Informative Alcoholism Essay Samples

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Programmatic assessment case study example

If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby reported the following: She had been in a car accident where she feared for her life. If instead of the symptoms listed in the scenario, Abby's former roommate reported the following: During a significant portion of the past month, Abby had talked to [>]

Sample essay on rescue by anita shreve

She has portrayed her characters in a way that are insightful that has never failed to take the readers into it, especially the character of Peter Webster." Rescue" is a touching story of a down-to-earth small-town hero, Webster, who brings misfortune to his life through a drunk driver, Sheila, but he never fails [>]

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Cigarette ban: a case to consider essay example

Perfectionism according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a variety of meanings. This line of thought can lead lawmakers into deciding that even if the public is against a certain law in a democracy, that lawmakers still have a moral responsibility to enact it for the greater good of the people.

Mixed consumption of alcohol and energy drinks research paper

The health belief model is also significant in the explanation of the perspectives of the undergraduates because it is a psychological model that seeks to explain and predict the anticipated health behaviors such as the outcome of drinking alcohol alone and mixing it energy drinks. A, & Cleveland, M.J.

Should the legal drinking age be changed to 21?

The first reason why the legal drinking age should not be changed to 21 is the fact that in Australia, the legal drinking age has been 18 for many years, why change it now? The second reason Today's legal drinking age should not be changed to 21 is that Prohibiting the sale of [>]

Good research paper about legalization of recreational marijuana in pennsylvania

It is estimated that the state has benefited from retail sales to the tune of $10 million tax revenue in the first four months of 2014. The research has shown that there are several powerful arguments to support legalization of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania.

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Free essay about probation and punishment

This is because while, on probation, they are engaged in training so that they acquire both technical and practical skills that will assist them in the future. It is meant to make them reflect on their sinful past and focus on a promising future devoid of the wrongs that made them be placed [>]

Research paper on social norms paper

Most of the students that have been victims of crime in campuses tend to report of being intoxicated at the time the crime was committed. Further, substance abuse increases the aggressiveness of the students who in the end may engage in violent activities such as fights looting and destruction of property.

High spirits in bali article review

Built in the 11th century, and renovated in 1917 after an earthquake, the temple has decorations and sculptures that, to the people of Bali, are symbols of the guardian spirits. In this manner, the dances are quite a peculiar mark in the culture of the people of Bali.

Cause and effects of drugs and alcohol abuse during the vietnam war essay

Unfortunately, the use of drugs in addition to alcohol abuse lead to addiction and other drug related consequences among the military service members in the army. The main reason for heavy drug usage and alcohol abuse in the military during the war was its acceptance as a norm and tradition in the military [>]

Alcoholism and spiritual influence health and social care essay

The AA outgrowth as a personal transmutation potent vehicle has besides been committed and vastly influential, as it brings in the term spiritualty to the spotlight of the mental wellness professionals every bit good as the general populace. In add-on, in a sample of 101 doctors indiscriminately selected in a group of those [>]

Good example of water pollution in egypt research paper

Another major reason of water pollution is the scarcity of pure water due to the high population of Egypt that has raised the demand for more water. The main reason for the pollution of water in the Nile River is due to the low levels of water during winters as less water discharges [>]

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Social anxiety

Along with this, I would also like to be able to thoroughly explain how the disorder affects the dally lives of sufferers and when symptoms of the disorder begin as well as how to recognize that these symptoms correlate to having social anxiety disorder. 2014 This article reviews the relationship of stammering as [>]

Chapter 1

The real danger lies in binge drinking and the development of a tolerance to alcohol, which causes the drinker to consume every greater quantities of booze in a bid to regain that original but elusive feeling of well being. Chronic alcohol use can: * Damage the frontal lobes of the brain * Cause [>]

Alcohol use disorder

Alcohol-induced psychiatric syndromes The essential feature of alcohol-induced psychiatric syndromes is the presence of prominent and persistent symptoms, which are judged- based on their onset and course as well as on the patient's history, physical exam, and laboratory findings to be the result of the direct physiological effects of alcohol. The accuracy of [>]

Research paper on career and life planning

The effects of alcohol and drug consumption have been felt in all sectors of life, ranging from education to the productivity of the labor force of a country. As the alcohol and drug specialists join the helping profession, there is hope that the menace will reduce and have the wasted youth become useful [>]

Alcohol abuse among the elderly

Alcohol Abuse Among the Elderly Population Alcohol abuse among the elderly is a widespread problem through the United States. When a problem is identified, begin by counseling patients and the family.

What we talk about when we talk about love essay

The title of Raymond Carver's short story " What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" might suggest that the story is about the " Theme of Love". The setting remains the same in the story and all that is happening is conversation over drinks on the topic of love, and the [>]

Example of letter to the editor argumentative essay

In reaction to the article by Anna Simon that appeared in the Greenville News, The - dated September 20, 2008 on Universities debate change in drinking age, I believe it is a high time that the government rethought on alcohol related laws. By the time students attain the age of 21, they have [>]

Red bull’s management and marketing techniques – report

Red Bull is a company that began its operations in 1987 and has three shareholders which are Chaleo Yoovidha with 49% shares, his son with 2% shares, and Dietrich Mateschitz the CEO having the rest of the shares. The organisational structure type employed in the company is that of a hierarchical hybrid one [>]

The negative vices of high school teenagers article review

The article is relevant in the society since there is a believe that tanning in the sun is the best way to get Vitamin D and also in getting the best dark pigment called tan which improves the physical appearance of someone. The major hazards are lack of exercise, tanning in the sun, [>]

Human resource management case study example

The reason being that-: the counterclaims made by the company are malicious and not in any way reflected by the actions of the union. This was because-: the bearers of the cards were the employees of the company and that they were the members of the union.

Reunion by john cheever essay examples

The father's motive seems to be that of impressing his son with his worldiness and to project an image of his being a man who can get what he wants. The title of the story becomes ironic, because this is not a happy reunion, but an unhappy one and one that allows the [>]

Sample essay on the effects of alcohol

Although the impact depends on the amount of alcohol in the blood of the individual, the effects vary from slight mood elevation and feelings of euphoria to alcoholic hepatitis, deep coma or even premature death. In addition, under the influence of alcohol, an individual might often have the problems with the law and [>]

Good essay about litigants/court

The Court of Appeals reversed the lower court's judgment holding that a suspicion is essential to decide if a toxicological testing is necessary and reasonable under the Fourth Amendment for the reason that such a requirement would ensure that the tests which would show the presence of drug metabolites even for weeks following [>]

Homosexuality addictions intelligence nature or nurture essay examples

On the other hand, the empiricists, believed that the behavior of a person is a result of his experiences in life. The changes in his behavior is a result of the his interactions with the environment.

Midterm essay – childrens literature essay sample

The Uncle Remus stories help to discuss the often-sensitive topic of slavery by presenting an oft-considered offensive portrayal of African Americans; the Rip Van Winkle story discusses the evils of alcoholism and idleness; and " The Happy Prince"'s subject matter heavily involves notions of sacrifice and death. With Washington Irving's short story " [>]

Robert jones study case study

On the basis of the multiaxial assessment of the mental illness, Robert is an alcoholic who clearly depends on alcohol. The legal level of intoxication according to the United States Health department is a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 20.

Report on the crime scene

Immediately stepping into the bedroom facing Northwards, I saw a white male lying face down on a large king-sized bed placed at the center of the room with the head board touching the wall to the west of the room. Immediate South of the bed there was a nightstand that had a mobile [>]

Development of measurable goals essays example

At the end of the current term, Gerry will report a GPA of 2. Within the next 2 months, Jose will dispose of all alcohol in his possession and will report 0 drinking instances.- Jenny 25 years old.

Peer pressure essay sample

While some aspects of peer pressure are positive, a lot of research centers on the negative effects of peer pressure. However, exploration of peer influence of peer pressure on college students should detour from the persistence focus on negativity to a more positive approach.

Free essay on up to the writer

This is the reason as to why people with chronic pain take alcohol. Similarly, people drink alcohol to boost their appetite.

Health promotion website creative writing sample

In my opinion, the main audience is people who live in families, have kids and had only decided on leading a healthier way of life. Therefore, I have to say that the level of clarity is high for target audience.

Underage alcohol abuse essay

Primarily, most of the kids have tried to place themselves at the level of the adults, arguing that they too have a right to do whatever the adults do. As a result of the courage to take risks, many of the teenagers do not realize the dangers of alcohol later on in life.

Essay on social history tom scott

As a result of his turbulent relationship with his mother, Tom feels that the people in his life hate him. In terms of Tom's mental health, he seems is paranoid and has a low sense of self-esteem as a result of the physical and emotional abuse that he experienced while growing up because [>]

Reading journal of the catcher in the rye book review examples

The passage this essay analyzes is the perfect portrayal of the distorted vision of the world in Holden's mind. He continues that all the people there " were mostly old, show-offy-looking guys with their dates," except for the table next to him where there were three women who were " pretty ugly, and [>]

Free essay on treating addiction

D, the Director of Treatment and Recovery Research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the vulnerable group to enter into drugs and addiction are the youth between 18 and 25 years. The resistance or response to treatment, however, depends on different factors such as family and peer support, compatibility of [>]

Acoma origin myth essay samples

They emerged from the underground and were given a basket with small carved animals and seeds and were informed by the spirit that the components of the basket would help them for completing the world. One of the sisters Iatiku then made the spirits of seasons, with the first being Shakak the spirit [>]

Population report examples

Studies show that veterans are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs than the general public. They include the following: therapy, in a group or alone and medications to help the involved veterans reduce their drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Sample research paper on substance abuse

In understanding addictions, a look into the phenomena of tolerance and withdrawal becomes important as it explains the extent of the addiction and also gives clues to the possible solutions that can be used to cure the person of his or her addiction. Major stages of smoking behavior and the major biological, psychological, [>]

Underage drinking prevention programs research paper

These interventions use a variety of strategies to reduce the availability of alcohol, and enforce sanctions against drinking. National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, Committee on Developing a Strategy to Reduce and Prevent Underage Drinking.

Alcoholism: a major problem in russia

Even during the modern times in the 90s prior to the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the famous Mikhail Gorbachev want to ban the presence of alcohol from the mainstream of the society to no avail. A derivative of the old vodka is being sold in the streets and this causes problems not [>]

Substance abuse class essay sample

What similarities and what differences are there in the toxic effects of cocaine and amphetamine relate to the behavioral effects of the two drugs? What is tardive dyskinesia, and how does it respond to a reduction in the dose of an antipsychotic drug?

Free research paper on acid, base and salt

While hydrogen ion is added to a buffer it is neutralized by the base in buffer and added hydroxide ion is neutralized by acid, but this neutralization reaction does not hamper overall pH of buffer solution. Rather, it is a product of the reaction of an organic acid and an alcohol or phenol.

Free medical ethics case study sample

This can be seen to direct medical practitioners on the best cause of actions to take to ensure professionalism of the field. In this case, the most appropriate party would be a person who is friends with both Jenny and Cindy.

Alcohol advertising to youth

Alcohol Advertising to Youth Many people are unaware of the prevalence of underage drinking in the United States. In conclusion, more needs to be done to reduce the amount of youth exposure to alcohol product advertisements and to prevent underage drinking.

Tim iverson english feb. 9, 2007

My plan is to raise awareness of the issue of teen drinking and how communication between parents and teens can reduce the incidence of adolescent alcohol abuse and drunk driving related deaths. Teens need to have communication with their family and friends.

Causes of road accidents essays example

Interestingly, more blame falls on the drivers as many drivers fail to adhere to simple road codes, drive while under the influence of alcohol, and driving while tired. As a result, drivers who drink tend to contribute to a number of the accidents that occur on the roads.

Drinking motives in alcohol use disorder patients

A study published by Tragesser and Sheer detected the impact that drinking motives could play on the association that exists between personality disorder symptoms and alcohol use disorder. The results from this study showed that there was a higher rate of AUD among males compared to females in the younger adult population.

Good expanding and integrating theoretical approaches essay example

Positivism can reinforce the value of normality in the diagnosis of the disease to threaten a mark of identity as nonstandard. The treatment of alcoholism can benefit when the experts in healthcare challenge the social norms to emphasize the subjectivity and determine the parameters of self-control.

Free alcoholism research proposal example

Alcoholism is defined as the consistent uptake of alcohol and alcohol related liquor that stems from an unending desire to consume more alcohol in trying to reach a certain climax or ' heaven' of some sort as perceived by the partakers of this activity. As an opinion, the dynamics of the current world [>]

Kayla goad

Michael is very supportive of this vaccine; he feels that if the effects of this vaccine work, it will have an impact on all the alcoholics everywhere. The purpose of this vaccine is to give alcoholics an instant and excessive hangover if they drink even an insufficient amount; it sends a biochemical messenger [>]

Research paper on critical appraisal

Therefore, this research tracks the abstinence processes in disorders of alcohol-dependency by using evidence and results, and also explores the recovery process from the alcohol-dependent's viewpoint. The purpose of this research is to investigate the recovery process from an alcohol-dependent's viewpoint by tracking the abstinence processes in alcohol-dependency disorders on the basis of [>]

Research paper on challenges in water management

This coupled with the changing climatic trends that result in the short-circuiting of the hydrological cycle, has brought water policies to the forefront of consideration of governments and international organizations. Therefore, the municipal infrastructure that is responsible for the reticulation of drinking and domestic water is overused, and as a result, the farther [>]

Gut permeability alterations mediated by bacteria and links to alcohol dependence essay example

The study entitled " Intestinal permeability, gut-bacterial dysbiosis, and behavioral markers of alcohol-dependence severity" by Leclercq et al: E4485-E4493) explores the possibilities of links between alterations in gut permeability, composition of gut-microbiota, as well as the activity of the gut metabolites and the increased depression, anxiety, and alcohol craving in alcohol-dependent subjects. Gut [>]

Alcoholism and suicide: teens’ scapegoat

The purpose of this term paper is to emphasize the negative effects of alcoholism and suicide and its preventions so that the teens would be aware and would not take the risk of trying it. This term paper serves as a guide to the teenagers so that they would know the negative effects [>]

Free the role of women in the dinner parties of the wild duck and hedda gabler by henrik essay sample

In The Wild Duck, dinner parties are orchestrated outside of the sphere of women's influence, but the talk of the men drastically alter the lives of the women who are not present. Sorsby does participate in the party's events, but she is part of the discussion of men's talk and is the love [>]

Essay on prenatal development paper

This is because alcohol is also identified as neurobehavioral teratogen because its effect to the fetuses is the deterioration and injury of the brain. However, the resulting effect to the fetus is relatively the same in FAS and FAE, the severity of each condition on the baby varies depending on the amount of [>]

Teenage alcohol and drug abuse in america essay sample

The problem is so staggering that it is tempting to advocate that the laws be abrogated and simply allow the sudden appearance of very cheap drugs to apply the theory of natural selection to the users and abusers This all too modest proposal is not practical, for the losses would mount in that [>]

Good alcohol creates a negative impact on relationships essay example

Similarly, in another story, the narrator of ' Cathedral' is also interesting in the context of love and relationships. The characters in both the stories depict unacceptable personalities that ruin their relationships and love-life.

Sample essay on full title of your paper here

The first study revolves around the examination of the effects of binge drinking on the prospective memory of teenagers. This study focused on a major hypothesis that the teenagers who like the advertisements of the alcohol are more likely to elaborate and act on the contents of the ads, and hence, are more [>]

Alcoholism and domestic violence

As the disease progresses to chronic status, the brain cells begin to adapt to the alcohol that seems to reside permanently in the brain. The second stage is the one in which the abuser seems to explode and actually engage in the violence.

The sound of hollyhocks

The first meeting between Sarah and Rock's mother proved to be a disaster. Due to Rock's mother's disapproval of Sarah, Sarah and Rock's marriage starts to fall apart.

Example of yombe mother and child kongo democratic republic of congo late 19th century research paper

The objective of this was to praise the spirits who were worshiped by the Yombe people during the time in the hope that these spirits will make the Yombe women fertile. These markings in the sculpture were therefore meant to emphasize on the beauty of the Yombe women.

Health (social concern) research papers example

Peer influence is also noted as a strong trigger of the alcoholism in campus as a result of meeting peer expectations and the teenagers merely doing it in order to please their peers and seem to appear on the same foot and platform socially. 12p reveals that alcohol is usually introduced during the [>]

Example of my clarifications are as follows report

If you go to the EPA site and search for chlorate in the search bar, the results will show perchlorate in more than 50% of the cases. This is because the EPA is yet to regulate the chlorate family as a contaminant and the same will be done only in 2016.

College students: propensity to drink and drive

Its shown in the National Survey of Drinking and Driving Attitudes and Behaviors that persons driving within 2 hours of consuming alcoholic beverages in the year 2008 that do it most fall in the ages of 21-24. 8 million college students reported driving under the influence of alcohol in 2010.

Alcoholism and addiction among indian communities

Indians are said to be the highest abusers of alcohol in the world. This was to signify that they were about to enter into adulthood and drinking alcohol marks important times of their life during the rituals.

Marijuana should be legal in the us argumentative essay examples

On the other hand, opponents argue that the legalization increases the likelihood of the drug falling into the hands of the underage and the drug can be a steppingstone to the use of harder drugs including cocaine and heroin. The legalization of marijuana helps in the elimination of the laced marijuana.

Water pollution in the united states research paper examples

Water pollution in the United States should be taken seriously as there is a high likelihood that the country would slowly lose not just safe drinking water and its rich biodiversity, but also trigger the onset of epidemics and erratic weather patterns that would make it difficult for people to live in the [>]

College binge drinking

They claim that decreasing the drinking age will increase the number of deaths on the highways because younger kids will be consuming alcohol and driving. Having the drinking age at 21 makes it harder for high school kids to get their hands on it because most adults that are able to buy alcohol [>]

Free book review on microsoft management changes

1 - If I was part of the audience, I would have responded to the presenters question by saying that the demonstration showed that alcohol was dangerous to the human body. The demonstration would therefore mean that cells in the body disintegrated every time someone consumed alcohol.- If I was the presenter, I [>]

Proposing a solution to a problem essay example

In the recent past, the number of college students diagnosed with alcohol and other drug related problems has increased tremendously. The formation of a college and community coalition has been a successful solution to drug and substance abuse.

A history of the world in 6 glasses by tom standage book review sample

In describing the emergence of wine as a coveted social symbol of early civilizations, Thucydides boldly proclaimed, " the peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine". Over time, the popularity of wine as a prestigious beverage grew to the extent that [>]

Free tom randall’s halloween party essay example

Furthermore, it might lead her to say that, in fact, Green was not that bad and that this was the reason why she did not help her.B2. The decision that Thomas Randall took, providing alcohol and cheering her on to drink, was not the direct cause of the accident, as Green could have [>]

Preventing injuries by providing information

As a result, alcohol related harm, among young people 16-24 years, is one of the leading causes of disease and injury burden in Australia and 52% of all alcohol-related serious road injuries are attributed to adolescents 15-24 years of age. It found that the burden of injury in Australia is high, and parent [>]

Alcohol essay example

Alcohol is one of the lightest forms of addictive substances, but still the danger of becoming addicted is huge, especially if drink alcoholic beverages on a usual basis. For many people it is the only way to buy a little happiness for the money, and the value of this happiness depends on the [>]

The walkerton water contamination tragedy essay examples

Water is the most basic form of human rights. Deadly water: The lesson of Walkerton.

Essay on halloween

The Druids who were the ruling class of the Celts propagated the custom of dressing up as goblins, devils and witches and also keep treats outside the doors of the houses in a bid to divert the attention of the ominous spirits from the feast of the following day. Even the Christian monks [>]

Diageo plc

This is a weakness of the business because the reputation of the firm might get damaged as alcohol leads to people getting aggressive and out of control therefore the sales of the products could decrease as more people will see Diageo PLC as a harmful business to the society. Furthermore the prices of [>]

Substance abuse, alcohol and crime essay examples

The use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances is implicated in all types of crimes. Juvenile drug use and substance abuse refers to the overindulging use of addictive substance, especially alcohol and drugs, by children under the age of eighteen.

Rebuttal on legal drinking age

College Presidents call for debate on lowering the drinking age to 18 BCOM/275 May, 20 2012 Betty Bernstein College Presidents call for debate on lowering the drinking age to 18 I read the article " College Presidents call for debate on lowering the drinking age to 18 , which was published in the [>]

Good example of critical thinking on medical uses of marijuana

One of the most prominent arguments against the use of medical marijuana is that there is " NO reliable evidence that marijuana has medical value. Another argument against the use of any marijuana, medical or recreational, is that marijuana is a gateway drug leading a user to experiment with other, " harder" drugs.

Classification research paper

Alcohol abuse among teenagers is no good as compared to adult consumption of the same. There is however an outcry to reduce the exposure of these teenagers to alcohol as this increases the chances of early deaths and increased social unrest either in small set ups such as families or the wider society.

Free order 210883862 article review example

Their own behavior could have been affected by the behavior they saw in others around them, as a result of their expectation of how they should themselves should react.- Twenty-two of the thirty six patients who took psilocybin described having a ' mystical experience,' and twenty-five stated at the end of the sessions [>]

Women students and alcohol consumption research paper samples

In a study of the association between reality TV and the beliefs and behaviors of college students in relation to alcohol, the participants concurred overwhelmingly that such shows glamorized and normalized alcohol consumption. Specifically among male and female college students, a study found that risk-taking behaviors such as alcohol consumption and binge drinking [>]

Legalization of marijuana argumentative essay

During the presidential debate of the recently completed presidential elections, the question of legalization of marijuana was among the top issues raised as a way of gauging the standpoint of the politicians. Challenging the legalization of alcohol and illegalization of marijuana is not a difficult thing to do since, rationally; illegalizing the drug [>]

Somehow, changes took place

For quite some time the effects of drugs and alcohol to the individual and the society were clandestine. Restrictions to alcohol as codified in laws and regulations are prominent anywhere in the world today because of the numerous alcohol-related mishaps which have taken place.

Free drugs of abuse research paper example

Researchers continue to experiment on the area of drug abuse, but the number of drugs in the society today, makes it difficult to ascertain the impact of every drug that is on the market. Amphetamines appear in a number of forms and using the drug varies according to the user.

Free essay on dont drink and drive

With the increasing number of deaths related to drunk driving, it is important that we take notice of the figures and begin taking the matter seriously. I would like to encourage all of you to be more vigilant in disseminating information about the ill effects of drinking then driving.III.

Alcoholism and its effects on the family

The said disease is said to be distinguished by periodic or continuous intake of alcohol, without worrying about the adverse effects the addiction may incur on the individual. The normal signs include problems in the stomach and in the intestines, ulcer, nausea and vomiting, deliriums, and the urge to have more of the [>]

Development of the drinking water standard research paper

In its report, the NRC had concluded the studies for required for improving the validity of arsenic water, and provided these recommendations to EPA. The standards proposed by EPA were meant to apply to community water systems in an attempt to reduce the levels of arsenic compounds in tapped water.

Marijuana legalization: should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana research paper examples

Therefore, this is a valid reason as to why the federal government should legalize the use of Marijuana, which is believed to play a significant role in the reduction of crime thus supporting a more productive society. The federal government should legalize Marijuana because of the dissimilar religious uses that it entails.