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Looking for the perfect tenant? seek out these 6 traits!

While it's not possible to know with 100 percent certainty what type of tenant your applicant will be, here are six telltale signs and traits that will give you a pretty darn good indication that this person is great tenant material: The first and foremost quality of a good tenant is his or [>]

Part iii

Importance of Taxation * Raise revenue - No government can exist without it, it cannot promote the welfare of the people.* Social Services * Public Utilities * Education * Governance * Military Readiness * Regulate property.* Distribute equally the wealth of the nation.* Encouraging savings and investment * Control mechanism Theories of Taxation [>]

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The principle source of income for the state of new york

If the transit were to strike people would not be able to go to and back to work. For instance if workers are working in an unsafeenvironmentthey have the right to strike.

The need for fiscal reforms

In the wake of the Asian financial crisis, to contain the fallout, Malaysia reverted to budget deficit in 1998. The Government has to find alternative sources of revenue.

Tobacco tax

Higher tobacco prices decrease consumption and encourage people to quit Increasing the price of tobacco products Is the single most effective way to reduce consumption-2 Ralslng prices discourages uptake of tobacco se by young people and motivates people to quit tobacco use, while raising government revenues. The World Bank has estimated that tax [>]

Canons/principles of taxation by adam smith:

In the words of Adam Smith: " The subject of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government as early as possible in proportion to their respective abilities that is in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the State". Canon of convenience: By this [>]

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Government generally collect taxes to generate revenue and question

Tax incidence is basically the analysis of the effect of taxation on the distribution of economic welfare. The purpose of this review on the literature is that to analyze the effect of particular tax on the distribution of economic welfare.


Unemployment rate is the percentage of the total labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment and willing to work. Despite the increase in payroll employment in February 2014, the unemployment is increased slightly to 6.

When one parent loses a job

I succeed well in my job making a good income. We would actually dine out two to three times a week: before my job ended.

Robert borden

Robert Borden Robert Borden was the most successful Prime Minister because he led Canada through World War One, increased the war effort in World War One, and made the Wartime Business Profits Tax of 1917. Robert Borden wanted Canada to participate in the war and got several troops for the Britain empire.

Suffolk county legislators

Angie Carpenter was born on Long Island in the mid fifties and is currently happily married and a mother of two. Angie has dedicated her efforts to the growth and expansion of business here in Suffolk.

Case 1: flash airline flight 604 case

An action for damages must be brought, at the option of the plaintiff, in the territory of one of the States Parties, either before the court of the domicile of the carrier or of its principal place of business, or where it has a place of business through which the contract has been [>]

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Taxation in the united kingdom

Financial Risk The main distinction in financial risk between employee and self-employment person is that the second one is ready to risk ownmoneyby buying a materials needed to perform the work, and also paying for overheads and bearing the running costs. For electronically returns - 31 January following the end of the tax [>]

The tax compliance behavior in curacao accounting essay

In order to better the revenue enhancement conformity behaviour, a figure of factors, such as demographic variables, cultural variables, non-compliance attitude, the psychological variables and the revenue enhancement system are identified in the conceptual theoretical account that will be studied to happen out how those factors influence the conformity behaviour. The aim of [>]

Gmat for improving critical reasoning section

While overall this strategy is fine, one problem students face is that a lot of the questions on the LSAT are not representative of those on the GMAT; some have dubious answers while some are of a question type that is not tested on the GMAT at all. The conclusion in the passage [>]

Wu international taxation research paper series

The purpose is to show that the motivations of those involved in international tax policy contribute to the inefficiency, inequity, and complexity of the international tax system. This system is potent in the sense that it is difficult for countries to unilaterally change their international tax policies in a way that collides with [>]

Financial system of kazakhstan

A methodological basis the complex system approach to studying of a problem of reforming of financially-credit system of Republic Kazakhstan in the conditions of transition to market economy makes, applications in these purposes of various concepts of world economic thought on increase of a role of the finance, money and the credit in [>]

Project report on mvat

Sales tax is often applied again to the sales tax element of the cost, thus there is a problem of tax on tax. Adjustment of the tax paid on the goods purchased from the tax payable on the goods of sale All the tax, paid on the goods purchased within the state, would [>]

Impact of tax reforms since 1991

The dividends tax rate was increased to 20% in 2000 2001, reduced again to 10% in 2001 2002 along with taxing it in the hands of the shareholders and the policy was reversed once again in 2003 2004 with the levy of the tax on the company. Direct Tax Code 2009 The new [>]

Q. critically analysis last year budget and suggest how you can improve it? note:

4% where as in respect of imports there was an increase of 14.7%.* The present government has taken new steps in the last four years.* 70% share of the divisible pool is now being transferred to provinces and specific area.* The amount in the 6th NFC award in the 2010-11 fiscal year was [>]

Did the new deal prolong the great depression?

Made him bias towards FDR's ideas * Unemployment was higher in 1939 than in 1931 after hoover left office * Govt went from running a surplus to a deficit * Seven Years of trade deficits cursed American GDP over the span of the New Deal * Welfare and Social Security kept lazy people [>]

Issn : 2230-9519 (online) | issn : 2231-2463 (print)

In planning and framing an ideal Income Tax Structure of a welfare state like ours the objectives are to give relief to the maximum possible extent to the lower and middle income group taxpayers and check creation of black money at one hand and to enable the Government to increase collection of tax [>]

4 principles of tax

Definition of ' Tax' - Matthews v Chicory Marketing Board Land tax Property rates Capital gains tax Payroll tax Other taxes Fringe benefits tax Stamp duties Sales tax Goods and services tax Customs duty Excise duty Departure tax - There are a large number of taxes imposed on society and extracted by complex [>]

Double taxation relief: belgium

In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires - the term 'Nigeria" means the Federal Republic of Nigeria including any area outside -the territorial waters of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which in accordance with international law has been or may hereafter be designated, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria [>]

Benefits and costs of interdependence

Interdependence is the free flow goods and services capital and finances acroos the world most countries are getting linked to the global economic system labor is free to travel from one place to another a country sell one thing to another country this is called the international trade of goods and services and [>]

Chapter 4. mobilizing domestic revenues

With a tax gap on the order of 60%, Afghanistan needs to adopt a comprehensive strategy including revamping of the tax administration in order to obtain significant improvements in compliance. 3 Afghanistan's economy has many features commonly associated with a low tax base, including: extremely low level of development; a large informal sector [>]

Conservative vs. liberal

If one is convicted of a felony these particular laws spoken of are no longer valid to them the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury, and the right to bear arms are all void. With all that has been going on in our nation's economy, we begin to analyze [>]

Outline of marijuanna

There are many pros of legalizing the use of marijuana. Gupta, Sourabh." Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana." Buzzle.

Optimal sin taxes

To highlight the potential importance of these results, in Section 5 we demonstrate with some simple numerical examples that, even if the prevalence of self-control problems in the population is relatively small, optimal taxes can still be significant. A natural extension of Proposition 1 is that, for whatever the optimal potato-chip tax might [>]

Gst standing for goods and services tax

GST stands for the Goods and Services Tax, which is an indirect tax levied by the Government of India, on all the parties of a supply chain of goods and services. It is a comprehensive tax levied by the government on the supply of goods and services.

The second war for independence and the upsurge of nationalism, 1812–1824

What do the authors say at the outset is the " supreme lesson" of the War of 1812? A national literature developed in the works of Washington Irving and James Fennimore Cooper and in the construction of a new capitol building in Washington A revived Second Bank of the United States was established [>]

Merger and acquisition synopsis

It was being alleged by the Indian Tax authorities that the transaction involved purchase of assets of an Indian Company, and therefore the transaction or part thereof was liable to be taxed in India. The position of the government is that the intention of the legislature on the initial stage was very clear [>]

What were the grievances of the Third Estate in 1789?

The bourgeoisie held the most amount of money among the Third Estate, yet they were also taxed the most without having any say in how the money was spent; the artisans provided food and labours for the city; the peasants were the vast majority of workers lived in the country, they had to [>]

Between 1820 and 1860

Farmers that had lots of land were called plantation owners; there were many more plantations in the south, and when the cotton gin was created in 1793, there was a boom in cotton, and the benefit of having slaves increased. The South needed to transport their goods to the North so that it [>]

‘macro-economic analysis for rural society’

In the foreward to the Tax Code Mukherjee explains that the aim is to eliminate distortions in the tax structure, introduce moderate levels of taxation, expand the tax base, improve tax compliance, simplify the language and lower tax litigations. The purpose of the article is to examine the nature and direction of Indian [>]

You decide 1

John Smith's tax issues: Issue a) How is the $300, 000 treated for purposes of federal tax income? Jane Smith tax issues: Issue a) What are the different tax consequences between paying down the mortgage and assuming a new mortgage for federal income tax purposes?


In the above situation I would say that the type of consent they are seeking is the implied consent because they are trying to get the patient to sign a consent form for surgery. The staff member who presented the patient with the consent under such circumstances would be reprimanded if not suspended [>]

Sin tax intro essay sample

Critics of sin tax argue that it is a regressive tax in nature and discriminates against the lower classes, since taxation of a product such as alcohol or cigarettes does not account for ability to pay, therefore poor people pay a greater amount of their income as tax. Alcohol products are taxed based [>]

Balance sheet and tax basis

Loss Realized = FMV+Mortgage Assumed AdjustedTaxBasis = $300, 000 + $100, 000 - $410, 000 Loss Realized= What amount of gain or loss does Zhang recognize on the transfer of the property to corporation. Tax Basis = Substituted Basis of the Assets Transferred Assumed Mortgage = $410, 000 - $100, 000 Tax Basis= [>]

I. major reasons for government involvement in market economy

Redistribution of income: The government should strive to provide relief to the poor, dependent, handicapped, and unemployed. Provision of public and quasi-public goods: When the markets fail to provide the needed goods or the correct amounts of certain goods or services, the government fills in the vacuum.

Business organization and tax implication

The Internal Revenue Service and the Small Business Administration agree that the type of structure will have operational, legal, and tax implications for both the business owner and the business operation. This is a discussion of the five common types of business organizations and the tax implications of each.

Evaluation of newcrest mining limited

Australia is the third largest producer of gold in the world accounting for 13% of the world total gold production. Newcrest is one of the leading gold produces in Australia and with the contribution of Telfer in 2004-2005 will become the biggest gold producer in Australia.

Mis 535 project proposal

The problem with a manually system is that its more prone to errors, possibility of more frequent tax audits with a wider scope, filing cabinets full of paper returns and dozens of spreadsheets to get the data needed, and manual process increases the time needed to complete filing. The signing of the return, [>]

Economics consumption

Indirect taxes are one of the methods that are available to the government to reduce the consumption of demerit goods. This is a good way in causing the demerit goods to be consumed less as the quantity would be fixed.

Tim cook attacks eu’s tax bill in a scathing letter

Responding to the Commission's decision that , Tim Cook said that " in Ireland and in every country where we operate, follows the law and we pay all the taxes we owe". As our business has grown over the years, we have become the largest taxpayer in Ireland, the largest taxpayer in the [>]

The basic principles of reganomics

It was believed that economic affairs should be left to the wisdom of God and his guidance would produce a The moral obligation together with extreme Kenseyan theories were the guide to the basic principles of Reganomics. They also wanted to rely on the wisdom of the of the market, meaning that the [>]


8 points than last year, with improvements in six of the 10 economic freedoms including management of public finance, investment freedom, and property rights. Georgia is ranked 11th out of 43 countries in the Europe region, and its score is the most improved in the 2013 Index.

Compliance of local authority tax by small and medium enterprises (smes) in nairobi

Compliance costs: the costs to taxpayers and others of paying taxes, over and above the tax itself Single Business Permit: is " a permit that allows the conduct of a business or trade, including a profession or occupation, within the area of a local authority. Tax administration practices: the interactions between taxpayers and [>]

soda tax: the beginning of the end essay sample

Placing a soda tax would affect small business owners, lead our government to taxing other unhealthy behaviors, raise the cost of living for some families, and there is no way of knowing if it will help the obesity problem or if this tax will be effective. In the article " Reject the Soda [>]

Goods and service tax

Some of the important Central taxes Custom CENVAT Service tax Some of the important State taxes CST State Sales Tax Works Contract Act Entry tax LIMITATION OF EXISTING TAX STRUCTURE IN INDIA Originally, the taxes on the sale of goods were levied in terms of the respective Sales Tax/Trade Tax enactments and the [>]

Diction tone and syntax quiz essay sample

Which of the following lines from John Muir's " The Calypso Borealis" shows an example of dialect? " I wish you would write me, say once a year," I sat down beside it and fairly cried for joy. Read the following paragraph from John Muir's " The Calypso Borealis" and pay close attention [>]

A newly proposed taxation policy: the fair tax act of 2007

The objective of the team was to design a new tax system that would be " revenue-neutral" and capable of truly unleashing the potential of the economy. As of the last day of the year 2008, the Act is meant to repeal both income taxes as well as payroll taxes.

Jared owen

I thought lowering the social insurance and retirement receipts was a good idea because there are programs and benefits that are already implemented into this and the extra money will be put in areas that do not have extra help and rely just on the money inflow. I actually increased what is spend [>]

No men are foriegn

What is common between the single body and people like the narrator is that it is same in structure and made of flesh and blood. What is the significance of the word, too in the extract?

Duties of good citizen

Essay on Duties of a Good Citizen A citizen is a member of the community or a state enjoying certain privileges and performing certain duties He looks after security and the well being of the community and the community looks after his safety and security. As a member of a civilised state he [>]