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America war efforts and just war theory

Nevertheless, the central thesis of the article is that military actions taken by the United States over the course of the last eighty years is largely justified. The invasion and occupation of Iraq is a breach of several of the Just War conditions, the most blatant of which is the numerous civilian fatalities [>]

To what extent the arab spring will lead to reshape the middle east map in terms of political and security alliances, and why islamists have reached to power in the arab countries and what is its impact on the relationship with the west

How has the Arab spring and Islamism affected the Middle East and Western politics? al affiliation How has the Arab springand Islamism affected the Middle East and Western politics? As far as the relations between the Arab world and western countries are concerned, the latter needs to accept the Islamists as the emerging [>]

The man with the scar essay sample

A clergyman sat by the narrator.he worked for some years in the military.he told the narrator that scoresby was a fool.the narrator was astonished.he was aware of two things.the clergyman was truthful and his judgement was good.later he told the narrator about the general.the clergyman worked as an instructor in the military academy.young [>]

Douglas haig essay

In 1916 he commanded the battle of the Somme for which he earned the title of " the butcher of the Somme" due to the massively high rate of casualties and death with almost nothing to show for it. By the end of the war he had learnt the power of the combined [>]

Military compensation versus civilian compensation

The following will compare military compensation to civilian compensation, and why a career in the military provides a superior benefit package. In conclusion, when choosing a compensation package based on education, salary, retirement, and health care; the military offers a superior compensation package than that of a civilian career.

The age of india. one of the

One of the reasons were because there was peace and the Gupta had a strong military to protect the people. The bows were one of the primary weapons in the Gupta army.

Terrorism and national security

According to Perl, R, two of the most applied solutions to terrorism are security in public places and the application of Diplomacy Engagement. Conclusion Terrorism represents an ongoing threat to the American National security department and the federal department as a whole.

Difference in drug use trends in canada v. united states

The aim is to examine the variation in the content of ecstasy tablets seized in the northwest of England during 2001 and to compare it to the UK average from 1991 to 2001. Polydrug using events were often quite variable regarding the sequencing of drug use, the drug combinations consumed, the forms of [>]

The united states department of defense essay sample

There are three departments within the Department of Defense: the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Air Force. The Department of Defense Act of 1958 modified the chain of command, moving most of the decisions away from the Military Departments and into the hands of [>]

Explain how commanders execute command in coalition warfare using shared values and commitment-focused influence to achieve success

It was just understanding that the danger postured by Napoleon was overpowering that in the long run drove the 6th coalition to stick together. Interoperability is not just an answer; it is a logic that should be connected over the power, in all spaces maritime, air, ground.

Impacting police policies

Kiosks show that the biggest problem coming in the next 10 years for police: the continued expansion of the boundaries of the police function. The margins of police include: intelligence and privacy, security and crime control, cultural and roommate changes, and the expansion of the institution of formal crime control.

The united kingdom’s nuclear weapons program

Although the UK participated in the nuclear program, the nation is among states that have moved further towards the establishment of a minimal nuclear deterrent. This is evident due to the UK's plans in ensuring that the total stockpile is minimized to less than 200 warheads within a period of 15 years.

Sample research paper on an analysis of secondary sources: charlemagnes politics

The author discussed in great lengths the mounted troops in Charlemagne's armies and their contribution in the overall success of his conquest of territory. Unlike the book and the Wikipedia article, the journal article is the only one that discussed the warfare tactics of Charlemagne's military that made it a force to reckon [>]

Sun tzu – the art of war essay sample

But they are more influential in the planning of war, of the campaign, and often of the battle. The main idea that pervades the work of Sun-Tzu on the political realm is the concept of deception and the dislike of actual war.

The defense forces canteen organization

The policy of DEFCO is in the hands of the Council of Members who comprise the Chief of General staff as chairman, the Army, Commanders, and the Managing Director of DEFCO act as members. This in turn causes the transactions of the organization to be brought to a standstill waiting for the database [>]

Philippine national police information systems essay sample

The Philippine National Police is the country's civilian national police and the result of merged group of the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police that was activated on January 29, 1991. With today's advance communication, the Philippine National Police takes hold to whatever communication tool they can get in order to execute [>]

Effective police supervision essay sample

In addition any police officer worth his salt should see the philosophy as something that facilitates the work of the police officers. It is what has been waited for to come and rescue the heavy work of the senior management, middle management as well as lower management of the police force.

Where men win glory

The author Krakauer uses political ideas involving Tillman as well as Jessica Lynch and the battle for Nasiriyah to advise his audience of the dishonesty of the American government in order to promote the War on Terror. Bush's reign in an attempt to promote the War on Terror by using the political stories [>]

Iran nuclear talks

The lifting of sanctions against Iran is proposed as the best bargain for Iran to heed to the international calls on its nuclear programs. The US is offering many concessions because Iran has the potential of utilizing the concessions to it in advance, pertaining to nuclear program development.

The united nations: a study of human rights essay

The United Nations: A Study of Human Rights Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsGuatemala: Monitoring of Human Rights violationsThe United Nations was founded in 1945 to replace the League of Nations. Human Rights are one of the basic tasks the UN has taken on throughout the world.

Comparison between two of the modern military legends: us armed forces and marine corps

Two hundred and twenty-six years in existence, the Marine Corps, a sister branch of the Department of the Navy, upholds the highest standards and traditions of Americas military power. Two of the most recognized traditions, which the Corps holds true to its heart, are: the Marines emblem the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, and [>]

Air power

Definition Air power is a collection of aircrafts of states and integrated activities that ensure easy exploitation of the air space with the aim of providing security to individuals of the state. In conclusion, air power is integration of activities that are aimed at defeating the enemy.

Police station essay sample

The visit to the police station have given me a chance to know more about the Hong Kong Police force. I would love to visit the police station again.

Multinational command relationship

The most likely outcome, with constraints being placed on the ability to define the C2 solution would have to be a complete deference to the TACON commander, who would be in charge of the entire operation. This means that all air support would defer to the U.S.

Essay summary of police corruption

Second, police corruption detracts from the integrity of the police and tarnishes the public image of law enforcement. The causes of police corruption According to the rotten apple theory, corruption is the work of a few, dishonest, immoral police officers.

Reevaluation of humanitarian principles around the world, initiated by the syrian crisis

They talk about what the doing with their military and what Russia is doing with theirs everyone is trying to figure what the best strategy is for happily ending the Syrian civil war. And now that Russia's military influence in Syria is stronger than ever, the U.S.needs to rethink its future plans; [>]

Day was first used by haas in his

Li-Fi is a data transmission through by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LEDlight bulb 3 that make the faster speed as compare to human eye can follow. Li-Fi can be new technology asfor future where data forlaptop, mobiles and tablets will betransmit through the light in [>]

The problem with police brutality

Police brutality has been going for a very long time." Numerous studies document stark racial disparities in police maltreatment, finding that black boys and men are disproportionately subject to excessive and sometimes deadly police force, even after accounting for situational factors of the encounter and officer characteristics". In a case where a black [>]

Women police officers

In the 1950s women in law enforcement moved from behind the desk and out onto the streets with the male police officers. The story of women in law enforcement continues to evolve as police departments discover that female officers bring particular gifts and abilities to the profession.

Axia college material

Submit this completed appendix as an attachment.[pic] Click in a [pic] - Main Idea legalization of marijuana Supporting point health benefits Supporting point the negative of marijuana Less money enforcing law Marijuana biggest cash crop Supporting point No potential health hazards What marijuana can be a treatment for Include real life people and [>]

Public safety essay sample

Scope and Delimitation of the Study The scope of this study is to assess how to strengthen the role of Barangay police in law enforcement within a community. The study is limited to the profile of the barangay police and their role in the enforcement of the law within their community.

Identity theory of terrorism

Of the three identities, this is the most important as it defines the social and personal identity of individuals. Any solution can only be effective by attacking the cultural roots of the problem and gradually showing to terrorists that there is no difference but rather there is a commonality between them and their [>]

Police powers and safety of citizens

They should therefore have the right to unlimited power because it allows for them to be able to stand above crime in the country to be able to efficiently put out wrongdoers and their actions. Therefore the police should not have unlimited power in this case as it would lead to discrimination and [>]

Engleby and soldier’s dream describe the interference of soldier’s faith during wwi, in opposed manners

For Owen, the loss of religious faith is shown to be one of the greatest influences the war had on the men and their futures. The evident transition shown in the tone of the poem reinforces that religious faith cannot take paramount importance in a place where the prominence of God is overtaken [>]

Example of essay on visual culture

The study of visual culture is necessitated by the great divide that exists between contemporary visual experiences and the ability to analyze these observations. The future of visual culture is in everyday life.

Police brutality in nyc

With increased attention being paid to incidents ofpolice brutality, lawsuits being brought against both the officers and the government for which they work, and a focus on the psychological conditions that may affect those officers that violently abuse citizens, there is hope that police brutality can be better understood, reduced, and eventually eradicated. [>]

Why prohibition failed essay sample

The door shuts and it is silent again" That was an example of just on of the 100, 000 " speak-easies" that was open in New York City at the time". Not only was Prohibition a failure but it damaged the people and the society that it was suppose to help.

Assassinations to sustain governments

Assassinations to Sustain Governments The goal of the purge in 1938 was to eliminate the enemies of Stalin and to establish a solid soviet society. Kirov was a potential rival in the party against Stalin.

Being a female in a leadership position within the military

But unlike the other women who quit instead of trying to overcome the difficulties so that they can advance to the senior level positions, I chose to stay on and prove that I am somebody who will always muster the courage to become a worthy counterpart of the male soldier. Here was a [>]

Merits and demerits of police identification

In this code, identification by an eye-witness arises when a witness who has seen the offender committing the crime and is given an opportunity to identify a person suspected of involvement in the offence in a video identification or similar procedure. Sometimes in absence of the videos photographs of assumed suspects are shown [>]

Gun control policy brief essay sample

6 Anti-gun Control Organizations Two of the most active organizations lobbying against gun-control laws include the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. They work vigorously to defeat restrictive gun control legislation, to pass pro-gun reform legislation and to educate the public about the facts concerning the many facets of gun ownership.

Military career and service of george washington

George Washington had three parts of leadership, he was a commander in chief on the side of the Continental Army, he was president for the constitutional federation and last he was the very first President of the United States of America. Washington had the job to determine the number of soldiers the French [>]

General knowledge essay sample

The post of ADG is usually occupied by an Indian Police Service officer and the cadre officers of the paramilitary rarely get an opportunity to head this top post, third in the hierarchy of the border guarding force after the Director General and Special DG, both posts reserved for senior IPS officers. He [>]

Broken windows, damaged gutters, and police supervision

The daily supervision of the community falls to the police officers while the supervision of the police officers falls into a more structured hierarchy. Supervision in Community Policing: The benefit to patrol officers in accepting the philosophy of community policing is that the officers are more in control of not only their beats [>]

Public police and private security

Private security professionals have been given a bad reputation in the past because of the many abuses of power and the misunderstandings of the maingoalsof private security. A good cooperative relationship is what the public and private security industry needs.

Final exam essay questions

In emergency situations, the partnerships between public, private, and nonprofit sectors, the media, and the communities affected are crucial to the execution of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. This essay reviews the role of the emergency manager, the pros and cons of collaborative emergency management, and best practices.

Pakistan lack of energy and water leads to mass terrorist operation

Variables and hypothesis study: These variables have a direct negative impact on overall mood of society, for example the lack of opportunities is not only creating a gulf between the rich and poor, but also creating two broadly divided segments within the society in form of privileged and underprivileged. These variables have a [>]

Police history paper essay sample

This is how Peel impacted the law enforcement of the United States right from the start of policing organizations in this country. Policing and the Government in the United States Essentially, the government creates the laws the police and other law enforcement personnel are trying to enforce.

Components of police report

I will have to make sure to get statements from all the victims, which are the male and female Asian as well as the witnesses and have them sign it. In my opinion the advantage of this system would be that we could actually learn from what the citizens have to say.

An analysis of the novel all quiet on western front essay

It shows the properties of Great War in terms of destruction to the young soldiers in the front line. This change the positive picture that Kantorek gave on the issue of war since the teacher used to encourage his student to volunteer and join the army.

Two boys, same life, different fates essay sample

Wes Moore went out to find the answer to the question in the book The Other Wes Moore. Both the author Wes and the other Wes grew up fatherless, but the reasons to why this happened were different.

Example of research paper on lack of employment opportunities for war veterans

It is undeniable that employers prefer not to hire war veterans because of the increased risk of future mobilization, veteran's inability to successfully transition from military to civilian life, and uncertainties associated with the health and personal life stabilities of war veterans. The reasons for the increased trend include increased levels of individual [>]

Essay on police history

The prefecture system developed in both the Chu and Jin kingdoms of the Spring and Autumn period. Bobbies were metropolitan police member's and the belief of this agency was to discourage crimes, and preventative patrolling of the streets specifically looking for crimes that were in the act or getting criminals off the street.

Sammuri argumentative essay

In the movie, The Last Samurai, it was said that the " sword is part of the soul". As mentioned previously, the Samurai were trained warriors and their job was to kill predators so in a way it was a good thing that the tradition was discontinued.

How the don’t ask don’t tell idea was implemented in us armed forces

According to the Republican Party committee on the Internal and External Affairs of the United States Congress, which in cooperation with the Committee on the National Defense elaborated the text of the provisions of this instrument, the aim of the Act is to ensure that the fighting efficiency of the United States Army [>]

Police corruption: examples and solution essay sample

The environmental perspective theory on the other hand, suggests that police corruption is a reflection and mimics the political corruption within the city. The external corruption has to do with the illegal acts that involve one or more members of the police organization and, one or more members of the general public.

Free how tokugawa ieyasu dominated japan research paper sample

In the year 1567 his further passed away and he was left as a leader of the Matsudaira his clan. He was able to create a long spell of peace that fostered social, economic and political changes in the whole of japan.

Motivation and control: the police supervisor’s dilemma

The important part of the relationship is to compromise and understand that the officers have needs which must be addressed. This also forces the hands of the sergeants' to take the lead as the overseer's of the micromanagement.

Low clearance rate essay sample

Due to the high crime death rate due to gun violence police is to respond only to that. The truth is the police, despite their motto " to protect and serve," cannot be everywhere.

Impact of terrorism on law enforcement essay sample

Furthermore, after the incidents of September 11th, the creation of new federal agencies and recently enacted legislation has also impacted the practices of law enforcement in efforts to protect our nation and secure our borders against radicalism. The National Strategy for Homeland Security has reported that the events of September 11, 2001 have [>]

Narrative essay: overview

Any questions regarding the safety of our transportation were left by the wayside and after a quick roll call, we were on our way to a real deal firefight, but we did not know that at the time. At one point we came to an intersection where some Army MSP had secured a [>]

Homeland security study: costly price for ensuring the country’s safety

In the case of Department of Homeland Security, the department had made some significant improvement yet more emphasis was needed to steer the department forward as far as its objectives are concerned. The Government Accountant did an investigation to find the cost-effectiveness of the department and discovered that the Department was faced with [>]

Was president eisenhower better prepared to make decisions about the developing intelligence community than most other presidents

Intelligence Intelligence President Eisenhower was better prepared to make decisions about the developing intelligence community than the other presidents of the U.S. President Eisenhower was relatively a political provider of information and during the delivery on the developing intelligence community; he decided ultimately to invite Smith and other CIA officers to make briefs [>]

Can humanity reach such a level of enlightenment as to accomplish peace through total disarmament?

All of these and more resulted in the creation of arms control, an act that works better in the world today, but what really is arms control? Humane treatment of the prisoners of war and the protection of the innocent and their properties were some of the rules applied.

Sustantive analysis – explain how a command sustains an ethical command climate in war

Ethical command climate al Affiliation) Ethical command climate Ethical command climate in war is the perceptionof soldiers during their interaction with the enemy. The enforcement of Ethical command climate is the responsibility of the commander A commander sustains ethical command climate during time of war through what they do and say.

Marine training

Marine Training of the of the Marine Training Introduction Becoming a US marine is an enviable dream. Boot Camp The Marine Corps Boot Camp is a program of initial training that every person desiring to be recruited as a US Marine has to go through and complete successfully if he or she wants [>]

1% of local police departments

Results of this analysis will describe the departments with four-year mandatory degree requirements and characteristics of such departments will include opinions of police chiefs regarding why a college degree is important to police. Another source, The International Association for Chiefs of Police announced that 16% of state police agencies require a two-year degree, [>]

The importance of the profession of arms

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROFESSION OF ARMS The profession of arms is a soldier's means of living as well as style of living. This profession has existed from the very beginning of American history, and one of the earliest examples of the importance of this profession is Roger's Rangers, today known simply as [>]

March 31, 1917

The truth is that the battles here are tougher than I thought but this is what enlisting in to the army would have brought me. Since all the soldiers have to live in the trenches the wet and thick mud has established its own disease called the trench foot; this is when the [>]

Building terrorism resistant communities

On the other hand, reactionary planning only minimizes the aggravation of the effects of terrorism. The Ottawa terrorist incident of Canada represents a case of reactionary planning that failed to ensure public safety.

Why did i enroll in jrotc? essay sample

The only reason I join jrotc was because I wanted to see what it was about and because there was no other classes that I was interested in or that helped me to become a dentist like I planned when I graduate. The reason I enrolled in jrotc, was because I want to [>]

Sparta vs. athens essay sample

I believe Sparta is the best place to live in the world. According to the quote " it was not allowed them to go abroad, so that they should have nothing to do with foreign ways and undisciplined modes of living" Plutarch states that the Spartans were against trade and they did not [>]

Swot analysis of the metropolitan police department

The weakness of the Metropolitan Police Department is limited funding brought about by the phase out of business taxes in one county together with a decline in revenue from building permits, which are significant sources of funding of the police department. The opportunity for the Metropolitan Police Department is enhanced support and participation [>]

Defense weapons system

Since the creation of the Boeing B-25 Stratofortress, the US has had the most sophisticated defense systems. Sustainability of the B-25 system will determine the United States' potential as a military and political superpower of the modern world.

Police culture and subculture essay sample

Culture is the shared set of values, knowledge, mores and behavior of the individuals of a community which is shared between its members. From the Past to the Present of Policing & Police Culture The word police has its roots in the Greek word politeia which referred to all the dealings that affected [>]

Global military electro-optic infrared systems market review

Covered in this Report This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Military Electro Optical Infrared Systems market during the period 2014-2018. The report covers the Americas, ND the MEME and OPAC regions; It also covers the Global Military Electro Optical Infrared Systems market landscape and its growth [>]

Effects of incarceration essay sample

Introduction The United States is known for being the home of the free, yet has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. From a first hand view of what prison was like by speaking to a once-convicted felon, to an outsiders' perspective whose sole goal is to lower recidivism, to [>]

The disintegration of yugoslavia

The notable brutality that existed in the 1990s in the Balkans were attributable to Milosevic's decision to embrace brutality and war as the remedy to the issue of Serbia's backwardness. Therefore, disintegration of Yugoslavia was ascribed to the perceptions of Muslims and Catholics as demons in accordance with the dominant Serbian Orthodox theology.

Good article review about post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) in war veterans of canada

The diagnosis of PTSD is becoming highly established in the psychiatry community, and this eventually is giving way to a kind of standardization in the diagnosis of PTSD. PTSD in DSM - II: A Case in the Politics of Diagnosis and Disease.

The un suspends syria mission, citing increase in violence

June 16, 2012 The U.N.'s suspension of its mission in Syria is an unequivocal admission of its helplessness in the face of the rapidly deteriorating situation. With the unresolved quagmire of Iraq and Afghanistan looming in the background, the call for U.S.action is premature to say the least.

Should the police be armed? essay sample

The objective of this concern is to find out the advantages and disadvantages of arming the police and I will highlight in favor or against it in my conclusion. The number of injuries and deaths of the police caused in crimes is likely to decline they are able to equip themselves better.

America’s missing: broadcasting emergency response alert essay sample

Now, with the AMBER Alert in effect, radio and television programs are interrupted to notify the public that a child has been abducted. The AMBER Alert is a new and useful way to inform people that a child has been kidnapped.

Development efforts

However, in some businesses, emergency management departments have secluded themselves from strategizing with the rest of the response system in attaining the goals of the organization. This depicts that managers from all the units of emergency management should share their strategies to avoid confusion.

What is what they were prescribed or mandated

Families of the disabled children being admitted to the Willowbrook State School were told that the admission of their children would provide them relief from the burden of caring for their children's complex needs. The families of the disabled were promised that the school would provide a proposed centralized place for children who [>]

Defining terrorism

Groups tend to adopt the personality of the leader, and are held together by the dedication of the group leader. It shows the hatred the terrorist has for the victim at the same time gives rise to a reciprocal feeling of hatred in the victim also.

Personal statement essay sample

Having the privilege to serve my country in the areas of homeland security or military police after going to the Coast Guard Academy would be a great honor to me. In my service to God I am motivated to use the life God has given me to do something meaningful and purposeful, not [>]

Gays in the military

The military had a strict no gays allowed to serve for many years and it was not until former president Clinton raised the issue in his campaign for presidency in 1991 did it come onto the radar of the news and on the minds of the American people. It is a brden to [>]

“back pocket” of managerial skills essay

Since the beginning of time and into present times great leaders and decision makers have mastered the art of delegation. Step one of any effective delegation or any task is to have a clear and concise understanding of the objective or mission.

History and economic impact: edinburgh festival essay sample

The Edinburgh Festival is the largest cultural festival in the world held annually starting from the month of August in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and formed by several organizations not affiliated with one another. Two of the component festivals of the Edinburgh Festival the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, [>]

Advantages of attending college while in the military

The main problem faced by these veterans is that most of them did not obtain education before being a part of the military and when they returned from military work they failed to gain employment because of lack of education. Body One of the major advantage that one can attain due to attending [>]


Military Science Military Science In the Pillar's document, it is evident that there are certain changes in intelligence that aims at improving the security of United States after the military failed to prevent the US attack on 11th September 2001 as well as the US military errors in the attempt to prevent the [>]

Example of essay on current situation in syria

The war in Syria in 2012 and the war in Syria in 2013 differ in scale of military action, but there population remains the main target of planned attacks. The Syrian government has two powerful allies that do not let the U.S.and EU invade Syria and help the opposition.

The future of homeland security

This paper discusses the Department of Homeland Security's ongoing fight on terrorist threats from its start after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th to the new development of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency for its on-going effort to fight cyber terrorism and cyber attacks on the United [>]

7 core army values and what they mean to me essay sample

In the army value definition for respect is to treat others the way you would be treated and that respect is giving trust to another person other then your own. The next army value is integrity.