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Palm oil essay sample

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Palm oil usage in all products should be banned because it is being used in lots and lots of products such as cosmetics and foods which are leading many animals to distinction. This large usage of palm oil is also destroying tropical rainforests worldwide. Destruction of tropical rainforests, distinction of animals and its unhealthy amount of saturated fats and Trans fats are just a small amount of the affects of the usage of palm oil and palm oil products. Palm oil being is being used in cosmetics, foods and personal care products which are leading to the destruction of the Malaysian, Indonesian, Sumatran and Bosnian tropical rainforests. In the last 20 years, 80% of Indonesia’s tropical rainforests have been destroyed due to the high demand of palm oil wanted by hundreds of companies and factories worldwide.

Deforestation is a very large part of global warming. “…Clearing… forests is a big factor in global warming, given how much carbon dioxide trees contain left alone. Once… cut, tons of carbon dioxide heads skywards where it does most the damage”. Around 50% of groceries will contain palm oil”. With such a high percentage of foods containing palm oil it is hard to avoid them and their saturated fats and Trans fats. But palm oil itself, which is extracted from palm fruit, contains 86% saturated fat. Palm oil also contains very high levels of Tran’s fats which clog your arteries and can also cause heart problems. Vegetable oils and canola oils should be used as a substitute because of the lower levels of Tran’s fats and lower levels of saturated fats they contain.

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