Informative Painting Essay Samples

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Watching paint dry essay sample

The orange paint was slowly changing the feel of the room, the temperature, the texture, and the emotions of the place. Are we, the people of this world, like paint?

Abstraction and artistic purpose term paper examples

The light bulb is a symbol of the destruction of technology to the world. The top right of the horse is a female witnessing the events that are taking place, and seems to have flown through the window into this room.

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Free research paper on movies in art

The dark lines of the portrait demonstrate the intrinsic hues and glows with which El Greco's paintings are informed and the sense of emptiness and hollowness is never so far away. In ' The Dormition of the Virgin' which is also briefly referred to in the film, El Greco creates a sense of [>]

Free research paper about architecture museum essay

John the Baptist and the two angels being in the painting are symbolic since the angels are known to be holy. The angels are there to show that baby Jesus is the son of God.

Essay on supper at emmaus by michaelangelo merisi caravaggio

The need to conceal him was necessary and this was given attention to through the dim background that Caravaggio used in the painting.- Creation of pictorial space and depth The dark background also adds depth to the depiction of the painting's space. The focus of the image was on Jesus and that of [>]

Good essay on gerard richter

However, at hand are three classes of the color theory: the context of the usage of colors, the harmony and the color wheel. Color context is the behavior of colors in relation to other colors and shapes and the way they form complex are of the theory of color.

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Court essay

The divine world perception of Middle Ages was embodied in the Byzantine art and painting style, in which the main emphasis was placed on worshipping and divine nature of saints, making them as unreachable to a mortal being as the very comprehension of God Himself. The lack of numerous actors in the painting [>]

The mona lisa.

The painting is most famous for the smile of the woman, which people have been trying to decipher for a long time. The portrait depicts a woman's bust, with a distant landscape that is visible in the backdrop.

Taking a child to an art museum essay examples

They were able to say that they loved the artist's use of color and precision, Molly said that the art work made her think about what was happening during the time the art work was being made as she was able to hint at the fact that most people are influenced to create [>]

The turning road by andre drain: exploring fauvism

And the place was very interesting, the park's location was hollow and it seems to be out of nowhere. In this painting, since the artist also using color, line, and shape to express his emotions.

Thought experiments: fauvism and cubism

Some major characteristics of this style of art include a profound use of unnatural color which separated objects from their realistic role in society, strong and united works of three-dimensional settings that appear flat on the canvas, authentic representation of the emotions of the artist creating the pieces rather then representations of what [>]

Fog & caliph abdulmecid ii essay sample

The Painting Fog The physical act of the painting, to mask a city and a mosque behind a mist so as to make it seem as though the mosque is a ghostly facade floating above the sea, takes impressive skill. A couple of weeks later, Abdulmecid II was inaugurated as the Caliph, the [>]

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The implied wordy portraits by vigee le brun

The two portraits are the Vigee Le Brun Self-portrait of 1790 and the portrait of Marie Antoinette with her children, one of the great portraits she made for her before her untimely death. What's more in this portrait, is the lighting, the illumination majorly focuses on Madam Vigee Le Brun, the Painter with [>]

Essay on arts of the united states

The tone of the painting is lighter hearted than that of Matteson's " The Last Race" showing an African American man listening to music in a lively setting. However the theme of racism is still depicted by the separation of the African American man from his white counterparts in the scene.

From byzantine to naturalism examination of three religious paintings in 13thcentury italy essay

Over the course of the 13th century in Italy, there was a big move towards naturalism in the art, particularly religious art, which attempted to free itself of the conservative, limited scope of Byzantine art into a new realm of realism. Francis of Assisi, we see a classic example of the Byzantine style [>]

Good raphael: madonna and the child research paper example

What is immediately striking is that both figures are reading the book of hours that is coincidentally lying open at the Book of the Nones, this is the ninth hour after dawn in the day of the Church. The geometry of the painting is in the pyramidal shape with the Madonna and the [>]

Art appreciation bathsheba by rembrandt report example

Again the aesthetic qualities of the subject are clearly idealized here with emphasis on the nudity of the woman and her plump beauty in this respect which comes to the fore especially with the dark background and intrinsic subject matter. Rembrandt's depiction of Bathsheba is both intimate and immense achieved through getting rid [>]

Leonardo da vinci notebooks influence on western civilization essay sample

However, the point of note in the development of renaissance art was in the sixteenth century when the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci incorporated the Florentine perspective with the venetian mastery of coloring and oils. He was a man of insight and peculiar character that afforded him the right to work [>]

The last supper as a cultural formation subject research paper sample

For centuries, Leonardo da Vinci's " The Last Supper" imposes heated debates regarding its religious meaning, while critics and historians aim to depict the ceremonial representation of the painting as related to Jesus' faith of being sacrificed in the name of Christianity. The painting transmits tension, nervousness and excitement on the edge of [>]

Ages of reason: the renaissance and the enlightment essay sample

The art of this era were not as popular as the Renaissance, because it was thought of as weird and unusual as it was a recreation of the master pieces of the artists' work of the Renaissance. 23 April 2012." Effects of the Renaissance".

Art enhances our understanding of reality

Thus, the audience is provided with a vivid illustration of reality in perspective of an omniscient position. As a result, meaningful works, such as the artwork of T.'s, are able to insinuate the ongoing issues in our society.

Example of michealangelo research paper

Through his work as a painter, an architect and above all, as a sculptor, Michelangelo managed to single out art as a vocation and an occupation in itself, separating the job of an artist from the job of an artisan. The cut of the stone gives shape and texture to the clothing in [>]

Analysis of the rembrandt’s use of chiaroscuro in his famous work the anatomy lesson of dr. nicolaes tulp

Chiaroscuro, a valuing technique that employs the bold use of lightness and darkness of tones and colors, is a powerful modus operandi to convey a sense of drama and intrigue in a work of art. When utilized in an effective manner, the disparity between the highlights and shadows in any piece of art [>]

Hanging (out) with the masters

As if we are looking at a museum wall and the theme is A Very Short History of Art. For Benjamin, this diminishing aura of the work of art every time it is reproduced or finds itself in a different context is okay because it " enables the original to meet the beholder [>]

George washington critical thinking samples

The first art form is the painting from Charles Wilson Peale of General Washington made after he won the battles of Trenton and Princeton at the time of the revolutionary war. George Washington's Farewell Address To the People of the United States.

Sample essay on describing the art

However, the figure of his wife and the mast of the ship outside her window did not follow the strictness of the lines. Caroline is slightly tilted to the left and the mast, slightly to the right which creates the impression that it is moving forward.

Girl with a pearl earring: feature article argumentative essay samples

The novel Girl with a Pearl Earring which was written by Tracy Chevalier is an inspirational feature that easily passes for the one of the best of a kind in the world for all time. Gauging from the humble beginnings of the sixteen year old character as the maid of the house up [>]

A reaction paper to pablo picasso’s guernica

This is one of the most devastating and unforgettable images in the painting. To her right is the head and partial body of a large white bull, the only unharmed and calm figure amidst the chaos.

Art exhibition assignment

I am also interested in the mixed media and sculpture showcased in this gallery and the high reputation of the gallery further urged me to conduct my research here. He makes use of collage and several painted materials one might find in these townships to compose his final work.

Botticelli’s adoration of christ child: early italian renaissance essay examples

The details and attention given in this line of thought and reasoning includes garments rendering, which shows the acquisition of the artist and the influence he obtained from the flemish school. It is a representation of the thematic stance Rococo, because of the nature and the manner of the painting.

Judith with the head of holofernes by jan massys critical thinking example

Massys being a renowned painter and a master in the guild of Antwerp in 1531 gained his space in the list of great painters in history. However, in Massys's painting on Judith beguiling style of conquering the enemies of Israelites is laced with sensual themes and sexualizing of the women.

The alba madonna by raphael sanzio research paper

The artist's form is unique here as he chooses to create the scene in a rounded shape and this, presumably, is to tie in with the image of the Earth and of Jesus' fate to repent for the sinners of the planet. The effect of this balance is to further centralise the image [>]

Free essay on black cross new mexico

At the same time, the rolling dunes of the sand in the background provide an elegance and a beauty to the starkness of the rest of the painting. With the black cross, almost oppressive in the foreground, O'Keeffe seeks to both protect and warn us about the dangers of the desert.

Formal analysis of judith beheading holofernes essay sample

Such as, the diagonal lines in the structure of Judith, almost centering the painting and creating a harmonious design correlating to the horizontal shape of the art piece. Another aspect of color in this painting is the vivid use of lighting and effects.

Peter paul rubens

Peter Paul Rubens was the painter of the first part of the Seventeenth Century in Catholic Europe. Copying the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance especially and the recently unearthed sculptures of classical antiquity, Rubens sketched and painted and encompassed all that was best in Italian and Classical art.

Free the bishop white gallery of chinese temple art essay example

The Bishop White Gallery of Chinese Temple Art is among the galleries in the Royal Ontario Museum. The group of this Gallery is often to be Buddhist and the wall painting on the north wall of the Gallery.

Paris street, rainy day – gustave caillebotte essay sample

In the foreground which right in front of the lamp post, the three humans are pretty large compared to the sizes of the human beings in the background. These shapes and size Caillebotte uses in the painting adds depth to the painting.

Example of essay on nameinstructor

In the painting, The Wanderer Above The Mists 1817-1818, Caspar David Friedrich depicts the raw beauty of communion with nature, solitude, as well as the inevitable passage of time. The placement of the man above the clouds suggests his place in the cosmos as well.

Taylor luchini

During each of these periods, Picasso changed up his technique and style of art." The Blue Period of Picasso is the period between 1900-1904 when he painted essentially monochromatic painting in shades of blue and blue-green. Another one of Picasso's periods was the Cubism period.

Sample essay on a full body is beautiful too: image analysis

Dining room is the physical setting of the painting, and this symbolizes the modern man's food sentiments. Evidently, the technique used for the creation of this work is a little complex one.

Death of marat painting by jacques louis david essay

During the 1780s, he managed to summarize the principles of Neoclassicism into a series of brilliant and potent works of art that fueled to the ardent political mood of that era. The position of the dead Marat is supposed to recall representations of the crucified Jesus, as in Bronzino's Deposition of Christ.

Essay on the slave ship by j m w turner

And although the ship is very important in the whole context of the painting, the slaves who are drowning are also the heart of the painting in that sense. Standing in the sun : a life of J.M.W.

Essay on choose 8 different images spanning 8 different styles from the mfah current exhibitions

As the figure of the Virgin stands at the top of an imaginary triangle, the rest of the figures seem to further the unity of the group. The face, the position of the legs and the arms, the tension of the muscles and the position of a defeated Satan all contribute to a [>]

Sample essay on sinai christ, from the saint catherine monastery

The purpose of the essay is to compare the Lamentation over the Dead Christ and the Sinai Christ. The Virgin Mary deep in her emotion as embraces the deposed Christ and the disciple holding the hand of Christ in total grief, draw your attention immediately apart from the body of the Christ.

Query letter

I love to communicate with the world with my paintings and especially I love to put forth a message through them that world is much beautiful than we can anticipate that irrespective of situations there is always the ray of hope, love, amity and fraternity and I have sincerely tried to show that [>]

Analysing the gross clinic essay examples

In 1875, the renowned American artist Thomas Eakins presented the world with one of the finest specimens of arts- ' The Gross Clinic' or ' The Clinic of Dr. A very interesting and humorous aspect of this painting which appealed to me the most is the depiction of various students in the lecture.

Julie evans essay examples

The movies gives a description of the works of Marta which are very significant in the field of art. This artist used his metal works to appear extraordinary and beyond the imaginations of the people.

Art: representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational

The three main types in which a piece of art can fall under are representational, abstract, and nonrepresentational. Representational art is art in which the artist attempts to capture the image exactly as it appears.

Free denver art museum essay example

The word, tomato, is so simple, and there are many words for it. I realized that no matter what word I call a tomato, or a xictomatl, it would taste the same.

Interview two famous artists term paper sample

However, I always ensure that the meaning of my paintings is hidden so that the people can take time looking at my work. For example, I used the king David in the bible to come up with a work of art that is admired by many.

Example of pablo picasso essay

He had a good knowledge of Geometry and shapes; he evolved as a painter and learnt all the styles; ranging from the Blue period, rose period, the African styles and finally to cubism and surrealism and realism, of which he became a pioneer. In the Blue period, Picasso mainly focused on the shades [>]

Leonardo da vinci: paintings and inventions

The painter who draws by practice and judgment of the eye without the use of reason is like the mirror the reproduces within itself all the objects which are set opposite to it without knowledge of the same. He was so critical of himself that he used to describe his though in writing, [>]

Example of essay on comparison of virgin and child by bartolom esteban murillo and madonna and child

He then adopted the polished style that was suitable for the aristocratic leadership style and the religious activities that were present during the time due to the presence of Roman Catholic in the region. Writing was then put at the right upper part of the drawing.' This was the name of the person [>]

Essay on paintings examples

In the case of Mondrian's art, this junction took the form of a variety of grid patterns, made of vertical and horizontal lines and designed to symbolize worldwide harmony. The perpendicular lines forming junctions was, to him, a way to express the notions of the spiritual meeting those of the material.

Davinvi the last supper

The work of art was started in 1495 and was completed in 1498; it contained the event depicted in the bible as the final days when Jesus announced that he would be betrayed by one of his twelve disciples". This was used to show the human like qualities in this work of art.

Free research paper about impressionism

The painting as a whole is a bit blurred and loosely painted, and speaks of a dream like quality. Monet often used the fall of light in a way in which it would in nature, not just spotlighting key elements as was the previous style.

The last supper -movie satire analysis

Len the movie, this is seen in the scene where the anti ecologist gradually considers their point of view as well and starts rethinking; confused of him agreeing to the libertarian point of view, and used to Just having their guests poisoned, the group of students does not break the " Sunday ritual" [>]

Ghent altarpiece reflection

Edit PDF content in Word Open PDFS and edit the content in Word. In Word, click File > Open and navigate to the PDF.

Research paper on salvador dali and the surrealist movement

Strongly influenced by Freud's theories about the structure and the workings of the human psyche, the surrealist movement dived deeply into the exploration of the unconscious hoping to find the essence of the human mind and spirit in an alternative reality. Surrealism gave him the possibility to explore his unbound imagination and creativity [>]

Representational art essay sample

The painting is portrait of the young woman. Since she grew up in the south, the civil rights movement was certainly a huge impact which may have lead her to paint this painting and naming it " Young Mulatto".

Art & architecture: critical essay example

The painting measured 460 cm 880 cm, and it covers from the end of the wall to the other in the dining hall located at the monastery inside the Santa Maria Coventry. The opening of the church and the later remodeling sees the chronological events of the painting before Leonardo began to print [>]

Essay on cubism & surrelaism

This quote illustrates the fact that as an adult, Picasso lead a busy and involved life in the heart of the painting and literary world in Paris. This is because an acquaintance of Picasso's had stolen some Iberian sculptures from the Louvre and these are said to have influenced the look of the [>]

Analysis of the last supper by leonardo da vinci: materials, style, original motif

The name of the artwork is " The Last Supper". He was called the father of paleontology, ichnology and architecture and is widely considered as the greatest painter of all times.

Example of museum paper guidelines research paper

The statue of Nude Descending a Staircase is regarded as one of the noble yet classic status of the Philadelphia Museum of art. A historical account of the Nude Descending a Staircase statue that configured the face of American art was presented on Feb 17, 1913.

Free creative writing on yale university art gallery

The trees are particularly effective in the sense that they create a sense of haunting beauty with the drooping characteristics and the colourings of the leaves. The vast expanse of the sea is contrasted with the smaller space given to the shore.

Art of gerhard richter essay sample

That's why I wanted to have it, to show it not to use it as a means of painting, but use painting as a means to photography".[2] One of the earliest works of Gerhard Richter in the " painting from photograph movement" is the 1962 painting " Table". The ' picture', as Richter [>]

Free research paper on analasys of salvadors dali the persistence of memory

This way, Salvador Dali's painting " The Persistence of Memory" incorporates all the characteristics of the surrealist movement: it makes use of the paranoiac-critical method to explore the unconscious, it facilitates the intersection between reality and fantasy through its dream-like, bizarre atmosphere and it employs the " hand-painted photographs" technique that was so [>]

Movie review on literature-en 412

John James Audubon is one of the fathers of ornithology, and his work is the best in the world. To honor Audubon's work and the world of birds, Google put Audubon in their hall of fame last year, designing and releasing a Google doodle for their homepage on Audubon's 226th birthday Not only [>]

Good example of art paper research paper

This submission examines the Bernat Martorell's painting of Saint George killing a dragon and describes the form, size, technique, color, texture and lines of the painting. Hence according to Hartfield and Eskridge, the theme illustrated is bravery of Saints and the model in the paint is that of Saint George and the dragon.

Norman rockwell’s paintings

Because this is a family tree, we can infer that this is a husband, a wife, and their child. And what about the second picture; everyone is sitting at the table with a smile on.

Good example of chinese art essay

Chinese art is one of the oldest art forms in the world. The a the type of art known as the ink wash painting produced and spread creativity and values.

This is what the world looks like essay samples

Realism rejected the Romantic period of art, which, in itself, was a reaction to the rationalization of nature and the Age of Enlightenment/ Reason. The Cubists, on the other hand, wished to represent multiple perspectives in their art, trying " to describe, in visual terms, the concept of the Fourth Dimension".

‘nighthawks’ by edward hopper research paper samples

Although it is ironic, because if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then these windows are open but it is not the soul that is laid bare, but rather the emptiness of the American inner life. It is interesting that in the painting the point of view of the work is [>]

Sample essay on neo-classical and romanticism

David was a friend of Maximilien Robespierre a member of the Jacobin Club, who was propagating the formation of a republic during the French Revolution. One of his paintings that was believed to be a Republican symbol during the Revolution period was, The Lictors Brings to Brutus the Bodies of His sons, that [>]

Reclining nude

I first analyzed the usage of the formal elements-the color and shape- and Watteau's skill sets in the Reclining Nude. Watteau was known for his " freedom of the hand, the lightness of touch, a subtlety in the profiles of heads and the drawing of hair, the expressiveness of the figures and compositions, [>]

Art in the era of globalization

I believe that globalization in art is the mashup of traditions and cultures. By showing examples, students can begin to appreciate where art comes from, and what styles and movements have influenced the artist.

A question of fallacies and a scientific thinking challenge critical thinking

The reasoning that one can employ in this case is going to lead one in making arguments that supports the conclusions that are made. The estimation of a theory is based on this standard.

Reaction paper on visiting national museum of the philippines essay sample

The painting depicts the murder of the governor in the hands of the friars and supporters and it was also inspired by true to life took place in Manila, year 1717. Rizal interpreted the Spoliarium as a symbol of ' our social, moral, and political life.