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The rise of women’s cricket in india

Every six that came out of Kaur's bat was a statement in itself- pushing the need for more recognition and better pay, telling corporate honchos that this team is capable of, stating in unequivocal terms that the BCCI needs to do more for Women's cricket in the country and to do so immedietly. [>]

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As of 2011, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha both are women. According to studies, women enjoyed equal status and rights during the early Vedic period.[19] However, later, the status of women began to decline with the Smritis and with the Islamic invasion of [>]

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Discuss how india is an idea, held together ; sustained by political will

The definition of a state has differences on the footing of the state 's political orientation and history, which necessarily dictates the success orfailureof the mass of peoples as a state. A instance in point would be the citizens of Kutch and Karachi who likely would be more similar to each other than [>]

The analysis of sharankumar limbale’s autobiography “akkarmashi”

Reading the words of those who have lived through the experience is the best way to understand and find out the sufferings of the Dalits and other marginalised sections of the society. And a woman of the low caste has to suffer even more.

Free unemployment and inflation in india research paper sample

Inflation is a term that means the general increase in the prices of the goods and services compared to a specific and standard purchasing power of the people. As can be seen in the graphs that the rippling of inflation is because of the destabilization and the inflation could be high.

Activity 4 essay sample

The cultural heritage and the charm of the country have always attracted visitors from every corner of the globe. Then we would be reaching Agra, which is nearby, to visit the Taj Mahal, the wonder of the world, the shrine of love constructed by Shah Jahan on the tomb of his beloved wife.

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Policy and indian youth club

While Indian Youth Club demands for more transparency in the system and more accountability in governance and the question of eradicating corruption has become imperative to save the country and guarantee employment as well as basic rights to the common people. Indian Youth Club thinks that it is the responsibility and duty of [>]

Female infanticide in india

Another exemplification of neglect for the female population was during the Song dynasty In China between the years 960 and 1279 AD, where a brutal practice called foot binding rapidly became popular among higher classes, but eventually spread to the lower classes to indicate an image of wealth to rest of the community. [>]

Interactions between english and native americans essay sample

After enslaving indigenous peoples in the Caribbean and the southern parts of the Americas to grow crops and mine for gold, silver, and other valuables, the Spanish moved into North America where they concentrated their efforts in what is now the southwestern and southeastern United States. Instead of enslaving Native Americans in farming [>]

Yoga term paper examples

Bonura, in a research that aimed at reviewing the Psychological benefits of Yoga, contends that yoga is indeed overly useful in reducing stress and anxiety. Ideally, yoga is also helpful in the treatment of insomnia, reduction of anger, and the general betterment of sleep quality.

Good essay about outsourcing surrogate services

When a child is given birth to, a woman who carried the pregnancy to terms has to surrender the child to a woman or couple that procured her services of a surrogate. The practice is widespread in the state of Gujarat that is in the western side of India.


It is also known as the " Gate of Magnificence." Buland Darwaza or the loft gateway was built by the great Mughal emperor, Akbar in 1601 Fatehpur Sikri. A Persian inscription on eastern archway of the Buland Darwaza records Akbar's conquest over Gujarat in 1601.

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Origins of alternative education in india education essay

Hence the training the head and acquisition of cognition have ever been the dominant subject in Indian attacks to understanding the instruction. And this despite the Directive Principles in Article 45 of the Indian Constitution which prescribes that the province will seek to supply, within a term of office of 10 old ages [>]

Indian culture and traditions

The son would prefer a western outfit on the day of marriage as it is in harmony with the latest trends in fashion. The traditional Indian mother visits a temple in the evening to participate in the devotional songs that celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna.

Tracing changes through a thousand years

CLC Historians and their sources Different types of sources are used by historians to learn about the past, depending on the period being studied and the nature of the investigation. CLC The notable dynasties of the period were the Scholars, Challis, Thoughts and Mussels.

Laws and politics of india

YET, all hell broke loose when the State Assembly adopted, on June 26, a resolution recording its acceptance of the report of the State Autonomy Committee and asked " the Union Government and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to take positi ve and effective steps for the implementation of the same." On [>]

Building natural hazard resilient communities in india environmental sciences essay

As exemplified by the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 and the south Asia temblor of 2005, India can be said to be one of the most disaster prone states in the universe. There is pressing demand for conjunct attempts at diversifying coastal economic systems with a position to heightening catastrophe recovery and edifice [>]

Cultural differences between indian and western civilizations essay sample

The topic of this essay is to explain the cultural differences that can exist between the Indian society and the Western society. These principles are closely bound to the doctrine of the reincarnation of the souls, which is the continuity of the individual through a set of different lives.

The kashmir crisis – the importance relationship between india and pakistan

This article is designed to help explain the situation in the region and the significance of Kashmir to India and Pakistan. Straddling the Kashmir Valley and the foothills of Jammu is the abode of the Gujjar/Bakarwal tribes, the shepherd community of the state who speak Gujari, a kin of Rajasthani Hindi.

Sarojini naidu essay sample

Her works on poetry are The Golden Threshold, published in 1905; The Feather of the Dawn; The Bird of Time, published in 1912, and The Broken Wing, published in 1917. Thus she was one of the first women to participate in the national struggle for independence.

Swades: training and development lessons

It is about the transformation of an individual who is indifferent and cynical to the ways of society, to an individual who does not accept the status-quo and stands for the people, against people. Significance of Training to each of the Trainer: Mohan: The main objective of Mohan in coming to India and [>]

Dharavi slum

Mumbai has thrived economically in the recent years and now has one of the highest property prices in the world. The plan is to also rehabilitate all slum dwellers into flats built in the Dharavi area.

Intel india maker lab conclave : here’s what indian startups should know !

The Maker Lab's small checklist When asked about what do they essentially look for in startups Rai said, " They should have a thought planned, some amount of work done, believe in their idea and their solution should require some help from Intel. Adding to this Jitendra elaborating on three things the would [>]

Self rule movement in india 1937

The growing demand for the transfer of power and the feeling of nationality in Indians compelled the British to amend the whole system of governance to ensure their interests. The Act had provided the power to vote to the Indians but it all was merely an illusion because of the elaborate and special [>]

Arranged marriage – 1

Some of these factors in some order of priority may be taken into account for the purpose of matchmaking: * Reputation of the family * Vocation: For a groom, the profession of doctor, accountant, lawyer, engineer, or scientist are traditionally valued as excellent spouse material. The groom and the bride should have the [>]

Importance of teachers day and online teachers’ evaluation system essay sample

TEACHERS' EVALUATION SYSTEM It is known that teachers are the vital human resource of any academic institution in the transfer of quality education to the students and they are often thought accountable for their students' learning, within the restrictions of the students' capabilities, time and resources availability. The outcomes of students' teacher performance [>]

Case study on india china infrastructure

The most remarkable common factor behind the success of infrastructure in China was the single-minded goal of sustaining economic growth and recognition of the importance of infrastructure development in achieving this goal. The planning institutions in India at the national and state levels adopted a consultative process for the formulation of plans.

Costumes of uttar pradesh, india essay sample

However, in the villages of UP, the men usually wear kurtas, which are long and loose shirts. Jewellery plays a considerable part in the costumes of Uttar Pradesh.

Vikram sarabhai essay sample

Here is a lovely poem by Mahadevi Verma Rajiv Krishna Saxena Keywords: Wakeup, resolve, enthuse Chal uth neta Bottom of Form In today's political environment we see huge corruption all around. Here is a famous poem by Om Vyas Om giving a lovely and sentimental poetic description of mother and father.

Indian retail study – the kirana or mom and pop store essay sample

This model is the face of unorganized retail in India, the ubiquitous Kirana store or mom n pop store as it is referred to in English. Moreover the Indian mindset that products being sold in big and flashy stores are bound to be a tad more expensive than those sold in kirana stores [>]

Observations on maulana wahiduddin khan’s article

His stand is sound as a broad guideline, but alas Maulana cannot be a patch on the charisma and leadership of the Prophet while Muslims too are not united and so committed to the Hudaibiya peace initiative, given great differences in time, place and the composition of the adversaries. In his article, Maulana [>]

Free logicians of ancient china essay sample

Therefore, some of the Chinese men had to specialize in mathematical, as well as logical paradoxes, following the Greek manner in the ancient time. The World of Thought in Ancient China.

Free essay on hinduism

Hinduism is regarded as one of the oldest organized religions in the world. The Hindus described the Vedas as the source of knowledge for the Hindus.

The rise of indian software industry essay sample

Comparative Advantage of Indian software industry The rise of India's software industry, in my opinion clearly explains major part of the theory of comparative advantage. On the first part according to the theory, India has been able to specialize in those goods that it produces more efficiently and at the same time exports [>]

Dr, abdul kalam essay sample

For his distinguished contribution in launching the missiles project in India, he is popularly known as the Missile Man of India and is considered a progressive mentor, innovator and visionary in India. Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 in a Tamil Muslim family to Jainulabdeen, a boat owner and Ashiamma, a [>]

The fight for indian independence

After Independence there was still in parts of India a lot of rioting going on between the 2 dominant religions in India the Hindu's and the Muslims. A national organisation used this to try and sort the disputes in India.

Man: the maker of his destiny essay sample

Born Mohandas Gandhi, and later popularly referred to as the ' Mahatma' or ' great soul', Gandhi became a national hero in the Indian struggle to secure the independence of India from the British Empire. Out of 38 students who had passed the high school entrance examination, Gandhi was one of only two [>]

Example of news report

While taking pictures of the area, to report the rising trend in Mumbai, where factory workers are made residential tenants in places where they once work, the two of them were accosted by some men. One of the five men was arrested some days later, and he admitted that he was in the [>]

Essay on increase cost of living

In India the schools mainly follow CBSE system, similarly in the UAE most of the schools follow the same system. The fees structure in a normal collage in India is very high as compared to the fees structure in any university in the UAE.

Mamoni raisom goswami essay sample

She was encouraged by Kirti Nath Hazarika who published her first short stories Chinaki Morom in 1968 in a literary journal he edited where she authored a number of short stories when she was only thirteen years of age and a student of 8th standard in the school.she was encouraged by Kirti Nath [>]

The kashmir dispute

The partition of the Indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of India and Pakistan. The first group of United Nations military observers arrived in the mission area on 24 January of 1949 to supervise the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Women education in india critical essay

Introduction: The men and the women are the two wheels of the society. They are the first teachers of the future citizens of the country.

Mathematical in india past, present, future

Mathematicsin India Past, Present and Future What is mathematics? " mathematics is ascienceof space, numbers and quantity" Past: Indian mathematics emerged in the Indian subcontinent from 1200 BC until the end of the 18th century. These mathematical concepts were transmitted to the Middle East, China, and Europe and led to further developments that [>]

Abraham lincoln the prairie years by carl sandburg essay

He was married and was blessed with five children; it was not long until Abraham was shot dead by an Indian while he was tilling a land with his three sons. Speed, Lincoln's friend married Fanny whom he was thought not to be in love, Lincoln as his mentor, encouraged him and they [>]

Structural functionalism in india essay sample

Structural-Functional approach in the study of society emerged from the writings of early thinkers like August Comte, Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkheim during the later part of 19th century and became a predominant trend in sociology during the first half of 20th century. Dube may be considered to be in the forefront of [>]

Khetri copper complex

In 1967, Hindustan Copper Ltd, a central public sector enterprise, was entrusted with the teak of prospecting, mining, extraction and fabrication of metals and manufacture of primary products, alloys and by- products at the huge complex. Identify the ecological and economic impact that the project had made on the life and activity of [>]

Unemployment in india

It is true that the future of a country depends on the ability and the mental attitudes of its young men and women then India has already lost the will to develop. There is no doubt about that." But even getting to grips with the scale of the problem is hard enough: India [>]

President of india essay sample

The Main Gate of Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India The President of India is the head of state and first citizen of India. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of India.[1] Although the president is vested such powers by the constitution of India, the [>]

Child labour essay sample

The 3 articles selected for this review highlights the problems and solutions of child labour in a developed country UK and a developing country India, and the 3rd article further explores and builds on the other 2 articles in terms of causes of child labour. The 2nd article ' Child labour, the most [>]

Quaid-e-azam muhammad ali jinnah

He was the leader of The Muslim League and served as the first Governor General of Pakistan. After 3 years at the age of 19 he became the youngest indian to be called to the bar in England and He completed his formal studies and also made a study of the British political [>]

Impact of western culture on youth

Due to globalization...the rich culture of India is disappearing. The most impact is of western culture on India culture.

Indian paint industry

The current scenario prevailing in the Indian paint industry has been pictured in detail. The share of the organized and unorganized sector has been dealt with in detail, discussing the impact of recent issues and trends on the industry dynamics.

Nagpur district essay sample

Vehicle Registration: Vehicle registration MH31 Ngp West; MH49 Nagpur East; MH40 Nagpur Metro * Nagpur is the winter capital of the state of Maharashtra.* a fast growing metropolis and third largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune.* With a population of 2, 405, 421[4] Nagpur Metropolitan Area is the 13th largest urban [>]

The law and constitution of india essay sample

Bentham " A law is an assemblage of signs declarative of volition conceived or adopted by the sovereign in a state, concerning the conduct to be observed in a certain case by a certain person of class of person, who in a case are or supposed to be subject of his power". The [>]

Soft drink industry in india

With the introduction of MAKE IN INDIA project by the Modi Government in the year 2014 many Soft-Drink manufacturers, have concentrated on Developing the new products which suite the taste and preference of Indian customers. On the other Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited is the part of bottling investment group of the company [>]

Abdul kalam essay sample

Later, the next year, he was awarded the Veer Savarkar Award by the Government of India. One amongst the most respected people of the country, Kalam has contributed immensely both as a scientist and as a president.

Essay on comparing saudi arabia and india

In order to understand the cultures of both countries, we must start from the geopolitical entities that make up India and Saudi Arabia. With approximately 15% of the world's population living in India, the definition of India as a polity might be challenging.

Eli lily case study essay sample

Second, the timing was perfect for Eli Lilly to enter the Indian market. He created the JV's team, positioned the JV in the market, set its operations developing the marketing strategy.

Indian literature essay sample

Naidu was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the Governor of Uttar Pradesh state.was a great patriot, politician, orator and administrator.of all the famous women of India, Mrs. Not only that, but she was truly one of the jewels of [>]

Modern day india

C) Singing and dancing * Singing and dancing are important ingredients in Bollywood films * They comment on the action taking place * A song is well-integrated into the plot so that a character has a reason to sing * Songs often tell about characters' thoughts or foreshadow events to come in the [>]

Good essay about religious studies

Followers of this religion hold that the basis of this life outlook is endless as the way of life is a portrayal of basic law present in the universe. The purpose of this writing is to determine the different personalities of Hinduism in terms of their religious principles and beliefs including their ways [>]

Bal swachhta abhiyan essay

The purpose of the Bal Swachhta Abhiyan is just to promote the cleanliness habits among kids and children of the country to make India a clean India in near future. Bal Swachhta Abhiyan, an environmental and personal cleanliness mission, launched by the Indian government on the children's day to make the occasion more [>]

Guided reading

Mimosa- In Indian regions and Indianphilosophy, It connotes freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. 5) Explain the rise of Hinduism and it's effects on the Indian people.-Hinduism created a new caste system.

Socio-religious movements in maharastra and south-india

The aim of the society is the promulgation of theistic worship and social reform, and its early goals were opposition to the caste system, the introduction of widow remarriage, the encouragement of female education, and the abolition of child marriage. Its members were instrumental in the organization of other important social-reform movements that [>]

Early syncretism in india and china

These have to do with the adaptability of religion and focus on discipline and workculture. Aversion to modernization and trade would have resulted in the colonization and dissolution of these societies.

Why do the events of 1857-8 in india matter?

We see the British taking over India from the East India Company after a ' mutiny' in 1857 and welcoming it into a colony in the British Empire. We find out much about British rule in India from the outbreak of fighting of the mutiny before 1857 as it tells us about how [>]

The challenges for india in the next millennium

As we all know, India is a wonderful mixture of so much diversities - different religions, languages, geographical conditions, cultural habits and so on.maintaining harmony among these diversities against growing tendency of separatism is one of the main tasks lying ahead of us as we enter the next millennium. Conservation of energy & [>]

Case study of fdi in india vs china

Objective of the Study:- a) To analyze the pattern and direction of FDI flow in India.b) To identify factors those are responsible for comparatively lesser flow of FDI to India c) To identify reasons for regional imbalances in terms of flow of FDI.d) To review FDI policy of India e) To address various [>]

India and english essay sample

Contrary to the most popular pre-independence consensus, that Hindi would over power the English language after independence, English has not only continued to flourish in the educational and official network of India but has also become one of the official languages of the nation and thus continues to enjoy the support of the [>]

International business essay sample

The culture of which of the following countries has a close conversational distance? Which of the following is true with regard to culture?

Vision for the nation

It therefore went deep into the minds and the hearts of the masses and soon became the great inspiring and driving force for the people to collectively plunge into the struggle for freedom movement. It is the technological strength of the nation, which is the key to reach this developed status.

A country i would like to visit: india essay sample

UniqueTopic Wise Reference On General StudiesBooks on Indian History & Culture: NCERT Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India. Gupta: Statistical Methods Books on India and the World: Journal of peace Studies World Focus Strategic Analysis South Asian Journal Other Books for General Studies: 1.

Hindu mythology essay sample

It is called so because it is the tagline devised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala to promote the tourism in the state and it is working well. Kerala, the land of rivers and backwaters is a green strip of land, in the South West corner of Indian peninsula.

Ethics in health care: assisted reproduction essay examples

The Dilemma of surrogate mothers in India Dilemma of multiple pregnancies from in-vitro conception Conclusion Abstract This document contains an analysis of assisted reproduction practices, especially, with reference to India. Recent developments reveal that the process presents a dilemma for surrogate mothers in India due to financial commitments and incidences of multiple pregnancies [>]

Republic day

Everyone has equal rights, and anyone can be voted to become the President or the Prime Minister of India and rule the country. That is the power of a republic where common man is the hero.

Example of essay on comparing saudi arabia and india

In order to understand the cultures of both countries, we must start from the geopolitical entities that make up India and Saudi Arabia. With approximately 15% of the world's population living in India, the definition of India as a polity might be challenging.

Impact of globalization on non western culture essay sample

Circumstances Before and After Event The Chinese culture before the transformation of globalization was one of the world's most significant opponent of globalization. Therefore, the women need to work and contribute to the household income to afford a certain lifestyle Cause of Influence The cause of influence is the very definition of globalization; [>]

Free culture and traditions essay example

Both the counties pay utmost importance to the respect and honor of the elder people of the society. While there is room for informality and amiability in America, the people in India and Japan are expected to be formal in their approach.

Religion in film

The words of Farley, theology refers to " the cognitive enterprise using appropriate methods and issuing in a body of teaching" Theology, is to be seen as a critical task whose end was an integrated knowledge of God. It explores the role of myth and metaphor in civilization to suggest that the world [>]

Problems and solutions with offshoring in india

However, in case of low volumes, the cost of shifting to India vis-a-vis the effort and risks involved might not make outsourcing to India a sound decision. There are certain companies in India that have tried to make outsourcing an onshore-offshore model with a higher percentage of onshore activity than the traditional BPO [>]

3g data cards-product survey essay sample

Both these state-owned operators were given a head start by the government in the 3G space by allotting the required 3G spectrum, on the condition that each would pay an amount which would be equivalent to the highest bid in the respective service areas as and when the 3G auctions took place. All [>]

Superstitions and india

The answer to why these disciplines have not penetrated into the pores of Indian society lies in the history of political power in India. Power in the domain of politics was assimilated in Indian nationalism and democracy to imaginations of the powers that were seen as governing people's life-chances.

Proud to be an indian essay sample

IF I WERE PRIME MINISTER FOR ONE DAY India is the largest democratic country and the Prime Minister is the head of it. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would make India a strong country.

What were the social and political impacts of the partition of india and pakistan?

Another book that greatly helped me was, The Economic Consequences of Divided India: a study of the economy of India and Pakistan, by Chandulal Nagindas Vakil. The partition of India was done in unnecessary rage over religion, society and a fight with the past that they could not let go.

History essay samples

Although these people did question the existence of God and the reasons associated to his existence, he managed to answer all their queries mainly due to the hollowness in their religion. The main reason for this was the Japanese religion that did not believe in the existence of a supernatural being, but considered [>]

The communist party of india essay sample

The CPI was born in the struggle against revisionism and sectarianism in the communist movement at the international and national level, in order to defend the scientific and revolutionary tenets of Marxism-Leninism and its appropriate application in the concrete Indian conditions. The CPI combines the fine heritage of the anti-imperialist struggle and the [>]

Brief profile of mr. atul kumar rai essay sample

Director on the Board of Directors of Vijaya Bank between 2004 and 2007. Director on the Board of Directors of Industrial Investment Bank of India between 2002 and May, 2007.

Tectonic movement of south asia research paper examples

Figure 8A-2, the map showing Tectonic Evolution of South Asia, provides a fascinating view of the post-Pangea movement of the India plate. Figure 8A-2 shows this slow movement to the north, the point at which India collided with the Eurasian plate, and the current position of the Indian landmass.

Hiyasmin guy yoche

Free trade also allows countries to specialize in the production of goods that they have a comparative advantage and trading them for goods in which they have a comparative disadvantage. In fact according to Johan Norberg, " The reason why their workplace standards and wages are generally lower is lack of productivity, the [>]