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Similarities and differences between the us gaap and igaap -two accounting systems dominating in the global financial market

Measurement of acquired intangibles The principles under iGAAP and US GAAP suggest that the value of any separately acquired asset will be considered as equivalent to the fair value of the consideration that has been paid on the date of acquisition. However, in US GAAP, detailed guidance is provided only related to cost [>]

Moral hazard in finance: what is it, what causes it, and what role it played in the recent financial crisis

This is what leads to the conclusion that institutions refuse to acknowledge the need of a more accountable long-term view, which also means that the moral hazard in the financial field is out of control. The foresight and rationality behind the actions of such institutions cannot be explained, but it is clear that [>]

Why i want to study msc in finance and investment and how i feel i can contribute to the course

Why I Want to Study Msc in Finance and Investment and How I Feel I Can Contribute to the Why I Want to Study MSC in Finance and Investment And How I Feel I Can Contribute to the Course Finance and investment has been an area of interest to me for a very [>]

Determinants of the dividend policy

In addition, both the market and the firms prefer certain degree of continuity in dividend payments. In that case, managers of large firms are more likely to distribute high dividend payments, and convey their positive expectations of the firms' prospect.

Quickfix auto parts essay sample

Juan should refer to the income statement and the balance sheet over the past 3-5 year period. Besides comparison with the benchmark, Juan could perform common size analyses of the financial statements and a DuPont analysis of the return on assets and the return on equity.

Financial statement review – home depot essay sample

What is the net income for the current fiscal year? I believe that this data would be important to stakeholders because it indicates success of the company, and potentially the health of their shares of a company.

Clissold industries

The number of volatilities includes the implied volatility that plays a role in the measuring the relative value, implied volatility that comes as a price and the non-constant implied volatility. Implied volatility in relation to the price looks at the price as a measure of the volatility of the stock rather than the [>]

The european debt crisis of 2009

The crisis started to emerge when, during 2009, a group of 10 central banks of the bloc asked for a bailout package owing to their inability to pay off debt due to liquidity crunch and a greater danger of sovereign debt crisis started to emerge. European debt crisis started to become significant with [>]

Stop-loss and investment returns

The need for establishing and adhering to a reasonable stop loss and taking of profits is said to be important if the trader is going to make profits in the long run. That is, they 'buy and hold' shares in the hope of better market outcomes.'Stop Loss' is generally considered as a more [>]

General mills inc. understanding financial statements

Displayed in the case are the Consolidated Statements of Earnings from years 2004 to 2006, the Consolidated Balance sheet from 2004 to 2006, the Consolidated Statement of shareholders' equity from 2004 to 2006, and the Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows from 2004 to 2006. Thanks to the financial statements provided, we had the [>]

Financial incentives, sanctions, and bonuses

Managed care guidelines revolve around the preservation of the patient's welfare in the resolution of the ethical dilemmas by the health professionals. According to the ethical guidelines for managed care organizations that employee's first priority should be to provide the best health care and services regardless of all find of economic and financial [>]

Mini chapter10 ( solve question e to f and g)

This is the cost of capital, to be discounted to the cash flows, as compared to the " arbitrary" rate. The only difference in the Internal Rate of Return and the Modified Internal Rate of Retrun is the rate of reinvestment of cash flows; this is because under MIRR, it is assumed that [>]

Bu340 managerial finance 1

For example, if partner A and B contribute and of the capital respectively, limited partnership dictates that partner A is liable for only the initial contribution.). Inflation is an increase in the price of goods and services over a certain period of time.

At the instructions box

Role of Internal Audit in Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Role of Internal Audit in Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Risks are unavoidable enterprise elements and their management and control is relevant at all times. This articles reflects on the roles that internal audit plays in enterprise-wide risk management against the backdrop why ERM is necessary, functions [>]

Principles of finance

YTM = , where m is the par value of the bond, vd is the current market value of the bond, t is the tax rate. A ROA of 10% is impressive compared to the average cost of capital of 6.62%.

The hippie legacy

Social legacy: a couple can live together out of marriage and not be judged.wider rights for gay, lesbian, transsexual people.sexual topics are less of a taboo.eminist movement - women played a large role in hippie movement; many, both men and women, chose to go naked, creating anequalityand freedom throughout.some argue that hippie movement [>]

Credit rating of small business

Specifically, it assesses if the bank should grant the loan to the small business if it has a bad credit rating. Hence, a bad credit rating will imply that the bank should not grant a loan to the business as the credit rating serves to predict the actions of the business after getting [>]

Week 10 question 2 part 2 looking ahead

For example, looking at risks and the assessment of risks, this individual can be able to determine how risky it is to invest in a company by looking at the general view of the company. This individual can also be able to know the performance of a company by looking at the performance [>]

Cost management

The article not only highlights the current trends and challenges of e-commerce in the United States, but is also points out the ways in which on-line merchants can manage their FX risks. Managing foreign exchange is a complex affair in cost accounting and the merchants in the article have to do so with [>]

Finance question

According to Amed, uniqueness of the Nike Inc.'s products emanates from the necessity in the sports society as a strategy to ensure sustainability in the market. The fiscal growth of Nike Inc.resulted in earnings, revenues and cash returns to the incorporation's shareholders.

The sadhu case

The Sadhu was able to get warm and was assisted in moving towards the hut. One of the New Zealanders identified the body of the Sadhu and did his best to take him down the mountain before he met McCoy.

Finance and leverage buyout

What are the concerns and what are the bargaining position of each group of Nicholson stockholders? WHAT IS THE SIZE OF THE POTENTIAL REWARD FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CONGOLEUM IN THE LEVERAGE BUYOUT? 6.

Data table analysis

This paper analysis the various design elements of the data tables from the perspective of accounting, form an entity relationships diagram illustration using the existing data tables and suggests improvements for the data tables. Inventory data table of the Kudler's helps every person to read easily the table and enables them to easily [>]

Summarizing in accounting

The focus of the paper is to highlight the causes of changes in the financial accounting principles; the paper has made the theory of Kuhn as their basis because according to his theory it is believed that a revolutionary change results in reconstruction of basic fundamentals. The analysis of the paper is show [>]

No paper/ just questions

M1 will decrease because of withdraw of the money supply and M2 will increase because of the short-term deposit made during the transcation. PV = [1/t ] At where, R= 20% T= 1 year A= 120, then PV= [1/1] 120 PV= 100 I would take the $100 today because of the time value [>]

Financial accounting and control system

The two companies under study are Dairy Crest and Associated British Foods plc. 0% In terms of the profit margin and the gross margin ratio, Associated British Foods has higher ratios comparative to Dairy Crest.

Current economy and the great depresson

Current Economy and the Great Depression The Great Depression of 1929 was one of the worst economic periods in the world. The economic downturn soon spread to the rest of the world due to the relationship of the US with the Europe's economy in the post World War 1 period.


In 2010, W filed for appeal against the ruling of the court of appeal on the matter. It is, therefore, prudent for the effect of the appeal to occur in 2011 in the financials of M.

Finance for managers

Since the thirty year old plans to retire at 60 and die by the age of 85 years, the best asset allocation using the classical asset allocation model is 70% for stocks and 30% for bonds. Personally, I would adopt the new life asset allocation model because it caters for the needs of [>]

Occupation policies in japan

The Red Purge was actually a series of random layoffs adopted by government agencies and corporations with the objective of dictatorially dismissing from the workplace those workers who had been unilaterally branded ' Red'." Because the target went well beyond communists and the suppression of the Japanese Communist Party to include democrats and [>]

Answer the questions

This is risk that is contingent in the specific investment, including sector or industry concerns.2. Oftentimes then benchmark in investment portfolio is the S&P 500.

Fin unit 4 db sa fwp

Taking the initiative to have a global financial partner can result in a business having operations in numerous countries with numerous banking relationships as well as scattered treasury staff. Assessment Two There are many advantages that accrue to the customers who select a United State banks with International operations for their businesses because: [>]

1: the entrepreneur

Karl Icant is one of the leading economic agents in the market. The motivation, therefore, related to the ability to influence the market to support its policies and demands.

Analysis case: coca-cola company

Significant equity method investments entail investments in companies that Coca-Cola Company does not control and account for; at either the fair value or the cost method. The procedure for applying for equity method investments, by the Coca-Cola Company, entails equity investments at fair value.

The establishment of construction company

Being a chemical engineer, I was eligible to check the quality of cement, sand, bricks and mortar etc. Once I thought I had collected sufficient information to be able to establish a construction company, the next challenge in front of me was to arrange the sum needed to achieve this.

High return stocks, low return stocks, and

A False Regime of Financial Philosophy of Attaching Higher Risk with Higher Return A False Regime of Financial Philosophy of Attaching Higher Risk with Higher Return The economic climate and political one are intertwined in nature, and therefore, it is very important to keep a close eye on level of political power that [>]

Relative advantages and limitations of financial statements

The limitations for financial statements prepared on a cash basis are that even though it may show what cash is in the bank at the present, in the long run it can distort the true picture of how muchmoneya company actually has. Cash based financial statements as we have seen can be beneficial [>]

Ethical considerations

During the investigation the information will be taken in web and the participants will not be involved in this process, thus the first principle will be followed. As the information used for the investigation is in the public domain, consent may not be needed and the information should be properly referenced.

The background in business and accounting, achieved through academic or professional experiences

I am proudly aware of the immeasurable worth of my academic credentials from such a reputed Business School as the W.P. I believe that the MACC Program will serve as my stepping stone to success and equip me with the skills I need to become a formidable player in the business world.

Emerging markets and financial regulation

The first obstacle was the cultural differences present in the various countries and regions the company wished to enter, especially in Europe and the United States. Such a market entry strategy was very appropriate for the company and enabled it to succeed.

Accounting research: advantages of cash flow essay sample

Disadvantages of Cash flow * Lack of Tracking- Payments to the business is recorded as they come in, as are payments out of the business. The existing historical accounting is based on the assumption that the value of monetary unit, say rupee, remains constant and accordingly assets are recorded by the business at [>]

Overview on the stock exchange of mauritius finance essay

The momentum strategy is believed to be in contradiction with the doctrine of the efficient market hypothesis, due to the facts that under the weak form market efficiency, excess return cannot be earned on the portfolio of stocks based on their past returns. Assessing the strength of the 52 week high momentum profits [>]

Stock prices movements have always finance essay

Generally, stock prices tend to follow random walk movement, that is, the movements of stock prices are random and cannot be predicted, especially in an efficient market, because the prices reflect and respond quickly and accurately to relevant information, as proposed in the Efficient Market Hypothesis and this random information is the cause [>]

The implications of the security act of 1933

Managerial Finance The Implications of the Security Act of 1933 The passing if the Security Act of 1933 was the beginning of federal regulation of the securities market. The rationale for the Act was the belief that the investors in the new issues had been hoodwinked by inadequate disclosure and exaggerated claims [>]


The accrual system of accounting record revenue when it is earned hence shows the actual financial position of a business periodically. Accuracy involved in the above process can be improved by double checking system and by using a computerized system of accounting.

Phd finance: analysis of fellow doctorate candidate critical research writing

Analysis of Fellow Doctorate Candi Critical Research Writing Affiliation Analysis of Fellow Doctorate Candi Critical Research WritingThe writer has presented a decent abstract that is based on research carried out in the last five year; this implies that the hypothesis of the research writing is relevant to the current world events of the [>]

Financial challenge of ausbank

In order to create diversity at the workplace, it is vital to establish a diversity council which in turn will foster great initiative that aims in developing women and creating more opportunities for them. More so, in order to promote diversity, it significant that an organization treats all its members based on the [>]

Stan sewall case

Primarily the general investors, creditors, Stan Sewall, the law firm and the customers can be harmed. When the law catches up with Stan Sewall, he, the law firm, the third party and the customers would all be harmed for trying their hand at cheating.

Application/extenuating circumstances

For most of the time, I felt I had nothing for which to live. I had to look for something to do if I was to remain relevant.

Student: finance and foods market

Select a major industrial or commercial company based in the United States, and listed on one of the major stock exchanges in the United States. What is the capital structure of the company: Short term portion of Long Term Debt, Long Term Debt, Preferred Stock, and market value f Common Stock issued and [>]

Gabriel trigo- a team financial advisor with merrill lynch

By delivering an approachable plan, Gabriel Trigo assists the clients to clarify the path of their goals for financial freedom. Trigo pursues the motto, and he is dedicated to assisting the clients to achieve the financial freedom by offering high-quality advice, as well as, integrated wealth management solutions that enhance and simplify the [>]

Business failures

One of the tough decisions regarding financial management that organizations have to take is do decide the amount of cash the organization should invest in the business and the amount of money it should keep in hand. This means that the organization needs to ensure that the organization has enough money in order [>]

Discussion question

Discussion Question How the organizational goals influence the preparation and evaluation of pro forma financial ments Researchers in the field of accounting associate most of the necessity for a pro forma financial statement to the projected plans of the company. If for instance the company has any plans of making new acquisitions as [>]

Financial statement analysis: assets

As these accounts will no longer be overdue, the company will not need to provide for uncollectible receivables This is unethical as it misrepresents the actual stature of the company. This will substantially increase the amount of cash in bank accounts at year end This would most definitely be a misrepresentation of the [>]

Online discussion for accounting class

The net income of the company increased due to the fact that the sales of the company increased or the cost structure of the firm decreased. Another methodology to assess the performance of a company is by using comparative statements.

The new rules of basel iii : opportunities and challenges for banking sector

The implementation of Basel I and Basel II norms certainly helped in regulating the financial situation in several parts of the world. In conclusion, Basel III norms mainly emphasized on various measures like enhancing the component of tier 1 capital, regulating the tier 2 capital, and removing the tier 3 capital for providing [>]

Management analysis

Management Analysis MEMO June 18, MANAGEMENTS DISCUSSIONS AND ANALYSIS Management discussion and analysis are prompted by the necessity to ensure government financial reporting. The three major components of national financial reporting are management discussions and analysis, basic financial statements and required supplementary information.

Bus401 wk 3 discussions

The strategic alternative plan also comprises of identification of the target market. The goals of an alternative strategic plan are important in the realization of greater revenue and efficiency.

Examine the stock returns for both pfizer and astrazeneca during the bid process and provide possible reasons for changes in price on key dates

Nature of Pfizer and AstraZeneca bid process Pfizer made four approaches earlier in 2014 terminating the bids in a full and final offer of 55 sterling pounds per share valuing AstraZeneca at 69 billion pounds. Possible Reasons for Changes in Prices on Key dates Risk and Uncertainty of the takeover AstraZeneca rejected Pfizer's [>]

What went wrong with libor, euribor, etc

The wave of the scandal that hit Libor was quite huge. 2008: It was revealed by Barclay's agent that they were underreporting as a means of trying to reduce the level of stigma against Libor.

Pricing model for call options finance essay

If the writer gives the buyer of the option the right to sell the underlying asset, the contract is termed as put option. A call option is said to be out-of-the-money when the strike price is above the spot price of the underlying asset.

A six sigma exercise

As per the response of the customers and the success rate, which is very low, the Defects per Million Opportunities revealed that the six sigma rating of ACME customer support program which was based in Jamaica is 1. The method of reaching the rating of one out of six which is considered as [>]

Topic 2

Just-in-time marketing also benefits activity based management because it provides more accurate information regarding the quantity of resources needed in its quest to generate meaningful information that would be used for decision making. In sum, Just-in-time manufacturing would complement activity based management by providing the information it needed to become efficient in its [>]

Analysis of earned income tax credit

Strengths: Responsible for a number of societal transformations: The main purpose of the chart book is the aspect of taking the best possible descriptive data based on the early childhood growth and the related social elements while making them accessible to all the low income earners. External Macro Intervention: External Macro-intervention is a [>]

Business finance written assignment

Define arbitrage and explain what kind of information is needed for you to obtain arbitrage in each of the forms of market efficiency.Q2. Generally, because of quick reflection of information in price and quick response of investors to the market, it is impossible for investors to obtain or use new information to find [>]

Finance excel

Retirement Plan Grade May 12th My Retirement Plan I believe I will retire when I am no longer in a healthy condition to serve society to the fullest. When I consider the 3% inflation rate, the annual amount of money I will require to save will become $44, 809.

Extra credit #2

Film Review on Financial Crisis The CNBC Subprime Mortgage Special - House of Cards gives an explanation of the global financial crisis. The financial greed among investors is what led to the financial crisis.

Memo to the board

A zero coupon bond is bough or issued at the price lower than the face value and the actual face value of the bond is paid at the maturity of the bond. The overall proceeds received from the zero coupon bonds therefore are less than the total face value of the bond and [>]

You are an accountant in a medium-sized manufacturing company

Adjusting Entries al affiliation Adjusting Entries Adjusting entries according to Warren, Reeve & Duchac are obligatory since they ensure that revenues get recorded at the time of earning and expenses are available in the books of accounts at the time the expenses get incurred. The types include prepayments which are necessary to account [>]

A fixed exchange rate regime

As domestic people want to exchange domestic currency to foreign currency in order to earn more interest, the demand for domestic currency would decrease. Under the fixed exchange rate regime, however, as the demand for a domestic currency decreases from D0 to D1 as a result of the increase in foreign interest, the [>]

The accruals and going concern concepts essay sample

The accruals and going concern concepts are the fundamental principles for the preparation of a financial statement with " true and fair view". According to the accruals concept, the sales income of 13, 000 should be accounted for as income earned for the period despite the fact that the cash payment is received [>]

Bad to better grammar

The control objectives are established to provide assurance that the objectives are met by your company. An adequate system of internal control will be maintained by the control objectives particularly over the receivable accounts of the company.

Why is tax minimization different from efficient tax planning? essay sample

Effective tax planning involves considering the role of taxes when implementing the decision rule of maximizing after-tax returns. What is the after-tax rate of return earned by each taxpayer?

The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits

However, viewing the whole argument of Friedman in a bigger context, the article can easily be categorized as an effort to blur the subtle differences between the perceptions held by many that the actions of corporate social responsibility may hamper the value for shareholders. However, relying on the idea of a free market [>]

Article review responses

Teacher Article Response Penguin's case is very reminiscent of Enron and Worldcom where they employ exotic accounting method that is not consistent to GAAP to make the company appear stable and profitable. In the case of Penguin, it removed depreciation from its Cost of Goods Sold which is a standard cost of recognizing [>]


Executive Summaries of Articles Executive Summaries of Articles China builds financial ties to Neighbours China is taking concrete steps to build its economic ties with the neighboring countries enfeebling the ties of Asian states with that of United States of America. In the struggle, Valeant made attempts in order to get a deal, [>]

Internship report

This has ensured that I have an edge in the job market. In addition to the above, the internship with the Modern Jozze Company made me apply classroom knowledge in the positions I was assigned.

Financial accounting versus managerial accounting matrix essay sample

Term or Concept Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting What is the primary purpose of the accounting system? The primary focus of the Financial Accounting is the Company and Enterprise Level.

Guillermo furniture store concepts

Further, the paper attempts to develop a financial plan for Guillermo to enable it to competitive in its respective furniture market. Guillermo's Furniture Store case study divulges how the entry of a new competitor from abroad has triggered unexpected challenges to the financial situation of the business.

Analyzing business decisions using cost-effective perspective

Also, the aim of this organization is to evaluate the impact of the awareness against what they have invested in the awareness and the result that is obtained may be used to help or benefit other organizations or communities at the button on their website assists them to measure the response against the [>]

Tianjin case study essay sample

The risk matrix is the effect of qualitative analysis, which points out to those hazards that are of greatest importance for the project. 15%, the exchange rate remains constant following the improvement of the current account balance showed in the 90's the currency appreciates at a rate of 1.

Discussion week 1b

Antecedents of the Accounting Profession al Affiliation Antecedents of the Accounting Profession According to Willard Stone article the Antecedent of the accounting profession, it is clear that just like the law industry, accounting is one of the oldest professions globally. The first written language of accounting systems constitutes the use of symbols in [>]

Applying balanced scorecard

Kaplan and Norton stated that the important aspects of a business should be presented in a balanced way. Blokdijk states that with efficiency in the internal business processes, a banking industry will be able to retain its customers.

Fiis registered in india name number finance essay

If we look at the historic data, over the years, therefore one of the most important features of the development of stock market in India in the last 20 years has been the growing participation of FIIs. The number of new FIIs registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India has declined [>]

Financial and strategic planning

Stability trend of the hospital ought to be drawn to portray the hospital's capability to stay put in operation. This is linked to administrative trends that have characterized the hospital's management and operations.

Hospital financial management

The results give a point value of 1 and that is way much above the expense expectation of the hospital which was to have an expenditure of 100%. The other reason for better financial performance of the hospital is because of the better turn out of patients both in and out patient, the [>]

Mann ltd

Question 2: a Return on capital employed= For 2009: For 2) Operating Profit Margin= For 2009: For 3) Gross Profit Margin= For 2009: For 2010: 4) Current Ratio For 2009: For 2010: 5) Acid Test Ratio For 2009: For 2010: 6) Settlement period for trade receivables For 2009: For 2010: 7) Settlement period [>]

Experiential accounting

I hope to gain a good understanding of the four financial statements and learn the significance of GAAP rules. Question #3 A trusted business advisor must be honest, reliable, and have the utmost ethical standards.

Managing finance 2

The acceptable rate is also referred to as the required rate of return, which is actually a composition of time and risk on the use of capital for investment. The weighted average cost of capital be used to calculate the cost of capital.

Financial management

Debt Equity Ratio It measures the ratio of the Company total liabilities to shareholders equity. This ratio to investors indicates the risk involved in owning shares of a company.

Strategic finance issues

It will also benchmark the latest result with that of Woodside Petroleum for the same period using the same ratio analysis of the 2013 financial statements of each company. The ROE is higher for Woodside due to their higher profit margins however, the higher financial leverage ratio in Table 4 will benefit Santos' [>]

The issues such as prejudice and racism. i

Forexample, reading can help us to ease into university life better as we can joinany club easily such as book club and it can help us to gain a greaterappreciation for a literary field. Besides, though reading it can helpus to be creative and innovative in solving a problem.

Andrew peller limited

In this regards, the costs of goods sold excluding amortization are classified as variable costs. The fact that they vary with the useful life of the property, plant and equipment implies that they are classified as variable costs.

Debating the impact of accrual accounting and reporting in the public sector

Tyrone Carlin's article, " debating the impact of accrual accounting and reporting in the public sector" explores the knowledge gaps in the conceptualization of jurisdictional decisions to change reporting, financial management, and accounting processes in accrual accounting from cash. Moreover, Carlin notes that the " hub" reforms in accrual accounting and financial reporting [>]