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How does diversity affects our corporate culture

The Lauring and Selmer study spoke how the key to communication in a multicultural workforce is openness. As a result of globalization, our company's culture has become ethnically diverse, and we can expect it to become more diverse in the future.

Difference multiculturalism: diversified, not unified

As it magnifies ethnocentricity, Charles Taylor criticized " difference multiculturalism" as he proposed a resolution of the conflict between the politics of universal dignity and the ethnocentric type of multiculturalist politics of difference. In his analysis, Terence Turner cites the explicit use of culture in politics, he advocates " critical multiculturalism" instead as [>]

Multicultural competency paper

It is important to understand how to deal with conflict within a diverse workplace, collaborating, and acceptance of different approach to achieve a successful outcome. I do not limit myself in the workplace to interacting exclusively with a particular group, and my selection of friends is not limited to individuals who look like [>]

The problem of misrecognition according to charles taylor

The concept of misrecognition, as written by Taylor, is that the identity of others, as well as our own, is built on the recognition, or lack of, of others. The reasoning behind this assumption is if their culture and its worth had been acknowledged, the plot of the film could have been altered [>]

Benefits of multiculturalism

Benefits of Multiculturalism Multiculturalism refers to the principle that several cultures can coexist equitably and peacefully in one country, instead of a single national culture. Canada is a great example of a country that is fully following the Multiculturalism Policy.

How to manage multicultural workforce

In order for companies, fully and aggressively to compete in the marketplace, they will need to consider these statistics and work towards attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce. Worldwide Telecommunication finding new ways in an environment where people are to do more with less." Customers and diversity is a way [>]

Cosmopolitans and locals in world culture

There is the aspect of a state of readiness, a personal ability to make one's way into other cultures, through listening, looking, intuiting and reflecting.this I have to problematise: There is cultural competence in the stricted sense of the term, a built-up skill in manoeuvring more or less expertly with a particular system [>]

Towards a conception of culturally responsive classroom management

The teacher would listens to the students and community, to develop a good classroom management. The teacher would teach the students on how to treat each other with respect regardless of their differences cultures.

Multiculturalism and professionalism

The 2008 presidential race is the testimony of increasing multiculturalism in United States, first time in the history of this great nation a woman or an African American will be a serious contender to be the Commander in Chief. If the teacher is not equipped with the cultural grooming of children then he/she [>]

Advantage grant

I have secured my place to participate in a very direct way in the development of true cultural diversity in the workplace by enrolling and starting the Business Administration Course at CTU. With the knowledge and skills I gain from my studies at CTU Online, I plan to bring the cultural sensitivity that [>]


A clear example is the mixture of people in the countries of the world. According to Gannon and Pillai, the benefits of diversity have made governments create policies forbidding discrimination of people in work places.

Media, minorities, and multiculturalism

The article Media, Minorities, and Multiculturalism attempts to explain how and why advances in media misrepresentation of minorities continues to be " couched in compromise", and to distinguish between the concepts of mediaracismand racist media. This article also tries to draw attention to the complex factors involving media misrepresentation of minorities, and explores [>]