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An essay about education usually concerns the topics of learning and teaching. Nowadays, college and university students often receive courses in education. As a result, they need to prepare assignments about various aspects of learning and teaching. Yet, writing an essay is a difficult task that requires knowledge of the intricate structure and format. Fortunately, on this website, you can find myriads of sample academic essays about education. Our professional writers have created multiple works in English, accessible in pdf and docx formats. These essays might be inspirational for your own work and help you understand how to write academic papers.

Tips on Writing an Essay on Education

To prepare a quality paper, you should remember the key components of the academic writing process. Despite the fact that the requirements for an essay are highly varied, the general writing process is the same for all kinds of work. The fundamental steps are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to carefully read the instructions from your school teacher or university professor. These may contain prompts about the of an essay, such as persuasive writing or reflection paper.
  • Second, you need to choose your topic. Our database may be helpful for this step of preparing an essay.
  • Next, find reputable sources that reveal important insights into your topic. Remember to avoid Wikipedia in your search because it is not a scholarly source.
  • Then, you need to combine information from external sources with your thoughts and present it according to a specific structure. This structure usually means an outline, introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Finally, format your assignment in a style that your teacher or professor required.

Categories of Education Essays

The sphere of learning and teaching is broad, so that you may consider narrowing the topic of your essay to one category. This is important for finding more information in the sources for your essay. To help with this task, our website proposes variants of papers on the following topic categories:

  • on university system;
  • on studying technology;
  • on studying engineering;
  • on computers in learning;
  • on national education organizations;
  • on humanity’s knowledge;
  • on religious teachings;
  • on business education;
  • on the science of learning;
  • on physical education;
  • on poverty influence on learning;
  • on child education;
  • on coeducation.

Examples of Topics for Essays on Education

Yet, teachers and professors often request specific topics of essays. For example, a paper should include information about specific population categories in social sciences or certain phenomena in natural sciences. Students who struggle with creating such topics but, luckily, can found examples of specific topic titles on our website. A few examples are:

  • Adverse effect of gender disparities in education for girls in middle and high school in 21st century;
  • Specialized distance education for the adult population during the pandemic;
  • Treatment of women in aboriginal education systems in 21st century;
  • he quality of education in villages of the United States of America.

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The process of writing an essay may be exhausting for school, college, and even university students. Sometimes it is a demanding task which a person cannot solve by themselves. In this case, our website serves as a good source of inspiration while preparing a challenging assignment. Our writers have published thousands of essays on education topics. Among them, you can easily find the exam you need. So, use our database for your research freely to write great papers.

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2458 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Education to Boost Your Creativity

Ewrt 211 lessons

I was truly interested in being able to accomplish the coursework and requirements of this class because I wanted to prove to myself and to others that I would not be held back in academic accomplishments just because I am not a native English speaker. To begin with, the lessons in organization and [>]

College learning experience

Through my interaction with my classmates and professors, I am now more receptive to the various ideas presented in the classroom and have also learned to distinguish those which are helpful and those which are of less significance. With a higher level of maturity, interest in learning, and time management skills, the first [>]

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A pedagogic placebo for plagiarism

The other definitions of plagiarism include the use of another person's ideas and thought processes as one's own and imitating the style and tenor as well. The whole issue of plagiarism assumes serious proportions in an academic environment as the students are expected to do their papers with due diligence and without recourse [>]

Agurement essay on privacy

In high school and in college the social life is different going to high school where many people have not changed since middle school, however; as for a college student many people are new to the same environment. Most people will argue and say Community College is much better than being in high [>]

Teaching through modality strengths

Therefore, because of their contributions to educational provisions in the district, parents will be involved in the formulation of this policy. They must be involved in the formulation of this new policy because it will affect the success of their schools.

Classification students essay sample

The first category of students is the underachievers, or the back row. They do anything possible to get out of class, and can be often found wandering halls, in the bathroom, or in the comfortable chairs in the office.

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Example of demographic shift & affects of the culture & academics

Demographic shift and effects on the culture & academics Although it is just a small school with a population of 172 the demographics in this school have changed rapidly over the last two decades. Additionally, the economic status has changed since most students in our school are under full or partial scholarships.

Principled autonomy and plagiarism

The paragraph below is an excerpt from the Principled Autonomy and Plagiarism article. The paragraph below is a second excerpt from the Principled Autonomy and Plagiarism article.

John dewey and early childhood education

I would also liaise with a nearby clinic and bring the children on a trip, getting the doctor to assist in giving the children a short demonstration of a regular consultation in the clinic. For the pre-nursery and nursery classes, I would provide a large variety of materials where children would be given [>]

What is better: living in a city or the country essay sample

Introduction Thesis statement: In my opinion, living in a city is much better than in the country due to well-developed infrastructure, education and work opportunities and variety of entertainment.II. Supporting idea a): Well-paid and interesting jobs Supporting idea b): Opportunity of advanced schools and universities Supporting idea c): advantages of self-development Body Paragraph [>]

Important reasons for choosing richard stockton college

Having been a patient, I have reason to believe that a major factor in the healing process is the reassurance from the healer and the importance of the patient understanding the disease, its effects and ways of overcoming it. I will look forward to being part of the science program around Lake Fred [>]

The meant to protect the people of

Pennsylvania is unique in the fact thatthey have the State Supreme Court, and under that they have two courts, thesuperior court and the commonwealth court. TheBill of Rights is the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution, and they arerights that are meant to protect the people of the United States and limit [>]

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Educating and disciplining children or students

The sentiment expressed by the members of the public saw the civil rights attorney taking matters to court by using the state for negligence and biases. Segregation has been rampant at the state of Minnesota and the meeting was called to iron out the integration plan and set remedies to address the issues.

Benefits of high school sports assignment

Tamesha Davis, Being one of the top ranked athletes in Port Arthur Texas, experiencing great competition from other schools and students, setting an example as a leader and participating in a school activity kept me as a young student focused on school and being a part of a team. It gave them a [>]

Real learning requirements, the biggest misconceptions about learning amongst students, specific of memorizing facts and reflection

Students and their teachers often believe that the harder and slower the process of learning, the easier it is to acquire information. To the contrary, the effortful- the harder, the slower, the more deliberate- the learning effort, the easier it is to acquire said information and retrieve it in the future.

Assessment evidence

Assessment Evidences: A) Pre- assessment: Before beginning the unit, the teacher will have an open discussion with the The teacher will ask the student simple question about a well-known element of weather like rain. Some of the issue that the student will be asked to describe are: what is whether and why do [>]

Challenge of searching one’s true self

College life will bring with it all sorts of information and I will have to categorize it in a manner that adheres to my Christian belief and guides me towards self discovery. I believe that God wants us to develop an understanding of this world and of ourselves, which is the purpose of [>]

What values or virtues should be taught education essay

The assumptions underlying the answers are of with the nature of the knowledge and seeks for answer to two main questions: What constitutes knowledge? The assumptions underlying the answers are of with the nature of the knowledge and seeks for answer to two main questions: What constitutes knowledge?

The comparison of functionalism and conflict theory essay sample

The functionalist is more accepting of the way things are in society and portray that to be the normal way of life. Also seen in today's school system are the aspects of intellectual, political, economical, and social purposes.

What can stern school of business offer you

It is in knowing what I want and passionately love doing; that I have come to appreciate what the Stern School of Business will offer me. At both personal and professional level, I stand a chance to gain impeccable knowledge and experience from the Stern School of Business.

Write words on these four topics assignment

The one I turn to The one I turn to when am feeling down or need someone to talk to are my friends. They are the one turn to for encouragement, strength and advice, the one turn to for all things.

Facilitating the educational approaches to students with special needs

Within the context of the classroom setting, the teacher is required to identify the most effective of the teaching strategies which may be deployed vis - vis the special needs students. As per the stated, the teacher arranges seating for the special needs student in a classroom area which is conducive to learning [>]

Traditional grading system vs pass and fail system

The grading system shows a precise performance of every student telling him/her their position in the class. A pass/ fail system is considered many times better because it has the potential to keep mental peace and thus focus on the necessities of education process as a whole instead of just the end result.

Case study – sustainable tourism in lagos, portugal

However it is not an example for the typical mass tourism associated problems, because the nature of tourism in the Algarve is water sports related and therefore reflects a different lifestyle and attitude to the localenvironment. The main problem of the foreigners " stealing" the jobs of the Portuguese is a very serious [>]

Essay about how to write a descriptive essay

Be that the person that has saved your life in a positive way or the event that completely changed your attitude to the world, keep in mind the principal aim of your work to deliver a vivid, all-inclusive description to explain your readers the message you try to convey. The same as in [>]

Student stress assignment

Being a teenager Is typically thought of as a fun and free time In life, but It's turning Into a stressful period in a person's life. Saving up and working hard at school Is extremely stressful and hard to find a balance between school, work and a social life.

Leadership case study

Effectiveness of a Good Leader Effectiveness of a Good Leader Coach Knight and coach Krzyzewski are matched with their leadership style and situational favorableness. Considering the situation of coach Knight, he was hired as a leader of a basketball program at the Indiana University.

Once upon a time assignment

Eighth grade was the year that I decided: I would write a novel, I would have it published, and I would be famous. Personally, I am surprised that I did not decide earlier in my life than the last year in my middle school that writing a novel would be a good idea.

Acting white by stuart bucks

This has also led to the stereotyping of African American children as people feel that they are not well prepared for the job market. Using the education system to stereotype the African American children is wrong as it has continued to suppress them through the education system.

Lesson plan on identifying synonyms

Ask if anyone knows the meaning of the word ' synonyms' Tell the students the importance of learning synonyms as a tool for enriching language proficiency. Ask the students to construct a sentence from the synonyms they have identified.

Culturally relevant teaching in the american educational system

Culturally Relevant Teaching in the American Educational System The documentary Beyond the Bricks offers a very candid snapshot of the systemic failures of the American educational system in regards to relating to African American students. Beyond the Bricks was released in early 2009; it focused on the goal of promoting solutions for [>]

Module vi- ethics of the professional educator

Ethics of the Professional Educator My position against Praise in relation to Kohn's articles Appreciating for the hard work is one way of motivating them and the others to continue with the same spirit. However, in Kohn's articles, he is opposed to the idea, an issue that I totally disagree with since it [>]

Major characteristics of qualitative research education essay

Therefore to transport out his research qualitatively, the research worker would wish to utilize instance survey as the method for the research worker to carry on this research. Fraenkel and Wallen suggested the same and as follow; Participant Observation, the research workers really take part in the state of affairs or puting they [>]

Special education and home country

K3P235 The various forms of discrimination, the groups most likely to experience discrimination and the possible effects of discrimination on the children and families. K3D240 The kinds of community resources and support that are available to support equality of access, the scope of opportunities for referral if necessary and sources of information for [>]

Name: lê thu hà

The question of whether children should wear a uniform to school always makes for a lively debate, and not only among students! Wearing a uniform helps to prepare students for the world of work, where uniforms are often worn.

Good essay about coaching baseball with ballet

A) To test his hypothesis that ballet training will improve both the fielding and batting performance of his players, how should the coach decide which players will take ballet training and which will not? In this context, the Hawthorne effect would cause the players who took ballet training to improve their performance not [>]

Why i want to attend virginia state university

My intention to take the Accounting program is because I would like to manage the family business and help in the administration of finances. It is my belief that I will be considered for a slot to attend the institution.

National science teacher association

It provides the teachers with the useful online resources, which facilitate them in the process of learning and teaching. These online resources are very useful for the teachers as they effectively fit to the needs and learning style of every science teacher.

How to make spanish speakers feel comfortable

As an educator, my first and foremost priority would be to make Spanish speakers feel completely at home with the ways and means that are used in the imparting of education. Spanish speakers might encounter trouble at the hands of comprehending the message that is conveyed through the educational domains that are being [>]

Journal on ch4

The Effectiveness of Inquiry-based Instruction In the past, I never had the practical knowledge of inquiry-based instruction. In also have the conviction that inquiry-based instruction technique can contribute significantly to the effectiveness of my teaching.

Classroom observation assignment

Consequences in detail This student's maladaptive behavior of disruption will result in consequences that range from the least to most hierarchy. Disruption Least to most hierarchy of student's specific behavior plan.

My dreams is an iconic it professional

All the years of my work, I was analyzing the strength in my inner- person to explore the possibilities of information technology with an addicted passion to find a support mechanism to ensure Information Security. With all my humble submission, I seek your approval for my candidature as a research fellow in the [>]

Afterschool mathematics and sciences daycare program

Answer to Question 1: The first possible outcome of these afterschool programs are increases in the performance of the children that participate in the programs. The students will tell their friends about the experiences they have in the program, and thus, more students will want to participate, and the afterschool program will increase [>]

Grade graduation speech

Even though we have a while to get a collage education, we have made It here, to the end of 8th grade. New building, new we that short Just last year? " And by the end of 7th grade, we were on our way to 8th

Instructional leadership and curriculum

Educational Leadership Introduction With the new technology and changes in education sector, there is great need for educational leaders to create partnership between parents and the community to achieve advanced student teaching. With improved technology educators can improve and transform aspects of schools, students assignments modernizing curriculum, administration and parental Connection Within the [>]

Linux case study

Businesses and governments are quickly switching to Linux for many reasons and if this trend continues, Microsoft could be left behind.) How is open source software a potential trend shaping organizations? A team was comprised and they are slowly working on how to best implement it.

Educational development: louisiana ecd programs

Participation within high-quality early childhood care and corresponding education programs have extremely positive impacts on the children's intellectual, language and social advancement among underlying children in Louisiana in regard to the risk of poor results. A handful of prevailing small scale demonstration programs in Louisiana depicts that whilst the language, literacy and mathematics [>]

Success in college: things to remember

This advice is also important as it helps the students to focus on the personal differences of people and find approaches to any type, whether communicative or not a crucial skill for being successful in college and simultaneously enjoy the time spent there. In order to achieve this, it is beneficial to consider [>]

Mccallum graduate school: corporate finance and global financial analysis

After attending your informational session, I have become affirmed in my belief that Bentley's McCallum Graduate School is an that will adequately provide me with an opportunity for growth in the skills that I will need in order to reach my short-term career goal of making my way onto the trading floor of [>]

Case study trendyol turkey

Trendyol then posted the video to their xisting Facebook fans on its Facebook Page, to drive initial engagement and awareness. For the launch, Trendyol posted the video to its Facebook fans to drive initial engagement and awareness.

Clothing store case study

Maria B.s a brand that reaches to all sectors of both the traditional and urban female fashion demand through a unique combination of pricing and the diversity in the fashion lifestyles that she offers. About Us, 2004) However, the council's main attempt to collaborate the efforts of fashion designers failed partly due to [>]

Wake forest university school of business

Early in my academic career, I learned that I have a gift for logic and a strong attention to detail that naturally drew me to the accounting profession. I have the background and enthusiasm for new technology that will allow me to become a future leader in my field.

Rational persuasion

The right way to do it is to approach the professor and present all my arguments why I should be given an extension for the paper. Perhaps, I can refer to my commitment as a student to finish the projects in this class.

Barclays plc and abn amro case study

This case study will seek to examine the bid and intended acquisition of ABN AMRO, and the early acquisition of Banco Zaragozano by Barclays, the differences in performance of these two banks based upon the strategic a economic motives, focusing on the merger acquisition, and strategy implemented to effect improvements to reflect the [>]

Virtual organizations assignment

To access the virtual organizations section of the student website, choose the Classroom tab at the top of the page next to the Home button with will be highlighted in blue. Browsing the Organizations By clicking on the organization you wish to view, you will be taken to the homepage of that company.

Self-assessment and reflection assignment

My other classes, I did not so much fail, but I was not the top lesson was boring, but I see it was not the information in the lessons that was boring me it was how they were teaching the lessons to me. I am aware that to thrive in my daily life [>]

The importance of education

As this essay will illustrate, education is a valuable tool that benefits not only the individual learning in an educational institution, but also the society that he is part of. Through education and the knowledge and values that it imparts, a society is empowered and made better.

Epekto ng makabagong teknolohiya assignment

The schools are the nurseries of the future citizens of the state; each teacher is a trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to transmit to learners such heritage as well as to elevate national morality, promote national pride, cultivate love of country, instill allegiance to [>]

Guidance for reating an

I had to first address higher order concerns, which comprise of the paper's thesis, purpose of the essay, organization and idea development. I therefore had to ensure that the main point of the essay was clear, and the ideas conveyed were coherently interwoven.

Students with vision impairments, another for physical and health disabilities & severe disabilities

ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS FOR WITH SPECIAL NEEDS room Accommodations for with Special Needs Accommodations for with various disabilities are considered to be essential for their educational process since they are unable to effectively learn when methods in teaching normal students which take into account the use of all senses plus average cognitive abilities suited [>]

Wal-mart case study

Walmart faced a number of threats in all of the geographical locations where it expanded its operations. In Germany, Metro was the biggest threat to Walmart because it had deep roots in one of the most developed and competitive markets as compared to the rest of the markets on the globe.

Nintendo wii case study

To develop a strategy that sees Nintendo maintain its market leader status once it is in the market maturity stage Nintendo has been in existence since 1889, starting with cards and then expanding into toys and games Nintendo is the leading video game maker in the United States Nintendo has had phenomenal success [>]

Mobile intelligent tutoring systems education essay

The focal point of this paper is to sketch the usage of Mobile Intelligent Tutoring Systems in back uping theMathematicshuman coachs in secondary schools and the function that nomadic devices can play in circulating and back uping the cognition gained by intelligent coachs. First, the interfaces, in CAIs, are of all time inactive [>]

Joining cornell university

I seek to join the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University for a major in Biology. In joining Cornell University for a major in Biology, I aim at finishing the Introductory Biology Cluster that is a pre requisite in my medical career.

Technical and vocational education and training in africa education essay

Support for TVET in Africa is clearly seen by increase in the number of TVET institutions offering various TVET courses, upgrading of TVET institutions in terms of infrastructure and human resources and linking education and the world of work through curriculum design, implementation and evaluation. In order to answer these questions, the paper [>]

Of learning disabled student

Witness is the case of Albert, from Manchester at 12 years old the quintessential British teen-ager was very isolated and hesitant to mix up in a multitude of school activities. Like many students with invisible disabilities, such as learning and mental impairments, he is sensitive to the attitudes and thoughts of fellow classmates [>]

Nike, inc. case study

We believe that the second calculation of the CAPM using the 10 year bond and the geometric average is a more accurate representation of the cost of equity. Value of Debt: To effectively calculate the value of debt we used the market value of debt instead of the book value.

Past movements in education and analysis of curricuar reforms

Didactica Magna is an educational treatise which aimed to seek and find a method of instruction by which teachers may teach less but learners may learn more, by which the school may be the scene of less noise, aversion, and useless labor, but of more leisure, enjoyment and solid progress; and through which [>]

Quizzes help students gain knowledge essay sample

New research has found that the more students are tested, the more knowledge they retain", quizzes can help students to memory and understand materials, concepts, information for a long time, but negative opinions are against the theory. The beneficial that quizzes bring to students is not limited to recollect information.

Bullying at school

Running head: Bullying at School Bullying at School Institute's Bullying at School The article by defines what exactly bullying means. According to the article bullying has been on an increase and bullying at school is a very old and common phenomenon.

Motivations and teams case study

With both of the companies they set goals and achieved them to get to where they wanted to be. That was a " brutal" experience, Kleinfeld says, but the hardship that followed forged a determination to succeed." Klienfeld and Mary Ellen took different approaches as leaders.

A them. look pretty good, in terms

Which makes it convenient as I do not have to wake up in the dusk of dawn and get ready for school, it ended up being a bad thing as all the teachers expect me to never be late. The rest of the day was relatively boring, I spent most of the time [>]

Financial benefits of traffic management: case study of haringey council

As a result of the inefficiencies that may result if all goods and services are offered by the private sector, the public sector has emerged as a very important sector of the economy. A variety of entities and organisations are involved in the bond issuing process and thus in the financing of public [>]

The holistic development of individual education essay

In the Integrated Primary School Curriculum, there exist four principles to help achieve the objective of this curriculum which are integrated approach, holistic development of the individual, life-long learning and one education for all. The principle of this theory is that to focus on individual uniqueness and differences.

My ambition in life essay sample

I want to become a teacher because I want to have commitment to students and being a good role model to them. Because ultimately, I believe it will lead to a brighter future for me, and for my family.

The expansion of virtual classroom learning

Virtual classroom learning can never replace the traditional classroom setting but it can certainly help several students, it also makes the job of teachers much easier, for instance a teacher who decides to give an assignment to students can easily display the same on the class website on the bulletin board, e-mails with [>]

Letter of intent for pharmacy residency program

I am ardently pursuing the possibility of my residency program at CSMC due to the impressive multidisciplinary relationship that exists at the medical center that allows all healthcare professionals to play an integral part in patient care and management. During my rotations at CSMC, I was encouraged to develop a critical mind as [>]

Homeschooling common thing. then two individuals made

This is an applicable alternative for traditional schools for parents, so that they can have their children obtain the same education in the comfort and safety of their homes. In the 1960's and 1970's, John Holt and Raymond Moore encouraged parents to educate their children at home instead of sending them to traditional [>]

Validity of research

The study was successful in measuring and testing the efficiency of the research. The motivations and outcomes of studying for part-time mature students in higher education.

Managing a daily teaching schedule

By listing out the things, the tasks will be prepared before hand and the time that is required in listing tasks will be saved in school. Also the lesson plan can be modified for future and notes can be made on the system of which tasks need to be done at a priority [>]

Development of a classroom community

They learn to understand what others are like and how to please them. They learn to respect their peers and teachers.

Project e

AUDIO CUE: Introduction AUDIO CUE: " Be attentive" AUDIO CUE: " Improving listening skills" AUDIO CUE: " Conclusion" Hi learners, welcome to the lesson that will help you understand the meaning of audio literacy The following audio lesson will help you become a good instructor. Audio literacy is the capability of listening and [>]

Education at summerhill

All of this is done within the structures of the school, through the meetings, self-government and the clear distinctions between freedom and licence, all elements which are at the very core of the school's philosophy and the day-to-day experiences of the pupils and staff. The aim of education-in fact the aim of life-is [>]

Why i want to gain education at monroe college

The field of interest that I would like to pursue is Information Technology. The certification examinations that the college of Information Technology can give me a head start once I pass them.

Case study in baguio

OBSERVATION From the long p of time that we have spent in observing the changes happened to the " summer capital of the Philippines", we have determined positive and negative impacts of tourism in the socio-cultural aspects of Baguio. On the negative impacts: Congestion of Residential construction and Overpopulation Baguio is very blessed [>]

High school differences

I believe that seniors are the role models of the school, and are treated much better than other underclassmen. While the freshmen are trying to fit in, and find L-Hall, They all have their differences, but they are all students.

Education: overview

The content of education was divorced from the interests and needs of the masses and the community. The Provision of Secondary Education in Dominica: Providers and Gender Issues From the foregoing, one can appreciate the fact that the provision of education was a task that involved the participation of several providers or stakeholders: [>]

Teaching gifted kids in todays classroom

While there are students who do not show the required competencies in earlier grades, there are also average students and finally there are the gifted students who progress well ahead of other students. Moreover Winebrenner & Brulles also stress on alternate activities to engage the gifted students since these students grasp the subject [>]

Asdfgh assignment

Some primary schools have already axed homework in favor of activities completed with parents such as trips to the museums but the trend is limited to a handful. But Cecil Hanson, who proposed a motion calling for homework to be scrapped, said: ' Homework is a waste of children's time, teachers' time and [>]

University of business and technology

After that, I started my study in BBA In the BBA, it requires 40 subjects to complete in 4-year time, with a specific major. During the studying period of Marketing, I found all that the strategy I was taken to the shop from 2004 and still now, was a different strategy of Marketing, [>]

University cover letter

I am a hard-working and results-oriented individual who likes to have definite goals to work hard for. I would like to believe that I am a born leader one who can work with a team towards common goals and dreams.

What is learners as individual education essay

They merely acquire the unsmooth counsel from the instructor in the category and so they and convey it to be increased and link or incorporate with other Fieldss. There are activities might steer the scholars to be independent and single.

Financial accounting outline assignment

In those cases where there serious, legitimate and unavoidable reason for absence from Mind Examination or II, the points assigned to this Examination will be forward and the Final Examination will be weighted as 60% of the grade. If both Midterm Examinations and II are missed due to a It documented reason, the [>]