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Shurgard self-storage

The growth of the company in Europe has been slow. One of the problems in Europe for the company was that the overhead costs were higher.

Analysis of behind grandma’s house poem by gary soto

The poem ' Behind Grandmas House' has been written by Gary Soto and is about a little boy of around ten years ago, who tried to portray himself as harsh and tough until his grandmother tackles him. Although the boy has been portrayed as being a troublemaker to the whole neighborhood, it can [>]

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Ethical considerations

During the investigation the information will be taken in web and the participants will not be involved in this process, thus the first principle will be followed. As the information used for the investigation is in the public domain, consent may not be needed and the information should be properly referenced.

Emerging markets and financial regulation

The first obstacle was the cultural differences present in the various countries and regions the company wished to enter, especially in Europe and the United States. Such a market entry strategy was very appropriate for the company and enabled it to succeed.

Apocalyptic literature – the book life of pi and film big fish

In Christianity, content of apocalyptic texts like the book of Revelation in the New Testament paints a vivid image of symbolism in creating a vision surrounding the end of the world. In this context, it is undeniable that " Life of Pi" and " Big Fish" tries to create apocalyptic visions similar to [>]

Personal goals & reflection assignment business ethics

To ensure that you do can continue to be proud of yourself as a valued member of this organization, it is best to keep some guidelines in the front of your mind. If I were conducting myself as a business with the values equivalent to those described in the memorandum, then the usage [>]

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Chapter 4

Various functional fibers such as gums and pectin cause development of gums in the stomach which slow down the transmission of food. Dietary fiber if taken in the right dosage can be a factor for prevention of intestinal and other disorders.

Netflix company

This aspect of a mission is very significant because it is the statement that will dictate the strategies that the company will undertake. In the statement, there is a realization that in whatever strategy that Netflix intends to execute, their customers should be their primary consideration.

Public speaking class

He started his speech by joking that the secret to speaking to a multitude of eager minds like his employees is, not letting them know that he is afraid of them. From his introduction, it was important to note that a key tactic in successful public speaking is to begin on a light [>]

Business analysis report

The manager should first obtain details from the new supplier including: the cost of the system for the Tri Borough; the number of licenses required the cost of maintenance how user friendly the system would be; the time period for implementation; the level of training required; the process of transferring records and other [>]

Principled autonomy and plagiarism

The paragraph below is an excerpt from the Principled Autonomy and Plagiarism article. The paragraph below is a second excerpt from the Principled Autonomy and Plagiarism article.

The death penalty

The crime rates are still so high in the United States because not enough people are fully acknowledging the death penalty; in many cases, criminals simply do not care that the death penalty can be a consequence of their actions. There are many other countries that also adhere to the death penalty, though [>]

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Marketing plan

Starbucks has been found to be the most preferred destination among teens and the Starbuck brand has appealed to teenagers The buying power of the teens has been growing and they represent 5% of the total population. Risk Evaluation The market for new products for the children exists and Starbucks has a very [>]

Google’s testing culture-assignment- http://www.youtube.com/watchv-q6_xnc8na2g

Following the increasingly complex and competitive business market, Google chose to adopt a change of culture so as to remain relevant and maintain its customer base. With a highly competent and dedicated staff that goes for quality, it became easy to achieve culture change, as it was essential for its success.

Quadratic equations and prime numbers

Set the left side of the equation equal to the positive square root of the number on the right side and solve for x. Set the left side of the equation equal to the negative square root of the number on the right side and solve for x.

Columbia business school mba application

Even if there is a very similar case to the one I have read about in my books, the solution and cause given in the book may be different. This learning is stored in a person and should be logically connected and to attain the answers I need in real life.

Marketing assignment

[Your full full June 17, Consumer to Business and B2B Before going into the discussion regarding C2B and B2B marketing, let us a get a better understanding of what these terms actually are. The major difference between C2B and B2B is the types of parties involved in both modes of transactions.

A part of my life

A Part of My Life I am a member of my community. I am a mother, a daughter, a grandparent and a granddaughter.

Financial management assignments 1-4

What was the growth rate for Real GDP for the 2nd Quarter, What is the growth rate for Real GDP projected for Define and indicate thesignificance of Real GDP. What Is the Significance of the LIBOR Interest Rate.


The chapter elaborates the characteristics of Normal distribution, which include: Continuous probability random variable, Uni-modal, bell-shaped Symmetrical to the mean Mean = median = mode = The area under the normal distribution is equal to unity i.e.1. 7% of the area under the curve is within three standard deviations of the mean Mean [>]

Us government : campaign spending – dissertation example

Thus, a politician that does not know what it feels like to be poor would never have the interest of the poor at heart and would never have much incentive to represent the interest of the poor the way they should. Thus, the politicians in Texas would not have the incentive to represent [>]

Annotated bibliography: myths about seasonal influenza vaccine

The site provided critical, relevant, and updated information about the disease, the viruses, symptoms and severity, and how the flu spreads, among others. This site is a relevant source of authoritative information on the subject of influenza which I can use to debunk the given myths in my essay.


The accrual system of accounting record revenue when it is earned hence shows the actual financial position of a business periodically. Accuracy involved in the above process can be improved by double checking system and by using a computerized system of accounting.

Foreseeability in law

Does the requirement for a plaintiff in a negligent case to prove foreseeability make sense Should not a defendant be responsible for all the actual consequences of the careless conduct Is it fair that an injured party might be able to recover from no one The tort of negligence is a breach of [>]

Political science

It is also at the fore front of efforts to understand and help various governments respond to new developments and concerns, such as information of the economy challenges and corporate governance. Beyond the reach, of fiscal tools such as monetary loosening and fiscal spending, wide spread and lack of trust threatens to keep [>]

Sports and media

The second hypothesis is that minority athletes are usually characterized unfavorably than White athletes in the coverage of crime-related sports news. Conclusion These researchers show that the manner in which athletes are portrayed in crime-related news varies according to race.

Disscussion:what is your perspective

The behavioral perspective of understanding human behavior is most interesting because this perspective studies psychology through the lenses of observable or overt behavior, this perspective relies on scientific research and this perspective accepts the impact of environment on human behavior. Body One of the reasons due to which the behavioral perspective of psychology [>]


This study is related to the seed article because of its investigation on how other people perceive lonely individuals and because of the role of gender in these perceptions. It is also different from the seed article because this study measures the health conditions of lonely people, unlike the seed article that measures [>]

Domestic violence on poor women in the post-industrial urban northeast and its effects on the girl child now and in her future life

The paper " Domestic Violence on Women in the Post-Industrial Urban Northeast and Its Effects on the Girls" is a dramatic variant of a case study on sociology. The problem understudy in the text is to find out the issue of domestic violence, especially on poor women in the post-industrial urban Northeast and [>]

Reseach paper proposal

CNC it helps me to transform and cut the metal speedier, precise and lively than some time recently. Anyway dependably workstation engineering improved human life and lead people to a propelled level of development.

Leadership assumptions

It is equally important that certain basic assumptions about the educational leadership qualities especially which relates to the individual approach of tackling issues and objectives, may create a vast difference to the results achieved. Educators and school administrators both can take up the role of educational leaders because both of them have the [>]

Application/extenuating circumstances

For most of the time, I felt I had nothing for which to live. I had to look for something to do if I was to remain relevant.

The cause and effect of the great alaskan earthquake

Running Head: THE 1964 ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE The 1964 Alaskan Earthquake- Its Cause and Effect of Correspondence concerning this article should be addresses to Contact: THE 1964 ALASKAN EARTHQUAKE 2 Abstract This paper explores the massive earthquake that Alaska witnessed on the 27th of March, 1964 while further analyzing the cause and the effects [>]

Envy at work by t. menon and l. thompson

The authors have suggested numerous means to stop the downward spiral, everyone cannot be generous to accept the beauty and smarter characteristics in other's personalities, but in order to be progressive one has to cultivate the spirit of generosity and calm down the voice of envy. The whole motive of the article is [>]

The innovative entrepreneur

However, this type of innovation may change the customers' perceptions towards the other products by the company. I admire this innovative idea because it was able to identify a gap that existed in the market, an aspect that led to creation of one of the most successful company in the world.

What can stern school of business offer you

It is in knowing what I want and passionately love doing; that I have come to appreciate what the Stern School of Business will offer me. At both personal and professional level, I stand a chance to gain impeccable knowledge and experience from the Stern School of Business.

Homework 3

Therefore the number of the bricks will be = / = 166, 666. 67 = 166, 167 bricks c) The volume of concrete in the sidewalks on a university campus Assume that the size of the exterior of the large building is a square size measuring size 100 x 100 ft and the [>]

Winnie mandela

One point considered is the presentation of the account of a leader and the history of the South America through a different perspective which is that of the wife of a leader. The article in Britannica is a detailed reference of the information related to Winnie Mandela.

Differences in character between americans and germans

However, the cautious character in Germans is admirable since it represents practicality in life although Americans associate it as with a lack of creativity amongst the Germans. It is evident from the foregoing discussion that Americans and other nationalities may view some characters in Germans stereotypically.

Bonnville power administration

Mechanical Engineer, GS-07: To be well versed in design and Project Engineering in the development of design packages to build transmission lines. Civil Engineer, GS-07: To support Project and design Engineers in the development of design packages to build transmission lines.

Concept of human rights and its role in the legal,moral and political world

Concept of Human Rights and its Role in the Legal, Moral and Political World The idea of human rights is, of not anything new. Much more job is required to inject human rights and the voice of the migrants into the mainstream of making policy in this area." The wider vision of human [>]

How was nazi concentration camp worser than soviet concentration camps

Some people say that the number in Stalin camps were far more than the people at Nazi concentration camp. That is why the Nazi concentration camps were far worse than Stalin's.

Case analysis

He has lived a life that is filled with struggle yet done his very best to take care of the American people. I am proud of my choice of selecting the ideal personality of Obama as he is the best one around undoubtedly.

Histoy final

It marked the end of invasions from the North and became a time of peace and the peaceful passage of merchants and caravans, which proved to help offset the terrors of the previous invasions. Charlemagne was the greatest of German kings and was also known as Charles the Great and the first Holy [>]

Social policy issue

Social Security System in the United s of America Social Security System in the United s of America In the United s of America, social security system is classified amongst the government most successful programs. The government ensures that they take the responsibility of transferring some funds from the general revenue to the [>]

Publishing: e-books, libraries, and hard cover books

Lecturer Publishing: E-books, Libraries, and Hard Cover Books: The Debate Introduction For the longest time, we have known books to be physical pages that authors develop/ write, and then get their work published by professional publishing companies. This paper will review the issue of publishers and librarians concerning their war on the pricing [>]

Portfoilio week 8 6310

According to Svinicki and McKeachie, demonstration is an effective and useful method to evaluate the learning of students where the main aim of the lesson is practicality. Learning Objectives The objectives of this lesson are: Students will identify different methods of imparting positive attitude to the patients during the drug administration.

Facing a personal challenge

Descriptive Essay- A Personal Challenge Facing a Personal Challenge It was late summer and although the hint of fall weather was lurking in the background, I nevertheless felt that Helios was smiling upon me, affirming my belief that I was doing the right thing. I needed that reassurance because the journey I was [>]

Creating systems diagrams – peer review

CREATING SYSTEMS DIAGRAMS - PEER REVIEW Response to Colleen Bobrowski I identified two major aspects of your work and these are the good and the bad. There were very few references used in the in-text and the reference used in the end-of-text does not seem to give any direct relation to the main [>]

Lesson plan on identifying synonyms

Ask if anyone knows the meaning of the word ' synonyms' Tell the students the importance of learning synonyms as a tool for enriching language proficiency. Ask the students to construct a sentence from the synonyms they have identified.

Preventing behavioral problems

Teachers however tend to overlook important strategies that can enable the students' behavior shaped in a powerful way, and that is why I have come up with various ways in which such behaviors can be dealt with in through good academic management as discussed below. From the discussion, it is quite evident how [>]

Lawsuite against target- court cases

Target moved the case to the present Court on the grounds that the charges against it could be dismissed because it was only a nominal defendant, exerting no significant control over the design and manufacture of a defective product. As a result, the ruling of the Court effectively held that the charges against [>]

Wealth management

The understanding will be by way of distinguishing the various impacts and the investment approach that will lead to a positive contribution. Partnering with the professional expert partners helps in assessing specific investment deals and helping incorporate them so it has a positive impact and contribution to the world environment around.


The company's leaders believe that it is critical for the chief executive to be steeped in the company culture." The job of the board is to pick the candidate who can best grow into the job," said a person with knowledge of the search, who spoke on the condition of anonymity." Intel has [>]

2 classical experiment – lab report example

The necessary components, then, are a survey instrument, access to a selected panel of adults, and research about which products to include in the questionnaire. The overarching question for this research study is: Does the advertising of a particular product in a given market increase its sales when compared to products that do [>]

Hinduism and buddhism

First Sur Number 10 September Comparing Hinduism and Buddhism Hinduism and Buddhism share some similarities, which include the following; Both Hinduism and Buddhism stress the role of karma and the deceptive fauna of the world in maintaining men bound to this world and the progression of childbirths and fatalities. Both of these religions [>]

Document analysis on american imperialism

Yet, the article goes on to say that the Anglo Saxon people are the ones that brought upon and allowed the majority of these changes and that Christianity was their cause for doing so. According to Strong, it must be up to the English and American people to bring Christianity to the rest [>]

Teen (brain) development report

The hypothesis is that the less time spent between parentsand teenagers is the significant factor in the differences between adults and teens. Differences in perception and decision making between parents and teenagers can be expected as the teenage brain is in its development, whereas the brain of the parents is mature.

The position of deloria on the reasons why the indians would join the wild west

First, based on the perspective that the Indians were considered primitive of an inferior culture as compared to that of the Whites and Americans in specific, Deloria examines a number of issues pertaining to the aspect of stereotyping on the image of the Indians. Such a point of view is supported by the [>]

Class warfare, low class war

Warfare, Low War When Warren Buffett wrote to his shareholders in the Berkshire Hathaway 2003 annual report that, " If warfare is being waged in America, my class is clearly wining" it was obvious that Buffett understood the factions in the war and where they stood. He was referring to the ongoing struggle [>]

Psychological testing movement/economic influences

The testing of the immigrant populations also led to the use of a lot of money in testing the IQ of all races in the U.S.as well as barring Africans from carrying out top economic activities. As a result of the movement, psychologists manage to evaluate an individual through many diverse methods.

Afterschool mathematics and sciences daycare program

Answer to Question 1: The first possible outcome of these afterschool programs are increases in the performance of the children that participate in the programs. The students will tell their friends about the experiences they have in the program, and thus, more students will want to participate, and the afterschool program will increase [>]

Your more than a label

The effects penetrate to the family of the children and the parents are particularly concerned and worried. As children grow up with the labels, their irritation and repulsiveness toward the labels recedes and they start to unintentionally accept the labels.

Genetic diseases

Genetic diseases have two modes of inheritances, which include single gene and multifactorial inheritance. The latter mode of inheritance entails the involvement of environmental factors besides multiple genes' alterations in an individual's body.

History of west coast swing

These two forms are the East Coast swing and the West Coast swing, which remains in style, in the contemporary society, despite the its historical original and new forms of dancing styles in the contemporary society. The East Coast swing and the West Coast swing were the new dance styles with the West [>]

The new rules of basel iii : opportunities and challenges for banking sector

The implementation of Basel I and Basel II norms certainly helped in regulating the financial situation in several parts of the world. In conclusion, Basel III norms mainly emphasized on various measures like enhancing the component of tier 1 capital, regulating the tier 2 capital, and removing the tier 3 capital for providing [>]

Liberalism showed in obama’s speech in cairo

Liberalism Question There exists a relationship between the ideas in Obamas of the Union Address 2013 and his Speech in Cairo with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In line with CRC, and for the sake of future generations, the US government seeks to [>]

Language and allusion analysis of teaching english from an old composition book,constantly risking absurdityand the love song

The role of imagery and symbolism greatly affects the voice and mood of the poems, to balance with the theme. To give a general view of Ferlinghetti's poem, it is parallel to the objective correlative principle of symbolisms and imageries.

Educational development: louisiana ecd programs

Participation within high-quality early childhood care and corresponding education programs have extremely positive impacts on the children's intellectual, language and social advancement among underlying children in Louisiana in regard to the risk of poor results. A handful of prevailing small scale demonstration programs in Louisiana depicts that whilst the language, literacy and mathematics [>]

Juvenile delinquency assignment 6

Application of developmental theory and latent trait theory to juvenile delinquency The latent trait theory attributes juvenile delinquency to a master trait that controls the actions and behaviour of the individual. According to the theory, the master trait influences the reactions of an individual to particular situations, and guides the individual's decisions in [>]

Research methods unit 7

After one week of the new strategy, you return to the baseline. In the multiple baseline approach, the behaviour sought to be modified is observed in different situations, and a baseline is established for each of those situations.

Success in college: things to remember

This advice is also important as it helps the students to focus on the personal differences of people and find approaches to any type, whether communicative or not a crucial skill for being successful in college and simultaneously enjoy the time spent there. In order to achieve this, it is beneficial to consider [>]

Origins of america’s civil war

USA: Oxford University Press, 2005 This is a comprehensive book that covers the history of the Southern states in detail from the first people that settled here to the modern-day. It illustrates some of the deeper meanings and feelings behind the Georgia state flag, as well as the attitudes of the people that [>]

Challenges in identifying mental disorders

It is pertinent to note that, it is hard for people's with mental illness to take care of themselves. For instance, it is important to consider one's culture, social norms, and stigmatization of a person after being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Juvenile justice system

The juvenile justice system is shaped to decrease the rate of juvenile crimes, thus the juvenile justice system is reformed as the reformers sensed the need for certain reforms. More researches are carried by the Greenwood and Zimring in 1985 that added several features to secure the rights of the juvenile offenders and [>]

Sexual violence

Sexual Violence The article published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention " Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence Widespread in the US" tells about rape and sexual violence being a very serious problem that affects millions of people each year. The article emphasizes the devastating impact of this sexual violence [>]

From slavery to freedom, edition 9, chapter 14, odyssey part 6/2

However, the increasing death rates in the war and the German attacks on the American ships forced the President, Wilson to call for a joint session of the Congress and seek the permission for engaging in the war. The Congress the rejected the idea of " whites-only draft" and passed the Selective Service [>]

Discussion 3

Discussion 3 Discussion 3 Importance of DNP level professional nurses having a clear understanding of concepts as related to nursing It is important for DNP level advanced level professional nurses to have a clear understanding of concepts as related to nursing because it would help them in designing and assessing healthcare programs. J, [>]

A visit to a museum or art gallery exhibit

One of the first artifacts I witnessed were a collection of Greek vases. In terms of art history this work is notable as it is demonstrative of a period of expression where artists began to experiment with the deconstruction of categories and produce hybrid works.

Measures and reliability and validity discussion / external and internal validity discussion

Re: Posting on Scenario F " Confounding variables are those that are not the independent variable where the s are different from the other conditions. The fact that one group got to view the words twice is not a confounding variable, but the independent variable.

Personnel procedures and the constitution

As such, Article VII denotes that 9 of the 13 original colonies would need to ratify the Constitution prior to it becoming the founding charter and law of the newly formed United States. The Bill of Rights The first ten amendments to the US Constitution, collectively known as the Bill of Rights provides [>]


This means that the positive labels are tough to ascertain and analyze because there is a great amount of jealousy and bias related with labels. The positive labels are somewhat of a difficult situation to come about.

Portions of the spinal column

The ribs are usually attached to the spinal column on the thoracic vertebrae. The lumbar spine has a curve that bends inward.

Child abuse in various societies

The current discourse hereby aims to present information from various articles outlining the recent court cases involving Penn State and the Catholic Church in terms of the manner by which these ' agencies' responded to child abuse when they were faced with it. In this particular situation, the Catholic Church response was for [>]

Summaries this video

Digital evidence is first changing the process of criminal investigation and evidence examination as almost all cases constitute some degree of digital evidence. The analysis takes place in a sophisticated cyber lab where the process involves documentation of evidence, preservation using a ray blocker to prevent evidence tempering- examined and extracted.

Unit 1 individual project

For a business organization, it includes the setting of the price level for a product or service and finding the equilibrium quantity which can maximize the profit to be generated. Since almost all employees look at salary as a primary motivation to excel, I look at the industry's level of salary for the [>]

Intellectual property and copyright

Inventors of works are normally the copyright managers and have the right to control how their work is utilized, for example, how, and on the off chance that it is repeated, distributed, performed or conveyed on the web. There are sure circumstances in which a work can be utilized without expecting to look [>]

Property crowd funding position

According to the new trend of business, crowdfunding has fuelled the tendency of entrepreneurship in real estate businesses by expanding the pool of investors from whom the funds can be raised for a better business prospect. As of now, as per the conception of the new regulation in Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act [>]

Ovids stories in the metamorphosis

He promptly fell in love with the image he saw in the pool and did everything he could to reach out and connect with the figure but, since it was only a reflection, all his efforts only caused the object of his adoration to disappear. Finally realizing that the image he is seeing [>]

Physician-assisted suicide – the anatomy of a constitutional law issue

In this case, the decision for assisted suicide should involve the family and medical specialist. This is crucial in guiding the healthcare provider in assisting in suicide.

Exercise assignments

Determinism This is the philosophical thought that each occasion or state of undertakings, including each human choice and movement, is the unavoidable and important outcome of predecessor states of issues. At the end of the day, the perspectives of believers in the doctrine shows that everything is controlled by the way of presence [>]

Criminology : journal article review assignment

The social theory being investigated in the paper is the development of cultural capital in children of black middle-class families through various ways through which their parents intervene in their socialization on art. The main variables in the study are concerted efforts of parents in development of their children's connection with visual art, [>]

Film or play

In order to avoid Antonia and Alonzo, he proceeds to create his own kingdom in a remote island in Greek with Miranda, Aretha, his mistress, and Kalibanos, a goat herder and the only inhabitant on the island before Philip arrives. Unlike Shakespeare's Prospero, the protagonist of the film Philip, performed by John Cassavetes [>]