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Outline for topic research

Outline for Topic Research Outline for Topic Research This research outline as well as the actual research project is informed by acknowledging that speech acts communicate functions such as gratitude and apology. Further, it is in acknowledgment that the functions are specific to certain cultures and languages in which persons from different cultures and languages have a tendency of responding differently to compliments or apologies. There is an abundance of information on linguistics and especially regarding the chosen topic of pragmatics and the two specific research questions:
1. In what ways do cultural norms affect the way Arabic speakers express gratitude and apology?
2. Does the frequency of use of indirect and direct strategies of expressing gratitude and apology differ between Arabic speakers and speakers of Standard American English?
Given the large volumes of information available, it is imperative that it is gathered systematically so as to produce a well structured and logically flowing final paper, hence the rationale of this outline.
All the articles chosen were selected because of their relevance to the research questions and they all have a general agreement in the context of the research questions. Although the research project comprises of two questions that are related and linked to the chosen topic of pragmatics, the different authors address them separately while others address them together.
The project will mainly conduct literature reviews of articles on other studies conducted previously to establish what different authors feel and opine about the topic but also incorporate minimum research for supplementary purposes. However, it is imperative to note that the emphasis will be on literature review rather that conducting new research.
To answer each question adequately, most of the chosen articles were selected because they focus specifically on one of the two questions. However, to get extra material that will form the basis of developing the argument and discussion, others that address the two articles simultaneously have also been chosen.
In the process of conducting the literature review, notes will be taken and recorded separately as they apply to each of the questions before the final paper is complied. Essentially, the process of gathering, sorting and summarizing information will entail the bulk of the work.
The literature will be sorted into categories of the authors that acknowledge that linguistic and social terms are engrained in language regardless of type and family and those that acknowledge culture-specific and language-specific functions of speech. Part of accomplishing the categorization has already been achieved through the annotated bibliography and that will facilitate determining which question specific articles address appropriately and relevantly.
The final paper will not be split into different sections to answer the separate questions although they will be introduced as two separate questions. Rather, they will be addressed alongside each other to emphasize on their relation in the context of the topic but it will clearly be indicated which of the two questions different points will be referring to.
However, although the final paper will not be split into sections according to the different questions, each will be addressed in depth with respect to its own relevance to the subject matter.
Finally, it is acknowledged that the project focuses on Arabic speakers and there are notable differences in acts of speech among Arabic speakers from different parts of the world. However, the project will not limit the literature review to any particular region but will instead review literature on the general population of Arabic speakers.

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