obesity problem in Canada and urge for immediate policy actions from federal, provincial and territorial governments, and school boards; Make recommendations on interventional policy actions to tackle obesity problem. In addition, promoting physical education in school has proved to be effective [>]

Childhood obesity as a global epidemic

Obesity and overweight in South African primary school children the Health of the Nation Study. The titles also describe the subject matter of the article e.g.a school nursing approach to childhood obesity: a chronic inflammatory disease.

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Parents taking charge of childhood obesity

I plan to limit my search by focusing on the responsibility of the parents, which is vital in creating a healthy life style for their children. In my final paper I plan to argue that childhood obesity is not created by food, it's created by parents and their lack of responsibility to control [>]

Roles of nature and nurture in childhood obesity

In this case, nurture is referring to all the environmental factors that may have an impact on a child and may lead to obesity, such as physical inactivity, sociodemographic features, and/or diet. In the past decade, there has been a decrease in physical activity and a rise in obesity, correlating the two and [>]