Perfect Essay Samples on Career

An essay about career is a very common task whether at school, college, bachelor, or postgraduate level. We all have some images of a successful career, but putting it into words might not be an easy task. If you wonder “what my career essay” should look like, here’s our article.

We discuss some topics by highlighting some career tracks and different valuable skills. We also provide some writing tips. Plus, we have many career essay examples below, so feel free to use them for your inspiration.

Different Career Tracks

Finding a future career is challenging because there are many possible tracks. Already at school, we think about who we want to become. Medical specializations are trendy areas. So, you may think of an essay on nursing, physical therapy, or dental disciplines. It is just a tiny part of possible careers in the medical field. Each one differs in approaches to self-realization and future career advancement.

Another popular area is business and management. The fate of the organization and even the professional fate of an individual – an employee of this enterprise – depends on managers. Running a business is not as easy as it sounds. There is also a separate area of career management, which exists in the form of a course (geb 3003). Of course, project managers play a critical role in business. Accounting is also essential in any organization and, thus, the demand for such specialists is very high.

Mechanical and engineering careers are also possible and very valuable. The engineer is the engine of progress. For thousands of years, engineers have been discovering new opportunities to use resources for the benefit of humanity, and this is precisely what is becoming a key driver of economic progress. An essay on engineering can be useful in many areas, for example, automotive companies and global operations.

Useful Skills to Achieve a Success in Career

It is not enough to define the track for a career of your dream. It is also necessary to define goals and the way of achieving them. Achieving goals requires specific skills. Your essay might be about these skills. Sometimes they differ from area to area, but there are also common to all.

A successful career is made up of several factors, and teaching and learning these skills and qualities are the most important part of career training. Often, admission to an MBA program requires you to talk about a situation in which your leadership skills have played a significant role, helped you cope with the difficulties that have arisen, and learn the lessons that will be useful to you in the future. Often, such essays include research on psychology and global business trends. Sometimes it can even include philosophy.

Useful Tips for Writing an Essay on Career

Make sure of what type of essay is required. There are several types of essays: reflection, narrative, argumentative, and many others. It is essential to follow the rules of each type. However, every paper has a standard structure: introduction, body part, and conclusion. Sometimes essays also include an outline. Often, students are asked to write 5 paragraphs: one for the introduction, three for the main part, and one for the conclusion.

Another important rule to follow: avoid plagiarism. Cite all the sources you use to support your ideas. There are several citation formats—for example, APA or MLA. Choose one or follow your professor’s requirements and use it consistently throughout your paper. Also, it may be useful to save your essay in pdf format if the instructions do not state otherwise.

Writing a successful essay on career is very important for both enrolled students and those who want to get a scholarship. Also, such pieces can be used in your future thesis. Planning a career of your choice through writing such an essay is also possible. We offer many career essay samples for different purposes. You will find short essays 200 words long and more extended papers.

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134 Perfect Academic Paper Samples on Career to Boost Your Creativity

I thought of myself as a small fish

I realized the power of being a leader wasinside of me. Helping people tobecome a leader as well and using the strengths that people have to propelothers to success.

Many lucky enough to play against them both,

However both Lebron James and MichaelJordan are undisputedly two of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Both James and Jordan are known to be almost unstoppable on theoffensive side of the ball.

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Introduction: be like as a character in

I will be reading the whole novel to see what type of character he is and how is he portrayed in the story by Markus Zusak. Therefore, by analysing the character in the novel, and looking at how It's portrayed, as Death most of the time does not come as a character but [>]

Job description of school counselors

They advocate for students and work with other individuals and organizations to promote theacademic, career, and personal and social development of children and youths. Rehabilitation counselors meet both with disabled individuals as well as their families, evaluate school and medical reports and make suggestions, and confer and plan with physicians, psychologists, educators, occupational [>]

Glass ceiling topic

Mattis showed that lack of flexibility continued to be a feature of the corporateculturethat lead to the attrition of high potential women and contributed to the dramatic increase in entrepreneurship among women in the US Glass ceiling affects the performance of women at managerial posts. The study shows that there is a very [>]

Student’s interests and balanced career development

Educational institutions should actively encourage their students to choose fields of study that will prepare them for lucrative careers. To sum it up, although the encouragements of choosing fields of study that will prepare them for lucrative careers would bring educational institutions many profits, for example, rich alumni, the institutions should not actively [>]

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The home without evaluating the whole body. in

For example, the patient that comes in contact with the nurse is the main aspect ofdirecting what plan of care will be taken and the goals that are achieved. Personalthoughts and beliefsThefour concepts of the nursing metaparadigm play a major role in the nursingprocess and is imperative when caring for patients.

I’m chasing your dreams is more important

I stormed through the first interview than through technical interview and during the last round of interview I told HR my dream and what it means for me to join the company. Even at this moment I am walking on the path he has shown me and I can proudly say that I [>]

Work many women decide to leave their

Having children brings a lot of responsibilities to a family life and this is the reason why many women decide to leave their careers prematurely so as to raise their children sufficiently. Laufer indicates that the different needs? of women lead them to create a self-imposed glass ceiling, in this manner only artificially [>]

Development and use of computer and information systems report examples

The development and use of computer and information systems in the world today has led to improvements and enhancements in many careers. However in the turn of the century, the full adoption of the use of computers and information systems has drastically changed the radio career into a more lucrative, interesting and is [>]

My motivation to build a career in psychology

I was very thrilled to find the opportunity to study master in psychology without the need to have relevant qualifications. During my bachelor study, I worked as a research assistant where I learnt the general procedure for experiments, moreover, I was involved in the experimental planning and gathering of data.

Attitudes and job satisfaction

Accessibility Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Attitudes: Evaluative Statements about objects, people or events " I like my job" Attitude about my job Components of Attitude: 1. Importance of the Attitude Important attitudes reflect our fundamental values Show a strong relation to behavior 2.

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Career assessment examination platform

Chapter 4 Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data This chapter reviewed the analysis of the existing system that was used by the proponents, the development of the proposed system and software, the objectives of the proposed system and software, and the evaluation of the system and software products. Components of the Proposed Software [>]

Charles dickens

His work was majored on criticizing social evils in the community, the injustices, and hypocrisy of that time, which is still relevant today in literature. Charles Dickens was a great novelist and writer of short stories in the Victorian time in England.

Motivator and influential person essay

Futtrell has been the most influential person in my life, in the church and in the community. I also took on the ability to work as a team as I witnessed my father often does with the deacons and pastor of the church.

Many created the iphone… but of course he

I do to...some days when I go to bed I think of what I can do to reach that goal. But, if you wanted to pursue that course then you would have to go to college and pursue the course of what you have been wanting to think about in all your years [>]

The summary presents only fairly simple data – job application

An effective job application letter will position you ahead of the competition and the way you apply for a job will depend upon the job search method you use. It is the agency you must influence to get a job interview with them in order to be referred to their client - the [>]

Career paper

They rely on an anesthesiologist to keep the patient asleep and comfortable, nurses and assistants are responsible for passing the surgeon any tools that are needed to do the surgery, and keeping track of the patient's vital signs and many other things. At the end of the residency, they will need to take [>]

Career counselling and development

This book by Miller Tiedeman unfolds into three major components such as Learning the New Careering: The " What" Question; Practicing the New Careering: The " How" Question; The Living the New Careering: The " Why" Question. This includes the purpose of the counselling, facts and observations about the subordinate, identification of possible [>]

Dr.m.venkata has been working under a real time

During his four years of college, I have noticed that hehas a positive attitude towards both curricular and extra-curricularactivities. His commitment to his work and his desireto achieve excellence in whatever he undertakes makes him a unique person.

Ethics in information technology essay sample

As a student in the Ethics and Information Technology course, I have learnt of the complexity of ethical issues encountered in the field of information technology. In conclusion, the course on Ethics in Information technology has impacted me with knowledge on ethical issues and theories that could be used to address them.

Final word-course completion essay

In the future I am planning to incorporate what I have learned in this course by speaking in seminars; in this way I will be able to know how good I am as a public speaker. I can also practice what I have learned in public speaking by speaking in campaigns; its one [>]

Finding the silver lining: losing your job for a better one

It turned out he could not for financial reasons, but the " time off" changed his mindset: " It made me realize the importance of being a successful entrepreneur, as opposed to a successful employee who can always lose his job". They both have, and it took losing their job and finding a [>]

Why i chose materials & metallurgical engineering

My decision to pursue graduate studies at Hohai University is underscored by the innovative research works going on in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the school of Mechanics and Materials Engineering. I believe my China education background will make me a world-class researcher in the field of Materials Science in [>]

Vocational ideation and management career development

The calling in contemporary career and management development practice are substantial work has been undertaken to refine the concept, which has resulted in an understanding of vocation as a something that is simultaneously: meaningful in that provides individuals with a sense of existential purpose. This experience should then be honestly accounted for in [>]

From the time that i was little until

As I got older and began to coach hockey and work summer camps, Ifelt that I was heading in the right direction, with a teaching degree. I want my students to set higher goals forthemselves and see the benefit of education because they should want toaccumulate the knowledge to gain a better life.

Bibliographic styles such as ‘smart films’ which are

I chose to use The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick as it has a good overview his work ranging from the very beginning of his career starting in Look magazine as a photographer, right to Full Metal Jacket discussing important parts in each of the films and offering critical analysis alongside explanations of the [>]

My career goal essay

When I was little, mycareergoal was to become a medical practitioner, Now, that I grew up and stand on a way of making decisions, I realize that I want to be a College Professor. I hope that by sharing my activities andgoals, I have been able to give you a glimpse into the [>]

What alchemist, and magician in medieval. when he

The debate about whether it can tell usthe truth of the life, or it is just a piece of the entertainment continues. When he is in the university, heis inclined to do science instead of the art, but the science he studies is called'junk science' in nowadays, which is lack of moral compass [>]

Why do i need this scholarship essay

To obtain power, I have to first obtain the knowledge, and to do that, I need to go to college. However, with my new goal-oriented nature, I will realize that I am working towards my college degree and my future success, and I will regain the drive to excel.

Career preference

According to its population, it is the most preferred course of a student of the Mountain Province and another nearby province who came to study here. Some students choose to enrol the course because they are interested but they are not good in performing the activities and requirements of some subjects of the [>]

A diary based on my antonia essay

I was glad that Antonia found such a job, because it allowed Antonia to be free from the difficulties in the farm. Antonia and I recently looked back to our life back in the country.

“the was born on january 31st, 1919 in

Jackie Robinson was one of the greatest baseball players of all time and his accomplishments led to increased equality for the blacks. In 1947, six days before the start of the season the Dodgers called Robinson up to the major leagues.

Tiger woods and his returning

From making runs at multiple tournaments to winning the 2018 Tour Championship, Tiger Woods has proved he can win the fifteenth major of his career. If Tiger can become one of the best players on tour around the green, because it comes down to putting the ball in the hole, he will have [>]

My pursue to become a professional soccer player

To create a new habit, I will set an alarm on my phone to remind me whenever I go to work; when my alarm goes off in the evening, it means it's time to go straight to the field and practice soccer. Also, I will have Messi's poster inside my room, my favorite [>]

Supporting career women

Salvaging Sisterhood: SupportingCareerWomen Women and the Labor Market: the link grows stronger, by Susan Shank examines women and the emergence of their attachment to the labor market. After the Second World War far more women entered the workforce and even upon the return of the soldiers continued to stay in the workforce and [>]

Review of literature of risk analysis in portfolio management

You can read alsoPortfolio Management Quizzes RBI, SEBI and a sub-committee of the Financial Stability and Development Council are working on the proposed guidelines for portfolio management, said the person requesting anonymity." RBI is likely to ask banks to stop discretionary portfolio management," said the person.* RaghavanR. How it works the core and [>]

Establishment of aligarh college essay

Syed Ahmad Khan had set out to achieve the following objectives:-To protect Islam from the onslaught of Christian missionaries and to prove that it was the one true religion; To remove the bitter enmity which had arisen between the Muslim and the British for religious or political reasons and to establish friendly relations [>]

I their actions. superman and captain america fought

In elementary school, I had found my path to fame: I was going to be a Superhero. Basically, I would get to do what I love for the rest of my life.

2.annotated outline introduction

Benefits of Job analysis Job analysis information is useful for a variety of organisation purposes ranging from human resource planning tocareercounselling Job Analysis 33. Important benefits of Job Analysis Multifaceted Nature of Job Analysis Recruitment Human Resource Planning Selection Job Evaluation Placement Job Design and Training Redesign Performance Counselling Appraisal Employee Safety Job [>]

Teaching as a proffesional career essay sample

Thirdly, teaching involves a lot of reflection for teachers to assess and develop themselves in the profession. In spite the presence of a curriculum and standards, in the classroom it is still the teachers who ultimately determine how they are going to teach the lessons indicated in the curriculum and how the students [>]

The job sample

Bing enjoys his job because he makes a decent wage and works at least 40 hours per week plus overtime twice a month. Things to discuss could include the following: What you think about the jobs and why Your favorite job.

Accounting career paper

In addition to the requirements, there are many tests that you must pass in order to become an FBI agent. But one of the five areas you must qualify for in order to be accepted into a special agent position is accounting.

Edgar allan poe

In 1827, Poe joined the Army and after a period of service, he was enrolled in the military academy. Edgar Allan Poe's Writings and Literary Works The first publication Poe made was a book with poems.

Growing in my life at home, work and

Appreciating the science of psychology and wanting to understand it more, Imade the choice to study it and gain more knowledge. I believe, with the combination of what I have learnt from mylife's experience and my enthusiasm for psychology will make me an idealcandidate for studying the subject.

Prostitution vocal, and that results in an

The containment of a legalprostitution element in society would result in a consideration forthe sex workers own body and choices, a more logical reason todecrease the possibility of sexual assault, and cause a growth inbenefits for governments who permit. With prostitution being a sourceof main income for many people out in the world, [>]

William shakespeare: sonnet 55: ‘not marble nor the guilded monuments’ essay

Despite the fact that his name is prominently cemented in the history of English literature as one of the practice's greatest monoliths, William Shakespeare's body of work is the target of myriad modern-day feminist-oriented criticism. However, is it possible that this portrayal of women as lesser individuals was not an artistic oversight of [>]

Be aware of your future

To gain a job in the beauty industry, training is required and is highly recommended as it can improve your skills and a lot knowledge can be taken away from it. Communication is a big part of being involved in the beauty industry as you have to interact, suggest and ask what your [>]

Review of “a conversation with deborah tannen” essay

An additional weakness in Tannen's approach is the mandate to observe communication shared between a dyad without consideration of the individual characteristics that influence communication. Despite her own flexible view of the field, Tannen remains a linguist.

The evolution of the cinematic world and d. w. griffith

When The Birth of a Nation was released in 1915, and Intolerance in 1916, segregation was in full effect in the United States. In the wake of its release, the film was accused of glorifying and rallying the KKK by African Americans, the NAACP, and liberal Americans.

What long standing myths about women help prevent their attaining equal status in society? essay

The myths which became firmly fixed in the minds of the people pre-destined the fate of women in the society. All of the displays of female inequality in the society inspired the representatives of feminism to struggle for the rights of women and ruin all of the myths about the inferiority of the [>]

The industrial engineering program – the ideal start to my career

The objective of the project was to reduce the rejection rate of exhaust valves produced. My responsibilities in the team were to design a kart using PRO-E and SolidWorks.

A book between parent and child

As for the father in the parable he understands that his younger son is lost. The obligation a father has towards his son is to lead him to a prosperous path.

Applied materials careers

Job Openings Details: The Applied Materials India Organization going to hiring the recent pass-outs 2018-2019 graduates and postgraduates in top metro cities.for the concerning job vacancies in beginner and trainee engineers. If the interested job aspirants can apply online for the Applied Material job this page underneath we offer the official Applied [>]

Contributory causes of my course of study critical thinking samples

As an individual with real world work experience in administrations, and intending to pursue the degree program, which is tailored to offering my career needs, I prefer the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science since it provides job specific training. Finally, the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree provides a multidisciplinary focus, [>]

I am a 2003 graduate of francis lewis high school essay

I looked back over my first year of college and thought about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I would be proud to make NYU my new academic home.

As of purpose and passion were celebrated by

My belief that all people should have the opportunity to pursue their true passions began when I met Matt, and was cemented when I said goodbye to him. I am motivated to lead and to serve my community so I can make a difference in the world.

New passions and interests essay

But I know it's only a game and I played just for the fun of it. For now, I am sure that I love computers and I really want to learn more about it.

Why did i choose to study b2b in the summer school essay sample

I chose to study business-to-business course mainly because I think it is very interesting and can be very helpful for my future. So for me it is very important to get familiar with them and clarify the tricky business world for myself so that when I become a full participant of all the [>]

The profession of radiologist: obligations, education, employment

They will work along the side of the patients' physician and a technician. Medical Licensing Exam and obtain a license for the state they will practice in.

My aspiration to become foot health practitioner

However, it is my experience working as a locum Foot Health Practitioner and on the Endocrine ward that has strongly motivated me to study Podiatry. I believe my academic study and work experience will give me a firm foundation on which to study and be a great contribution to the University.

As growing every year. it is estimated that

It is unclear to the exactroles that these play in the disease; however, they are found in significantamounts in autopsies of people with AD. The growing effect of the disease has notonly affected the people with the disease but also put and huge financial drainon the Canadian health care system and the thousands [>]

My dream job

As an aspirant, I want to be competitive and equipped in the profession I have chosen which is to be a good teacher someday because I want to give my future students the best of me and not the least. This program, graduate study, would help me become more develop and equip on [>]

Good a benefit in your future career

Itis beneficial because you learn more about yourself, build your people skills, addon to your resume, and giving back to the community. Engagingin a student club or activity presents opportunities for you to learn aboutyourself, your aspirations and your strengths, maybe even your weaknesses.

Market analysis of the music-related product

I have chosen this album because at the time of its release it was highly anticipated, and I thoroughly enjoyed the album from start to finish and I wanted to look at the album in detail and analyse it in detail to get better understanding as to why it did so well through [>]

Methods to measure job satisfaction

It is better to keep the names of the employees anonymous, because then they will be much more honest since they do not have to fear any consequences. The difference this time is, that they will have to rate their satisfaction in the various fields instead of just answering yes or no questions.

Essay on job satisfaction and work performance

Work itself This refers to the very nature of the work and the quality of tasks inherent to the job. In this study it is the variety of interesting tasks given to the employee.6.

The career hub for tech insiders

The URL of the site indicates that the Dice, Inc, is a business or industrial website and is owned by the company itself. The site is the primary employment search and database of Dice Holdings which has other interests in the informationtechnologyindustry manpower services.

Job description

Complete all new and change requests for client set up In Factory such as Plan Templates and Custom Plans. Priorities release of work to the shop floor ensuring client data sign off Instructions and any other mailing requirements are met, and ensure that correct DOD Is assigned.

Explanation on my passion for medicine

I have also completed an EPQ based on the question " Should lifestyle related illnesses be funded by the NHS?" This has helped me to consider the ethics of medicine, medical negligence and the structure of the NHS. This has allowed me to adapt my teaching styles and be an active member of [>]

Why i want to make a career in nhs healthcare sector

My empathetic and just nature allows me to build good relationships with both the patients themselves and other colleagues in a team. Working with a varied team of professionals allowed me to view multiple roles all focusing on the 20 patients in the unit.

Mba program in accounting and entrepreneurship as a goal

Throughout mycareerI have been settinggoalsfor myself that I could accomplish with the skills and organizational abilities that I already possessed, always looking for the next step in a successful career, but at this point in my life it has become apparent that I cannot accomplish the goals that I have set for myself [>]

My activities essay

The development of a child is one of the most popular studies of interest in the context of psychology. The Stage of Formal Operations is also a logical and systematic way of thinking, similar to the concrete operations stage.

Careers in clinical and counseling

Since I was in my teens, I have always been interested in how a human brain works. For instance, when I heard that another man was discovered to be an alcoholic or a drug addict, I would wonder if his children felt the way I and my siblings felt before.

Career theory essay sample

The classic career theory is diminishing as the growing number of people and career environment. The maturation of career theory.

6400 article

Reports indicate that enhanced gaming in learning is spreading fast as these games teach children problem solving, planning, observation and concentration. In schools, these games are used as motivation for children to engage in the learning process or as a reward for good performance.

A whole new mind for a flat world

The second section of the article comprises of the discussion where Felder presents a pragmatic argument primarily targeting engineering lecturers with regard to the retrogressive nature of the engineering curriculum dating as far as the period 1960s to the present. This is attributable to the nature of the subjective language employed as it [>]

A major decision in my life essay

At this point in my life, I think I should already have all this figured out, I mean, I am only one semester from getting into college, so I should already pick my career but always I do not know what I want until I make the decision of my career and then [>]

?jesse owens case essay

In their decision to move North to escape the poverty, limited opportunity, and virulent and sometimes violent racism of the South, Mary and Henry Owens were part of one of the greatest movements of people in American history, a phenomenon known as the Great Migration. Life indeed was different for the Owens family [>]

Target and job satisfaction

To add, Target is also aware of the financial well-being and how its is important to make good financial decisions in the present and to plan for the future. Target is really the best when it comes to the benefits in retail, and that providing competitive pay, insurance coverage, career mentoring and so [>]

I stop myself before i say it.

I will tell you that as a counselor I am obligated to tell you that the exceptions to confidentiality are if you want to hurt yourself, someone else or if it's a threat to national security"." Wow, twenty-six years?" I pause". I ask nothing from him, I have not even talked to him [>]

Nursing application essay

RDPN Applicant EssayI wish to be considered for entry into this psychiatric nursing program with the goal of potentially becoming a registered psychiatric nurse because due to my prior personal experience I have learned that nursing would be best suitable for me. In addition, My personal motivation to potentially become a psychiatric nurse [>]

My intent to enter internal medicine

The vast sea of knowledge, the dilemma of vague presenting complaints, the urgent need for resolving the complaint of the in-need patient, the battle of the greatest medical minds in the room to work out a plausible cause of the complaint, the continued advances in medical treatment and the sight of joy of [>]

Telecom egypt announces launch of new logo essay

It represents the multiple aspects of life, family and career, through a modern and simple new design, while maintaining the identity and authenticity of the company's name and the colors of the Egyptian flag. Telecom Egypt's services also include the provision of narrowband and broadband internet access through its subsidiary TE Data.

Career development essay

The companies think that paying their interns seems like the first step in doing the right thing and taking the responsibility to compensate someone for tasks, the no of job offers has increased as well as the undergraduates have got the opportunity to do a paid internship. Research Design, Approach and Method [>]

Christopher george latore wallace – a life overview

By the streets, he goes by Biggie Smalls, and by the stage, goes by The Notorious B.I.G. He was a troublemaker as a child, who happened to be at the right place at the right time, and eventually grew up to become one of the most iconic rappers of the 90's.

Job analysis essay example

Figure 1 Organizational Locator of Management Accountant Especially highlighted in the ever-changingenvironmentin the manufacturing industry where Siemens belong, the position of Management Accountant is an indispensable provider of critical information to management on such areas as, but not limited to the following major functions: budget preparation and implementation, and performance review which consists [>]

Personal statement on internal medicine personal statement

The residency program will provide an exceptional platform for the development of my technical and clinical skills in addition to expanding my understanding of issues related to the promotion of patient education and patient care. My desire is to become an outstanding internal medicine expert and, to be well equipped for a great [>]

Importance of writing in career development

However, one has to know the importance and advantages of writing. One's writing skills would come handy as I on the job as he/she will be required to write reports every now and then.

William faulkner essay

In later documents, Faulkner points to Barr as the impetuous for his fascination with the politics of sexuality and race. Estelle's parents bid her to accept the offer, as Franklin was a law graduate of the University of Mississippi and came from a family of high repute.

Wuthering of classic literature dives deeply into the

Bronte published the novel in 1847 and set the story in 1801 in a small town that is today recognised as part of the United Kingdom. The majority of the story is told through Nelly's point of view, as she is the only character to have witnessed and experienced the entirety of the [>]

Instruction on how to write an essay (two possible career choices)

Part One Table of Contents and Introduction Your assignment this week is to write your formal report's table of contents and introduction, using formal formatting. In week 6, your assignment should include the following: A table of contents using formal report formatting.

To kill a mockingbird essay

None of those comments by those women in that chapter could be considered very lady like by any means, which is ironic considering Scout was attending the tea party to learn a lesson on how to be proper. The things Scout learned from the women at the tea party were not intended to [>]