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Excursiones – Panamá One of your friends back home is planning a trip to Panamá with her family this summer. Since you have been driving across the country, and visiting the sites, you plan to write a letter to her telling her about some of the things that stand out from your trip that she may want to add to her itinerary. Before writing your letter, let’s organize the things you have learned about during your travels. Complete the chart below with information from your trip. The City of ColónThe Panama Canal Polleras Kuna Indians. Why is the city of Colón important to Panamá? How is Colón connected to Panama City?

When was construction of the Canal begun, and when was it completed? What are the characteristics of a pollera? What fabrics are used in its making? Are there any special designs added? Who are the Kuna Indians? When was the city of Colón founded, and by whom was it founded?

How long is the Panama Canal? What bodies of water does it connect? Is there anything found in Spanish history similar to a pollera? If so, what? What language(s) do the Kuna Indians speak? What is the diet like of the Kuna Indians? Where does the name of the city (Colón) come from?

How long does it take to move through the entire Canal? What jewelry or hair ornaments can be worn with the pollera? What is a “ mola”? What specifically would you like to visit in this city, and why? What are two other facts about the Panama Canal history that you did not know before reading about this waterway? Do we, in the United States, have anything similar to this type of dress? Is so, please describe it. If not, what do you think would be considered the “ national costume” of the US, and why? What are two other facts that interest you about the Kuna Indians’ way of life? Now that you have organized all of the things that you have learned from your trip, it is time to write your letter to your friend back in the United States. First, remember to write your letter in English – your friend is still learning Spanish! Be sure to use your best grammar and spelling, since she will probably share it with her parents. Next, choose two of the items in the chart above (for example – the Panama Canal and the Kuna Indians, or the City of Colón and Polleras) to share with your friend in your letter.

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