Informative Employee Essay Samples

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Dispute on employee motivation

Bright informed Chaplin that their company has the budget to enhance employee motivation with the best motivation enhancement program in the industry. He should also mention in his note to Bright that implementation of Company ABC's employee motivation program may possibly waste the resources of Company XYZ.

Educated, unemployed and frustrated

After working so hard for years to make something of yourself, not to mention the debt you are left to pay after. People need more of a push to actually want to get out and get a job.

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Breastfeeding in the workplace and other employees

In the state of California and at the federal level, legislation promotes and protects a nursing mother's ability to breastfeed in public spaces. Breastfeeding or pumping in the workplace can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up for a new mother, non-parenting co-workers, and the employer.

Unincorporated business structures 4 report samples

The induction, advancement and management staff policies in the act allowed employers to maintain their positions under the umbrella of the organizations. The second part encompassed the Equality Act 2010 which illustrated the role of employers for employees and their employment contracts and what were the influences on directors and managers after the [>]

Example of essay on collective bargaining:

Collective bargaining can be termed is a process of negotiations which exist between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements which entail a better working environment for the employees. In this case the employees who are not in apposition to use the new machines should be trained and others be [>]

Ethical practices essay sample

A code of ethics is a telling collection of values that clarifies an organization's mission and vision and establishes to its employees as well as the world what it believes in and aims to live by. The Code of Ethics would be proudly displayed as framed and mounted posters in ideal locations for [>]

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Good case study on ethical theory and business practice

This is a balance is brought by the ethical issues in the business world. Indeed, ethical issues in business entail the critical assessment of the impact of the business proposal to the customers, employees and other third parties affected by the business.

Labour force participation rate research paper

Labour force participation rate is an important concept in economics and it is defined as the number of labours that are participating in the economic activities from the total number of labour available in the economy. The concept of Labour force participation rate highlights the fact that an increase in the number of [>]

Good example of 6. explain the 5 concepts. a) collective bargaining b) strike c) mediation d) fact essay

An example of a collective bargaining agreement is a stipulated agreement granting the employees certain bonuses and incentives and the grant of amenities by the employer to improve the working condition of the employees including the work hours and rest periods. An example to an arbitration process is when the parties submit their [>]

Sexual harassment at work research paper examples

Behavioral Objectives Define Sexual Harassment Understand the imbalance in power that can cause the behavior Learn how to identify the behavior Learn how to report an incident Learn how to find assistance for changing behavior Learn prevention strategies for the workplace Recognize the signs of a sexual harasser in action and learn to [>]

Sample essay on a professional code of conduct

Objectives of the Code are the determination on the basis of common values of principles and rules of business conduct and ethics, aimed at improving banking efficiency and culture, financial stability of the Bank, to strengthen mutual trust of participants of the banking market; the development of a common corporate culture based on [>]

Training plan for employees

Section B I will conduct the following job analysis to obtain Information on the skills, knowledge and ablest required for the Job: Identify and Isolate the component tasks Involved Examine how the tasks are performed Identify the main areas ofresponsibilityIdentify the working conditions I will use the 3 following methods to gather data [>]

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Systems approach strategic workforce planning and succession management research paper example

In cases where the employee is mistaken to be using drugs, the employee feels they are not valued or trusted by the employer. Drug tests can also not be allowed in some cases by the law since they infringe on employee privacy.

Good establishing internal control in a small business case study example

Franklin planned to left the handling of cash to that of the husband and wife. The second concern about the motel part of the business is the recording of the number of customers.

Hrd case study sample

The union is rightly justified in asking for the election to be set aside as when interpreted according to the provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, the act of the supervisor tantamount to a " threat of reprisal" that is implicit. Section 8 of the Taft-Hartley Act which deals with employer unfair labor practices [>]

The need to introduce flexible benefit plans for employees narrative essay

The advantage to the organization and employees of having a flexible benefit plan is clear. A disadvantage of flexible benefit plans is that employees are often overwhelmed by the numerous choices a plan may have to offer.

Employers: managing maternity leave

While the benefits of maternal leave cannot be disputed, the current debate surrounds the continuing discrimination of women at the workplace and how maternal leave and benefits could actually contribute to preferential treatment of men over women in the labor market. These policies are in place to provide support to working women and [>]

Strategy, change and leadership essay examples

The transactional technique of leadership is also a key contributor to the effectiveness of the leader. The key advantage of this technique of leadership is that it makes it difficult to ascertain the factors that motivate the members of a team.

Essay on exploring and examining a practice issue

On the basis of the seven levels of corporate culture, the events of the two narratives can be rated in the first level, which is survival consciousness. This kind of a leadership is indeed detrimental to the patients care, unit and the organization in general.

Example of federal tort claims act essay

This is known as the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity." The FTCA allows the United States government to be liable for: injury or loss of property, or personal injury or death caused by the negligent or wrongful act or omission of any employee of the government while acting within the scope of [>]

Free report on equal employment opportunity

Issues from which the rights of the individuals have been protected This law protects the employees on the basis of the following issues and differences Race, color, creed or Religion This includes the discrimination of the employees on the basis of their - physical appearance - difference in skin color - the individual [>]

Free essay on should collective bargaining be recognized as a human right in canada

As a basic human right it is enshrined in the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 adopted at The General Conference of the International Labour Organisation convened by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights in 1949 and brought into force in July 1951. This document outlines the positions of major [>]

Sample essay on research review

The objectives in this particular research are based on the impact that stressing has in the work setting. The methodology that was used to conduct was through issuing out questionnaires to the different employees that were carefully selected to ensure that the results collected were accurate based on their experience in the organization.

Companies that gives importance to their employees

Boston Consulting Group BCG invests " 100-plus hours and thousands of dollars to recruit each consultant," says the company's site, and it also claims to pay 100 percent of its employees'healthcare premiums." Attracting top talent and maintaining anenvironmentin which employees can rapidly develop have been key to our success and our ability to [>]

Employee portal system

Maintaining the services that provide by the employees of the city hall of Paranaque should come up with the used of the modern technology by the access through internet that will give the people fulfilment when it comes in their satisfaction provided by the employee portal and when it comes in the services [>]

Overview of the approaches to motivate employees

Whenever representatives and their work are esteemed, their fulfillment and efficiency rises, and they are inspired to keep up or enhance their great work. The workplace ought to take after a home as it will inspire the organization and make them anticipate coming to work every day.

How process of control operate on public sector labor relation essay examples

The Wagner Act protected the government employees through the labor relation act, and later it formulated the Railway Labor Act to protect the public employees who worked with the air and railways. The labor relations examine the boundary of employees on a global level; it covers issues that face the employers ranging from [>]

Free tenure law and act 82 term paper example

The holder of the tenure is usually not the owner of the valuable or the permanent holder of the current position. In case a teacher is to be dismissed, the administration must refer and act within the guidelines of the law.

Example of signaling and human capital theories: evaluating return on education essay

In that respect, the theory has a claim that there is a direct correlation between the skills learnt which are dependent on level of education and the return on education which is measured in terms of earnings.- Empirical evidence for testing the competing theories Several estimates of the rate of return on education [>]

Good behavior report example

The spoken and understood view of a company is seen through the behaviors of the employees. Strong organizational culture reveals the expectations of the employees in terms of behavior and conduct.

Review employees files

In the meanwhile, McFate needs to keep on her toes because this still goes in her file and there may not be a way to prove it. On one of Branham employee evaluations, it was commented by the Manager that Branham has misplaced company radios and also not being available for central control [>]

A study of employee engagement as a retention tool at itm university, gwalior

In the theoretical part the concepts of employee engagement and retention are studied and the data used is gathered from literature written about the field. In the empirical part of the thesis, the engagement of the case institution's employees is studied.

How to get the message out to all employees

What the career development program is expected to do It should improve both the adermic level of students and vocational skills It should help to accomplish the objectives set by the advisory of career development It should improve the knowledge in the use of the availabletechnologyIt should set a role model and create [>]

Impact of motivation on employee performance

The essence of it is in achieving market acceptance of products and services. For the growth direction issue the synergy is searched in the areas of product and market.

Payne v fct 96 atc 4407 report sample

Thus, the monetary value of the ticket cannot not be considered as income within the definition of Section 25; or Section 26 since the reward ticket was a result of a personal contractual privilege of Payne, it cannot be included as benefit that is " allowed, given or granted" within the definition of [>]

Attracting and retaining the best employees

How many of each type of therapist will the company need? How will the company justify the travel costs?

Free right to strike / comparative labor relations essay example

Present arguments for Public Sector Collective bargaining Lewin, Keefe, and Kochan argue that collective bargaining in the public has been facing increasing criticism from the government for the past few years. In addition, critics of the collective bargaining argue that the public workers have too much power over the government and their activities [>]

Example of research method research proposal

From the management point of view, the study will illustrate the importance of teamwork and what should be done by the management in order to promote the culture of teamwork in this department. The first objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork in the Chemical Engineering Department; and the second objective is [>]

Example of article review on leadership trustworthiness and ethical stewardship

In " Leadership, Trustworthiness, and Ethical Stewardship," Caldwell et al.examines " the relationships between leadership, perception of interpersonal trustworthiness, and the elements of ethical stewardship - a construct of organizational governance that has received increasing discussion in both the academic and practitioner literatures". The most interesting attribute of leadership that is implicitly covered [>]

Critique essay samples

A well written and researched CRISP report, " Summary of the Mass Homicide by employees in the American Workplace," offers an incisive and searing diagnosis of the main causes of workplace mass homicide. According to the report Mass Homicide can be classified in terms of the number of victims involved, time of the [>]

Compare the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees

The Health and Safety act sets out rules that both the employer and employee should obey to run the business effectively, the employer has a right to provide safe equipment that will not put the employees in danger, however, the employee also has to obey any rule to the employer puts forward. Employers [>]

An evaluation of which strategies i have employed to improve my english

I will go through the two pages I will read and will write down any words that I think will be difficult for me to pronounce, so I can study and practice them individually.- This strategy reinforces my phonemic awareness because it allows me to recognize which words I have problems with. I [>]

Companies may just retrench employees due to fall

In a company's attempt to reduced labor cost it may resort to out-tasking or outsourcing which is an attempt to cut costs or improve efficiencies by having instead private companies to manage and perform one's local support services. Some companies may just retrench employees due to fall in economic condition and or due [>]

Example of mini-research paper iii research paper

Time-matrix is a theory of leadership that explains how a good leader should be able to respond to issues and how they take action. He plays various leadership roles within the organization and thus, the achievements and productivity within the organization are as a result of direct influence from his leadership.

Surprising traits that make millennials excellent employees

Regardless of that, companies have a lot to benefit, by understanding this philosophy and exploiting it for the betterment of their organization's bottom line. More and more people of this generation are thinking about and actively participating in initiatives that allow them to ' pay it forward' or ' give back' to their [>]

Example of motivational theories and leadership styles to maximize benefits to company and essay

As proper comprehension of the employee goals and objectives sustain a comprehensive performance mandate.- Self-growth and development The inculcation of growth and development develops from the proper appreciation of the organizational performance mandate. The management of numerous employees emanates from proper transactional based approaches in leadership that focus on ensuring intensive performance of [>]

Research plan: quantitative dissertation

Literature Review on Authentic Leadership, Job Satisfaction and Retention This part of the research is a review of literature and related study about the impact of authentic leadership on employees' satisfaction and retention in select hospitals. In my study plan, I would also like to see more in-depth the impact of authentic leadership [>]

Example of federal health care policy: the obamacare essay

This is a policy enacted by Barrack Obama in a bid to improve on the provision of health care services in the U.S. The Congress and other people who are against the Obamacare policy went to court protesting that a number of provisions in the policy exceed set boundaries as provided for by [>]

Example of literature review on research objectives and data collection plan

The principal objectives of this research project are to: Find the source of the problem that discourages employees from staying within the organization Determining the different issues faced by employees that are leading to the high turnover observed at the organization Data collection plan In order to address the research objectives outlined above, [>]

Responsibilities and rights of employees and employers

Describe how own role links to the wider sector I work in a care home where I take care of elderly and mentally ill people suffering fromdementia. Describe recent changes in service delivery, which have affected own area of work I like to work with service users alone when the situation and their [>]

Example of essay on prevention of corporate white collar crimes 4

When an organization suffers from frauds, its cost of production rises and in the process it reduces the profit of the organization. In the recent past, white collar crimes have been in the form of Hacking.

How does carlisle syntec go about selecting their employees?

The second interview is conducted by an HR representative and the supervisor of the department where the position the applicant is interested in belongs. In this way, the company gets to inform the applicant of the realistic demands of the job he or she is interested in.

Conducting research as a citizen scientist essay samples

Moreover, since learning is a complete product of the interaction between people and the environment, my model would be shaped to provide room for people to interact freely with the environment. Kolb's model of experiential learning is a beneficial guideline in upgrading and motivating workers to be more productive.

Good example of critical thinking on a systematic review of low back pain cost of illness studies in the united states

The human capital method is the most common and is based on an assumption that the economic value of an employee is equivalent to the earnings by the employee. A systematic review of low back pain cost of illness studies in the United States and internationally.j.spinee, 8.

Free case study about database modeling

The entities are the objects that will be defined and have the relationships in the data model developed. Halpin, T, & Morgan, T.

Good example of cyberharassment essay

This memo is in response to the conversation that we had in regards to the use of social media and your possible exposure to lawsuits. 4 of the state of California stipulates that any individual who " willfully" threatens to commit a crime which will result in " death and greatly bodily injury [>]

Free essay about performance evaluations

According to Jack, if the appraisal is accurate it would be " helpful in improving the employee's job performance and making administrative decisions about the employee". That is, the employee and the supervisors needs to fully involve in the whole process and has to do this appraisal with honesty and sincerity, to make [>]

The importance of proper it office workspace design

The relationship between workplace design, the work that takes place and the personalities of the employees is important. One of the most commonly ways of defining and assessing personality used in the UK, and particularly in the workplace, is the five-factor model or the ' Big-Five'.

Medicine (hipaa) critical thinking sample

Being the one receiving the complaints for the Department of Health and Human Services, directing each case to the department is a vital key. In the case of breach of unsecured PHI, efforts to notify The Federal Trade Commission will be in order.

Project outline research papers examples

The Motivational Theories that Apply to Generation Y - Multiattribute Utility Theory - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Generation Y's Two Factor Theory - Generation Y's Acquired Needs Theory - Modified Motivation Model 4. Generation Y's Hierarchy of Needs.

Article review on health savings accounts and other tax favored health plans

The objective of this paper is to discuss what these healthcare service plans or packages are for, and how some evidences gathered from previous experiences in availing of these can be applied to other countries, particularly to Egypt, so that policy makers there can have liberal ideas in improving the already-available healthcare plans [>]

Case study on employment laws

The legal regime in the United States of America is adequate and robust to the extent that employment and general labour laws in the United States are liberal, permissive and protective of human rights in terms of economic and civil rights. It is essential, to this extent that the spirit of the laws [>]

Ethics and whistleblowing: stealing from the employer

The answer to that is stealing is stealing, and it is wrong. N, & Hendon, J.R.

Employee motivation: implementing mcclelland’s three needs theory

They tend to use their power in ways that benefit others and the company rather than for personal gain. Money is secondary to the need for power.

Employee and payroll system

This project keeps the record of employees working in the company. Coding for view the record form.5.

Example of critical thinking on the advantages and disadvantages of obama healthcare plan

Some of the advantages of the healthcare reforms engineered by the Obama administration are the fact that all American must have access to premium healthcare cover, low income earners are entitled to support from the state to meet their healthcare cost, insurance companies cannot drop an individual they cover because they are sick, [>]

Albertsons works on employee attitudes essay

In this case management build and let their employee know what was the goal of the company and what are those things that they have to do t contribute in the company success. So! if all the employee will be motivated well and lead it to company's goal the change in business will [>]

Assessing a underachieving employee essay

A solution to the jobs that occurred The first thing I would make would be to put up a record of meetings with this work co-worker and our director. I believe this is what is needed in this state of affairs.she needs to experience like a valued squad member.this would so give her [>]

Example of essay on 401(k) retirement plan

The plan is popular among the working people as the provisions allow them to save and invest their money in the plan before the taxes are deducted. The Pros and Cons of IRAs and 401s.

How to support employees returning to the workplace

Related: Some employees return from leave to work at the same organization, while others take a much longercareerbreak and come back to the job market to work with a new employer. As organizations begin to think about return-to-the-workplace strategies, a new set of best practices can be expected to take hold in the [>]

Workplace and employee motivation

One of the most important issues at a Target Retail Store is the timely method and manner of placing and displaying the merchandise on the sales floor before the store actually opens to the public at 8: 00 a.m. The best known theory of motivation in this area is Maslow" s theory of [>]

Research paper on tourism: hospitality leaders

Background of the Hospitality Pioneer There are a large number of prominent pioneers/leaders who changed the face of the hospitality and tourism industry. At the age of 15, Ritz joined as an apprentice in a hotel in Brig and was later fired by the patron of the hotel claiming that Ritz would never [>]

Free assuming that the data in the above table represents the couses table critical thinking sample

Business rules describe the events that occur in a business and the flow of data from one event to another. The rules should be such that the changes can be implemented quickly without disrupting the day to day activities of the business.

Good example of essay on job analysis

Just as for an interview preparing answers to possible questions and getting information on the employers is the preparation for an employee, job analysis is the preparation that an employer has to do for a job. Compensation is determined by the difficulty and ambiguity of the tasks that are to be performed and [>]

Essay on employee motivation

Specifically the manger creates performance in each employee by speeding up the reaction between the employee's talents and the company'sgoals, and between the employee's talents and the customer's needs. Page 5 At the Root of the Long Term Problem - Demographics Both the nature of work and the workforce are changing rapidly as [>]

Free essay about ethics management

[STUDENT][PROFESSOR] When it comes to the ethical management of ethical organizations, there are various ethical mandates that the managers in such organizations must consider, so as to ensure that the operations of the organization are based on ethics and morals. The most important moral mandates for OHMOV include the integrity embedded in the [>]

Employees’ issues in hcl axon malaysia

The employees are bewildered in a suffocating quandary which consists of rigidity in the Human Resource department, negligence of employees' welfare, and the lack of employee development.i. Negligence of Employees' Welfare Besides, the HR department in HCL AXON Malaysia never takes employees' elfare and needs seriously.

A case study: employee behavior

Jeanne Lewis of Staples, Inc.was able to ethically influence her organization by adapting her own style and by listening to and learning from her employees at all levels of the organization. But it was also clear to everyone that she knew the business, and could succeed in any position within it.

Absenteeism and attendance of employees – paper

In this study absenteeism is defined as: temporary, extended or permanent incapacity for work as a result of sickness or infirmity The purpose of the study was to investigate the incidence of learner bsenteeism in the country, the reasons why learners absent themselves from schools and examine the systems that exist to monitor [>]

Good example of beautism in the workplace research paper

This is not to say that it is illegitimate employing people on the principle of attractiveness in the USA. Beautism or lookism is a prejudice against employees based on their appearance that is to say, employees that are more appealing are the first in line for employment and promotion.

Federal bureau of prisons fundamentals essay examples

As a matter of fact, the environments provided by the Federal Bureau of Prison Fundamentals present criminals with an opportunity to change their behaviors and be citizens who abide to the laws of the community. The security level varies due to the difference in the inmates within the institution.

Example of the rate of unemployment essay

The natural rate of unemployment can be defined as the rate of unemployment prevailing when the aggregate labor supply is in balance with the demand for labor in the market. The financial crisis increased in the natural rate of unemployment in the US by creating a mismatch between the characteristics of the potential [>]

Free family business report sample

Of the four family businesses that were interviewed, two of them had retail businesses while the one of the other two had a wholesaling business and the other with a service business. When asked the most significant concerns regarding the growth of their businesses, two of the family businesses ranked the overall business [>]

Drive book review examples

The rewards lead to less desirable behavior by employees once the reward system is removed, and the employees start to expect more than the previous reward in every performance. The author's focus was that for intrinsic motivation to last longer it is crucial that employees should be provided with mastery, purpose, and autonomy.

Essay on financial performance measures

These measures are used for performance analysis in a business leading to setting of targets by the business and also departmental targets. The business culture does not affect the financial performance in the value chain as the culture is used to the value chain hence keeping it as efficient as possible.

Key employment laws and regulations

The purpose of the duty to accommodate is to ensure that persons who are otherwise fit for work are not unfairly excluded where working conditions can be adjusted without undue hardship"." However, the purpose of the duty to accommodate is not to completely alter the essence of the contract of employment, that is, [>]

The employees who attracted and committed

And also in business, BMW is the best management so I would like to work in this company. This Mitsubishi Group is the best company in Japan and contributing the ethical organizations so I would like to work in this company.

International employees

The impact ofglobalizationover the last thirty years has been immense Not only has it provided, he said, " companies with the option to operate in many different countries but also with wider and diverse markets not only to sell their products but also to manufacture It and Its components In various locations worldwide". [>]

Torres v reardon case study

The Case is being contended under four criterions; the first criteria being, whether there could be a triable issue of existence as to whether the employee was under employment during the occurrence of the accident that caused the injuries. The employee could also claim compensation in the sense that, the injuries sustained had [>]

The impact of mergers on employees’ behaviour

One of the main characteristics of the service of these firms is the orientation towards projects, due to the complexity and uniqueness of the work required. Therefore, the research aims of the research are to present, compare, and discuss the results of employees' interpretations of their experiences of the change in the merger [>]

Free research paper on homeserve training program assessment

While assessing the employee readiness, the following areas would have to be assessed in the questionnaire; whether the employees have a motivation to learn, or whether they can be able to view themselves as successful and if they are aware of the needs for the training, the interest and the goals. The learning [>]

Employees with work

The first part of the questionnaire was utilized to measure factors that motivate employees to remain loyal to their employer, dedication to their Job, and Job satisfaction. One of the latest theory, The Four Drive Theory Models suggest that one of the reasons that employees are motivated because acquire and achieve Construct definitions [>]

Analytical report samples

Promotions related to prevention of sickness and lifestyle management are offered under the program referred as workplace wellness, from single interventions to multi-component programs, benefits directly offered by the employers, by a vendor, plans of health group or a combination of both. From the above statistics, it has been observed that more staff [>]