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Osha lawsuit

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In this article, there are no details given on what was the nature of the complaints filed by the employee originally, however, searching the internet for other related articles, I found one of a reason for which the employee may had been ruminated, ” OSHA says the employee was fired after complaining about a potentially unsafe situation of finding the building unsecured when she arrived, alone, to open the store. The worker also filed a safety andhealthcomplaint with OSHA, which triggered an OSHA inspection that identified two unrelated violations. (Two Whistler’s… , n. D. , p. Xx-xx). In my opinion, the employer, Xebec Inc. Could have done a lot to address the situation as soon as It learned of the complaint. First of all, securing the doors of the business should have been of outmost priority, not only to Insure the safety of the employees, but to safeguard the equipment, Inventory and other Items that may been left In the store overnight. Launching an Investigation to find out why the door was not secured, should not have been a major issue as it was.

Making sure the employee’s was heard and safety precautions put in place should be a first priority to every employer, these safeguards could not have been costly at all either, there should not have been any excuse. Secondly, the employer should have reassure the employee once the safeguards were put into place, that a situation such as this would be addressed every time she rough it up, to make her feel secure on the performance of her duties.

Also, if the employee had any suggestions as to how to better guard her well-being when she enter the store first-thing In the morning, should have been part of a plan of action. Often, employers are not present at all times to Insure that everything goes smoothly during business hours and they must rely on their employees to be their eyes and ears during their absences. Lastly, terminating the employee was not going to end the employer’sresponsibilityto other employees and their community.

If the store’s door was constantly left open overnight, word could have gone out the undesirable members of community as a place where they could commit crimes, therefore, putting the rest of the business owners at risk. References; Todd, E. , & Rodriguez, J. (201 3, January 31 Us department of labor files whistle- blower lawsuit against Helena, Mont. Based xebec Inc.. Retrieved November 8, 2013, Unknown (n. D. ). Two Whistler’s Lawsuits Filed over WorkplaceViolenceAllegations В» Safety’s. Retrieved November 8, 2013, from http://safety’s. Com/ Article

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