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Conversation 8

Postmodernism versus Modernism in Art and Culture Modern art and culture is very distinct from postmodern art and culture. Postmodern art and culture, on the other hand, may be rebellious in nature, but shows a bit more of a disillusionment.

The cuban swimmer by micha sanchez-scott)

The lady who is known as Jig is seen telling the American that she is not interested in carrying out the operation. The American is seen to put emphasis on the operation, however jig giving the readers another impression of the operation since she is scared on taking risks on the operation.

Fianal paper paragraph

The themes reveal the mind of the producer and the director. It is imperative to note that, this film represents the ordinarariness of the environment after the bomb.

Free jean baptise armand guillaumin: the seine at charenton (1874, oil on canvas) research paper sample

Perhaps, one of the most enlightening parts of this painting is the way in which the boats are portrayed. There is a common aspect in both paintings since they portray the landscape, something that definitely arouses and instils the emotions of the observer.

Primary source analysis article review examples

The maps are the grounds and the first hand knowledge of the person who possesses the direct nexus with the place, eye witnesses and the participants who is constructing the record of some peculiar spaces and conditions. The compositions and analysis of the results as they occurred are the principal source of information [>]

The power of art – turner (complete episode)

The sad part about the art is how the slaves sink helplessly in the waters. Stickland & Boswell talks of the gradual abstraction in Turners work in his attempts to make color alone inspire feelings.

Museum/gallery critique

The MOCA museum was founded in the year 1979, and is exclusively devoted to the display and portrayal of uniquely contemporary art. The MOCA is the only museum in Los Angeles dedicated solely to contemporary art.

Essay on song analysis of royals by lorde

It is an interesting piece since the name of the artist resembles the title of the song. It can help the audience understand the artist and the purpose of the song.

Read an article in an art magazine the right the summery

Georgia O'Keeffe The article d George O'Keeffe written by Barbara Buhler Lynes focuses on the worsk of Georgia O'Keeffe, a famous artist. Her art, unlike that of other American artists at the time, was free of European influence.

Greek and roman architecture and chartres cathedral

Greek and Roman Architecture and Chartres Cathedral Introduction: Architecture is simply not just the designing and construction of the buildings. Their religious temples were different from those of Egyptians and Hindus, however; their temples had " Cella" which is their porch or the centre room with the statue of god in the centre [>]

Mosaic and stained glass essay

The art is meant to show devotion and strengthen the faith of the public. As a conclusion, wall paintings had become the basis of both the mosaic and stained glass window.

In the mood for love

" In the Mood for Love" by Wong Kar-wai The action of the movie takes place in Hong Kong in 1962. Chow suggests Su to try to imagine and act in roles what occurs between their spouses and their lovers, and soon the border between a game and reality starts blurring.

Response paper: the wire and flavor of love

This then leads to the distinction that exists between quality television and reality television. The difference in the solving of the conflicts is what creates the difference between quality and reality television.

Immersive of multimedia. essay

2012 IMMERSIVE OF MULTIMEDIA IN BUSINESS: These terms refer to computer-generated simulation of reality with physical, spatial and visual dimensions. Immersive Multimedia is a combination of multimedia elements and interactivity in Virtual Reality.

Modern art history – robert colescott

He believes that the artist tried to show how life was ruthless and challenging to them more so the black people. He also tries to reveal how different races were treated and how life was to them more so the black people that artists in the past pieces of art were not exposing.

The origins of art

The sources of inspiration for ancient artists are not the same as modern artists. It is difficult o deduce this issue due to the amount of time that separates modern times and the prehistoric times.

Film studies

Transitions Film Studies, an Introduction by ED SIKOV Transitions Films are made up of series of individual shots that filmmakers connect in a formal, systematic, and expressive way. The director trims each shot down to the wanted length, and attaches the strips of film together with a piece of tape.

Importance of art in early childhood essay

Even though many people think that art does not matter in a child's life, it is a crucial part of the early childhood because children are able to become independent through their art and it helps children develop in many different aspects of life. Art can truly help children's growth and learning abilities [>]

Example of “the great wave off shore at kanagawa” essay

The view of Mount Fuji is distinct in the background of the canvas, and the background of the painting demonstrates a powerful imagery of the power of nature. The proposition of space allocated to the background, to the waves and the boats is realistically balanced giving the viewer a sense of reality out [>]

Find a good website containing information about louis xiv, the sun king as a dancer. (middle ages and renaissance)

of the Visual Arts and Film Studies of the Concerned January Louis XIV, the Sun King as a Dancer Source Website Louis XIV and the Birth of Classical Ballet. Summary The given website elaborates on the contribution of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France to the fine art of Classical Ballet.

X-men: first class

The film therefore acts as a mirror because it explains the origins of each of the X Men, and of them all, the most moving story is of Magneto. The film commences with a backdrop of Nazism in Germany during the World War and paints a dreary picture of the atrocities that the [>]

Portrait of an artist as a young man

While the title of the novel insinuates that the protagonist is going to become an artist, the novel also portrays Stephen's sense of isolation that comes from the ambiguity and bewilderment that he experiences with hisfamily, society, and country. Stephen goes through a severe portrayal of the injustices and intricacy ofchildhoodas a child [>]

Modern sculpture

For instance, he states that by the 1930 the sense of a natural opposition between the art of time and art of space had become a basic starting point from which to access the unique accomplishments of sculpture. The author of Passages in Modern Sculpture gives the analysis of several celebrated sculptures to [>]

American fashion in 1980’s through today

American Fashion trends) in 1980s through today Fashion trends have a great influence to the life of people in the society. The beginning of 1980s marked a beginning of new fashion trend for both women and men.

Francis bacon

Two of the almost similar subject are the paintings of Henry VI and the Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X. The Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X may look grotesque but as the title suggests, it is actually the reinterpretation of the portrait of Pope Innocent X as originally [>]

Manet and the execution of maximilian

Manet and the Execution of Maximilian Edouard Manet produced five works on the of execution of Maximilian in Mexico. The depiction of the execution was based on the information that he received in terms of sketches and texts from Mexico and as and when he had some new information, he would sit to [>]

Twentieth-century arts: the kiss and american gothic

Twentieth-century arts: The Kiss and American Gothic The beginning of the 19th to the 20th century paintings are modern arts with wild, expressive, and multicolored ideas. Grant Wood's American Gothic was inspired by the Dibble House in Iowa and his imagination of the people living in it a farmer and his daughter.

Respones paper

number 4 March The Yacoubian Building as a Symbol of Modern Egyptian Society " The Yacoubian Building" is an Egyptian film directed by Marwan Hamid and based on the semi-titled novel of Alaa Al Aswany. In this respect the Yacoubian Building itself serves as the symbol of the division of the poor and [>]

Criticism of the play – essay example

The two children that Clint and Lisa have only served to heighten the disturbing mood of the play as the presence of a pedophile in the family makes the situation of the children complicated. The grotesque events that are related in the play are a part of the life of Lisa.

Margin call: mbs analyses

In the film, the timeframe of the sale interestingly enough also determined the value of the stocks. The victims represented by the State, through the federal government's investigation, will win in the court of law given the circumstances prior to the fire sale and during the execution of their scheme.

Sandra doore’s art informs the meaning through the juxta-positioning of softer materials with harder ones hence creating some tension in the product form of art

Sandra Doore art is different from most the other artists because of her approach to art. The viewer is able to see experience in the way Doore's art is presented and the manifestation of physical and psychological space.

Aniconic and iconic art in south asian art

This art form is a representation of capitals vs.province which is referred to as the Kusanas; in the context of this paper, it represents a group of art forms that are an illustration of iconic vs.aniconic art forms. Iconism in the context of this paper is represented by image No.

X-men first class

The story of the X Men first class presented a fresher perspective of the series that the audience cannot expect how the story unfolded. This series of X Men will give the audience both a visual and cerebral treat as the story is not just confined to the visuals which most action films [>]

Memento – christopher nolan’s theme of vengeance for the death and dishonesty

This film is shot in a manner where it begins with the film's end scene and ends with the characters describing or resolving events or issues presented, in the film, which are actually never explained fully. This film is a presentation of how the memory works.

Example of hip-hop performances essay

The billboard awards show focuses on rewarding the young and the upcoming artists in the music industry. In some parts of the performance, Nicki Minaj and one of her dancers are seen touching their private parts as a dance move.

Analysis of art work

Jacques-Louis David, Death of Socrates, 1787, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York This work is " Death of Socrates" painted by Jacques-Louis David in 1787 and is one of the collections featured at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 3 Feb 2014." Jacques-Louis David: The Death of Socrates".

American significant playwrights

The two playwrights in this research are William Dean Howells and David Belasco. Its publication was in 1882, and it explained the recent crumble of marriages in the society.

The american psychiatric association

Salsa et al.noted that with constant high levels of cortical the body will generally have lower levels of serotonin and dopamine, which can lead to depression in people who are generally more susceptible to it, or o those who have a greater genetic and environmental component. As mentioned earlier, causes of depression can [>]

The mars for “24k””that’s what i like” won

At the 60th Grammy Awards, Ed Sheeran was successful to grab two awards one for ' Shape of You' as Best Pop Solo Performance and another for album Divide as Best Pop Vocal Album. The winner for Best New Artist is Alessia CaraThe winners in the Pop Field are: The winner for Best [>]

When you comin back, red ryder

The play is set in a diner in New Mexico in the 1950s whereby the diner has lost most of its clientele but the employees and a few individuals are the only people left in a deserted town. The director of this play uses the old and young couple to communicate his message [>]

Cubism and geometric abstraction

Works cited: Albers, Josef." Homage to the Square: With Rays, " The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lyonel, Feininger." The Bicycle Race".

The unfaithful wife: french version

This movie tries to give a story of a family that felt upset after the husband had to murder the lover to his wife. In the other case of Unfaithful wife; Derek claims that the film was supposed to be horrifying but it was displayed in ironic humor and irresistible logic which does [>]

Question 5

The over-all play and the entire production contribute to the unity of the comedy as it effectively produces the desired audience reaction-which is to make them laugh. The splendor and the stunning combination of the tidbits of crafted props have indeed attributed to the over-all effect of the play.

Milan fashion week

Alberta Ferretti's delicate femininity, chiffony and romantic dresses floated on the catwalk and casted rage on the ramps." While the designer did relent a little by creating a few belted no-frills dresses and ensembles in beige and ivory, it was in her lingerie-and-sexy-nightgown-inspired numbers that she showed her complete mastery". The fashion guru [>]

Good opinion essay example

Understanding of this piece has been a challenge to many people, but in light of the ideas that motivated John Cage to producing this piece, one can understand the motivation behind its creation. The silent piece was appropriate and effective in its time, in that it passed the message Cage intended for the [>]

Leon kroll – west shore terminal analysis

Running head: Leon Kroll - " West Shore Terminal" Leon Kroll - " West Shore Terminal" [Institute's Leon Kroll - " West Shore Terminal" The " West Shore Terminal" by Leon Kroll was painted in 1913 on canvas using oil paints. The theme of " West Shore Terminal" is basically related to America's [>]

Discussion design

Some costume designers have to create a great number of clothes to recreate the epoque so it is important for them to catch the main characteristics of the outfit in that time. Moreover, costume designers use folk motives in their costumes to recreate the origin of the characters.

Edwin catmull and computer graphics

He enjoyed the class of computer drawing and animation as perfected by the Sketchpad and decided to continue with the studies to become part of the rejuvenated and inspired revolutionist in the field of computer science and graphics in particular. As demonstrated by Prince, Edward's motivation in the field of computer science and [>]

Gallery report movie review examples

From the above image, the artist has immensely applied the principles of design in presenting the image. Therefore, in image 1, light is one of the elements that the artist has immensely used in presenting the image.

Contemporary american television drama

Running Head: CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN TELEVISION DRAMA Contemporary American Television Drama: Textual Analysis of CSI Miami By course name Professor's name University name City, State Date Contemporary American Television Drama: Textual Analysis of CSI Miami Lighting in CSI Miami interprets the contrast between inside and outside artificial settings. The set design of CSI Miami [>]

Good term paper on photography as a form of art

The paper analyzes the concept of photography in line with the argument that photography is an Art. The interpretation of this argument is that photography is an Art in situations where the photographer has emotions that he/she wants to transfer to the viewer through photography.

The tower heist – an adventure comedy with motives based on concepts of people-oriented leadership, team dynamics, communication theories, and pygmalion effect

As such, he was effective in influencing the team which he formed in order to achieve the explicitly defined goal of avenging the loss of the pension fund of his employees, which were suspected to be stolen by Arthur Shaw. The advantages of forming a team composed of diversely skilled people whose individual [>]

Sample essay on why was florence the focus of the renaissance

The renaissance was a rebirth that happened in the styles that were used in art in the 14th and 16th centuries in Europe. The guilds done by the merchants represented the trades in the cities and formed forums for the exhibition of art.

A areer in ice sculpting

A Career in Ice Sculpting When we see an ice sculpture glistening in the light we are mesmerized by the intricate designs that have the look of solid crystal. We are in awe as we wonder; how did they learn the art of ice sculpting and how do they apply it in the [>]

Review of the tender processes used by different municipalities of the republic of south africa

The difference that is main and major between the two is that, in two stage process, the contractor at an earlier stage get involved in the planning of the project, so the tenders are submitted as required by minimum information and in the second stage, the team of the players of the employers [>]

Nude descending a staircase versus mystery and melancholy of the street

The lines are effective in showing motion because of the ease to detect from the painting that the movement rotated in an anticlockwise direction, which is from the upper left to the lower right corner. The interior shadow of the painting shows entrapment and a possible sense of tragedy.

Art analyze

The image has a black and white coloration, which suggests that the image depicts a situation in the ancient times. Moreover, the man stands in the middle of the lane in a desperate posture, which depicts the hopelessness at the time.

Art history essays example

This technique entails using the process of rising to design the bodies of the vases while repeatedly some of the parts of the vessels such as the mouth, feet, and handle are cast from a mold. Once the mixture solidifies, one removes the clay mold and polishes the smooth surface of the bronze.

Why kids attract towards animation and 3d animated films

Moreover, kids are attracted to animations and 3d animated films because they are funny and entertaining to watch. The other reason why kids are attracted towards animations and 3d animated films is because they help the kids to learn easily about matters in the real world.

Reading summary

Reading Summary The reading, ' The Martial Arts Film in Chinese Cinema: Historicism and the National ' relate to the Chinese history and myths reflected in Chinese films such as The House of Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flower. The thesis shows the trend of the film industry and the impacts [>]

Peplos kore, from the acropolis,athens,greeece,ca.530 bce/ aphrodite of knidos

PEPLOS KORE AND APHRODITE OF KNIDOS Objectives differences Aphrodite of Knidos has a naked body and she is taking a birth in the bathroom while Peplos Kore is fully dressed in a long robe. As a result, some body features of Peplos Kore are not evident such as the legs and the thighs [>]

Report on african person of significance:community to global activist,innovator,artlist.etc

In 1971, Maathai received a the University of Nairobi, becoming the first woman in the larger Central Africa region to earn a doctorate. Maathai further opposed the building of a skyscraper in Uhuru Park.

Significant others

Insurrection Part 2 The social media that I belong to and is most significant in my life is Facebook. I would love to join them because of their visions in developing art and my love for art.

Colonial takeover in the corporation

The corporation is controlling everything and it is pompous, always insisting that it is the number one, or is the best. To sum up, if the image of the corporation as a human is a valid one, then the corporation really is a psychopath.

Review on two paintings of monet

The House seen from the Roses Garden The House seen from the Roses Garden Claude Monet was among the founders of French Impressionist paintings. The first painting is the view of his house from the rose garden.

Good essay about the influence of mythology and philosophy on chinese calligraphy and painting

2 The Chinese people are composed of the intermingling of the many different tribes that settled in the Chinese mainland thousands of years ago. 5 The invention of the paper circa 105 A.D.became the turning point in the development of calligraphy and painting.

Intro to television

Teen Wolf Teen Wolf which is created by Jeff Davis for MTV, is one of the most in demand teen shows of the present generation. The paper is aimed to answer the following questions based on one of the episodes which are the premiere episode of the first season.

Human gross national income (gni). you can also

Human geography can be defined as ' The branch of geographydealing with how human activity affects or is influenced by the earth'ssurface.' At this moment in time there are many humanissues and events are happening all around the world for example, rapidpopulation growth as well as globalisation and mass migration. This bringsme onto [>]

Analysis of neoclassical and romantic art

The aim of this work is to compare the pictures of Benjamin West and Francisco Goya, revealing the peculiarities of their styles. In the picture, the figure of the colonel is highlighted, while the aborigine is hidden in the shadow.

The immaculate conception with saints francis of assisi and anthony of padua

The Immaculate Conception with Saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua Cardinal Girolamo Verospi commissioned the painting by Giovanni Bennedetto Castiglione, " The Immaculate Conception with saints Francis of Assisi and Anthony Padua", in 1649, for a new church in Osimo at the Capuchin monastery in Italy. Castiglione in this painting was [>]

Free christinas world, by the great american painter, andrew wyeth essay sample

Separate blades of grass, natural tones and shades of straws, the dim, gloomy color of the sky and the old, worn-down farmhouse are painted with scrupulousness, and this makes the viewers feel their presence within the picture and get a stunning sensation of the moody palette of the painting. The woman's figure seems [>]

Community college of denver

Psyche by Donald Lipski Once entering the lobby of new Auraria Scientific Building, one can see a huge butterfly slowly fluttering under the ceiling and shimmering in the light with gradations of yellow and red colors. Auraria Science Building was founded to serve the educational purposes for students from Metropolitan State College of [>]

Free essay on bird food by ornette coleman, recorded in 1959

Coleman went out of his way to play his kind of music and tunes that were pre-given to him. It is a rare combination of instrument that brings out the melody in a rare way that cannot be likened to any other jazz musician before him.

Honey boo boo and hillbillies

The reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo draws an image of the nowadays' hillbillies attracting the audience to the family of the characters, who are perceived as typical hillbillies. One of the most attractive features of the image constructed by the Boo Boo's family is that the hillbilly perceives poverty as their [>]

Writting exercises

Therefore; while masculinity studies state that men are more sociable in the society due to their masculinity; gender embodiment changes this presumption by stating that women can also be sociable and be capable of the same activities as men. Therefore; unlike men's studies which state that leadership positions in the society should be [>]

Andy warhol life facts

It was in 1961 that Warhol introduced the concept of " pop art". This was followed by two other books in the 70s, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol and Exposures.

Woody allens movie midnight in paris

The plot of the film centres round an American family who set out to travel to the capital of France for certain business needs and includes an young couple basically the protagonists of the story who are engaged and are compelled to come across a situation which guide them to the fact that [>]

Human mental state essay

There are tonss of groundss that prove the statement of " Color affects one ' s temper." But we are non exposed that much to the statement that " Mood affects the pick of colour ". In add-on to a subdivision for the abstract and the presentation of the subject, research inquiry and [>]

History of art 101

The TV series Rome was based on the ancient Rome and thus feature elements of architecture and art from then. Art and architecture brought out in scenes in the right mix of the ancient setting of the movie.

Hope is a good thing for the shawshank redemption

I have done both, reading the book and watching the movie, and my assurance to you is that you will find the film more entertaining than the book itself. Freeman, who plays Red, is a convict for the murder of the one who befriends Andy, and he is serving a life sentence.

The princess bride

Based on the novel, the film presents the contextual aspect of the story through a book narration by a grandfather to his son. In a bid to cheer the grandson up, the grandfather buys a story book entitled ' The Princess Bride, a tale of the love between the beautiful Buttercup and the [>]

Elizabethan england essay

Public officials, teachers, and other persons of authority were required to take the Oath of Supremacy, which stated that the believers upheld the official religion of England and the Queen as the supreme governor of the Church. In literature not only did its dominant themes of love and the knightly romance reflect the [>]

Apple and steve jobs

In order to deal with the threats of new entrants and the competitors introducing latest products and services it is necessary that Apple Inc. To gain the competitive advantage and deal with the increased threats of competitors, Apple Inc.


Practices of Looking: Introduction to Visual Arts Chapter s Summary Practices of Looking: Introduction to Visual Arts Chapter s Summary The book entitled " Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture" is written by Sturken and Cartwright and it is published in 2001. Some people say that the painting called Mona Lisa [>]

Analysis: the effective teacher by harry wong

The Effective Teacher by Harry Wong Movie Analysis: The Effective Teacher by Harry Wong The movie is all about a teacher d Christina shoemaker. Therefore, the teacher is expected to maintain some order while she or he is class.

Before sunset film analysis

This film analysis focuses on the dialogues used by the main characters which are considerably the main element of the film. There were a number of scenes in the film that depicted how they had cherished their memories through the years and how much they had valued each other despite the test of [>]

Film Review of a Documentary on Bill Career Bill

Film Review of a Documentary on Bill Career Bill is a passionate photographer who spends a significant part of his life taking photos of fashion in the streets of New York. In the film, it is clear that the females have a rich orientation of fashion in their dress code than male.

A web site

Pinterest Pinterest is designed keeping in view the interests of the users and it is remarkably flexible in presenting relevant information to the users. A new user is welcomed on the landing page and is then asked to submit details; the background of the page functions to promote the website by listing the [>]

Free research paper about the source of japanese art and its impact on global art

These arts gain their name from the occupancy of the Japanese government which between the years 552 to 710 was located in the Asuka Valley and later progressed to occupy the Nara until the year 784. The earliest Buddhism oriented art in Japan was the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara which was between the [>]

Mike keefes cartoon cell phone driving

It can be seen through my phrasing and choice of words that I want to clearly communicate my thoughts about the issue to the people involved as road safety is an important matter. In this sense, my audience also includes government officials who have the power to create legislation that will ban the [>]

Twentieth century african-american artists

Other Twentieth Century African-American Artists The works of the two 20th century African American artists, Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence had a number of similarities as well as some contrasting differences. With regard to the similarity of their works, both Lawrence and Bearden emerged in the 20th century during the Harlem Renaissance.

Analyzing and reflecting on an art object

The astrolabe in the world of art is a fascinating device that not forms part of the Islamic culture for the functional elements it was designed for but also beauty that radiates from the sight of the way it's designed. One of the parts of the astrolabe that is designed for both the [>]