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Organizational design

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Orlando Health is a group of hospitals, with Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) being the key player. It specializes in treating traumarelated injuries and diseases. Located in the core campus in Orlando, ORMC as a form of decentralized setup carries out apt treatment. Its function and processes caters to wide range of the population. Having a round the clock team of personnel, the institution carries out treatments for various injuries and diseases, thereby becoming only Level One Trauma center and also the busiest in Central Florida. Organizational Design Orlando Health is a network of privately run, non-profit community and specialty hospitals, located in Orlando, Florida. The network consists of eight health care institutions, and the one which is the focus of this brief report is Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), which is the only level one trauma center in Central Florida and also the corporation’s flagship medical center. Although, the network consists of eight institutions, each one operates independently and works under a decentralized setup. OHCG is at its heart a decentralized one. (Freund 1995). There is a centralized leadership with CEO and top management teams, but each institution functions independently. As far as physical location is concerned, though the main campus of Orlando Health is located with four out of the eight health care institutions including ORMC grouped together in that campus, each one has a separate or decentralized physical setup. This design enables each institution to act independently and also coordinate when there is a need. Focusing on ORMC, it is an 808-bed hospital specializing in trauma, critical care, emergency care, cardiology, orthopedics and neurosciences. (About Us, n. d). So, its function is to treat critically injured patients as part of trauma care, with a dedicated team of certified doctors, nurses and other technicians working 24/7. In 2009, ORMC had over 4, 000 trauma patients, out of which 20% were pediatric and 30% were from outside Central Florida, making it the busiest trauma centers in the state. (Level One Trauma Center, n. d). As part of treating trauma related cases, ORMC carry out various processes including treatment of economically weaker sections, helicopter emergency and trauma services, etc. Orlando Health receives and serves more than 1. 5 million patients from Central Florida as well as several thousand patients from abroad annually. Among them, sizable numbers are from economically weaker sections, and so to give free or subsidized treatment, Orlando Health gets special funding under disproportionate share hospital. Orlando Health mainly as part of ORMC operates helicopter services to shift critically injured from isolated locations, quickly to the trauma center. “ In conjunction with ORMC’s Air Care Team, we provide helicopter response and emergency and trauma services to Orange County and nine other Central Florida counties.” (Emergency Care, n. d). These functions and processes of ORMC shape the overall as well as the daily functioning of Orlando Health. Apart from these issues, there are few more factors or facts, which could play a role in its functioning. For example, “ Florida ranks 3rd in nation in uninsured; one in four Floridians under age 65 have no health insurance.” (A Commitment to Central Florida). To optimally manage this challenge, Orlando Health as part of disproportionate share capital provides subsidized or even free treatment. In addition, “ 26 percent of Florida physicians are age 65 or older.” (A Commitment to Central Florida). This again reinforces or shapes the organization as the one which takes care of one of the most vulnerable sections of the population, the aged. References About Us. (n. d). In Orlando Health. Retrieved on http://orlandohealth. com/orlandoregional medicalcenter/AboutUs/AboutUs. aspx? pid= 2685 A Commitment to Central Florida (n. d). In Orlando Health. Retrieved on http://orlandohealth. com/pdf%20folder/orlandohealthcommunity. pdf. Emergency Care(n. d). In Orlando Health. Retrieved on http://orlandohealth. com/orlandoregionalmedicalcenter/EmergencyCare/Emergency Care. aspx? pid= 3081 Freund, J. (1995). “ Doctors cut cost while improving care.” In Infoworld by Paul Karon. InfoWorld Media Group, Inc. Level One Trauma Center (n. d). In Orlando Health. Retrieved on http://www. orlandohealth. com/orlandoregionalmedicalcenter/OurMedicalSpecialties/ LevelOneTraumaCenter. aspx? pid= 4502

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