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Pursuit vs attainment essay sample

We feel the satisfaction for a little while when we attain our desires, but the real pleasure comes from the pursuit. I believe we are never satisfied and we always end up striving for more because we want the better things in life.

Greek philosophy essay examples

Simmias responds to Socrates' argument for the immortality of the soul by suggesting an analogy: the relationship between the soul and the body may be like the relationship between the attunement of the strings of a lyre and the lyre itself. Might not the destruction of the body destroy the soul in the [>]

What is required to be truly educated essay examples

There could be several reasons the main one being to get a job and earn money to sustain a life which in turn would lead to a happy family life. Of what use is his technical education to the real world?

Example of com 215 story making creative writing

I am stuck in this Ferris wheel and I am not sure I can take it anymore Why do I have to be the only one who's going through all these? What will be the use of a break yet this I am still stuck in this Ferris wheel of loneliness and sadness?

Kantian philosophy term papers example

According to Kantian ethics and moral philosophy, the members of the society have the perfect and imperfect duties to perform in the society to improve the livelihood of each other. Generally, members of the society strive to act in ways that they would desire to be considered as universal laws.

Mill essay

When there is happiness, there is pleasure and no pain and when there is unhappiness, there is no pleasure and pain takes over. Mill in the utilitarian principle affirms that, one's achievement of their goals is counted on their happiness and they have to act in the right way in order to ultimately [>]

Work and love essay sample

The author argues the purpose of hard work and shows the tiny, fragile borders that limit social responsibility and obligation and give the way to individual prerogatives love, wishes, and desires. At the end of the poem the author draws to the conclusion, that people have not yet realized the destroying power of [>]

Essay on the story of an hour

The protagonist of the story, Louise Mallard just gets the feeling of freedom right after she heard of his death, a thing that is not anticipated in any marriage whatsoever but her happiness about it makes the reader understand the fact that in as much as she was married and lived with him, [>]

The material pursuit of happiness essay examples

In order to get more money to get the things people want, the condition is usually to work harder than usual. And I think that is one contributing factor to the fact that people become depressed.

Happiness of pursuit article reviews example

The accuracy of the results to be compared is also a determining factor in the accuracy of meta-analysis. A disadvantage in the method is the possibility of false information from respondents and lack of cooperation from respondents.

Free essay on hobbes, the social contract and ideas of justice

First of all utilitarianism simply put is the theory of the greatest happiness to the greatest number, which is a theory that is commonly assimilated today in politics and everyday life, increasing the amount of happiness in the world is a common goal everyone can share. All that is said is that fulfilling [>]

Some dark thoughts on happiness analysis essay sample

Happiness in the Meriam Webster Dictionary is defined as a state of well-being and contentment, a pleasurable or satisfying experience, good fortune or prosperity, or a state of being happy. So is Manhattan really the unhappiest, or is there a possibility that a bunch of bored office workers found the test and took [>]

Is money more important than your life?

It is the money that the little son asked his mother to give him the other day. It is hard to live in peace if people consider money as the target of their lives.

The prevalent theories on the fortunate times of happiness in our lives

Many theories have been suggested on how to maximize happiness, andI believethe theory closest to the truth would be Siddh rtha Gautama's belief, also known as Buddha, who believed that in order to be happy, one had to live in the moment. A prevalent theory that pertains to happiness would be the idea [>]

Shelly skylark

It is the song that can have the " light of thought of " the poet, the " soothing love of the maiden, invisible existence as the " glow-worm golden, and the aura of " a rose. Like Keats' nightingale, Shelley's skylark is a window into the poet's understanding of the relationship between [>]


Self-Esteem refers to the evaluative component of self-concept. The contingencies of self-worth may be a favorable view of themselves, thinking that they are competent, likable, attractive and successful may help them to believe they are worthy and increase levels of self-esteem.

Assignment: optimism and health

In Optimism and Physical Health, there was a study conducted to find out the relationship between optimism and physical health outcomes. According to the article Optimism and Physical health, " It may well be the case that it is the presence or absence of pessimism that is important in determining physical health outcomes [>]

Free argumentative essay on epicurus ideas on happiness and eudemonia

This is the main reason why some of the views of different philosophers are applicable to different extents in the contemporary world. The presumption that Epicurus views are more applicable in the world today is echoed by the reality that Epicurus' ethics is based on hedonism.

Definition of happiness

Happiness is the goal and the purpose of human life. Material and personal gain is not real happiness, being of service to others is.

Happiness research paper examples

Therefore, the essence of flow is the elimination of the thinking mind's interference. Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly." Flow: The Classic Work on How to Achieve Happiness".

Shakespeare sonnet 92 essay sample

In essence, the sonnet itself is about the man arming himself against disappointment a constant motif in the sonnet is about whether or not the woman will hurt him, to which he claims that " need I not to fear the worst of wrongs / When in the least of them my life [>]

Example of term paper on good will without qualification against action consequences

This means that the good will that could be intended is suppressed by the two masters and hence guides the ultimate result which is the agents' happiness. The theory is also based on one direction, the results of the actions oblivious of the history that leads to such actions and consequently the results.

Welfare and charity research paper example

In the wider spectrum of welfare, the issue of social responsibility is being raised such as the extent of care given to the less fortunate and up to what level is it ethical enough to give and when is it become a subject of self-defeating behavior. On the ethical issue surrounding welfare and [>]

Good report on champagne for celebration

The key to suspense of the movie lies in it. The interior setting, clothing style and sound quality has been chosen in accordance with the set theme of the movie.

Free aristotles ethics argumentative essay example

It is important to note that at the end of each task, a brief discussion is included about the correct connection between the people and the divine. Through a literature review, it has been depicted that the Nicomachean Ethics is recognized as the most significant books in the world of ethics and undoubtedly [>]

Analysis of the happy man

The whole first paragraph of the story is devoted to the narrator's expressing the opinion on life, the manner of bourgeois society and the danger of ordering the lives of others. The theme of the novel: a man's search forhappiness; the role of advice in the life of people.

Identity defined through happiness

In George Saunder's book, " Civil WarLand in Bad Decline," specifically his story, " Bounty," two groups of individuals, the Normals and the Flaweds, struggle in the pursuit for happiness. Because the father " believed in the people" his children ended up searching for happiness in all the wrong places and degraded themselves [>]

Increasing sense of wellbeing at university essay example

Considering the number of factors that affects the wellbeing of students in universities such as academic pressure and relationship stress, the amount of concentration and sense of happiness diminishes along with their pursuit of a healthy life. One of the most effective ways of increasing the sense of wellbeing among the students in [>]

Example of essay on what makes amory blaine uniquely american

Scott Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise, the character of Amory Blaine is not unlike many other characters in Fitzgerald's works; he is a man of humble beginnings but great ambition, who seeks to overcome his societal trappings and achieve success and happiness in his life. The achievement of success being no guarantee of [>]

People are just as happy as they make up

The idea of the virtue then, is for the desires to set the situation and for the individual to be able to choose the intermediate and act like a virtuous person. Someone might object that the virtue of the mind is not the most important virtue to have since nowadays to have positive [>]

Individual optimism and health

Past causes that have a persistent negative effect can influence a person to think pessimistically because the stability of negative effects increases the likelihood of a perceived negative outcome. A person with dispositional optimism also shows amotivationtoward goals that improve physical health and a decrease in the level of engagement in activities that [>]

Example of research paper on a canadian research project on happiness argues that the ancient economic policies

According to the report's co-editor Jeffrey Sachs, the reason behind the low rank of America in the Happiness ranking is the " mediocre" life expectancy of Americans. What is rather striking is the fact that Denmark and most of the other countries ahead of the US in the happiness rankings have a lower [>]

Utilitarianism and moral rules essay sample

As a matter of fact, utilitarianism justifies the breaking of moral rules by claiming that it is sometimes essential and morally right to break moral rules, such as telling lies and breaking promises. In these cases, utilitarianism justify the breaking of the moral rules because it asserts that if breaking the moral rules [>]

Essay on kants resolution on humes skeptism

In summary therefore we have seen how these philosophers differ in their cause-effect approach to morality and that according to Hume it is the state of the outcome that will make someone act in a certain manner and that to that person his or her action would be moral. On the other hand, [>]

Good humanities project pursuit of happiness essay example

Morality according to hedonism is measured by the level of happiness that is created by someone's deeds. One of the critics of hedonism is that life cannot be based on seeking happiness.

Money does not bring haapiness

While it's true that having money can make life easier I mean what's easier than spending all day rolling around in a pile of $100 bills? money does not necessarily make you feel happy Firstly, one of the main gates to happiness is to stay healthy. Maybe some people think that when one [>]

Can happiness be a moral principle? essay

Mill confirms: " One of the strongest obstacles to the reception of the doctrine that Utility or Happiness is the criterion of right and wrong" Mill is suggesting that true happiness is derived from a deeper, less superficial place; much like Kant's discussion of happiness as an intelligible state. In discussing this view, [>]

My career essay sample

In kindergarten, my class was asked, " What do you want to be when you grow up?" I drew a picture of an army and that was what I wanted to be. When we are young, questions of what we want to be when we grow up are common.

Utilitarianism against common sense essay samples

Needless to say, from the point of view of the Utilitarian Theory, it makes sense that basic intrinsic common sense cannot be trusted considering the natural tendency for the individual to choose the actions likely to bring the most happiness to them self. If one were to go against the idea of this [>]

Essay on china blue

Even the production of the film was just as uneasy as the time of the employees at the clothe factory. Web 27 January 2012 Peled Micha.

Gdp and welfare essay example

The limitations of GDP in predicting the welfare and other methods which efficiently determine the welfare of the society will be discussed. The economic growth and increasing production is one of the factors which determine the welfare of the society.

Aristotle and john stuart mill on happiness and morality

Aristotle and John Stuart Millon Happinessand Morality In this paper I will argue that Aristotle's conception of eudaimonia disproves Mill's utilitarian view that pleasure is the " greatest good." The purpose of this paper is to contrast Aristotle's and Mills views on the value ofhappinessand its link to morality. Aristotle presents his concept [>]

Essay on justice in the republic

Plato explained the value and the nature of justice as well as the other related virtues as they emerge together in the formation of the society and in the individuality of a person. To further understand the harmony of the soul and the state, let us scrutinize the constitution of each.

Example of thesis on exploring the theme of lost eden in hemmingways hills like white elephants

In " Hills Like White Elephants" the changes in gradual, and on-going, and still avoidable when we encounter the man and the woman in the story the solution to the pregnancy, abortion, is still an option. That " something commensurate" appears necessary for a man's happiness while at the same time is capable [>]

Research paper on observe

To better get the real picture of the people in this class, I decided to make good use of a Soup Kitchen downtown where I believe most casual workers would prefer based on its reputation, fame and its cost effectiveness. In addition, my perception, on the crowding in the soup kitchen and shouts [>]

My story

I never mentioned it in my e-mails to them, but deep down whenever they would tell me about the parties they went to and the things that we used to do. I tried my best to excel in class and I did.

Incivility at workplace: how it affects happiness

Incivility at the workplace is a topic that has created a lot of interest to the general public and especially to the media. That is, the paper has the prime objective of determining if incivility at workplace is on the rise and the effect this rise has on the overall gratification of the [>]

Helping people essay examples

Therefore, what is great about helping people is the giver of help gains love and happiness out of helping other people. When one sees another person extend help to another person, it enhances the sense of concern and kindness to others, which leads to a more united, responsible, and helpful community.

Essay on cake for happiness

Nowadays, the bigger the celebration and the cause for it, the bigger and more elaborate the cake. In the case of the cake, humans are first introduced to it the first time a cake is used in a lifetime: the first birthday party celebration.

Image analysis – paul mccartney peta ad essay

In this PETA ad featuring Paul McCartney, the popular singer-songwriter proudly brandishes a T-shirt with a cartoon representation of a turkey, with the words " EAT NO" on the front, with a slogan that says " Say 'No, Thanks' to Turkey". The purpose of the image is to encourage people, during the Thanksgiving [>]

Does money brings happiness?

It is said that: " Money is the root of all evil." No, it is not true. The Bible says that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

The short happy life of francis macomber

Then watching the object, not afraid, but hesitating before going down the bank to drink with such a thing opposite him, he saw a man figure detach itself from it and he turned his heavy head and swung away toward the cover of the trees as he heard a cracking crash and felt [>]

Education is the key to my happiness and success

If I do not complete my education, I feel that I will be letting my family down and I will never achieve true happiness. I imagine myself graduating with a Bachelor's Degree and the pride that I will feel as I walk across the stage to accept my diploma.

The secret to happiness is giving back to others

What is the first thing you do when something amazing happens to you? You immediately let share the good news to someone important to you.

Happiness in china

The national happiness index should be improved including the factors both in the material and in the spiritual. With the rapid development in China, the government takes the index to measure the national happiness.

Criticizing positive psychology critical thinking examples

People of all ages are benefitted from the field of psychology because the field does not ignore any of the important aspects of life. In this assignment, we look into the field of positive psychology and the way it has affected the lives of people, the rich and poor alike.

Example of essay on analyzing and advertisement: coca-cola

For this assignment Coca Cola- America the Beautiful advertisement on television, Share a coke this summer advertisement in print media and ' make someone happy' Coca Cola advertisement broadcasted on radio this month are taken for the analysis. Words ' Make just one someone happy' are repeatedly used and sung in the Coca [>]

Example of the apology critical thinking

What is the oracle at Delphi and what did the oracle say that god Socrates started on his life of inquiry The Oracle at Delphi proclaimed that Socrates was one of the wisest man. In his entire life, he was loyal to God and family; therefore, his death will not be a loss [>]

Free completed–final letter to the instructor essay example

I have written a variety of papers, the Argumentative paper was an eye opener for me as I had to find solid reasons to support my stand. I am grateful to you for recognizing the budding writer in me.

The gross domestic product essay sample

GPI also account for the value of volunteer work and the costs of crime and pollution, which are neglected in GDP but crucial to human well-being. The relationship between economic development and social welfare: A new adjusted GDP measure of welfare.

Free history argumentative essay example

In Chapter 4, Zhuangzi has described about the protection of one's life, and preservation of the years of one's life, when he/she is living in the society particularly a life of the civil involvement during social corruption, and during the dangerous situations. The way of heaven reflects the ultimate truth and reality, the [>]

Example of first day in seattle essay

While I first came to the USA in March 2012, and this is my second time in the United States, this is my first time I came for studies to Seattle. It is a very big surprise to me, and I feel happy.

Example of the ideal society constrasted with ancient and contemporary thoughts essay

It causes the reader to ask the important question of if and when it is permissible to break the laws of a society for reasons associated with an individual within that society. The justification of the king Creon's austere demeanor with regard to his kingdom's laws being imposed, and then contrasting the happenings [>]

Running head: materialism 1

One of the many reasons that people, particularly teens, want to buy things is the brand name. By the time children are in their teenage years, they know how to get their parents to buy them what they want and need.

Can money buy happiness

Yes, most people feel they do need more money to be happy, but what is that " happiness" they are speaking of? But, if happiness is truly living one's life to the fullest, then money cannot buy happiness.

Pride and prejudice questions

Elizabeth finds her to be somewhat different from Darcy in the fact that she is rather shy, but she can attest to the fact that she is very accomplished and has good looks. Jane professes that she will tell of her great love for Bingley to people because she feels that he is [>]

Steel magnolias understanding your client essay sample

The first challenge she encountered was when her physician told her she should not have children of her own, due to her diabetes. This gave her a baseline to what made her the person she was.

The types and meanings of happiness

Another reason that happiness is found through a search for more is because it ' s the chase that ' s the fun part. Happiness is found in a life journey through the search for more." Declaration of Independence: Rough Draft".

Tedx talk essay sample

Presenter is well prepared and it is clear that he took some time to organize his speech. It is possible to improve his conclusion by lowering his speed of talking, in some moments it is complicated to follow him and to think about his speech.

Community service essay example

Similarly, he believes that in order to reach that happiness which is the highest good, we must live our lives accordingly to our inherent characteristics as rational people in which we are able to become happy. I believe that if someone choose to take the wrong path in life and not be virtuous, [>]

Pursuit of happiness will smith speech

He takes Christopher to the park when he spots a man with his machine that he had left on the station. The next night they get a bed at the shelter and Chris manages to fix the scanner after he replaces the parts.

Essay on the significance of happiness for moral philosophy

Happiness is relative and can be attained by different means by different people; for some, it is oneness with God; for a few, it is success in certain events; for some, it is some kind of an achievement, and there is no universal source of happiness that is applicable to all. His two [>]

The happy prince

The book delves into a fairy tale of a swallow and a prince, it poetically talks of the time when the prince was alive and how he was such a joyful person. The people of the kingdom bestowed upon the prince the nickname 'The Happy Prince.' When the prince died the town councillors [>]

Stoic resilience as the guide to a happy life

The school of thought that engages the concept of stoicism argues that through rationalism, a person can analyze their past and future in order to be able to gain an advantage. Events that are beyond the scope of control of a human being should be left to take their course.

Being generous as the key to happiness

And for that reason, I believe that time is the most generous and valuable gift you can give to someone. The willingness to give up your time for someone who may be struggling in life is a form of generosity that often goes unnoticed and underappreciated.

Essay on million dollar baby and the philosophy of aristotle and plato

The central claim of this paper is: the movie Million Dollar Baby is a cinematic argument containing the central thesis of Plato's Allegory of the Cave from Republic and Aristotle's moral philosophy from Nicomachean Ethics. Once she sees that the cave is not the real world, she has to climb out of the [>]

Lessons to be learned in rapunzel essay examples

In doing so, the story also teaches that there is a " happy ever after" for those whose love is pure and can wait for their one true love. Thus, when an individual decides to stand up for one's right and exercise courage, he or she must also be strong enough to handle [>]

Good essay about jeremy bentham and john stuart mills theory of utilitarian moral values

Therefore, Bentham sought and managed to reformulate it, so that it could be defined in aggregate term as " the greatest happiness principle"; a moral act is the one that produces greatest utility/ happiness to all beings/majority in the society. Utilitarianism relies on aggregate intrinsic values of the society and therefore a moral [>]

Essay on susan wolfs and catherine wilsons argument on ethics and morals

Wolf notes that for the moral saint, it is not just about the moral values but it is about non moral values being consumed by moral values. Wolf explains the two kinds of saints and gives an argument from any person's point of view that is really difficult for moral people to live [>]

Example of research paper on positive psychology

Positive psychology is a new aspect of psychology which seeks to make people's normal life more satisfying. Therefore, I will use Positive Psychology to improve my happiness.

Write an article for a magazine of your choice essay examples

The written media is flooded with " do's and do nots" of a relationship, be it long or short term, while it appears that very little accent is put on the things that a woman is supposed to overlook to a certain extent, in making her choice of a stable life partner. That's [>]

Poetry and happiness

In the first two lines of the poem, " Happiness is a crystal/ fair and exquisite and clear" the feeling and emotion that the poet gives the reader, is peaceful and tranquil. And to not just look at happiness, but in all the elements of life.