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Social consequences of the internet for adolescents

Valkenburg and Jochen Peter " Social consequences of the Internet for adolescents " tends to claim that adolescent are currently the highest number of users on the internet and that they use the internet mostly for social interaction than adults do. The author relies on studies geared towards the positivity of the Internet [>]

American government: synopsis

These rights, including the rights of free speech and free press, were hailed as democratic constitutional principles in the first founding of the nation, and the Fourteenth Amendment states that no state can deprive any American citizen of the " equal protection of the laws". Today, too, the Court stands as a beacon [>]

Federalist vs anti- federalist

The views of the Federalists and the Anti-federalists on the role of the representatives derive from the ways in which each see therole of the federal, or central, government. The Federalists believed in a strong central government and they thought that it would protect the rights of individual citizens.

Managing ethics in organizations

By asking Stephanie to lie, she compromises Stephanie's sense of moral judgment and is put in the awkward position of telling a lie or betraying a friend. The performance may not mean anything to Corin, but they do to the team and that's what the decision should be based on.

The domestic craft of knitting

Phillips continued to create masterpieces of art throughout her career and was awarded a fellowship of the American Craft Council in recognition of her merit. Her career has inspired a lot of followers to take up knitting as an art form.

The congress of andrew johnson

For that we have to come as a united power and through him away from the thrown situation in the nation. He is a demon for the people and he will eat all the resources from the man and make a mole-hole to the nation.

Understanding organisation theory and practice

The environment that these firms operate having factors that comprises of the immediate environment of the firm and affect the performance of the firm. The theory becomes relevant in addressing the concerns of the companies and comparing their operations of Holden and Ford.

Fitness movement in the usa

Fitness Movement in the USA What were the reasons for the rise of fitness faith, centres, and its churches? In conclusion, the fitness movement focused on health and individuals' responses to building self esteem.

Inside mecca

This aspect is brought out in the manner in which individuals relate to each other while at the center of worship. The process of carrying out some rituals is to bring out the humble nature of the Muslims.


Geography According to the Webster Dictionary, a gradient actually means " change in the value of a quantity with change in a given variable and especially per unit distance in a specified direction". Meanwhile, a secular government is a kind of government wherein separation of the church and the state is recognized, and [>]

Cricket matches at south africa

I have seen in one of the matches in which the South African fast bowler, probably one of the fastest in the world today Dale Steyn, who is playing for Royal Challengers, Bangalore, hit for a six by former Australian player Mathew Hayden who is playing for Chennai Super Kings. Also, I have [>]

Japanese history

The system of governance adopted by the Japanese was influenced by the Chinese system of government. The Imperial Court of the Japan was based on the working of the Imperial Court which existed in the ancient Chinese culture.

Pillow talk

My wife is right in saying that spending much money to buy tickets to go to Qatar and celebrate Ramadan with my family is not necessary. I am right in saying that I want to celebrate this special month of the year with my family and relatives in my hometown, Qatar.

Genetic variations in comt and drd2

Genetic variations in COMT and DRD2 modulate attentional bias for affective facial expressions Genetic variations in COMT and DRD2 modulate attentional bias for affective facial expressions Introduction Studies have uncovered that catechol-O-methyltransferase and dopaminegic receptor2 balance human consideration inclination for tasteful nourishment or tobacco. Conclusion All in all, a population-based study was performed [>]

A new marketing paradigm

Among the defining characteristics of this era are: A new understanding of reality, which is not always and exclusively based on reason, and emerges as more complex and nuanced than the mere product of technology and science. Brands take up a new role, with marketers as creators of a work-in-progress that is finalised [>]

Boy and girls differ in their socializatioin experience

Gender socialization includes the processes through which the boys and girls learn the behaviors and personality characteristics appropriate to their gender. Family plays primary and the most important role in the socialization of children enabling them to become the successful citizens of the society.

Does ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny

The idea is better visualized in the following manner;" both chick and human embryos go through a stage where they have slits and arches in their necks that are identical to the gill slits and gill arches of fish. On the other hand, Phylogeny is defined by scientists as " the history of [>]

The tragedy of the commons

Beyond the Tragedy of the Commons Garret Hardin's 1968 opus, " The Tragedy of the Commons," is an often-cited work. In the United States, one example in which the tragedy of the commons may be happening is in the Georges Bank in Northeastern United States.

Introduction to ms project 2003

Introduction to MS project 2003 affiliation Microsoft Project 2003 is a computer program that was developed by Microsoft Company to help its clients to carry out various tasks associated with programming. To conclude, this Microsoft Project 2003, is useful for business management.

Discussion question

One report stated that if we continue our growth by the year 2030 we will need an additional area the size of India to support the population unless additional work is done with the technology we have now. The devastation to other species of animals and plants through the additional use of land [>]

Principles of finance

YTM = , where m is the par value of the bond, vd is the current market value of the bond, t is the tax rate. A ROA of 10% is impressive compared to the average cost of capital of 6.62%.

Family therapy concepts and methods

The main advantage of a genogram is that its structure provides family therapist with detailed information about a family in treatment. The fact that genograms cover events that transpired across at least three generations of a family enables family members to gain proper self-knowledge, understand consequences of their actions and hypothesize ways to [>]

Bridging the gap between i/o research and hr practice: improving team composition,team training and team task design

Organization/industrial research focuses on the human resource needs of an organization and, the need to build strong teams. Some of the issues identified in the study are, mix of skills, traits of team members, diversity, and training of employees.

Performance of deerfield massacre

That was because of the disunity among the Americans, the outsiders captured and attacked innocent locals once and again and end up in a terrible massacre. Hope such will never repeat in America and the world as a whole ever.

Not guilty by reasons of insanity

In GBMI, it is more of an outcome, rather than a defense, that implies the guilt or criminal culpability of the defendant and therefore criminal sanctions and punishment, including imprisonment, apply to him. A decision for release is based and dependent on a set of conditions that the individual must follow to reduce [>]

Political science

However, the World War II was the major fear for America to drop its isolationism and jumped to help the rest of the world. Unilateralism can be useful in the situations where a decision has to be for national benefit and the survival of the country.

Learning from mentors

Articles major components and/or points: Mentoring is a learning process between a mentor who is usually a senior or someone more experienced in the job, and a mentee who is usually a junior or someone in need of training. Wlodkowski also talks about adult learning first as a professional development workshop which is [>]

Power pinned in the braggart soldier: how does plautus use both slave and courtesan to undermine the physical and psychological

The play portrays the braggart being tricked and exposed by various means however, the key feature is that Plautus uses the characters of slave and courtesan defeat the braggart Pygropolynices both physically and mentally. The slave Palaestrio and the courtesan Acroteleutium are the key elements of the play that are the downfall of [>]

Economics 2

The prices of the fuel that the airlines utilized are regulated. For example in the airline industry the new security regulation affected the operating protocols of the firm which increase the time to perform process and the added equipment and labor requirement to perform the function.

Virginia state and local government

The General assembly passed a bill stating the delegation of the functions of imposing and collecting taxes, to the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. Thus, the transportation bill of Northern Virginia turned out to be an unconstitutional one, declared null and void by the Supreme Court.

Army emergency relief

What part of the essay is most memorable? What kind of grammatical errors, if any, are evident in the essay?

Importance of human rights watch group

Principles of Management: Elements of Control The Human Rights Watch group is an example of real life team which has been seen to be quite effective in rallying for human rights of people across the globe. Nevertheless, the activities of the human right watch has been very instrumental in development of policies [>]

Women across cultures

The study of lesbianism is important to the topic of women across cultures because almost every country in the world has a lesbian sub-culture living somewhere in it, whether they want to admit it or not. Not only do men in general need to be educated about women's human rights but so do [>]

No paper/ just questions

M1 will decrease because of withdraw of the money supply and M2 will increase because of the short-term deposit made during the transcation. PV = [1/t ] At where, R= 20% T= 1 year A= 120, then PV= [1/1] 120 PV= 100 I would take the $100 today because of the time value [>]

Answer the three questions

GHG Emissions The Copenhagen Accord is a pledge signed by various countries like China, India, and the US agreeing to take actions and draft goals in order to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming and drastic climate changes. 13 Apr.2011.

Grounding & bonding

The prime objective of grounding is to allow convenient detection of probable faults in electrical systems by providing a path for the flow of currents from the point of fault through the ground back to the neutral point of the source. The proper installation of bonding and grounding devices is important in the [>]

Nature of the mind

Nature of the mind Chapter four of the text " Philosophy Here and Now" by Lewis Vaughn gives rise to insights about the nature of the mind. This implies that the relationship between the states of mind and physical properties is that of supervenience.

The qing or manchu dynasty

In this constitution, the supreme power was with the emperor and others had minor rights to vote. In 1800, the Qing or Manchu dynasty was at the nadir of its power.

Mother challenge

I had a planned trip to Toronto Canada and felt that since I did not have cell phone coverage for the area and roaming charges are very expensive, so I chose that time to exist without texting. I rarely actually talk on the phone and my daily schedule is so hectic that I [>]

Euthyphros true and false

Euthyphro's True and False 1_False_ When Euthyphro tells Socrates that " Justice is what all the gods love," Socrates disagrees with this because he believes it to be false. This is false because it is explained that only wisdom is given by gods and not that one has to possess a lot [>]

Pamela or virtue rewarded

B, to take advantage of her for the whole length of the novel. As a woman she was expected to give in to the urges of a man, let alone a nobleman.


In 2010, W filed for appeal against the ruling of the court of appeal on the matter. It is, therefore, prudent for the effect of the appeal to occur in 2011 in the financials of M.

Juvenile justice & delinquency theory: crjs315 – 1402a – 02

This makes Head Start a high quality early intervention program since focuses on the holistic and general aspects of the child's life other than targeting the crime itself, in addition to being cost effective. Positive impacts of the program The program has been found to greatly deter crime for the children involved since [>]

Google wallet

Google Wallet supports an ecommerce platform and as it has been designed by Google to operate on an open platform and in future it would be operated on any cellular phone and most of the credit cards. Future of Google Wallet Google has claimed that it is just the starting of a new [>]

Groups: process and practice

Once members begin to appreciate differences and gain slight understanding of one another, they can start developing friendship and openness, which can help establish and build trust Another opening exercise may involve diving members into groups of three people and asking the different group to engage in games of counter pulling of ropes. [>]

Hr contributes at sysco

VRC enhanced the administrative efficiency of HR and it also contributed to the responsiveness of HR to employees and regional managers. HR devised and implemented a number of programs and services such as conducted a survey of employees and managers to analyze the reasons of turnover.

Poem- english

The weird sunscreen things over the windows make the building look a little ridiculous, and also add to the claustrophobic feelings when inside, because you cannot get a good view out of the windows. It shows a very stark realistic view of the problems with war, and tells its readers that they need [>]

Camille saint saens

Regarded as one of those rare and gifted prodigies, Saint-Saens, learned to play the piano from his aunt when he was only two and a half years old and composed his first piece when he was three. In 1908 Saint-Saens had the honor of being the first composer to write a musical piece [>]

What are the two main theories of the origin of american indians in north america

Submitted Two Main theories of origin of American Indian in North America ' Indians', ' American Indians' or Paleoamericansare some of the common names of the people who apparently welcomed Columbus in America. Till now nobody is sure about their origin though and a big number of people are in the favor of [>]

Answer the questions

This is risk that is contingent in the specific investment, including sector or industry concerns.2. Oftentimes then benchmark in investment portfolio is the S&P 500.

Qui tam and whistle blowing

Almost all subsidy programs being victims of fraud and abuse which cost the federal government up to USD 100 billion annually so programs like the Qui tam are designed to help the government recover money with the informer being entitled to a portion of the recovered money. The first step in answering the [>]

Implementing standard operating procedures, guidelines, and standards

To ensure that the implementations of the SOPs are successful, there is a need to ensure that our SOP's document contains well-thought-out and relevant safety and health issues. In relation to the communication principle of education and instruction, training and development programs also need to be initiated in a concrete and clear manner [>]

A juicy position : e-mail requesting information about careers in at jamba juice

of the of the Concerned 15 May E-Mail Requesting Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Request for Information about Careers in Jamba Juice Dear Sir/Madam, I am a graduate level student who intends to solicit from you information about career opportunities at Jamba Juice. I really appreciated the culture and approach at the [>]

Components of a case brief legal document

A case brief is a legal document that summarizes the arguments that are presented to a court in favor of one party over the other in a case. The holding or the answer to the issue is then presented in a nest section.

Should legislation provide gay couples the opportunity to marry

With the growing number of gay couples, the question that we should ask ourselves is when gay marriages will be legalized and not whether gay couples should be permitted to marry. According to Merin, gay couples in enjoyment of their freedom in no way curtail the enjoyment of the heterosexual couples right.

Five books from the old testament

This book comprises of the three sermons given by Moses to the Israelites when they were about to enter the Promised Land and it recollects the past of Israelites, stresses the importance of following the teachings and reveals the power of repentance in the face of wrong doings, so that lost land and [>]

Explain how john steinbeck promotes agonistic and secular humanism and give examples in the grapes of wrath

Set in the backdrop of the Great Depression, the story follows their journey west and the inevitability of suffering, disappointment and disillusionment of their lot. Even when the Joad family reaches the promised land of California, where farming work is said to be in abundance, the overflow of other immigrants like them skews [>]

The role of pride in santiago’s plight

Santiago says: " It is good that we do not have to try to kill the sun or the moon or the stars. For him, it is the only way to avoid new mockery and suffering.

The importance of kennedys writings

It is necessary to admit that the purpose of that speech was to contradict allegations and accusations that Catholics may have divided loyalty and may be subjected to orders from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. To sum up it is necessary to mention that John Kennedy was a well-known and famous figure [>]

Cultural partial influences

According to the Confucian work dynamism dimension: the relationship existing between the societal members determines the community's stability and the major prototype of all the social institution is the household. Character creation will help the learner to get in a position of expressing the social, political autonomy of the community and creating a [>]

Ec390.1.1 childrens literature lesson 6

Even though the learners have the opportunity to make choices, this is monitored from a pool of options which is in the teacher's custody. Wrong choice made a material written in ungrammatical language for example, the child learns to be keen in making wiser choices in future and this is reinforced by constructive [>]

Would the nixon/kissinger approach have worked right after world war ii

Nixon and Kissinger's Approach Nixon and Kissinger's diplomatic strategy and approach were specific to circumstances andissues of the profound power politics of their time. The principles of Nixon and Kissinger's approach also applies to other regions where multiple players exist with each important to US interests.


The first theory, as previously mentioned, is that of destiny and the ideal that people are either meant to be together or they are not meant to be together. Individuals that believe in and abide by the rules of destiny are quicker to accept when a relationship does not work and move on.

“cold war abroad and at home” on group discussion board

After the World War II it was seen that the communists were spreading all throughout the world and as they were gaining power it was assumed that they would soon try to take over the U. In those times, it can be said that the cold war was becoming an existential threat as [>]

The silent language

This can become a barrier to successful business transactions for an American, who has no prior knowledge of the culture of the people he or she is doing business with. In conclusion, the understanding of Hall's work helps one to gain an appreciation of the diversity of culture.

Project design constraints

When designing prosthetic heart valves, care has to be taken to ensure that the different biomaterials used to design them, fit the peculiar blood flow requirements of the human body. The model is made of aluminum, and has a similar size to the natural human heart.

College learning experience

Through my interaction with my classmates and professors, I am now more receptive to the various ideas presented in the classroom and have also learned to distinguish those which are helpful and those which are of less significance. With a higher level of maturity, interest in learning, and time management skills, the first [>]

Japanese culture

The Japanese culture is the combination of Japanese-ness and western-ness. The American was in the belief that the Okinawa people were different from that of Japanese people.

Advantages of nuclear power

The amount of nuclear power is unlimited when compared to other sources of fuel due to the big volume of uranium in the earth's crust. The amount of power produced by nuclear plants cannot be equated with other sources of energy.

A colorful day at the football stadium

There were cars that were the colors of the teams, which were green and blue. The home team cheerleaders were a moving row of blue.

Reflection paper

According to Sigmund Freud, in this essay on " The Sexual Aberrations", he noted that the sexual object and the sexual aim are two separate components. The sexual object refers to the desired object which in this case is a person of the opposite sex.

Intimate relationship

Intimate Relationship Intimate Relationship When an intimate relationship experiences a number of changing patterns, it seems tomodify the well-being of an individual. For instance, to achieve a happy family life one is required to understand the differences and similarities of every type of a family.

Asymmetric or symmetric encryption

Asymmetric or Symmetric Encryption In today's scenario it is vital to secure and maintain the confidentiality of information or data. Asymmetric encryption or public key encryption involves two set of keys one is public key for encryption and another key for decryption, a private key.

The diversified geographical distribution

This also depends upon the geographical distribution and climatic conditions and lately to the developmental aspects of the society. The cultural diversity is analogues with the biodiversity; it is vital for the long-term survival of life on earth and also imperative for the long term survival of humanity.

Educating and disciplining children or students

The sentiment expressed by the members of the public saw the civil rights attorney taking matters to court by using the state for negligence and biases. Segregation has been rampant at the state of Minnesota and the meeting was called to iron out the integration plan and set remedies to address the issues.

W7 case study

Professional s of ethics are very important to ensure that marketing is done in a professional manner that is ethical and helps marketers make the correct choices. In order for a marketer to do a good job and get the product or service where it needs to be in terms of sales, it [>]

China internet censorship against human rights

This serious state of government inference in the freedoms and rights of the Chinese is also seen through the process of locking up data centers. In other words, internet censorship is something that may require the time and efforts of many other groups.

Process control at polaroid

This is a traditional approach of quality control where the efforts of quality control are focused on the last stage of production prior to the delivery of products. Pareto analysis of the type of defects sampled shows that excessive reagent is the reported defect common to both operators and auditors which have a [>]

The implications of the security act of 1933

Managerial Finance The Implications of the Security Act of 1933 The passing if the Security Act of 1933 was the beginning of federal regulation of the securities market. The rationale for the Act was the belief that the investors in the new issues had been hoodwinked by inadequate disclosure and exaggerated claims [>]

Vegetables are beter thn meat

One of the recent findings by researchers at Imperial College London, highlight the fact that vegetable protein are healthier and keep the blood pressure low as compared to the animal protein. As the process onsets a decade before the appearance of frank symptoms, in order to minimize the bone deterioration, it is essential [>]

Final reflective paper

The analyzing of short stories led me to consider interpretations of symbols and how they are integral to the context of the story. The completion of this literature class, though not the first attempt to do so, has helped me to develop a greater sense of ability and confidence in understanding literary works.

Real learning requirements, the biggest misconceptions about learning amongst students, specific of memorizing facts and reflection

Students and their teachers often believe that the harder and slower the process of learning, the easier it is to acquire information. To the contrary, the effortful- the harder, the slower, the more deliberate- the learning effort, the easier it is to acquire said information and retrieve it in the future.

American civil war

The southern troops were not well organized and their army lacked discipline which led to defeat, the northern troops were well trained and therefore overpowered the southern troops, the northern troops were also confident in winning and this is because they had been into war before and therefore they were more experienced than [>]

Stan sewall case

Primarily the general investors, creditors, Stan Sewall, the law firm and the customers can be harmed. When the law catches up with Stan Sewall, he, the law firm, the third party and the customers would all be harmed for trying their hand at cheating.

Black boy by richard wright

The effect that cruelty can have on the cruel person is that it makes him happy and contented. Another effect is that the success that cruelty offers to the cruel person and the results he sees in the person to whom he has inflicted pain, makes him even crueler.

The culture of beauty

The " Barbie Syndrome" is a symptom of a society that is focused on looks to the disadvantage of everyone. Ultimately, it is a society that decides what the idyllic human form should be and consequently, it is the duty of the adults to decide to what degree if any, physical attributes define [>]

Pick the most suitable and easiest to you

Under Justified True Belief, knowledge and the meaning contained in sentences can be derived using the below set of conditions, which are necessary and mutually sufficient: S knows that p P is true, S believes that P, and, S is justified in believing that P. The Gettier problem refers to a philosophical reasoning [>]

Life science

Distant education is increasingly being employed as a means of imparting education to people whose tendency to attain education is hindered by the geographical distances, or busy schedule that requires them to work along with studying. I feel connected to the science through virtual education.

Discussion question

Discussion Question How the organizational goals influence the preparation and evaluation of pro forma financial ments Researchers in the field of accounting associate most of the necessity for a pro forma financial statement to the projected plans of the company. If for instance the company has any plans of making new acquisitions as [>]

Identify the major trends that have influenced world trade and global marketing

However, with the advent of globalization and the liberalization of the WTO regimes, the major trend is this protectionist regime gave away to the regime of free trade. Another trend is that of consumer knowledge increase with regards to impact of products and processes on their health, the environment and the overall well [>]


The two stories The Girls in Their Summer Dresses by Irwin Shaw and Half and Half by Amy Tan both describe a romantic relationship which is in trouble. In The Girls in Their Summer Dresses the couple Michael and Frances are described on a day out together but the story's title and the [>]

Railroads in hudson valley region

The railroad was instrumental in the development of the Croton Water System in the 1890s. Government regulation and the coming of the airplane and automobile led to the decline of the railroads in the 20th century.

Is increasing profits the only social responsibility of business

Social Responsibility of a Business Social Responsibility of a Business A business' social responsibilities define both the economic and ethical duties it is obliged to perform in order to contribute towards, and uphold, the balance between the ecosystem and economy while promoting its workers' and customers' quality of life. References Friedman, M." A [>]

Socialization and criminal behavior – alphonsus capone

Socialization and Criminal Behavior - Alphonsus Capone Alphonsus Capone or Al Capone grew up in a rough neighborhood and was a member of two " kid gangs," the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors in Brooklyn, New York. Whatever he did later in his life, in every illegal sense of the [>]