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Orgnaizational behavior hotel monaco

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Organizational Behavior: Hotel Monaco Hotel Monaco Chicago The essay aims to address and respond to the question: how does the Hotel Monaco meet the four factors of the MARS model to enhance employee success and service quality? After watching the video (Hotel Monaco Chicago, 2003), the four factors of the MARS (motivation, ability, role perception, and situational) model is deemed to be met through excelling in the opportunities for providing services to the customers manifested in the 3Ts: Task (to be done), Treatment (of customers) and Tangibles (decor, layout and comfort of the hotel). Motivation is addressed through hands-on governance of the employees by being active in their day-to-day operations and soliciting feedback, as required. The hotel’s ability to serve various stakeholders is managed through service design; by identifying their target market and evaluating what appeals to them. Their unique services, as divulged by Thomas Mathes, the Assistant General Manager of Hotel Monaco, include wine service, massage, concierge, meditation rooms, gold fish service, housekeeping, and maintenance of a’guestware’ program that remembers returning guests. The roles that each employee assumes are given primary importance to develop their skills and enable them to serve their clientele’s needs. Finally, the situation of the hotel, located within the midst of a busy commercial district defines the majority of business guests that define the type of services they offer. Their focus on delighting their customers through personalized service and through collection of feedback enables them to keep in touch with the various needs of their target market. Reference Luchtman, K. (Director). (2003). Hotel Monaco Chicago [Video Clip]. Retrieved 30 June 2011. http://video. franklin. edu/Franklin/BSAD/325/HotelMonaco. html

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