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GDP is believed to provide a measurement of a country's overall economic output and also helps to determine the national income. Real GDP, also referred to as " constant-price, inflation-corrected or of the constant-dollar GDP, is a measurement of the value of services and good in a year.


Section 3 discusses macroeconomic objectives of a budget, role of government and how it intervenes, tools available to government and the practical considerations The next part of the assignment the team selected the 2009 South African budget proposal and listed all revenue and expenditure proposal 2. He lists the four functions of the [>]

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3 types of unemployment

To me the natural rate of unemployment means progress on a personal and national level. Of course we might wish the rate of structural or frictional unemployment were less than it is but they are still desirable in certain situations and inevitable in a growing economy.

Do new eu members have to join the euro?

The creation of the Eurozone following the Maastricht Treaty led to the region becoming one of the largest single currency areas in the world. Lynn argues that the historic role, in terms of political development, of Greece was a contributory factor in the national rush to join the Eurozone and considered that this [>]

Would i recommend an interventionist or a non-interventionist approach to supply side policy in order to achieve the four key macroeconomic objectives?

Workers would be less likely to accept low paying jobs if the minimum is equal to the pay that they would receive. This means that there would be a lower level of aggregate supply as most people in low paying jobs would prefer to be unemployed as they would receive the same amount [>]

Underlying trend rate of growth

The trend rate of growth for an economy also represents the aggregate supply in the long run. The trend rate of growth is also determined by the trend growth of the working population of an economy.

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Business plan for sugar rush pastry shop

Sugar Rush offer customers with a wide variety of thing from bread, cakes and Pastries will be operating as a bakery/ Pastry Shop. Sugar Rush expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its broad variety of coffee and pastry products.

Balance of payment essay sample

Financial Accounts- This shares public and private investments and lending activities The current account, the capital account and the financial account make up a country's balance of payments. This is an important account of the Balance of Payment and highly influence the total deficit or surplus of Balance of Payment.

Different types of unemployment

Cyclical unemployment is a factor of overall unemployment that relates to the cyclical trends in growth and production that occur within the business cycle. When the economic output falls, as measured by the gross domestic product, the business cycle is low and cyclical unemployment will rise.

Classical and keynesian economic theories

I think it is relevant to state that the concepts of Classical economics came to be during the time of industrialization. It would seem at that time, the economy is self-sustaining and does not need the government to obligation.

Presentation plan

Economics is the study of the production and consumption of goods and the transfer of wealth to produce and obtain those goods. The important of economics is that we can examine whether society is better off through government intervention to influence changes in the provision of certain goods.II).

A wall street journal article related to macroeconomics

As a brief summary of the article, the largest banking transaction is expected to settle at present, consequential of the unattachment of one of Europe's leading depositories. The impact of the transaction extends ahead of its $101 billion charge and the termination of 183-year-old ABN Amro Holding NV of the Netherlands.

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A project on study of economic indicators and its impact on india

With the increasing importance of the economy of India, which is now well above the one billion mark in population, monitoring Indian economic cycles is now of more interest Identifying Potential Economic Indicators * The choice of economic indicators is a very sensitive issue as the forecast performance depends on the quality of [>]

Chapter 23

ANS: A DIF: 2 REF: 23-2 NAT: Analytic LOC: The study of economics and definitions of economics TOP: GDP MSC: Applicative 21. ANS: A DIF: 2 REF: 23-2 NAT: Analytic LOC: The study of economics and definitions of economics TOP: GDP MSC: Applicative 23.

Frictional unemployment essay sample

A fixed exchange rate is a currency's value is fixed against the value of another single currency or to basket of other currencies. This type of exchange is utilized to stabilize the worth of a currency against the currency it is pegged to.

The determinants of inward foreign direct investment in china

Accompanying with the openness of China, FDI inflows has jumped from 0 in 1979 to more than 35 billion US dollars in 1998 Moreover, the figure of FDI has increased to 69 billion US dollars in 2006, ranking as the top one in East Asia. According to the research from The University of [>]

Causes of globalization

Causes of Globalization While it is truethat state ventures have at times driven the process, e.g.the colonial conquests, the globalization process has largely reflected market forces, specifically, the exploitation by large and smaller businesses in the world of benefits from trade in commodities, goods, services, capital, and even labor, and of opportunities for [>]

Informative essay on macroeconomics questions

Though not as catastrophic as the crash of 1929 because of the quick and decisive steps taken by the government, the 1987 crash affected consumer purchases of durable goods leading to a decline in business investment. Cyclical unemployment is unemployment caused by the business cycle - that is a general downturn or lack [>]

General overview of the current state of financial industry

The trade war, rising interest rates, banking regulations, and the overall market outlook are the most important drivers of the financial industry at the moment. On current loans that the bank holds and all cash that the banks have available to lend interest rate spread will widen which brings greater profit to the [>]


The President, who along with the members of the unicameral National Assembly, is elected by direct popular vote for a five year term, is the head of state and he selects the cabinet of ministers and also appoints the Prime Minister who represents the Government in the National Assembly.Mr. The establishment of Tanzania [>]

Impact of the monetarist policies

The best way of evaluating the economic policies undertaken is to divide the era into three sections - the early Thatcher period of 1979-1982, the transitional stage of 1983-1986 and the boom and bust uncertainty of 1986-1990. The first period of 1979 to 1982 was known by many as the 'Monetary Experiment' due [>]

Country risk analysis sarry essay sample

Your construction sector along with the groups which usually be determined by the idea will be affected by this tendency, in particular seeing that household price ranges are usually extremely overvalued with the advanced international locations based on the OECD. Most of the time takes place to get licenses for establishing that particular [>]

Hsbc and the argentine peso crisis

After considerable help from the IMF in an attempt to control impending foreign debt, a mix of Argentina's political and monetary policies has resulted in the instability of the Argentine economy and the suspension of payments leading to an uncontrollable build up of national debt. The questionable sustainability of the Argentinean government has [>]


The proposal of this report research Baoviet on various aspects: * The mission, values and objectives and the influence of stakeholders of Baoviet Group.* Evaluate the extent to which Baoviet achieves the objectives of three stakeholders.* Explain the responsibilities of Baoviet and strategies employed to meet them.* Explain how economic systems attempt to [>]

Azerbaijan poverty rate

Approved by the Decree #3043 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated of September 15, 2008 State Program on Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2008-2015 Chapter 1 Introduction In order to tackle poverty on a global level, the heads of 147 world countries joined together [>]

Comparative economics: u.k. vs. japan

For three decades, overall real economic growth had been spectacular: a 10% average in the 1960's, a 5% average in the 1970's, and a 4% average in the 1980's. Current Economic Conditions Japan's industrialized, free-market economy is the second-largest in the world after the terms of international purchasing power.

Positive feedbacks

During the past few years I and other economic theorists at Stanford University, the Santa Fe Insurute in New Mexico and elsewhere have been developing a view of the economy based Such a market is initially unstable. The parts of the economy that are knowledge-based, on the other hand, are largely subject to [>]

Macroeconomics week

If they were rationed accounting to the teachers likes and dislikes, there would be a lot of bribing and illegal activities to get the teachers favor. According to the law of comparative advantage, what should be the distinguishing characteristics of the goods a nation produces?

Econ 545 you decide

After thorough consultation with colleges it is my opinion that the appropriate response during this economic downturn is to take an expansionary fiscal policy approach, and to encourage the FED to consider appropriate expansionary monetary measures as well. It is may also be of importance to consider stimulus measures such as tax credits [>]

Heyward yarborough

The good news is that the U.S.has enjoyed more than three years of uninterrupted economic growth and falling unemployment since the recession ended. 25% since the recovery began and is estimated to have slowed to less than 1% in the most recent quarter.

Adesk study report of youth unemployment in kenya

Despite the existence of an enabling environment for addressing issues affecting the youth like any other country in Africa and even the world, the Kenyan Ministry of state for youth affairs is not an exceptional in that unemployment has remained one of the most doubting challenge in Kenya's social- economic development process for [>]


The narrow definition of unemployment is the official definition of unemployment and it states that an unemployed person is a person who is willing to work and is making an effort to find a job, Parkin et al, states that " To be counted as unemployed, a person must be available to work...must [>]

Literature review

The diminution of demand must be followed by diminution of the supply of production; and, consequently, of the articles liable to taxation. Laffer curve is a representation of the relationship between government revenue raised by tax and tax rate in economy.

Good example of optimal inflation for guinea research paper

Inflation, which is one of the most significant elements come in the field of macroeconomics has a direct linkage with the economic position and the growth of an economy in particular. In this assignment, it is required to analyze the core relationship between the inflation and the GDP Growth rate of Guinea.

Fundamentals of macroeconomics

Nominal GDP is basically the ups and downs of the market value in prices from its goods and services throughout the year. Household are the target of a business through its goods and services.

Pakistan’s economic future

This article therefore examines the past developments, current trends of Pakistani economy and the future global and regional outlook and builds the most likely scenario for the medium term economic prospects of the country and then reviews the downside risks and upside gains around this scenario.2. To them, all the economic gains have [>]

Macro summary notes

The benefit of investment is the value of the marginal product of new capital, which depends on factors such as the productivity of new capital goods, the taxes levied on the revenues they generate, and the relative price of the firm's output. For example, a technological advance that allows a piece of capital [>]

The ideas of economists and political philosophers,

As one of the early architects of modern economics, Alfred Marshall defined economics as: " Political Economy or Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life; it examines that part of individual and social action which is most closely connected with the attainment and use of the material requisites [>]

Econs tut

To manipulate current account, the government by and large does not use protectionism except for domestic service sectors, such as banking, fiscal policy due to small multiplier and does not aggressively undervalue currency because of fears of imported inflation. Therefore, the typical exchange rate policy has been one of the slow and steady [>]

Sabrina negron

Watching a country's population to help predict the unemployment rate and change to the economy is the basis of macroeconomics. Natural changes in a countries population also affect the unemployment rate of that country.

Economic analysis of singapore and jamaica

In order to change the business environment to become investment friendly, the responsible authorities took the decision to adopt a liberal foreign investment policy which involved providing various incentives, including the absence of restrictions with regards to the entry and operations of foreign entities. Based on the foregoing, it is evident that Singapore [>]

Should we adopt the euro?

Another great benefit of the adoption of the Euro is the greater competition that it would induce in the market; the pressure to lower inflation and increase productivity would lead to the need for more innovation in the markets, thus creating a healthier and an ever-growing economy. A third argument against joining the [>]

Multiple-choice questions to accompany

During a typical inflation a) the CPI rises by less than the cost of living b) the CPI rises by more than the cost of living c) the CPI and the cost of living rise by the same amount d) there is no consistent relationship between rises in the CPI and in the [>]

Managing china’s float

Managing China's Float Why do you think the Chinese government originally pegged the value of the Yuan against the U.S.dollar? If the Yuan is allowed to float freely against the U.S.dollar on the foreign exchange markets and appreciates in value, how might this affect the fortunes of those enterprises?


Recent research has assessed the diminishing role of equities, progress on debt and deleveraging, resource productivity, cities of the future, the future of work in advanced economies, the economic impact of the Internet, and the role of social technology. 5 trillion skilled workers in the Indonesian economy market opportunity in consumer services, agriculture [>]

Chapter one – exploring the world of business and economics

Chapter One Exploring the World of Business and Economics - Learning objectives o Discuss your future in the world of business.o Define business and identify potential risks and rewards.o Define economics and describe two types of economic systems: capitalism and command economy.o Identify the ways to measure economic performance.o Outline the four types [>]


The ability of those local firms to compete with international competitors seems to fall down, that's why this topic is suggesting to depict the factors of success of foreign direct investment and how do they affect the consumer buying decision. 2006 Neuhaus, Marco.the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment * M, sornarajah.


The author explains in detail, the key drivers of the globalization, such as the " no theory of the economy dynamics, the leverage of the fundamental platforms for success and growth, the English language of Microsoft PC operating systems, or the prevalence of global brands. It is a very interesting book that offers [>]

Purpose and effectiveness of the expansionary policy on output, unemployment, interest rates, and prices in the short and medium run

Bank of England or The Federal Reserve are buying bonds and government securities with the purpose to increase the supply of money in the financial system and the economy. In theory, in the short run such policy should push the economy out of the financial recession by rightward shift of the aggregate output [>]

Balance of payments: meaning and components

Balance of Payments: Meaning and Components The Balance of payments of a country is a systematic record of all economic transactions taking place between the country and other countries over a given period of time. Current a/c shows the balance of exports and imports of goods and services and Unilateral transfers Capital a/c [>]

The present government is planning to increase compulsory education to age 18. why is such a measure necessary? what are the reasons for the state to implement such a law?

Raising education therefore would help create the supply of labour that industries demand, and help increase economic growth and GDP; both vital requirements in order for the country to come out of the recession, which is an integral part in all government policy. It is an alarming figure as it is one of [>]

Economics education and research consortium working paper series issn 1561-2422

The problems of unemployment are aggravated even more because the incidence of long-term unemployment and the average duration of unemployment appear to have decreased slowly in response to increases in labor demand in previous years. Machin and Manning conclude that the rise in the incidence of long-term unemployment and high unemployment rates seen [>]

My impressions of studying macroeconomics

Regardless I was there and I actually enjoyed the class, in fact it was one of my favorite classes. In that moment I was able to learn the value of hindsight and look back on what happened in my life that made me who I am as well as what brought me to [>]

Gender sensitivity

Foreign direct investment is direct investment into production or business in a country by a company in another country, either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. As a part of the national accounts of a country, and in regard to [>]

Example of managing conflict: macroeconomic policies and measures of national income essay

The term " Macroeconomics" refers to the study of the aggregate performance of a particular economy. The general economic policy framework is made up of the following:- Monetary Policy - Monetary Policy is defined as the measure that the government performs or implements to influence the supply of money and credit in the [>]